Poor puppet’s repeated anniversary disappointments.

For clarities sake, I will briefly remind you dear reader, to what exactly I refer, when I mention bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity and denial regimen. Before 6th June 2020 bitch-boy, almost always got to remove his chastity cage for washing and it stayed off for perhaps half a day after he had been allowed to orgasm. It was also removed for full-on DS days, for just about the whole day. Also, his orgasms were normally every ten days to two weeks, unless occasionally, a longer punishment period of denial had been imposed.

From 6th June 2020, oh dear, there was a BIG change. His cage does not get removed for washing and often does not get removed at all during a full-on DS day; or, if it is removed, it is only for dickie-discipline to be employed and then it is locked back on and the DS day continues. BUT WORSE THAN THE CAGE ISSUE, by his anniversary of his new regimen, his orgasms at their closest had been six weeks apart, and at their longest 17 weeks apart. 17 weeks; that is four months! And just before his ‘new’ regimen anniversary, I decided he would NEVER EVER AGAIN get to orgasm within six weeks of his previous orgasm.

Which brings me to his one year anniversary last week, on 6th June. I think my poor puppet thought he would get to orgasm on his anniversary day, which was purposefully, a VERY, VERY, VERY harsh endurance for him. He did not get to orgasm. What a glum and submissive little slave-husband I had that night! LOL. The following day which was also planned to be, and was, another VERY harsh endurance for him, I know he was sure he would get to orgasm. HE DID NOT, poor, poor puppet. An even more glum and submissive little slave-husband I had that night! LOL.

I had him look into my eyes and tell me if he saw the slightest glint of sympathy or pity in my eyes over his disappointment or his immense frustration. He answered accurately, that he saw none, because there is none, dear reader. I do not feel those things. He introduced me to femdom; for what he now endures he has only himself to blame. I asked him what he did see in my eyes. Again accurately, he answered, ‘Enjoyment and power.‘ That is what I feel. Totally pitiless, bitchy enjoyment and total power.

And as of today, he still has not had his orgasm and it is 14 weeks since his last one. That is over three months.

For the last week he is honestly on the point of tears when I stretch out for some naked sunbathing in front of him, or I go through my, just about daily, brief, teasing pose routines. On most vanilla days I now have one or two orgasms, and generously I often let him watch while I do. It is quite an irony that there are many more orgasms in my home now, under the ‘new’ regimen, than there used to be. It is just his have been drastically reduced causing an atmosphere requiring mine to be drastically increased!

When will he get an orgasm? It could be today, it might very well NOT BE. I have yet to make up my mind on when he will get his next orgasm. But when he finally does, he will know the next one will be at least six weeks away and probably rather longer away than that! (To provide some context of bitch-boy’s woes and why I am such an exhibitionist, below is an image of a woman with a body exactly like mine. Perhaps her breasts are half a cup bigger than mine.)



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To finish off the Addendum, she concludes with a chapter called “What makes Submissive’s Submissive. Lot’s of good information here. She busts the 5 myths out there (and still out there) why men are submissive. Get both books, ” Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment” and Addendum #1. These are the gold standards books all others should be judged.
And if you’re just starting out in all this I would recommend her book for beginners “Sex and Relationship Nirvana With a Submissive: A Beginners Guide”. You’ll be glad you did!

Dash Riprock


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16 thoughts on “Poor puppet’s repeated anniversary disappointments.

  1. what a lucky BB!
    will Ms Scarlet enlighten us to the harsh endurances that led to him being so glum and submissive by the end of his special milestone please?

  2. Hey, I’d be very interested in hearing more of bitch boys daily and tedious tasks. Some of your guest writers started to cover this in quite engaging detail which made for a thoroughly interesting read. Regards, M

  3. This is not related to your post, but I know no other way of how to contact you.

    I noticed that your material is used by a German website that translates your content and distributes it without referencing to you. Have a look for yourself:


    or the one about your collages is copied here:


    Nothing I can do but to inform you Sorry to see them steal from you :-(

    1. Thank you for this information. I have been torn by conflicting thoughts about this.
      I think, given I publish nothing in German, I lose nothing from these people using my words for German only speakers. I am however minded to leave a comment on their blog requesting that if they are going to steal my words, they at least provide a link to my blog from time to time for the many Germans who also speak and read English. I do not know what else to do.

  4. i love Your writing on this about as much as anything that i read. I’ve asked my Wife to be her BAVS – i took the liberty of calling it Her “Born Again Virgin Submissive”. We’ve talked previously about Her “cutting me off”. I think BAVS “sounds better” because it provides accountability on me to strive toward rather than the burden on Her of “denying me”. When She asks me what I want, i tell her that I want to be Her “Born Again Virgin Submissive” and she seems to know exactly what I mean. I was a virgin when I met her 25 years ago.

    1. I am struggling to follow the following sentence:

      I think BAVS “sounds better” because it provides accountability on me to strive toward rather than the burden on Her of “denying me”

      What are you striving towards?

      1. Goal: to achieve a virginal state similar to when we met. She was far more experienced and I was “innocent” creating a huge power imbalance. I had a giant crush and was easily flustered but had no idea what to do. She was disappointed in me when we started having sex because I was nervous and had performance issues. Still, we did creative things from the start.

        Thinking of it as “achieving a state” and as what I/we want makes it more of common goal, versus thinking of it as “her denying me” or “her cutting me off”. The power imbalance is still there, but there is accountability on me to be a better slave.

        At this point, it still seems aspirational, although we don’t have intercourse often. We have spent more time in bed fooling around and talking about cuckolding and slavery without intercourse very often – only when she really wants it badly.

        Most of the time she ruins it for me, when I am allowed any release, which causes me to rebound to a slave mentality faster.

        We’ve also discussed that maybe she is a sadist after all.

        I’ve come to understand that I want a power imbalance, but intimacy – bonding over the dynamic is key to me finding contentment.

        1. Hmmmm, still a bit confused.

          If you want to be a BAV, how about simply stop fucking her and use a strap on instead?

          Have you read, or more importantly, has she read my alternative website. Its contents may be very helpful to her.

          Going on my 20+ years of experience, my guess is you are a true submissive and perhaps had submissive type fantasies even before adolescence, like all true submissives. Added to that, I would say if she thinks she may be capable of being a sadist, she almost certainly is capable. Most women who end up embracing being a sadist actually start off saying it is out of the question that they could ever be a sadist, so she is well ahead of the game. All women are capable of becoming properly dominant and she is certainly showing every sign of that.
          I fear you are making statements that you will only truly be qualified to make once you have experienced things you have yet to experience. For instance you say, ‘…. bonding over the dynamic is key to you.’ In my experience bonding and intimacy are a given between a true submissive and an unashamed dominant, and a beautiful symbiotic relationship is the result.

  5. Mistress – i/we are confused too. Never again is a long time, and our will is not strong. We have enjoyed erotic denial for 25 years, sometimes for very long stretches of time. We are only at 12 days since last time of “full privileges”. It’s usually been once a month for us (sometimes more or less). How long do you need to go before BAVS feels “real”? She enjoys sex but not necessarily frequently. She admits to at least being a mild sadist.

    You are right that I haven’t experienced everything, but we have played with more things than most people. The last year has been challenging because of life generally, which caused some pauses in our kinky life. We have played with kink/BDSM/clubs/chastity/Dommes/CD/cuckolding to some degree for our whole relationship. I know I enjoy these activities a lot more when I feel “close” to my Wife versus distant. In other words, merely playing with fetishes without also having a close partnership with my Wife does not feel totally gratifying.

    If we did things long enough that it really felt that BAVS was an integral part of our lifestyle, then feeling close while doing those alternative practices would be even more important to me.

    She’s game when we talked about BAVS in “hot moment”. Whether she feels the same way after a few more days or weeks or months may be different.

    She very easily (surprisingly easy) brought herself to climax three times after listening to a hot podcast the other night. I was not allowed full privileges. Podcast was a sub describing being a cuckold to a ruthless Domme.

    We will read your blog together. Reading and listening to podcasts together has made us feel closer.

    1. You ask, ‘….How long do you need to go before BAVS feels “real”?…’ The answer isn’t a period of time, it is a commitment and a decision. Your wife’s commitment and a decision that you will never again penetrate her or anyone else. It is that simple.
      Have you, as I suggested, put to her you should be a BAV and if she wants penetration you wear a strap-on?
      I should have been more clear, apologies. What I meant was; I do not believe you have ever experienced the state of being of feeling : 24/7/365 helplessly in the power of a cruel, pitiless dominant woman. I came up with this definition of the needs of a submissive after much interaction with many, many submissives. And I would say, subject to some self awareness, about 99% of submissives confirm it nails the issue.
      I am interested to learn what each of you make of the content of my alternative blog. It was concocted with help from a number of submissives and has helped a good number of couples move forward very positively.

      1. You are right that i don’t often feel controlled let alone 24/7/365. I do small things like being Her coffee, curtsy and call Her “Mistress”. We will keep exploring and your blog will help. Thank you.

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