Vampire Gloves and puppet’s denial

On 5 December 2020 I posted about some Vampire Gloves I purchased on line.

I have been using them quite often and they are pretty awesome. Well I think so. I am afraid bitch-boy does not agree; poor thing.

Before I describe the routine I have developed with the gloves, I will give the context that, despite the one year anniversary of bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity cage and denial regime coming up on 6 June, and him being led to believe he would an orgasm very close to his anniversary, I can report he has not had an orgasm in June so far after all, and he has now gone 15 weeks (almost 4 months) without an orgasm. Poor, poor puppet.

As part of the regime is not being let out of the cage to wash, (because he can wash with the cage on), he is desperate just to be hard or even just be touched, let alone have an actual orgasm. I have written a detailed account of a recent time I used my Vampire Glove routine in my soon to be published Journal No.18. For now though, here is the routine I use, now you have the important context.

I sit in a bedroom chair with my legs splayed wide apart, my Lelo wand close to hand and a Vampire Glove on my left hand. bitch-boy is naked with his wrists secured behind his back. His cage is off and he has been freshly shaved. The game is simple. I will alternate giving him a lovely hand-job motion with my, (not gloved), right hand, alternating with, giving him a hand-job motion and some squeezes with my gloved left hand. (Obviously in this game he does not get to cum!) I swap from one to the other every couple of minutes. He is between my thighs, sideways to me facing to my right when I am using my glove free hand. And he then does a 180 degree turn, so he is sideways on, facing my left side for the Vampire glove treatment.

He ADORES the right handed treatment; it is so rare he is hard and even rarer my skilled hand is using a hand-job motion on him. He is moaning and groaning and in ecstasy! But the gloved left handed treatment is rather nasty indeed. The game’s simple rule is; if he uses the word, ‘Stop please‘, then I stop the left handed treatment, and ALSO the right handed treatment and the game is over and he gets locked back up in his chastity cage. All other words of pleading are allowed. So when I am using my gloved left hand, he begs and whimpers and whines but resists saying ‘Stop please‘ for as many left handed turns as he can. He resists because he wants more turns of the wonderful right handed treatment,

After a fairly short time I am so aroused, that I keep his defect in my left hand and rhythmically squeeze while I bring myself off with my wand. Then it is back to the alternating until I decide to end the game with my left hand squeezing so hard, he cannot prevent himself from saying ‘Stop please.’ Then the game is over, and therefore the lovely right handed treatment is over for him too. I free his hands and he has to kneel at my feet putting his chastity cage on while I have a second orgasm. I can stop the game whenever I wish because, while the gloves allow a wonderful spectrum of pain starting at very light, a serious squeeze is agonising and unbearable.

If I am feeling really cruel then, even after he has miserably said the words, ‘Stop please,’ I carry on being sadistic asking a few times, if he is sure he really wants it to be all over.

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14 thoughts on “Vampire Gloves and puppet’s denial

  1. just one thing Ma’am: if bitch-boy does a 360 he will do a full circle… it should be a 180…

  2. Another amazing post. I love how sadistic and cruel you are, but more so how it arouses you. I can only imagine how powerful you feeling knowing you can end the game whenever you want.

    1. Power truly is an aphrodisiac. One of my blog posts this year has been about how shy Dommes are to admit to the huge sexual arousal that they enjoy. It is actually very common but almost never mentioned!?!?!?!?

      1. As a sub, one of the main things I enjoy is that my Mistress gets aroused from hurting me and being cruel. I love the fact that this clearly turns you on, the less mercy you show the more aroused you get. Exactly how things should be

      2. Hi M Scarlet,
        I really like the way you use vampire gloves.
        I can suggest another way to use them.
        You will need to invest in another pair, BB’s size, and the next time he begs to come you accept, glove him with them and order him to masturbate. Cucu never managed to cum this way and I punished him every time. After that, he didn’t ask me any more.
        Another way is to have him wear these gloves at night when he is not hampering. This will force her to keep her hands away from her body and make her nights much less comfortable. you just have to make a small modification so that it cannot remove them.

  3. Mistress my Goddess is playing again and I’m happily back in chastity! We played for 3 mths then she wanted to stop but now she’s started again. She’s more admitting she likes it now and that’s great also I stopped trying to “teach her” and this time just going with her flow. Of course I want more faster but I think it will come with patience. I’m reading your new book she’s just like you. Big picture, sameness and cautious

  4. I have a good story for what sparked her to play again. I had complained about some chore I was doing (I do all the chores) and she said I was sounding like an old housewife. Then that night we actually had vaginal sex (usually I just eat her then masterbate next to her) and she made the comment after that I felt small. So the next day I told her she got me so horney the day before that I masterbated 2 times while she was at work. She asked me why? I said bc you called me a housewife and legit said my dick was small ,she laughed. That night I asked if she wanted a massage and I said I could lock it up so no funny stuff and she agreed. I left it on for 3 days and nothing was said so I assumed she didn’t care so while showering and cleaning it I masterbated I told her when she got home and she got mad. I imeaditly got ashamed and locked back up. Now it’s day 3 I’ll keep you updated when /if I get released. Love your books

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