Stomping Stage photos and videos

24 June 2021

I have made frequent references to how, on the rare occasions bitch-boy gets to orgasm, it is only ever under the sole of my shoe while he is under the stomping stage. Several times a week, his defect is squashed and kicked and whipped with my flogger while he is under the stomping stage. And on the rare occasions he gets to orgasm, his defect is squashed and kicked and whipped with my flogger, as his ‘foreplay’. I have often wondered if blog followers are clear what is entailed. So;

On Twitter there is a Domme called Jewel who uses her stomping stage in a lot of her videos and I provide a link here to a time she gives her slave an orgasm in the manner I do. Jewel does sometimes have her slaves balls atop the flogger but I have heard of hospitailsations resulting from stamping on balls so I do not do that. I get all the pleasure I need from what I do do!

There is a further example of a slave being brought to orgasm this way from the BDSMLR site on this link. I do always wear my wedges though. One does not have to pay much attention to aiming, when wearing wedges while squashing a defect, one can even look out of the window or talk on the cell phone. If one wears shoes with soles and heels the defect is able to escape into the gap between sole and heel.

And here is a photo, cropped for decency, of me with my shoe ready to do the deed. Only on that day I didn’t do the deed after all. Poor, poor bitch-boy. (It is now over 15 weeks since his last orgasm!) This link takes you to an uncropped version of the image on my BDSMLR site.

I hope if anyone was confused as to what I was referring, by writing, ‘brought him to orgasm under the sole of shoe on my stomping stage’, that is now clear.

25 thoughts on “Stomping Stage photos and videos

  1. I am thinking I am to generous by allowing David to cum in a fleshlite, even if he only gets 1-minute, twice a year!

  2. I think it is a clever one, as a submissive I ADORE feet as I imagine do many others . To feel separated from the foot itself by wedges would be intensely frustrating and I would yearn for a skin on skin foot job

    My wife loves to tease me by withholding her feet as she knows how much I love them

      1. Sorry Mistress I meant lick, that sounds divine, I can imagine you just feel total power when he’s down qt your feet cleaning your shoes.

  3. Hi M Scarlet,
    i never used stomping, but if you want to scare BB threaten him to do the next one with spiked sneakers use for football or rugby. There are also the sprint shoes with spikes, but I think they would be too dangerous to use, but perfect for terrorizing him.

    1. Thank you Brigite for more suggestions. I used one of your Vampire Gloves ideas where my bitch had to wear them and keep himself hard. Very amusing and arousing. I will have to post about.

      My muddy walking boots are quite amusing to use! I have seen spiked type soles used on Pornhub. It is brutal!

  4. Hi Ms Scarlet
    I am a regular reader of your blog and I have purchased all of your journals. I have noticed that in the earlier versions there was a lot of mention of your sisters involvement in the lifestyle even one of their friends okasha. I remember the part where one of your sisters had a ritual where bitch boy was suppose to lick clean her soles as soon as she walked in the house etc. but in the later ones that kind of have fizzled. Is that due to their lack of interest in the lifestyle and you feel more connected to other dommes who are also in the lifestyle or is that just now normal part of your life now so don’t feel it that important to write about that.
    Either way I am addicted to your journals and blog and your bdsmlr account. May you have health and power to continue this beautiful journey leave a blazing trail for us who are too chicken to commit like you and bitch boy have
    Muhammad umar

    1. By coincidence, each sister in turn chose for their employment to move many miles away. So now social gatherings are large whole family vanilla affairs.

      Thank you for the kind words.

  5. Mistress, my Goddess had me locked for 8 days but as I went to eat her she stopped me and aggressively rubbed my cage with her feet it was so hard it slipped out and she grabbed it and squeezed as hard as she could and stroked, I only lasted about 10 until I shot hard. She wiped the residue on my chest an said yuck. Today she inspected the car I cleaned and found some dirt in the cup holder. I asked if she would punish me and she just looked at me curtly. Later I cleaned it and she asked me to run and errand the next morning by saying can you do me a favor. After I said of course, then I asked her she cut back, “I already know what you want.” I’m so confused she is resisting punishing me, but in spurts goes wild. Is this normal? She is a Scorpio in zodiac? I’m thinking I’m either going to be eternally frustrated or get my ass kicked when she decides to step in. She has also told me it was an accident that I came bc I slipped out she said I was just lucky so not sure if she was planning to just stop but since I popped out went further. I’m still very happy with this level just still uncertain if it will go up or down from here?

    1. Firstly, if you ‘popped’ out, your chastity cage isn’t any good! And it seems had you not ‘popped out’, she would not have let you cum, so that’s down to you having a useless chastity cage which you should have already sorted.

      YOU asked if she would punish you. That is topping from the bottom. That is YOU interfering with her dominance. You should NEVER EVER do that. How can you be confused when you tried taking control. She is going to hate that. DON’T EVER DO THAT! What would have happened if you had simply left it dirty? Perhaps that is what you should have done? After all she should not really have her cake and eat it.

      Has she read my alternative blog?

      I am a woman of science. I think the zodiac signs are a nonsense. And you should not be looking for supernatural reasons for why it is not working as you want it to. Focus on your behaviour, no excuses.

      Please ensure you answer the 2 questions I have asked so I can help as best I can.

      1. Yes ma’am I apologize Thank you for answering. I have sent your alternate blog to her and she doesn’t want to read it. She says I know all of this. The cage is a holytrainer with a smaller ring and micro tube. I can’t get hard at all with it on. She doesn’t hold the key it is placed by her vanity though but she has accepted me warring the cage. If I didn’t want this she wouldn’t do any of it at all. I like your option of not fixing my mistakes that might work. I will stop asking for punishment. There are other things like when the kids were in school I would wake up same time as her and make her coffee and lunch for work but now that it’s summer I don’t I was hoping she would still have me do that but she doesn’t how should I get her to understand it she would use punishment I could do anything she asked? Thank You Mistress

        1. So you decided to wear a chastity cage. You have been in control, wanting punishments wearing a chastity cage. No wonder she does not feel dominant.

          How did you ‘send’ her my alternative blog? Did you make very clear it is not like anything else you have ever ‘sent’ her.

          I suggest you read this page and tell my what you think.

          1. I have read that page before but I didn’t see the fault in my actions and I dismissed it. I now understand how I keep pushing and screwing it up. She got back into it but now almost 2 weeks later she’s pulling away again. We’re going on vacation this weekend so I will not press her on anything and then apologize when at the hotel. I don’t know I was seeing it all in a different light bc I already do all the housework and cook and take care of the kids. She just works then comes home and relaxes. Then she would really get into the dom side but then tire of it. Last night she was watching a tv show and said see he does everything for her and he’s happy. I said yes but you don’t see what there bedroom life is like. My wife doesn’t want vaginal sex and doesn’t want to orgasum unless it’s the weekend and I’ve been a she cums first guy our whole 21yr marriage. So talking this through with you I guess I’m just being a pouty brat expecting her to conform to my fetishes and making her work when she already has everything going her way. Who wants to do extra for what they are already getting? I was hoping to appeal to her sadistic side. Thank You Mistress if it never happens then at least I have your blog to live vicariously through.

            1. Apologies for the tardy response, your comment went into my spam folder.
              You cannot be like that other guy, because you are made differently. The one issue, that must be handled carefully so it does not come across as emotional blackmail, is to explain that you will never be 100% happy without some domination, but you will understand and be totally OK if she chooses not to. But you will never change just like a gay man never becomes straight. It is your sexuality. Its a shame you were lackking ALL empathy on the issue of my alternative blog as it is designed for exactly your situation. You could ask her if she does nothing else, please, please will she read it.

        2. Mistress Scarlet is correct that no slave should ever try topping by telling its Owner what She should or should not do. ……

          1. On this blog, subs are allowed to insult another sub or tell another sub how to act. So almost all you comment is deleted.
            You may make suggestions to another sub and that is all.

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