Another symbiosis relationship

Below is an account from tiffanymaid involving him and his amazing, pitiless, cuckolding, Mistress-wife, Serena. You can find tiffanymaid on Fetlife.


MsScarlet curtsy…. i chose not to bore You with messages over past seven weeks as family life has dominated O/our time, and still does to a great extent. However, reading Your “forced diaper use” feature led me to reconnect. i am delighted to say, despite all the diversions Serena and i currently endure, O/our D/s, F/l continues.

Many weeks ago, Mistress Serena held a “Nurse Nasty” session inspired by Your good self which included the hand held scrubbing brush You featured. It, along with possibly the strongest nettles yet, reduced me to genuine tears and begging for mercy.

Serena frequently puts me in diapers. 18.30-08.45 is average, when She is on night shift. A second and even third (as yet, not required) diaper is available for me to place over the initial one should i soak it so bad it may leak big time.

i remain hugely submissive, magnified, as Serena has been away for the past week with Her lover. A strict punishment, a TSD session and absolute worship to Her is scheduled on return. (She texts me regularly during Her time with lover, teasing, tormenting…and insulting). Why do i love such and strain my CB6000s at the thought of my submission! In Her absence, i lax some of my duties, but always ensure all is perfect on Her return.

You know me well enough i suspect, and know my submission goes back to childhood, and to be honest it is the engine room of my existence. Serena isn’t the most natural Domme in the world, but i am most fortunate to have married a woman i love, and respect…and one who has taken my submission to benefit us both. ( “If it wasn’t for those damn kids” lol )

Thank You Goddess Scarlet….i hope i haven’t wasted Your time.

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6 thoughts on “Another symbiosis relationship

  1. hello Ms Scarlet, a boy wonders please, if you might be so generous to allow Bitch-Boy to share his account of your new regimes and longer denial under Lockdown like this account from tiffanymaid, as a boy always used to find the Q&A section from BB of your blog used to be very insightful?

      1. great news – thank you Ms Scarlet, though I assume BB hasn’t and won’t be nailing anyone or anything anytime soon! lol

  2. Dear Ms Scarlet, thank you so much for sharing Maid Tiffany’s beautiful words about Goddess Serena and her. Goddess Serena may not be a natural domme, but i deeply love her beautiful sessions that she does for Oubliette Films with Mistress Paris. She is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and just looking at her inspires worship. Thank you so much also for deeply sharing the dynamic of your relationship… i feel that you offer a deeper understanding of how we submissive are put together than almost anyone else. love chrissie

    1. Apologies for the dealyed response. Your comment went into spam folder.
      I am afraid the Goddess Serena in the movies to which you refer, is not the Mistress-wife Serena of Tiffinymaid.

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