Cruel step changes continue

I know many blog followers are interested in the fine detail of my life with bitch-boy. They often tell me so. This post is for them, apologies to the rest of you. My last such update post was on July 14 but things have got considerably more dire for my poor puppet since then as I list out below! As the snowball rolls down the hill, it is gathering pace and growing fast. I will also mention that I know I am yet to be as extreme as say, Christine M or Miss Anne in many aspects of my domination of bitch-boy, but my most recent regimen step changes are nonetheless hitting bitch-boy very hard and also transforming my feelings of heartlessness and exploitation to much higher levels that I am finding exhilarating and arousing. The ‘success’ of recent cruel step changes also, rather than satisfy me, give me a hunger to make more. I don’t know when this hunger will be satiated.

You will recall from the last post that, on 20 June, despite the one year anniversary of bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity cage and denial regime coming up on 6 June, and him being led to believe he would have an orgasm very close to that anniversary, possibly the very next day, I can report he did not get an orgasm in June at all, and did not have one until July 11. That day made his denial period 18 weeks which I held out for because it was new record, beating the previous denial period record of 17.5 weeks. (The four month denial period anniversary was 7 July.)

Him getting an orgasm meant I could finally impose part of the new regimen that came into force in May. That part is that he now has a six week minimum denial period, and will have for the rest of his life. No orgasm will happen until at least 6 weeks has passed since the last one. bitch-boy advised me that he did not orgasm properly because apparently I was pressing too hard with the sole of my shoe and must have been squashing his urethra. He said by the time he had his cage locked on and was kneeling watching me bring myself off to my eighth orgasm of the day, he was already sexually desperate. His ‘orgasm’ had not cleared the pipes so to speak. So he was rather shocked when I told him that was not my problem the new six week rule is in force and he wouldn’t be getting another orgasm until at least 22 August. And the chances of him being infraction free and avoiding an extension were pretty low.

So although the 6 week rule had been in force since May it only actually came into reality on July 11. bitch-boy has gone from not mentioning the 6 week rule since May, to begging again and again, day after day, for me to rescind the rule, now it is affecting him! My response is that I love his frustration and misery so if and when it is changed it will be to increase it. I have reminded him that, in my house, the ratchet NEVER, EVER clicks backwards.

I continue to tease him visually pretty much daily but there has been another change! My teasing of him physically is tailing off. He now endures long full-on DS days never being let out of his chastity cage. No playing with his boy’s bits, no Vampire gloves, no stomping stage. And I am rationing his being allowed the privilege of licking me which is hitting him hard. So when he does not get to lick me or get out of his cage during a long full-on DS day, there is literally zero sexual content for him. I hurt and abuse him to turn me on and he gets nothing in return, as though he is a plastic sex toy. I always have at least eight orgasms, sometime twelve.

Reinforcing this, I am choosing nasty activities he really gets nothing sexual from: rocking on my swing seat with my boot pressing on his throat, and stopping now and again to move my boot to his forehead and tip urine from a jug into his open mouth, then my boot returns to his throat. (During his pleading he has informed me it is like someone is permanently a hair’s breadth from invoking his gag reflex, just not quite. It is not truly painful but relentlessly, hugely distressing and upsetting. I am pleased to report that he does not seem to be getting habituated to it in any way and it seems that will never happen.) Colouring-in with his dolly in a corner of an upstairs room, monitored by a baby monitor. Severe ruler smackings to the palms of his hands at the outset and every twenty minutes or so. Such a session usually lasting 2 hours. Not seeing me or even knowing I am looking at the monitor screen, except every 15 to 25 minutes when I press the intercom button to tell him I am.

His VERY harsh thrashings have got harsher still with no warm-up strokes and a lot of wraparound; and there are three more changes since my last post. Firstly I have had him make a mirror stand that allows an angled mirror to be placed on the floor affording him a view of my body and importantly, my facial expression while I whip him. (You may recall he is in this bondage.) He sees relaxed, sadistic pleasure on my face and ZERO MERCY as he sobs and pleads for me to stop.

The second change is that I have replaced the padlock with a trigger clip at the junction of his ankle cuffs and neck chain. Now, when I break off from thrashing him for an orgasm, I undo that trigger clip allowing him to stand upright and watch my have my orgasm. He is sexually desperate, he is locked in his chastity cage, he knows his next orgasm will, at the earliest, be 22 August and that is optimistic, he sees me have yet another huge orgasm. When I have done and have recovered, I pull his head down, reconnect the trigger clip and the thrashing resumes. The third change is that at least half of his thrashings are not in response to an infraction by him but simply because I want the sadistic pleasure of hurting him. And I tell him that is the purpose. After such a thrashing, instead of him having to say, ‘Thankyou Mistress for making me a better sissy slave‘, he has to say, ‘Thank you Mistress for allowing me the privilege of suffering the pain you inflict, to satisfy your sadistic sexual desires.‘ I quite often reply with words to the effect of, ‘I should think so too maggot. I am totally out of your league comparing our ages and body shapes, which makes a submissive like you VERY , VERY LUCKY to be dominated by me; no matter how I use and abuse you.

But despite all of the above, after a long, full-on DS day I tell him I will then use him for his vanilla company and we settle down on the sofa and watch TV together, almost like equals but he has to wait on me hand and foot with drinks fetching etc. And despite me writing above that I am choosing nasty activities he really gets nothing sexual from, he is of course, to a degree like never before, getting unequivocal evidence that he is truly helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman. The holy grail for a submissive and he sleeps the deepest most contented sleep. Perfect symbiosis.

I have not mentioned all the step-changes and I have been frantically writing journal entries documenting all that is happening in fine detail, and my Journal No. 18 will be published within a month or so. And at the start of this blog post, I wrote, As the snowball rolls down the hill, it is gathering pace and growing fast. I am a renewed dominant. It is a wonderful feeling but bitch-boy is quite rightly very scared. He should be too. I honestly do not know how bad or how exploitative I am going to become. I do know I am far from finished with my regimen changes and I am far from exhausting my renewed desire for more extreme experiences and a more queen like, 24/7/365 lifestyle, with a slave working very hard in every way to bring ease, luxury and pleasure to my life.

Making Comments on posts: Comments do not appear on my blog until I have moderated them. Comments that insult anyone will not be published, nor will aggressive comments. A wide range of views is truly welcome, we all have things to learn, however comments will not be published that take a contrary or critical view to any aspect of a post, but fail to explain why this contrary view is held, or fail to address the reasoning set out in the post to which the comment relates. (Such unexplained contrary comments are simply boring.)

15 thoughts on “Cruel step changes continue

  1. Very nice post dear Scarlet.
    BB is lucky to have had so many years of great freedom of orgasms, erections, and frequent moments without the chastity belt.
    He must be very grateful for your kindness and appreciative of your kind and generous nature.
    His pleasure and happiness come from your pleasure through your powerful and multiple orgasms.
    He should not ask for anything more.
    Keep up the wonderful work! It is an inspiration for all.

  2. Thank you Mistress Scarlet for another highly arousing and informative report. bb is indeed blessed to have such an awe inspiring Mistress.

  3. You truly inspire me to be a more assertive dom. My husband and I have lived the lifestyle on and off for years, where working and family life permitted, but now we have the freedom to live our lives and I am beginning to understand all those years of “practice” where wonderful experiences based around your blogs and books and I can bring them all together to have an even more wonderful life together from now on. Thank you for your guidance.

    1. I would be very happy to email you for us to correspond that way so I could answer any questions you have on moving forward and while you are moving forward.

  4. Mistress Scarlet Thank You so much. I did what you said I stopped topping from the bottom I just shut up and served her. After about 10 days we talked she said she might consider corporal punishment in the future but for now she’s not ready. What she has done is doubled done on my chastity control. She set me a one month release date but then extended it another month bc I messed up one of her light fixtures cleaning it. I’m only 2 weeks in now but this is the most serious she’s ever been with it. This morning after I licked her to 2 big Os she played with my cage for 1 min to rile me up then slapped my balls hard and quit. So I am hopeful but will never be annoying again.

  5. Dear Ms Scarlet,

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us details of your day to day life.It’s definitely one of my favourite types of post..

    I’m curious whether you think there is potential for the husband part of your relationship to eventually disappear altogether. Apologies if this question is too personal, but during your vanilla time do you ever kiss bb as a husband, or have any desire to? You’re made it clear you love him, but kissing is incredibly intimate and I wondered if it was something you denied him to maintain the dynamic during the occasional periods when you treat him as a husband.

    1. I do kiss him during vanilla times but I think of him as my pet and my toy all the time, including vanilla times. I adore my life and a huge reason I do is because I am able to enjoy his great vanilla company attributes when I want to, and I can enjoy seriously using and abusing him when I want to. When I kiss him he has to respond in only a very passive way. As things stand I could not imagine the husband part of my relationship eventually disappearing altogether, but I know the most extreme/intense DS relationships are those when there is zero vanilla time together. So I could imagine trying a week or two like that, from time to time, and most importantly I have learned, as I have evolved, to never say never about anything. Obviously some things are already 24/7/365 like his chastity and him waiting on me hand and foot and his default chore list. So the boundary between vanilla and DS is somewhat blurred.

  6. A terrific post Mistress Scarlet. I agree with Shadow, the posts that provide glimpses into the workings of personal relationship are fascinating and inspiring.

    I wonder, have you ever considered pegging BB? Imagine the power rush you would get penetrating him in the full knowledge that he will never again penetrate you. A fact it might be enjoyable to mention when inside him.

    1. I have pegged him in the past but it is not something that distresses him as much as other things that I prefer, so I don’t do it now. (I think habituation sets in quickly.) However spit-roasting him with a girlfriend helping is something I will be doing when another post-lockdown girlfriend materialises. That does distress him.

  7. I was struck by a recent comment by you that “The ratchet only goes one way”. That was immensely powerful to hear and something my lady and I are experiencing, albeit in a less intense way. For me, as much as I enjoy an orgasm, it gives me far greater pleasure to know that my Lady can indulge herself whenever and however she wishes, her experience enhanced by the thought of the gnawing frustration in me that you also described so aptly. Case in point, we are currently on holiday and further to a wonderful day out we returned home to our holiday cottage. I was hogtied in the bedroom, with my gag attached to my wrists and my wrists to my ankles, meaning that any struggling on my part resulted in the gag becoming more intense. For nearly 90 minutes she was journaling and reviewing the days photo’s whilst I was immobilised and mute. Now my wife is very aware and only too happy to exploit my nylon fetish, so when I saw her putting on stockings and suspenders I was overjoyed. She sidles up beside me and whispers, “I don’t need you for this part”, before sliding onto her back and pleasuring herself whilst enjoying the sea and mountain view through our balcony windows. I tried to make noise but could manage little more than a pathetic whimper. I simply had to lay beside her as she made herself feel wonderful. When she turns onto her front I know she is fully engaged in her pleasuring, but the most electrifying part for me was when we made eye contact as she continued. For two to three minutes our eyes were locked. She would have seen the desperation in my eyes, but chose to deny me even the faintest touch of her nylons. She reached a huge climax and then spent a few minutes recovering. Her final act of torment was to slide away from me and silently remove her stockings and suspenders, put on her jeans and a casual top, before leaving the room to continue with her day. At no point did she pleasure me, yet I find myself in awe as I write this. I’m so grateful to be with a lady who has enabled me to be who I truly am and who is creative enough to use this to her benefit. I, like your lucky husband, are truly blessed.

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