Christine M is unreasonable

As so often happens, Christine M makes a comment on one of my blog posts that I so enjoy and appreciate, I must make it a blog post in its own right . Here is that blog post. I will follow Christine’s comment with some thoughts of mine.

Christine’s comment

I had to smile when I read this post, I so love being unreasonable. Only the other day, when he was getting dressed, I called him over to check his defect was still snugly locked away. I closely examined his chastity, as he fretted. “Hmmmm…” I exhaled, “it looks like there is a little too much room to spare in there… What do you think?”

He was really shivering in concern now as he advised, “It feels really tight to me, Christine. It’s ever so uncomfortable and it really drives me mad when it tries to erect and can’t,” he whined.
“I didn’t ask whether it felt comfortable or not!” I snapped, “it’s not meant to be comfortable!… I asked if you agreed there was a little too much wriggle room in there now! I’m thinking you’ve shrunk a little!” This of course made him feel even more nervous as his whole body trembled. “That’s probably just because of the cold,” he tremulously advised.

I continued my close inspection, remarking, “I think we need to go down a size, … maybe even two sizes… You know I want it locked up really snug and sound … plus… I am thinking… if we keep taking the cage size down, so it is always a really tight fit … it will keep the shrinking going… What do you think?”

He was really upset at this. “Please, Christine, please don’t… It’s ever so tight and uncomfortable already… and it’s hard to lock it on!”
“Nonsense,” I curtly remarked, “There is definitely way too much room in there for my liking. I’ll get on to Lori tomorrow…. If we’re going to keep shrinking it, we need to make sure there is absolutely no room for any growth. None whatsoever!… I want it down well under four inches… which I am sure we can manage now it is kept locked up all the time… if we keep reducing the cage size!”

He was trembling and started to whimper about not wanting it to shrink. I brusquely fuelled his anxiety further by advising, “It is none of your business what I do with your little defect…. And, if I want it down below four inches, then I expect your full co-operation in achieving that! It’s not as though there is any purpose for it. I most certainly have no need for it, your tongue does me. Why didn’t you let me know it had shrunk?”

(Let me stress here, David’s penis isn’t really shrinking but, because he doesn’t get to see it when it is erect, it is easy for me to convince him that it is! So it is a great mind-fuck! Mind you, it is definitely a little smaller than it used to be when flaccid, since it used to fit ever so snugly into the current cage. I really was surprised to see it was no longer fitting as snugly as it used to.)
I then put on a show of becoming really livid with him, making him ever so panic-stricken! I furiously remarked, as I cupped his caged defect and pulled hard on it, “I AM REALLY NOT HAPPY WITH YOU!!!!! YOU MUST HAVE KNOWN IT WAS SWINGING LOOSE IN ITS CAGE AND THAT IT COULD GET A TINY ERECTION! I AM ABSOLUTELY FUMING THAT YOU DIDN’T LET ME KNOW JUST HOW LOOSE-FITTING IT IS!”


And, yes, we have ordered a smaller size cage!

I love so much about Christine’s comment from the unreasonableness/unfairness to the concept of implying a goal of shrinking David’s penis as it no longer has any sexual purpose.

I also received a comment on my last post querying the difference between the two words: unreasonable and unfair. As a writer, words are very important to me so I looked at online dictionaries to shockingly find that each dictionary provided quite different meanings to both the word unfair and unreasonable. So here is my two-pennies-worth: In the context of domination and submission, I see the quite subtle difference as follows. (I know I will be shot down but hey-ho.)

Unreasonable: Where there was no more than an absolutely minuscule chance the submissive could have avoided failing, but quite understandably fails. AND: When a punishment is far in excess of what would be in keeping for the infraction.

As an example of the first application of the word, I would cite in my last post, that bitch-boy could have noticed the tiny crevice the length of a hand I had never noticed before in many years. And he could have had the brainwave of pulling off some cotton-wool from a cotton bud thus making it small enough to clean the crevice. Him not doing so was entirely understandable, so my deciding it was infraction not to have done so; was unreasonable.

As an example of the second application of the word, he was then given a serious thrashing far in excess of what his ‘infraction’ deserved; unreasonable.

Unfair: Where the submissive endures entirely unequal treatment from his Domme in a given context.

There are so many examples of this:

On one theme, firstly, I have many, many orgasms each week. My bitch is lucky to get an orgasm every ten weeks. And it would take him more than two years to have as many orgasms as I have on any single one of the several full-on DS days that happen each week. Secondly, my orgasms are generated with care and attention to ensure they are maximised in intensity. my bitch’s orgasms are under the sole of my shoe and utilitarian and humiliating.

On another theme, I am free to do whatever I want with as many lovers as I want, indulging in reciprocal, mutual, intimate, sensual, sexual activities. My bitch NEVER gets to enjoy reciprocal, mutual, intimate sensual, sexual activities and he never, ever will.

On yet another theme, bitch-boy does all the chores in our house, I do none.



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23 thoughts on “Christine M is unreasonable

  1. Shrinking through chastity probably is a myth.
    In the 10 years of my enforced chastity the cages have gone from average to tiny, leaving “no room for growth” whatsoever.
    BUT When the cage is taken off for some time – especially for cbt – my defect begins to expand again. It may not quite reach its former dimensions, but gives enough material to torture although it is not as hard as it used to be and only dribbles instead of spouting.
    When all of that is over, my defect goes back into the tiny cage without difficulty.
    So I deduce that what happened over the years is that the ability to function has been reduced without really shrinking the shaft.
    Combined with the withholding of orgasms (only one this year up to now) the entire “system” down there is kept in sleeper mode, but might be activated in the long run.
    That however is highly unlikely as my domme prefers the way it is.

      1. As someone with a scientific training, it seems to me that not enough research has yet been done. For a proper assessment of the medical effects, there should be several thousand males at least, placed in chastity for anything up to forty years and tested at ten year intervals. To properly explore the effects, perhaps some could occasionally be released, but this would require a still bigger sample.

        Then, forty years on, we’d know to a high degree of statistical significance whether shrinkage is indeed true or a myth.

        And if it turns out not to be true… well, no harm done, after all and womankind’s stock of scientific knowledge will have increased, so it will be worth the minor inconvenience.

        Wonderful blog, wonderful post, thank you so much Mss Scarlet and Christine!



        1. If you have read my blog for very long, you will know I am an advocate of all things scientific. However I think it is fair to say that the funds and practicality will never materialise for the research study you advocate. We are therefore left with only empirical evidence with which to reach a conclusion. I have been in communication with many people over two decades on this issue. I have to say about 99% of Dommes and 90% of submissives report, even after years in the tiniest chastity devices, that push the flesh of the penis into the pubic cavity, there is no shrinkage. So I will hold that opinion until contrary evidence materialises. However I think it is wonderfully dominant, and frightening for the submissives involved when a Domme is doing her best to shrinks her sub’s penis. I think I will in time also be making such an attempt with my bitch. Who knows, just as surgeons offer a penis enlargement surgery, perhaps one or two may have a means of penis shrinking surgery. What a wonderful threat to make, or see through, that would be.

          I have known Dommes that have instructed uncircumcised subs to be circumcised to reduce the amount of pleasure the sub can enjoy from any physical stimulation and cases of aversion therapy where Dommes condition subs to be unable ever to become erect. That is possible, and very hot indeed.

          Thank you for the kind words about my blog

                  1. I don´t know how.
                    But when I give Ricarda into the search field I land in my blog.
                    I wonder it doesn´t work for you.

  2. This is so hot! I can only imagine what it must be like for David now fitted in a smaller cage and imagining his penis shrinking for Mistress Christine’s satisfaction. Interesting distinctions between unreasonable and unfair. Thank you for posting.

  3. I don’t think a Mistress should be unreasonable. That said I don’t think a Mistress downsizing a sub’s chastity device is unreasonable. Her concern for proper fit is admirable. If a locked up penis were to actually shrink what difference would it make?

    1. You are certainly in a minority of one over thinking a Mistress should not be unreasonable. It is actually a valueless comment unless you explain it and perhaps, give some examples of what conduct you would consider unreasonable and wrong.

  4. Dear Christiane

    Thank you so kuch for sharing this with us all and being a total inspiration to us. Both you self and Mistress Scarlet are truly amazing.

    In your last post where your sister took over David for a weekend you mentioned “Sunday is a full day of disciplinary ironing; (Scarlet, I must update you on how I have made this worse than ever for him)…”

    I would just love to hold my hand up and say I would love to here more about your tightening of your ironing regime.

    The relationship that David has basically violently put him self into is a true inspiration, and I would truly love to here more about it.
    Would you ever be willing to do a Q & A with David like mistress Rebecca once did with her sub.
    Asking questions like, how did David react to having personal music banded from his life, from both your perspective and also Davids would be truly amazing and a really help for others.

    This also goes for BB if you were to allow him to.

    Many thanks for reading:)


    1. I will think about a Q&A for bitch-boy. Could you leave a comment with a list of sample questions you would like answered.
      Obviously Christine will answer if she so chooses.

      1. My fascination ways is how was i turning fantasy into reality.

        For instance,
        BB You are a born again virgin, And you will not have sex for the rest of your life. For most of us this is a great fantasy that will never happen. From when you 1st being told that you were BOV to now what has changed? Has the fantasy element worn off? For us looking in to your dynamic, we all want you to stay a BOV forever do you dream of not as its actually happened to you.
        Finally, you are in a position where you know how many orgasums you will have for the rest of your life at your mistresses discretion. How do you think you will cope with never being allowed to orgasum ever again.

        May I ask would it be better to make a fresh post asking for questions? So many different questions can be asked from different view points.

        1. Just looking at your questions, I can see answering questions would almost certainly take up too much bitch-boy’s time, given his time is spent making my life more pleasurable. Perhaps I should have a star question he answers each week?? However, I asked him to answer some of your questions and his answers are below.

          1st being told that you were BOV to now what has changed? Has the fantasy element worn off? For us looking in to your dynamic, we all want you to stay a BOV forever do you dream of not as its actually happened to you.
          Mistress Scarlet has learned through her occasionally question, ‘If I was to show pity over just one of the elements of my regimen for you, what would be?‘ That I always answer without hesitation, to be allowed to penetrate her beautiful body. It gives Mistress significant pleasure to have denied me the the thing I want the most for no other reason than, just because she can, for her cruel amusement. Mistress taunts me often showing off her naked body and caressing herself and that is a terrible torture of itself given my denial periods, (currently 7.5 weeks), but Mistress adds to this torture by often reminding me, while teasing me, that I am never ever allowed to fuck ‘this’ body and never, ever will be allowed. I occasionally plead on the issue, which has moved from being allowed to fuck, through being allowed to penetrate without cumming, with ever diminishing aspirations, to today when I plead to be allowed to penetrate just once for 3 or 4 seconds, once every year. Her answer is always a cruel laugh and a ‘I could so easily allow you, it wouldn’t cost me anything, but no’.

          When it is a reality it will be forever, the feeling of being helpless and without hope is very powerful but also awe in my Mistress that she can be so unfairly cruel and be without guilt, sympathy or pity. She just tells me, I asked her to try femdom all those years ago and I can’t now expect her to compromise her pleasure.

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