No more …… this year

We are just about in that date zone where it is so easy for a Mistress to say, ‘no more ….. this year.’

  • No more orgasms this year.
  • No more penetration this year.
  • No more contact with my body this year.
  • No more time out of the chastity cage this year.
  • No more erections this year.
  • No more licking me this year.
  • No more caressing my butt this year.
  • No chance of caressing my breasts this year. (This is slightly different wording as it is over a year since he was last allowed to caress my breasts. But I have not prohibited it for ever, and I do dangle the carrot of the possibility in front of him from time to time.)

And although perhaps duplicitous and somewhat syntactically perverse,

  • No more full-on DS days without using Linnex this year.
  • No more full-on DS days without drinking undiluted nectar this year.
  • No more full-on DS days without being pissed on in the walk-in shower this year.
  • No more vanilla days without at least six with the dressage whip this year.

But it is a Mistress’s prerogative to be duplicitous and a submissive’s role, (and perhaps) joy to simply take duplicity on the chin. Arbitrary prohibitions decided on a whim – delicious.

The announcement

I find simply advising my little puppet that we have reached this, no-more-this-year, date zone makes every waking minute of every day just that little bit more frightening for him, and makes him just that little bit more in awe of me every waking minute of every day. And makes me feel just that little bit more powerful and bitchy every waking minute of every day. Every waking minute of every day, up until about 14 December, by when the threat fades as it becomes no more than a 14 day prohibition.

And the mind-fucking beauty of announcing we have reached the, no-more-this-year, date zone is I notice activities once in the zone, I never even thought about including at the time of announcing the zone has been entered.

This morning, I got out of bed naked and slipped on my bedroom high-heeled, platform mules. I had bitch-boy kneel before me. I stood back a couple of paces so he could take me in, top-to-toe. I stretched like a cat and spoke in relaxed, sleepy tones while he pretty much sobbed with his sexual frustration gnawing away at his soul, just from ,looking at me. ‘Little bitch, we are in that date zone now where it is so very easy for me to say, no more this year.’ It took a couple of seconds for the penny to drop and then his face collapsed into a grimace and he emotionally shook his head from side to side. I imagined, as he was still torturing himself by looking at my body, he was thinking about the rare licking and the rare touching he might get prohibited from for the rest of the year, on my capricious whim. I felt my cunt moisten, he was so visibly upset and distressed. So visibly upset and distressed over such a short sentence from me! The arousing glory of capricious, unfettered POWER. Power to be effortlessly used unfettered by fairness. I had two agendas that moment, to have him stew over his lot, and to have a suddenly much needed orgasm. I spoke again, still in relaxed, sleepy tones. ‘Pass me my Lelo wand and then fuck-off and start the laundry.‘ Life is so, so, so, very good!

As a punishment

No-more-this-year, can also be used as a punishment, so the stakes are raised for even minor infractions by my little puppet.

‘You forgot to replenish my sodas in the fridge this morning. I always want at least six in the fridge at the beginning of every day, AS YOU KNOW; NOT FOUR! So no more licking me this year. Go and add two more, now!’

Would you like to ask if you may……………………………

Such a favourite of mine, as I have made clear on this blog, it so powerful and amusing.

After a few minutes of me teasing him with my body I might ask, ‘Would you like to ask if you may caress my butt little puppet?‘ In the months up until October, the room crackles with emotion whenever I use this phrasing. As though all the world’s riches rest on my answer. He timidly, hopefully asks the question. He knows the usual answer is, ‘No maggot, don’t be so ridiculous. Now fuck-off and get on with your chores.’ But he also knows that although it is rare, I sometimes say, ‘Yes‘.

But now October is here and we are in, that date zone, the room doesn’t just crackle with emotion whenever I use this phrasing, it becomes VERY TENSE INDEED. Because, he knows, my answer might not just be ‘No.’ My answer might well be, ‘No maggot, don’t be so ridiculous. That won’t be happening today, or any time this year!’ Now, fuck-off and get on with your chores.’


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

18 thoughts on “No more …… this year

  1. I’m curious how you became so acute to the psychological effects of your dynamic with BB? Is it something that occurred over time? Or do you have a background in the medical field that led you to the understandings have now?

    1. I’m not too sure what you mean by, ‘…. so acute to the psychological effects of your dynamic with BB…’
      I can say from very early on, I made clear to him that I would seek feedback very regularly over how he is affected by activities I indulge in, and he had to be 100% honest when answering always or it would not work out well for him. He has always been honest and is very self-aware and very articulate, so I do know how much different things affect him and in what why and why. I have also had a decade of feedback n my blog from thousands of submissives giving such data, and, at the end of the day, most submissives are very similar when it comes to their psychology insofar as submission is concerned.
      I want to know about maximising affects on bb, because the more I affect him, the more power I have and the more he worships me.
      This is how I coined what I think is the definitive description of the mindset of a true submissive: Someone who craves to be helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel woman.
      Does that answer your question?

  2. I could not handle “no more this year” if I could not lick her pussy and ass. She did allow me a full blown orgasm on the 29th of September, but said “no more this year”.

      1. A calendar featuring a 25-day countdown to a very special time of year, with a task or treat behind hidden in each little window. What will today’s surprise be? Imagine the excitement and anticipation.

  3. Mistress, you are so cruel and I love it. Do you ever tease bitch boy with stockinings and heels, I can imagine your legs would look amazing and it would be excruciating for him. Please may I ask how do you feel when you have a man at your feet licking your boots clean?

    1. I must admit I have not worn stockings for years. Yes I tease him with my feet in high heels quite often. Like so many submissives he is aroused by beautiful feet in high heeled shoes.

      When I have my puppet at my feet licking my boots clean I get a big power-rush. I feel the reality of the situation. That I own him. I can do whatever I want with him. That he is lucky to be my slave. That I have zero pity for him because he should have been careful what he wished for when he introduced me to femdom. I feel like a totally pitiless bitch. I never tire of him down on his knees kissing my footwear before I leave the house, etc.

      1. Mistress, I adore that. From everything associated with femdom I think its the most powerful having a slave at your boots knowing you own him and can do whatever you want to him just on your whim is so amazing. I love how you are proud and rightly so to be a pitiless bitch. I can imagine how lucky bitch boy is to have such an amazing, beautiful and cruel woman in his life. Mistress you are just amazing.

  4. Is my math right that You are coming up on 15 years of bb being a BAVS? Congratulations! I love going through old posts on this. Would he even know what to do if it were allowed?

    1. Become a BAV circa 2006 so yes 15 years I believe. You ask, ‘…. Would he even know what to do if it were allowed?…‘ I am afraid for him, Oh YES! He would know exactly what to do. That makes it all the more awful for him. I don’t know if you read this post relevant to this issue or looked at the linked montage photo, but when I have him with me by that montage photo in the kitchen and I ask him if he can imagine the feeling of being allowed to fuck my beautiful body, it is clear from his almost sobbing, he absolutely can remember exactly what to do and how it would feel!

      Are you a woman BTW?

  5. Hello Mistress Scarlet, I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed your 18th journal.
    You are a very talented writer and it is always enjoyable to read in detail about your life with bitch-boy.

    Out of curiosity regarding bitch-boy’s SCD regime, is bitch-boy still going through the 6 Fairy Colouring Books you got him many years ago or has he since finished them?

    It was nice to hear how affecting the photo collage is for poor bitch-boy and the resulting pleasure his suffering of being reminded of the pleasures he once had but will never, ever have again gives you.

    It must be difficult for bitch-boy knowing that future lovers you haven’t even met yet will be allowed to do all the things bitch-boy can only dream of doing with you.

    Would future journals covering activities after lockdown happen to include Mistress Nicole?
    The two of you seemed to have great chemistry together.

    Thank you again for your writings about the wonderful life you live.

    1. Thank you for the kind words about my journal 18. If you get the chance to leave a review that would be awesome.

      He is still going through the 6 Fairy Colouring Books I got him many years ago. And he knows the moment he finishes the last page of the final book, I will be buying another 6.

      It is difficult to make any predictions about after lockdown. The UK (If you are not British) is just entering yet another major peak of infections.

  6. Hello Mistress Scarlet.
    Thank you for your reply to the questions.

    I was unaware of the recent rise in UK infections.
    I hope the two of you stay safe.

    Unfortunately I seldom use Amazon and I do not meet the minimum requirements of spending at least $50 using a valid credit or debit card in the past 12 months to be eligible to submit a review.
    If I do happen to meet that criteria in the future I will be sure to post a glowing review praising your writing.

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