Screen-saver Torment

Blog followers may recall the kitchen photo collage I described in an earlier post. I have amended it yet again and I so liked the increased frustration-causing and humbling effect on bitch-boy, of the amended version, I thought to myself where else does he spend a lot of time? The answer was, in front of the desk top PC. So the PC screensaver came to mind. Given the screen is a very wide screen, that has meant the collage I have produced can contain even more images and text than the kitchen ‘photo collage’!

I should start by describing the latest version of the kitchen photo collage. Section 1 is a little image of his defect, double-padlocked into its chastity cage. Next to the image are the words, ‘Mistress’s Little Masturbation Helper; 4 or 5 times max a year for him.‘ A reference to the amount of times he is likely to get an orgasm, (which is always under the sole of my shoe). The remainder of Section1, is a very large photo of me naked, laying on my back, eyes closed, having just had a massive orgasm. (And looking VERY HOT, if I say so myself!) And under the image, the words, ‘Now fuck-off back to your chores’.

A body that is almost identical to mine except my breasts are slightly smaller

Section 2 has the same images as the old version, but with the following words, ‘The rest of your life: NO hand-jobs. NO getting sucked, NO fucking. Spurting – only ever under the sole of my shoe.‘ (The images are: 1. A hard, erect cock just entering a cunt that looks like mine. 2. That cock all the way in. 3. A hard, erect cock getting a lovely hand-job from hands that look just like mine. 4. A hard, erect cock getting a lovely blow-job in lips that look just like mine. 5. A picture of bitch-boys clitty, squashed under the sole of my shoe. 6. A photo of my face looking utterly cruel and pitiless.

So for the screen-saver, there is the above described kitchen collage but added to that, two more images of me naked but for heels, looking VERY, VERY HOT indeed, an image of bitch-boy’s butt and backs of thighs well marked with wheals from a recent serious thrashing, and an image of my hands holding one of his spiked cock-straps.

I am not technically minded but I have had bitch-boy set various modes so the screensaver appears when the PC is switched on, and it appears after two minutes of inactivity on the PC. It ambushes my poor puppet many times a day and I find, when I see it myself, I get a little thrill of bitchy-power-rush run through me every time; it is that affecting! I sometimes stand with bitch-boy as he boots up the PC and when the image appears I like to have him stare at it while I remind him, that I am a totally heartless bitch and I have zero pity or guilt and there is no going back ever. I remind him I take great pleasure from my cruel controls over his existence and if things change for him, they will only be changing in one direction; worsening. And I mean that, and he knows I mean that.

22 thoughts on “Screen-saver Torment

  1. I envy bitch-boy – he gets to live a life devoted to the superiority and absolute domination of his Goddess, constantly reminded that his deprivations serve to amuse and embolden Her.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, your blog is the very best!

  2. oh my, your relentlessness towards tormenting BB is so wonderfully admirable Ms Scarlet! How does he feel about knowing you could in theory enjoy as many orgasms in a single day as you allow him in a year – would love to hear BB’s thoughts please if you can spare him from his chores.

    1. I will consider your request to have him reply as well. You have your maths wrong though. As things stand, I often have as many orgasms in one day as he will get in two years.

  3. Lovely idea…you can also set your own photos for the backdrop of the desktop, so the image is there all the time and will see everytime he switches between programs. Also on his phones desktop background ….

  4. Thank you for posting Mistress Scarlet, wonderfully hot. How is work progressing on the next journal? I’m looking forward to reading it when ready.

  5. Mistress, do you think you will ever reach the point where you achieve maximum cruelty? Where you can’t become anymore heartless or sadistic?

    1. A much more tricky and complex question to answer than you might imagine. Although both issues are linked and codependent, I will start with the issue of maximum heartlessness. My definition of heartlessness is feeling no guilt, no pity, no sympathy, no inclination towards mercy. I would say I am already at maximum heartlessness. I never, ever feel any guilt, pity, or sympathy, or ever have any inclination towards mercy.

      Linked though, it what constitutes maximum sadism. If I define my sadism as taking sexual pleasure in causing discomfort, I must first point out that discomfort for my plaything can come in many forms. Sexual frustration from orgasm denial. And also that frustration made worse by physical or visual teasing. I aim now to maximise this. I could not get any worse.

      Then we get the discomfort of tedium. I do not hesitate in imposing six hours or more of sensory deprivation bondage on my plaything, if I have a female lover/sub over. And, all full-on DS days involve a minimum of two hours of some form of tedium torment. I do not think I could get any worse with this than my current capability.

      Then we have humiliation. I could not get worse with this. I will dress my plaything as humiliatingly as possible and have him perform in front of any number of women he has never met before. I adore having him literally physically trembling with anxiousness before such an event.

      Then we get causing physical pain and also causing degradation, (degradation – like having to lick clean the soles of my footwear or consume my urine and spit). I will put physical pain and degradation together. I put them together because these things can be taken to dangerously agonising or dangerously unhealthy extremes and I would never do that. I feel no need so to do. As long as I have him genuinely pleading and begging with all his heart for the physical discomfort or degradation to end, (or to not start), my sadism is satisfied. I need go no further. I guess, although very unlikely, were he ever to become habituated to the levels of physical discomfort or degradation I cause, so he stopped genuinely pleading and begging with all his heart, I would need to ‘up the levels’ and I would not hesitate so to do.

      1. Thank you mistress, what an amazing answer I guess the fact you are getting maximum pleasure from your activities is all that matters, and a lady of your beauty, elegance and supreme power deserves all the pleasure you can get.

      2. What a great explanation. You always provide such great detail and insight. Would you be willing to go in better detail as to the method behind the madness, so to speak, with regards to the tedium punishments. What is this doing to BB? Mentally and physically? What effect does this have on you? Are these times used to simply drive BB crazy? I assume there is something that is happening in those moments that is leading to him better serving you while at the same time you enjoy yourself per usual.

        1. When I have a female lover/sub over, he is left in sensory deprivation for many, many hours. My pleasure comes from the decadence and power rush and cruelty to be enjoying myself sexually with one person, while my puppet has only his thoughts to occupy him. And my sadistic pleasure comes from what I know his thoughts consist of: Alternating between his misery over his helpless and controlled state and his imagining exactly what I am getting up to, made worse by his chastity caging and enduring orgasm denial.

          When I am using humiliation/tedium, (usually him dressed as and having to role play a parody of a little girl playing with dollies), my pleasure comes from the decadence and power rush and cruelty of using another human being in this way to provide fairly light amusement to me contrasting with the dire misery he is suffering for my light amusement. I will be watching TV or doing crafts while he endures, and I only occasionally watch him for a few moments now and again. The power rush is so great I do have to have an orgasm every twenty minutes or so which I make sure he can hear. And my sadistic pleasure also comes from what I know his thoughts consist of: Alternating between his misery over his deep humiliation and mind numbing tedium while hearing me have orgasms now and again, made worse by his chastity caging and enduring orgasm denial. And his sense of profound unfairness that his quite extreme misery is of only minimal amusement to me, but that is enough for it to be happening.

  6. I find I am tormented by impossible predicaments I am placed in

    When I massage my mistress, I am told the massage must be thorough and full body. This includes her glutes which being massaged releases pressure on the lower back (I’ve been sent on a Swedish massage course for my birthday present since being enslaved)

    Failing to deliver a full massage leads to a thrashing

    However if I touch her glutes, then I am touching her butt which gives me sexual pleasure which has been banned in all its forms apart from extremely rare releases. My punishment for feeling sexual pleasure is a drastic extension to my chastity

    So I go into every massage essentially having to chose a thrashing or an extension. I imagine my mistress delights in how completely bitchy this is

      1. It’s essentially I choose by how the massage goes

        Sadly I like to be thorough for my mistress and I think she knows that. Choosing a thrashing essentially means I have neglected the massage to maintain my release date and i have my suspicions that my mistress is well aware of this conundrum and would likely tag on some fairly awful summary additions to the thrashing for choosing to neglect her massage for my own needs

        So usually the instant I start on her glutes she’ll just give her cruel laugh and say “three more weeks” and I’ll have to carry on knowing the deal is already done

  7. Mistress Scarlet what do you think is worse for bitch boy watching you cuckold him with with your female lover or the sensory deprivation?

    1. Hmmmmmmm. A tough call.
      My usual practice, if the lover in question knows about bitch-boy and is comfortable with how badly I torment him, is to have him in his many hours of bondage but release him for ten minutes or so before she leaves and I have him watch and she and I kiss and caress before we dress. So I guess he gets to suffer both ways.

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