Two Things

1. Overnight with a Dominatrix

A fellow blog follower is seeking to emulate the experiences set out in my Journal Number 13 and Journal Number 15, overnight at The Institute. Does anyone know of a Dominatrix in the UK who offers sessions that can last 48 hours, including overnight ?

2. On stage, public, Golden Shower

A blog follower has kindly drawn my attention to an incident not many, certainly in the UK, will have heard of, I think.

The incident involves the beautiful singer, Sophia Urista , in the band Brass Against, giving a, seemingly very submissive, fan who climbed up onto the stage, a golden shower. A golden shower while his mouth is open too, so to speak!

There is a video of the incident on YouTube. Here are some still images.

A LINK for the video on Twitter

Sadly, a police report that was filed concerning the incident. Urista singled out a male fan in the crowd with a camera mounted to his head. She called him up onto the stage while the band was playing. She then told him to lie down on the stage, at which point she pulled down her pants and urinated on his face. Details have emerged regarding the incident itself. Urista told the audience she had to use the bathroom, and then said, “Get my man with the can on his head ready, ’cause we’re going to bring him onstage and I’mma piss in this motherf**ker’s mouth.” She added, “I gotta pee, and I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.”

The band initially responded to Twitter messages by writing, “We’re truly sorry. Not who we are as a band” and “We’re still processing … this was profoundly unexpected.” Later they issued a full statement: “We had a great time last night at Welcome to Rockville. Sophia got carried away. That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows. Thanks for bringing it last night, Daytona.”

I find it very hard to believe she is not, either a dominant, or a patriarchy hating woman, possibly, a lesbian patriarchy hating woman, who has very low regard for the male of the species. I may be wrong. Does anyone have any information about her as a person?

36 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. According to Wiki ‘The singer does not have a boyfriend, she is actually in a live-in relationship with her girlfriend Jess King, a fitness instructor at Peloton since February 2015’.

  2. hello, a columnist spoke about it on the radio and was scandalized by the fact that we are facing a whole story for little thing, leave the freedom to two people concentrating and especially to bloggers to keep their comments stupid, I find this nice idea .good to you

  3. Curious the rest of the band, particularly the men, all wearing grey of the same shade….almost a slave uniform? The one lady has a different colour top, singles her out along with lead singer….
    Subliminal message perhaps? Curious.

  4. This is extraordinary, I never thought I would see such a thing in my lifetime. This was the sort of stuff I would fantasize about. Gives the sub in me big rush and more power to women, we truly are entering in a new era of female led universe and I for one am so excited. I love the crowd reaction and attitude of the singer before and after, true goddess. The only thing remains is to see if Miley Cyrus can top it 😃
    Thanks a lot Ms Scarlet for sharing this

  5. Maam Great assessment that she would be a lesbian based on her behavior. As for my wife she stopped playing dom she was just curious, but it did allow her to open up about her real fantasies. And she is a closeted lesbian or she has strong lesbian desires but is afraid to pursue them. I am supporting her by playing her favorite lesbian porn while I eat her. I also tease her by calling her a sexy lesbian and she likes that. I told her I was bi-curious also and since we opened up to each other our relationship is just better. She calls me her best friend and she is mine. We just live in a small town and it would be hard for her to meet women for hook ups without traveling over 3hrs.

      1. My ex-wife is now married to a woman. She ran off with a woman less than a year into our marriage and later returned.

        She played softball on a women’s bar league team, all became very close friends of hers.
        More than half the team were lesbians, many married women there soon divorced and became involved with other women in the team,

        While we were married, I never stood against her pursuing other women, dates, phone calls, out to lesbian clubs, etc .

        I also found that one of the hardest struggles for a woman with lesbian desires is overcoming her internal struggles and preconditioning to blossom into who they truly are.

        As a lesser, a male, when she’s comfortable in taking any step forward, we must commit to unwavering full support as needed, as she sees fit, even if we experiencea wide range of emotions which I’veexperiencedmany times, especiallywhen you are home and you know she’sin bed somewhere unknown to you. Being cucked as a sissy by lesbians is quite a learning experience.

        Often too, males go through as great series of emotions and awakenings within ourselves during these moments.

        For example, spending Valentines Day alone as she’s out elsewhere, and getting a short phone call from a club someplace from her, where she called to check in, to say “I love you” as her gfs cackle in the background as she hangs up on you.

        Or knowing the lingerie she demanded for her birthday and you bought her, is for her lesbian lover to see and enjoy, not you. Oh you might have to launder her dirty panties by hand, but you’ll never see her in them.

        Or when you are told not to ask her for sex, and later, how her body is no longer something you are allowed to see nude, as that would be cheating on her lovers.

        Or when she’s grooming and dressing for a hot date she’s excited by, and for you, she’s sending over her mother and sister to sit with you, realizing as a male, she’s receiving a giving pleasures you’ll never understand nor enjoy, while the women sent to sit with you tell you how much better off you are sending her off to a greater fulfillment they know you can never provide and how you need to fully accept and support her in the way things are.

        There comes a time when we need to tell her, what ever she wants is not only fine with us, but ask what can we do to more fully support her in where she needs to go in her life? To firmly commit to her happiness and fulfillment and sublimate ourselves fully in support and encouragement of her wants, needs, fantasies, and dreams, whatever we experience. She is the important one.

  6. Yes Sophia is a lesbian living with her girlfriend Jess King also another good looking lady who is a peloton fitness instructor. As has already been stated So i’m guessing Your thoughts about her are very true. Good for Her. And the lucky submissive who got on stage.

    1. I can personally thoroughly endorse Miss Kimberley, as a superb Mistress. She is caring, organised, imaginative, very kinky and strict. She is also reading Mistress Scarlet’s latest journal. My birth defect, as she last referred to it, is in locked chastity to her. Although 40 days since my last release, it will be some weeks yet before the possibility of a release is forthcoming.

  7. As more a more women awaken to the glories of lesbian supremacy and the rightful place of male servitude, I’m surprised we’re not seeing more of this. Or, to put it another way, we will be see more of this as time goes on, as Ms. Urista has literally opened the floodgates to women to normalize this action.

    As a sissy, some women I’ve known had started me out cleaning them with toilet paper after urination, then with my mouth, which led to what took place here, or from filling a cup for me to drink as she enjoyed champagne, or a cocktail, but always in private.

    As more and more women denounce the patriarchy, sweep aside males and their revolting birth defects in favor of other women, what happened here only the beginning.

    Thanks so much Ms. Scarlet for sharing this and kudos to Ms. Urista for a groundbreaking first step forward.

  8. Sheesh that was a lot of liquid too,, She wasn’t kidding. Looking at it from a musicians perspective she might have even planned this out to be honest, that was great publicity. Their music is okay but nothing to get this much exposure for sure. The guy seems like your typical everyday submissive. Nothing of extraordinary happened there IMO

    1. Nothing extraordinary in your opinion? Can you give me lots of or even one other example of a dominant lesbian urinating into the mouth of a male submissive on stage at a public vanilla event, or even in pubic in any vanilla setting? If not, by all reasonable definitions of the word extraordinary, it was extraordinary. Extraordinary : Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established.

      1. I think we as a femdom community have established these norms though. Before 2000s from what i gathered this would be radical
        But since the last 20 years of getting recognition and publicizing of femdom and women domination in general? Now its pretty much becoming what you expect from a concert like this. Times are changing. We changed it

        1. Please can you list half a dozen of the other concerts in the last 20 years when a dominant lesbian urinated into the mouth of a male submissive on stage at a public vanilla event, or just at any vanilla pubic event, or just a woman, not even a lesbian?

          1. Alright you have a point. But you generally seem to accept that yes femdom is getting more recognition as well. My point was that as crazy as the situation may sound IMO its not that crazy how it happened considering the world now. Cheers

  9. re: 1. Overnight with a Dominatrix – this boy too would be very interested in experiencing that which the sub named ‘slug’ endured at The Institute, now he is footloose and pussyfree post his divorce, being single and a BAV of 2 years and counting – those ‘slug’ chapters were simply the best femdom, alongside of course, your own treatment of BB

  10. Regarding #1 You may try Mistress April although I believe her session is in Germany? Here is a link, hopefully it works.
    Regarding #2 Personally I love the idea of her doing that. However, the rest of the paying crowd or her band or staff did not consent prior so that is a big no no. I would assume there were minors in the crowd so charges are a possibility. Fun idea, wrong place and time.

    1. Thank you for the link regarding 1#

      I am not too sure I agree with the level of stridency in your comments on #2. I think the issues are rather more nuanced and I would many more certain facts before forming a view.

  11. Thank you very much Mistress Scarlet for your help on question 1 – I will definitely try and contact these Mistresses and report back on my experience.

    On another note, below is a very interesting clip from the series Succession, which shows the non-sexual yet submissive relationship between the character of Roman, a rich young man, with an elderly woman who works for his dad’s company. The only way the man appears to be able to “get off” is through massive humiliation.

    Given the popularity of the show, it indeed seems Femdom is becoming increasingly acceptable. (12:00 min onwards)

    1. Please let me know how your contacts go.

      Thank you for the clips LINKS. The first is as you say and so excellent. Regarding the second CLIP, can you poit me to whereabouts the femdom scene is so I don’t have to watch the whole half hour please.

  12. Mistress Scarlet, After reading your blog , I wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing to light the need to dismantle the patriarchy. There need to ne a new ideal of promoting a female led world to address the dysfunction in society.

    Could I ask for some advice on achieving unquestioned obedience and certain unresolved challenges as a sub?
    Thank you Ms Scarlet for sharing this

      1. I love the your blog which inspires true nature of a submissive to just submit ,however from a young age , I have wanted to feminize myself and turn myself into a women . There is a a constant inner battle between living a life as a alpha male and being a women i want to. An area I like to explore is will a Trans make a ideal male servant ?
        Do you also have a consistent routine in place to ensure BB obedience to prevent backsliding in his submission?

        1. I am not sure exactly what your questions are.
          In relation to: ‘…..will a Trans make a ideal male servant?... What is important is that a servant FEELS submissive. So if being dressed as a female makes you feel submissive to real women, it will help.
          But I am not sure if you understand submitting to a real dominant woman, will mean doing chores, probably being in chastity, being punished for infractions. Do you want these things?

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