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Many submissive males fantasise about becoming enslaved as 24/7/365, permanently chastised, seriously used and abused, cuckolded, sissy maids. Fantasies of 24/7/365 extreme use and abuse as a sissy-maid are, for many submissive males, the ultimate fantasy. This blog features written, potentially real-life accounts of such situations, including: (Candy Floss and Pamela, Mistress Anita and Fifi, Mary from Maxstoke, Letters from the owner of Susette FAGGOTT.) I have dipped my pretty toes into the experience, although for only a few consecutive days at a time, and I can’t deny for those Mistresses who have zero interest in the vanilla company of their submissive male, it must be a VERY REWARDING AND EXHILARATING lifestyle. Indeed, if the Mistress (A) has no interest in the vanilla company of the submissive, and (B) the submissive does not need outside employment because no income from the submissive is needed, or he retires with a pension, then in all those circumstances, the evolution of the relationship to the regimen described is almost inevitable.

Perhaps understandably, visual images of such regimen on the net are pretty much non-existent, although the latter above example does have some photos of susette faggot. So visual depictions that capture the essence of such a regimen, with all its grindingly relentless chore time and gratuitous torments and punishments, are only found in artists illustrations. The art quality is usually at the low end of the spectrum but notwithstanding that, some artists still beautifully capture the essence of the regimen. One such artist is the wonderful Lady Carole, with whom I have had the privilege of exchanging pleasantries and who has been featured on my blog before.

Well I have been directed to a collection of work on the theme of this regimen by an artist called, sissymaid1973. Although his art quality is at the low end of the spectrum, it does nonetheless, beautifully capture the essence of the regimen. I provide some examples below. sissymaid1973 has a portfolio on the website, Deviant Art.

Anyone have any other examples of visual depictions of this particular regimen?

Perhaps my favourite image. It seduces my depraved mind into the image. My little puppet cleaning the patio for the third time on the trot, despite the first two times being perfect. Approaching him and him expecting the probability of being told he has done enough on it now, but instead, crushing his hopes of mercy, by spitting in his face and telling him to get on with it; while I go out with my girlfriends, one of which is of course, my lover.



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(For anybody reading this post who does not know the purpose of the hole in the stage on which I stand, in the above journal cover image, follow this link for an explicit image.)

So far Volume 18 is published as an Amazon Kindle book, and an eBook and now as a paperback. In due course it will be available on iTunes Books, and Nook etc.

The eBook is also on (Please note that if you are searching for my books on, you will need to tick the ‘explicit content box‘ to see all of my books.)


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Positive reviews of my recently published Journal; No. 18


Mistress Scarlet has done it again! Journals of Real Female Domination, Volume 18, is an exhilarating read from start to finish that chronicles the extraordinary life that she and her submissive husband enjoy. Written in her own unique style, this book transports the reader into the lived experience of lifestyle female domination in a way that captures the eroticism and complex mix of human emotions that very view authors manage to convey. Reading it is a visceral experience that sets the heart pumping and pulse racing. You may well find that it stirs emotions and desires that you have not perceived before. Whether you have read her previous journals and are aware of how her real life marriage has evolved or are new to her work you will find this an arousing and stimulating book. Once I started reading it I read it from cover to cover without putting it down.


BTW your Journal #18 is fantastic!!!


Hello Mistress Scarlet, I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed your 18th journal.
You are a very talented writer and it is always enjoyable to read in detail about your life with bitch-boy. It was nice to hear how affecting the photo collage is for poor bitch-boy and the resulting pleasure his suffering of being reminded of the pleasures he once had but will never, ever have again gives you. It must be difficult for bitch-boy knowing that future lovers you haven’t even met yet will be allowed to do all the things bitch-boy can only dream of doing with you.


27 thoughts on “Art of sissymaid

  1. These images are nice in the absence of photos, and provide visual ideas.
    It’s often a fantasy but a reality must be quite crushing, the only relief bring a soft pillow and a needed sleep, for tomorrow it starts again.

  2. Many years ago when I was young I served as a sissy maid serving tea, coffee and pastries at high protocol ladies teas and events. I served some of the time as my late wife’s sissy personal ladies maid. My costuming was not as elaborate as that depicted in sissy maid drawings but it was humiliating none the less. In addition to my work as a sissy maid I have spent many hours doing very basic house maid work including cleaning and cooking. In my old age I am reduced to giving foot rubs to my Mistress

    Maid Janyne

  3. On Sun, Nov 28, 2021 at 3:32 AM Mistress Scarlet’s Blog wrote:

    > msscarlet9015 posted: ” Many submissive males fantasise about becoming > enslaved as 24/7/365, permanently chastised, seriously used and abused, > cuckolded, sissy maids. Fantasies of 24/7/365 extreme use and abuse as a > sissy-maid are, for many submissive males, the ultimate fantas” >

  4. I’m a burly guy, standing at 6′ 2. At home I’m my wife’s play toy. We haven’t gone as far as sissy maid yet, but I wouldn’t be opposed. She was very much a vanilla type when we first met. The cruelest thing she ever did to me was after going to a parade we went to a party some older handsome guy was having, during the event she was being a little flirty so I ended up leaving. I found out months later that they had sex that night… back then I was crushed but five years later I think it’s so hot. Lucky freaking guy.
    Last night we played fetch in the house with a tennis ball. I’ve never seen her laugh so much. Afterwards she used me as her bathmat spraying water on me while she showered, right before the water turned off I promptly got her a towel, dried her off, resumed my role on the floor being totally ignored. I honestly owe this all to you. I started reading your blog and really never had the courage to approach my wife about my submissive fantasies.

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlett
    I am the author of the drawings you posted and, as your reader and admirer, I consider it a great honor to see my works on your blog!
    I know well that I am not gifted with talent as a designer, but my drawings are the result of my great love for the femdom lifestyle, with particular reference to the sissy maid / Mistress dynamics.
    To prove that I am not a mythomaniac but the real author of the drawings, I can send you, in private, the drafts of the new drawings, which I will post on devinatart once colored and inserted the captions (I hope within a few days).
    In real life I am a 48 (almost 49) years old sissy slave and I live with my Mistress wife. My sissy name is Amelia. The drawings represent both fantasies (most of them) and real experiences, although obviously the drawings emphasize and make everything much more extreme than in reality.
    However, there remains a true love, from my part and from my Mistress, for our lifestyle, a love that I try to include in my drawings, even with the little talent I have.
    As both of us work in the real world, and having children, taking photographs never seemed like a good idea, and therefore drawings seem like a good alternative.
    Thank you for the honor of showing my designs on your site. If you have any curiosity about my relationship with my Mistress, I will be happy to answer you with total sincerity.

    1. I am very curious about your relationship with your Mistress and would like to have every fine detail.

      What would you think about me proposing a scene or two for you to illustrate?

      Are you in the UK?

      1. No, i am not in the UK but in Italy.
        I will love to try to illustrate some by your proposal. I will be honored of this.
        Please give me your ideas and i will try to draw it at my best!
        And I will try also to give you some detail of my life with Mistress, even if our lifestyle is probably not as exiting as other i read on your blog.
        Tanks a lot.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Excellent depiction of a sub’s deepest most desired fantasy. Terrified how quickly I would sign up for a similar arrangement.

    1. Such is the paradoxical existence of a true submissive. If the circumstances present themselves for them to sign up for what they would forever more regret, they would sign up.
      Perhaps, forever more regret, is not entirely accurate. There would be brief moments in their lives, perhaps a few minutes some nights in the moments before falling into their short-lived sleep at night, when they would feel utterly content.

  7. Question for you Mistress:
    How does one prevent burnout? I own a business, I’m a full time student, have a toddler, and I’m trying to do the chores and tasks for my wife but it’s starting to get a bit extreme. I definitely want this lifestyle more than her so I don’t complain and do each task with a smile in fear she might stop altogether. Any tips or tricks? Thank you for your insight Mistress Scarlet it’s much appreciated.

    1. When you take a break, make sure it is a proper break. don’t work through lunch, even if your lunch break is only 15 minutes. And get outdoors for breaks if possible. I hope you are making sure your wife is not having her cake and eating though.

      1. Can you please elaborate on the “hope your wife isn’t having her cake and eating though”? Also thank you for the advice about going outside. I’m going to start implementing that into my days. I’m guilty of working during my lunch break.

        1. This links into an issue of whether or not she ever feels real power. Does she? Does she ever feel she is forcing you to undergo what you would really rather not? For instance a very simple and almost vanilla way to feel real power, is for her to pinch one of your nipples and slowly increase the pressure until you do actually ‘beg’ her to stop. Better still if your wrists are secured behind your back, but that is not essential.

          That links with, and leads onto, the cake and eat it issue.

          This is tricky and may seem manipulative, but if you confuse her while she is trying to understand your submissiveness, that does not help matters. Is it the case that there is no link between the moments she is actually dominant and subsequent or instant rewards for her? When the wife of a submissive gets loads of chores done without ever actually being dominant, she almost certainly thinks she is being dominant enough for her man, and there is no need to go any further, otherwise, why would he be doing all the chores?

          Have you have ended up in this position of her having her cake and eating it? I completely understand why that could have happened, it is a very common error to make and comes from a good place. If possible, this issue needs to be raised but it requires great subtlety and empathy. You will know best how to raise this. My suggestion is a talk along the lines of; ‘You know honey, how I do almost all the chores, including ones I really hate, and I do them because I am a submissive, well I can feel that I might start to resent this because I thought you were progressing to being more dominant but there are no experiments by you exploring becoming more dominant, and your current dominance levels sort of don’t ‘earn’ me doing all the chores I do for you. The balance is wrong. I have to be honest. By doing all the chores, I miss out on a great deal of time I could be spending on myself like other husbands do. I have to be honest about this because the thought of starting to resent what I do, is heartbreaking for me.‘

          You could link this to explaining to her that she has never felt a power-rush which is the main arousal/dopamine reward dominant women get from being dominant. (And you could say that is all your fault because you had not been thinking about things from her side enough). So you might suggest an experiment for her to feel real power, like her inspecting a chore you have completed that you hate doing, and if it is not perfect enough for her, she makes you do it again, or denies you orgasm for two weeks. And /or the nipple tweaking as an experiment.

          I hope this makes sense.

          1. I understand what you mean now Mistress Scarlet. Yes, I think I have been doing many chores without her being dominant and thus signaling that her output of power is adequate. I felt like after reading stories about your bitch boy, that I was just complaining, and that perhaps I should just on with it. Personally I have aspirations of being a BAV and perhaps even cuckolded by my beautiful Italian young wife. So I desperately want to make this WLM not only work, but thrive. Your insight is always so valuable, thank you again for taking the time to write me back.

              1. After confronting my wife about potential burnout, she said she would go easier on me until the semester is over… however I wouldn’t be allowed to orgasm until then and once the semester is done, my chores will increase dramatically.

                  1. It actually makes me feel great knowing she is growing more dominant and heartless by the day. Even though she is cruel I think reducing my work in the meantime is the sensible thing to do since college is vastly important. She asks me everyday what are 5 things I’ve done that make me a good boy? If I can’t name 5 don’t even think about asking for sex.

  8. I am dying to know more about candy floss and pamela. If you know anything about them, where I can reach them, if they have their own blog, or social media presence. anything would be appreciated. I’m fascinated by the story and would love to learn more. Thank you for providing such amazing letters.

  9. The Spanish artist Puyal whose work featured often in Madame Magazine is still producing femdom illustrations. Sardax also does this type of artwork.

    1. Unless you can direct me otherwise, which would be great, I don’t think either artist produced images relating to the blog post. Those images being on the topic of the, ‘…Many submissive males fantasise about becoming enslaved as 24/7/365, permanently chastised, seriously used and abused, cuckolded, sissy maids. Fantasies of 24/7/365 extreme use and abuse as a sissy-maid are, for many submissive males, the ultimate fantasy…..’

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