New year’s resolution

On new years eve I informed my little puppet of my new years resolution. I had only one. ‘To be more cruel and pitiless with him than ever before.’ He looked shocked. We were and are both very clear that my cruelty and pitilessness had jumped up a considerable step-change over the previous 18 months. I knew in some facets of my dominance and subjugation, he felt the cruelty was at the maximum he could take, such as his lengthy denial periods and constant teasing. Very respectfully he made that point. I shook my head before speaking.

‘What I have learned over the last year, little puppet, is that my increases in cruelty in so many areas of my dominance have resulted in more, and more intense, orgasms than ever before. And, I am afraid you have betrayed yourself maggot, because it has been obvious you have been even more worshipful and even more in awe of me than ever before. So I just can’t lose can I? You also have appeared as always a long way from being broken in any physical or psychological way. You recover in good time after whatever I have subjected you to.’ He looked a little sulky as he whispered about not coping with the tease and denial he is subject to. I laughed at him. ‘You are physically well. You are operating at your normal highly intelligent level. You sleep well. I consider you are coping, even if you don’t feel that to be the case.’

Poor, poor submissives, they cannot win. By their behaviours, they betray the simple formulae that applies to them. They can only be content when helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel woman. And when they are helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel woman, they are in awe of her and they worship her.

So just to give you a flavour, as well as wearing your tiny pink chastity tube, 24/7/365, and only being let out for teasing and dickie-discipline, you will wear a collar, padlocked on, 24/7/365, unless we are out socialising together. That includes that you will sleep and shower in your padlocked-on, rubber collar. Also, whenever you have a cold drink at home, it will be served with at least one ice cube made of my undiluted urine. Unless it is a period just after one of your rare orgasms. Then the ice cube will be made of your semen and some water. And I will be dropping spit into every single one of your meals at home. So, there’s just a flavour of the changes that start tomorrow. Also, you need to know, I will generally be upping my levels for inflicting pain too. This is perhaps more serious for you. The last year has seen my orgasm intensity increase directly proportionally to how much I hurt you. We can explore what limits on that interrelationship there might be.‘ He looked in shock. He looked into my eyes and clearly saw my ice cold pitilessness and my predilection for shameless pleasure seeking. I told him to kiss my boots and thank me for my new year’s resolution. Then I saw it, that betrayal of himself. A glance at me as he dropped down, his eyes filled with awe and worship, and then the boot kissing, just that little bit more fervent than normal.

I wonder if we will ever reach a boundary where my increases in cruelty no longer increase his awe and worship. Well, it will be fun discovering if such a boundary exists.

15 thoughts on “New year’s resolution

  1. Happy new year Mistress,

    I love it, I can even imagine you were highly aroused just telling him that you were going to be even cruler. The only thing worse than the cum ice cube would be another man’s ice cubes. I love the line about telling bitch boy to kiss your boots and him doing it more feverishly than before you must have felt like the most powerful woman in the world. What type of boots was Mistress wearing?

    Slave Simon

    1. We were at home and I was in vanilla clothing and the boots were simply my Ugg boot slippers. I have decided my next post should be partly about my Ugg boot slippers with a photo as I refer to them quite a bit and a picture paints a thousand words.

          1. They look so comfortable and warm. Sometimes I think the porn industry (generally run by men) have painted a picture of how Dommes should dress. All black, leather, whips, and heels… and there’s nothing wrong with that, however you mentioned this before in a post, your partner shouldn’t only be submissive when you’re wearing those things. This is a lifestyle to be lived 24/7/365.
            Love your most recent posts. The D/s relationship has slightly reduced for my Wife and I these past few weeks. Although I’m on break from university our business exploded and we’ve been busier than ever. Also now our son is starting to climb things as he attempts to walk. Now we have to keep all eyes on this little daredevil. I desperately do miss just being at her feet massaging them as she reads, but in truth there are days we’re both exhausted. Your blog however is a subtle reminder of my goal and the dream partnership I’d love to have with her. Except for the urine ice cubes hahaha!

            1. I think the look of leather and PVC and boots look dominates femdom porn because pro dominatrices publish about 80% of the material available and that is what their clients, or they think their clients, want to see them wearing.

              Thank you for the update.

  2. Do you have a link to the collar or similar?

    Just a suggestion, couldn’t the collar stay on when socialising by him wearing a shirt and tie (done up) to hide it…

    1. It is VERY thick and bulky and so that would not work. And also a tie would be very weird in most of our friends and family socialising situations. I have greatly reduced our socialising because of Covid so it is relatively rare and of course, when socialising, he is still locked into his little pink chastity tube.

      If it was just the two of us in a restaurant I would have him in a shirt and tie with a light collar locked on and he does have to wear the thick bulky one when he does any shopping and any other errands and the collar is hidden by a thick polar necked sweater, (which also would be very weird in most of our friends and family socialising situations.)

  3. the meaner you are , the more he will worship you . Your puppet has overcome his ego and pride , a way of being

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