Two things

1. A collar to be locked on 24/7/365

In my new year’s resolution post, I expressed a desire and begun to implement having a collar locked onto bitch-boy 24/7/365. Two helpful blog followers have kindly each made a suggestion for collars and I show each suggestion below; both of which are interesting in different ways. I am though actually, I think, looking for a stainless steel rigid collar, like this directly below. I have seen such things in the past. But I think before incurring a serious expense, I would like to test the concept of bitch-boy sleeping without a problem in a rigid steel collar; and I would want one of the exact size required.

However, the suggestions below are very interesting, although I think Celise collars are perhaps impractical for 24/7/365 wear, but perfect for a punishment period, perhaps linked to any infractions relating to a 24/7/365 collar.

So far my puppet has hated wearing a padlocked-on rubber collar 24/7/365. I LOOOOOVE seeing him naked built for the 24/7/365 padlocked-on collar AND the 24/7/365 tiny, pink, double padlocked-on chastity tube. Such a huge power rush and feeling of ownership / proprietorship. And after a couple of nights of habituation, he now sleeps without a problem. I glimpse him adjusting the collar throughout our vanilla day and I feel like I own him, I can do whatever I want with him, and I a pitiless bitch in my subjugation of him. Wonderful feelings to brighten up any day.

Celise torment accessories

Punishment collars and belts. Here is a link to the ETSY seller who is unfortunately taking short a break from selling at the moment.



Braided wire collar

Braided wire collars with an allen key fastening. It can be worn 24×7 including showers.

My main problem with this is the allen key locking mechanism. I would need to lock all bitch-boy’s similar sized allen keys in a box secured with a uniquely numbered plastic padlock to ensure that when I was out, he get to an allen key in the event of some emergency, but otherwise could not. But he could still surreptitiously buy an allen key. I am very attracted to this item though subject to the collar being the exact size I required.

2. Dismissed

Pointed out to me in a comment by Red , 15.5 minutes into the film The Big Short, is the end of a scene featuring Margot Robbie in a bubble bath. She dismisses the person who has served her champagne with the phrase, ‘fuck-off.’ It is a spookily identical moment and style to one of my deliveries of this dismissive and dismissing phrase. (My other style involves much less attention being paid to the person being dismissed, not even looking in his direction.)

I wonder what other examples exist in mainstream media of a calm and relaxed woman telling a subservient person to fuck-off. I personally think Margot Robbie is one of the most attractive women in the movies which meant I enjoyed the moment in the movie even more, but that is an irrelevant aside personal to me. The pleasure is, in mainstream media, a relaxed woman in power, of any level of attractiveness calmly telling a subservient person to fuck-off.

I know its not everyone’s’ cup of tea, but for those like me, (perhaps because I never normally swear), it is a pleasure to see and to do.

27 thoughts on “Two things

  1. To think after some time of being collared 24/7 , BB will start to feel alien without it when socialising. Quite the dynamic!

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet.
    May I suggest you also look at
    and look in particular at the Talena titanium neck ring.
    There is a very ingenious locking mechanism, keys are only available from Axsmar, you boy can go through an Airport Scanner without setting off the alarm, it is very comfortable to wear, Axsmar will make them to size and of course, it is suitable to wear 24/7/365.
    Finally, it is it is very smart and, from experience, it can be worn in vanilla company without proving intrusive questions.
    Yours respectfully, Ben

  3. How about some version of The Swedish Collar? I tried to post a picture, but couldn’t.

  4. I have worn a stainless steel locking eternity collar 24/7 for nearly 10 years
    now. It locks with a hex screw but I have seen them with a permanent lock
    which when activated cannot be removed. No key, no screw!

    I was hesitant to wear the collar full time at first as not many people know of my submissiveness but with a little encouragement and persuasion and also forgetting it was round my neck it soon became the norm

    Nobody, apart from one or two male friends, has ever mentioned it and I simply say
    it is a male necklace!. I would feel naked without it. It is comfortable to sleep and does not rust in the shower.

    I once saw a young lady wearing the same collar. She was with a group of friends
    and did acknowledge my collar by simply winking.

    The company making the permanent locking collars is German but have an English website at

  5. I have commented before about how being forced to wear a metal collar that you cannot remove without some serious kit is soul destroying. I had, for several years, worn a leather one 24/7 with it only being removed for bathing ect. Although I would never remove it I knew that I could at any time simply cut it off. This enabled me to rationalise that I was allowing this to happen and therefore in some sort of control over my situation.
    My situation is that I always believed that I wanted to be a rich women’s slave until I got my wish and found that I did not want it after all. By that time we had crossed the tipping point, I kept pushing for more Mistress was being gently eased deeper into it until slowly the dynamic changed, by which time I was stuffed in more ways than one. Mistress loved it and was not going back to anything else.
    Mistress told me that the leather collar was going on and staying on end of. As explained above I learnt to handle it. Mistress then read somewhere that a reluctant slave that was broken was far better than a willing one and collaring was one way to do it. The article pointed out that there are various types of collar. Ones that simply buckle on and the slave can remove Useless for play only. Ones that can be removed fairly easily in an emergency, by cutting off either the collar or the padlock. The best ones were ones that could not be removed by the slave. Mistress got me one with an internal lock that can only be removed by cutting it off. Mistress then spent a week trying to figure out how to remove it getting me to try her ideas by attempting to cut it off. I nearly succeeded by taking the blade of a hacksaw out, putting it between my neck and the collar reattaching it and sawing outward very slowly. It became evident that this would work if given time and so she went and bought one that was the women’s size fitting very snuggly around my neck. This is what finally broke me as I could not remove it could only conceal it by wearing Turtle neck clothing, feeling it all day every day, constantly adjusting the neck of my clothing when out in public to ensure the neck is well up to my chin, feeling it as I go to sleep, feeling it as soon as I wake up, you are always aware of it and cannot escape whatever you do. Every time you feel it you are aware of who you belong to there is simply no escape the phycological presence of it is overwhelming for me and really turns Mistress on especially when she has me remove my top and when I kneel naked at the door when I here her return from one of her lovers.
    This far surpasses any physical chastisement for both of us. Me because chastisement, no matter how long it goes on for eventually ends the collar is always there. For Mistress it is the ultimate symbol of power and control.

    1. Thank you for the great comment. I am about to post another blog entry which takes account of especially your, and other comments. (Your Mistress is an amazing Domme!)

  6. I have have worn the thickest version of the wound metal collar pictured for as much as 4 years continually.. Through both domestic and international Airport screenings.. All told I’ve worn the collar for a collective 6 ish years since 2013…absolutely no issues..

  7. Permanent collaring would be ideal. So that restraints can be attached to the neck to control the male. Testicles to neck, feet to neck, hands to neck etc.

    Found a story I think you would appreciate.

    Denial of orgasm and/or erection denial for extended periods is an excellent method of controlling a male.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have recently learned through recent scientific literature/programs, more effect means of male control, is to require them to masturbate endlessly, non stop, for hours every day for weeks or much longer.

    This rapidly, becomes no longer becomes enjoyable, in fact after a couple of weeks of being required to masturbate continuously for 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, their penises become unable to sense pleasure, just the opposite! They cannot ejaculate or become erect. A light touch at 2 week out becomes highly unpleasant.

    At this point, it becomes necessary to use a clinician to masturbate him or a strong vacuum pump. He will be in a restraint chair by this stage for the remainder of the treatment. But the non-stop masturbation satiation continues. This continues until the association of masturbation is connected with intense displeasure. The recommended time if 6-8 weeks of continuous masturbation satiation, but this can be extended indefinitely until erections or ejaculations are deemed not possible.

    This treatment program could be combined with the chastity cage/spikes you discussed in an earlier post.

    1. As I mentioned and explained in my recent post I do not want a collar on him that can never be removed.

      Thank you for the link to the story; I will have read.

      Can you point me to this recent scientific literature please.

  8. Dear Mistress Scarlet:

    Thank you for commenting on the whole dismissing procedure.

    If the idea of humilliating your dear bitch-boy that way is such and enjoyment, may I suggest investing in other ways of telling your slave to “fuck off” in another equally cruel ways?

    Maybe with new phrases (“get off my sight”, “dissapear”) or using simple hand gestures/sounds to dimiss him withouth uttering a word (a single clap or a snap of the fingers)?

    1. I REALLY like the ‘get out of my sight’ and also the simple hand signal, (like Margot’s), which would be especially good if I had a mouthful of food or drink. Thank you.

  9. I am new to your Blog Mistress Scarlet. I think it is delightful, from what i have seen so far, as I am a submissive sissy type. That little idea of dismissing a sbmissive from your presence by saying ‘F off’ is delicious, to me anyway. My compliments Ma’am ^curtsy^.


      1. I do like the forcefulness of it Ma’am. I picture myself, in the place of your submissive, bobbing a curtsy (that my Mistress ditainfully ignores) as i leave to attend to my other duties. As your trained Sissy I have no expectation of being praised for doing what i am bound to do.


      2. I like that harshness. I like an off-balance sissy. A sissy with eyes lowered and a pouty bottom lip sticking out. I wish it was me.

        1. I like a sissy like that too. With eyes lowered and silently, but obviously, struggling to come to terms with whatever is the current predicament to which he has just been condemned.

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