Some of my footwear

My Ugg boot slippers. The main reason for this post.

Worn as part of my everyday vanilla-day wear. . As a request was made on my last post, asking what boots I was wearing when I told bitch-boy to kiss my boots, and I have never shown them before, I thought I would show them now. A picture paints a thousand words. I have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair. They are the footwear I usually wear when I am in my swing seat and I press the left one down on his throat to rock my swing seat, while he lays on the floor in front of the chair, making a fuss of retching and whimpering as I do, for an hour or two. Which I ignore of course, even though the chair session may last such a long time. I have done this for many, many hours over the last year or so and he has survived undamaged, so I am totally unmoved by his pathetic noises. And realistically, I don’t completely ignore his pathetic noises and considerable discomfiture. Every now and then, his noises break through the concentration I am giving to the magazine, book, social media or craft work on which I am focussed. I then get a lovely power-rush and sense of my unashamed cruelty, which is why I have to keep my Lelo wand by my side to use every half hour or so, while I continue rhythmically pressing on his throat to facilitate my rocking.

Though I say so myself, my humble slippers worn with skin-tight, thin-fabric leggings and a cropped top, do seem to get, enduringly orgasm denied bitch-boy, into a bit of a state; both when he has a view of my butt or of the slight camel toe that usually shows. (I have no shame! And I note males feel no shame when displaying an outline of their nasty defects.)

Other footwear

I know a lot of submissives have a thing about shoes and boots and so, as I felt I should, as requested, provide an image of my Ugg boot slippers, I thought I would bring together in this post, two other footwear items I wear very often.

My ‘bedroom’ slippers, to which I refer often as they form a very regular part of my tease regime for my enduringly denied puppet. They are kept in my bedroom and often when naked, having just risen from bed, or in the process of getting changed or dressing, while naked, I will pop on the slippers and call my puppet to me. Then throw poses for a few minutes, touching myself in various places, like a lover standing behind me might. As I have written often, this reduces my poor puppet to a whimpering, distressed, pleading jelly of unrequited sexual desperation and frustration.

A body just like mine although my breasts are slightly smaller.

My stomping stage wedges. Worn when I am on the stomping stage abusing his stiff little defect, (when it is sticking through the hole in the stage under which he lays). Wedges were not a favourite of mine until I got the stomping stage. But the joy of the wedges is how one does not need to put any effort into aiming, when pressing down with these rock hard soles. There is no gap between heel and sole for his defect to escape into and me to have to pay attention to avoiding.

I am a high-heel shoe and boot fetishist myself and so I have about 6 pairs of boots and probably over 30 pairs of high-heeled shoes. I love the shoes and boots I wear and, as bitch-boy definitely has a fetish for seeing me in high-heeled boots or seeing my pretty feet in high heeled shoes, it all works out very well for me, and rather distressingly torturously for him, while I feel so very powerful. Yet another element of our perfect symbiosis.

Below is a typical view my puppet might have on a sunny day when I eat outdoors. My scraps get dropped down onto the patio. They get spat on. They get squashed by my shoes. He then gets to eat those scraps and then lick the soles of my shoes spotlessly clean. I usually read a book or magazine while he cleans them.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

24 thoughts on “Some of my footwear

  1. My goodness this post is tantalizing. You’re spot on about a picture painting a thousand words. You’re sitting outside in the last photo, do you live in an urban area or more countryside? I’m wondering if bitch boy is visible or not?

    1. I am quite proud of my body. The photo is 8 years old I think but I still have and love those shoes. I would say my legs and tummy are more athletic now than they were then. Having giving up work a few years ago, I do a great deal of Yoga and cardio exercise.

      1. no wonder why your husband obeys every whim of yours! with a body like that, you can “simpify” (turn men into simps) the entire male population of north america! i’ve never seen a dominant woman with this body. the majority of “fit chicks” i have encountered in real life were unquestionably submissive when it came to sex.

  2. Sometimes I wonder how BB endures your punishment, then a post like this makes it all very clear. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I was wondering by any chance if you have a pair of Wellies. For some reason I find them very attractive particularly as Footwear that needs cleaning regularly

  4. Thank you for your wonderful blog. You and your husband are a great inspiration.

    I noticed on your photo that you are wearing boxing gloves. I wonder if those are also used on bitch boy for your amusement. My lady would love to try that with me, but we are both not sure, if it would be save to turn me into a “human punching bag”. So we are keen to learn in this aspect from experienced femdom Ladies.

    I keep fingers crossed that the gloves are not “just” for your workout, but that you could share some experiences and maybe point out what to look out for. Thanks a lot also on behalf of my beloved Madame (french).

    1. I am afraid I only use them for exercise. But I do like the whole area of physical bullying by females of males, schoolyard style. There are many videos on Pornhub by a particular group of young Dommes that use this form of domination for their amusement, and those videos, plus my own penchant. prompted me to write the story in my Short Stories Volume 2.

      If your Madame decides to take up the ‘sport’ of pyhsically bullying you, please let me know how it goes.

  5. May I ask respectively if you ever appear “dressed” in front of bb wearing nothing except knee-length high heeled leather boots? With a figure as good as yours the look would be jaw droppingly stunning and the effect on an (orgasmed-deprived) bb permanently locked in chastity could very well be off the scale.

  6. My goodness, what a post i love the bot about just objectifying him and ots so amazing the power rush you must feel. Like an insect at your beautiful boots. Your stomping wedges are amazing and it would be hard to control myself if I were in your presence wearing them. I’ve a thing for black knee high boots I’m just picturing how amazing you would look in those with tight jeans and how powerful and sexy you must feel. I just adore your power.

  7. You are so beautiful Mistress Scarlet, your husband in chastity seeing you in those shoes must be torture.

  8. I’ve noticed you post a lot about him licking your shoes – specifically the soles. Are you ever worried bitch boy may get sick especially if you wear these shoes outside? Does he swallow everything he licks off?

    1. It is possible. But he has been doing it for two decades and never been ill from it so far. I think the risk is very low and even if he was ill one time as a result, would it last more than a couple of days? So I think perhaps a couple of days illness for twenty years of degraded him this way is probably worth it. Would you agree?

      1. I have also heard of a lot of slaves doing the same thing with no ill effects. I think to an extent, the risk of him getting sick from it (even though its minimal) is what makes this so degrading, is this your mindset too? I’m not in the medical field by any means so I can’t comment on this, but hopefully should anything happen it only lasts a few days.

        Do you make him lick your shoes daily, or how often roughly? Are these just shoes you wear everywhere? I guess it is reasurring for anybody who wants to try this, or any Mistress who wants to make their slave do this, that hopefully everything should be fine.

        1. My mindset is it is a very degrading thing to do because the soles are unclean. It is not really about the risk of him getting sick, particularly as that has never happened in over two decades.
          He has to kiss the tops of my footwear at some point pretty much daily. The soles are at random times.

          1. Yeah that makes sense. And besides that, it’s literally worshipping the ground you’ve walked on. Pretty much the dirtiest part of your wardrobe, on his tongue which is supposed to remain clean.

            Are these shoes you wear out regularly? I think it makes it way more degrading when you go out with the shoes and then make him lick them, rather than indoor shoes, or ones you use just around the house.

              1. I’ve actually seen one Mistress combine this activity with locking her slave in the closet/cupboard, while she goes out. Certainly is very degrading and gives him something to do in there.

                Thank you for the replies, and if you ever choose to write more about this topic, I’d love to read it.

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