Tidied him away in a cupboard or wardrobe

I recently received the comment in the paragraph below. Given tidying away my puppet in a wardrobe or cupboard is a HUGE favourite of mine, I thought I should post on my experiences and techniques.

This is really true in submissive men we have many fantasies, and for me the one that always drives me “crazy” just imagining it would be being tied up inside a closet, or in a box.
I think a Mistress who locks her subs in a closet and goes out to have fun, so cruel, even more than sending him to work cleaning the house or doing something else, less than a human a mere object.
Mistress Scarlet, do you usually apply this kind of punishment to your slave? leave him tied up for long hours or stuck somewhere?

A hotel room wardrobe

My most common use of this technique is when we are away from home staying in a hotel. There are a considerable number of things I might wish to enjoy while staying in a hotel for which my bitch is not needed. An hour or two in the hotel spa, the gym, the swimming pool, a relaxing bath or long shower in the room, the sun-deck, taking a nap, reading in a comfy armchair, a pre-dinner drink at the bar, some shopping , etc. Should I wish to enjoy one or more of these, what should I do with my puppet to have him humiliated and miserable while I enjoy myself? (Thereby enjoying myself even more!)

Tidying him away in the wardrobe of my hotel room is a favourite. Leaving him in bondage under a sheet on the bed is another, but there is something weirdly bitchy about leaving a sub stored away. (Which is why, I guess, it is a fantasy of many submissives.)

There are some practicalities. He must be able to escape in the event of a fire. He should urinate before being stored away so he could go three hours or more before needing to urinate again. As a minimum he must be in some bondage so he cannot touch his little birth defect, or in an inescapable chastity device, (which bitch-boy of course, always is, 25/7/365), or both.

I like to tell him what I will be doing so he can contrast his humiliating tedium time with my very pleasurable time. Whether the door is hinged or sliding, once he is shut inside, I rest a pen or pencil upright against the door.

If I return and the pencil is laying on the floor, his current denial period is increased by at least a month, as he knows it will be if the pencil has fallen. If he were to come out and then get back in, there is no possible way for him to place the pencil upright, leaning against the closed door. I put the, do-not-disturb sign, on the room door handle when I leave so hotel staff will not enter the room.

Sometimes, in addition, he will find himself in, (or remaining in the wardrobe of the hotel room once I have returned), while I am taking a long shower or bath before getting ready for going out to dinner. (Often a noisy orgasm on the bed happens between the bath and getting ready). Sometimes he stays in the wardrobe while I get dressed and do my hair and make-up. (Although I quite like standing in front of the mirror and doing my hair and make-up with my foot pressing on his throat.)

A cupboard or wardrobe at home

To begin with, he gets to have to think about what is imminent for him, when I instruct him to go upstairs and remove hanging clothes on their hangers from one end of the wardrobe, to create enough floor surface for him to be tidied away, sitting on the floor of the wardrobe. The clothes removed, on their hangers, are hung on the bedrail.

Pen lent against the door, as with the hotel scenario, he is told that if the pen falls, because he tries to open the door, one month minimum will be added to his current orgasm denial period. Once he is in, I almost always begin with laying on the bed and enjoying a loud orgasm.

I then leave the bedroom to get on with whatever I want. It is a lovely warm, dominant feeling enjoying my leisure time always aware, at least at the back of my mind, my little puppet is tidied away in the dark of the inside of the wardrobe; bored and humiliated. When I go up to release him, I am usually aroused enough with how cruel I have been, to lay on the bed first and enjoy another loud orgasm. Once I have recovered, I open the wardrobe door, and in a cold tone utter the single word, ‘Out!’ As he stiffly extracts himself and stands, in the same tone, I ask, ‘What do you say maggot?‘ He looks so humiliated as he says, ‘Thank you Mistress‘. I usually chuckle mockingly and then walk off, leaving him to return the clothes on hangers to the wardrobe……… until the next time.

A collapsible dog cage at home

Although I rarely use it now I do have a collapsible dog cage I used to put him in quite often. When I did, I sometimes used it as a tidying my puppet away option when he was locked in the cage, by simply throwing a large, heavy blanket over the entirety of the cage, leaving him int he pitch black and with sound greatly muffled.

One distinct advantage of the dog cage though, is the plastic tray that forms its base. Once your puppet is locked inside, a jug of urine can be tipped over the poor submissive creature before the blanket is pulled over the cage and you exit the room for an hour or three. Obviously if you are to leave the building, a disposal uniquely numbered plastic padlock is utilised in case of emergencies. When I used to subject my puppet to all this in the dog cage, I would silently lock him in, silently and slowly pour the contents of the jug all over him and then pull the blanket over and walk out. Not a word from me throughout; and he would have no idea how long he would be locked inside his dark and ‘scented’ containment, dripping with my slowly drying nectar.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

29 thoughts on “Tidied him away in a cupboard or wardrobe

  1. I use a kennel in which the faggot ( the name I use for him) is cramped quite miserably. He can neither stretch nor kneel but has to remain crouched on all fours. The front part of the roof can be lowered so his neck is bent down. His face a reaches the bowl which is filed with my urine, his only refreshment. I often move the kennel into a dark room, plug his ears and leave him alone and helpless. I stay indoors throughout his block in, so there is no emergency exit for him unless I deem it necessary. He has gone long stints , up to 6 hours and when released , comes out in tears thanking me.

  2. For about a month last year, my mistress left me in a closet when she left the house to company and only released me when she back home. I spend at least ten hours a day in a closet wearing adult diapers, with no sound, no light, no food or water. A month later, I felt a little wooden, and it took me a few days to recover. No doubt, I became more submissive.

  3. I’m so thankful your reader asked about this, and especially for your thoughtful reply. It’s freeing to know I’m not the only one loves this activity. In case it would be useful to hear about a variation, I have experienced this several times when away on a work trips, alone. When I’m away, my partner (wife) sends me detailed instructions on what I have to do to myself instead of going out and enjoying myself with colleagues. Often this will involve putting myself in the hotel closet and applying electro-torture, clamps, etc. for specified periods of time. She often then brings herself to one or more intense orgasm at the same time at home knowing I am suffering terribly in a closet. Your wonderful descriptions focus on objectification – being put away in the closet when not in use, experiencing tedium, etc. I wonder how you feel about adding pain?

    1. Your wife sounds awesome. Are you in the UK?
      An interesting issue on inflicting pain too. I choose not to because I want to think of him as an object, like say, a plastic sex toy. When it is not in use by me, it is tidied away in a cupboard; unimportant, ignored and largely forgotten. I want him to feel that too and feel the tedium of only being able to et out if I have a use for him. And perhaps weirdly, if he had to cope with pain, I think he certainly wouldn’t be bored and he wouldn’t feel forgotten about and of no interest to me.
      And as I can inflict pain whenever I want when he is not stored away, I don’t feel the need when he is. If that all makes sense.

      1. She is awesome! Honestly we are both subby-switches but she has a wicked sadistic streak that I’m so happy I get to enjoy. Sadly we are not in the U.K. but in the USA (NJ). Thank you for explaining the closet-objectification / no pain connection. Much appreciated.

  4. I love the above post Mistress Scarlet about being stored away in a cupboard.

    I also love reading about the collapsible dog cage. It sounds exactly like the one I recently bought! However will be using on a DiY basis!

    Your idea of pouring a jug of urine onto the tray is ingenious!

  5. Mistress C. enjoys putting me in my cage on weekend afternoons once I’m done with my chores. She clips my wrist cuffs to the cage which is made of NIC storage grids and has a chain linking my collar to my cuffs. She refers to this as “double-cage time” since I am also kept in chastity.

    The cage stands in the corner of the living room where she can keep an eye on me or completely ignore me. Mistress doesn’t like to be bothered with coming up with additional things for me to do, especially when she’s doing whatever she wants, so cage time reminds me of my status until she has something else for me to do or until she lets me out of my maid’s uniform.

  6. For punishment, my wife will tie me up to a eye bolt in the ceiling of her walk in closet. She will tie my wrists together, pass the rope thru the eye bolt and then fasten the end to a cleat mounted on the wall. That way she can come in the closet and raise or lower me as she pleases making me more uncomfortable.

    It is one of her favorite punishments as it gives her “her time” as she calls it. Before being tied up, she will have me drink 2 large glasses of water. So I will not be dehydrated she says, but it is a further punishment I will describe. I will be tied for 3 hours or more, and may never speak. She will stay home during that time in case of emergency, and she will read, watch tv, go in our pool spa or nap. She used to come in to check me after about an hour, and allow me to pee into a coffee can she would hold putting my cock in it and telling me to pee. Then she decided that was too degrading for her, so now she puts a diaper and pink plastic cover pants on me and leaves me there. Sometimes she will say I must not wet the diaper, and of course I always do, and end up with further punishments. Like cleaning floors 3 or 4 times, over and over again in a single day. All on my hands no knees. Takes 5 hours at least. Or of course, more closet time.

    1. Your wife is a fantastic dominant.She and I both I like our ‘me’ time. I adore the punishment of: cleaning floors 3 or 4 times, over and over again in a single day. All on hands no knees.

  7. Forgive me if you’ve mentioned this previously, but have you ever made use of GPS tracking tags? I recall you mentioned tracking bb by requiring him to text messages … now you can map someone’s movements by the minute.

    1. I haven’t, but only because he does not go out without me very often and then only for errands when I know how long they will take. But I would not rule out GPS monitoring of his movements as something for the future

  8. I’m pretty sure I wrote earlier about once being allowed to serve a pro (lesbian) domme and her partner in their home over a weekend some years ago.

    Having previously visited Her a few times on a sessional basis only (travelling some distance to do so) the weekend marked a new departure for both of us. I was told by Her that Her partner had required a lot of convincing to accept a male – even a submissive one – in their home for 3 nights in a row and She wrote making it crystal clear that I would only be allowed to serve them over the weekend on the strict understanding that I was to stay well out of sight whenever I wasn’t needed. She didn’t elaborate further and I didn’t think to ask for details ( naively I thought I’d have to stay in whatever room was allocated to me) so other than that stipulation there was no discussion of what I was to do except that I was to serve her and her partner as She decided.

    It was only when I got to their home that I realised how serious She was when during the day I found myself being locked in a cupboard under the stairs whenever I wasn’t needed or serving either or both of them. This of course lead to countless hours of tedium at a time which sometimes made me fear I’d been forgotten about completely. Early on I made the never-to-be-repeated mistake of switching on the cupboard light which lead to the most excoriating verbal lashing from Her but as a serious sub I was happy to accept my position of being kept with the other odds and ends out of sight and out of mind whenever I wasn’t needed.

  9. Hi Mr Scarlet,
    Sorry for my lack of attendance, but I’m too busy these days.
    For me, putting my sub in wardrobeaway is not an option, except maybe to sleep without disturbing me. I don’t like knowing cucu idle, I prefer that she is permanently occupied. when we go to the hotel, rarely, I want to feel as at home, so she has a lot of work to make me feel comfortable. redo my bed to perfection and every time I undo it, dust the room again, take care of my business and above all clean the bathroom from floor to ceiling because I can’t stand knowing that dozens of people are there passed before me.
    She also has to clean it thoroughly each time she uses it. At home we each have our own and there is no such problem. Sf he has time left, I prefer to occupy him by doing sports, such as non-stop walking on the spot, or writing lines…etc, under surveillance of a camera. But staying in a closet with nothing do, never.
    I have many liked the idea of pen, i have not thought.

  10. For I think only the second time I feel absolutely compelled to comment on a post. The idea of being “tidied away” has always absolutely fascinated me as part of a femdom fantasy/experience. As others have said, this absolutely emphasises two aspects central to the submissive psyche; that your existence is all about your usefulness to your Mistress and secondly, that you are absolutely and completely owned by Her.

    When you are not of direct use to your Mistress, to improve Her life by serving in some real and meaningful way (such as domestic chores or sexual service or your humiliation and suffering providing her amusement), you are tidied away until you are required again. Because you are just a THING, with no worth to Her out with what you can do for Her, and because She totally and completely OWNS you, truly, She can treat you not LIKE an object, but AS an object.
    The same dynamic applies to ashtray and toilet fantasies.
    I also love the reference to nappying playing a part in all this, simply because it allows the period of being tidied away to be extended significantly. Lockable plastic pants are, for me, the icing on the cake. When Mistress puts you in these, you know that you are potentially going away for some time. And, of course, you will be cleaning your own mess when you are eventually released.
    Apart from giving Mistress valuable “me time”, when She can exist as if She was entirely single, it also opens up potential fear of exposure scenarios, when She invites friends or lovers round to socialise. The submissive has to listen to all this from his captivity, sitting literally squirming in his own waste, dreading that the cupboard door might open one day when Mistress decides to confide your utterly humiliating existence and status to some choice friends or lovers.
    Complete objectification. Completely owned.

  11. I think it is good to have my sub in a wardrobe sometimes. And cornertime of course, but I use also weather discipline. It is very funny for me, he must stand in the sun with hands on head and dressed in old army rainwear with hat. It is fascinating to see him sweat after maybe 12-15 minutes! The smell in his rainwear is not very nice, I can smell it even 6 metres when sitting on my porch relaxing and looking and laughing. I think it is a very good punishment and also funny, my best friend visits sometimes and she laughs much to watch him. He doesnt laugh much,,

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