The warm glow from the chains and padlocks on view

On 8 January I posted about selecting a collar for my puppet to be added to his other 24/7/365 padlocked adornments. Well, the collar I ordered at the time has yet to arrive. But the current, temporary status quo nonetheless brings a warm glow to my cruel heart and another subjugating ratchet has been clicked in the existence of my bitch, never to be unclicked. I LOOOOOOOVE IT!

Until the new collar arrives, I have been allowing him to wear a fairly comfortable collar for night times, and often day times too, but he has to change into his extremely heavy rubber collar for bathing and showering. Whichever collar he wears it is ALWAYS padlocked on. But sometimes when he wakes and rises in the morning I hand him the key to his comfortable collar padlock and hand him his extremely heavy rubber collar. He looks at me with a confused expression. He gets a short verbal response. ‘The very uncomfortable collar today bitch, just because I feel like it.’

I need to be clear that, apart from exceptional circumstances, he is now 24/7/365 padlocked into a collar and padlocked into an ankle chain around each ankle, and padlocked into his chastity tube. And the chastity tube also has a chain, (as well as a padlock), which runs through his frenum piercing and the padlock to ensure 100% inescapabilty. I have posted on my BDSMLR site a photo of the chastity tube in use on bitch-boy, click on this link.

When I see him naked but adorned with padlocks and chains and confining items, a very warm glow comes over me. (Enhanced often by his obvious terrible sexual desperation.)

I just feel intensely how I OWN this object, this slave; collar, chains and padlocks, and effectively, no sex organ. I have prohibited normal socks while he is at home and he wears white, short, sports style socks so the chains are easily on show.

Given the chains around his ankles are black this enhances the image of his bondage. Such pleasure do I get from seeing him naked but for his padlocked and chained adornments that, almost every day, according to my whim, there will be a time when I sit on the sofa and order him to bring me a cup of tea. When he arrives with the tea and it is placed on a coaster, I calmly utter one word, ‘Strip.‘ He has to strip off all clothing but for his socks and simply stand there, arms folded behind his back, while my expression is a mocking, happy, smile and I absorb his physical subjugation adornments, and, his humiliation and vulnerability. I sip my tea and enjoy the view until the tea is finished. He sometimes begs for an end to his new 24/7 chains and padlocks regimen but I tell him I love it, and a ratchet has been clicked, and he needs to come to terms with it as best he can.

His ankle chains are currently padlocked with uniquely numbered disposable plastic padlocks which I used when I sent him out shopping on the 12th, and looking at the diary, I cannot see a reason they will come off for one single second before the 29th at the earliest.

It is not only a visual treat for me. The frenum piercing ring chain rattles against his plastic chastity tube when he walks, so I quite often get an audible reminder of his chains and padlocks even when his tube is not in view, or even, he is not in view.

It goes without saying that on vanilla days my orgasm count has risen a little because of the chain and padlocks regimen.

21 thoughts on “The warm glow from the chains and padlocks on view

  1. Wow Mistress Scarlet your are really Amazing!
    Is Impossible do not feel subjugated of you when I read the story!!

    I would like to whorship you 24/7/365 too

    Best regards
    Greeting from south america

    1. Interesting and surprising. And if I had a regular female lover I would happily pass the denial and relief decision making for bitch-boy onto her if she would enjoy that task, no matter how extreme she might be. It would be the courteous thing to do. Obviously she would come before bitch-boy in all things.
      From my scientific background though, it is very unlikely that those who chose to answer the poll were a representative sample of ALL cuckolds. I imagine those that were happy to have the keys passed to the bull, were far more likely to answer the poll at all, than the cuckolds that were not.

      1. Dear Mistress Scarlet – yes, this clearly is not a properly designed survey and sample self selection is the most obvious flaw. But it still hints at something interesting, imho …

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet, a wonderful blog post, as always. Looking at the picture of bitch boy’s chastity tube, I could not help but notice something that looked like a small portion of precum, ready to ooze out. Which makes his predicament even more vivid, even though precum might be the wrong term, since there is no cumming after the “pre”. Indeed, sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with our community.

  3. Why do you permit him to wear any kind of socks? Bare Feet should be more preferable. The real badge of a slave is forced bare feet.

    1. Oh Mike, are you the BDSM police telling me the BDSM law is that the real badge of a slave is bare feet? I am sure your comment is tongue in cheek, as I think you will find, and you know, that the real badge of a slave is whatever that slave’s Mistress prefers. I prefer humiliating socks for my puppet to bare feet.

  4. Oh Mistress Scarlet. I do like your mention of telling your sbmissive to do as he is told ‘just because I feel like it.’ i often think Domms forget that they dont have to explain or justify their actions to their subby. They are not answeable to their subby after all.

    A favorite scene for me is: Mistress wakes her subby (submissive sissy in my case) at 2:00 am un their separate bedroom, and then (as wordlessly as possible) Mistress positions him for a spanking. She delivers the spanking on Her terms. There is no set number or explanation. No words at all would be perfect. At the end Mistress wordlessly gets up turns off the subby’s bedroom light, and leaves.

    There is no explanation the next morning.

    Mistress doesnt have to explain or justify.


  5. I am a little new to WordPress Blogs Ma’am. Is there somewhere i can send you a short note or a link to my Dom/sub art on Deviant art? It is just under jorad60 on anyway, if you care to take a look Ma’am. I don’t mean to be a pest Ms Scarlet. I just wanted to give you a bit of context about myself, give my email address perhaps. Feel free not to publish this comment Ma’am as you don’t need to ‘advertise ‘my deviant art name etc.

    Sissy Jo

    1. I have looked. I really like a good many of your drawings. For my personal taste, I don’t like dominant men, but that’s just me. I will feature your work in a blog post.

      1. Thankyou Ma’am. That is kind of you. My roots are in domination by a Mistress, but i started to like cuckolding scenes where the Mistress’s bull gets drawn into dominating the sissy. It seemed to emphasise the humiliation. Real Life, i would definitely prefer a Mistress, with or without any ‘Sir’ nescessarily involved.

        Sissy jo.

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