Journal No.19, No Leniency – now published

My latest journal is now published and available on as a PAPERBACK and an ePub.

It is also available as a Kindle book on AMAZON.


In due course it will be available in Barnes and Noble, Nook, iTunes books, etc.

Below is the Introduction used in the journal:

This journal includes in its title the words, ‘no leniency’, as will all future journals. I mentioned in my last journal that, for whatever reason or reasons, I profoundly evolved through the two-year period of the Covid lockdown. That evolution eradicated from the deepest corners of my mind any remaining shreds of leniency and uncertainty I ever had for my slave husband, while pursuing the most fulsome, decadent, wicked pleasure. He and I still share hours of vanilla time together each week because, when I desire it, I adore his vanilla company. However one very significant change is that there really are no such things as wholly vanilla days now.

In the 22 January 2022 entry, later in this journal, I set out in detail some of the attributes of my regimen that are 24/7/365 and so affect my puppet throughout what used to be wholly ‘vanilla’ days. There are chains always padlocked around each of his ankles and a metal collar padlocked around his neck, his tiny chastity tube double padlocked on, obviously. He can bathe and shower in all these items. The cane and whips are on a hook in the sitting room often brought briefly into action for a number of reasons, or just because I can. I have him bend over and hold his ankles to receive between ten and twenty hard strokes of the cane or dressage whip. That is quite often followed by me on my own, bringing myself off, or having him help me do so in his role of Mistress’s-Little-Masturbation-Helper, driving home the huge difference between my lavish, satisfying and abundant sex-life, and his frustrating, frugal and barren one.

There is one activity used on both vanilla days and full-on DS days, (Domination/Submission days) that is particularly cruel. Using a cotton bud to apply a nasty balm through some of the holes in his chastity tube. Penis discomfort without even the compensation of becoming erect. Minor discomfort if it is only two of the holes, rather more discomfort if it is all ten.  

Secondly, coming to full-on DS days, one profound change is, he more often than not, endures full-on DS days without for a moment being allowed out of his tiny chastity tube. Not a ‘sex-game’ for him. Not even the compensation of a brief erection. What he endures during full-on DS days is also a great deal more than ever before. Be it the levels of humiliation and or tedium, or sexual frustration, or physical pain levels. The following journal entries bear testimony to that! Deterrent punishments at the beginning of full-on DS days evolve during the period covered by this journal and are a good example. No longer is it just his butt and hips, with wraparound, well-marked with cane and dressage whip, but EVERY TIME now, the backs of his thighs AND the fronts of his thighs are well marked by the agitation whip too. I want the pleasure of seeing he is well-marked when he is facing me too, not just when he is facing away from me!

He made a huge mistake during the many step-change moments of my recent evolution because he did not, or perhaps could not, hide how his awe of me and worship of me increased with each step-change. Each step-change also brought me a significantly increased sense of decadent pleasure and contentment, and of self-esteem that I could be, ‘so bad’. In the gaps between suffering, I could tell he was and is more content than ever before. This, (probably subconscious), response of his to my increased cruelty, filled me with a sense of liberation and freedom that there was no practicable limit I could reach. My ‘badness’ was not limited by anything but my requirement for maintaining his physical health and wellbeing. I could be as ‘bad’ as I wanted to be and there was no downside; so spontaneously things spiralled; up for me, down for him. I gave him the choice; domination my way, which means I will do whatever I damn well please, or no domination at all. He could not face, no domination at all, so here we are!

There is now just about nothing, as long as it does not adversely affect his physical health and wellbeing that I do not consider experimenting with. The options are wide open for so called, ‘extreme’ things I would have ruled out before my evolution, without really thinking properly about why I was.

So this is the first of a new generation of journals, dear reader, and my life is the most wonderful it has ever been; and it seems his submissive contentment, (when not suffering), is the deepest that has ever been.

37 thoughts on “Journal No.19, No Leniency – now published

  1. I’m very excited by your progression and growth which are described in this post in the best way I have read. I also didn’t realise You had such wonderful hair!

    Have You considered a Patreon account, giving access to all of Your writings on a subscription basis? It might work well for admiring readers wanting to keep their fetishes away from their Amazon accounts and their devices free of kinky ebooks.

  2. Dear Ms Scarlet,
    So excited to read your new journal this coming weekend. I saw your blog post an hour back and immediately ordered my bitch to buy me a copy.

    Sadly it was not available in our country’s kindle store but bitch went through a few hoops and finally managed it. Apparently it involved changing the location of his Amazon account to a country where its available and then paying via that country’s specific currency. Anyways what else are slaves for if not to do whatever tedious tasks that are needed to please their owners!

  3. Would you consider doing an audiobook version of your journals? I drive a lot and love listening while I’m on the road.

  4. Can I just say you, you look absolutely astonishing. Your husband pays a hefty price to marvel at your beauty, but together with his contentment in doing so, I am sure it is more than worth it for him.

      1. oh yes Ms Scarlet – this boy always buys your new Journals as soon as you say they are available and ‘already’ as he dived in and discovered your interactions and visit to see Mistress Lynne in the first chapters – the mercilessness shown to her sub led to the comment of ‘utterly fretfully awesome’.
        This boy paces himself when reading your Journals, and re-reads each section, to ensure in his initial excited reading, that he doesn’t miss anything and so he doesn’t reach the end too soon!
        By chance, is the caging video clip still available please?

  5. Mistress Scarlet,
    As a recent follower of Your delightful blog, and a slave who has been taken Ownership of, and will be joining it’s new Owner in the near future, the reading of Your journal will be informative and enlightening.
    it has shared Your blog with Her, including Your definition of a submissive, that being “A life of being helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman”.
    She most certainly has strong narcissistic traits and chooses it to be her main supply. Time will only tell if She is a malignant narcissist but it knows Her control over it will be absolute. She has made this fact crystal clear.
    it will study Your journal and thoughts of no leniency for clues to it’s journey and likely destiny. While all relationships are undoubtedly different, some factors remain a constant.
    Thank You in many ways for the sharing of Yourself Mistress Scarlett.

    1. Your comment intrigues me and your imminent Mistress sounds wonderful.
      Can you explain, expand on: She most certainly has strong narcissistic traits and chooses it to be her main supply.
      Can you explain, expand on:Time will only tell if She is a malignant narcissist
      I am unsure exactly what each phrase means.
      Just to avoid any ambiguity, my definition of a submissive, is ‘A subversive CAN ONLY BE TRULY CONTENT WHEN THEY HAVE a life of being helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman”.

      1. Thank You Mistress Scarlet for Your clarification on Your definition of a submissive. Your correction of it’s thought leaves no misunderstanding at all of Your meaning.

        Expanding on my thoughts as You requested Mistress Scarlet,

        She is a Superior. She is entitled. She deserves. Not others. Certainly not me as Her servant. It is important that her Superiority is demonstrated to Her each and every day by a subordinate to validate Her thoughts and feelings. While she may find validation of her Superiority elsewhere, the main responsibility of keeping Her on that pedestal of greatness will fall upon me, Her ” main supply” will be fulfilled via my subjugation, obedience and continual worship of Her.

        She is a self-admitted “selfish brat with a big ego”. She wants someone that acknowledges and will cater to that. She has needs to be fulfilled. She deservedly needs her ego fed daily.

        She demands total and complete control in the relationship. Without question. She has made (and shared some) plans for me in the relationship. Her plans are for feminization. Once we are together, She has mentioned several time a hormone regiment will commence. In addition to a slave, She also requires a chambermaid servant. I have been warned tho, to “get ready for this ride bitch” indicating She has other plans for me as the relationship evolves.

        It has seen signs of love-bombing from me at this early stage of the relationship Mistress Scarlet. At times, it has been somewhat heavy. Promises of a wonderful life together. How happy She is. I will also confess I am guilty of doing the same .

        As her property, I will have minimal rights, Zero. There will be no boundaries except for one item mutually agreed upon (scat). My needs will no longer be of any consequence on a day-to-day basis. As with many relationships of this type, the fulfilling of Her needs will be paramount in the relationship. Without question. Of course as the servant, I will have no obligation but to obey everything She demands and desires. I will only exist to enhance Her life.

        She has mentioned my “training” and indicated it will get intense as time progresses and it will be used to keep me in line. That seems to indicate to me she will not have second thoughts to keep me on the straight and narrow path to servitude. She certainly intends to exploit my submission to Her whilst degrading and objectifying me as she uses it to her advantage as it boosts Her own esteem and confidence.

        Those traits (entitled, superior, controlling, love-bombing, need for validation) I believe, are all signs of a narcissistic personality.
        She has love-bombed and succeeded in hooking me, She is Superior, She is entitled, She deserves supply, She wants Her needs addressed daily, She demands complete control. In short, I hope You agree, She displays many characteristics of a narcissist Mistress Scarlet. Hence, She has needs that need to be met without considering anyone else’s needs.

        So far as Her being a malignant narcissist, She laughed when I asked Her if She was a sadist. Laughed out loud and asked me “what do you think”. She has spoken to me about several ways she will use Her property. She has told me she has plans altho She hasn’t shared any to speak of aside from the implementation of my feminization. She has said She will begin my mental conditioning and build upon its intensity. Her goal for me is that I end up thinking and behaving as property. Property She can use in any way She sees fit. I have a feeling she will use my naivety and exploit my desire to serve. Some time soon after taking possession of me, perhaps 3 months or so down the line, when the proverbial honeymoon is over, Her training of me as a slave will become more severe, taking punishments and discipline to an entirely different level as She implements her plans She’d mentioned to me months earlier. Mistress Scarlet, this is why I say only time will tell. My lack of experience is a factor and not truly knowing to what degree of sadistic evils she loves, will only be known when they are implemented upon me. Of course regardless of Her cruelty, should it manifest and exponentially increase, my pledge of commitment to Her, will be completely honored. There will be no choice at that point.

        Mistress Scarlet, Thank You very much for allowing me to explain my thoughts to You.

        1. I very much enjoyed reading this expanded explanation.
          I will raise two issue though.
          Firstly, for me validation is not sought out or craved, It comes quite naturally through the various realities of the symbiotic relationship. I personally feel no need for validation, but it is the case, validation is there everyday with a slave who worships and adores and NEEDS me and needs what I am.
          Secondly, I am sill unsure over the word, malignant, with its connotations of illness and damage and absence of intention. I prefer malevolent, which conveys much more the notion of purposeful and intended negative consequences.

          Are you in the UK?
          Please keep me updated when your journey has begun.

  6. Hello Mistress Scarlet.

    Thank you for another amazing account of real life female domination.

    We are spoilt to have another one of your journals so soon and thank you for sharing your insights into the wonderful life you and bitch-boy live in perfect symbiosis.

    I know you use the adage “Be careful watch you wish for” to tease bitch-boy about his current sex-free, blowjob-free and handjob-free life he now lives after introducing you to female domination all those years ago but I also think bitch-boy should be specific about what he wishes for as well.

    For over a decade he has been wishing and pleading to be allowed to penetrate/fuck your beautiful body even if it were for just a few moments each year.

    You have finally relented to his pleadings and giving him far more than he ever wished for as you now, on a regular basis instruct him to position himself between your thighs and penetrate you until you orgasm.

    Instead of joy and delight his initial reaction on being instructed to penetrate you was sadness and sobbing.

    Perhaps how should have specified that when he desired to fuck your beautiful body that it be with “his” penis and not as Mistress’s Little Masturbation Helper whilst holding a vibrator whilst humiliatingly dressed with his cock locked away in a tight, pink chastity cage unable to achieve an erection and so sexually desperate.

  7. I was very surprised when I saw the chapter heading “Mistress in the gynaecological stirrups?????”
    It is fair to say that you both experience intense sensations between your legs whilst in the stirrups but they just happen to be on opposite sides on the pain/pleasure spectrum.
    I guess opposites really do attract.
    Yet another perfect balance.

    I was unable to find the link on your blog from the 3rd November 2020 relating to the chastity locking away video.
    Does this happen to be from the same video?

    If not could you please provide a link or re-post it?

    Thank you and thank you again for all the time and effort you put into your journals, they truly are fantastic.

    Hope the 2 of you are going well.

      1. Not in the UK.

        And just a reminder that I am male but I feel my dominant female friend would get along with you very well but unfortunately she also does not reside in the UK.

  8. Mistress Scarlet you perfectly understand the soul of a submissive.

    I want to comment on how wonderful you look in that red dress matching your nails… With all due respect, you are a very beautiful and sexy woman, a true Greek goddess.

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