Delightful Little Humiliation

A small account from a dominated sissy in a long term relationship. Despite being a small account there are many aspects of it I adore. The Mistress is very cruel indeed I must say and Martha is very likely to be dominated by her.

The Account

Mistress Linda released me from chastity but my BAV status remains. To my dismay and humiliation my penis has shrunk to less than two inches and I am unable to erect. I masturbated for her and was able to ejaculate. Mistress thinks it is funny to watch me masturbate a soft penis. I am scheduled to visit my doctor about the inability to erect. This is going to be a humiliating visit. Mistress Linda has suggested I just learn to live with it. She of course has told her friends.

MS scarlet I am indeed also known as Martha. You are correct it is amusing at least to Mistress Linda and whoever she may be chatting with.

I have a little stool I sit on when I give foot rubs. Mistress uses it for a foot rest. I am required to lift her foot and place my little princess under the sole of her shoe. I remain in that position until she says “now” then I hump until she says “stop”. If she gets tired of this before I have cum, I am dismissed. If I do cum, I am punished and must clean her shoe and my little stool. I am required to consume my product. Mistress believes a sissy should become used to the taste of ejaculate.

As embarrassing as this all is, it is still attention and release, so I often ask for stool time


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10 thoughts on “Delightful Little Humiliation

  1. Mistress Scarlett, you often feature messages from people saying how they serve and I thought the following may be of interest. Whilst mine isn’t a relationship-based slavery it is just as all-encompassing as many so hopefully you will enjoy it.
    I met the woman who was to become my Mistress just over two years ago.
    I had recently left the Mistress I saw previously due to a lot of personal issues that had developed between us (these have no place here) and so was looking for someone new. This lady was actually an escort who I approached via a well-known site as she offered domination. In our initial correspondence she had sounded promising although, if honest, I didn’t hold out too much hope I as I knew from bitter experience that so many can talk the talk but not walk the walk as it were.
    Anyhow, I visited and she was better than okay, she was fantastic – very much a learner but with huge amounts of promise – and so I asked her then and there whether she would be interested in a slave in an ongoing relationship and she said that she would, although she said I would need to help her learn.
    Everything that has happened since then has been by initial mutual discussion and then by her taking things to the nth degree.
    Within two months I was locked in chastity, this was actually at her request on our second meeting as she stated that she didn’t want me masturbating between visits. Mistress threw one key away and told me firmly that if I ever tried to leave her, she would throw the other away too, as I wear a titanium padlock she didn’t care if I struggled to get out of my device. Since that day, I have cum four times – four times in two years, (I confess to laughing somewhat bitterly at subs who complain of having to wait weeks between relief) – and Mistress has made it clear to me that she considers this to be overly generous and is actually considering moving me to once a year! Of course, as for her, Mistress sleeps with who she wants and when she wants as she still works as an escort; she takes immense pleasure in grinding my nose in that fact and also in humiliating me with the fact that I couldn’t even PAY her to have sex with her, indeed I actually pay her NOT to do so!
    As the last time I actually had a sexual relationship was with someone almost 6 years ago I am very much a member of your BAV club!
    Three months after I began chastity, we signed three contracts: a slavery contract, a blackmail contract and a debt contract, this was one of my first mistakes. Initially I committed to owing Mistress £5000 and agreed to be her slave until this was paid off, I agreed to Mistress collecting blackmail material to enforce this as well as agreeing to genuinely owe the sum and be liable to her claiming in it court should I attempt to leave. Mistress decides how much I get to pay off each month (this doesn’t come out of my visit fee) and as the debt now stands at just under £7000, I know that I am going nowhere for a long time, she promised me on signing it that the debt would go up more than down and like a fool I didn’t think she would be that cruel. I don’t know whether Mistress would use court and blackmail to enforce things but I believe that she would have no compunction in doing so! I used to fantasise about this situation but now know one should be careful what they wish for because the reality is often much, much worse. I genuinely don’t know how I shall clear that debt!
    Mistress has proven to be extremely sadistic, both physically and emotionally, and a very fast learner. Once we had signed the contracts, she told me that she wanted to know everything that I didn’t like, what I struggle with, what I fear as she no longer had any interest in pandering to my likes. As such it is these things that I experience when I visit her. Not for me is a nice sexy spanking with things that I can control no, when I visit, I suffer for the full time I am there. She shows absolutely zero mercy and I will take whatever she gives no matter how I plead. She has made it very clear that she takes a great deal of pleasure in my suffering! As an example, I have a belly button phobia (genuinely), Mistress will spend an entire session, three hours, just torturing mine; it is horrific and sometimes I genuinely think I will go insane at the things she does!
    But my visits aren’t just paid ones, I signed a contract of slavery with Mistress and as such I am used constantly!
    Mistress doesn’t drive so on my days off from work I attend to drive her to nail and hair appointments, throughout the week in the evenings I will drive her to her friends and wait for when she wants to go home, if she goes out to pubs and such with friends, I am their taxi, (Mistress has never had a problem with letting her friends know about me), if she doesn’t have appointments then my days off are spent doing her housework or working in her garden, I do her shopping and put it away – or I take her shopping, and for such trips I am ALWAYS collared, we may not behave in an overt fashion but my position is quite clear to others and she often gets smiles of amusement from other ladies. Basically, since signing the contract, Mistress does nothing any longer for herself – and why should she?
    As well as that Mistress controls me even when I am away from her.
    In the very early days, I mentioned to her an idea I had long held of a never-ending line, a line that I must write every day without fail, not necessarily to a specific length, just something to tie my time up. As with everything Mistress took this idea and ran with it, nowadays I must write 550 lines daily, these lines must be dated and signed and must be photographed and sent to her by midnight – any later earns me punishment lines! (Midnight may sound generous but I do odd shifts, most days I don’t get home from work until 8, sometimes I start late and don’t get home until 11 so I must write in the mornings, believe me, meeting this target can be tough). As well as lines I regularly get a random essay assigned to me which must be worked on at the same time and returned usually within three days; I spend many a lunch hour at work working on these, Mistress wants my time tied up ALL the time – I don’t get to relax, ever! Once I earned punishment lines which had to be written simultaneously. For almost a week I missed the midnight deadline and so earned more punishment lines. Catching up was difficult to say the least and I do everything I can now to never repeat the experience!
    On the constant occasions I have begged for leniency, begged her to stop this treatment, I am reminded that I asked for this, I am doing nothing that I have not told her I would like from such a relationship. I thought I would, I have of course learned differently, another case of being careful what you wish for – and of course the blackmail material she still continues to collect means that I have painted myself into a corner, I shall only leave when I pay off what I owe or if she grows bored of me – and I can see neither thing ever happening.

    1. I very much wish to publish your account as a blog post. But I have a lot of questions I hope you do not mind answering.
      Are you in the UK?
      Approx how old are you and your Mistress?
      Am I right that the £5000 dept originally arose as a random figure you both agreed?
      How has it risen to £7000?
      Have you been paying her to see her, and paying off some debt and yet the debt has still risen?
      What are some of her other acts of physical and mental sadism?
      Does she have orgasms while with you, tormenting you?
      ‘…….On the


      occasions I have begged for leniency…..’ ?
      If she set you free tomorrow, would you become discontented and sad?

      1. Thank you for your response, Mistress Scarlett, of course I have no problem with answering your questions.

        I am 54 years old; Mistress is 34, I do indeed live in the UK – I live in Devon, Mistress is around 30 miles from me.

        I pay to see Mistress once a month for three hours, all other visits are lifestyle visits and incur no charge. Each visit I pay off some of the debt, this can and has been as little as £10 or as much as £200, the figure is always random, however the debt has a monthly interest charge of 4.5%, it is this plus the fact that recently Mistress has started to impose random fines that has seen the initial figure of £5000 rise to its current figure of just under £7000. The original £5000 was agreed mutually and decided upon as a figure that I could reasonably expect to pay off in a few years if Mistress permitted my session fee to pay it. Whilst Mistress did not lie, she just never exactly said that the entirety of my session fee would be applied instead choosing to let me believe it would be – she was however completely honest when she told me that the debt was more likely to rise, I just didn’t listen.

        As far as other acts of sadism go Mistress uses electrics constantly, something that I HATE as I find it very difficult to cope, she beats the insides of my thighs which I have always struggled with and also the soles of my feet which in the past used to be a limit. Emotional cruelty tends to be around my sexual relief, driving home that I am never going to fuck, never getting out of chastity, ridiculing my cock and so forth. She also plays with my insecurities, my looks, my personal hygiene (I dread smelling as I am asnomic, this is fair game for her).

        As far as Mistress orgasming, no she does not do this in front of me as she doesnt deem me worthy of ever witnessing such.

        1. Thank you for the prompt answers.
          You did not answer the question: If she set you free tomorrow, would you become discontented and sad?
          As I am coming back to you on that, I hope you are OK with a few more questions.
          Are you in bondage when she is torturing you?
          Would you like to be added to the BAV register. It seems you should be. And it seems she should be told you have been. If the answer is yes, I need
          A name for you, (what does she call you)
          A name to her, like Mistress or similar. What do you call her?

          1. My apologies Mistress Scarlett, I missed that question.

            Yes if Mistress was to set me free tomorrow I would be bereft. I wear two ID tags, one on my chastity device and one on my permanent chain collar. Those tags mean everything to me, I love them, and no matter how harshly she treats me, no matter if she were to escalate things further still, I would not want to be set free – indeed if by someone bizarre fluke I managed to pay the debt off I would beg her to increase it before I was able to do so.

            Yes I am always in bondage when tortured. Something I am grateful for as I am unsure I could practice self restraint once Mistress starts on my belly button – besides, Mistress likes to see me struggling, see me futilely trying to prevent her. She finds it highly amusing!

            Yes please I would indeed like to be added to the BAV register. Mistress is Mistress Lacey, I am known to her as Slave Chris. Should you do so I shall of course ensure Mistress is informed.

  2. For severe punishment I have to masturbate to the inner sole of Mistress Elsa flipflop and lick my cum, kneeled her feet after she let me know my misbehave.
    After told my punishment she face slapped, put nipple clamps, the leash the lead, I receive and otk spanking with her flipflop.
    She diapered, put my handcuffs, lead me to detention in the punishment closet, clse the door and I at least 2 hours kneeled.
    For soft punishment, face slapping, corner time or lines, I just apologize lick her feet and take the punishment.
    Last October she punished me for trying to flirt and seduce her during a lunch with 24! hours of detention.
    I took my punishment for 4 long weeks, 2 days weekly detention each of three hours.
    The last day after cum, lick my cum and face slapped she ordered to lick her feet she told if
    want ask her mercy, I refuse and said I desrve it, but she forgive me 1/2 hour of detention.

  3. I note this touches a lot on chastity, which I understand is a bit of an issue for fledgling DS couples, as it has been for us. The issue was that actually buying a cage/device from a sex shop or online store seemed a big jump to get over and a big step up in the DS relationship

    I have found a way to make a home made device. Essentially it’s an empty sellotape ring adjusted to size and wrapped in duct tape to make the “ring.” The tape is smooth on the outside and doesn’t catch whilst also ensuring the ring is strong

    The “cage” is a vitamin bottle with the neck cut off, also carefully taped up to make smooth edges. There are numerous other plastic bottles that would do the job depending on size. I attached a very small matching L shaped bracket to the ring and cage with glue. A small padlock then holds the two brackets together

    It is remarkably effective, resilient and easy to make. I wouldn’t recommend it for anything long term and probably only play sessions but I’ve also now drilled a hole in the end which allows urination and I’m finding myself in it for longer (obviously the hole is carefully sanded!)

    I can’t believe how well it worked and actually almost completely inhibits erections! It’s allowed us to you with the concept before taking the plunge which has been really interesting and only took a very small amount of time to put together

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