Another hot account from S

Dear Mistress Scarlet

I’ve hade m write up another account, based on my notes I gave him, following my previous account.

Please keep up the good work we both love reading your accounts, points of view and experiences

S xxx

Account 3

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the time to write a draught for m to transcribe but I continue to check your blog which is always inspiring, thought provoking and informative. 

Recently I’ve had a little more time than usual to jot down some notes whilst reminiscing about those early days of our FLR. As the account of m’s session with Miss was so popular I thought I’d share another one that sticks very firmly in my memory. 

Although I’ve tried to keep it as factual and accurate in all aspects I’ve also found it reads a little like a porn story, that was never my intent it simply is what it is, a chapter of my life that I cherish and will always remain as part of our journey together.  

Those early days were a time filled with wonder, endless possibilities and excitement for me. I’d stepped through a door I hadn’t  known existed and found a world that welcomed the real me with open arms. 

I no longer had to conform with what society had prescribed as my path, which was to be a soft feminine woman who needed to keep her man happy.  In my new world I made the rules and it accepted me for who I was. I could still be feminine, but I could also be so much more.

I honestly believe that everyone has deep sexual desires that we never share, instead we keep them to ourselves because we are ashamed of them or are too scared to share them. We often worry what our partners would think. But once through that door anything becomes possible, those desires aren’t just achievable they become the norm and sow the seeds of new desires never previously imagined.

S xxx 


It was about five or six weeks after the event described in my original account and several overnight visits from Miss. During that time we’d both enjoyed some great evenings which were mainly at m’s expense. He’d been kept locked in his tight little chastity cage for several weeks and the torment his poor little clit must’ve felt only served as an aphrodisiac to us both.

Miss and myself chatted most days either via mobile or text messages. I’d usually receive texts from her during the day which kept me up to date on m’s behaviour. On this particular day m had pissed Miss off at work by the way he’d spoken to one of his subordinates and Miss wasn’t too happy to say the least. 

m was never allowed to assert himself at home and even though I have a certain sympathy for his predicament in his senior roll in the workplace I also very much discourage any sign of his silly male ego. Tbh these days even the thought of him taking the slightest amount of control when not with me causes my hackles to rise! 

For the next few days Miss and myself schemed and planned on what would be a suitable lesson for m. Miss expressed a real interest in seeing m being disciplined and I was only too eager to make that happen.

m was quite busy at work during the days and then spent most evenings redecorating the kitchen and dining room. I’d decided on a makeover and simply didn’t care how tired he was, sympathy was an emotion I rarely had when it came to m’s service at home. I’d also ordered a lovely and very frilly maids uniform I’d found on eBay, which along with his new set of black court shoes was another area of consternation for m to adjust to.  He still had his girly baby doll which was often worn but an upgrade was needed! 

Miss and myself settled on the coming Friday night to put our ideas into motion, there were no workdays to worry about and she was planning on staying through to Monday morning and travelling into work with m.

I have to admit that the anticipation of spending time with her and m’s impending torment made me think I’d wear out my hitachi wand before Friday even got here! I was insatiable for orgasms and no matter how many I had it simply wasn’t enough to quench the fire.

Friday arrives.

m had come home early which was the norm for a Friday, he’s usually wrapped up at work and home by 3pm.  On arriving home he’d fallen into the routine I’d set him. He knelt before me and I gave him his chore list then sent him off for a full top to toe body shave. This includes unlocking his cage to ensure his little baby clit is completely smooth and has no unwarranted manly hair present. Of course I supervised this stage as I didn’t want any opportunities for him to indulge in any nasty dirty habits he once took for granted. For the first time he was instructed to wear his new maids uniform but no panties. As the hem was so short it would barely cover his exposed encased clit.

Once he was devoid of all hair in this area he was quickly relocked and instructed to continue his ablutions and dress accordingly. Once he was secure I took the opportunity to casually inform him that Miss would be our guest for the next few nights and would be arriving around 7.30pm. Anything less than his total and complete obedience wouldn’t be tolerated and he would most definitely regret not giving 100% in keeping the both of us happy. His face was a picture of shock, excitement and and a healthy dose of fear, his eyes were wide but I also noticed that his little clit was almost instantly struggling to burst free of its tiny cage. These are the moments I find such a huge turn on, watching the effect that my decisions have on him and seeing the look of helplessness in his eyes.

By 7pm m had completed all his chores and was now sat quietly on a dining room chair which I’d made him position next to where Miss usually sat. The hem of his uniform barely covered his cage when stood up, but when he sat down it had no chance to hide his tiny steel chastity cage. I’d also bought him a pair of white hold up stockings with a delightful black bow that topped them off. The sight of his smooth bare thighs above the stocking topped legs was such a nice touch to his overall look. I also decided that tonight he’d didn’t need panties as it was so much nicer to keep him on show.

As part of his chores m had placed several bottles of wine and a full cheese board with other various snacks ready for our enjoyment. The next 30 minutes I simply ignored m which must’ve been torturous for him as even I felt my heart thumping in my chest as the minutes slowly ticked by. It was a few minutes after 7.30pm that the doorbell rang and m visibly flinched as it announced Miss’s arrival. He was like a rabbit trapped in the lights of an onrushing car and there wasn’t a thing he could do to change his fate.

As instructed m answered the door as I waited in the living room. The sounds of wild laughter that filled the hallway as m greeted Miss were so infectious I couldn’t help but laugh too.  As she burst into the living room we quickly embraced and were in fits of giggles. m simply stood in the doorway waiting to take her coat, his eyes downcast and his cheeks clearly burning a deep red.  I have to say that I’m a total humiliation freak, seeing a grown man cower is one of my top turn ons. 

Once we were settled and chatting m served the wine. He kept the glasses filled and pampered to our needs, served the cheese and cleared the plates away. For me that was one of the most memorable parts of that evening, just how natural it felt as we both relaxed, flirted and were waited on by m whilst neither of us cared at all about his dignity. 

Almost inevitably the mood changed to a sexually charged one. We had schemed and planned and now it was time to put it all into action. We had decided to go for a ‘good cop vs bad cop scenario’ which I have to admit was Miss’s idea.

Inviting m to sit next to her she rested her hand on his thigh. From the total indifference she had shown him for the earlier part of the evening to the sympathy she now showed him at how unfair it was to be locked up couldn’t have shocked him more. The look on m’s face as she sympathised with his clit being locked up was the last thing he expected. Playing my own roll I explained how it was absolutely necessary if he was ever to learn control. As the mock discussion on the merits of male chastity raged I slowly gave ground as I eventually agreed with Miss that maybe he had earned a release. Poor m must’ve thought all his Christmas’s had come at once as I threw the key over for her to use. 

As she put the key in the lock she started telling m that he really needed to be a good little girl after she had stood up for him, that if he let her down he would deeply regret it. She then went on to tell him that if he was especially good she might even take hold his clit for a little while. I swear I saw m tremble and shiver when she told him that. 

With a quick turn of the key Miss released m and his little clit popped free.  Quickly it became so swollen it looked like an over inflated balloon about to burst. I was totally mesmerised at how desperate it looked, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautifully erotic in my life as his unfulfilled lust. Miss continued to reassure him that all he needed was to be a good little girl to gain these little rewards. Whilst this went on all I could think of was how beautiful it looked as Miss ran her hands over his stockings and over his smooth thighs. A couple of times she came close to touching him but withheld that reward for later. A couple of times m let a whimper escape his lips but Miss quickly shushed him with a gentle and sympathetic warning to be a good little girl and not disturb us if he wanted to remain free.

As m’s faced burned with shame and humiliation we both started chatting again, comparing stories on previous lovers male or female, what we liked to do with them, and as this went on m’s little clit looked closer and closer to bursting.

Unknowingly to me when Miss had visited the WC earlier she had noticed m’s decorating paraphernalia and now pulled out of her handbag a small soft paintbrush. She used it to demonstrate on m just where and how she liked to touch a man. With soft strokes that barely touched him she applied that brush remorselessly as m clenched his teeth trying to remain still. I also noticed her own breathing had deepened and her voice had become husky as she told m not to let her down if he wanted to feel her soft fingers wrapped around his clit. 

It was all too much for m after the weeks of lock up and he let out a sob begging pitifully to be touched properly. That was exactly what we had planned and hoped for! The triumphant smile on Miss’s face had me squirming, I knew it wouldn’t be long now until we were in bed together but the final part of our plan needed completing. Miss had already told me she masturbated at the thought of watching her boss being disciplined and I was so damned horny for her I would’ve granted her anything. 

Quickly m was sent to fetch his paddle, he was completely broken and ran off to do as he was told.  Once he returned I positioned him with his hands flat against the wall and butt sticking out with legs spread. His achingly swollen clit was dripping precum like a fountain as I positioned myself to one side of him whilst Miss took up the other side.

At that point she actually took hold of m’s clit and almost hissed into his ear to remain still if he knew what was good for him as I started with the paddle. Over and over again I let him have it, I’d disciplined him before but nothing like this. My strokes were unrestrained and he howled and sobbed as the paddle landed with Miss holding his clit tightly whilst it ever so slowly shrunk in her hand. Once it was nothing more than its usual soft tiny size Miss released him and wiped the precum off her hand across his face telling him if he wasn’t locked back in his cage in the next thirty seconds she’d be having her turn at using the paddle. 

That night, as m spent it aching in his clitty cage with his butt burning, we spent it in total lust. I’ve never had another woman so wet or as eager in my life, we were quite simply wild for each other. That was the start of a weekend which can only be described as wild beyond imagination.

S xxx

3 thoughts on “Another hot account from S

  1. Well .. having read the account ..
    Thank you Ms Scarlet again for a very nicely written account on how two synchronised minds of interactive intelegent women gain absolute control , first mentally, then physically over a choice beta male .
    Very thoughtfully and each detail expressed , especially on the part of Miss arriving making her entry and control atmosphere and her MO.. creating the workup to the eventual F/ F situation of private enjoyment and subjugation of the male.
    Thank you …A

    1. I think you will find that this is written by ‘S’ or I should say by ‘m’ under the direction of ‘S’ and not by Miss Scarlet. I believe I’m correct in saying that ‘S’ sends Miss Scarlet her writing and Miss Scarlet puts them on Her blog for others to read if She thinks it is good enough.

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