Volume 19, some readers’ comments


Below are some comments on my latest Journal, No. 19. My very sincere thanks to the kind people who make the effort to provide me with a positive comment, or a review on Amazon Kindle or Lulu. It is so useful to get positive feedback to counterbalance the demotivating craziness sometimes experienced. (Examples from past journals include: ‘2 stars because it took ages to be delivered’. or, ‘2 stars because it was not what I expected.’!)


Hello Mistress Scarlet.

Thank you for another amazing account of real life female domination. We are spoilt to have another one of your journals so soon and thank you for sharing your insights into the wonderful life you and bitch-boy live in perfect symbiosis.

I know you use the adage “Be careful watch you wish for” to tease bitch-boy about his current sex-free, blowjob-free and handjob-free life he now lives after introducing you to female domination all those years ago but I also think bitch-boy should be specific about what he wishes for as well. For over a decade he has been wishing and pleading to be allowed to penetrate/fuck your beautiful body even if it were for just a few moments each year.

You have finally relented to his pleadings and giving him far more than he ever wished for as you now, on a regular basis instruct him to position himself between your thighs and penetrate you until you orgasm. Instead of joy and delight his initial reaction on being instructed to penetrate you was sadness and sobbing.

Perhaps how should have specified that when he desired to fuck your beautiful body that it be with “his” penis and not as Mistress’s Little Masturbation Helper whilst holding a vibrator whilst humiliatingly dressed with his cock locked away in a tight, pink chastity cage unable to achieve an erection and so sexually desperate.


I was very surprised when I saw the chapter heading “Mistress in the gynaecological stirrups?????” It is fair to say that you both experience intense sensations between your legs whilst in the stirrups but they just happen to be on opposite sides on the pain/pleasure spectrum. I guess opposites really do attract. Yet another perfect balance………..


Thank you and thank you again for all the time and effort you put into your journals, they truly are fantastic. Hope the 2 of you are going well.


oh yes Ms Scarlet – this boy always buys your new Journals as soon as you say they are available and ‘already’ as he dived in and discovered your interactions and visit to see Mistress Lynne in the first chapters – the mercilessness shown to her sub, led to my comment of ‘utterly fretfully awesome’. This boy paces himself when reading your Journals, and re-reads each section, to ensure in his initial excited reading, that he doesn’t miss anything and so he doesn’t reach the end too soon!


5.0 out of 5 stars An incredibly journey into a real Female Led Relationship Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2022

Verified Purchase

Another wonderful peek into Ms Scarlet’s and her husband bb’s world of dominance and submission. While a casual BDSM practitioner might cringe at Ms Scarlet’s treatment of bb, it is a relationship many submissive men envy. I can’t help but feel so many emotions as I try to put myself in his place, and while I feel sincere pity for him, I can’t help but to feel incredible awe of her (Her level of sadism ratchets up with each journal and blog entry)…yet would do anything to be in his place.

She has a wonderful writing style and could easily find myself reading the book in one sitting, however I force myself to put it down after each entry and savor this incredible journey; one many can’t understand, but which she has embraced, controls, and enjoys with such incredible pleasure. This journal epitomizes the term “Be careful for what you wish”, yet still feeds the fire of my desire for it.
Well done.


My latest journal is now published and available on Lulu.com as a PAPERBACK and an ePub.

It is also available as a Kindle book on AMAZON.


In due course it will be available in Barnes and Noble, Nook, iTunes books, etc.

4 thoughts on “Volume 19, some readers’ comments

  1. Ms. Scarlet,

    This is somewhat of a response to your NYT response ……… love to you both.

    1. You will be pleased to know there are TWO passions of bb’s, both of which I allow, neither is cheap and one is actually very expensive. But it is something for which I admire him considerably. So I guess I have put your mind at rest.

  2. Ms Scarlet,

    I finally purchased volume 19 as a gift for my Owner/Wife. I’m very excited as it’s likely to deliver tomorrow.

    Thank you

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