Nectar-ice pacifier

Well the summer is here for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. I have suggested in the past a great humiliation for subs is to have them suck on a home-made ice pop, or ice lolly, made with 100% nectar. Lots of places sell the products required to make home-made ice lollies.

But they are a little messy and a bib is needed and hands get sticky and the usage options become a little limited, especially indoors.

Well, a little while ago, a great suggestion came my way. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Two or three nectar ice cubes can be placed in the net and the sub can suck away without there being any mess. I will be having bitch-boy suck away while he is doing the most menial chores in the garden on his hands and knees, while I relax in my swing seat. I have him weed borders to perfection, edge the lawn with scissors, pick moss growing within plants, remove pebbles from beds, etc. It looks like his head harness will be ideal for locking the pacifier in place.

If I want it to be worse for him, I can have him dressed in his full-on parody of a little girl outfit and suck on his pacifier while, for instance, pushing his dollies around in the toy pushchair, showing them the pwetty flowerth.

And a favourite summer activity of mine. He has to get up onto the conservatory glass roof with hose and bowl and clean the glass to perfection, while I am in the very hot conservatory, naked but for heels and golden waist-chain, (on which dangle his chastity tube and fetters keys). He looks down as I ignore him, lazing around naked, occasionally bringing myself off with my Lelo Sila.

As of today, he has gone over eight weeks now, not only NOT HAVING AN ORGASM, but also, NOT EVEN HAVING AN ERECTION. Even on the full-on DS days over this period, his little birth defect has been all locked up in its tiny tube. To get my fix of dickie-discipline I have been using a cotton bud , loaded with Linnex wax into the holes in the tube I had him drill. Going by his sobbing, it is very effective!

Finally, he can be sucking on the pacifier while doing the ironing and lots of other indoor chores. I will report on the pacifier use as soon as it arrives.


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15 thoughts on “Nectar-ice pacifier

  1. Like i said before , Ms Scarlet´s mind is so fantastically, sadistic and creative :) .. i have ADHD and always thinks “outside the box” ,but this is a mind without any limits :)
    i wish you all ,long days and pleasant nights/mathias Sweden

  2. I’m sorry. I realize the post was about Nectar-ice pacifier, but seeing the comment about ‘edge the lawn with scissors’ really hit home.

      1. The reference is to my neighbor of 40+ years, and ongoing. Much too long a story to tell. In a nutshell, we have never gotten along. Her husband was a great guy and we spent years cutting grass and drinking beer in the summer and shoveling snow and drinking beer in the winter. He had ongoing health issues and was no longer able to do physical labor, so I did it for him. But there was never any satisfying her, and so it goes. I do like your site, Ms. Scarlet.

  3. I hope that You do not mind me asking, but I notice from your blog and journal that You usually dilute your nectar before gifting it to bb. Is this to make it palatable, to increase the volume or to help ensure that his body gets sufficient “usable” fluids during long sessions? Thank You.

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