Wonderful bespoke art

I have before posted about the wonderfully evocative art of sissymaid1973. I am not sure I have mentioned on this blog that, generously, sissymaid1973 offered to produce art to my exact specifications, to represent real scenes in my life. he has done so. They were very good but not perfect, as that would have taken pages of specifications. So for my great amusement and bitch-boy’s shame, I had him trace the bespoke drawings that were produced, correct the elements that did not exactly represent my life and then colour-in those amended versions. They are framed and on show in my home all the time we are free of vanilla visitors. I provide an example below.


sissymaid1973’s version of the first drawing

The amended version

So funny as my parody of a sissy little girl worked away, to keep reminding it when the drawing was finished and perfect, it would be framed and on display for all to see. And it now is. (I know it is somewhat lewd and far from fine art but I love it and the production process.

There is another drawing with me in my swing seat and my boot on my bitch’s throat and another, which is a split screen image of me thrashing my puppet as he is bound stretched out on the bed. Shot 1, face down, shot 2 face up having the fronts of his thighs well-marked.

21 thoughts on “Wonderful bespoke art

  1. Wow this is a eye opener to the life you live so well drawn. I would love to illustrate it myself as well is there anything i can do?

    1. Hmmmmm. I would love to give you a try, thank you. I already have this scene and the other regular activities I enjoy. How about, when he is Mistress’s Little Masturbation Helper. I am naked but for high heeled platform mules and my gold waist chain. I am sitting at the head of the bed, thighs splayed, propped up on pillows. He is on his hands and knees between my thighs operating my vibrator while I am holding my Sila on my clit. He is in his little shame dress and of course in his tiny pink chastity tube. Does that make sense?

    1. Yes, it is not a sex game for him where I dress up. It is a relaxing daytime pastime for me to enjoy, dressed just as I am, not matter how humiliated he is.

  2. Thank you for showing my drawings on your blog, Mistress.
    I am always at your disposal for new ones if you want.
    Hope you will give me the honor to look at the recent drawings on my page in deviantart.
    Humbly at your feet
    Sissymaid1973 – Amelia

  3. Dear Ms. Scarlet, this is not intended as a comment. I am a just fan who has all your books and totally adores your writing and chosen lifestyle. Rather I wanted to introduce you to another woman who is so very like you it’s scary. Ms. Renee Lane, author of Finding Love Through Female Domination. Along with the very talented film-maker, Goddess Viola Voltairine, she is working to turn her book into a movie in the hopes of promoting the acceptance of FLR as a lifestyle. If after reviewing the information on the film you believe in their cause, it would go a long way to helping them out if you were to give it a plug to your avid network of followers. I am just their promotional bitch Ms Scarlet, but if I can answer any questions you may have please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Adoringly, Suzanne SxySadist’s Brett artvamp.com/femdomfilm/

    1. Thank you sincerely but I have been in a number of exchanges over my disappointment with the book cover and the film preview. I’m afraid that the movie, far from helping spread FLR will sadly do the opposite. Spreading FLR is about persuading vanilla women to experiment with FLR with their long term partner. This means avoiding all the ‘bizarreness’ and ‘extremes’ and ‘professional dominatrices’ of the BDSM world, and focussing on what is in it for them in their own, normal homes, and how they might begin with minor and easy changes that do not make them feel too kinky, or weird, or feel compelled to dress in elbow length gloves, thigh high boots, leather and corsets.

      The movie’s opening scene is a slave crawling on hands and knees from his own home to his Dominatrix Mistress’s home. I used to think any exposure of BDSM in the vanilla press and TV was a good thing; breaking down barriers, increasing acceptability. But actually, apart from titillating those who already have a confirmed interest, it seriously repels 99% of the vanilla women who might otherwise be interested in some embryonic stages of a FLR; having their housework done, pinching a nipple, a bit of bondage with scarves, teasing, etc.

      These VANILLA women need to be subtly and gently seduced into FLR; and films and books like the ones to which you refer, very sadly I’m afraid, although I am sure meaning well, will do exactly the opposite.
      If you are interested, I have entered into long and detailed exchanges on this in the comments section of the blog posts, LINK, LINK,

      1. Thank you Ms. Scarlet for taking your valuable time in replying. I completely understand your position. Forgive me for not having thoroughly read your blog before troubling you with my question, it was very lazy of me. All my best wishes for continued love, luck, and happiness go out to you!

  4. Thank you so much for posting these awesome drawings, Ms Scarlett. It’s great to see adominant woman in her comfortable everyday clothes, ordering her pathetic Sissymaid about, whilst she is dressed in a ridiculously short dress. Love the socks and Mary Janes. Fully appropriate chastity and display of results of her punishment. I have always had the fantasy of being a Bitch BOI, Fifi, Brenda, Candy or Suzette to my wife. Hopefully she will begin to embrace Forced Femme and FLR as our kids leave home in the next few years. She knows that I crave it.

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