Two new real-life accounts

My request for real-life accounts is proving quite rewarding. Here are two to start with.

Account 1

Thank You for Your very generous invitation to male subs and slaves to discuss the regime they live under.

i am currently unowned, although i do long to be owned again, to be trained by and to nearby to serve, a very strict dominant woman again.

My previous Owner kept my caged 24/7. Release from my tube for cleaning, shaving and inspection occurred weekly with my Owner always wearing heavy rubber gloves. She did permit any flesh to ever come into contact with what She referred to as the gristle that hangs between my legs. I was more than a BAV!

She was very capricious regarding when i was released to spill my filth, but I never averaged more than 4 orgasms per year while She owned me. Every orgasm i was allowed was ruined and i was required to eat my issue after each session. i never once entered Her and She regularly explained to me that while She owned me i would never be sexually pleased by any woman in any fashion.

Owner experienced a minimum of 20 orgasms per week. The majority of these were the result of my performing oral on Her. Otherwise She used Her hitachi wand.

i did live with Her for the second half of the four years that we were together. These were the most arduous years of my life, and i Miss them.

i did all the chores and house work.

i wasn’t dressed in shame clothing per se, but i was not permitted to wear male undergarments. my Owner preferred t-backs and G-strings for me.

Several of Her closest friends knew of our FLR. i was occasionally loaned out to one such friend, for domestic and sexual duties.

Humbly Yours;

slave mark

Account 2

Dear Mistress Scarlett,

Our lifestyle may be of some interest to your readers, it is still developing, since I introduced my partner to your guide & blog a few years ago. At this time I shall not go into how we got here, just how life is now.

I am kept locked in a chastity device as much as is practically possible, sometimes due to my work, I am allowed to have days off, but I am not allowed to orgasm, ever.
I have been orgasm free for just over two years & do not expect this to change any time soon. I would very much like to be allowed an orgasm, but L has decided that I’m not allowed any ever. This was in part due to me experiencing a severe drop in submissiveness post orgasm.
I had been denied orgasms for 18 months when L announced that it was to become permanent, I was crushed, I never expected such cruelty. She very much likes reminding me that “little sissy’s aren’t allowed sexual relief.”

I am responsible for the housework & have to do this, to the highest standards, in sissy maid attire, if faults are found the whole days work must be redone. Fortunately this is very infrequent, as on the occasions standards have slipped, L makes sure that the second go is far harder than the first, by adding restrictive chains, a butt plug & gag. The knowledge that I’ll have to redo everything if it’s not good enough is normally enough to make sure it’s perfect. Having had to scrub the floors with a toothbrush with a humbler on, because they were not mopped well enough, on top of redoing the dusting, vacuuming etc is a pretty good deterrent. I am always very nervous when the inspection takes place, because even though I check everything multiple times sometimes I still miss the odd thing. Sometimes L seems delighted to find a few faults.

On a day to day basis I have a strict set of rules to live by, and am subjected to weekly tedious tasks, these are long enough to require work every evening & must be done while dressed as a little girl. Tasks have been various over the years, from thousands of lines, to jigsaws. I hate jigsaws, especially as sometimes I get home to find large sections I had done have been dismantled. Sewing miles of lace trim onto things, which eventually became petticoats for me to wear was very humiliating on several levels, having to spend hours, in a dress, at the sewing machine, assisting with making more humiliating clothing was probably the worst task so far.

Breaking the rules, failing to progress tasks enough etc result in me recieving harsh punishments. These include things like, whipping, hours of sensory deprivation being strung up on spreaders with nettles in my knickers…

L likes to keep me extremely submissive & we have discovered over the years that locking me in sissy dresses is the most effective way to do this, so I spent a lot of my free time like this.
When dressed I have to mince, holding my skirts out at my sides & curtsying whenever entering an occupied room, or if L enters a room I am in, I must stop whatever I am doing and curtsey. I am very humiliated and she mocks me for being so pathetic to submit to the disgracing. A couple of weeks ago I forgot one curtsey & was subjected to 20 minutes of filmed curtsying practice per evening for a week, this footage is to be joined up & played back to me in one go over the weekend.

L likes sex, I have to satisfy her using whether she is in the mood for, be it my hands, tongue, toys, or penetrating her with a strap on. I particularly hate the latter, as it reminds me of everything she has taken from me.

I am very lucky to have found someone who has embraced this lifestyle & accepted me for the submissive I am. Your writings have given her the confidence to take control & make sure I am kept well & truly in my place.

Yours M.



MY latest account!

My latest journal seems to be very popular.

It is published and available on as a PAPERBACK and an ePub.

It is also available as a Kindle book on AMAZON.


It may well now be available in Barnes and Noble, Nook, iTunes books, etc.

Below is the Introduction used in the journal:

This journal includes in its title the words, ‘no leniency’, as will all future journals. I mentioned in my last journal that, for whatever reason or reasons, I profoundly evolved through the two-year period of the Covid lockdown. That evolution eradicated from the deepest corners of my mind any remaining shreds of leniency and uncertainty I ever had for my slave husband, while pursuing the most fulsome, decadent, wicked pleasure. He and I still share hours of vanilla time together each week because, when I desire it, I adore his vanilla company. However one very significant change is that there really are no such things as wholly vanilla days now.

In the 22 January 2022 entry, later in this journal, I set out in detail some of the attributes of my regimen that are 24/7/365 and so affect my puppet throughout what used to be wholly ‘vanilla’ days. There are chains always padlocked around each of his ankles and a metal collar padlocked around his neck, his tiny chastity tube double padlocked on, obviously. He can bathe and shower in all these items. The cane and whips are on a hook in the sitting room often brought briefly into action for a number of reasons, or just because I can. I have him bend over and hold his ankles to receive between ten and twenty hard strokes of the cane or dressage whip. That is quite often followed by me on my own, bringing myself off, or having him help me do so in his role of Mistress’s-Little-Masturbation-Helper, driving home the huge difference between my lavish, satisfying and abundant sex-life, and his frustrating, frugal and barren one.

There is one activity used on both vanilla days and full-on DS days, (Domination/Submission days) that is particularly cruel. Using a cotton bud to apply a nasty balm through some of the holes in his chastity tube. Penis discomfort without even the compensation of becoming erect. Minor discomfort if it is only two of the holes, rather more discomfort if it is all ten.  

Secondly, coming to full-on DS days, one profound change is, he more often than not, endures full-on DS days without for a moment being allowed out of his tiny chastity tube. Not a ‘sex-game’ for him. Not even the compensation of a brief erection. What he endures during full-on DS days is also a great deal more than ever before. Be it the levels of humiliation and or tedium, or sexual frustration, or physical pain levels. The following journal entries bear testimony to that! Deterrent punishments at the beginning of full-on DS days evolve during the period covered by this journal and are a good example. No longer is it just his butt and hips, with wraparound, well-marked with cane and dressage whip, but EVERY TIME now, the backs of his thighs AND the fronts of his thighs are well marked by the agitation whip too. I want the pleasure of seeing he is well-marked when he is facing me too, not just when he is facing away from me!

He made a huge mistake during the many step-change moments of my recent evolution because he did not, or perhaps could not, hide how his awe of me and worship of me increased with each step-change. Each step-change also brought me a significantly increased sense of decadent pleasure and contentment, and of self-esteem that I could be, ‘so bad’. In the gaps between suffering, I could tell he was and is more content than ever before. This, (probably subconscious), response of his to my increased cruelty, filled me with a sense of liberation and freedom that there was no practicable limit I could reach. My ‘badness’ was not limited by anything but my requirement for maintaining his physical health and wellbeing. I could be as ‘bad’ as I wanted to be and there was no downside; so spontaneously things spiralled; up for me, down for him. I gave him the choice; domination my way, which means I will do whatever I damn well please, or no domination at all. He could not face, no domination at all, so here we are!

There is now just about nothing, as long as it does not adversely affect his physical health and wellbeing that I do not consider experimenting with. The options are wide open for so called, ‘extreme’ things I would have ruled out before my evolution, without really thinking properly about why I was.

So this is the first of a new generation of journals, dear reader, and my life is the most wonderful it has ever been; and it seems his submissive contentment, (when not suffering), is the deepest that has ever been.

2 thoughts on “Two new real-life accounts

  1. Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    I am writing you today on the instruction of my wife from your recent blog posting about Real-Life Accounts which she received in her email. Please know my wife has read several of your journals and has your excellent manual. She does enjoy reading about your superior domination methods and the trials of poor bitch boy. She is also a big fan of Ms. Christine and the dreaded linnex stick.
    The following account is true (I wish it wasn’t) and this letter has be composed at the behest of my wife Eve. This exercise, is to serve as a reinforcement as to what I have done and why I am in this predicament in the first place. My wife believes it cathartic to share my situation in writing, so I will learn from the past.
    In a nutshell… through inattention to work and my business over the past two years, I have effectively put our retirement plans in jeopardy. We should have been able to retire comfortably this fall, but there is a significant shortfall in funds due to tax and other issues which have made this all but impossible (I guess there is always winning the lottery!). What has compounded the issue is I did not disclose and discuss the matter per our FLR agreement and kept her in the dark until it was way too late. I know I was wrong, and it is indeed entirely my fault. She entrusted me to take care of business and I failed.
    As you can imagine, this is the type of event that can destroy marriages and is something that isn’t rectified easily. However, she is giving me a chance to make it right and I am giving it my all to do so.
    As the whole FemDom FLR lifestyle was my idea, I am sincerely grateful that my wife indulged me in my various fetishes. In addition to a major spanking fetish, I have an active interest in chastity. To say we have tried about every device out there would be an understatement. Not wanting to bore you with details or relay Too Much Information (TMI), my anatomy can be described as a grower and not a shower, and the scrotum is very “high and tight” which makes wearing ball ring devices quite uncomfortable and cause severe chaffing. To rectify this situation, I found the Lori’s Tubes Model 1, The device does not have a ball ring, but is secured with a special PA piercing hook to secure the device with a security screw. As a former mechanical engineer, I can tell you the design of this PA hook is rather ingenious. Attempts to become erect in the cage are met with a hideous pinch at the tip, it’s not the good kind of pain, the body learns to become disgorged quickly. After one week, “morning wood” was a thing of the past. She proudly calls this the “Lori’s Pinch”. My wife and Lori have corresponded a bit during this process, and I thought your readers may find the interaction interesting. As per our FLR agreement, my wife has full access to my computer, emails, phone and all passwords. So, to my surprise, I found these emails one day after corresponding with Lori’s Tubes over a device that had been on order several months before the financial incident. My current predicament which has been escalated can be found following these emails.

    Ms. Lori and Eve emails regarding Lori’s Tubes Device #1

    FROM Ms. Lori
    Hi Eve
    I agree with all you have said. It’s been my goal in life to chastise as many men as I can and to help women understand to power, they have with what’s between our legs. Men always want what they cannot have. I guarantee you my device will do the trick for you and for Danny. The nice thing about a #1 is it fits inside a hollow dildo strap on he feels nothing, and you get unending sex without the mess men make. For me the messes are nasty. I like watching men get all swollen inside a device while I tease them, letting them know they will never get out. Letting them know the only sex they will get is by pleasing me. Using the hormone cream will shrink his little dickie even more. I love watching them shrink down to little boy dicks it takes time I have done two men down to very small. One side effect is it might cause him to have small breasts. Nothing big but his nipples will get super sensitive and it fun to play with them and watch his little dickie swell up in his device without even having to touch it. It’s also fun to show my girlfriends what I have done to him. Good luck with Danny make him your toy.
    Ms. Lori

    FROM Eve

    This is Eve and I just had to respond to your message of this morning. Really was a nice Monday surprise. Men and their dicks, honestly! He sometimes forgets all of this was his idea. That said, it didn’t take me long to figure out the power I had controlling his orgasms, if only I knew this two marriages ago. All young women should be educated about the hypersexual nature of males, and that they can hold all the cards, if they just keep their legs closed, and make them earn the privilege. I am slowly working my 19-year-old daughter to understand this way of thinking. This lesson was easily taught after being used for sex by two boyfriends and all the resulting drama. All my close girlfriends know that I lock up danny and that he gets spanked too. Isn’t that right danny? Maybe you should share how you got spanked in front of Ms. Cassie, for continuing to hover around us after I warned you?
    All in all, chastity has been very positive for our relationship. He gets his weird needs met and I have a sparkling clean house, he does all chores including the laundry. And blow jobs? Those are never in his future again, especially after of learning about his past sexual conquests. At least he is smart enough not to ask for anal sex from me, that is a big No. danny is the only one in the relationship that takes it up the butt now aren’t you little danny boy?
    The one drawback has been trying to get the perfect cage, he has tried so many, it was either one thing or another. He got a special custom device without the ball ring because he was constantly complaining about it pinching and burning and it would get red raw. When it finally arrived, he didn’t have the ball thingie to complain about. However, I want to have that little cock locked down for weeks and months, and this device was too confined so he couldn’t clean himself without taking it off. And if he went more than two days, it would smell through his pants. danny convinced me your device could be locked on and was open enough to clean his little dicklet without being unlocked. I am hoping that is the case.

    Lori, absolutely love the idea of rubbing his small dick with estrogen cream. I am 55 and am on hormone replacement and have this cream already. At 64, danny is nearing the end of monthly orgasms, don’t you think? While he has become a very competent ass licker. He even built me a very nice queening chair that looks just like high end furniture, his orgasm now is irrelevant. Maybe once every three or four months at this stage of his life. You saw the photos of what I am dealing with, the tattoo above his penis says Eve’s Toy, he has a pathetically small penis, it demands to be locked away. He knows he can’t satisfy me with his cock, and never has. He does have good oral skills, but he knows should I find a real man, he is just going to have to deal with it, because sometimes a girl needs a hard fucking with a proper cock. Thank you for putting up with him.

    FROM danny (me)
    Ms. Lori,
    I didn’t think Esther would see much less respond to our emails. Thank you for replying back to her (I guess).
    Last night before bed, she retrieved the cloths brush, told me to strip and then, she had me get in her favorite spanking position and lit my bare bottom on fire with a very hard spanking. She then stripped off her PJ bottoms and demanded oral. Then to my amazement, she told me to stand up and started stroking my cock, she got it incredibly hard. She then walked over to her nightstand and applied her hormone cream “girl juice” as she calls it to my raging hardon. She knew I had seen your email and said, “this treatment was recommended by Mistress Lori, an expert in the field and that my worm is going into permanent lock down once your device arrives, and it is going to stay locked until I fix those financial legal issues I had created by my impulsive and stupid decision making that she knew nothing about”. To give you some reference, she is talking about some tax business matters before we got married in 2015 and have these poor decisions have come back to haunt us.
    Thanks again Ms. Lori and to my beautiful wife, I am truly sorry for putting us in this situation, I will get us out of it this mess so we can retire like I had promised.
    I Love You so much, please don’t give up on me.

    FROM Eve
    Thanks for moving the order up, I really appreciate it. His already small penis is definitely getting smaller, probably from lack of exercise and my special cream (LOL). He has been definitely nicer to me, although there is that male attitude and bristling that remains. He is also leaking a lot and complains he needs to support your device, so it doesn’t pull on his piercing. As if that is my problem, right? I had a brilliant idea you may appreciate. I ordered him women’s panties in large size with a panty shield pocket, Amazon delivered these the same day! I supervised and showed him how to place the panty liner, and not only is the leaking issue solved, but the tight fit of the panty holds the device in place. Killing two birds with one stone as they say.
    Have a great long weekend,

    FROM Eve
    I am reaching out to you as I don’t have any girlfriends I can talk to about Daniel’s chastity. I am sure they would think I lost my mind.
    As I was inspecting his device this morning, I am seeing some damage on top of the screw area that makes me think he has been trying to remove it without a key. He assures me that isn’t the case, but my gut is telling me differently. Do you have any ideas or have encountered this? His behavior is better, but I am certain that is because he hasn’t been able to masturbate. I intend to keep him locked, and his messing with the device and trying to get out is just not OK.


    FROM Ms. Lori

    Hi Eve
    If he has been tampering the key will no longer fit into the screw. This is not uncommon. The men will test the device. After some time (about 30 days) they will be trying anything to get out. Some men have gone as far as to damage their selves in order to get out. A good deterrent is go buy a epoxy called jbweld Kwick and tell him and show him if you find he has tampered with the screws you will fill in the area where the screw heads sits with epoxy. This will stop him cold.
    Ms. Lori

    Ms Scarlett, I used to have a BDSMLR blog which my wife has now taken over. The cover of the blog tells the story of our situation about 2 months ago

    From BDSMLR recon1955
    Formerly my husband’s blog. The big bad tough marine is now sleeping in the guest room, wearing a custom fit Lori’s Tube #1 chastity device attached to his PA piercing. All passwords have been changed. I have installed Net Nanny on all devices and his only access to his nasty time-wasting porn habit are two blogs that I now control and will be posting on. He can read only. Our bank account and credit cards can only be used with my permission. All TV watching for him has been restricted and he must ask permission, and no more than one hour per day. And most importantly, sexual access to me has ceased. This is his new reality. Why? He has put our future retirement in question by not paying attention to his business. I only found out about this recently. He claims he can fix it. How, I asked? He confessed to being a porn addict and chronic masturbator. Well, that does explain a lot. What can we do about this I asked? “Lock me up and help me focus” he responded. After digesting his idea, I agreed. However, on my terms. I informed him this is not just some little sex fantasy; this is going to be real. Over the past two months I consulted with some very knowledgeable women and read a considerable amount about FemDom and the submissive male mind, and have developed a plan. His lockup started on May 15th 2022. If he doesn’t produce meaningful measurable progress, I will not remove the device. He can clean himself with it on. Lori tells me that if men can’t get erections, their penis will shrink. I can’t think of a worst fate for him. I will not relent. He created this mess we are in, then he can fix it. Painful consequences for poor choices. Now Get To Work

    July 15, 2022, 60 days of continuous lockup.

    My wife true to her word has been relentless and unwavering in her resolve. 60 days the device has been on without being removed. This is a record for me, the last time was a 30-day period, but the device was removed every 3 days for cleaning. Eve is Western European and immigrated to America in her 20’s, her ideas about family and commitment are much more absolute than the typical American woman. That is why I feel so deeply in love with her, she is an impressive, Wife, Mistress/Keyholder, I know I am very lucky. However, this financial situation has been the most stressful event we have undergone as a couple. And as the days go by, Eve is learning and interacting more on the blog. I do not have the password to post, so I can only see her postings and comments. The BDSMLR site is the only one that I can access because of Net Nanny, so I use my one hour of TV or computer time carefully to check in and see what she is thinking.
    The latest postings are certainly disturbing to me, but I can understand where she is coming from. To summarize. By October 15th, 2022, I have three options. #1 I need to have made a net gain and accumulation of $300K into the SEP (Self Employment) IRA, #2 face castration including the removal of the scrotal sack #3 She will fill for divorce
    She has voiced her frustration with me many times. She has now introduced a male Dom into my discipline sessions, she knows I truly hate having an outsider much less a bi-male spank, paddle and fondle my privates, this is truly horrible for me. I really thinks, the only way she gets over this is for me to willingly agree to castration, and at 64 and having found the love of my life, I am considering the option. That said, I am working as hard as possible to get the finances taken care of so that isn’t an option.


    1. Thank you for the interesting comment.
      All but the last two paragraphs are very interesting. But reading the last two paragraphs, cast a shadow of doubt of veracity for me as your depicted wife seems so very intelligent and focussed on what she wants.
      Castration. How and where would this be done?
      Wouldn’t it eliminate your sexual frustration which your wife enjoys?
      Wouldn’t your wife be financially better off to take a lover and to keep you working until you had made the $300K, even if that took you another years or two?

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