Yes, Mistresses do collaborate online

I have been so lucky over the years with, at any one time, usually having a small selection of Mistresses with whom I am in personal correspondence. (I always want more though!) Some drift away and become replaced by others. This provides me an endless education for my own DS relationship as in correspondence we share and swap both DS activities and associated attitudes. A recent correspondent who I adore, is Mistress M. (Her subby is a virgin since birth and will remain so. My bitch-boy was somewhat of a greedy ladies man until he met me and then became a born-again-virgin, (BAV).

I hope it is interesting for me to share a typical period of correspondence; in this case with Mistress M. I do feel she and I are peas out of the same pod. If only she wasn’t half way round the world from me! bringing together such a blog post is quite time consuming and tricky. Thankfully I have a slave for such tasks!

The Correspondence

A comment from M

Dear Ms Scarlet, this is M, bitch’s mistress wife. I would love to implement what you have, with your slave where he gets to cum only under the sole of your shoe. I’m just worried if bitch will be able to cum like that and if there’s a risk of injury. Otherwise the bottom of my shoe sounds like the perfect place for bitch’s birth defect.

Response from Mistress Scarlet

I have been using this method for a few years now. There has been zero damage. There are plenty of videos of this activity on Twitter and BDSMLR if you need guidance.


Part of a blog post from Mistress Scarlet

……….It is an interesting issue but after I pondered on it, I felt neither a virgin nor a BAV is in a position to say which is worse. I 100% accept all of your suffering reasons, like my puppet. But there are suffering reasons the virgin has, that you do not. 1. Imagining what it must feel like and probably getting it quite right, as to what they are missing. 2. Knowing that, whereas a BAV at least experienced penetrating a woman, probably hundreds of times at least before coming a BAV, a virgin has to deal with how they will never experience penetrating a woman, not even once, for a second.
We can never know the answer, but I am guessing each is suffering to a huge degree.

A comment from M

I completely agree. I cannot even count the number of times my bitch has broken into full-on sobbing just seeing me get into a sexy dress or try on some cute new underwear. My hypothesis is that every time he sees me as an object of desire he is reminded of his virginity and the fact that he will forever remain so and the finality of that is excruciating and that’s something that never eases.


Part of a blog post from Mistress Scarlet

As of today, bitch-boy has gone 10 weeks, not just without an orgasm, but without even an erection. Now we have some nice weather, that miserable state for him is made worse because, like during the full-on DS day yesterday, I spend a good deal of time, naked but for my seven-inch heeled platform shoes and my gold waist chain on which hangs the little keys to his chastity tube and other fetters. Oh, and my very thin Brazilian. I also like to do full make-up and hair on such days. Though I say so myself, I look a million dollars $$$$$$$$$$.

A comment from M

Thank you for the update on bb’s current denial status Ms Scarlet. I am playing a little mind game with my bitch, I have informed him that he will only get his next release after bitch-boy gets one. Of course his denial period started late, so it has been 4 and a half weeks but this is a big step up from his usual once a month schedule. Also when it happens, it will be under the sole of my shoe for the first time (another thing inspired by you!) and I have told him that if I like it, that will be the only way he gets a release going forward. Needless to say he has been miserable and even more subservient this month.

Part of a blog post from Mistress Scarlet

………Further to my previous post on this topic, As of today, bitch-boy has gone over 12 weeks, not just without an orgasm, but without even an erection.


…… One of the four things he must recite after he has been Mistress’s Little Helper each time I have had a massive orgasm, is, ‘Thank you for sharing your physical sexual arousal Mistress, so I don’t need to have any physical sexual arousal.

I can see just how tormented he is, not even being allowed an erection, while his sexual denial frustration is soooo intense and he is faced with such arousal sources! He looks like I imagine he feels; utterly helpless and totally impotent.

A comment from M

Thank you for the update Ms Scarlet. I don’t know if you remember but I left a comment on your last post on this topic about how I’m keeping my bitch orgasm free till yours gets one. Ever since, I have seen him regularly check your blog hoping for updates, lol. He was so disappointed today when he informed me of your latest update, it’s been around 7 weeks without an orgasm for him and its probably the longest he has ever gone without one ever in his life. His begging for release has really grown in sincerity and frequency and that makes it even more fun to say NO to his face.

P.S. I’d love to write about a day in our lives and bitch’s daily regimen. Writing about his ‘forever virgin’ status last time was rather fun and it involved me teasing him a lot about the things he finds deeply humiliating that’d be included in the account. Should I write it as a comment on this post?

P.P.S. This is slightly out of topic but I think this might interest you, I’ve read a few blog posts from you in the past where you talk about femdom depiction in modern pop culture. I don’t know if you are aware of it but there’s a show called ‘The Boys’ (it’s quite good and is on Amazon Prime Video) whose latest season has had quite a few such scenes. It’s one of the biggest shows in the world right now and it was a bit of a thrill to see them. I must add that the show is quite heightened and fantastical, so the scenes are not really grounded.

Response from Mistress Scarlet

Thank you for the comment.
I feel privilege and amused that I am withholding orgasm from two puppets at the same time!
I will send you my email address for you to send me an account of a day in your lives.
I will have a look at ‘The Boys’. Thank you for the tip.

A comment from M

To be fair it is my bitch who’s the most lucky that this time he has not just one, but two dominant women sort of deciding when his birth defect gets some attention. Way more than a slave deserves!
I don’t know how I can get your email address though, is it on the blog somewhere?

Response from Mistress Scarlet

You are so right. How many subs would dream of being dominated by TWO amazing Dommes! Seems like such a treat it should be balanced off with a harsh punishment so he does not feel spoiled.

A comment from M

That is an excellent idea. My bitch is still at work, I’ll inform him of his punishment when he comes home. Maybe 10-15 minutes of belt whipping once, as soon as he arrives, and one more time before bed tonight. Just so that he doesn’t get spoiled of course!

My apologies for typing in the wrong email id earlier. I’ll send you an account of my sub’s daily regime as soon as I get some free time. Hope you have a wonderful day! 


Prologue to this blog post

As of today, poor, poor bitch-boy has gone 13 weeks without erection or orgasm, so M’s bitch has been punished for the privilege of having two chastity Mistresses and has gone 9 and half weeks. (His previous longest denial period having been one month!)

15 thoughts on “Yes, Mistresses do collaborate online

  1. Please mistress keep dragging this out to 6 mths or more. Maybe even Christmas or a full year? Each new update is exciting.

    1. I certainly will not be basing my decision on what will most titillate male submissive blog followers I’m afraid. I might possibly take into account the views of other Dommes.

      1. Quite reasonable, Mistress. After all, slaves have no right to an opinion, and this bb197 will probably be punished by its Owner for seditiously expressing itself in such an unacceptable way.

  2. I wonder if there is fun to be had by swapping bitches (remotely of course.) And also by having your BAV explain to the other bitch on camera exactly what sex feels like whilst You both listen, resurfacing it for him, and reawakening all those feelings…

    Thank you for your amazing, ongoing blog!

  3. Oh wow! I am so flattered Ms Scarlet. I too wish we weren’t half way around the world, it’d be so much fun to team up and dominate our subs. My bitch would be mortified.

  4. Great post. Rules at my house are very simple for my husband. Whilst in chastity, I expect full uniform. When not, we’re vanilla. Full uniform means shirt, tie, gymslip, cardigan, jacket, socks and I expect it to be worn properly (standards of which are self-explanatory). Uniforms in my view are great to separate vanilla/non vanilla days.
    Haven’t made the transition to 24/7 chastity it’s probably a 50/50 split but get the sense as time goes on my husband could accept more…
    Finding this blog provides great inspiration.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      Love your regimen. No doubt, in time, your husband WILL be able to accept more! LOL.
      Did he confess he was a submissive before you started dominating him?
      Are you in the UK?
      Does he feel suitably humiliated in his parody of a schoolgirl uniform?
      Sorry for all the questions, I am insatiable.

      1. No problem. As I said, glad I found this, didn’t realise there was so much content.
        I hope so as it is super fun for me but equally it’s not possible for us to be 24/7. Although I’m sure he’d have quite a shock if I mentioned it haha.

        Yes early in our marriage I noticed submissive tendencies which I embraced and explored and it has led on from there. It was actually me who dressed up in a sexy uniform for him once and that led to me having the idea of his current regimen which is the opposite of sexy being strict and smart. Chastity is relatively recent for us though and was a big step forward for us, but you have more knowledge than me in the positive effects of it. Advice welcome…

        Yes in the UK, Yorkshire to be precise. Are you?

        Oh yes, he’s a changed man in his uniform which whilst a parody is a very authentic one. I always comment which makes him blush. He knows his place and the standards I expect which are written neatly in the front of his notepad.

        Hope this helps. Look forward to reading more.

        1. Oh wow. Naturally dominant women like you are really quite rare. Most Dommes start out needing to be convinced to give it a go, rather than take the driving seat from the very beginning.
          Yes I am in the UK, although in the South. (Love Yorkshire though.)
          Shall I email you my email address so we can correspond that way, rather than through comments?

          1. Oh really? That surprises me, I assumed most would be natural. Admittedly I was a little nervous to explore it more at first but there was nothing to lose in my view and I love it.
            Oh great, yes we head down South fairly often but thank you.
            Please do, would love to hear from you and happy to answer some questions :). Speak soon.

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