A day in the life of Mistress M

Well, following my last post detailing exchanges between myself and Mistress M, she has very kindly sent me a detailed account of a day in the life of her household. I hope you find it interesting and perhaps educational regarding one of the may optional regimen that are possible in a long-term femdom relationship.

Dear Mistress Scarlet,

I’m a bit worried that this is too long. I tried to be as exhaustive as possible so that other women reading this have a basic sense of what a mature, real life femdom relationship can look like. I hope you are doing well and your bitch-boy is appropriately miserable ;)

Here I will describe my slave’s current regimen. I’ve talked about the basic dynamics of our relationship previously, just so that your readers are fully caught up : we’re a couple in our late 20s, my bitch and I have been together for more than a decade, he is my slave husband and as you so succinctly put he ‘always has been, and will always be, a virgin’.

There are no ‘vanilla days’ as such in our lives. When I say that, that doesn’t mean I am in some leather corset weilding a riding crop all the time, what I mean is that there are no moments in our life when bitch is not aware of the fact that he is my slave and I own him. He is naturally submissive and very polite and he knows that he needs to always treat me with the utmost affection and respect. My aim is to create as much discrepancy as possible in the way both of us lead our lives under the same roof with mine being decadent, relaxing and enjoyable while his miserable, laborious and austere . That aim acts as the through line in all of bitch’s daily duties and rules.

Nowhere is that discrepancy more apparent than our wardrobe. While my myriad dresses, tops, bottoms, gymwear, shoes and bags make up almost the entirety of our walk in closet, his stuff can fit in a box. In the house, bitch is allowed to wear only a pair of black boxer briefs. In fact to drive home his slave status I allow him to keep only five or six such pairs (for both work and home) and he has to wear them till they are torn. I search for the cheapest pair and buy them a size or two smaller so that they are uncomfortable and fit snugly around his cage. I hear that a lot of dominant women like to keep their subs/slaves fully naked but I do not like looking at his birth defect. Also I tried feminization once but he got too aroused and I discarded that idea there. Maybe that’s something I’ll revisit in the future. He wears a cb-6000 chastity cage 24×7/365 days (he has been wearing this particular cage for quite some time now and I’m thinking of ordering something smaller, the cb series has a couple of new significantly smaller cages, maybe one of them will be his upcoming birthday present) and a silver chain with a custom inscribed dogtag around his neck. It reads, ‘If lost return to owner’ with my name  below the inscription. Funnily enough, our vanilla friends think it’s very cute. If only they knew…! The chain gets replaced by a thick posture collar with a leash if I’m in the mood to play but that’s not something that happens regularly. The other regular part of his slave attire are black leather wrist and ankle cuffs with different length of chains that get attached to them. The cuffs only come off when he goes to work. Honestly the sight of bitch working tirelessly for me, all sweaty, collared and fettered with his birth defect secured in a cage is a massive turn on. His chores often get interrupted because his skills are needed elsewhere, lol.

His daily chores include waking up at 5 in the morning, dusting the house, steaming the clothes in my closet, ironing any if required (I give instructions before I go to sleep), doing laundry (hand washing if the fabric demands so) and preparing breakfast. He then uses the washroom to take a shower and shave his whole body. He shaves his pubic region once a week during the weekends in my presence because it involves taking his cage off. He wakes me up at around 7:30-8 o’clock with breakfast in hand. A fun thing I have been doing recently, is to take a sip of my morning tea/coffee and complain that it’s either not the right temperature/sweetness & curtly instruct him to go and make me one more cup. When he returns with it I usually order him to put his food away as a punishment and then kneel in the corner. I slowly complete my delicious breakfast, pick a spanking implement from the closet and give my starving bitch a thorough early morning thrashing. It’s very cruel but at the end of the day that’s exactly what he craves, even though in the moment the injustice of it all sometimes brings him to tears.

There’s not much scope for d/s activities for the next several hours as we both get some exercise done and then go to work. I’ll mention a couple of things here. One, our gym has a pool and we go swimming a couple of days every week. To keep him on his toes I make him wear short, tight fitting swimming trunks (very similar to his slave outfit in the house) while I intentionally wear the skimpiest possible swimsuits with the key to his birth defect dangling around my neck. He gets so aroused and scared at the same time that someone will connect the dots between the outline of his cock cage and the key around my neck. I mean if he’s that worried he can always wear a smaller cage, right? He probably will soon. I love making my bitch fret.
Two, I drive to work, he takes public transport. We can easily afford a second car but that is not a privilege a slave deserves.

If he reaches home before me, it’s a part of his duty to draw a bath. I like to soak myself in the tub immediately on returning from work. Also it goes without saying that he cleans after me, so I’ll be throwing off my clothes at the nearby furniture and by the time I’m done bitch has either neatly folded them or put them in the laundry basket. It’s a thing I take for granted these days but my boy really does make life so much easier. Every week at least once he gives me flowers, gourmet snacks, maybe a book I’ve been talking about (and other small gifts like that). He buys them by saving money from his allowance. We flirt, talk about our day, say sweet stuff to each other and do everything other couples do, except he still remains in his slave outfit, cuffed, collared and caged while I wear whatever I want. Romance does not have to die in a femdom relationship, if anything the passion is stronger. bitch is fiercely devoted to me and worships me like a deity and in return I make his deepest fantasies come true. What can be more romantic than that?

Anyways, late in the evening I’ll be usually reading a book or surfing the net while he does mise en place for dinner. His cooking skills have really improved over time to the point where he now makes professional quality meals, it’s a miracle what a combination of regular thrashings and an indomitable desire to please one’s Goddess can achieve! He is allowed to wear a white apron while working in the kitchen. When the dinner preparations are done and we don’t have any residual work, I’ll sit on the sofa in our living room and put on a movie/tv show of my choice while my boy gives me a massage after a long day. If I’m in a good mood I let him worship my feet, sometimes I’ll even rub his cock. He, of course, is in his slave shorts (and obviously caged) and yet even such little stimulation often overwhelms him. I can see it in his face. A lifetime of denial does that to you I guess.
A similar thing happened yesterday, I was nonchalantly rubbing his cock with my left hand while we watched the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi and bitch made a wheezing sound.
I stopped and paused the tv.
His face fell.
‘What’s the matter bitch? Having a bit too much fun, are we?’
‘No Mistress. I’m sorry Mistress.’
‘Shut up. Strip and kneel before me.’
He did as told. I could see his birth defect straining against the cage and trying its best to break free from its inescapable prison. I yanked it close to me and did a mock examination.
‘Eww, look at your ugly dick trying to grow all big. Hmm, no more rubbing for you this week. I don’t want your balls to hurt.’
‘Thank you Mistress M for thinking of my well being.’
He is such a well trained, broken bitch, haha.
I ruffled his hair and said, ‘Good boy. Now go make me dinner.’
‘But Mistress there’s only a few minutes left in the episode. May I please watch it before going?’
I looked at him with disdain. ‘No. Fuck off.’ He scampered.
The last bit, Ms Scarlet, is a trick I picked up from your journals. Curtly dismissing someone is a huge power rush.

A little side note here, bitch watches whatever I decide. He has ZERO autonomy when it comes to choosing pop culture. He also reads the books I give him. I do allow him some time on the net during the weekends. When we first met in our teens he used to spend a lot of time watching cricket and football. That was one of the first big things I prohibited him from doing when we began this journey. He no longer watches any kind of sport.  Well, if you want to live under the thumb of an amazing Domme, you gotta make a few sacrifices! Besides, he can now use all that time saved to serve me better.
That basically sums up bitch’s daily chores, especially during the weekdays. He does the dishes after dinner and if he’s not being punished he gets to join me in bed after receiving his daily deterrent belt whipping. The shorts, the cock cage, the neck chain and the cuffs : all stay on.

I learned about the concept of deterrent punishments a few years back, Ms Scarlet and it has been a revelation. From my experience the very best time to administer said deterrent is just before bedtime. After a whole day of chores, working out, professional duties and cooking he comes to the bedroom just having finished doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. His attractive wife (hehe, some self praise) is there on the matrimonial bed looking cute and sexy after doing her nightly skin routine. My poor boy is exhausted and filled with lust for me and the last thing he wants at that point is a beating. There is no better time for a Mistress to truly show a slave his place. Even after all these years and despite knowing its futile, he will sincerely beg for mercy before these sessions. I of course don’t show any, ask him to fetch me his belt (the psychological impact of using the belt he wears to work really tingles the sadist in me) and assume his position. He resigns to his fate, strips, bends down with his hands on his knees and ass out. I usually give him 25-30 hard strokes. When I’m done he falls to my feet and expresses his wholehearted gratitude.

Another simple punishment is the mouth gag which, I feel, is a tool all wives should have. Whenever he is irritating me or going on an endless rant I have no interest in, I simply ask him to shut up and fetch me his gag. It usually stays on till it’s time for dinner. A slave should know better than to bore his Mistress. He also loses the privilege to share a bed with me if he manages to anger or disappoint me. There’s a small, almost oppressively humid store room where he spends the night in those instances. The punishment technique I deploy liberally for impromptu corrections though is the age old slap. Nothing makes a man more subservient than getting a hard smack across his face for every little transgression.

Finally let us talk about bitch’s sex life. Just kidding, he does not have one! Writing about this now is probably the longest I’ve thought about his sexual needs in a decade. It’s not something on my radar at all. If I need his oral service, I’ll simply tell him or point to my honeypot (that’s what we call my you know what in this household) and like a good little bitch he immediately becomes eager and ready to please. I do peg him from time to time but it’s not a regular occurence. Too much effort and there’s nothing much in it for me, you know? One thing that I do enjoy though is wearing my strap on to humiliate him. bitch is not just a virgin since birth, he has also never had a blowjob : a fact I love to emphasize repeatedly while ramming my rubber penis down his throat.

As you know Ms Scarlet, a couple of huge recent changes in my bitch’s daily regime have been in regards to his orgasm schedule. Previously I let him out of the cage once a month, put a condom on and jerked him off till he came. I hated touching his dick but kind of saw it as a necessary evil. Turns out I was being way too lenient. No more. As of this writing my bitch hasn’t had an orgasm in almost 10 weeks.
Even I don’t know when he’ll get to come next, it all depends on you! It will be only after your bitch boy gets one. This will also give me a good idea of how long he can go without a release. That presumably will be the new gap between his orgasms going forward.

I informed my bitch of this first change and he was expectedly anxious about the uncertainty surrounding his new schedule. I waited a week and let him stew on this new info before telling him of the second change. Poor boy was visibly shocked and started sobbing when he learned that his days of getting a handjob were over and that in the future all of his releases would happen with his birth defect under the sole of my shoes. He became so mopey that I almost felt like changing my mind. I had to remind myself that deep in his soul this was what he truly wanted, a strict, harsh life existing only to serve a pitiless, uncompromising superior being and going back on something like this would only set a bad precedent. 
So when he begged me to reconsider my decision a few days later I reminded him that he had lived all his life without his cock ever feeling the touch of a woman’s pussy or mouth, he’d also learn to live without it ever feeling the touch of a woman’s hand. Besides he should be grateful that I even let him cum at all because one day, if I so wished, that too could be taken away.


18 thoughts on “A day in the life of Mistress M

  1. Sad to say, but I am not treated as bad as your bitch. My wife does consider me to be her slave. I also get up at 5 AM and do the dishes clean up the kitchen and do laundry…later I make her breakfast. Another thing that is similar is that when she takes off her clothes they just go on the floor for me to pick up.

  2. Thank you posting this Madam. It’s a wonderful thing that Mistress M lives such a advanced FLR lifestyle while still only in her late 20s. The decision to withdraw sex completely from her slave/husband has obviously mean’t that she has been deprived from having sex with him so I’m intrigued that her own sexual needs appear to be satisfied only by a combination of pegging him (which she admits she doesn’t enjoy much), ramming her strap on down his throat and occasionally allowing him the privilege of satisfying her with his tongue. I know you’ve written elsewhere that early-on the development of your own FLR was the trigger for becoming lesbian. I wonder if it’s the same with Mistress M whose lifestyle seems to be pretty much as advanced as your own but whose sex life appears to be pretty much non existent in comparison?

    1. I think in the previous post she mentioned a Hitachi 5000 or similar vibrator. My Sila sonic vibrator is all I need when it comes to it. Men really are redundant.

    2. I did not talk about my sex life too much because this was supposed to be a post on my bitch’s daily regime. Besides penetrative sex involves some amount of pain for me because of a medical condition, I wrote about it in a previous post. So it’s not like I’ve been deprived from having traditional sex, it’s simply something I’m not interested in. I don’t use bitch’s tongue occasionally, I use it whenever I want.

      Ms Scarlet is 100% correct, vibrators make men completely redundant. Also I don’t think my FLR is anywhere near Ms Scarlet’s, the many intricate ways she humiliates her bb, her use of total sensory deprivement, her recent punishment techniques and so many other things are all much more advanced. I constantly get new ideas from her blogs and books. I do aspire to reach her level someday though.

      I like my boy quite a lot and I don’t think I’d ever consider having an emotional relationship with anyone else but maybe in the future, when I hopefully have more free time than now, the idea of cuckolding bitch with other like minded dominant women is a fun thought!

  3. Thank you Ms Scarlet for publishing my long rambling account and inspiring me to write it in the first place. While a few friends and family members know about the nature of our relationship, this is the first time I’ve talked about it in such detail. It’s quite liberating, looking forward to what members of this community think.

  4. Wonderful to read this account which I found awe inspiring and highly arousing in its impact. I do hope Mistress M continues to share the details of her lifestyle with us. Thank you for posting.

  5. What a wonderful account of a truly flr domestic household on harmony….

    My leading Lady believes that a release of once every three months is more than adequate and that is subject to the adequate performance.

    Curtsey, thank you.

  6. If I may be so bold, for those who wish for pleasure when pegging, they now make L shaped dildos with a short g-spot end for vaginal stimulation, I believe the original might’ve been called “FeelDoe” but there are less costly alternatives nowadays as well.

  7. The worst punishment is being slapped by Mistress, at least misbehave, it’s the shamefull one, in public, however discretely, and without cctv surveillance, believe it!

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