So much fulfilling validation. Wow. Thank you one and all.

Further to all the delightful comments I received on my last post about it being my 1000th post, I never dreamed there were so many people grateful for a developmental aspect from my blog, and journals. And confirming, as intended, there is a developmental aspect to my manuals and beginners’ guide. I honestly had no idea I was doing quite so much good. And a good number of people having had their FLR improved by what I have regurgitated in this blog, etc. Regurgitated following my research and learning over the last two plus decades.

I feel so validated that I am broadly publishing what does actually help people. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. That helps people, and, OF COURSE, also provides arousal fodder for the many submissives that read my blog, hopefully making them feel more submissive to dominant women. I am certainly motivated to keep on researching and learning, and to publish a further 1000 posts.

Shopping Slave Degradation

I cannot finish a post without a bit of ACTUAL femdom. So here is a pic of what, last month, my shopping slave had to completely consume while in the mall before my shopping was over. He was rather shell-shocked when I passed it to him and explained what was in it, and how he must consume it all. There was some diluting water; I’m not without a little pity. But not a lot.

I almost never use plastic bottles, but I made an exception for this little amusement. And yes, he did indeed drink every last drop.

9 thoughts on “So much fulfilling validation. Wow. Thank you one and all.

  1. Dear Ms. Scarlet,

    my name is Goddess Anna and I am in a FLR with my hubby Madone. We are married for 26 years now, living in Germany and he introduced me to BDSM. I follow your blog from the beginning and it is faboulus. It gave me so, so many ideas to incorparate in our every day life and i must thank you a thousand times. Your post with the shopping slave and his drink was the impulse for me to give you an idea back, that you might like ;-)

    I had my hubby buy this item

    It is called a nose shower (Nasendusche) in German.

    It can serve 3 purposes:

    1. Imitate drinking like from the original source
    2. Keeping your mouth open, flushing the golden nectar in one nosestril and out the other
    3. Inhaling while using it, to drink through your nose.

    I use all 3 ways, depending on how much I want to punish my hubby. Hope you like the idea. Sunny greetings, all the best and keep up the great work please!!

    Best regards Goddess Anna

  2. If it were me in his place, I would also drink everything, it is an honor for a slave to be able to be close to you and to be able to serve you and I know that well, you are an incredible woman, I admire you very much Mistress Scarlet.

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