Anyone know?


Anyone know if this movie has more femdom in it? Diary of a Mad Old Man (1987). Direcrtor. Lili Rademakers. Anyone know if it is available online? This looks like quite realistic, real-life femdom, directed by a woman, and I hope it may be worth recommending to curious vanilla women.

Anyone know which episodes of Season 3 of The Boys on Netflix have femdom in them worth a view?

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  1. Dear Mistress Scarlet – I cannot help with uour first question but with your second I believe you are referring to the character called Little Nina (played by Katia Winter) – a Russian mobster boss. She appears a few times and there is a great extended scene in episode 4 in which she appears a lot. I believe she may also be in the final episode but Owner and I have not watched that yet.

    Incidentally, the female characters mostly tend to be portrayed as more intelligent and powerful in the series with the men mostly shown as flawed and weak, which of course we are.

    I hope this helps and good luck with the movie search.


    1. Thank you. There were a couple of problems though. I need a version with subtitles if I am to share it with my blog followers. And more importantly, Norton was blocking multiple virus attacks hen the movie played! But thank you as I know it exists in its full state.

      1. Dear Ms Scarlett, I just discover by chance your work. It seems to me more than a way of life: I feel it as an artistic performance…
        I’m sorry not to express properly. English is not m’y mother tongue.
        I have a question, if you don’t mind:
        Why such dominant ladies are si popular in UK, US, AUS, and totally unknown in France !?
        Do you feel I should expatriate ?! ( is that sentance correct ? :-)
        Best regards, Charles…

          1. You are right, as a “professionnal” you can meet dominas… But it’s so uncommon at all in private life… And sissification is by the way so marginal… Best regards… ________________________________

              1. Most of them are fake… Or juste trying to send you to smwhr else… Thank’s again for your answer, it’s very kind of you… ________________________________

  2. This certainly seems like a movie to watch. I’m guessing it contains more femdom considering it’s about an older man longing to become a slave for his stepdaughter, and she taking full advantage of it. If i stumble upon this movie i will let Mistress of this blog know.

  3. Hi mistress, the Boys is a wonderful series on Amazon prime. Little Nina makes her entrance in episode 3 of the current season when The character Frenchie is abducted by her henchman and taken to be interrogated by this very attractive Russian domina. He awaits her arrival bound and hooded and she makes her appearance in a stunning pvc pencil skirt. We learn that Frenchie is her former slave and masochist. All very nicely done.

  4. Respected Mistress Scarlet,

    The two most prominent femdom scenes in The Boys, in my opinion, are : a) Season 3 episode 3 (from around 42 to 46th minute) and b) Season 3 episode 4 (from 33rd to 35th min approx)

    Mistress M and I are both huge film nerds, we’re looking forward to checking out the other movie you inquired about.

    1. Yes, I tried that. Unfortunately in the UK, it just takes you to the Amazon website where you can only buy a DVD, that does not have English subtitles. Thank you for looking though.

      1. Mistress, i have searched all the usual spots for a file of subtitles you can download but have come up empty. Should You wish to download the movie, however, the link is below. Noone can hide anything from a web-development veteran :) Enjoy!

        [video src="" /]

        1. Thank you so much for all your help. Its so weird as the excerpt on Facebook had subtitles. I do not doubt your expertise though. I will give up. Thank you so much again.

  5. There isn’t an option for subtitles on the video Mistress. i have had a good search around and cannot find another link. It looks as though nobody has created a subtitle track for this movie. i will keep looking and will post if i can find anything of interest.

    1. Yes, I tried that. Unfortunately in the UK, it just takes you to the Amazon website where you can only buy a DVD, that does not have English subtitles. Thank you for looking though.

      1. Oh that’s odd. I don’t understand. I’m from the UK, with a prime account – and it offers me the chance to Rent (ie stream) for £1.99
        If you also have Amazon Prime Video, I’ve no idea why yours is different.

          1. Yes, it is definitely available to rent or buy by streaming on my machine. I’ve no idea why yours would be different if you also have Prime Video

              1. Yes, I have bought it now for £3.99 – There are no subtitles for other languages but it is in English.
                To be clear – this is a stream from Amazon Prime – I did not have to buy a DVD

  6. Just found this…see 1:29! :) [] ? Film: THE MANIPULATOR AND THE SUBSERVIENT (2003) THE MANIPULATOR AND THE SUBSERVIENT (2003) Directed by: Matthew Saliba Written by: Matthew Saliba Produced by: Matthew Saliba, Brad Kaine Cinematography by: Matthew Saliba Edited by: Matthew Saliba, Brad Kaine Cast: Matthew Saliba, Leela Marcelino, Elias C. Varoutsos, John M. Thomas, Danielle Berthiaume, Mark Evin Year: 2003 Country: Canada … ?

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