Cuckolding (part 3) leads to a wider dominance

This is the third account from Techphobe. The developments in his deepening subjugation and exploitation are I think to be expected now that he is being cuckolded by his wife-mistress with a ‘boyfriend’. I can imagine were I to find a ‘girlfriend’ for regular sexual liaisons, my bitch would too suffer a similar deepening of his subjugation. By ‘boyfriend’ /’girlfriend’ I mean someone long term who can provide great vanilla company as well as reciprocal great sex.

Part 3


Good morning mistress Scarlet .

It would appear I unleashed a monster. It is true what they say be careful what you wish for. Its funny how she has accelerated and grown in such a short period of time. I have a very nasty feeling about where she is going with the vasectomy.

When I woke up this morning I had several snap chat messages from my wife . They contained pictures what could only of been taken by her lover . They were images of them  having oral sex she was giving him a blow job, and vaginal sex she was on top, pic clearly taken by him, and anal sex doggie style . The text simply said the only time I’m unlocking you is for your vasectomy. (A private appointment has been made for my vasectomy in late September.)


You asked me to keep you  updated with progress and boy has their been progress . B’s first meeting with Bogdan was last Tuesday the 2nd of August.  She had me help her dress and put on her underwear. She went for black holdups a Basque which was crotchless and a mid thigh black pencil dress, with black platform heels. She had me kneel put the shoes on her and kiss them. She looked absolutely stunning. She told me she wanted me in normal clothes but panties over the top of my cage. 

I drove her to his house and she informed me that i was to ensure her safely but I was to obey her without question and refer to her as mistress, and that I was to walk behind her approaching the house and carry her baggage which contained a bottle of bubbles, some lubes and a vibrator. She knocked on the door while I waited slightly behind her. When the door opened he smiled at her like a cat who has just got the cream.  She said this is my husband; he’s here to make sure your not an axe murderer, isn’t that right bitch. I answered yes mistress. Upon entering the house b told me to check the house for axes (her joke) and report back to her in the lounge. I wondered around the house looked in the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

She scolded me for not knocking before entering the lounge. She had his cock out and was playing with it. Well slave? I said, no axes. She said, anything else? Is it tidy to my standards ? No it’s is not. She smiled maliciously and said, good. It will give you something to do rather than getting under our feet. Clean the bedroom first, no dirty clothes. Hoover it. Clean sheets please. She had bodgan tell me where everything was. Once you have done with the bedroom I want to know straight away and then I want the kitchen cleaned top to bottom and the bathroom. And pour us both a glass of wine before you get started bitch, and put these headphones on, I don’t want you listening at doors. And remember to knock and ask permission to enter the room. It took me  30 mins to clean and hoover the room, change the bed, put laundry on. I told her the room was ready. She told me to fuck off and clean the kitchen and bathroom. It took me about four hours to clean the rest of the house. Within that time they never left the bedroom that I’m aware of. She made me wear headphones and has a Bluetooth playlist of music she knows I hate playing on it. Eventually about 11 o’clock she put her hand on my shoulder and spun me round. She gave me a big kiss and I realised instantly that her mouth was full of cum. She pushed it into my mouth and ordered me to swallow it. Home time cuckie she said. In the car she said, your not my bitch anymore, your my cuck, which is going to be way better for me and much worse for you. 

When we got home she told me to go the bedroom, lie on the bed and strip down to my cage. She came and placed my hands above and behind my head and cuffed them. She told me she had been planning to have me clean her but she wanted to talk to me instead. She unlocked my cage.  I’m going to tell you some things and ask you some questions and I want to see your dick’s reaction, as well as yours. Remember that this was your fantasy and I resisted it for so long. I love it! Yes, I said. But now she was torturing my penis with her nails as she talked to me. 

But i want to make it about what I want, not you want. Do you understand? I nodded. She carried on. So I’ve made some decisions. While I’m seeing Bogdan this will be the last time I touch your penis. The cage only comes off in emergencies and for checks, and cleanliness; which I will supervise. I protested instantly and got a punch in the balls. She took a deep breath and said, The crueller I am, the more you like it. You wanted to my cuckold you and I’m making you one. I’m giving you what you asked for. That’s why I’m having this talk with you full of another man’s cum. You have a massive erection you pervert. You want this don’t you? Skilfully stroking me as she asked me the question. Do you have any idea how much I enjoyed having sex while you cleaned my lovers house? Immensely! 

We will still have sex. It will just be different for you, you can’t penetrate or touch my pussy in any way except with your mouth. You also can’t touch me anywhere on my body without my permission other than holding my hand.  I will touch you as and when I like. Expect to spend a lot of time on your hands and knees . Yes mistress. She continued. ‘Theres one last thing. I want you to agree to it but you must agree to it yourself.  I asked her what it was . She told me that she would wanted me to agree to have a vasectomy . She explained it was a metaphorical castration. That she wants to experience me in a hospital bed having being rendered infertile while she was in her lover’s bed having sex.

It has to be your own decision but I will let you come from penile stimulation one last time if you agree. After that it will only be with prostate stimulation. All the time she was talking I was on the receiving end of one the best teasing hand jobs in the world.  She said, It’s not going in my mouth your a cuck so my pussy is too sore. I can get you off with my hand or you can hump my legs till you cum, or I will put your legs over my shoulders fuck you and wank you at the same time. She said, You want your legs over my shoulders don’t you. I just nodded and watched her slide her harness on. I didn’t resist as she forced by legs up and backwards into the Amazon position and entered me. She took her time with only minimal penile stimulation lots of butt-fucking me and telling me what an amazing night she had had. After a long time she let me cum, angled me at the last minute, so she got me to cum on my face and then she finger fed it to me. 

Bogdan is not a fag like you, so you won’t be sucking his dick but there will be all you can eat cream pies.

B has now been seeing him him on average of 3 times a week since that initial meeting, and normally once a week has had me accompany her and has me clean his house or the cut grass while they have sex.  I am abroad for a couple of weeks caged and pantied. She has refused to tell me how much time she intends to spend with Bogdan while I am away as she wants me to think constantly about him fucking her.  

20 thoughts on “Cuckolding (part 3) leads to a wider dominance

  1. Long time lurker here, I’m sorry to say these accounts seem far fetched and quite unrealistic unlike the more realistic accounts from say Christine M, Mistress Francessca or Mistress M.

    1. I do filter some accounts out as unbelievable. Then some are on a a boarder line. One thing I noted was the original account had a lot of unnecessary peripheral detail which is usually a sign of veracity. We can never be sure either way.
      I will say, having met so many couples in the BDSM world over two plus decades, some live very extreme lives that I have witnessed. Far, far less believable than this account, but I have witnessed it, their unbelievable life in all its glory.
      One thing I quite often mention is if the Domme finds someone who’s vanilla company is better than their subs is. Cuckolding and its consequential knock-on effects becomes quite extreme very quickly and I can tell you first hand that overnight cuckolding of a sub with severely rationed orgasms and in chastity, gives one a huge power rush and sense of decadence and depravity, during the vanilla periods as well as the sex periods.
      The comment on this post later on from Sissy Cindy Lynne is an extreme account but is I know all true. Having said all that, you might be right.

    2. Hi Steve mistress Scarlet has published 3 accounts from myself in the last year . I could probably if I looked give you the dates that I emailed them too her. My wife and I have been had a female led relationship for 10 years. If I am honest for a lot of those years it’s because it was what I wanted . One of the biggest issues in our relationship has been that she could not square her disire for penatrative sex with her domination of me. She loved the power of tease and denial and chastity but infuriated her that due to the chastity and tease and denial and the other forms of CBT that she liked to indulge in that when it came to penertration I could not last long enough to satisfy her . So for a while I would use strapons to have penetrate sex with her to satisfy her need for piv, but at the same time it didn’t sit quite right with her that bluntly that I got to fuck her when I was her sub. We talked a lot two maybe three years about her cucking me. She was pretty much not into it I love you I don’t want anyone else STDs privacy any number of sensible reasons and it was case closed stayed like that for two years. A chance encounter with some alcohol which is mentioned in my first account changed that . It also changed us she saw that despite what happened I loved her more probably not less and was in awe of her. What isn’t mentioned is that after the first encounter when we returned home we talked a lot about what happened how she felt about it. As the last thing I wanted her to feel was guilty or awkward about it. So we both agreed that it was hot awesome. B asked me directly what if it happened again . I said it would be fine as we play when we are away a lot teenager and live in mother in law creates privacy issues .

      We talked even more after the second account , Scarlet received the full account and then edited it downwards for size. The reason we talked after the second account so much is that she was deeply worried that the forced bi acts she had me to do were a huge stretch for me mentally as I come from quite a toxic masculinity back ground. She asked me directly do you think you are gay? I had to think about that one the answer is no as I’m not attracted to guys , so why did you suck that dick and allow me to to dress you like a slut . The simple answer is because she wanted me too and it was hard to do and it took a lot for me to do but I wanted to please you. Both my wife and I are hugely into fitness and weight training I’ve often joked that my wife all ready has a lover called Jim. B goes 5-6 days a week so probably spends 10-12 hours a week in the gym. After the second encounter one of the subjects that came up was whether she would like a regular lover, and it was left at that it was her decision not actively looking but if someone suitable turns up then maybe she would but it was essentially her decision. Bogdan ( not his real name I picked a common eastern European name) spoke to my wife on a number of occasions in the gym. She told me this while teasing me , I asked her if she fancied him (I knew that she did) so I said to her you are going to have to have the talk with him . Its the I have a husband talk, in other words, we will be going to your house not our for drinks and you will need to get STD tested.

      My wife as well as being an incredibly attractive lady knows me inside and out it why she gave me a task to do while I was at his house so I wouldn’t get under their feet as Bogdan would be uncomfortable with my presence plus she enjoyed humiliating me by making me clean his house while they made love plus he was happy as he got my wife and a tidy house. I get that it might seem extreme but it’s progression over time and it’s my wife making the decisions not me. She has essentially resolved the internal conflict between her need for piv and having a submissive husband to her satisfaction. My wife likes to throw lots of labels at me sissy, fag, bitch it’s part of our dynamic in that I’m deeply affected by verbal humiliation. I don’t identify as any of those it takes about 4 hours for me to not look like Les Dawson as a sissy it’s the humiliation. My wife will finish work at 530 today I’m in another country at the moment, she will go to the gym for 2hrs after that I don’t know. Any time my phone goes it could be more pictures of her and her lover . If I ring her and she doesn’t answer is she making love or is she in the bath . She knows that even though in in a different country I’m under lock and key and she is on my mind every single minute.

      1. Im sure most subs here wish they had your life. I have a wife that is just starting to find her way into dominance so I’m hopping to get where you are Good Luck. Please post more stories as Mistress approves.

    3. I’m sorry but Francessca probably wasn’t real. I would elaborate but if you followed through you would know

      1. I have no idea what you mean by, ‘if you followed through.’
        You don’t think your comment style is rather discourteous for this blog? It is not Facebook or Twitter.

  2. I started reading this while out in town and not in my cage. I had to stop and wait until I was in my cage to finish it. Extremely hot and a very lucky sub.

  3. I am sissy submissive, once married to a liberated lesbian woman, who is now married to another woman.

    I can share that there are a wide variety of dynamics that take place as she expands her dominance and power while changing her relationships around as best to serve her needs, which can include sissy less and less, just as it should be, if she wishes.

    Much like one’s taste for food can change, so too as her desires and passions redirect, to lovers more fulfilling, as her need for the old, her sissy cuck are either less needed. In other words, sissy cuck better learn to more deeply submit and serve or slowly get shed or locked out of her life.

    Part of my situation was her demanding we marry as a way of forestalling her embracing her true lesbian nature, I later found out, more pleasant for her family.

    She knew of my sissy nature before we married, often buying me new panties, etc. But our marriage was nothing like our courtship, on our honeymoon in the tropics she intentionally got sunburned and stayed perpetually drunk, so we had no sex.

    Upon our return, she strengthened a relationship with a lesbian lover at her office. When I found love letters she had thrown into our kitchen trash, they had talked of running off together, which she did for 3 weeks, to eventually return as they broke up.

    In time, she set us up for marriage a counselor, a woman friend of hers who was telling me to let her run free to share and explore her needs, both sexual and otherwise which she says you simply cannot provide.

    Further, it’s essential for me to be monogamous so she’d feel safe while she exploring, “something she needs to do, needs to explore, something you need to support to keep your marriage and keep her happy.” When I shared we had no sex, I was told “her interests lie elsewhere and that’s what she needs to do.”

    After a few sessions, once the message was delivered, my ex called off those sessions.

    At first, she cucked me with males, and would leave proof of her explorations with soiled panties on the floor for me to pick up and put into the hamper. When I’d work up the nerve to say something, it was made clear it was none of my business which I came to accept.

    One night she called me from a club, and told me to make sure I changed for bed. Generally at night at home, she had me in a tee shirt and panties which is how she dressed most nights. This time I was told to be sure I was was wearing my prettiest pink nightie and some matching sissy panties.

    She came barreling in drunk about 4am, as I opened my weary eyes, as she dropped her jeans and panties, and cat-like, she mounted my face, holding my arms down with her legs, and fed me a huge sloppy cream-pie, laughing her head off and I was ordered to lick her clean under threat of punching my sissy ball’s. The next day her sex panties were left on the floor, and she was off to work. That night I asked to discuss what had happened earlier that morning, she said responded, “yeah, so what? Nothing, you’re going to do.”

    We both knew she was correct.

    Shortly after her desires for lesbian relationships became her mounting desire, which she apparently pursued with gusto. Much of what I know now was revealed after our divorce.

    Sometimes she’d send her sister and mother around to cuck-sit me. She’d be off on dates, as her sister and mother would speak about how much better it was for her to go out and enjoy herself while I stayed home. How proud they were of me staying home, keeping up with my chores, and “wasn’t it better for you to accept things this way?” Sometime during the night she’d call her sister’s cell to let them know she was safe, she loved to keep me in the dark as to what she was up to.

    Once as she called them, I asked May please speak to her? The ladies laughed hard as if what I had asked was the most ridiculous thing in the world. I was told, “if she wanted to speak to you, she would have asked for you, but she didn’t did she?” I was sent into the kitchen to refresh their drinks so they could finish their call.

    Both knew she had me in panties etc, as she would use their laundry machines, paying her mother to wash our clothes. They also knew how I agreed to use our “ladies room” in the proper seated position. She would often share these facts and more with other lesbian friends who came to visit or attended parties she threw.

    In time, she was gone 3 or 4 weekends a month, who knows where, sometimes 1000 of miles away.

    Once a lez friend nurse decided she wanted my sperm so she could have a baby. They were setting things up as it had all been discussed . When in a moment of false bravado I asked if I would provide spread in a traditional way, they laughed hysterically, saying no, another friend yad years of experience extracting sprem fromthe prostate, and they wanted me on medical table, in a garter bekt, stockings, panties removed and they had discussed shooting video of the procedure.

    And if it worked out, several of her other friends were interested in using me the same way. I would then either take her friend to doctors and for natural childbirth classes, and never meet the child, or be used as a nanny once the child was born, they hadn’t decided yet.

    Her emotions changed toward me, my becoming little more than a sissy servant to obey, serve, support and remain quiet and grateful. As her power grew, slowly I was less needed. After her dad died, she filed for divorce, primarily because her lover didn’t want me around as they planned to marry.

    Each of these moments described above and so many more exponentially deepened my submission to women, obedience and sissyhood.

    In my current relationship, she decided to cut me off telling me that my sissy princess clittie doesn’t do anything for her, as her growing collection of vibrators are so much more pleasing and fulfilling than I could ever be. She also mentioned my sexuality is unimportant to her, she sees me as another female. Also she said she’s always been interested in lesbian sex.

    On one birthday she bought me pink ruffled sissy panties, calling me “little miss panty ruffles.” She then had me wearing a pink babydoll nightie, had me lower my panties to my knees, and stroke my clittie while singing her romantic love songs I knew, while she directed my stroking and speed, when to stop then go, clapped and laughed at me. That night changed our dynamic forever. And no I wasn’t allowed release.

    After that she told me of past male lovers she had, how they had big manly cocks, the kind she enjoyed, how excited they made her. not like the tiny joke I keep hidden in my panties.

    Where they had hot sex, how wet they made even before their date hours earlier, time in motels, at work, in cars, at her house, outdoors, their place, and some “friends with benefits” she enjoyed over the years. These things she says as a sissy I can never fully understand nor expect, nor enjoy. The best I can do is to accept my place as she sees fit and do as I’m told.
    Most weekend I tend to her, her dog and her house chores. We sleep next to each other, she enjoys cuddling me, I know better than to hope or expect anything else.

    One morning my princess was up before I was, so I patiently waited for it to go down, then got up and started my chores. Later when I told her she laughed, saying, ” it was the right choice not to disturb me, my sleep is so much more important to me than that silly useless unwanted thing.”

    On her birthday, I paid for vibrators she had selected on line, which she called “your replacements” while she laughed.

    So yes, I’ve made to BAV here list years ago.

    Sometimes she goes out after work, clearly her business, none of mine as I’ve come to learn.

    I’m sorry I’ve ever once passed myself years ago as a male which clearly I never was.

    My apologies to all women for that.
    sissy cindy lynn

    1. Thank you for the account. I am thinking you are a very contented submissive in your own way and have been very lucky to hook-up with two such dominant women over the years.

      1. Thank you Ms. Scarlet for your reply.
        All that I share here is true to the best of my memory, as so much of it is deeply eched into my mind and now personality.

        There have been other fine dominant women who have discovered my sissy side and simply took charge of me as well.

        One was a divorced educator who saw me as a friend and took me shopping for my first full slip, which she insisted I buy.

        While we we were in line waiting to pay, she began sharing her points on how, “do you think you’ll enjoy wearing your pretty new slip? This is the way many women dress at home and this will be part of your new outfit for being around the house, just as other women like you do. Do you think you’ll feel pretty wearing your new slip?” All this as other women in line looked over and smiled.

        When we went back to her place I was sent to her bedroom change and model my slip for her. She had me try on one of her dresses too, telling me, that dress fits you like it was made for you, we need to buy you dresses.

        She had a new boyfriend, I asked if her was any hing like me, she replied, “oh no, of course not! He’s nothing at all like you, he’s rugged and masculine and wouldn’t be caught dead in panties and a slip. Panties simply wouldn’t fit him like they do you ,ya know?”

        Another was a colleague, narrued, who used to meet me for lunch and trips to Victoria’s Secret to change my silly boy undies to al panties. She too made no bones about speaking up about who the panties and ligerie were for, often asking the sales staff to help me.

        At a large birthday party for me my ex threw, where the guests expected me to open the gifts, she handed a VS gift certificate on the side and said it’s better off you open the envelope at home.

        Years later out of the blue in my living room on a visit, she said, ” if it were up to me, you’d be locked into a chastity belt for at least a year, probably a lit, lot longer than that if I had my way. But don’t worry, I’d be happy to hold your keys for as long as you need me to.” She said thus after leaving the bathroom, so trying to lower the tension, I replied, “well if I go in there locked up, I guess I’d have to lean to always sit down.” She got a bit mad and replied, “well why aren’t you always sitting down?” ( I always do now, as several other women have made me promise to do so, as it’s fitting for me). She continued, “I always sit down why aren’t you? I want you to right now give me 5 good reasons why somebody like you should ever stand up when you go in there? Go on, go ahead, I’m waiting.”

        I had no good answers, as she knew I wouldn’t and was informed that panty wearing people always sit down in restrooms and that I was certainly one of those wasn’t I?”

        There have many other feminizing moments with women in my life I can share, all true. I find it hard to comprehend how some subs and sissies subs like me cannot find dominant women, or how to bring out a woman’s natural dominance? Most secure women I’ve met took to dominance like ducks to water.
        sissy cindy lynn

        1. You have been incredibly, incredibly lucky to have come across so many properly dominant women. It is almost unbelievable. You are very naive and rather disrespectful to the many who comment on this blog to not be fully accepting the reality that most subs and sissies subs like you cannot find dominant women. That it how it is. And I should know after over two decades of looking for properly dominant women to hook up with. And I have never hooked up with a dominant woman who did not already have a male sub and so was not looking for one.

          I am though still very interested in more accounts from you.

          1. My humblest and deepest apologies if I had offended anyone here, as that was not and never would be my intention.

            The point I was endeavoring to make was that many women I have met have a naturally occurring dominant side and in time under the correct conditions shall naturally take charge.
            I answer all questions honestly and genuinely, when asked by women who wanted to know more and in ways inoffensive and appropriate.
            I’ve always approached my relationships with women from the point of view of what can I do to make you life better? I also always never bring up sex, that’s up to women. I always follow their direction and guidance and give in to what they want. In time, these and other women are likely to push me to what they need me to be.

            As I have more time to write, I would be delighted to share more encounters.

            BTW, a few back up points, the medical sprem extraction never took place as my existing gf decided later against it.

  4. A few points. I know you’re probably snowed under with accounts from wannabe subs//cucks so it must be difficult sometimes to decide what’s truth and what’s fantasy but I’m afraid like Steve I simply don’t believe this one; it’s badly written and seems to far too conveniently tick every one of the writer’s own fantasy “scenario”. Having said that I accept everything you say about the cuckolding experience, especially how it may naturally develop into the lady preferring the vanilla company of her lover (which only enhances her sub’s sense of submissiveness). At that point it becomes her decision whether to carry on and enjoy her cuckolding lifestyle or dispense with the cuckold completely: either way it’s her choice.

    You won’t be surprised to learn I visit professional dommes. It’s been my privilege to know 2 in particular who cuckolded their partners in their vanilla lives. In one case the lady didn’t hesitate to discard her weaker/inferior cuckold (despite him begging her to stay) in favour of her lover with whom she developed a happy, long term relationship but the other lady is more interesting and I believe more in tune with your own beliefs. The first few times I visited her she told me she was in a vanilla relationship with a male partner who did all the housework at home. Although it wasn’t an explicit sub/domme relationship he essentially waited on her hand and foot. She told me she routinely spent weekends away with other men. She also told me she would never tell her partner where she was going except that to say she would be away for a few days. She actually smiled as she described her partner as being “pliable”. Reading between the lines it was clear she loved playing with her partner’s head with him knowing/not knowing where she was and what she was doing.

    Recently I visited the same lady professionally and in the wind down afterwards she told me she had taken a leap forward in her vanilla life by now openly cuckolding and humiliating her partner. Although she no longer had the thrill of playing with his head she was now benefitted from being the superior in an openly sub/domme relationship with her partner (which is probably what it should have been all along). Exactly as you described the change in her status now mean’t she could move on from one or two night stands to longer term relationships (she currently has a well endowed boyfriend and showed me explicit pics on her phone which are shared sparingly with her partner). Watch this space …..

    1. 1. I would like to hear a great deal more about the full details of the private life of the current Dominatrix please. Would that be possible?
      2. How skilled a writer is has zero relevance to veracity.

      1. I wish it were possible also but for the moment this is as much as I know. I have visited the lady 3 times since Covid unlocking. I know she has many “erotic” interests which she may/may not develop however it’s not (yet) my place to probe/ask too many questions about her vanilla life given our relationship is still very much a professional one but, as you can probably guess, I consider it a thrill and a privilege that she has decided to share even this much of her personal life with me.

        The most recent time I visited Mistress she was going on afterwards to meet her boyfriend (she took her time applying make-up while using me as a footstool) and held out the possibility that I might be allowed to take her for lunch at some unspecified time in the future which had me gasping in anticipation inwardly. Of course at that point I would to learn more; as a sub I’ve often been fascinated by how even with professional dommes their natural inclinations will “bleed” into their personal lives almost unconsciously almost from the moment they’ve found a naturally submissive partner (“pliable” in the words of my Mistress).

  5. There is nothing unreal in this report, I have already met Mistress who castrated their slaves, this femdom world can be very intense and cruel, the important thing is for you to surrender and live in the moment, even if I were in a long-term relationship and trust I would obey in case my owner wanted me to have a vasectomy… These are deep feelings that only someone who has a submissive soul would understand.

    And thanks for bringing this story Mistress Scarlet, as always your blog is fantastic.

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