L’october, or much harsher

The heading is perhaps a little misleading, given first I will say to all those Dommes who do not have their submissives in 24/7/365 chastity, get them in that chastity device for the whole of October. On the journey of long-term female-led-relationships, (FLR), it is a very good step. He may well complain and whine but he will be so content, every night his head hits the pillow for sleep; if you stay firm, AND if you tease him relentlessly!

And there are additional prohibitions that can be enforced for all of October. (Ideas listed later)

Much harsher

But to those of you who have been following my blog for a year or more, you will know I consider the days in the run up to October can have a delicious and far harsher FLR use. These days are the time to announce the thing or things, the submissive will not be getting until next year, “Not until 2023.” Every single thing, vanilla or DS, that brings some pleasure to the submissive is up for prohibition. So much to choose from. And perhaps more than one thing. Before listing some suggestions, I will make clear no Domme needs to be fettered by tradition, rules or fairness. It may be the advice in my first paragraph is followed, but then why allow release on 1st November? Dommes make the rules. Dommes are not fair. On 1st November another week can be decreed, and another after that, or another month. And for those prohibitions until 2023, yes plural. It does not need to be just one thing. Also, a prohibition of something until 2023 could perhaps start on 1st November.

You can announce, “I have decided xxxx will not happen again, until 2023.

xxxx being one or more of:

(Just for October, or until 2023.) – No orgasm. No penetration of Mistress. No touching Mistress’s breasts. No touching Mistress’s butt. No touching Mistress’s legs. No touching Mistress’s feet. No touching Mistress at all. No seeing Mistress naked. No licking Mistress. No sleeping in Mistress’s bed. No sleeping in Mistress’s bedroom. No sitting on furniture for the submissive when the two of you are alone; sit on the floor at Mistress’s feet.

Just for October, or until 2023. No fast food. No alcohol. No watching sports. No out drinking with mates. No cakes, candy, crisps or chocolate, the 4 C’s ban. (the 4 C’s ban) – (Although in the UK it’s sweets not candy, and in the US it’s chips not crisps!) No playing golf or going fishing. No gambling.

I am sure these lists will be added to by many of whom comment on this post.

Here is a link to my L’october post of 2021 for those new to my blog.

I myself often leaf through my own copy of my published BDSM Manual when looking for ideas in circumstances like this.

18 thoughts on “L’october, or much harsher

  1. Nice list dear Scarlet :)

    After reading the post and the list I realized that I have imposed prohibitions and restrictions that cover so many areas of the slave’s daily life that I really ran out of ideas!!!! Isn’t that really funny? LOL!

    For those who wonder how the slave can bear to live such a miserable and limited life, without many pleasures and with a monotonous daily routine and long hours of grueling work and feel feelings of pity, I answer one thing.
    He is the happiest man on earth as he tells me because serving me is bliss and a blessing and he is living the life he always dreamed of.

    If I prohibit him from touching my feet and legs that is not beneficial to me. Slave needs to wash, massage, pedicure, put moisturizer etc on my feet or else I have to do it myself LOL.

    But you gave me the idea and I’m seriously considering on Nov 1 to prohibit him from kissing and licking my feet for a week.
    I don’t think he’ll last longer than that, I’m really afraid he’ll rebel!
    Just kidding LOL.
    It would be the worst punishment I’ve ever inflicted since he has a huge fetish for my feet. I’ll do it as an experiment.

    I look forward to reading fresh new ideas from Dommes and slaves and hopefully find some good ones I haven’t thought of yet.

      1. If it may be allowed Ms. Anne Ma’am.
        Sometimes the oldest, most basic punishments are the best Ma’am. Some that the slave has not been subject too in quite a long time. Going back to a long time ago when it’s training was new to it.
        Such as scrubbing the same floor again and again and again. Or wearing heels while moving one hundred coins from one spot of the room to another. Individually of course.
        They are punishments are likely ingrained in it’s psyche so some of the forgotten memories of those tasks may be reactivated to Your advantage Ms. Anne.
        Thank You Ms. Anne.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    Sometime in June of this year I was instructed by my Wife to detail our real life FLR and her use of continuous chastity to atone for and help me focus on regaining a considerable amount of lost retirement money that prevented us from retiring on Her schedule. I will admit I am 100% at fault and can’t disagree with Her assessment.
    The goal amount established for me was $300K or risk castration. I understand you were skeptical of such an extreme consequence, but as her submissive husband who has now undergone months of mind numbing, grinding, and continuous chastity in a Lori’s PA device, (never had it removed even cleaning, and the damn thing makes an erection painfully impossible), I was not going to doubt Mistress Eve’s resolve. I have also not been allowed to sleep in our bedroom while locked up. Instead, I have been relegated to the guest room.
    Again, on Her instruction I am writing you. I am delighted to report that I have in fact have accomplished the goal as of yesterday’s close of market. The precipitous market decline in the US markets have been very profitable for Her portfolio since I listened to my Wife and got real professional assistance. When I eagerly showed Her the financial statement this morning, unbeknownst to me She had already read your L’october posting. When I playfully got down on my knees and asked about a release, She just smirked and said “Not sure, maybe never… you really haven’t done squat really, we are just even” and then cruelly instructed me to read your post and write this reply and express my feelings.
    Mistress Scarlet, I am sincerely and truly desperate for a release, I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to getting this device off and the ability to take a long hot shower and really clean down there. And of course, a release, ruined or otherwise. I was working away quietly toward this goal and saw the daily progress I was making. I am literally crushed. During this period, I have been subjected to two Wife ordered discipline sessions with a male spanker/Dom in our town that were witnessed by his wife and my Wife/Mistress. These were very degrading and humiliating hard paddling’s with me shaved smooth from the waist down, wearing a tennis skirt and heels. After, he flipped up my skirt, and paddled me so hard that it brought tears to my eyes and my bare bottom was stinging so bad, not to mention bright red and purple with bruises that just started to fade after a week. And then to my abject mortification each session ended with me giving him a “thank you” blow job to completion while the Ladies giggled away.
    Ma’am I do not expect an answer or any pity. Thank You for having this platform available.
    I do sincerely love and adore my Wife. It’s just the timing of your blog post must be some type of universal Domme energy.

      1. Mistress Scarlet Ma’am, is it perhaps time for bitch-boy to be reminded how grateful he should be to You to be allowed to serve?
        Perhaps a nice 500-1000 word essay on it’s good fortune, focusing on the reasons it stays locked with zero erections may be in order Ma’am. Something You can read at Your leisure, and pass judgement on.
        Forgive it’s unwarranted intrusion Ma’am. Thank You.

    1. Why would I miss out on a month of the pleasure of domination given I already know how much he is addicted to my domination. I know because of all the times I give him the choice of domination my way (which he knows is much more extreme than he wants to take), or no domination at all; he whines but always chooses domination my way.

      1. “Every single thing, vanilla or DS, that brings some pleasure to the submissive is up for prohibition.” That’s why I suggested to withdraw the domination because it brings them pleasure. Or contentment.

        1. And nothing changes from me telling you its a poor idea because I would lose out VERY substantially myself. While I can achieve his prohibitions in many other ways that do not cause me to lose out at all.

  3. Hi!

    Over the years, I’ve worked out a series of “restriction levels”-low, medium, and high, for smallbear , as full on 100% just gets in the way of daily routine. Usually, when we are pretending to be vanilla, we run on “low”, allowing him a car, money, phone etc

    However, our diary is clear and so, much to his dismay, I am sorting out life for him on “high” but have given him no indication of duration!

    I had him draw up a checklist sometime ago but it is not easy as it takes time to gather together and apply parental controls or lock him out of all the smart phones, computers etc. The TV’s are “smart” and pre set parental locks have been switched on- viewing time and channels restricted unless I say so.

    The lockable steel tool chest is now filling with his wallets, cards, cash, his old nokia brick, door keys and the keys to the one of my cars he is allowed to drive -he isn’t insured on anything else!

    “Nice clothes” have gone in the steamer trunk and he is left with nappies, plastic pants, workers overalls, clogs (passable out in the country for when the postman/deliveries etc come by) and onesies.

    The larder etc have been stock checked so alcohol and cigarettes are accounted for as, in reality, it is too much of a faff for me when I want a smoke or sherry if they are locked away! Random CO breath tests (machine acquired from a retired health worker sometime ago) have been restarted as it’s hard for even a light smoker to detect a sneaky fag on someone else!

    I had him make a fair copy of this “blinkers” hat it’s not been used much but it will now! Vision is limited but he’s still able do the housekeeping. No peeking to try and get a glimpse of me above the knees without it being very obvious and punishable! The addition of earphones with white noise isolates him further

    Our usual restraints of bondage mitts etc will continue.

    The need to interact with the outside world will probably intrude at some point- I hate supermarket shopping- but we’ll see how it goes!



    1. Sounds very intense.
      What do you ave him do to fill his days in the high regimen, and what do you do to fill the same days Rhoda????
      Is it 24/7 day after day or is there vanilla times in the evenings, say.
      The head gear only allows looking down. I have never come across that before and it looks quite easy to make!

      1. Hi!

        Whilst it might disappoint some of your followers, if someone were to be a fly on the wall, without the “equipment” our life would look quite vanilla! He cleans and tidies, repairs lawn mowers, paints and decorates etc. I do light gardening, cooking I like, and enjoy the liberty to watch cheesy afternoon television.

        The high regime doesn’t stop us talking about life, money worries and events etc. I get to do what I like and smallbear is grateful to be relieved of pressures/responsibilities.

        I’m not sure I want to expand on how we got here but you will understand that is as much as I want to say.


  4. Mistress Scarlett,

    It sound like Bitch Boy is in for very very rough time, with all those hardships! But is he really allowed to do many of those things anyway? Meaning gamble and drink and socialize. It just doesn’t seem to me that those things are allowed at all?


    1. He would never gamble as he has always thought gambling to be pointless. He does get to drink fine wine with me in vanilla mode a few evenings a week, although his glass always has a mouthful of my spit in it. He only gets to socialise when I require him to with me. But there are still many, many little pleasures that can be denied him if I chose to.

  5. Ma’am, I’m writing this in an older post as its not so relevant to the group. About 2 weeks ago after I ate her to two orgasms and we were cuddling up to each other. She told me to remove my panties and she straddled me and road my cage. It was so amazing her warm pussy on my clit. I am wearing the micro Holy Trainer so it has no edges everything is rounded. She was really getting into it. After about 5 mins she asked me if I liked it and if I was gonna cum. I said Yes Ma’am and then she hopped off me. She burst into laughter as I lay there spasming from all the stimulation. I didn’t cum but it felt like I did. The whole scene was amazing. Thank You Ma’am for giving a sub like me a place to speak about these things. With understanding.

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