Updates from Miss Anne and Mistress M

Two brief but enlightening and enjoyable updates emailed to me by two of my treasured Domme acquaintances. (If you are new to the blog and have not read of Ms Anne or Mistress M before, use the search box to find more from both wonderful dominant women).

From Miss Anne

Nice to hear from you and read the updates of your household dear Scarlet!

Following your example I decided to make some changes to my slave’s non-existent sexual satisfaction. On his recent birthday, my slave had a fantastic orgasm, his first and last for 2022.

From that day onwards in order to gain and enjoy even 5 minutes of freedom from the chastity belt, and experience a small erection, my slave has to pay me 15 euros for every one minute of freedom and erection. I allow him a small allowance every week which almost covers his travel expenses to and from the business he works in.

So he has two options in front of him if he wants a few minutes of freedom and erection at least once a month. Walk to and from his job to ensure money for freedom or reduce the amount and quality of food I allow him to have at my house.

By the way, I should point out here that the slave all the past years, has a separate diet and nutrition. Nothing of the delicious food he cooks for me and my mother. His diet consists of lower quality food with little or no meat, chicken, fish for days or even weeks.

kisses Anne

From Mistress M

Dear Ms Scarlet, 

Your recent blogpost on a ‘much harsher’ Locktober had me thinking about what I could do to up the ante by a few notches this year. Indeed for those of us whose subs are in chastity cages 24×7 365 days, Locktober is nothing out of the ordinary. Instead of bitch’s usual few minutes of release once a month, there’d be none in October: how very anticlimactic! 

So when he returned from work earlier this evening, I had him kneel in front of me and told him of a new development. 

bitch, do you know what the date is tomorrow?‘  ‘It’s 1st October, Mistress.’

‘Yes, it’s that month of the year again when I wouldn’t have to spare a second thought about your pathetic birth defect. But with your new release regimen that’s hardly exciting isn’t it?’ He very apprehensively nodded. Of course he knows better than to disagree with me. 

Going forward, starting this year, I have decided that I will take away one privilege from you every October. I have decided that you will never drink coffee again. Ever. You love drinking coffee, don’t you?‘  ‘Yes Mistress’, he looked stunned. 

‘Yes, so that’s over………………. Awww, are you going to cry slave?’, I roughly pulled his head up by clutching a fistful of hair and looked straight into his eyes. ‘I own you bitch and I decide what you get to wear and eat and read and watch. Everything you do besides serving me is a privilege I allow and I can take them away whenever I please.’

He made a very sorry face for himself. I continued, ‘And from now on you will have something to look forward to every October. Maybe I will take away your internet privileges forever. Or maybe I will permanently stop you from going out with your mates. Who knows, the possibilities are endless. And I will do it because I can, your misery brings me joy bitch.’ I laughed at his face. 

‘Oh and one more thing, this whole month after you are done doing dishes at night, you will sit down on the floor and write lines. I want you to write 10 pages, both sides, every night. I want them written immaculately without any error. I don’t care how long it takes, or how tired you are or what little sleep you get. Any mistake and I’m going to cane you till you are shrieking. Am I clear, bitch?’  (The line I gave him was the simple but effective ‘Thank you Mistress M for making me a better slave’)

Yes, Mistress’, he almost couldn’t believe what was happening to him. 

I cannot tell you how arousing it is to inflict such gross unfairness on my toy. Let’s just say bitch’s tongue was put through rigorous exercise today. And for the next 12 months he will be fretting about Loctober 2023. 

I hope you are doing well, Ms Scarlet. Looking forward to reading what you’ve planned for bitchboy this October. 



37 thoughts on “Updates from Miss Anne and Mistress M

  1. As it is a slave that has been placed on dietary restrictions by it’s Owner (it is overweight and Goddess wishes to own a healthy slave), it would be most interesting to hear about the diet of Miss Anne’s slave and how She uses food and diet to subjugate and humiliate Her slave.

  2. Love how both the accounts are food related. As a single sub it feels like a dream to be under the control of a person like Miss Anne or Mistress M. Also I wonder how Miss M’s sub is doing without coffee, god knows how difficult I find to wake up without it.

    1. it’s Owner took coffee out of it’s allowed foods juan and was fortunate that She substituted tea. The change is just that, a change, and was not difficult. it is grateful it She allows tea instead of just water or another cool beverage.
      Tea has also lowered its blood pressure which is is good for it juan.
      its Owner is doing what is best for it with dietary restrictions so it no longer things about what She is doing as being good/bad.
      it is thinking that it must succeed in what She orders so She is pleased.

    2. Oh he’s doing fine, his morning coffee has been substituted by a cup of water mixed with my golden nectar and that seems to wake him up just fine, lol.

      1. Thank mistress M
        For me it’s cold and no-salt tea with dry no-salt bread.
        Drink the nectar of my Mitress is a reward for me

      1. Perhaps my wife hasn’t gotten to that point yet, or simply enjoys the humiliation aspect more which she finds empowering.

          1. My respects m
            My mistress asks if you could make a post on the diet of slaves to compare the various recipes and techniques of each.

              1. My respects Mistress scarlet.
                This ask was for you.
                I am sorry for my lack of clarity and I humbly apologize for my lack of precision.

          2. It’s a bit of a story, but as it progressed a while back she had me start wearing a cage and an apron when there were certain visitors whom she’d told about my situation. So she’d have me serve drinks and generally be useful in this manner around the house. She’d have fun talking to them about cage and that I’m tiny. Occassionally with her, I would be let out of the cage for various purposes, but I had asked if I could be out more often than the schedule. The deal was that I would be able to, but only in some humiliating way that she’d devise and on her command to remove. One day she had arranged that my MIL to come over. Normally I’d be in apron and she’d humiliate me in front of her with her usual comments of tiny, etc. I would always feel ashamed when looking at my MIL after she’d make these types of comments/jokes but my wife likes doing that. So one day she’d instructed me to remove the apron and had the cage removed as well to show her that it was true. She’d had pre-arranged with my MIL if that would be okay, and she didn’t mind since she had already gotten used to me in the apron. I am allowed to have an erection when the cage is removed but for me it was particularly shameful because I was used to being covered more or less, but this time with nothing covering in addition to the ‘jokes’ I would shrink more so because I’d be nervous and they’d have a good laugh at this. In this manner, she’d say something like go ahead and have your hard on, but it’s difficult, so she’d joke about that too. So now it has become a ‘treat’ to be let out but it’s not always that easy to have a free erection. She truly enjoys making various comments to humiliate me and looks for ways to have fun at my expense. While I do like the attention I still find it kinda shameful and embarrassing at the same time.

            1. I absolutely, absolutely adore this concept. Allowing an attempt at an erection but in the circumstances of shamed embarrassment through the presence of mocking females, (especially that the females include the mother in law), so the male cannot become erect. Then the chance is over, and its back into the chastity cage. I would love to hear so much more detail!

              1. I had written about the experience in a blog a couple of years ago. It’s awkward because at the same time its titillating to be able to be freed and among another woman, but then to realize who that would be it becomes embarrassing instead. Would you consider doing something like that with your sub?

                  1. I guess I’m happy I’ve given you some ideas. What people don’t realize, as you mention in your post, is that while it sounds titillating to be freed and allowed to have an erection or perhaps to do something more like being allowed to masturbate, while in front of someone unexpected or more so someone whom it would be embarrassing to be in front of they’d find it rather difficult to get hard or do anything. Which then compounds the mocking. In my case, I was told that I could masturbate since I was freed, but she asked my MIL if that was okay and that it was up to her. She wasn’t interested so I just went back to the cage. Not fun.

  3. Dear mMstress Anne,
    Thank you for allowing us to read your last comments
    l a m sorry to ask yoy some precisions:
    what is the maximum erection time that your system allows?
    And what would be the consequences if your slave accidentally came on one of his occasions

  4. Mistress Anne, it is always such a privilege to read your updates on this blog. Every time I see your name in the title of a post my heart leaps and I feel so excited I can hardly wait to read what you have written. Your posts and comments are like precious jewels. I treasure them.

    You write beautifully, and you posts are always full of sublime details and a sharp sense of sarcastic humour. I am aware how much effort you put into each post, and that makes me even more grateful for your updates.

    It is wonderful to know that you and your mother enjoy the full benefits of owning a slave who works so hard for you every single day, that you inspect his work so closely and hold him to the very highest standards.

    I love the way you refer to him as an ‘inferior slave beta’ and you clearly regard him as a lower form of life who only exists to serve you. I know that is what I am, too, and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know you feel the same way about your slave, and treat him accordingly.

    Your strict chastity regime for him is an inspiration. I am in awe of the way you keep him locked up without any arousal or erections for so long, and only let him out very, very briefly if he has worked to your satisfaction.

    This idea of making him choose between food, transport and having his birth defect released from its tiny cage for a minute or two every month is absolutely wonderful. He is so lucky to have such a creative and intelligent Mistress.

    I assume that his walk to and from work is extremely long and tiring, and of course the longer he takes to get there, the earlier he must set off. The longer he takes to return to your house, the later he must work to complete all his cleaning, laundry, cooking and other domestic chores.

    I assume that with the allowance you so generously give him, he can buy simple things like bread, rice, perhaps dried pasta, a few vegetables and so on. But anything tasty or delicious must be forbidden.

    I (and I’m sure all of Mistress Scarlet’s readers) would love to know more details about his diet and his daily working life, but I know that it is completely unacceptable for a slave like me to ask you for anything.
    So I will simply wait for your next post as patiently as I can.

    Thank you so much, again, for everything you have already shared with us.

    slave 307

  5. Ma’am, Have you ever taken the Meyers Briggs personality test? I was just wondering? It would be an interesting study if you and the other Doms on this site each took the test to compare to each other. To see if there is a common dominate personality type that is attracted to this lifestyle.

    1. Firstly I am afraid I am not a fan of that personality test. Four main types is simply too simplistic and stereotyping. I, when recruiting, used to use some very detailed, very employee related personality type questions. I do not think in the mainstream personality types, there is any correlation. Introverts, Extroverts, etc. I have met all types of women who are dominant with their submissive male. I think the only personality components they share are, (A), the capacity to be able to ignore societies fettering rules and (B), that their decadence and hedonism is strong enough to be free of guilt or pity or sympathy, and (C) that they are intelligent enough to understand the basic drive of submissive males.

    1. He starts writing at 11 pm and barely got to sleep the first few days but is now finishing it by 2. Practice makes perfect!

  6. I just realized that Elise Sutton’s page is no more. Not sure if you noticed as it is still in your general links. Feels to me like an era in my life is gone. I started to read her blog over 20 years ago when I was 19 or so. It hadn’t been updated in a while, but I would still visit to read some of the stories.

    I always wondered if she real as many would accuse the site as fake including my former Mistress.

    Mistress Scarlet, did you ever interact with her?

  7. Does Miss Anne take tributes? I’m too far off to be of practical assistance, but I would gladly acknowledge her with a tribute if she was willing.

        1. Out of interest, before I approach Miss Anne, she will want to know why you have picked her, rather than myself or any of the other extreme Dommes like Christine M, or Sonia or Mistress M?

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