Could our puppets be made even more desperate?

I noticed an advert for a product from the company, Numan. (see below). The company does usually have pretty good scientific quality evidence to support its products. Could such a product raise the sexual desperation levels of chastity controlled submissives?

It is the case medically that the higher the testosterone levels in males, the higher the sex drive up to a point, and certainly low testosterone levels are proven to reduce sex drive. Perhaps this product could work for older men, rather than younger. Does anyone have medical knowledge on this issue?

I would love to be handing my poor, sexually desperate puppet his pill every morning and laughing as I remind him it is just to make his gnawing, inescapable sexual desperation even worse! There could well be a reasonable placebo effect whatever the actual efficacy?

Although given my puppet has gone over nineteen weeks now without an orgasm, (nearly five months), and taking into account his deeply profound misery when I visually tease him, perhaps there is a limit to how strong the feeling of sexual desperation can be. All food for thought.

Testosterone Support

An advanced, two-a-day supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals linked to sexual function, muscle function, and fertility.

Quantity: 60 capsules 
Monthly price: £28.00
This month: £5.00 (-82%)

15 thoughts on “Could our puppets be made even more desperate?

  1. Respectively I wouldn’t touch anything like this with an (erect) bargepole. I’m a gym user and have been around gyms for decades and use the services of a responsible PT twice weekly. Testosterone come under the heading of a “Performance Enhancing” drug. There’s no guarantee that any drug bought off the internet is even “quality-controlled” whatever it says in the blurb or on the label – it’s probably made in China and could even be downright dangerous . Coincidentally I met someone at the beginning of this week who I’d forgotten disappeared from the gym around 3 years ago, a muscled type and almost certainly an illegal performance drug user: he told me he’d suffered a thrombosis in his lower leg 3 years ago and now had no more interest in the gym. He looked terrible, really weak, but he was lucky because he could have died.

  2. How old is bitch boy? You also give him pills to make his wiener hard right? That would be so aweful to be fed a pill every morning that will just make you more miserable. You should definitely do it. Even if it’s just placebo. Your so creative with your cruelty

  3. I had read that Zinc naturally increased Testosterone, and a couple of days later my wife had read about some other benefits of Zinc about increased energy. I also know that increased Testosterone in women can lead to an increased libido. So I asked my wife if we could start taking the supplements together but after 2 weeks I had to stop. It didn’t seem to affect my wife’s libido at all but it was adding a significant spike to my urges, especially in the mornings. We still do the chasity and she likes controlling my orgasms but she stopped spanking me and everything else. She naturally reverts back to her submissive ways, so I’m just happy she likes the cage and maybe as time grows she will get more into pushing her limits. I bet the T boosters and the Ciallis would be torture. Thank You Ma’am

  4. Random question: how do you maintain BB fitness levels? Since starting chastity I’ve found my testosterone levels drop and I started going to the gym less and gaining a few extra lbs.

  5. It’s hard to say without seeing the actual ingredients but it’s very likely that they are a combination of vitamins and minerals that help in circulation and are supposed to boost testosterone. So it shouldn’t harm your boy at all (minus minor stomach troubles maybe). If it has anabolic androgenic steroids though, I’d be careful as they may have side effects as well as drug interactions with other prescription medication.

  6. Greetings Ms. Scarlet,
    Love your blog and I lurk and read every post… i’m a medical student, into fitness, and these are my two cents: these things generally only work if you have a bad diet. If you’re on a healthy diet you already have the vits/minerals needed for test and extra won’t increase it. The things that can increase it are really just good sleep, diet, & heavy resistance training. Although there is also TRT (test replacement therapy) that some men 50+ take to feel and perform like a younger man (since testosterone declines with age) and basically its patches or injections. However, interestingly, testosterone seems to be the reason why women live longer (or at least one of them) since castrated male sheep live longer (there are multiple mechanisms as to how exactly it affects lifespan), so idk if its a great idea to do TRT to begin with…

  7. Almost all of these over the counter pills that promise enhanced testosterone are nothing but vitamin pills. A visit to a urologist who can prescribe testosterone is the only way to get it pure. But they would be reluctant to prescribe it unless a blood test showed very low amounts. Too much testosterone taken without need can be dangerous and possibly cause cancer.

  8. I can certainly understand the appeal of something like this, but looking at the ingredients listed they probably provide little more than an overpriced placebo.

    The Numan’s own claims for this product use the same weasel words adopted by purveyors of other nutriceuticals ‘The Testosterone Support supplement contains 11 carefully sourced, vetted, and researched active ingredients, that absorb into the body within hours to help promote and maintain healthy testosterone levels.’
    ‘researched’ – no citations given
    ‘help promote and maintain’ (i.e. do not change)
    ‘healthy testosterone levels’ (i.e. status quo)

    Given the power of the placebo effect, and the huge psychological element in sexual arousal, you may well be able to achieve the result you want much more cheaply by buying a tube of Smarties and telling your sub it’s a testosterone booster. The placebo effect (at least for pain relief) is greatest with red tablets, but given the popularity of Viagra you may find the blue Smarties work better. (And you get to eat the rest of the Smarties!)

  9. I would suspect this a all in wonder snake oil product…. To suggest it offers support for testrone etc is a tenuous.

    Excessive testrone has health issues associated with it as I understand, prostate etc….one of the reasons why low doseage estrogen is a medication for prostate cancer.

    But as we know there are lots of fanciful beliefs out there…meddling with nature’s balance is a troubling place in my belief……

  10. Wishing the same. As a male in chastity, i would gladly ingest a pill of this nature. Most of these are generally supplements for the prostate. For myself, viagra doesnt provide my body any additional “horniness” only being rock hard longer. Agreed on the T-level. i also usr T-gel to endure its at a maximum.

  11. No over the counter testosterone booster will do anything. Ashwagandha is perhaps the only thing that may work, whilst it doesn’t boost test levels, it shifts test usage so more is available to use. I used this for fitness goals and my sexual desires increased but only for a week or so then was back to normal levels. Personally, I’d say don’t waste your time or money. Messing with test can also cause anxiety, MH and other less desirable issues.

  12. It’s not actual testosterone, just vitamins & minerals touted as ‘supporting’ testosterone production. This is likely based on studies showing correlations between a LACK of certain vitamins/minerals with low testosterone levels. It does not follow that extra vitamins/minerals will help where there was no deficit to begin with.
    Give it a try, but I doubt there will be much effect unless BB is lacking the vitamins & minerals contained in the product.

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