Part 2: Could our puppets be made even more desperate?

Truly thank you for the many comments, everyone of which was useful even if only to reassure my existing views.

I know the Numan product does not include testosterone itself. This is a double edged sword as if bitch-boy has an insufficiency of some vitamin related to testosterone production, it could sort that and be beneficial, to me. The downside being, if he has no vitamin shortage, there is only the placebo effect, but I NEVER underestimation the potential power of placebo effects, especially when the goal is a mental feeling. I do feel obliged to respond on some of the comments to put minds at rest over my levels of sanity and intelligence.

I would not buy a medical product from some random internet site. As I tried to make clear, Numan is a reputable supplier of medical products in the UK and they would not sell anything risky or dangerous.

bitch-boy is highly intelligent and so for a successful placebo effect, not only would the pill have to, not taste like sugar or candy, I would also need real testosterone treatment related packaging and a sheet of paper in there that listed potential side effects.

For males the age of bitch-boy, he could have low or lower testosterone that could not be corrected with vitamins. This is a medical fact. (Given bitch-boy’s levels of competitiveness in certain situations, I am doubting he has a shortage of testosterone!)

It appears there is no risk of causing prostate cancer by medical testosterone enhancement, but it is the case that it could advance existing cancer that already needs treatment, and like with all medications there could be side effects.

I have him take Cialis on specific occasions. I do know erectile dysfunction remedies DO NOT raise libido.

The helpful upshot of all the comments is the potential project of: 1. Buying some actual medical testosterone enhancement pills, swapping out the pills for unmarked micro-dose aspirin and having him take one a day for the placebo effect. 2. Having him medically tested for testosterone levels, which brings with it all sorts of humiliations whatever the results.

Thank you all again. I found every single comment useful.

25 thoughts on “Part 2: Could our puppets be made even more desperate?

  1. I love your content and your exploration at the limits of this type of relationship. Up to this point I’ve read with admiration of you and a jealousy of bitchboy (and also a sense of relief that I’m not in actually in his position!).

    This post is the first time for me that I’ve questioned the boundaries of consent and responsibility, and I’m trying to work out why this is. I think it is around giving asprin as a placebo – aspirin does have a physiological effect on the body by thinning the blood slightly which in itself isn’t an issue (and can be used postiviely to alleviate high blood pressure), but it means you’re now feeding him pills which are having an effect on his body that he isn’t aware of. I really can’t tell whether this is a line crossed in terms of dominance and submission, or it is almost like an ultimate testament to it.

    You could be potentially feed him anything (not that you *would*, but you *could*). It’s not even about him trusting you will not feed him anything (too) harmful, it’s that he doesn’t even know that you are wielding this power and making these decisions. Is this no longer informed consent?

    It’s also on the flip side for you – you now effectively have a level of control of and responsibility for his long term health… Imagine in 5 years time what would happen if he visited the doctor with complications from low blood pressure… What would happen when he realises what you have been doing? How would you feel?

    As I say, I really am struggling to work out where I land with this – the thought of someone having that level of power and manipulation over me is intoxicating, but it similarly places a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.

    This is not intended as a criticism by the way, just a genuine exploration around the boundaries of this lifestyle.

    1. Firstly, I wrote the aspirin placebo effect was a potential project. I have not done this, but I do not rule it out, but see below.
      I should have mentioned that if I did, it would be a micro-dose which in the UK is 65mg. Tens of millions of males in the UK and USA are prescribed by their doctors micro-dose of aspirin for various reasons, although in the USA this is 80mg. for genetic reasons, bitch-boy is on the boarder of such a prescription anyway. If you have any scientific standards medical research repots that show harm from micro-dose aspirin, please send me links. If I go down this route I may well choose to use a harmless and pointless vitamin supplement of which there are a number from which to choose. (I am not saying all vitamin supplements are pointless by the way.)
      The second issue you raise is ‘informed consent.’ This phrase together with ‘safe, sane and consensual‘ and ‘power exchange‘ and all need throwing in the dustbin of unhelpful stuff in the BDSM world. None of these phrases mean anything and were invented in the era when most DS activities were between strangers in BDSM night clubs.
      I do not know what ‘informed consent‘ means but I am happy to read any definition that makes sense of it. What I do know is that submissives crave and need, to feel helplessly in the power of a pitiless cruel dominant. They do not feel helpless if the Domme can only do to them what they consent to. I also know if a domme is doing something mean that the sub finds does not make him feel submissive, he can give the ultimatum that she stops that thing or he will be forced to leave. The Domme then has a choice to make and in real life 999.9% of the time compromise is reached.

      Thirdly I already take full responsibility for his health during many DS activities, why are you thinking I would not do so with this potential activity?

      I think these two issue are conflated in your comment. Given if I go down this toute, the pills bitch-boy takes will be 100% risk free for his health, and given waht else I have written here, I am intersted to know what you now think.

      1. Maybe the way to go rather than oral ingestion of a placebo is to apply a water based lube or unscented lotion and describe it as topical androgen. The theatrics of gloving up for application is fun too.

        Else just buy empty gelcaps and load with cornstarch, amino acid supplement, wheat dextrin or whatever benign substance is available and safe from an allergy and drug interaction perspective. Printing the package insert for your favorite androgen or faking a compounding pharmacy receipt is easy if further mindfucking required. TTFN

  2. Talking of prostate cancer – I just read an article that stated an increased risk of PC in those that don’t ejaculate compared to frequent ejaculators. Just mentioning on the slim chance that you were unaware of these risks.

    1. Always worth mentioning. Here is a link to a post that deals with this issue and relates to whether the male is under or over, 30 years of age.
      Another example of the potential tremendous damage of stupid religious rules does come out of this though. The USA Christian sects, and other religions around the world, that coerce boys and young males into abstinence from masturbation and thereby potentially condemning many of them to prostate cancer in later life. Shameful.

  3. Good evening Ms. Scarlet, how do you manage BB fitness or weight? Does he find exercising in chastity difficult? Since being in chastity for a few months (on and off) my desire to workout has reduced. Thank you!

    1. I do not believe your testosterone levels have dropped, or actually that higher testosterone levels cause an increased desire to exercise anyway.
      He has adapted to doing his exercise in his chastity device with minimal difficulty.
      I control what he eats and how much exercise he does so he is the weight I want him to be.

      1. Thank you for your response. It’s not that my T levels have dropped but my desire. This new chapter of my life has made me extremely subservient and weak feeling. I just feel like a beta version of a man.

          1. I am overweight madam, but not fat. I’m 28 years old, currently weighing 235 pounds and 6’ 1”. I have good athletic genes. My wife does dominate me but gently nothing extreme yet (I long for that).

              1. Before I felt burly and manly. Now I feel more gentle and soft. I used to love penetrating my wife, now that’s become more rare. The only thing I get to enjoy now is dish washing, changing diapers, and massaging her. I don’t feel like beta 100% just kinda losing that masculinity I guess.

                  1. I didn’t say that masculinity is required to workout? I said that I was losing my masculinity… from what I’ve seen your body is stunning, some might say hand sculpted by God.

    1. I deeply regret that I spent time trying to help you identify the precise cause of your loss of workout motivation.
      You wrote:
      ‘….Before I felt burly and manly. Now I feel more gentle and soft. I used to love penetrating my wife, now that’s become more rare. The only thing I get to enjoy now is dish washing, changing diapers, and massaging her. I don’t feel like beta 100% just kinda losing that masculinity I guess….’

  4. With utmost respect, Miss Scarlet, I must partially disagree with your statement: “. . . erectile dysfunction remedies DO NOT raise libido.”

    If we define “libido” as “psycho-sexual arousal,” then pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis can increase libido, but not directly; rather, as part of a feedback loop.

    My own experience, as similarly recounted by other men, is that when taking Cialis, even casual physical stimulation of my genitals (e.g., tightness of jockey shorts; pants rubbing wrong way; pushing again kitchen counter doing dishes; chastity cage that can move and rub) can cause mild tumescence of my cock. This is detectable by both my conscious and subconscious mind. The tumescence also, like most men, makes my cock much more sensitive to further “touch.” Further, my mind, focusing on these enhanced feelings, also amplifies (through “psycho-sexual arousal”, i.e, “libido”) the tumescence, creating even further sensitivity. The positive feedback loop continues and expands. (Of course, there would be no reaction without some minor, initial stimulation, but that stimulation does NOT have to be sexual in any way to create a profound psycho-sexual (“libidic”) response!)

    Just my personal experience, and opinions, of which other men have confirmed in their own experiences.

    It’s quite possible that some Cialis, and a slightly looser cage, might be an interesting way to torture BB.

    1. Our whole difference of views come down to your little phrase, ‘…..a slightly looser cage,…’.
      He does not have a looser cage, he has a completely tight cage that prevents even the slightest growth towards an erection so he does not get increased libido from Cialis. I adore he gets not even the slightest growth towards an erection. I would not forgo how much he hates that!
      I agree with you that were he to have a loose cage, he would increased libido fro Cialis because of qll the reasons you list.

  5. Dear Ms Scarlet,

    I smiled when I read about BB’s levels of competitiveness in certain situations. Like so much of your writing, it struck a chord.

    Given that bb has found such an intelligent and beautiful life partner who has helped him live his every fantasy, and given how many readers of this blog would like to experience a life like his, do you think he might feel, on some level, that he is “winning” at submission?

    I hope so. The contradiction between self-perception and status in the relationship would be wonderful.

    I love your use of the placebo effect. There was a fascinating program maybe two years ago with Michael Mosely, I think on the BBC, that demonstrated the placebo effect continuing to work even after the recipient knew that it was “just” a placebo they were taking. The condition was chronic back pain, and it literally got people out of wheelchairs. Our brains are strange things, and the only erogenous zone that really matters!

    Warmest regards,

    1. I do not think bb thinks he is winning having got me as his Mistress, as I have genuinely gone further than he wants. I do think he feels pride that I insisted on marrying him to spend the rest of my life with him.

  6. In the past year, I have included in my regiment for my males when they misbehaves, penile injections of Trimix . Trimix is very concentrated Cialas in injection form., which makes for a intense, uncomfortable erection which can last hours based on the dosage. T

    When the male is to be disciplined, he is required to wear a small, spiked cage and once in the securely in the restraint chair, injections are given into his penis in 1/24 the amount per injections, which requires 24 injections into his caged penis. This itself is very unpleasant. The injections can divided further allowing for up to 64 injections per dosing.

    Within 20 minutes his erection will become very intense and this becomes a very unpleasant experience for him. The male will become very noisy.

    Additional injection series are given every about every 6 hours. He will plead and try to bargain for release. But this is none. I make a point to dress provocatively and manipulate his package to achieve maximum “discomfort”

    Watching a male strapped into a chair and gyrate his hips in order to achieve sexual release is orgsamic for me.

      1. I am corrections supervisor at a civil medical facility that is responsible for the rehabilitation/correction of male sexual offenders. We have many male “patients” that are being treated.

  7. I found this mention of low testosterone to be an interesting one but having the rignt vitamins is one thing and the right minerals another. The Minerals are more important even than the Vitamins as Vitamins will not work without the corresponding minerals and ZINC IS ONE of the main ones . I often find that my erections are not that good at age 73 as i am now and tried Viagra once but with little or no success. Cialis sounds interesting and i have not tried it myself so can you tell what success your slave has had with it if at all please? One set of thing that seems to help a little are things that are good for the prostate so that certainly needs looking into too. Saw palmetto helps with that amongst other things as i understand it! Its very interesting to hear from Brenda by the way .This is very useful information indeed.I will check this Trimix out but as it needs to be injected im not that sure to be using it myself. I always look forward to Mistress Scarlets very imaginative treatments to her slave and he must surely be a good one too and he does not seem to complain about anything you subject him to. AMAZING slave and an Even More AMAZING MISTRESS/ OWNER!

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