Reviews for my Volume 20 and a suggestion.

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A Suggestion

fluffy has below communicated a suggestion I very much like. For those many single male submissives who own a chastity device and read my blog. Wear the padlocked chastity device while reading my journal No. 20 and put the padlock keys somewhere safe out of your house. Perhaps in your car, or similar, or freeze them in a cube of ice before you start reading. If you are a single male submissive who does not own a chastity device, read my blog wearing trousers with a belt and do not unbuckle the belt.



5.0 out of 5 stars Truly brilliant account of real fem domme relationship Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 10 November 2022

Verified Purchase

Mistress Scarlet’s writing is unique. It transports the reader into an intoxicating appreciation of what it means to be a Mistress and submissive in a real fem Domme relationship. Unrivalled in the genre this book is a must read. I eagerly await the next journal!



Yay! Hot on the heels of the wonderful update Ms Christine M, this boy is already halfway through your Journal No. 20 and loving it, as much as I suspect BB did not enjoy yhr experienced described within! (though I must add I am not enjoying it in a way you wouldn’t approve is, as I am respectfully reading it, locked in chastity, based on the advice of another femdom author who advises ‘like Coca-Cola recommend a coke is ‘best served chilled’ I always recommend my stories are ‘best read locked’ for subs’)

Quite scary to see the return of the ‘dick-stick’, even more so how it was utilised!
The Most Respected Governess Lynne is as formidable as you Ms Scarlet. Oh to be so lucky to find oneself at the whim and (no) mercy of either one of you, let alone both – bitch-boy’s ‘alarm clock’ and outside the bedroom door humiliations must have been so disheartening for him and today’s reading will commence with the return to Mistress Lynne for another long weekend.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences, they always give this BAV (since Oct 2019) a boost to redouble his efforts to finding a Mistress to serve.

16 thoughts on “Reviews for my Volume 20 and a suggestion.

  1. this boy is pleased you like the suggestion Ms Scarlet – though he takes no credit for it himself, it just something he complies with as he liked it too.
    Something, he was inspired to do by your Journals was to purchase online was Linnex from a UK site ( ) to see if he could be as brave as BB. Having tried stinging nettles, this boy thought he would go further, or at least test the waters and see…
    Well, his initial brush with Linnex, just a tiny amount, made him realise he needed someone doing it to him, with the threat of something worse etc rather than his own application and so he put the stick away. Yesterday, due to an ache in his leg, this boy used it for its real purposes and applied it liberally his shin area in the morning and OMG!!! It was still stinging painfully by 6pm – so, how BB can deal with this on his birth defect, even this committed sub has no idea!
    It reminded this boy once of having Tabasco sauce dripped into a condom and then wearing the condom – the closed space really intensified the heat with no cooling air for relief. Have you ever used Linnex on BB and then put a condom on his defect to keep the heat in?

    1. My normal use of the Linnex lasts about 35 to 45 minutes on him.
      If I even lay a sheet over him, resting on his little defect, that can tip the balance to real tears.
      I do love my Linnex applicator!

  2. Dear Mistress,

    OMG! Purchased y’day finished reading this morning!

    Absolutely loved the slapping face experiment. Plus totally loved reading about the Do it again!

    The scale of Your dominance is breathtaking but truly fantastic!
    So turned on all the way through!

    Need to get previous journals think 15 first, then 16-18 already been # 19!

    Great work!

  3. From my own brief and casual reading of Ms SCARLETS POSTS I Must confess that if i were her slave i would be in constant torment , dread and in an ever present fear of what she might do. She exudes absolute and total control over her slave and despite his obvious devotions he allows her to subject him to some of the most outrageous and to me seeminglu even semi dangerous experiments which put altogther make Her the Most Awesome Enslaver of the meek-mined submissive male in the whole of this country at least. I would in a continuous tremble just to be in her presence. Even though i have been a submissive all my life at some time or another i have never encountered a Mistress with so much absolute power. I have often wondered whether any Mistress has siubjected her male slave to a forced circumcision, ( either with or withour an aneasthetic) and whether she has ever thought to Pickle the removed foreskin and have it made into a leatherette ring to put on her riong finger? Its just an idea buit what a powerful one it is as it demonstrates Her ABSOLUTE POWER in a very demonstrable way!? Any thoughts on this please?

    1. Semi-dangerous?

      He is only ‘weak-willed’ when submitting to a dominant woman. In the vanilla world he is the opposite of ‘weak-willed’.

      My power comes from asking him one question every now and again. “I can stop dominating you altogether, or continue to dominate you my way. There is no third choice. What is your choice?” He hates the question, but in the end his answer is always, continue dominating me please.

      There are women far more ‘extreme’ than me. I have met a few.

      I have heard of women getting their sub males circumcised but only ever in a hospital.

      1. Dear Mistress ,
        I say semi-dangerous because unless the Mistress is aware of them then there is more chance that she will get carried away and do them without caring or thinking that they may not harm.

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