FLR diets for submissives?

A commenter wanted me to publish a post on this topic and I think it might be interesting. I imagine the request was prompted by the fantastic Miss Anne, breifly describing her diet regimen for her slave-husband.

Are their Dommes imposing, and subs enduring, specific diets imposed as it is an FLR. At the bottom end of the spectrum, but very important, is the imposition of a diet to prevent the sub being overweight. A kindness for his health, longevity and mobility. At the other end of the spectrum is a diet imposed as a subjugation tool. Perhaps food he hates, of very bland or cheap food or both.

I impose the former all the time and the latter on specific occasions. The latter for my bitch will always involve the foods he hates so much, eating them can make him gag and retch. Then there is the fun of ‘condiments’. Urine, spit, ejaculate, cigarette ash and butts can be fun.

Then there is the delivery method. If his plate includes mostly solids and little liquid, I like to turn his plate upside down on the floor and press my shoes or boots into the mess, while I eat at the table. Indoors or outdoors. Then he has to eat it from the floor without fingers and clean my shoes or boots with his tongue. A dog bowl is a fun alternative as well.

In my hugely popular published BDSM Manual, (at the back when I fully describe the 5 most common role play types a Domme may wish her sub to adopt), I fully detail diet options for eaxh of the role play types.

I hope others can contribute with comments on the issue of FLR imposed diets! New ideas to adopt are always such fun, (for the Domme anyway).

39 thoughts on “FLR diets for submissives?

  1. I don’t know if you were ever acquainted with Mrs. Birch’s website. For those who don’t remember her, she was a professional disciplinarian based in Australia who specialized in traditional domestic and scholastic discipline/punishments. When a “student” was assigned one of her weekend detentions, he was also subject to detention meals as follows:

    Evening Meals Twelve (12) yellow squash are boiled for two hours and then partly drained. The drained water should be kept for a drink after the meal. The squash are then mashed, or preferably pureed, and left to go cold.

    A large potato is boiled for forty minutes and then mashed with a small amount of pre-prepared, powdered milk only. No seasonings are used. The mashed potato is left to go cold in the refrigerator. The water may again be saved for his refreshment breaks.

    When both are cold, about two hours after preparation, they may be served together. They are to be consumed within thirty minutes of starting the meal; together with the water from the squash. No seasoning or sauces are allowed and impeccable table manners are expected. He should eat in silence.

    Lunches Cold, dry sandwiches with a very thin smear of meat paste or jam (I think you call this jelly in America.) or dripping; together with a glass of vegetable juice or fruit juice. Sandwiches are to be made at breakfast time and left out until lunch time to go to a little stale.

    Breakfast Farex or a similar babies powered breakfast cereal is used. This is mixed with water only and stirred so it is very thick and lumpy. This is particularly tasteless when served in this manner. Cold toast with dripping is also served.

    Snacks If you consider snacks are required at any time in his five minute breaks then serve baby’s rusks and baby food only.

        1. A person here on November 19 posted “I don’t know if you were ever acquainted with Mrs. Birch’s website.” Mrs Birch, when she posts here, does so using the name Christine. Her web presence was discontinued some time ago. I am always elated when I see her posts here.

            1. I do seem to be mistaken for a lot of people! As I have posted before. I have never posted on any web site other than Miss Scarlet’s!

  2. A Domme i visited once gave me a bowl of cornflakes to which She added Her Golden Nectar before i ate like a dog. Every flake was soaked. i love the idea of being forced to eat everything using a toilet bowl She has recently used as my dinner table

        1. Very extreme. You previously wrote, ‘….i love the idea of being forced to eat everything using a toilet bowl She has recently used as my dinner table…‘ Still not sure what this long phrase means?
          What actually happened? The toilet bow as in the video, or is that just your fantasy?

          1. The toilet bowl is a fantasy how males should be fed but the bowl of cornflakes was real which i was forced to eat on my hands and knees on the floor. i was also fed food chewed and spat on a plate during the session. My fantasies are very extreme!

            1. hmmm, toilet bowl can equal short term health consequences so not for me.
              Chewed up food, spat onto the floor is a frequent pleasure of mine to impose as my puppet’s meal time. Spat on the floor and squashed under the sole of my shoes before he gets to ‘enjoy’ eating it.
              Have you experienced cigarette ash added to that ‘preparation’ too.

              1. i have not experienced cigarette ash in my food though i long to but have been used as an ashtray and licking up cigarette ash from the floor a number of times. Once i was forced to lick crushed crisps under the soles of a Mistresses Boots which She purposely made difficult for me laughing at my struggles to get my tongue on the crisps. i absolutely love how You feed Your puppet and always dream being fed like this. And to lick clean a dirty ashtray swimming in Womans Spit. i would love to always be fed food that is in a Womans spit, ash, piss. Female waste is holy and precious to me and i am a puppet to be fed in the most humiliating ways.

              2. Ms scarlet , I had cigarette ashes flicked in my mouth and I was forced to eat a cigarette butt it made me kind of sick , I’m lucky My Mistress doesn’t involve me in toilet bowl and no scat scenarios , golden nectar that’s a different story she makes me drink it , it’s like a ritual , I kneel in front of her she cuffs my hands behind my back , she whips my ass, it’s a hard cleansing whipping it’s punishment I have to pay for my mistakes then she stands in front of me and fills a brandy glass right there it’s still warm and she holds it to my lips and I take sips of i drink it all it’s like religious ritual she calls it communion , I’m whipped for my sins I’m clean and she gives me her nectar that I swallow it’s a new beginning , thank you slave cc

                1. My bitch has had to eat ash and butts many times and it has never made him sick.
                  I NEVER do scat or toilet bowls because of the health risks (and smell). I do have my bitch lick black-current yoghurt from the toilet bowl rim from time to time after I have urinated in the toilet, but I let him clean the rim before I apply the yoghurt which he finds very humiliating. He then has to clean it again once I am bored of having him lick the yoghurt from the rim.

    1. My owner and her girl friend brought out to a house out in a wooded area far from town , they brought me to the basement the lit a candle told me to strip naked they had a thick chain like a tow chain about 3 feet long one end was cemented into the wall the other end they put around my neck and pad locked i was like a chained up
      dog I had to kneel they but a gallon jug of water there by me made a few jokes some humiliation and as they left they told me they both peed in that jug to give that water a good flavor for me and left me they locked the door from the outside and left there I was naked on my knees chained to a wall with a gallon of water that they peed in well as the time went by that candle burned out so I was in the dark ,I was freaking out and yes they both peed in the water but I ended up drinking it anyway that’s all I had, all night they were gone , they left at about 7 at night they came back at 2 pm the next day , I was mad that night drinking a Golden nectar all night I swore I’d get even but when they came back I was so grateful I kissed their feet they made me get in the truck and drove home I was naked in the trunk the pulled up to friend friends car port got me out brought me in the house and made me eat their pussies they were full of cum I had to clean two cream pies thank you slave cc

      1. Thank you for sharing your experiences slave cc. This is one of my fantasies being kidnapped by Superior Women taken to a remote place chained in their basement humiliated degraded dominated drinking their golden nectar as my water. i too would love to know more of your day to day FLR.

        1. Well girly, it’s a cool fantasy but spending a night chained by the neck in the dark for about 15 hours it got to me , they really screwed my mind up I thought I was going to crack up at one point and I left out a part my Mistress always gives me a hard whipping, a no mercy whipping that’s always the beginning and the ending of our sessions and this adventure well you think it would make me mad but it just broke me down it made me even more submissive and obedient to wife mistress Margo and her friend Mistress Joellen, so it’s nice to hear from you and watch for what you wish for lol slave cc

  3. It would be interesting to see just how cheaply you could feed a slave using the most bland of food. Bread (day old) water, plain noodles, boiled liver (or other inexpensive meats.

  4. I like my bitch lean and muscular and he follows a strict diet accordingly. Offhand that includes no added sugar in his food, no desserts, no fatty meat (he is allowed only chicken breast and a few specific fish), no refined grains (so no bread) and barely anything fried. Gym and swimming every alternate day.

    Also no alcoholic drink or sugary soda for him. I have also added no coffee to the list recently so the only fluids he consumes are water, tea and my golden nectar. And of course his filthy ejaculate which is increasingly rare these days.

    It’s all a bit boring I’m afraid but I always enjoy seeing him look at me devouring a bag of crisps with sad, jealous puppy eyes only for a second or so before he inevitably shakes himself out of it. It’s a natural everyday thing that makes me feel contended with the control I have over my boy and puts him into subspace.

  5. If I might suggest, try TOFU, it has no taste, high protein, cheap and easy to find. (I know, I am on the Keto/ intermitent fasting diet and love the results)

  6. Since David is ‘managed’ as might a strict youth have been in Victorian or Edwardian days; he is not allowed any alcoholic beverages, tea, or coffee. He is allowed an occasional soft drink, perhaps once or twice a month. He is similarly only occasionally allowed chocolate, ice cream or dessert.

    My sister has introduced him to some meals that really turn his stomach!

  7. My respects Mistress.
    I thank you for having responded favorably to the request of my mistress for this subject.
    For her, eating is a pleasure and she considers that the submissive must be deprived as much of gustatory pleasure as sexual pleasure and I will not speak here of other forbidden pleasures.
    It also allows her to control my weight.
    Here are some restrictions I am subject to.
    For the drink it’s simple, only water and salted tea.
    Water and tea can be flavored with my own piss. I find drinking my own piss humiliating and disgusting unlike mistress’s nectar which is a gift from my goddess.
    As for food, the basic principle is cold and without salt.
    the dry bread and water diet is certainly the best known, but it can be improved with bread without salt.
    My diet is mostly boiled vegetables and low cuts of meat and fish scraps.
    But my main dish is cabbage, i hate cabbage, especially brussels cabbagers. I assure you that eating cold Brussels sprouts without salt is horrible, and sometimes to make matters worse, piss is added to the cooking water, and this is reused to cook my other food.
    All my food tastes like cabbage.
    mistress has also established a rule “no waste” all that remains of the meals and the waste of the culinary preparations, the peels, are kept and when there is enough everything is mixed and serves me as a meal.
    I still have many other recipes and anecdotes about the meal and its environment but I have to stop for today for lack of time.
    My respects Mistress.

      1. My tributes Mistress,
        to start a little recipe very easy to make, not too bad.
        It’s simply overcooked unsalted rice, in the cooking water of a food that your submissive doesn’t like and, or piss.
        He will eat it cold, it is very bland and looks more like plaster than rice.
        In your goodness you can coat this succulent dish with a little cod liver oil to aid digestion.
        In general I eat at the table in front of Mistress, she likes to tease me by asking me if it’s good, if I like…? while I have to watch her eat a succulent dish.
        To make my meal even less pleasant, I’m sitting naked on a triangular support high enough so that my feet don’t touch the ground with my dress pulled up and my panties on my knees.
        When I eat on the floor, it’s directly on the floor, but that doesn’t bother me too much because I know it’s perfectly clean since I’m the one cleaning it.
        On this occasion I am on my knees on legos after having lowered my stockings on my ankles.
        Some Mistress tricks to make things worse.
        -mouth soaping just before the meal
        -the worse the food tastes, the smaller my spoon, I have to savor!
        -When I fast I’m entitled to a teaspoon of tabasco.
        for food she exchanged potatoes for turnips.
        -when I eat out, which is rare, alcohol is totally forbidden to me, and when we come home I am forced to hours of home trainer or treadmill to eliminate “toxins” as she says
        I end with an anecdote.
        one day Mistress caught me tasting her food while I was cooking, she didn’t like it at all and got very angry at the fact that I didn’t have to touch her food.
        I pleaded that it was to be sure that it was to make sure that it was perfect, she severely punished me and she decided that I no longer had the right to go into the kitchen for anything without wearing a muzzle . Moreover, she would be sure that I would not steal the slightest crumb of food.
        Cooking without being able to taste is a real challenge and if she is not satisfied with her meal, I am obviously punished.
        My respects Mistress.

          1. The reusable mesh veg bags from a supermarket begining with “T” work well and can be left, securely tied on, all day. No sneaky eating but can drink. Added benefits-the nicotine stain from a crafty cigarette is very conspicuous and, not that smallbear would, a very effective spit mask.
            Only 30p- a bargain.

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