Parallel tracks of erection denial, David and bitch-boy

Below is an email I have received from Christine M. It is a wonderful read. Her subby David seems to be on a parallel path to my subby bitch when it comes to quite extreme erection and orgasm rationing; with each sub apparently experiencing the same emotions.


Christine’s email


I thought this might interest your readers. David had been getting increasingly panicky and desperate as the number of his remaining weekly ‘draws’ for a release kept running down. If you recall, he has two releases scheduled each chastity year, running from March to the end of the following February. A computer algorithm determines when he gets these releases.   

He last drew a release in September 2022. This was also the last time he had an erection. This left him with one more release before the end of February, after which his next chastity year, with two releases, would begin. However, I had deleted two of his draws due to ‘misbehaviour’. Hence his increasing anxiety as the last few draws neared. Neither of us knew whether one of those two deletions had been a release option since the computer randomly chooses which are deleted without revealing their contents. 

We sat down together after lunch on Sunday, the 26th of February, for his last draw of his chastity year. To say he was looking fretful would be an understatement. He was shaking in nervous anticipation. There was just one result to be revealed. Neither of us knew if it was his release, or if the release had been lost as mentioned above. He was frantically praying it was his much-needed release. I spent some time verbally teasing him and playing with his nipples, which drives him mad with pent-up desire. He is ever so much more sensitive now he is unable to erect.  

I finally let him click open the last option. His devastation was palpable when the program flashed up, “Try again next week.” In contrast, I roared with delighted laughter. One of the two items I had programmed to be removed had indeed been his release option! He begged and pleaded, he cried real tears, he was actually close to throwing a tantrum at the unfairness of it. I remained adamant, there would be no reprieve!  

He then started pleading that he at least be allowed an erection, sobbing loudly that his current chastity regime with no erections was too extreme and totally unreasonable. I had to laugh when he eventually  tearfully begged if he could just have an erection for one minute! I made it clear I had no pity for him and that I could see absolutely no reason for him to be allowed a gratuitous erection… not even for a minute!  

I reminded him, “… many years ago, I recall someone entreating that he dreamed of a Mistress who kept him in the strictest chastity and displayed no compassion nor mercy. Which is where you are now, David. Not only do I have no need for your defect, but I also derive the most intense pleasure in knowing that your defect is locked away ever so very securely and tightly, that it is impossible for it to even erect. You may beg and plead as much as you wish but I will not be changing my stance on the matter. Now, I have one more thing to cover off with you…  

“I am changing your chastity year to match the Calendar Year going forward. To allow for this shorter year ahead, I have coded your new chastity release program to permit one release before the end of December.” His displeasure at this news was obvious as he stood there in sullen shock, initially lost for words! His face was still tear-streaked as he tried to convince me that 10-months was hardly a short year and that, it would take less than a minute to update the program with another release. I dispassionately responded that I was not going to waste my time on something so trivial , and very firmly advised there would be no further discussion.  

That evening, I made a point of sharing the above events during a telephone call to my sister, which I made from the kitchen on speaker-phone, while he was scrubbing the floor on his hands and knees. I knew our cruel humour and giggles were going to really wind-him-up. We shared a special laugh over his pathetic request to be allowed a one-minute erection! It was soon evident that he was totally overwhelmed by his continuing recognition of such extreme unfairness in his situation and he was profoundly despondent over how he just had to helplessly take it; with no escape and no way out. Our cold-humour simply reinforced his awareness of my total implacability to consider even for one second, the tiniest shred of mercy.

To more laughter from my sister, I snapped at him, “if you know what’s good for you, you’d better stop feeling sorry for yourself and put some serious effort into your scrubbing… I’ll not tolerate a grumpy, lazy maid!” Truth was, whilst he was really tired, and feeling very upset and sorry for himself, he was managing to scrub fast and hard, but he knew he had better scrub even more furiously if he wanted to avoid my cane. Not that he did, I later striped the front and back of his thighs seriously severely ‘to give him something to take his mind off his chastity!” He brought me to several enormous climaxes later that night. When I was finally sated, he moved to snuggle up to me. He was in submissive heaven.


Christine  XXXX

13 thoughts on “Parallel tracks of erection denial, David and bitch-boy

  1. ah to live in sub heaben is a dream for allof us subs that can only happend when our Owner knows and does what is best to make each of us happy. Thank You for sharing a loving story

  2. My wife can be strict but not nearly that strict. Like many subs I dream of being in a relationship like that, with a completely merciless mistress—the idea of being careful of what you wish for is incredibly enticing. Only the kind of relationship that results in regret can be the kind of relationship you crave so ardently.

      1. Thank *you,* Mistress. I have so many fantasies that revolve around the theme of “Be careful of what you wish for because you might get it.” I find your entries and Christine’s entries incredibly exciting and educational. Even though my wife is not as dominant as you are, I do use ideas you have used and “suggest” them to my wife, some of which she has tried.

  3. I don’t know how people do long term chastity. I get really grumpy and moody a week or 2 in and it totally turns off my wife. I tell myself to just give in and submit, I really want to, but it feels hormonal almost. Regrettably, I think it’s off the table.

  4. I do, but regrettably, she’s not in a place of confidence and my grumpiness/irritability ruined it for her. I wish I knew how to help her with her confidence. She was one of the most confident people I’ve met before we were married. She has a high powered job and some awful bosses that sapped her of it. I’ve done everything I can to make life easy for her, but strangely, that’s made her feel unworthy. All of our friends focus on what a great husband I am, rather than how amazing she is. It’s a no win. She had no interest in reading your “tempt her” guide. She feels guilty when I do things for her around the house or try to make sex just about her. I know she feels it’s just a trap because I get irritable being all pent up, so she thinks she’s doing something wrong. I really wish I didn’t. It’s just going to have to be a fantasy I’m afraid.

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