Linnex – Be warned!

Below is a comment from sub m, I felt worthy of using as a blog post. But first two images relating to my use of Linnex.


m’s introduction

We have spoken previously when I transcribed for my Mistress.

She has asked me to provide a quick account of her first time administering Linnex from a sub perspective. Hopefully you’ll find this of some interest and backs up your own views on its effectiveness.

As before both my Mistress (S) and myself are continuing to enjoy the posts you make. 

Please accept Her/mine thanks for all that you do in promoting FLR’s

Kind Respectful Regards

m’s Account

At the instructions from my Mistress (S) she has requested that I give a sub perspective on Linnex training.


For those who know us (S) is the Domme and I’m (m) her sub. We aren’t new to the lifestyle and have over 20 years of experience. We both peruse through and enjoy Mistress Scarlets blog although we don’t often make contributions. 

Ma’am has spoken before and made notes of our early days which I transcribed for her as a homework task. However this time she has kindly permitted me to give an account from my perspective on the use of Linnex muscle heat rub.

Firstly let me say I’m no stranger to deep heat creams or the roll on stick alternative. Ma’am as you may imagine has previously used these to ‘correct’ poor behaviour or simply as an amusement for her own gratification to see my ‘clit’ suffer. 

As humiliation is one of the buttons that drives me crazy I’m forbidden from referring to my male part as such and must always call it by its real name ie clit. 

Nor am I allowed to use male terms like erection or hard, instead using swollen or excited. Ma’am has kept me orgasm free since May 2021 and all my orgasms are ruined. I say ‘all’ but in reality the ‘all’ is around about once every 18months. I’m next scheduled for ‘consideration’ 31st December 2023 but realistically don’t hold out much hope.

The term orgasm is also forbidden so I must always let Ma’am know when I’m near to making my “sticky little mess”. I’ve also been informed that it’s highly likely I’ll be forbidden from ever being allowed to make any more sticky little messes ever again! A truly terrifying prospect. Ma’am will make that decision when it suits her goals.

A few weeks ago after reading as much as she could about Linnex within Mistress Scarlets accounts she had me purchase a stick online. Its quite pricey compared to other heat balms but does appear to be quite good value in the fact that it looks like it can provide hundreds of applications. 

Yesterday afternoon Ma’am decided it would be a a nice way to spend the afternoon trying out this new treatment. 

I also had read quite a bit about it and to be brutally honest I was/am petrified of the stuff or any heat balms.

Having been permitted to unlock I then bathed and ensured I was completely shaved. I was told to report to Ma’am at exactly 2.45pm. I have several outfits that I have to wear for whatever the occasion ie discipline, homework, chores, bedtime etc which all have to be laundered, ironed and worn immaculately at all times. This in itself is quite a task and adds to the workload of my routine daily chores. Each uniform leaves me feeling so humiliated and submissive to her will and the specific task being carried out. 

Standing in front of Ma’am at 2.45pm I was dressed in my discipline uniform, this in essence is a short white top/dress white lace topped stockings, frilly white ankle socks with pink bows, black heels, and plain cotton baby pink panties. Even though I knew I was to be disciplined my little clit was very very excited. The lack of control and humiliation I felt as I stood there is quite terrifying, especially as I could see that the restraints were already out and ready. At this point I had no idea that Ma’am was planning on using the Linnex and was quite shocked when I was instructed to lie on the bed on my back. It was only when I was in position and fully secured that Ma’am brought out the Linnex. 

Placing a blindfold over my eyes I felt completely helpless. Ma’am was kind to me and lifted my dress, gently using her fingertips to outline my clit through my cotton panties whilst explaining just how useless to her or any woman my clit is. 

For quite some time now I’ve not been allowed anything other than the lightest of touches on my clit. No gripping, no pressure just frustratingly featherlight touches. 

Next the waistline of my panties were lowered sufficiently to expose my clit and the torment started. Over the years I can honestly say that she has turned her teasing techniques of my clit into an artistic masterclass! I’ve often thought she should run sessions on her techniques.

Happy with my resulting desperation she then started with the Linnex and methodically circled the base of my clit over and over until satisfied she’d provided a thorough coating. 

As the minutes ticked by I genuinely thought that it wasn’t going to be that effective, or maybe that was simply misguided hope! 

I’ve had to be disciplined before with deep heat. That is quite a quick acting product and burns like hell almost within a minute or two of being applied, it burns fast and hard and is usually over within 15-20 mins.

The Linnex however started off as a slow warming tingle and in my mind I was already thinking about exaggerating it to Ma’am so that she wouldn’t apply any more. Ma’am however was quite patient and as the minutes went by (I’d estimate around 10-15) the tingle increased to a burning sensation and then things became interesting. I started pulling against my restraints and whimpering as the pain showed no sign of relenting. Up it kept climbing until it became a scorching hot wave. It would build to a crescendo then subside for a few minutes before coming back stronger. Like a tidal wave it simply kept building and building.

Although I was warned to be a good girl I struggled immensely. Ma’am wasn’t too happy with all the noise I was making so at this point took the Linnex and completely covered my clit from tip to base. 

I can clearly remember her laughter. My clit was so soft and pliable in her hand as the pain washed away any possible pleasure from her touch. 

Again the minutes ticked by and again I hoped I’d escape the searing pain…. How wrong I was! Tears, pain, whimpering and the only thing in my head was Ma’am’s threat to apply more if I didn’t stop making such a fuss.

To cut a long story short Ma’am was so dissatisfied with my behaviour I’ve been informed that there’ll be no ‘nice’ touches for my clit until I’ve learned to behave respectfully when under Linnex discipline. She is planning on applying another treatment today and continuing daily until satisfied with my progress. She has also spoken about gently warming the Linnex with her hairdryer to provide a better coating.

I’m truly terrified but exited beyond words that I have such an amazing wife. 


31 thoughts on “Linnex – Be warned!

  1. A truly delightful and stern Mistress who knows how to treat her misbehaving submissive. Would be interested to know how much daily Linnex treatment to his clit it took to amend his misbehavior.

  2. Wow. Such amazing cruelty. You are very lucky to have found her. I personally don’t know how you will be able to maintain composure under Linnex discipline without being gagged, I couldn’t. Your wife has a serious devious streak. The only good news for you is your nerves will eventually adapt, but who knows how long eventually is. Good luck!

    1. I don’t think there is any medical science to back-up the concept of nerves adapting in this situation, and I have yet to hear of any male saying they were able to adapt to Linnex; fortunately!

      1. That’s terrifying. I assumed you would build up a tolerance to it over time like hot sauce or spicey food.

        1. I don’t think there is any medical science to back-up the concept of nerves adapting in this situation, and I have yet to hear of any male saying they were able to adapt to Linnex; fortunately! I guess people get habituated to spicy food and that is marginally similar, but as I say, I have yet to hear of any male saying they were able to adapt to Linnex; fortunately!

          1. I foolishly put a dab just to see what all the fuss was about and was ready to jump out a window. If I ever get to live the life I aspire to, I’m putting a block on the router, I can not handle that.

      2. Because Linnex is unavailable in the U.S., I had always considered the descriptions of its effects to be greatly exaggerated. Certainly, the use of Deep Heat or similar products available in this country would not trigger the type of response I have read about on this site. However, I recently discovered another product that will have a man climbing the walls in pain. It is Cole’s Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce, and it is available on I had been using it for two or three years to keep squirrels off the suet cakes I set out for the birds in the woods behind our house. It is powerful stuff, and I have taken to wearing disposable latex gloves when handling it because even the slightest exposure causes my skin to burn and my eyes to water. One morning while my wife was out, I decided to experiment with it on my penis. I dabbed a drop or two of the sauce on the head of my penis, and I gently massaged it into the skin. Two or three minutes later, I found myself doubled over the kitchen sink in terrible pain. I tried washing it off with a washcloth, soap, and warm water. That helped only a little, and the pain was still unbearable for several minutes. Thankfully, I had the good sense to apply it on only a small area. I can’t imagine how I would have managed if I had been tied down and had a generous dose of it massaged into a larger area. Since that day, I have had no interest in conducting additional experiments. I also have no plans for sharing what I learned with my wife. In fact, I feel a bit guilty for posting this.

        1. One of the main things about Linnex is that it lasts for between 30 and 40 minutes!
          I do recommend in my BDSM manual and on this blog that all tests of substances should first be tried on the underside of the forearm. Strarting with one small area and if that is OK two.

      3. Respectfully mistress the reply stirred a foggy memory from a psych 101 class. I had the terms up but the first one that may apply is called Habituation or the “getting used to it effect”
        To an a lesser extent General adaptation syndrome (GAS) may apply too but there’s some reason to think that if the Linnex was applied regularly enough for long enough there could be some level of “getting used to it” occurring. It’s truly frightening to think of the amount of applications and duration of them that it would take to reach this theoretical threshold but I believe it’s possible if not likely.

        1. I am surprised you have not read me using the term habituation as I often do, and I understand (and witness) the phenomenon. My point is habituation is a psychological phenomenon, not a physiological phenomenon, so cannot effect nerve endings. It can effect the psychological impact from nerve endings stimuli though, I agree. However, I have never heard of habituation effecting excruciating levels of pain. Habituation has its limits, if you see what I mean.

          1. Thank you Mistress Scarlett. I do recall you using that term now that you mention it, I believe in the ratcheting up of treatment or varying it etc. To keep bb from becoming used to it or habituated. I dont want to even become close to being seen as argumentative but my understanding is that your body’s response to the physiological stimuli can and will adapt over time. Your emotional or psychological response is separate youre very much right and is affected by things such as fairness or societal norms, pride , stress levels, lack of sleep, hormones a whole myriad of things that feed into one’s psyche That being said your body feels pain to keep from being injured at a base evolutionary level. Just like It feels pleasure to incentiveize things that are good for us such as reproduction, eating or sleeping.

            I do believe there is evidence that either the nerves themselves become desensitized on a physical level or the mental (not emotional) side in the brain starts to read them differently because of something akin to habituation . A theory as to why could be that these inputs can be seen to have been “crying wolf” no life threatening damage has been done or extreme pain is a distraction to self preservation. I’m not sure why but I believe it’s related to the phenomenon of the reason our brains tune out sounds that we are exposed to for extended periods of time, or why we can’t smell our own house unless we leave it for a week and come home. Also the reason normal clothes don’t drive us mad and we don’t actively feel them on our skin normally.

            Anyways I think there’s something to it. But I couldn’t imagine the amount of horrific sounding daily treatments it would take to even approach that level. But I still hold its possible from the small amount of research I did into it.

            1. Yes, all this I know well and agree with. Apart from our only area of contention, but then you leave open for my original comment to be coreect. You write, ‘…. that either the nerves themselves become desensitized on a physical level


              the mental (not emotional) side in the brain starts to read them differently because of something akin to habituation. I believe this is written by a psychologist not a medical doctor. My simple, innocent point is, I have seen zero medical evidence that it is, the nerves themselves become desensitized, but given the preponderance for what is certain, very strong evidence the mental (not emotional) side in the brain starts to read them differently.

              btw, just checking you have thought about this, and in support of my contention, the whole area of humiliation is the area where ramping up is very much required over time because of habituation, it is not just physical pain, but mental ‘pain’ too.

              1. I would always leave room for you to be correct Mistress Scarlett. Not out of pandering but due to the fact I believe you to be right. I think we are saying very nearly the same things with very subtle differences. The last attempt I’ll make to clarify my point (you very well may already grasp it fully) is the autonomic responses of the body that are still part of psychology vs. a more trained response that’s more of a conscious thing.
                Two anecdotal points that I have some experience with is deadening nerves on shins for kick boxing and being to firm or often with masturbation making enjoying sex or climaxing during regular penatrative sex. Both lead me to believe that nerve endings do become desensitized on a physical level ( especially on the kickboxing side for the shins)
                On the humiliation side that is a subject that intrigues me and I know a fair amount about compared to the General public but will never catch up with your experience so I 100% defer to you.
                It amazes me the depth and width of the variability across everyone as to what they find humiliating or what touches and pushes those buttons . I’m a switch so I do get to explore it from both sides and yes I’ve found it does need to be ratcheted to be effective long term.

  3. Wonderful!!! I love that Mistress (S) coated your entire defect when you screamed too much over the first application.
    If David’s responses to Linnex are anything to go by, you will be getting daily coatings for quite some time. He has never learnt how to endure quietly!

  4. Linnex is not available where I live and I’ve always been intrigued about it from your accounts, Ms Scarlet and those of various other readers of this blog. The various deep heats available usually seem to have an intense effect of around 7-8 minutes on my bitch after which it wanes, I think I’ll buy an imported one now after reading this.

    1. You can purchase it directly from their website. Capsaicin cream also has a similar horrifying effect. I’d post the link, but I don’t remember if that’s allowed in this blog.

  5. A question for Mistress Scarlet, or potentially for anyone else with relevant experience. I’m a submissive male. I’m not currently in a relationship with anyone who would want to do this to me, but I’m morbidly curious, and I also wonder if this kind of treatment might help me to stop thinking of my useless appendage as a source of pleasure or enjoyment. I’m considering trying self-application. I don’t have Linnex but I have some chilli muscle rub which is at least an order of magnitude more powerful than deep Heat (and is almost too much on comparatively insensitive areas like the back or hamstrings). Have you got any thoughts on the value of doing this, or how one might go about doing it (in such a way as to avoid chickening out part way through, etc.)?

    1. After testing say, Deep Heat to the underside of your forearm for allergic reaction, (I can’t comment on the use of chilli muscle rub), if you have never self applicated, do as follows: I would say get a photo up of a dominant woman with an expression in her eyes of pitilessness and cruel dominance, get yourself hard, admit to yourself that dominant women deserve you should suffer for your excessive self abuse and with that very true thought in your head, quickly apply a kidney bean sized portion of Deep Heat to your defect head and immediately rub it well into the head and shaft. Then keep looking into her eyes. And then tell me how that went.

      1. Yes Mistress, thank you so much, I’m too nervous to try it with the chilli muscle rub for a first attempt so I’ll get some deep heat during the week and do as you suggest and I’ll write up the results.

  6. as a currently single male submissive and bav since Oct 2019, this boy has on reading your journals Ms Scarlet, experimented with both stinging nettles and Linnex. In the context of self-administering, and thus having an unwanted say in the matter, this boy would pick stinging-nettles over Linnex every time – not sure if lacking a foreskin has anything to do with it compared to what BB has to endure but when it comes to attempts with Linnex on my birth defect not being retrained sends me to a cold shower to try and soothe the effect every time I’ve been brave enough to give it another go!

    1. Well on the topic of self-administration, I was wondering if it might be possible to lock a chain around one’s own ankle or neck and attach the other end to a radiator or a bed bed frame, and have frozen the key in advance in a block of ice that would take a long time to melt, so meaning that one would be unable to seek solace in a cold shower, or attempt to wash it off, or whatever. I guess the disadvantage of that approach is that you could use the ice to cool your parts.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing, m!

    I’d love to hear more about the chores, homework, etc., you mentioned, as well as the details of the required outfits for each activity.

  8. Mistress Serena, my dominant wife, was likewise inspired by Mistress Scarlets recommendation & use of “Lady Linnex” several years back.
    As such i can vouch for it’s powerful effect, and know what to expect should i ever disappoint of fail Her in any manner.
    Along with the dreaded “Punishment Dummy/Pacifier” (coated in anti nail biting fluid) Linnex is to be feared.

  9. I think it would be great fun for any dominant woman and her slave to make a longterm Linex study for us. Maybe applying Linex constantly for three month to the the subs cripple carrot at exactly 19:00 and then have the sub note down his feelings in a journal. Maybe after three month (which is like nearly 100 applications) his perspective changes.

    My personal femdom wife is not into this kind of experiment, which in itself could be considered a form of medical/clinic play. I myself like it a LOT and endured many painful and very mean experiments under my former Mistress (who was a psychologist and sadist), but now my current Lady is my boss and commander, so no more experiment play for me. But maybe there is someone out here to pick this up as a fun idea. Madochists you will love that kind of play, let me advertise it a bit.

    We, the community here, are looking super curiously for the results, if anyone wants to try …?

  10. I have had my Goddess apply Linnex, it’s truly horrendous. She’s put it on my shaft before, but I would say that the testicles is worse. The skin is so thin!

    I will say that the absolute worst I’ve experienced was orders of magnitude stronger than Linnex, which was a chilli patch I found at an Asian supermarket. Designed for muscle relief, even having it on for even a few seconds made for some of the worst pain I’ve experienced at the hands of my Queen. No long term ill effects or even redness of the area, but truly terrible

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