Disbanded Radical Feminists’ forum – from the Wayback website

Last December I posted about radical feminists. I believe I mentioned a forum which is now defunct but where with a great deal of sieving the wheat from the chaff, some gems of exchanges between radical feminists can be found.

As I wrote in my last post on radical feminists, I just find the attitudes and activities of some radical feminists to be so hot! Stuff actually happening in some real-life, radical-feminist households that many of the radical feminists would like widely replicated. Deliciously extreme stuff, but not so very far from what happens under my roof for a good number of hours each week. The delicious difference being the radical feminists have no bond with the male. I hope the post is not considered controversial in any way. It is not meant to be. I am not advocating anything below, simply looking at the aspects and attitudes that can be borrowed from time to time for use by everyday Dommes like me.

So, THIS LINK USING THE WAYBACK SITE, gives access to the content of the forum in question up until it was no more.

I hope for those with time on their hands, you might enjoy perusing the forum content.

8 thoughts on “Disbanded Radical Feminists’ forum – from the Wayback website

  1. Thank you for the trip down Memory Lane with the PDQ Forum, Mistress Scarlet. One of my favourite forums, and, along with PDQ, sadly missed. Both helped me understand the shape and depth of my submissive nature. And nice to see a few of my old posts again, including an essay that I had to write as a punishment on the subject of bows. My first attempt was, according to Mrs B, hopeless, and after a very solid 12 strokes of her cane, back I went to the desk for another attempt. Ah yes, memories, (not so) sweet memories…

  2. “Radical” Feminists, ah yes, their contribution to the cause (normalization of femdom) is not to be sneezed at, yes? While I myself believe a meritocracy through equality of opportunity is the best cultural model for societal fulfillment, their strived for “extreme” societal norm (scarcely more than the historic 5-10,00 yr old patriarchal standard) serves as a valid option advancing your (and my) own lived experience promoting the promulgation of awakening–dormant but innate–dominant female tendencies…

    For one, as the social pendulum inexorably swings towards an increasingly femicentric world, radical feminist’s lifestyles–and efforts to politicize them–serve to create safe-space legitimizing/normalizing femdom lifestyles such as your (and my) own.

    And of course they are incredibly far-spectrum hot!

    What are your (higher-level/meta) thoughts on such matters?

    1. Well, I think we should have a meritocracy with exactly equal opportunities for all genders.
      I will say, very briefly, I HATE the feminists that ruin feminism by wanting to prove that men and women are innately the same. We are not the same. There is broadly an 80/20 rule. 80 % of each gender act according to their innate drives, particularly, men – competitiveness, risk taking, women communicating and collaborating.
      This means society would be far better with women in control because, for instance, within and between organisations, communication and collaboration is often more useful than competition and women are less likely to want to have a bigger income than everyone else. In addition 80% of the prison populations in all countries is men. All the associated ramifications are terrible for society.

      1. Yes indeed, women & men ARE NOT the same. As for gynarchy, I think that bonobos nicely serve as a compelling example for the superiority of female rule. After decades of male anthropology advancing male dominance as the natural order, a woman had to inconveniently come along & crush puffed up male anthro egos.

        Enter a female to the field, focus on bonobos & you get a strong case for controlling male sexuality/aggression from the get-go. With a female dominance hierarchy, bonobos are unique among chimpanzees in that they do not rape, pillage or wage war. Instead, they adopt outsiders into the peaceful, female run, sex-oriented tribe.

        Oh, and as further insult to indignant anthro profs, we are more closely related to bonobos than ANY other species on the planet. What stronger argument from nature could we have!

        The best Natural Order: Females rule, men drool. Just ask a bonobo.

  3. Have you considered starting your own forum, Mistress Scarlet? Perhaps restricted to dominant women only (but with sub males doing the mundane admin work)?

    1. 1. Even with sub males doing the admin, they all need instructions and monitoring and it is simply too much work.
      2. I have over the years been forming the view that women in a happy , long term FLR, have neither the time nor the inclination to spread the word, and why should they. So often such fora can become dominated by women in the industry of fee charging domination.

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