About Me and My Life

My name is Mistress Scarlet. I am a dominant female and a sadist. I am now a lesbian. I have a thoroughly subjugated husband who I call bitch-boy. Bitch-boy is a subjugated, trapped slave and a source of amusement. He does all the chores and housework, and fetches and carries and his reward is enforced chastity, humiliation, punishment and suffering; and of course living with an exciting beautiful woman!

My tastes are eclectic and include petticoating humiliation of bitch-boy as little girl, school girl and French maid; extended total sensory deprivation, sub-human slave treatment, SPH, babyfication, bondage, enforced hospitilisation, dickie-discipline, the use of an electrical box, tease and denial, and of course sessions of discipline to maintain appropriate standards of submissiveness.

I hope this website provides some tips and tricks to help fellow dominant women subjugate their slaves and maximise their enjoyment from their dominant lives. Perhaps readers will reciprocate with tips and tricks to help me subjugate and take pleasure.

378 Responses to About Me and My Life

  1. Suzanne says:

    Just found your blog today. Very nice!!!

    • Thank you for your comment Suzanne

      • may jones says:

        mistress do u and umm husband or u call bitch boy ever hav sex or ujust tease him

        • He is never, ever allowed to fuck my beautiful body and he never will. I think this is the part of my regime that most wounds him and he seems unable to come to terms with. The gaps between his orgasms are at the shortest, ten days and at the most, around a month. (Apart from very occasional, special periods.)

          • Jason says:

            Dam…now that’s true Domination! Does Your denial of him entering into a Woman’s most sacred area truly hurt him, or deep down does he like it?

            From time to time I’ll read some of the stories on here, Mistress Scarlet. Interesting, I will say. I mean, the fire in all these experiences is enough to turn me to complete ash! Very, very hot. Brings many hidden curiosities of mine to the surface. I’ve always felt drawn to Dominant Women. My voice softens whenever I speak with a Woman whether she’s Dominant or not, seems to happen naturally. I don’t know why… And then there’s the fire in me, the warrior who wants to fight back, test Her fire, see if it’s greater than mine, see if She can truly bring me to my knees and keep me there–permanently.

            Perhaps I’m not a true submissive? I do tend to keep a middle ground way of behaving, in between Alpha and sub. Perhaps I’m just a wild wolf strolling around aimlessly, without realizing the need I may have, the need to brought under the right Woman’s foot, Her authority, completely obliterating my way of life and conforming me to Her will. Hasn’t happened yet.

            Anyway, nice blog.

            • He truly hates it! Deep down and every which way. He HATES it!

              Might not be you, but many male submissives are too ashamed to accept that they are submissive to women because society still considers it shameful for a man to be submissive to a woman. The problem you have is that no Domme is interested at all in a man like you that wants to ‘test her fire’ and ‘prove hers is greater than his’. Why go through all the bother? There are many, many submissive men out there who have the courage (if that’s the right word) to go against society norms and accept that they will submit unconditionally to female rule. And as there are far fewer dominant women, than submissive men, you have a problem.

              • Jason says:

                Thanks for replying, Mistress Scarlet.

                “Why go through all the bother,” You ask? Well, for the thrill of it! Maybe that’s my ego talking, but hey, it’s far from the egocentric mindset of You denying Your spouse (if you can even call him that) Your body, especially knowing that it hurts him, truly hurts him! That’s not Love. Love is about Other, not Self. In my opinion it should be consenting. And in any case the submissive truly holds the power, otherwise a Dominant Woman would hold nothing over him/her. If not, then it’s the same old ancient story of slaves, who internally have a desire to be free from their owner. If they “like” their slavery, then that’s another story.

                I suppose I stepped out of bounds here, so I will retreat. 🙂

                • AS I said before, it would not be thrilling, it would be tedious.

                  And its unattractive to lash out when you hear an opinion with which you disagree.

                  • Jason says:

                    “And its unattractive to lash out when you hear an opinion with which you disagree.”

                    Yes, Mistress. *kneels before Her*


                  • Jason says:

                    After reading all Your comments to those opposing Your Rule, I think it’s safe to say that You, Mistress Scarlet, blow them all out of the water. You are naturally Dominant. I can tell that by your responses to others. Personally, I wouldn’t last ten seconds against Your might. you’d break me immediately, reduce me to complete ashes under Your heels. I understand now. I’d love to become Your financial slave, send You a tribute once a more, if You so desire. I love Your attitude, and Your Alpha nature. I am nothing, a loser. You are everything.

                    • Well I do not make it simple for a money slave. Why should I? Here is the first test you must pass. Visit LULU.com . Buy the ePub versions of all 10 of my journals and my Short Stories book. Buy them one after the other. I will be able to check you have done this via my LULU sales data page, it will show up as a consecutive set of purchases which would otherwise be statistically highly unlikely. I do not care if you already have the ePub versions. Then send a comment to mu blog saying you have obeyed.

            • Jacob Y says:

              I, like Jason, enjoy the few women I have found out there who actually like defeating and subjugating a male who is too scared to admit he is submissive. I live my life in full control of my decisions… the way I want. I LIKE the fact that I have grown up in, and am still living a life of male privilege. At the same time, deep down, I absolutely know that I am lower than women and need a woman running every aspect of my life… to her benefit alone. No one in my life knows I am submissive although I have run into a few women who I think were dominant and I think sensed I was submissive.

              IF I ever get called out in person by a dominant woman, I guarantee I will have no chance and if she required, I would become her ABSOLUTE slave… not dependent on my own picky kinks and desires. (I could only hope she would have similar tastes/interests but whatever she wants, I would have to obey or suffer any consequences she decides upon.)

              BUT… if I never get called out, I will continue living the way I am. Some say I can’t be happy not being “true to myself” but actually I am happier living like this, as non-discovered slave in complete freedom. The key is, I know what my place should be and I would accept it if I ever get “caught.”

              I am very eager to hear your thoughts on this matter, Mistress Scarlet. Although I am pretty confident in my own beliefs, I know that you are above me in all ways. I would not give in to the most powerful woman through online contact, but am so very curious (and terrified) at the thought of being found out by one in person.

  2. btw how exactly is Your slave hubby ‘trapped’ exactly if i may ask……ie an IBellemare arrangement, etc.????

    • He is trapped in 4 ways. (1). After 8 years of continually increasing levels of daily subjugation by me, he has forgotten what is fair and normal and what is not. His sense of reality has shifted to where I do not think he can imagine a life free of his endurances, so he does not even consider escaping them. (2). He has a submissive soul and although that was the genisis of a few bedroom games and has now gone way past what he fantisised about, I am not sure he could contemplate a life without being able to submit to a truly dominant women like myself. (3). All things material (house, cars, etc) are owned by me. What can he do in practical terms. (4). I am sure he would fear me explaining to family and friends why he ran away.

      I do not know what an IBellemare arrangement is. Please explain, I am intrigued.

      • bobby says:

        Dear Mistress Scarlet

        this boy has just come across Your wonderful & perfect blog (boy can tell You how if required)
        If You haven’t received the answer to Your question concerning Isabel Bellemare boy can provide full details..

        Please Madam boy bows in respect to You and all Female Supremacists, who delight in the proper subjugation of the lowly male species.


      • Rick says:

        Loved it would like to be your slave too, loved your blog so nice 🙂

  3. bobby says:

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet
    sorry boy incorrectly stated Mistress Bellemare’s name, in fact Her name was Ingrid Bellemare who sadly passed on last year.

    Ingrid Bellemare was a firm advocate of total subjugation of Her 24/7 Owned male slave and wrote and published Her extremely strict methods of training Her slave in book which was available to purchase of Her website..
    Owning and Training a male slave..
    Reading Your blog You seem to be embracing many of the perfect principles Ingrid advocated.

    boy has checked to provide a link to Her site and blog and sadly it seems that this source of helpful advice and information to further the cause of Female Supremacy has been now ceased..

    boy understands that Ingrid was in touch with a group of like minded Mistresses in Her locality in i believe Amsterdam maybe it would be possible to these Ladies would provide You with more helpful training methods..


    • Mistress Erica says:

      Wow, bobby, that is incredibly condescending to Her. You think She can’t figure out how to train Her own slave? you’re pathetic.

  4. betty kiss says:

    Wow…have really enjoyed reading this. It is so interesting to see life from the other side of the fence Mistress Scarlet.

  5. sub slut says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    Thank you for an awesome insight into your world. This submissive is eagerly awaiting Volume 3 of your diaries.

    May I respectfully ask where you obtained bitch-boy’s chastity tube?

    Has Mistress used the juice of raw fresh chillies on bitch-boy in lieu of Deep Heat? I can vouch for it being an excruciating and memorable experience!

    Thank you and respects

    • Bitch-boy made it himself from polycarbonate tubing he obtained from the net. I gave him a choice. He could make a device, which could be as comfortable as he wanted, although must be impossible to escape from, or I would obtain a Lori tube, even if that meant he needed a second frenum piercing across more girth of his clitty than his current frenum piercing. I gave him 6 weeks. He found that polycarbonate tubing can be obtained from the net in almost any diameter required, in 2mm increments. After trying several diameters and a number of shapes he came up with his current device. Once the plastic padlock is in place through both the device and the piercing, it is inescapable. I may post a photo of it if I can find the time.

  6. collette says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    Excellent blog, great writing and information. Thank You for Your efforts allowing us a view nto Your lifestyle.
    I have two of Ingrid Bellamare’s books in my documents, but cannot figure out how to send them in this format. I think I can send in e-mail to You if You wish but I woul d need Your e-mail address.
    Again, Thank You for Your writings, I’m sure many are reading a hope You will continue.

  7. collette says:

    Owning and Training a Male Slave — A Guide for Dominant Women and
    Serving Me — Slave Instruction Manual

  8. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am

    May i join sub slut in asking to see a photo of bitch-boys’ chastity device?

    It is my humble opinion that bitch-boys’ general state of being trapped and totally subjugated is in no small part due to Your having his penis permanently trapped as You do; and of course it is the penis that delivers us to the hands of the ‘knowing’ Female. Knowing Females just like You Mistress Scarlet who know how to manipulate the so delivered male, bring it to its knees and enslave it – and then do entirely what You want with it.

    Hence the superiority and supremacy of the Female.

    Lastly, i think Ms Lori has the most impressive and effective chastity devices available.

    i kneel before You Mistress Scarlet – a magnificent example of the superior Female

  9. jarrod says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, Having read the examples of your book on here I quickly bought the Voloume 1 journals which I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND to all !
    I must compliment you on some superb reading matter, once I started reading I couldnt put it down! The methods of Humilliation you and your friends so exquisitly force upon your bitch boy is of the best ive ever read! Im particularly liking Sarah in the book, she has learnt from you the delights of Dominating the male so quickly and her nettle idea is so sublime! She will surely be one to look up to in the future?? Do we see any more of Akesha? She seems like another very fine dom in the making, with her being of pakistani origin it makes it of further interest.
    Im a single sub male, unfortunately Ive never been lucky in finding a Dom woman, most are all taken, so I have REALLY enjoyed reading your book! For me its a dream, for bitch boy its reality. I hope he knows how lucky he is…….:)
    To you and nadine and your sisters of course including the delightful Sarah to which I am now a HUGE fan! 🙂 Keep up this amazing work, your such a credit to the female superior sex. WELL DONE! Will very soon be buying volume 2.. Will there be Volume 3? PLEEEEAAASSEEEE??? 🙂

    • Thank you Jarrod for the praise of my journals published on Lulu.com.

      Yes there will be a third volume. I am 80% of the way through that.

      You can always post a rating and/or review on Lulu.com for me. The reason I started setting out my joirnals was because there is so much poorly written material which clearly is male fantasy rather than actual reality and so lacks substance, but it is so hard to sort the wheat from the chaff before purchase!

      I am not sure bitch-boy is quite as lucky as you think, but even as I write that, I know the affect it has on submissive males and the sincere warning it implies is cast aside in an instant.

      • jarrod says:

        Mistress Scarlet Thank you for replying, A lot of people dont bother these days so Im really grateful. I will of course post a rating and I sincerely hope that will help to show people what a great read and very well writen literature this is. Great news about number 3. Cant wait!

  10. collette says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    Perhaps I haven’t yet read far enough and you may have answered this, but I am wondering — I have just finished Volume 1. From what I have read about bitch -boys training, it would seem he should be beyond hope of ever having an orgasm again. Have you decided to forever deny him any orgasm at all, even spoiled ones? This seems a logical move in his total subjugation and slavery to you.

  11. collette says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    I am in the midst of reading Volume 2 and enjoying your treatment of Baby Girl Belindakins.
    Your sadistic and controlling mind is simply magnificent!!! How wonderfully effective you are in making her absolutely the nothing that she is — an object to be molded and usead simply for yoiur pleasures!!! You are indeed an amazing and awesome Mistress!!! The touch of bitter balm on her nappy is priceless and so original.

    • Jarrod says:

      Have to agree with you Collette, its wicked reading, I honestly couldnt put it down. Mistress Scarlet has a very imaginative way about her that is so impressive. A dominant woman in complete control using every single weakness known to man and pleasuring herself from it. I have never read of such creativity before, its all so refreshingly different. I am wondering if because Mistress Scarlet is Lesbian, weather that gives her a higher gift for making men suffer for her amusement?? I have no experience of this but I would imagine its so much more pleasurable sharing the degridation she inflicts on bitch boy with her lover and in fact her sisters……. Haha just a little hint collette…… you thought the bitter balm was good/ Wait till you see her sister Sarah get hold of some stinging nettles in a later chapter! I just cant help admiring these ladies! Do you practice any of these ideas Collette??? Maybe its given you some ideas? Hope you have a great day!

      • I consider simplistic sexuality labels highly misleading. I label myself a lesbian because it is the simplist way to indicate that I seek, one off, and a long term female partner. I however greatly enjoy using the tongue of my male slave. I do not think a lesbian would enjoy that. However I am not bisexual because that could imply I could be attracted to having another man in my life. I absolutely could not be. I prefer the vanilla company of women to men. So much for simplistic sexuality labels.

  12. Thank you Collette for your kind words about the contents of my second journal and the contents of my mind!

  13. Clive says:

    What a wonderful arrangement – my mission is to serve and worship my own wife, as a submissive husband in a WLM – but I believe this may be a very long journey indeed, considering her very conservative and vanilla attitude. I will follow your blog with interest. I read a great deal that is written by submissive men who have achieved this dream, but very little from the perspective of a dominant lady such as yourself

  14. collette says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    I just read your description of Nurse Nasty & how you prepped Bitch Boy’s little clitty with hot flannel and then a harsh scrubbing with a stiff toothbrush. Your final stroke was to soak the offending object in fresh lemon juice. I’m curious, does lemon juice really make itself felt? Wouldn’t a good rubbing with Icy Hot or some such be more painful?

    • Providing the pores have been opened (and scratches are a bonus) then, so I am told by my toy, the lemon juice creates an intense, deep stinging sensation, whereas embrocation creams create a feeling of heat. Both are equally painful I think. So sometimes I want to have the offensive object stinging terribly and other times burning terribly.

  15. jarrod says:

    Would think the lemon juice would be VERY effective…..! Ive got some into a cut once and it sure makes you squirm…… Hmmmmm nice one Miss Scarlet, Absolutely Brilliant as usual :):):):)

  16. ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

    Mistress Scarlet please if this slave boy may humbly suggest, next time You use Your Delicious tooth brush to harshly scrub bitch boy’s little clitty…. it maybe scrub up cleaner for You, with some mint stripey tooth paste, squeezed on the brush, especially all over the tender head bit of the clitty and for good measure, a cotton bud kindly loaded with the tooth paste, then used to clean deep inside it’s little pee hole, to make it nice and sanitiesed for You.. Then, as it will be a bit sticky, wash it clean with the lemon juice to make it lovely fresh and smelling of fresh spring like….

  17. jarrod says:

    By the way Collette didnt want to distract from what sounds an awsum idea yourself. Perhaps another Mistress Scarlet in the making???? You seem to have the most creative and deverstating ideas? How about your own blog? Do you do any literature yourself? Would love to hear from you? jarrodtuck@btinternet.com

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  19. Katy Blagg says:

    Hi there. 🙂

    Found your blog through the ad on informed consent. Thought I would say hello. I am a boi dyke and found your tales and posts very interesting!

    Mind if I follow?

    Regards, scar. x

    • Hi Katy
      Thank you for subscribing. I am fascinated and pleased that, given you are a boi dyke, you find my posts and tales interesting. I did not imagine the breadth of appeal could stretch so far given I aim my tyranny and malevolence at my male slave and toy. Very pleasing. If you wished to explain the appeal you find I would be appreciative. One can never learn enough about every facet and permutation of the BDSM world.

  20. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    You are simply magnificent


  21. collette says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    I note that you are going to incorporate Ms. Kathleen’s game into your fun with your male. I love how you choose to increase his suffering by increasing the numbers of the different implements he has to choose. It’s fitting he should suffer more with higher numbers on those implements that he dreads most. 20, 16 12, 10, and finally 8 with that he fears most! How delightful!

  22. peters1967 says:

    You have a nice blog. Interesting and inspiring 😉


  23. derekh says:

    In a recent post you are referring to sensory deprivation and the use of ear plugs. I have never found ear plugs of whatever sort to be totally effective, however there is a way of isolating your slave.
    You need a radio which has an outlet for earphones. Get a set of earhones (the best type to use are the type with a soft rubber cone that slips into the ear). Next swithch the radio on and set it ‘off station’ so that you just get a hiss of interference. Plug the earphones into the radio and check that the volume is not set too high but is sufficient to drown out any other noise. Insert the earphones into your slaves ears making sure they are well seated. Your slave should now be totally cut off.
    You could as an alternative to hiss, set it to a foreign radio station or to a music station of a type that your slave hates.
    Other variations on this theme would be to make a recording on an iplayer or similar, of your voice, leaving a suitable message to played and replayed on a constant repeat. One final alternative would be to get an audio book of stories or nursery rhymes suitable for a young girl, again which could be repeated over and over again.
    One final thing that you could incorporate would be to get a cheap sound enhacing microphone (the one we have used is for the hard of hearing) If you wish to communicate with your slave or just allow him some sound of what is going on, unplug the eaphones from the radio and plug them into this device, that way you can now speak to him without the need to take out his earphones or take of a hood etc.

  24. I found the mouldable silicone ear plugs to be reasonably effective. As it happens I did also record my voice and played that to him via earphones on a repeat loop. I will certainly think about trying the other suggestions you have made.

  25. armando says:

    Thankyou Mistress Scarlet for your wonderful writings! Having bought your 3 Journals (for my iphone) I read them pretty much back to back. Having said that, although I have been with my Goddess for almost a year, I think we are some way from the kind of techniques and lifestyle you describe.

    That said, I did one one question if you have time. I can understand that the pain and denial never lose their edge, but hasn’t bitch bot got used to the extremely humiliating outfits by now? You seem to have him in them an awful lot, after all. Or is it the games that keep it fresh? I’d still somehow expect him to become acclimatised, or am I not understanding the dynamic?

    Many Thanks!

  26. I am really loving the theme/design of your weblog. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A few of my blog readers have complained about my site not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari. Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?

    • I use WordPress. I take no interest in technical matters I am afraid. I have never had a problem reported to me.

    • Andrew Cole says:

      I know your post is really old now Edwardo, but I might be able to help you. To answer the question about this blog first, it is a wordpress blog using the default 2010 theme. Which blog platform do you use? It makes a big difference? Also, the theme can make a big difference as well since things like css files are custom and may not work in all browsers. Internet Explorer is notorious for playing by its own rules (like Mistress Scarlet), so it may be a matter of the theme creator not making specific adjustments for Internet Explorer.

  27. paingrrl says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet,
    Thank you for such an eloquent narrative into Your fascinating life.
    i too, like Katy, identify as a lesbian – not as a ‘boi’ certainly; however i note Katy failed to answer Your question asking why she found Your posts interesting. Personally i find Your tales fascinating, irrespective of the heterosexual element, because what You describe is so deliciously enticing that it surpasses the barriers of gender orientation. After all, is anyone ever 100% anything?
    Might i be so bold as to ask how You have come to the conclusion that a lesbian may not personally enjoy experiencing the privileges You bestow on bitch-boy? i have intently read all Your writings and find nothing (excluding anatomical logistics obviously) that would be anything short of exquisite.

    • Why do you say that I have come to the conclusion that a lesbian may not personally enjoy experiencing the privileges I bestow on bitch-boy?

      • paingrrl says:

        Thank You for taking the time to reply.
        This was a conclusion i perhaps mistakenly took from Your post on 14 June 2011 here, replying to an enquiry.
        my sincerest apologies if i have read incorrectly

        • My comment was obviously confusing. I was meaning that while I am happy to dominate my male, I am also very happy to dominate other females. And when it comes to vanilla company, I do not want male vanilla company, I want female vanilla company.

  28. paingrrl says:

    Thank You for your response Mistress Scarlet.

    i am particularly interested in how You discuss Your desire to dominate women because dishearteningly, many of the Domme sites i have encountered are very male-centred. They make mention of services available for women, however this appears to the reader rather incongruous when accompanied by a dialogue centred purely around a desire to dominate males. It made me worry that a female submissive would not be looked as favourably upon, so i was pleased to stumble across Your site/blog.

    You mention in some of Your writings that You have used electro-punishment with bitch-boy. This is something i am particularly keen to explore, and would enjoy hearing Your thoughts on using this in Your torments of bitch-boy

  29. Ash says:

    Goddd.. i wish i was there with you mistress.

  30. Peter Sheen says:

    Hello. I am really pleased that you are attempting to persuade other women to be dominant. I am a submissive man near Newcastle and cannot find any woman who is anything other than submissive. With great women such as yourself maybe there is hope.

  31. Aros says:

    same problem here peter, ive been years looking for dominant females. And I thought the tide was turning where women were getting more dominant??? doesnt seem to be much proof of it sadly :(:(

  32. Thank You so much Mistress Scarlett it is an honour and privalege to be reading Your wonderful blog

  33. Carla Thomas says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlett,
    Like you, I my husband (actually second marriage but that is long story) is now my total sissy maid/slave-by his choice I must add. My boyfriend, who my sissy husband must also serve, discovered your website and through it your publications. We have read 2 volumes of your diaries. We have found them both great reads as well as instructive in ways to further degrade, humiliate and make the sissy’s life even more miserable, much to our and our friends amusement and entertainment.
    I would be happy to share some of the ways I use and abuse pussie ( sissy’s name) and I have
    a few pictures ( no faces) I could share if you are interested. If so please let me know.

    Carla Thomas

  34. slave gio says:

    Mistress Scarlett,
    i envy your husband, to have a sadistic Mistress is the desire of my heart. i would worship your as my Goddess and me as your bitch.

    slave g

    • Always be careful what you wish for! bitch-boy hates a great deal of his life!

      • ashcbt says:

        would like to share pics of my CBT with you miss

      • Andrew Cole says:

        Indeed. I am genuinely awe-struck by your brutal and unabashed dominance and sadism. I hope you take this as the complement it is intended to be, but the first thought that comes to my mind is fear, not envy. I feel slightly dominated by you on accident, and we have never met! Power like that should be respected.

        I cannot reiterate enough how much I appreciate your willingness to converse with your visitors. The Femdom lifestyle is far too rare. It makes me happy that we all have the internet as a means of connecting with each other, even if not everybody agrees all the time.

        I would be happy to consider you and your husband friends. Are you on fetlife?

  35. servileslave says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    On my knees to You.

    Some males have little or no sense of what submission to a Woman means nor respect for our Superiors. (not that i make any assumptions regarding myself).

    Life is about Women – entirely about and for the needs, pleasures and amusements of Women. males are but part of the means by which some Women choose to achieve those ends.

    Very respectfully, kneeling at Your beautiful feet Mistress Scarlet.

  36. ashcbt says:

    i can share them through mail, if you want

  37. slaveadventureboy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    First of all I’d just like to say that your blog is engrossing and most provocative!

    Which brings me to a question:

    As an extremely submissive male who has longed for an owner for many years, can you offer me any advice as to how to find a dominant female ruler of my own?

    Thanks in advance,


    • First, acquire as many useful skills as possible. Ironing, cooking, cleaning, cunnilingus, massage, etc. And it helps to be earning a decent salary. Second look for a woman who is quite independent. She need not appear assertive or dominant but is likely to be comfortable with herself. Third, if you broach the subject, be very subtle. Just talk about how you find it difficult not to do as you are told when confronted with a bossy woman. Do not talk about whips and chains and chastity. Next, be ultra-chivalrous and wait on her hand and foot, so she gets used to it and would miss it if it stopped. Especially make sure she has many oral orgasms to only a few or no orgasms for you. Tell her your pleasure comes more from giving her pleasure than sating yourself. Use contact websites and visit places like Club Pedestal and Club Black Whip.

  38. ashcbt says:

    i would like to be your online slave miss

  39. Clayton callus says:

    I am a male sub looking for a mistress. Anyone interested contact me

  40. Nishabd Aatur says:

    “….. Women RULE…..
    …..men DROOL…..!!! “

  41. Barry says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    Just want to tell, I have finished all 5 volumes. I thoroughly enjoy reading them. I found them to be totally mesmerizing. They made me very horny, and very scared. I know that I would never be able to do what he does. He is an amazing person.
    What if you could give him a hug ever once in awhile? Just so he knows that you love and appreciate him, for all that he does for you. Otherwise, I know that I could not go forward and would just want to die.

    Respectfully your,

  42. cgrim says:

    Although i feel unworthy to respond to Your blog i feel compelled to do so. men have been aware of & threatened by the Power of Women for centuries. Thats why Women have been oppressed & marginalized. This is changing as Women are becoming more aware of the Power they have over the hapless male. The fashion styles of today, enrollment in higher education & employment in positions of power reflect this change. Women are using their Superior Intelligence & Beauty to Control the inferior male. Its becoming more apparent every day. Thank You for allowing me to respond.

  43. robert winters says:

    Mistress Scarlet. Love your treatment of bitch boy. A question if I may. Doesn’t it drip from tease and denial and frequent sexual thoughts. A urethral tube with a cap would prevent panty staining and carpet spots

  44. robert winters says:

    Mistress Scarlet., As an unmarried live-in servant/slave (in my youth) I was required to ingest many things. Licking clean Madame’s hairbrush, boots and shoes, the detritus that gathers after Madame’s bath, etc. I was required to have an enema every morning while showering. The drain was removed and the results were expelled in the shower. Madame said it served 2 purposes. 1; It cleaned the waste bin and 2; i was able to perform my duties without interruption, except for infrequent potty breaks.
    Respectfully, fursissy

  45. robert winters says:

    Mistress Scarlet; The perforated metal plate on the shower floor, was permanently removed and I sat or squatted over the hole to empty the results of my enema. I was not allowed the “luxury” of sitting on the toilet.

  46. Bill Howard says:

    Mistress Scarlet: I have read all five volumes and reread almost daily some part of one or the other. The plight of bitch boy resonates strongly with me. I would love to connect with someone like you and become a “bitchboy” too.

  47. Pingback: Wonderful Tales of an Amazing Mistress and Her Slave | slutsuki

  48. Andrew Cole says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    The internet is full of a lot of wank material for men, so I’m happy to find a blog like this that feels real, especially coming from a female viewpoint. I knew I had to comment when I came to the part about how your husband knew he was submissive before he hit puberty. I am the same way. My wife and I have a less extreme version of your relationship, especially since we had our son, but I appreciate what you have; I understand how your husband can suffer and be satisfied at the same time.

    Thanks for writing this blog.


    • I think there are lots of submissives who, if they honestly let go of various complications, (which I will not go into) fully understand that the only route to a wholly satisfied soul is enduring suffering and submitting to control. I believe the control is the key matter. However enduring suffering beyond what they may have fantasized about, is the surest way of providing irrefutable evidence to them that they are under the CONTROL OF ANOTHER PERSON. So someone who is both dominant and a sadist is their ideal soul mate. (I would think that wouldn’t I!)

      • Andrew Cole says:

        I clicked the reply button because I thought I had something to say that might refute your assertion, but after thinking about, I realize I do not. That is our curse ‒ we seek endless suffering and subjugation. I have a happy and content life with my wife and son. She is dominant and sadistic, but no matter how hard I push myself (or how hard I am pushed), the itch is never fully scratched. I don’t know why us submissives are born to crave such misery, but I also know I wouldn’t trade it in order to be ‘normal’ either.

        May I ask? Do you view us as being inferior, or deficient in some way?

        • I view submissive men as being inferior to dominant women insofar as their role in a sexual relationship and where that spills over into everyday life. I do not consider them inferior to non-submissive men. My submissive man is a pleasurable and useful toy and slave because he is submissive – he needs what it is my pleasure to deliver to him. A perfect relationship.

  49. Andrew Cole says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    I couldn’t find any other contact information on this blog, but I wanted to ask you a question. I find your life very fascinating as I seem to be a kind of kindred sprint with your husband. You seem to live an ad infinitum version of what my submission could be had I lived a different life.

    Do you love your husband? I mean really love your husband? I’m not asking this to question you, in some sort of accusatory or insulting fashion; I’m genuinely curious about the more intimate part of your relationship.

    If he came to you tomorrow, and said that he had enjoyed everything so far, but wanted to stop, how would you react? Would you still stay with him? I guess what I’m asking is – is your relationship with your husband more than just the D/s relationship?

    If you’ve covered these topics before, or if you don’t want to answer, then I understand.

    Thank you for your time, and have a happy new year!


    • He knows the situation. He cannot have me unless he also endures the life that goes with that.

      I am the happiest and most content person I know. One of the main reasons for that is my lifestyle with bitch-boy. Yes, I love him very much but perhaps bizarrely that does not stop me treating as I do, not in the slightest. I rarely touch on this subject because so often the response to my position is that I obviously do not know what true love is. How do I argue with that nonsense.

      • Andrew Cole says:

        I would never accuse you of not knowing what true love is, but I have been a bit discouraged to only read accounts of intense domination. Perhaps that is all most people want to hear. I’m not sure how he can endure such extreme treatment for so long without some sort of balance. I am extremely submissive, and kinky, but there are limits to the psychological, physical, and emotional tolls that are inflicted during such play as you describe on here.

        I can completely understand how you can be so hard on him while still loving him dearly. In fact, I can understand how he needs that to be happy. I just want to know what happens in-between. Is there no aftercare? No tender moments? No breaks to look each other in the eye and say “I love you”? I assume there is something, but you never talk about it, or at least not that I’ve found yet.

        I think you sincerely for your time. I find you to be a fascinating person.

        I hope you had a nice Christmas.


  50. Andrew Cole says:

    There is something about this blog that strikes my soul. The more I read, the more emotionally unsettled I become. I am sitting here in the verge of tears, because although I cannot bring myself to look away, I know I am staring into my heart. I haven’t been this unsettled since I read Venus in Furs – a book I have never picked up again because I can’t handle it.

    The emotions are so mixed, and I my empathy for your husband, a man I have never met, makes me feel like I have known him my whole life. He is Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, and so am I. There is a bond there that is unimaginable. I know how unlucky your husband is, for all the fulfilment he has. I know what it is to be tortured in your soul by these feelings, which hurts worse than the lash of any whip. I know what it means to have that burning in your heart; that conflict; that suffering.

    I have pushed myself to certain extremes, but none so deep as your husbands. I can however imagine the depths that he crawled into over the years. The fulfilment that puts his soul at rest also causes him deep and lasting pain.

    Please, touch him gently for me, and remind him of the soft warmth that exists in him. Nobody can punish him more than himself.

    • James says:

      Wow. I had the identical response. I feel a deep pain and sadness for her husband. She made the point that he is truly trapped and without resources to leave. In that circumstance, there would be only one way out. How he keeps from taking it, is beyond me.

  51. John says:

    Hey- thought your stories are fascinating. Would love to be dominated by you:)

  52. Yourstouse says:

    Women are without doubt the superior sex, they are more intelligent, more knowledgeable, wiser, cleverer, more articulate, better educated, better informed, better manipulators, are so much more attractive than men, have lovely silky smooth skin, beautiful hair, their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours, their clothing is far better than ours.

    I other words they are “Perfection”, and therefore, deserve to be kept continually in a state of idle luxury, at our expense.

    We males should realize that we are only here to be used by women for their pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement. To do all the housework, cleaning cooking, shopping excreta, and thereby enable our owners to enjoy a life of comparative ease, whilst at the same time exercising complete and total authority over a member of the inferior sex.

    Any male who a woman chooses to use as her slave should consider it an honour to have been selected by her. In fact he should worship her as the Goddess she is.

    We males are so abysmal that we are not worthy to lick the dirt off their boots.

    When however, one of us is chosen to be used by a woman. Then he knows that he has been considered worthy to lick the dirt off her boots.


  53. I need fully feminized sissy slave for life can you help me

    • Are you male or female?

    • Eric Lake says:

      Please contact me Miss at your convenience. Feminized sissy seeking Permanent home

      • I am sorry, but as you must know I have a slave who I have been training for over a decade. Why would I want another? I suggest you work at skills like cooking, housework, pedicures. That you earn good money, and seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. Good luck and best wishes.

      • Eric Lake says:

        Please forgive me Ms Scarlet, my reply was meant for Michelle Dunn who was asking if you might know of a feminized sissy slave for life. i was hoping to touch base with Michelle. My fault, sorry.
        And may i thank you for your advice. i have raised 2 children as a single parent, currently work as a nurse and have graduated from the sissy training academy on FemDomme society. i have served several Mistresses on a full time basis but my last moved away and i’m now feeling that i have no one to care for. i’m devoted and quite obedient. But i have taken your advice and will continue to further my skills to become an even better slave should the opportunity present itself.
        With much respect,

  54. Fadi says:

    Have a nice day miss my name is Fadi from the middle east i want to be your own feet and heels slave forever licking sucking and sniffing your fascinating feet toes and your thriller high heels pumps and mules …
    Iam ready to sign a slavery contract with u to be your own slave forever plz
    Best regards

  55. Maid a Sissy in Pink Panties says:

    I am curious about bitch boys dresses. You say that one just comes to navel length and the others are to “it’s” hips. I am just having a difficult time picturing how they fit. Also the word “dummy” needs to be added to your American / English translations; dummy = pacifier.

    I reviewed one of your journals on Amazon. Is it my imagination or do you really lead off in each journal with the lifestyle bit?

    Keep the nose to the grindstone Bitch Boy!

  56. Maid a Sissy in Pink Panties says:

    Buy American! lol
    Thank you for the link in your blogs concerning Bitch Boy’s skirts. I believe these are like the vintage bed jackets that women used to wear.

    Regardless your creativity has sent my wife / Mistress into a new and wonderful direction and I need to thank you. We have children,all girls, so we have to be a bit more conservative. So for the time being she has ordered me some night clothing ,top and bottoms, jammies, that are made of the older Antron Nylon. They do have the delicate lace at the cuffs and sleeves and have cute pearlescent buttons. Since I am denied @ 2 weeks at a time for the most part and pantied 24/7 I can only imagine the arousal factor the nylon will provide. I might need some plastic knickers to stop the inevitable messes the constant stimulation it makes me have.

    Once again,thank you,
    Maid a Sissy in Pink Panties

  57. Maid a Sissy in Pink Panties says:

    mmm scratchy! mmm!

  58. SANTOSH says:

    My Question is to actually let the life go one must do work. If you enslave and punish like his then where is the time to work & earn? I too have this fetish but I think I dont have time to do this.

    Further i see there is no enjoyment if you simply punish him without reward

    • You need to read far more on my blog. More about how bitch-boy runs a small successful business mainly working from home which leaves him hours each day and weekends to serve and amuse. And more about him having a submissive soul and the counterintuitive paradoxes of contentment and suffering that that type of soul creates.

  59. Maid a Sissy in Pink Panties says:

    Just an idea , totally unrelated to the above, but since I had it on my mind; You have special ice cubes for BitchBoys consumption during sensory deprivation. I think you might enjoy this idea when Belindakins comes out to play in the summer. In the US we have these pudding pop molds made from Tupper Ware that you can make ice pops or pudding pops. You simply put a suitable liquid in the base and then a plastic holder goes down on top of the base and you put it in the ice box until frozen. I can’t imagine how humiliating it would be to be licking a lolly made of BitchBoy juice in front of your sister’s or other suitable audience.


  60. Derek says:

    Mistress Scarlet, thank you for continuing to update us on your lifestyle with bitch-boy. I am intrigued with your increasing use of the interdental brushes. A past Mistress (admittedly unintentionally) once scratched the inside of my urethra when inserting a catheter, For some time afterwards each time I passed urine it was excruciatingly painful. I am surprised that the intentional scratching of the interdental brushes has not caused the same effect for bitch-boy. But then perhaps it has but his pain has not warranted comment!! Keep up the good work. derek

    • I have mentioned before that given the interdental brushes are for cleaning the delicate gums between the teeth, I do no think they are capable of breaking the skin – while fortuitously, they still generate considerable discomfort.

  61. Jim Smith says:

    So what’s to keep your “slave” from just killing you. He can bludgeon you, stab you or shoot you if a gun is available. If it comes down to freedom, there isn’t much of a decision there. Since what you are doing amounts to kidnapping, not a court in the land would prosecute. That’s why I think your claims are as much bull as Bellemare’s were.

    • You appear to have absolutely no knowledge of the mental drivers of a submissive. Why are you reading my blog?

    • James says:

      You do kind of wish he’d do one of those things reading this. Reading this makes me feel like the one (and only) time I saw a bullfight. I was rooting for the bull the whole time.

  62. Derek says:

    I feel that I must add a reply to Jim Smith’s sadly ill informed views. The Mistress/slave relationship is complex and probably one of the most honest that there can be. The slave puts himself completely at the Mistress’s mercy and trusts her implicitly. The Mistress knows the true value of receiving this trust and understands her slave far better that most people ever understand their partners. Bitch boy is truly fortunate in having found a dedicated, imaginative and understanding Mistress. To someone not in the scene they could probably never comprehend the need of a true submissive. From what we learn through the blog, the subtle nuances and the continued development of the relationship between Mistress Scarlet and bitch boy, there can be no doubt in my mind that this is a true account of the real lives of two extraordinary people. Thank you Mistress Scarlet for letting us into your world.

  63. Dominic says:

    I have a question? I’m not familiar with Female Domination maybe because I’m a 21 year old male. But is Facesitting a form of female domination and is it a regular deal for women to pass gas while doing it?

    • Face sitting is often a form of female domination whether the female is naked or clothed. I frequently face sit bitch-boy when I make long phone calls. Some women pass gas to increase the humiliation of the male. Other Dommes consider that passing gas in front of others is not elegant. I myself do not consider it elegant, but I support any Domme who enjoys passing gas to increase the humiliation of their male.

  64. JT says:

    Totally agree with you Mistress Scarlet, passing gas is not elegant . A female Dom should always use her femininity to her advantage when humiliating the male. Passing gas while face sitting is a bit “cheap” 🙂 Would it not be better AND of more use to sit on bitch boys face In the panties you wore all day, thus forcing him to inhale the aroma of sweat and urine (after all Bitch boy does seem to like your special Ice lollies! :):) Then you could remove your panties and place them into his mouth, seal them in with a gag of some sorts and ensure he sucks on them for perhaps an hour, giving them a kind of “pre wash” :):) I find using a Dominant women’s worn items a fascinating and great opportunity for further humiliations. For example wringing out worn socks or tights to make a potent “Sock” tea for a special treat! Delightful! In fact you could invite some friends around and have a cocktail evening for Bitch boy. what fun!

  65. slave says:

    How dose one become owned

    • First, acquire as many useful skills as possible. Ironing, cooking, cleaning, cunnilingus, massage, etc. And it helps to be earning a decent salary. Second look for a woman who is quite independent. She need not appear assertive or dominant but is likely to be comfortable with herself. Third, if you broach the subject, be very subtle. Just talk about how you find it difficult not to do as you are told when confronted with a bossy woman. Do not talk about whips and chains and chastity. Next, be ultra-chivalrous and wait on her hand and foot, so she gets used to it and would miss it if it stopped. Especially make sure she has many oral orgasms to only a few or no orgasms for you. Tell her your pleasure comes more from giving her pleasure than sating yourself. Use contact websites and visit places like Club Pedestal and Club Black Whip.

      Another tip could be to learn to spell better to help have the right image. ‘Does’ is spelt like this.

  66. falconfox says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I am in need of advice. You see I have just recently started in being submissive, and found a Mistress off of alt.com. We have sent a few emails to each other and it has been nice. But she says that I have to buy some expensive bindage toys off of a very specific website before we can meet. This seems a bit off to me, especially with all of the cyber scams nowadays. Can you give me advice on how to proceed, like if I should go ahead and buy the toys without meeting her first? Thank you.

    • I am afraid I cannot help you on this. It may be that she is just scamming you, but it may be that she wants to check you are serious about being submissive to her before she will commit to you further – which would be understandable given the amount of submissive time wasters on the internet. Its a gamble – your call.

  67. falconfox says:

    Thank you for the advice. I am going to go ahead with it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  68. monet says:

    Good day Ms Scarlett (please forgive the omission of the title ‘Mistress’, it is not something i believe have earned to call You, i was always taught that very special title was something earned, if i am wrong in the way i address You, i sincerely apologise…).

    i came across a small quote while reading my book the other day while in the park and i instantly thought of You and i thought to myself ‘i have to tell Ms Scarlett this..you’ve followed the blog from afar, like caveman worshipping the Sun and fearing to get closer but now it is time to say ‘hello’ *smiles shyly*, i have often thought the Sun (not the Newspaper!) could be an apt metaphor for You Ms Scarlett…so radiant, so powerful, nurturing, beautiful, and giving such joy and light to so many…yet like the Sun, never disrespect it and never take it for granted and never ever underestimate it’s power to destroy and humble anyone it chooses to…to bring them to their knees and make them beg for your very existence…but i am rambling Mrs, i apologise…the quote mentioned is as follows..

    “As she well knew, no drug, however rare and expensive, offers the wonderful pleasure of being the centre of another’s dream and desires while being able, with only and smile and a look, to shatter them completely”

    i hope it amuses You and if it can bring even a small joy to You i will be so proud in having done something to make Your life better Ms Scarlett, something Your bitch-boy is lucky enough to do every day…

    i hope someday to purchase Your journals and delve even deeper down Your own personal rabbit hole but for now i will continue to follow Your blog Ms and continue to have a deep and genuine admiration for You and your amazing pet and the way You live, like so many, it is only something i can dream of…Long may it last.

    Be well Ms, i am so glad i decided to write to You though it is strange, i am taking such care with what i write, i feel like i am writing to Royalty :)..and i truly hope we can speak again in the future.


    • I like very much both the sun analogy and the quote monet.

      • monet says:

        Ms Scarlet, first off, let me apologise now for any rambling tangents i go off on…i ..i am just SO stunned with pride, raw pride that i cannot keep it in…i saw Your response yesterday and have been grinning like a schoolgirl ever since. it has taken nearly a whole day to get some coherent thoughts together and come down from ceiling where Your words sent me…i have barely been able to stop smiling and have had to make a concious effort to concentrate on work, i know it sounds crazy, but please do not worry Ms, it’s the good kind of ‘crazy”and not the ‘restraining order required’ kind of crazy 🙂 …Ms Scarlet..for you to not only acknowledge my existence but to respond and the response saying what it did…..*shakes his head* i cannot begin to express in words the pride i feel at You having enjoyed not only the quote but the analogy..the pride i feel at having done something that pleased *You*…the legendary Ms Scarlet..truly, i am completely flustered..’Starstruck’ is the best word i can think of. For me, to have got Your response, imagine being a a film fan and getting a personal reply from Robert DeNiro, Pacino or Spielberg, imagine being a rock music fan and getting a reply from The Stones or U2, or a literary fan and getting a reply from an Author you have worshipped for an age..well You can seem what i am trying to say Ms….You are ‘The Beatles’ of intense FLR’s and Dommes Ms Scarlet, others may have come before You, and others will come after You, but You, You are the anti-matter standard others have to aspire to (anti-matter is the most expensive material in the world costing 62.5 trillion dollars per gram!)…thank You so much Ms Scarlet, i cannot remember the last time i felt such pride…i know bitch-boys existence can be tough…but i can only imagine what he must feel when You tell him he has done well or flash him that smile letting him know he has pleased You…i don’t want to take up much more of Your precious time Ms, but 1 last thing if You could indulge me. i, like You, enjoy writing and have written short stories which i think/hope You may enjoy, the writing is an outlet for me Ms, a part of my soul very few get to see..so i beg You Ms, please may i have the opportunity to share them with You for Your amusement and pleasure?….this also got me to thinking Ms, i may not be the only aspiring writer who has been inspired by You and to some extent bitch-boy (i say to some extent because if others are inspired by bitch-boy, then You are to thank for that, as much of what You have done has made him what he is today), perhaps Your site could have a story area, for all to contribute, the benefits of this for You, lest anyone ever forget that anything asked of You should always benefit You, is possibly increased visitors, more followers finding Your site and worshipping You and lastly, You say You are always looking for new and interesting ways to torment bitch-boy, having stories could mean the possibility of You reading something contributed by a deliciously devious mind that will make You arch a beautifuly scuplted eyebrow and quirk a smile and think ‘Well well…now that sounds like something I really must try out on bitch-boy’..so, please Ms Scarlet…please allow me to share a small piece of me, the part of me that has been submissive before i even knew what that word meant, with You for Your pleasure, whether it is via this site or even just in an email to You or bitch-boy for him to pass on to You …i hope You do not mind Ms that i have written this entire response on my knees as a ‘Thank You’ for the reply and out of repect for You, the power You wield, Your Superiority and all You are and not just the Domme Ms, but the smart, funny, intelligent amazing Woman You allow the world to see…

        with deepest respect (and still smiling),

        • Do you have written material that is completed and ready to share? Is it a realistic depiction of what is possible, rather than fantasy that would never happen? The reason I began writing my journals was the apparent paucity of well written realistic femdom material.

  69. monet says:

    *sighs*…my apologies Ms Scarlet, it seems the very helpful spell checker has changed all mentions of ‘Scarlet’ in the original post to ‘Scarlett’ with two ‘t’s…why has no one invented an ‘Undo’ button for life’s everyday mistakes yet *arhhhhghh!*


  70. Robina says:

    I have only read Your Blog page,unfortunately I haven`t read any of Your Books. From reading Your Blogs, it is a life that I feel that I`d like to live! I adree that bitch boy must hate most of his life, but I also feel that that is what he wants! To deprive him of it would be crueller than letting him suffer, That is the best reason for saying he would Never attack You!!
    You are his Supreme Godess.!! Why would he want to get rid of You? If You left him, he would be an emotional wreck, his life resolves around Pleasing You, if he couldn`t do that, what would he do, Nothing !!
    I wouldn`t want to place myself in his position, although I am in a similar position with my Ex Wife. She Makes me Wear Her Dirty Underwear at all times, and uses a Panty Girdle as a Chastity Belt!! I have to Beg Her to release me so that I can go to the toilet! If She decides to allow me to go, She accompanies me to make sure I get on with it without touching myself unecesasarily! Sometimes She will say “No, Hang on for a bit, I`m Busy”! The bit can be anything up to Four Hours, my bladder is not that strong! There has been times when I just couldn`t hold it, that`s when the camera comes out, as my pee is trickling through the Girdle!! It also means that I have to Wear a Nappy to bed that night! Not a pleasant experience!!

  71. Derek says:

    Mistress Scarlet.
    In what appears to be your continual quest to make bitch boy’s life as uncomfortable as possible, have you seen or considered the ‘punishment’ sissy clothing as produced by http://superdresses.com/ ? The clothes I refer to have a rough hessian lining hidden underneath very feminine satin. Everything from maids dresses to babies rompers etc. Apparently very uncomfortable. Have fun

    • Thank you indeed. It is a great site. bitch-boy does have a pair of hessian bloomers which have pink ribbon adornments at waist and thigh. However, when he wears them, they do not seem to be as uncomfortable as I would wish. I was thinking of having him sow a wire brush inside in the gusset.

  72. Carla Thomas says:

    Hi Ms. Scarlett,
    I realize that while I have written a few emails directly to you, I was not using your blog site. My apologies. You are of course, welcome to put my previous emails to you (and the photo of my sissy husband) on your blog.
    I want to respond to your point about the hessian bloomers. I am an interior designer by trade, so I am familiar with fabrics. I also saw the hessian bloomer on the superdress website. Hessian ( or burlap as we call in the Stares) is often used as fabric for chair or sofa covering, or even window treatment. However that fabric, while some what rough, is not really scratchy. I think ( though I am not sure) the hessian used for the bloomers you purchased for bitch-boi, and the lining they suggest for various punishment outfits is this less coarse fabric. Also the bloomers look quite loose and baggy, not skin tight.
    The truly coarse miserably scratchy burlap is the kind you will find at a garden store- used for bags of fertilizer or dirt. The coarse burlap, because it is such a tough fabric, is often to use to cover the bulbs of plants or young trees, or wrapped around the tree trunks to protect the tree from bugs etc. This coarse burlap is often available for sale by the yard (meter) just like you would buy any other fabric.
    It is this tough coarse burlap which is perfect for making punishment clothing for a sissy ( or even a female slave but that is not my thing 🙂 ). Use it to line maids dresses, panties, etc – I like to double it up in the gusset area which forces pussie ( my sissy husband) to walk with his legs sllighty bent and apart- sort of a baby waddle -because the burlap is so scratchy and irritating. I can assure that a full day in burplap lined panties or a burlap lined maid’s dress, doing housework or yard work, will leave one miserable sissy- and lots of entertainment for anyone watching the sissy squirm and writhe in itchy misery!

    Hope this is useful to your blog readers.

  73. monet says:

    Ms Scarlet, firstly, there was no ‘reply’ option to Your query so i have answered it via a new ‘reply’. Also, thank You for taking the time to reply, it is greatly appreciated, secondly i apologise for the delay, i will do better in the future.
    In answer to Your query Ms, i do have a few stories that are complete and ready to share. i believe them to be realistic, there is nothing too ‘out there’, the things that happen in them could happen i believe Ms, and Ms Scarlet, much of what i write is inspired by my many years of servitude and involvement with the on-line BDSM talker community. There is one story that is not complete, but this is a larger piece of work, more fleshed out than the short stories and again the inspiration and certain elements are drawn from my life including the main Female character, who is inspired by a former Female very Senior colleague who radiated a confidence and superiority both physically and mentally that made most male colleagues dislike her because they could not handle it…but for me..simple things, like making and fetching coffee for Her was a highlight of my day.There is also one other incomplete, longer story which garnered a lot of praise from those who read but this is Fantasy and based on 2 of the characters from Buffy the Vampire slayer show.

    be well Ms Scarlet and again…thank You.


  74. hi i am slave cock meat and owned by Goddess Kay. She keeps me naked 24/7 never has any clothes for me. She will never buy any for me ever. Yes even in winter naked out side. She has cage out in back where i must sleep all night and have been in cage with temps down to 20 degrees for hours. The only thing i wear is a collar and lease. She does take me out to park and walk me around as long as She wants even with snow on ground. She believe all males should be kept naked because they do not deserve any clothes and says clothes are only for Women not males.

  75. it aka, Robert says:

    this pathetic inferior male bitch would only hope that You Ms. Scarlet might help guide this inferior to a place of keeping for Womynkinds use. it knows its place in truth. it believes in Goddess. It is quite attractive, has no other want or desire except that of its Supreme Female Master. might You please consider consulting with this inferior male, bitch or recommend another Supreme Female who might Ms. Scarlet? its need is only to serve Womynkind and firmly knows the truth of complete Female Supremacy.

  76. thwatsonjr54 says:

    Lucky Man!

  77. borntobeowned says:

    Oh how I wish I could find someone to own me that is cruel and strict!

  78. david kist says:

    Please please please mistress scarlet take me as your slave im not kiding give me the dress i will wear i got long hair im 20 give me some lipstick and im good to go i sorry i can’t fight it any more im under your spell let be your slave im serous contact me at samrock.dk@gmail.com please please please please please please

    • I am sorry, but as you must know I have a slave who I have been training for over a decade. Why would I want another? I suggest you work at skills like cooking, housework, pedicures. That you earn good money, learn to use good grammar when you write and then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. Good luck and best wishes.

  79. Iva MacP says:

    Dear Scarlet,
    First of all I would like to say that your blog is just great and I really enjoyed reading it. I was hoping you could give me an advise on problems I have been lately experiencing with my sub husband who have seriously forgot his place. Is there any way I could contact you directly? Perhaps an email?

  80. tiffanymaid says:

    MsScarlet *curtsy*
    Serena, my MistressWife and i have practiced and lived a FemDom relationship for over ten years and i have been kept sissified and chaste during this time. Unbelievably, W/we have only just discovered Your excellent blog and must pass on O/our thanks. Despite O/our experience, Your detailed blog has great insight, ideas and advice that are being put to use as i write.
    W/we look forward to further reading and putting Your ideas into practice.

  81. Yourstouse. says:

    Women are without doubt the superior sex, they are more intelligent, more knowledgeable, wiser, cleverer, more articulate, better educated, better informed, better manipulators, are so much more attractive than men, have lovely silky smooth skin, beautiful hair, their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours, their clothing is far better than ours.

    In other words they are “Perfection”, and therefore, deserve to be kept continually in a state of idle luxury, at our expense.

    We males should realize that we are only here to be used by women for their pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement. To do all the housework, cleaning cooking, shopping excreta, and thereby enable our owners to enjoy a life of comparative ease, whilst at the same time exercising complete and total authority over a member of the inferior sex.

    I can think of no greater honour than to be used by a woman as her toilet, and demonstrate my total devotion to she who is my Goddess, and also have her demonstrate her total authority over this worthless sub male who is fit only to be a receptacle for her unwanted waste products.


  82. Pervez says:

    Will you like to make me ur slave mistress Scaelet?

    • I am sorry, but as you must know I have a slave who I have been training for over a decade. Why would I want another? I suggest you work at skills like cooking, housework, pedicures. That you earn good money, learn to use good grammar when you write and then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. Good luck and best wishes.

  83. Garz says:

    Oops … thoroughly(sp.)

  84. bootboy says:

    I love you, Mistress Scarlet.

  85. abhijith says:

    i am a 21 year old boy bitch if ur treat me like a girl and give female dresses i am ready and i am a waste of this society and my family so i want a hidden life after ur use u can kill me

    • You need to focus on making changes so that you are of value to family and community. That is your first step to finding a Domme.

      • abhijith says:

        i am an indian hear husband is the god and wife is just a orderly i am little girly type so my only need is that i want a female partner i must be the orderly she must be the husband and i am the wife

  86. Jimmy marks says:

    Please Mistress your comments are very impressing.

  87. sllave217 says:

    For people who are interested in Ms Ingrid Bellemare’s rules and vision:

  88. urMaster says:

    I am a Sadist myself but after reading this blog I express my desire to dominate you Scarlet.

  89. urMaster says:

    i’ve almost read the whole blog and all ur responses Scarlet. U refer to urself as intelligent. i think ur iq might be 40. Don’t comment on the slang and grammar. I will spank u 😀

  90. cockmeat says:

    Dear Mistress, my Owner is very careful where She takes me for walk in part naked so no. These walks can last a long time even in o degree weather.But some people have seen this and like to watch or laugh at it. slave cockmeat

      • cockmeat says:

        Mistress, Thanks for getting back to me. One winter day it was 5 degrees and four young women saw us and followed. There was 5 inches of snow on the ground and had to walk bare foot. To keep control of me Goddess Kay locked my hands behind my back and locked a ball collar with sharp spikes and a leash on it. The women loved it and talked to her. They asked about me being naked in cold weather but Goddess said she doesn’t care or have any concern for me because I am just a male and should never wear clothing no matter what. I was then made to stand with leash tied to park bench as Goddess sat in care to warm up. She then let the four women take photos of me also making me pose in snow as well. When I was allowed back in the car I saw that she had me out there for over three hours. Yes this was hard on me but she really enjoyed it and that’s all that matters…right. slave cockmeat

  91. cockmeat says:

    Hello Mistress, We live in Wisconsin USA . Goddess feels me being naked all the time helps me to better understand what i am and what i am for and that no male deserves to wear clothing so i never will. Clothing is only for Women by Her standards. Because only objects can be owned and She owns me it makes me an object and objects don’t wear clothing so i should not as well. slave cockmeat

  92. cockmeat says:

    Mistress, i must sleep all night outside in locked caged every night over 9 hours. She allows a net in summer to keep bugs away and a cover over the top and sides for the very cold nights only. i am given a mat 2′ by 6′ and a bucket but nothing else. What country do you live in. slave cockmeat

  93. cockmeat says:

    Hello Mistress, i knew i was submissive to Women at age 15. First met Goddess Kay at age 20 She was 35. She wanted a young, hung slave to own as live-in and happy i was the one. The first thing She did was get rid of all my clothes then locked me in a strong cage 3′ X 6′ X 3′ in back yard. i was in there for 40 days only let out 1 hour a day to empty bucket and wash up. Even given one meal a day and had to eat from Her hand if human food or from dog bowl if it was dog food in the cage. Also had water but in dog bowl as well. She did this to break me down which made me a very obedient slave. After the 40 days She unlocked cage and said i should only wear this ,a collar locked with tags that said “name, cockmeat” and one that said “Owner, Goddess Kay”. i now am in cage about 12 hours a day. It has been 10 and a half years the last time i had clothing on. The only things i should wear is bondage equipment but nothing else by Her standards. slave cockmeat

  94. med says:

    Do you love him?

    Do you ever kiss/hug him?

  95. med says:

    poor guy,feel sorry for him.

    really,,,that’s the most beta thing to live a life….I’d end it if I was him.

  96. Jenni says:

    Mistress, this sissy begs leave to comment, and, unable to physically show its respect, it symbolically prostrates itself before you, imagining the honour of kissing your shoes and offering its tongue for you to wipe the soles of your feet on it.
    Searching for ‘Sissy Degradation’ on the web this sissy came upon your site. It was overawed, playing with its nipples until sore reading every blog.
    But this sissy has had doubts in its mind since succumbing to such self-pleasure.
    The first doubt is that, as a sissy, it is vicariously getting selfish pleasure, which is not the object of sissydom.
    The second doubt is the sheer intensitity of the Mistress’ sexual satisfaction at the pain and suffering of Bitch Boy. Mistress has stressed she has discovered in herself a sadism, and has graphically portrayed that in her descriptions of the degradation of Bitch Boy. This sissy now worries about Bitch Boy and his life.
    The third doubt that this sissy has is the withdrawal of the Mistress from other pleasures. She has stated she now longer walks in the country, which to this sissy seems sad. The Mistress also refers to reading magazines, but does not mention whether she reads books and watches films. This sissy worries that the Mistress has become too intense in this one pleasure that she loses the delights of other sensual and sensory pleasures. This sissy worries about the Mistress, too, in this regard.
    This sissy acknowledges it may be in ‘free fall’, having had two previous Mistresses who have properly guided and corrected it. Without that guidance and correction, this sissy humbly acknowledges it may have raised matters beyond its capabilities and status to either understand or make comment.
    This sissy begs the Mistress’ indulgence in this matter. It is sorry to have caused any offence to the Mistress. Whatever redress the Mistress requires for this, it will endeavour to accomplish.
    This sissy was trying to express genuine concerns for its own behaviour of selfish gratification and genuine concerns for Bitch Boy and the Mistress.

    • A few comments.

      I spend my spare time alternating between exhilaration and deep, relaxed contentment, interspersed with crashing orgasms. Why would I walk in the countryside instead? In addition, should I choose to return to country walks, I can do so. Your comment makes no sense.

      If you had read all of my blog or my published journals, you would have learned that I a voracious book reader and also a big movie fan.

      You do not say why you worry about Bitch Boy and his life? I suggest you read more of the blog before commenting again. Perhaps read every post and every comment.

  97. Jenni says:

    This sissy thanks the Mistress for her time and care in responding to its inappropriate and inaccurate comments. The sissy is grateful to be shown its ignorance. The sissy did not read the posts and responses sufficiently well, and it begs the Mistress’ forgiveness. The sissy will obey the Mistress’ suggestion in reading every post and comment.

  98. Jarrod says:

    Mistress Scarlet. May I ask you a simple question about your amazing lifestyle please? I was wondering what your very first experience of being dominant was and how old you were when it happened? Could you possibly describe how you felt and did you understand what was happening at the time? Many thanks. I love your blog and i have a couple of your superbly written books, you are very talented the way you write, its obvious you enjoy writing. Sharing with us your extraordinary lifestyle has been a real eye opener and i would like to think you have educated me (yes I am a submissive male) to an enormous amount of female domination i have to confess i never knew about. I would dearly like to ask you a few unintrusive questions like the one in this comment occasionally because i find you so interesting.
    Kindest regards. Jarrod

    • My sisters and I were mid teens and a friend of my mothers used to bring her child (my eldest sister’s age) to our house. We used to go upstairs with the child who we all thought of as very wimpy and pathetic. We used to make this child cry from time to time and we felt no sympathy. Just laughed and considered the child deserved all it got for being so wimpy and pathetic. I had no idea at the time what this meant about us (or the child – who was obviously a submissive, as this child would never tell on us and just kept coming back, even when the child had the option not to see us.) There was nothing sexual. My sisters and I just thought we were having fun.

  99. Jarrod says:

    Thank you for your reply, I must say as you are such a special person I did rather feel quite “Honored” that you answered my question. To be totally honest you left me feeling like I had just received a letter from someone you never dreamed you would. You may not be a Hollywood star but you are just as famous and much more memorable In my eyes.
    Although you were a group picking on the one wimpy child you obviously had tremendous confidence to be so dominant at an early age and not feel any sympathy for the victim. Was your Mother a dominant woman and did she encourage you at all? And when did the power to dominate another person cause you to feel sexually stimulated?
    I was never wimpy nor submissive but I had similar experiences in my teens at school. Playing ball in the class room at break time, the ball would rebound off under the table where a group of girls were sitting, as I tried to retrieve the ball one of the girls would step on my hands and grind her shoes into my trapped hands to prevent me having my ball back. It hurt like hell and I certainly wasn’t turned on at the time but the girls were obviously having fun, you could tell by the smiles on there faces, but although I was not sexually turned on at that point I gave them every opportunity to enjoy themselves more in the future. Why I don’t know perhaps there was something inside me then that was maturing my submissiveness to women. My parents brought me up from a very early age never to hit argue or agrevate women so I had massive respect for females even as young as 8 years old. My Mum did practice Femdom on my father though, not as extreme as you Mistress Scarlet, so maybe we are born with it in us from the start???
    My final question is , and its totally hypothetical I know, but if you had had a daughter would you have brought her up to be a dominant woman or would you let her decide her own path? On the other hand maybe she would need no encouragement and would be born with her mothers skills?
    Thank you again, I really enjoy a sensible conversation with you and never admit to knowing everything, its always good to learn about people from all walks of life and you fascinate me in a very healthy way 🙂 Kindest wishes.

    • My mother was dominant and although she was, and is, generally a very kind person, she had and has an edge of steel if she determines someone to be of appalling character.

      I think if she did not naturally develop to be dominant and she seemed to be picking abusive types of boyfriends, I would have ensured that any daughter of mine understood the potential power of woman over submissive males, the pleasurable life exerting such power can bring and the number of submissive males that there are to choose from. Her lifestyle choice would then be hers. I have nieces who are still in early teens and already beautiful and intelligent, and in a few years, I will adopt the same vigilance. (Although I imagine their mother will do that anyway.)

  100. Duane says:

    Mistress Scarlett,

    You mentioned missing out on purchasing the slip on shoes with the spring coiled heel. This website seems to offer the same you were interested in. Hope it helps.


    Mailing Address:
    J. Rubio – USA
    535 US 41 Bypass N #196
    Venice, Fl. 34285

    Best regards,

    subbie d.

    • Trouble is they are not in the UK and I have to try them on before purchase to check the spring is slack enough to allow for a male member to be crushed between the two soles.

      • Jarrod says:

        Forgive me in jest but I hope I bring a smile to your face when I say those bring a whole new meaning to nut crackers :):)
        As a sub male I must admit those bring the fear of god into me. The pain you could so easily and effortlessly inflict just with the very slightest movement of your feet on an aroused male member is deverstating. What a helpless predicament for bitch boy.

  101. Armando says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet.

    I have a question that I imagine you have probably been asked before. It is this. How do you view cruelty to animals?

    I am both submissive and a vegan. As a vegan I stand against both intentional cruelty to animals as well as the cruelty that exists due to exploitation. Such as fur farms for example.

    I, like many other submissive men reading your blog, am enthralled by the cruelty that you inflict upon your sub.

    Can one be a masochist, and still care about animal cruelty? Can one be a sadist and still care about animal cruelty?

    You are clearly a thinking woman, and I suspect have considered this issue. I would be interested to know your views.

    Thank you for reading my question Mistress.

    • I have no conflict in saying that I abhor cruelty to animals and I abhor cruelty to children. I must also say I am not fond of charities for domestic animals and pets. Those charities should wait for funds until, in our world, there are no starving children and no diseased children in need of medicine they cannot get.

  102. Armando says:

    Thank you for your reply.

  103. Martin says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet.

    I read your blog and I have a few questions for you if you would like to answer them.

    I would like to know more about the following:
    1) How you met your husband.
    2) How your relasionship was in the beginning.
    3) If you have ever had normal sexual relations with your husband.
    4) Why marriage to your husband if you are a “lesbian”?
    5) Do you ever want sex with a man? And if so have you thought about cuckolding your husband with a man?

    I’m sorry if any of these are already answered. I can’t seem to find much info on these questions in your blog.

    • The answers to questions 1 and 2 are in the introductions to my published journals/diaries. If you click on the link to diaries on the home page and then pick any Kindle version. The ‘Look Inside’ feature on the Kindle site gives you the whole introduction without the need to make a purchase.

      3) Yes for around the first 6 months although, even during that time, of his own volition, he would always begin by pleasuring me orally for A LONG TIME, before we moved onto fucking or him receiving any form of attention from me.

      4) Lesbian and hetrosexual are labels. Labels are not helpful because people have a stereotype attached to each label in their minds. The situation is that I adore having my male slave and plaything, but we never fuck or have sex beyond me being licked and him being occasionally wanked by me. Is that a hetrosexual lifestyle? And, the only other sexual activity I want is with other women. Does that make me a lesbian?

      5) I do not want sex with a man. I will never fuck any man ever again. I like cuckolding bitch-boy by having sex with women.

      So, if labels are important to you, perhaps you know of a label for my sexuality?

      • Martin says:

        Thakyou for your reply. I have a few follow ups if you don’t mind.

        3) What made you decide to never have sex with your husband again? Do you not like it or was it something else?

        4) I put “lesbian” in quotes since I read your explanation regarding that before. This question ties into my follow up on number 3 above. Did you know that you prefered sex with women already when you met your husbad or was that something you figured out later on? If later on what do you think changed for you? If you already knew what were your motivations for marrying your husband?

        5) Did you ever enjoy sex with a man?

        And also a new question:

        6) Do you ever feel you go to far? I’m wondering if what you do is even acceptable by law? Have you ever thought about that and what are your thoughs in that case? I get that your husband is free to leave but as we all know when somebody is broken down people don’t follow logic as you can see repetedly in abusive relasioships.

        7) How do you make sure your husband isn’t pushed to far? Or is it your game to push him to far to totaly break him?

        I’m not trying tp put you down. You are an intreging person and I just want to try to understand a bit more of you and where you are?

        ps. sorry for the misspelling english is not my native language.

        • 3. I have the most massive orgasms of my life with the current regime. I also love denying bitch-boy being allowed to fuck – ever!

          4. At the time I met bitch-boy, I did not know I had a fondness for sexual embrace with other females.

          5. Only with bitch-boy – before I began dominating him.

          6. Clearly if I felt I was going too far I would stop at that point. The law question is very boring and lacking in any knowledge of how the prosecution process works. First, I do not think there is any law I am breaking as bitch-boy could walk away if he wanted. Second, a prosecution would require bitch-boy to give evidence against me. Would a man in awe of a woman give evidence against her??? Third, I don’t care. We get one shot at life. I intend to make the most of mine.

          7. What does ‘totally break him’ mean?

  104. Mistress Scarlet please accept my comments and experience, as an unwilling male slave myself, I must congratulate you on the accuracy of your blog. Many people are under the impression that dominant women walk about all day dressed in high heeled boots and leather corsets, carrying a whip, Which as you know is not the case. My own experience is quite different. In my case I met an exciting lady who was prepared to indulge my desires. We had a Mistress Slave relationship, outside of my marriage, I was married to some else when we started, that developed with me moving in with her. My families reaction was make dad pay, they got the assets I got the debts. To prevent anymore money grabbing I put everything in my new partners name, as with you she owns the house and all the property. As she is thirty years younger than me I thought all my Christmases’ had come at once. We intended to get married but my ex dragged things out for several years, by which time we had gone of the idea, as why wreck what we have. I did not have much when I moved in so putting things in her name seemed the sensible thing to do. As time went on we built up assets, including several properties which are rented out giving her a good income, on top of her earnings as a swimming instructor. I had a well paid job which greatly helped build up our lifestyle, we now live in a large house, in the best part of town. Things were fine with me, the slave in charge, using the safe word when things got out of hand. This is what most people don’t understand in a Mistress Slave relationship, it`s the slave that controls things, allowing the Mistress to go only as far as the Slave wants. It was like that with us until I lost my job 4 years ago. I found myself unable to find employment, so when my jobseekers allowance ran out I was not eligible for state help, because her income was taken into account and was way over the threshold. After a couple of weeks she insisted we have a long talk, telling me that she had been frustrated for a long time with our relationship and wanted change. She pointed out that I was bringing no income into the home and that I was effectively a kept man. It was made clear that she was quite prepared to carry on like this, but I would have to change and become her slave for real, not realising the implications I agreed. It was only after a session, when I was tied to the bed being beaten, and used the safe word, being told the safe word no longer applied and she would decide when the action stopped, that I began to realise what I had agreed to. When released a huge row developed, in which she said you will obey me or get out, I`m not carrying on as before. I refused to leave so she called the police who removed me. It was only then that I realised what I had done. The council would not house me, Shelter made it clear that the best I could hope for was a place in a bedsit,no one else wanted. The police officer that attended told me that he had been in a similar situation living with some one who kicked him out and that the law as it stands gives very few rights to people who are not married, you each keep what you own. Left with no chose I went back, begged and the rest is history.

    • I have no sympathy at all.
      You had an affair while married with children. You did not have the honesty to split from your wife before embarking on your affair.
      You moved assets to another person that your ex wife and children must have been legally entitled to.
      You are unemployed and will not do what is required to get work – like a freeloader.
      You say you are submissive but expect to have a safe-word so that you are actually in charge.
      We reap what we sow.

      • Thank you for your reply Mistress Scarlet. I was not expecting much sympathy, as I got myself into a situation I cannot get out of. It is however not very nice having to do exactly what you are told, even when you don’t want to. Having to kneel at her feet when see walks in, removing her shoes, her coat and anything else she wants, without so much as a thank you. She just lounges on the sofa ordering me to fetch her this and that or whatever, or caress, or lick her. It is particularly onerous when you can smell sex on her, knowing she has been with her lover or some other man. I now realise I am not truly submissive and have tried rebelling several times, it as only made my situation worse. The first time I had to submit to a beating, or leave to live on the streets, at 62 it would kill me, what sort of chose was that. I had welds on my arse for a fortnight afterwards, she decided that was not a good idea and not repeated. A like minded friend told her about an electrical device to use with the CB6000, that can be controlled from a computer as well as with a small hand held fob not much bigger than a car key. It cost her 1000 pounds but it did the trick. It sends out electrical pulses through the penis in several ways. As well as a being able to summon me when required it can also punish as well. It has a leash mode that confines the wearer to a short distance from the key fob, or computer, stray outside that distance it delivers shocks every 7 seconds until you are back within the set parameters. Very useful to her in supermarkets. It also has something called canine mode which is even worse, when activated it sends out electric pulses every 7 seconds until the devise is horizontal to the ground less than 18 inches above it. The only way you can stop it is to go down on all fours, canine style, until it is deactivated. She once used this mode at the checkout of a supermarket, I don’t believe there is a man in Britain who is a more attentive and better shopper than me. The last time I rebelled she made me wear the devise at home and reset the power output, testing it on me. After a series of increasing shocks she realised how to set it the way she wanted. When I jumped in the air then ran around swearing she said that’s it I am just going to set it 20% higher putting her finger to her lips daring me to speak. The next evening she invited a male friend round, and after a little small talk informed me he was gay and I was going to give him oral sex. If I refused she was going to give him the key fob and tell him to return me in the morning. After being made to swallow I have never rebelled again, I seldom wear the device unless Mistress wants some fun with her friends. She has pictures of me in various states of subservience and has made it clear that she will advertise them on gay sites if I displease her in any way. I hate it sometimes, but have become used to it now. Once you accept you have no chose you can get used to anything, what I do for her is better than the alternative.

        • I am beginning to doubt the truth of your account. In particular, while I know about the electrical device designed to attach to a CB, I have never heard of it being capable of the functions you set out. Perhaps you could provide a URL link to the product in question.

  105. cockmeat says:

    It is getting very cold as winter is just around the corner. As i have stated before my Owner makes me sleep outside all night and when She doesn’t need me as well. The temps are down to almost 32 degrees now but She should not care of course because i am just a male and should be used this way for Her. slave cockmeat

  106. Armando says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet.
    One question. I know that your sub is denied sex with you, and that his orgasams are restricted generally as well. But is he also denied affection, romantic times together, words of praise, hugs and kisses, etc. Dies his submission require of him that he abandon even feeling loved by you? Or is feeling loved by you an essential component in achieving his level of submission. Would he be able to submit if he felt you despised him? Thanks for any response.

  107. Mistress Scarlet please allow me to inform you of the web site you question. If you Google: DreamLover Laboratories it should give you all the information you have asked for, it’s where ours came from.

  108. Mistress Scarlet I hope you have found the information I sent useful. I am sorry if I gave the impression I was not genuine, nothing could be further from the truth. My aim in posting on your blog, was to show others, that what you have posted is not just a story, but reality, that being a male slave is not all it`s cracked up to be and they should be careful what they wish for.

  109. Armando says:

    Thank you Mistress Scarlett.

    But if I may be more to the point. And I do not ask out of idle curiosity, but out of a real and personal desire to know.

    It is whether a deep level of submission, as your husband demonstrates, is even possible where the slave does not feel he is loved. Or possibly even feels he is despised.

    Or in other words is love between the Dominant and the submissive essential to the dynamic working.

    And Secondly, whether your husband/slave is also deneid the usual evidences of love such as hugs/kisses, terms of endearment, positive affirmations, etc

    Again my asking you this, is deeply personal and important to me.

    I thank you respectfully.

    • You are clearly looking for a specific answer that confirms the position you already believe to be true. And you have ceased to ask specifically about bitch-boy and I, and are now asking at the level of the conceptual. So, for what it is worth, which you may not like, I imagine some subs would require feeling loved in order to be deeply submissive to their Mistress, but I believe there are others who would worship an aloof Mistress equally.

  110. Armando says:

    Thank you Mistress. That is indeed the conclusion I have been coming to.

  111. TurnipsAreAFineVegetable says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    As someone on the start of a journey with an amazing dominant woman, I do feel like I have some understanding of how a man may end up in a place such as where your partner is. I would be remiss not to say that I do find that the extremeness of your treatment of him quite difficult to believe (it makes Ingrid Bellemare look mild and she was doubted by many). Perhaps it’s because (understandably) the blog only focuses on ‘highlights’.

    Suspending disbelief, I wonder if your partner has ever wanted to actually leave the relationship or put aside the d/s element? If so, how did you deal with it? I understand that blackmail and financial domination would make it very difficult to leave this situation now (even if he did, though I imagine that he’s far beyond the point of no return now), but have you always held that over him?

    Apologies for my skepticism and thanks in advance for any answers you give.

    • I would truly be interested to know which aspects / events are hard to believe. You are right to observe that the blog only focuses on ‘highlights’.

      In the past, when he would be stubborn I would display my beautiful body dressed as sexily as possible and I would remind him how lucky he was to have visual and worshipping access to this body, that is so much younger than his. I would remind him of how I could have 100 younger, more well endowed submissives queuing up to serve me – if I dismissed him. I would remind him that he was submissive to his core (which he knows) and ask him if he could really cope without being dominated by a woman. And could he find another dominant women like me, when they are in such demand, and demand far exceeding supply? And all the while I have been conditioning him and subjugating him to reset his expectations of life. The fact that I possess so many secrets he would not want widely known never comes up although I guess it may be in his mind too.

      And ocassionally I still have to go through this routine. Just not too often now. He knows its simply all or nothing for him. Accepting all I want without compromise or not being with me.

      • TurnipsAreAFineVegetable says:

        To be honest, I’m skeptical about 95% of what is written in a non – instructional context about BDSM. Such accounts are so fanciful or unrealistic that they’re undoubtedly written with only one hand on the keyboard. That having been said, there are plenty of blogs and whatnot that I do believe and make for both interesting and sexy reading. With regards to yours, over the year or so I’ve read it on and off, well I’ve gone from ‘nah, its fantasy’ to ‘well perhaps’, likely initiated by changes in my own relationships (going from more mild FLR to something stronger).

        What makes me skeptical? There’s a few things. The lack of focus on ‘normal’ life for the both of you, the extremeness of some of the play, particularly TSD and its apparently frequency, the introduction of other women (this often reads like a erotic fiction), lack of pictures..when there are pics they tend to be shop or designs. There’s also quite a lot of suggestion of non-consensual stuff, though, to be fair, you have pointed out the ‘sub reality’ several times (that although it may be difficult, the reinforcement of the dynamic is desperately needed). Many times you seem to be playing to the audience.

        Whether or not it is true, it makes for great reading and personal intrigue.

        Apologies for any typos, phone keyboards don’t make for easy typing!

        • I am always a little sad when the voracity of my accounts is questioned. The doubter is missing out on what is possible. Regarding your comments:

          1. I do not focus on the ‘normal’ aspects of our lives because it is boring! There are plenty of femdom blogs and some books detailing the mundane aspects of lives but I don’t think many of my readers are interested in when I have a cold, or a pet is ill, or I am having a spell at working long hours at work. So, I write only about the times and events that I assume will be of interest. My published journals cover more than ten years of my relationship. If you think abut it, the number of events I record taking place over that long period leaves plenty of time between those events for the mundane. Having said that, we have no children living with us, or close to us. We live in a tiny village deep in the countryside and have kept ourselves to ourselves so have no social relationship with neighbours. Relatives all live at least 45 mins drive away. So basically no one just drops-in to see us. And my bitch-boy runs his business from home and does not have to do that many hours to run it. So, I have set up our lives to be dedicated to my pleasurable domination of my slave and toy. The last 18 months it has become my absolute primary past time. Perhaps 4 weekends out of 5 are solely devoted to my hedonistic pleasure at bitch-boy’s cost. This may seem unbelievable but it is the result of over a decade of evolution of myself. And of course we do have morning/evening rituals which happen every day and some 24/7 rules and chastity control.

          2. I like sex with other women. If I write about when that happens it is very likely to be erotic to those that are turned on by sex between women. What am I supposed to do about that. Pretend it does not happen?

          3. I am very confused about your comment on lack of real pictures. While some are from the web showing items of equipment. Most are from my camera. Postings: 26 Sep 14, 21 Sep 14, each of the covers of my journals (including 8 Aug 14 – etc.), 24 June 14, 3 April 14 (the pouch), 7 Jan 14, 23 Dec 13, 11 Nov 13, etc. etc. etc.

          4. There is lots of non-consensual stuff! That’s the point! That’s the pleasure (for me). I have written extensively on how that works. Here is something I wrote for someone else.
          My bitch-boy is submissive at his core. It is fundamental that I know that, although I subject him to things he really, really hates at the time they are happening, and his life is controlled, denying him many freedoms – the result is that the more I treat him this way, the more soundly he sleeps, the more contented he is during all our vanilla moments. And the worse I treat him, the more he obviously worships me.

          So there is a BIG paradox and it is counter-intuitive, but what I describe above remains a fact of life. So as I get great pleasure using and abusing him and dominating him, because I am a sadistic, dominant bitch – we both end up with contented souls.

          While my bitch-boy, during vanilla times is my absolute rock, my protector, my problem solver, clever, kind, articulate, full of wisdom – I accept all of that, but I also partition a large part of our relationship as the part where I feed our BDSM souls.

          Nothing I do will break him or damage him, although he may be reduced to tears, he will not break – he is not made of porcelain. Were I not to treat him so badly, so often, and control his day-today life – denying him many freedoms, I know his submissive soul would not be truly fed and contented. I have no doubt he understands that too, but of course part of what feeds his submissive soul requires is that he does not get a say in how he is treated. If he did, he would have control and that would not be submissive. It would not feed his soul.

          I hope all of this paradoxical stuff makes some sense!

          5. I have no idea how I play to the audience. Perhaps you could explain that?

          6. And, of course, if you want real proof, I am happy to chat on the telephone with any woman who wants to do so, and better still, if we click, she can come and visit me and see the reality. This includes your Mistress.

          I do not know what more I can say. All the best in your continually evolving relationship.

          • petevans69 says:

            Such wise words spoken again by Mistress Scarlet – I can totally understand where You Mistress Scarlet are coming from – if all of a sudden You became 100% vanilla Bitch-boy would be most sad.
            For somebody whom isn’t a true submissive I guess it’s hard to understand the dynamics between a genuine Mistress and Her slave.

            Incidentally over many years I have read a load of nonsense written about things not being for real. A good example of this was a lot of people were doubting the reality The OWK, I was never one of them and I visited there twice – sadly not in its heyday but towards the end.

  112. TurnipsAreAFineVegetable says:

    Thanks for the extended reply. It was genuinely interesting. I have mentioned that she can contact you if she wishes, though I’d be quite surprised (and possibly a little scared!) if she did as it’s myself who is the nosey cynical one.

    Apologies for the new thread, but comments in here don’t seem to want to extend to more than a few replies.

    Keep well.

  113. Alex says:

    I have enjoyed reading your fascinating blog Ms Scarlet! I am curious as to what constitutes ‘enforced hospitalisation’ as referred to at the start of the blog?

    • Volumes 1 and 3 of my journals both feature full detailed descriptions.

      I sometimes like to adopt a persona of ‘Nurse Nasty’ and I apply myself to my helpless bed bound patient. During the treatment period, when the patient is bound helplessly on the bed, there may be a urine drip for the patient’s funnel gag — use of hot flannels, scrubbing brush and Deep Heat cream to fully clean genitals — nappy use — hours alone on the bed — etc, etc.

  114. Amazon says:

    I found your site, today. The pages with Q+A are very nice too.
    Respectivelly yours

  115. JD says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    While still starting our journey, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and it has been very inspirational for our own future. However, we wonder if you have made any provisions for your slave if anything bad would happen to you. You mentioned earlier that all material assets are owned by you. What would happen if you would unfortunately become ill, have an accident… Are there any provisions in a contract or otherwise? This is an aspect of real femdom we are still struggling with.

    Thank you for your advice.

  116. Amazon says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet,

    I found your site just few days ago. I like it and i took many ideas as i am 3D (and 2D) images artist. I put a link to my blog for you, also.
    Trully yours

  117. Douglas Garmin mcleod says:

    malicious do you ever accept

  118. sharanjeet says:

    I want to become ur slave

  119. derek says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, over the years I have been intrigued and entertained by your gradual and increasing subjugation of bitchboy. To use contemporary language I wonder if either of you could have foreseen the ‘journey’ that you have both been on. I wonder if bitchboy really could have imagined the extent to which you have taken him, or indeed whether you yourself anticipated all that you might achieve.
    I am looking forward to reading more about your life when you finish work and are at home so much more and how this impacts on bitchboy’s life. On one hand I envy him but on the other I think he is going to find the constant surveillance very hard to take.
    You referred to the hours he is going to have to spend colouring in his pictures. Perhaps you might wish to share his attempts by publishing some of them, I am sure that this will add to his humiliation.
    As always I look forward to your next journal.

  120. Douglas Garmin mcleod says:

    I am looking for a permanent slavery so I can be sold and video and there are my friends know then I am a slave

    • I do not need another male slave, I have a very good one – trained for almost 15 years now.

      I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  121. Slave Whose Mistress Cuckholds says:

    My Mistress believes in Cornertime and Other Men so I am a cuckhold doing cornertime. I am supposed to be doing House.Cleaning now…

  122. Lee says:

    I am new to the lifestyle and I absolutely love your blog. Don’t know how much spare time you have but I’m really looking for a mentor

  123. Teddy the Wonder Lizard says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet,
    I have been quietly enjoying your journals. I began at the end with the latest installment, and given my own experience it is no surprise that your husband has been led into the predicament in which he finds himself. But there is one thing that has been bugging me – what is it that replenishes your husband’s dignity, so that you may destroy it all over again?


    • I guess is results from several things. One is that he is never submissive to men, and I would not want him to be so, therefore during 50% of his interactions in the vanilla world he is respected and has self esteem. He runs a very successful business which gives him self esteem. Also women he is interacting with who do not know of his submission to me and others also treat him with respect. It is important to remember that when not being dominated, he is a very well respected and capable man. So I guess these times when he is not being dominated by me, replenish his dignity.

  124. David MacBeth says:

    wow, Your bitch boy is so lucky, but why let him orgasm? surely milking would be more frustrating, you could rent him out to pleasure others too, so humiliating for him,

    • Normally I like bitch-boy to orgasm about every ten days to two weeks because then he gets to be reminded often of what he is missing all the time I have him locked up. I normally make his orgasms as huge as possible because,
      1) he then knows what I can award him if he behaves and remains under my power and,
      2) he knows just what a wonderful feeling I am denying him day after day after day, and ,
      3) it makes me feel very powerful that I do that for him at my whim, and could stop doing so at any time.

  125. Teddy the Wonder Lizard says:

    Thanks you MIstress Scarlett, that makes perfect sense. It’s easy to forget that journal entries are just part of your lives.


  126. Rob England says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    I’ve read several of your books and have very much enjoyed both the content and the writing style. You truly have a unique talent, in more ways than one. I see that you and Your Sisters enjoy from time to time using bitch boy as Your urinal. That must be so humiliating for him. Have you ever considered feeding him solids ?



  127. tommyslave says:

    Mwhen i yself and my wife are married since 1982 and we have compleated our 33 years togetherl we have three children all well educated and married . we are following Dominant and slave relationship very happily and pleasingly since then. To our children and friends we are very loving couple. But between both of us she is 100% in control of me and our life. All my savings are properties are in her name, and not anything in my name. all bank accounts are in her name and operated by her. she have full rights to punish me when i do something wrong or disobedience and she have full power and right to use my body and mind when ever and what ever she required for her happiness and satisfaction. she have the full authority to decide when i have to die and how i have to die. in our mutual agreement signed and kept in bank locker. she is not working. but she is the Managing director of my company and i am only General Mnnager. BUT FINAL signature of all company documents are done by her. I run the most profitable busiiness and travel many countries and she is travelling along with me. She enjoys all luxuries in life , all first class flights, 5 star hotels, best restaurant dinners, all high class drinks , have 5 apartments in various cities, luxury cars and servants , drivers all. 33 years , we never made a chance our children know this and public knows this.. But mutually we both knows that i am only a DOG or mere low grade slave owned by her. . we both enjoy this life . last year i had a kidney failure and we went to siingapore and did the kidney transplant. i am 58 year old and she is 53 year old. we both are very sex loving. we like piss play, shit play sometimes, slapping, etc. serious games very rarely for a change, but we love everyday slaps , spit , face sitting, ass licking, spanking etc this is really a true story and we really recommed this DS lifestyle to any couple who would like to lead tension free, clean, and long lasting married lifel this will make both the couple disciplined and organised.

  128. Tareq says:

    I m ready to serve you for my rest of life

    • I already have sub.

      I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 50 to 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  129. Tareq says:

    I already can do all these things i have experienc in that career trust me
    What i need to be urs forever
    Own me mistress i ll ne good and obeying you as always at rest of life

  130. Tareq says:

    Ok sry i wont disturb you
    Any friend of you need 1 or when ir slave go call me

  131. NATE says:

    this is not the first and won’t be the last time i visit a femdom website. this is strange considering i am an alpha male myself (i am straight too) yet whenever i see femdom contents on internet i feel excited and happy. this is the same happiness and excitement whenever i see more and more women turn lesbian. i don’t know what is inside my brain but right now femdom and lesbianism are my highest ecstasy.

    its not that i wanna be in the sub males’ places. its just whenever i see other men being treated that “good” by women i always feel good. i wish i could draw images with theme femdom. or i would love to build a femdom house where all male masochists and female sadists/dominatrixes gathered and expressed their fantasies.

    and to @tommyslave, that is a beautiful story. love it!

    /NATE (using anonim proxy to pass blocking)

  132. Lori says:

    If I’m his Dom mistress and he is doming a woman what are my rules with the both of them ?

    • You have provided no background information at all. I will therefore comment on assumptions I make. If you are his Domme and you do not want him to do this. Forbid him from doing it.

      If you are OK with it, insist on being present. Your rules are whatever you want them to be. What you are OK with happening. What you insist happens. And you forbid the things you do not want to happen.

  133. tease02 says:

    Do you know any dom femaled looking to kidnap me and tease my cock permanently?

  134. Travis says:

    Awesome lifestyle!

  135. derek says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    I am glad that the false eyelashes worked out well.
    I am enjoying as ever the latest Volume (9) of your journals. On reading your accounts so far, there are two things that intrigue me.
    Firstly (and I hope it’s not too personal) you obviously have not exploited the humiliations that you could force bitchboy to endure, during your periods. Perhaps he could share your time each month with a humiliating or painful ritual of your choice.
    Secondly I was surprised on looking again at bitchboy’s painted nails that they are so short. Perhaps he should grow and shape them. A broken nail would of course be punishable. After growing and shaping them and possibly keeping them painted (clear varnish if necessary for outside business work etc. all to your satisfaction, you could trim them right down again as I suppose little girls should not have long nails! The procedure could start all over again.
    Just a couple of thoughts that you have probably had already and discarded.

    Keep up the good work. Derek

  136. Scott says:

    Ms. Scarlet, you have written:

    > I believe the control is the key matter. However enduring suffering beyond what they may have >fantasized about, is the surest way of providing irrefutable evidence to them that they are under

    It’s an interesting echo of the following passage from George Orwell’s ‘1984’, where O’Brian is torturing Winston in the basement of the Ministry of Love:

    He paused, and for a moment assumed again his air of a schoolmaster questioning a promising pupil: ’How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?’

    Winston thought. ’By making him suffer,’ he said.

    ’Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

    Just FYI, though you seem very literate so you probably knew it.


    • Interesting. My point was subtly different however. That being, a true submissive needs things to be taken just past what they actually are comfortable with, in order to feel they are under the power of another. Or way past what they are comfortable with! LOL

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    • I think I would get on well with Goddess Kay!

      • cock meat says:

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  138. slaveboy says:

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  139. Kres says:

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  140. Tracy says:

    I’m Tracy Lynn Hatch Jr a hip-hop artist who thinks dominating women are inappropriate

  141. zewdie33 says:

    Dear Mistress,
    I have a lifelong deep interest of serving a dominant girl or woman but am not successful in getting that even if, briefly serving some as a toilet and housemaid. Please help me in getting that. I am the biggest fan of what you did and doing. Mistress please…please…please..

    • I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  142. jb says:

    Thank Mistress Scarlet. I am in need of a woman like you to control and humiliate me – I have been in need of domination by a woman to put me in my place for a long time. Where do I find one

    • I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  143. clitboy says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlett this writer is a 63 year old husband slave. My Goddess Wife and i have been married for over 40 years and about 20 years ago i realised that Mistress was the One to rule our relationship. Mistress is a strong and intelligent Woman but is vanilla in taste. So this journey to this point has been very slow i have had to at times push from the bottom so as to example to Her how my submission to Her would make Her life so much easier this slut boy is aware that leading from the bottom is inappropriate but my devotion and love is absolute and I could not survive in this blessed marriage as Her equal boy does all the house work now and is Mistresses personal slave. Mistress accepts this because of Her love for me but I have had a hard time trying to explain the mind set of Her husband who desires subjucation and servitude. Whilst She can be sometimes harsh, Mistress at times worries that giving Her slut pain or humilation is wrong. Mistress is not sadistic, rather loving and kind. My this useless male ask Mistress Scarlett what its Mistress could read that would enlighten Her so as to gain a deeper understanding of this world ofmale submission. She would not tolerate anythning extreme.

    Bowing before You in awe and admiration clitboy

    • I am afraid I know of no written works which appropriately and accurately set out the needs of the deeply sexually submissive. Were I to have a conversation with her, I would say this.

      ‘If you love your submissive and you wish to be kind to your submissive and have him/her sleep the most sound and contented sleep they can every know, then the saying -‘you have to be cruel to be kind’, is the mantra by which you must live. The deeply submissive is a paradox. They need to feel helplessly in the control of another. That entails feeling that they are treated unfairly when it comes to things like allocations of chores and leisure time. It means they have to be genuinely very fearful and frightened of the punishments that are given in response to infractions. It also means they have to be subjected to pain and humiliation that they do not enjoy. It is only when they are genuinely fearful of punishment for infractions and when they suffer pain and humiliation and unfairness they genuinely would rather not experience, that they feely truly controlled and in the helpless power of another. And without feeling truly controlled and in the helpless power of another, they can NEVER be wholly content with their lives. So real love and kindness for a true submissive does not mean going easy on them in any way, or being fair with them – that causes discontent and unhappiness and is not being kind.

      • clitboy says:

        Dear Mistress Scarlett. That response is truely awesome. Thank You so much. This one was never a deep sleeper until Mistress had me sleeping in shackles, at my instigation. So Mistress understands this aspect. This boy spends the day doing house work in collars when possible and is used by his owner for personal care. Punishment and discipline are rare however because, as previously stated, Mistress worries about hurting me. So yes, your response has hit (lol) the nail on the head so to speak. This boy is therefore not fearful. But desires to be. Most of the submission is self derived so at times this boy becomes extremely agitated. Your control and understanding of You pet is remarkable and i am so pleased for You that You have this. Again, thank You so much for Your response. Bowing deeply before You.

  144. clitboy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet.This boy would like to relate to You what has happened subsequent to his discussing with my Mistress Wife Your text as shown above. Mistress stated that She was not interested in humiliation and then I guess reflected for a few days on O/our discussion. Yesterday Mistress turned to this boy and stated…. I own You, you are to respond to my instructions immediately as you are My personal property. Mistress then instructed boy to disrobe and bend over the bench. Mistress then proceeded to beat this boys backside. Mistress was hard and unrelenting. All subsequent commands have been absolute and have required instant responses. Various parts of boys body are currently either sore or tender.
    Thank You so much for Your advice and guidance. This boy now understands that its life is now totally within the wants and needs of its Owner and it looks foreward to servitude.

  145. Penny says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet

    It sounds like you have a sex addiction and that your lifestyle is a compulsion rather than a choice.
    Are you motivated by meeting your partners needs or is it purely about self-gratification?
    Do you worry about causing your spouse psychological harm?


    • My lifestyle includes keeping my extended family happy and healthy, keeping myself and bitch-boy healthy and fit and holding down a very senior and well paid job. The remaining free time is focussed on sex. Does that make the lifestyle a compulsion? I doubt it. What would your definition be?

      I am motivated by self-gratification alone but the relationship is symbiotic because the result is that bitch-boy sleeps very soundly at night which he never did until he married me.

      Far from causing bitch-boy psychological harm, I am meeting his psychological needs. You seem to misunderstand the needs of truly submissive males. If you read the comments on this blog, you will find countless comments from truly submissive males desperate to swap places with bitch-boy, and comments from others confirming their needs are met by undergoing similar lifestyles to bitch-boy.

      I recently gave the following advice:
      If you love your submissive and you wish to be kind to your submissive and have him/her sleep the most sound and contented sleep they can every know, then the saying -‘you have to be cruel to be kind’, is the mantra by which you must live. The deeply submissive is a paradox. They need to feel helplessly in the control of another. That entails feeling that they are treated unfairly when it comes to things like allocations of chores and leisure time. It means they have to be genuinely very fearful and frightened of the punishments that are given in response to infractions. It also means they have to be subjected to pain and humiliation that they do not enjoy. It is only when they are genuinely fearful of punishment for infractions and when they suffer pain and humiliation and unfairness they genuinely would rather not experience, that they feely truly controlled and in the helpless power of another. And without feeling truly controlled and in the helpless power of another, they can NEVER be wholly content with their lives. So real love and kindness for a true submissive does not mean going easy on them in any way, or being fair with them – that causes discontent and unhappiness and is not being kind.

      Comments from males.
      Dear Mistress Scarlett. That response is truly awesome. Thank You so much. This one was never a deep sleeper until Mistress had me sleeping in shackles, at my instigation. So Mistress understands this aspect. This boy spends the day doing house work in collars when possible and is used by his owner for personal care. Punishment and discipline are rare however because, as previously stated, Mistress worries about hurting me. So yes, your response has hit (lol) the nail on the head so to speak. This boy is therefore not fearful. But desires to be. Most of the submission is self derived so at times this boy becomes extremely agitated. Your control and understanding of You pet is remarkable and i am so pleased for You that You have this. Again, thank You so much for Your response. Bowing deeply before You.

      Your guidance here on the psyche of a submissive is spot on, Ma’am! There is no doubt in this slave’s mind that Mistress Scarlet knows the male slave and what he “needs” like no other! It is when i am secured over the caning bench, with my bare bum pointed skyward, taut, thrust out, and vulnerable, with my wrists and ankles secured that i feel paradoxically most secure. As Mistress stands in my view, flexing Her cane or holding a heavy, hardwood paddle…in those moments, i feel fear, trepidation and love!

      Letting a slave off easy…or being lenient or lax only leads to confusion. Rules exist for a reason, and even if those rules are strict, hard and “unfair”, a slave who knows the rules and KNOWS he will be held strictly accountable for their compliance and punished accordingly when they are breached, can sleep very well indeed…for that slave is secure!

      As a “man” when i go to bed in my panties, a chastity device protecting my little clitty, and even occasionally a butt plug, I sleep the sleep of the innocent…comfortable and secure in my world…knowing fully my place in the scheme of things…it is at the bottom rung of the ladder, but at least i know my place!

      Thank You Mistress for this post…it was quite thought provoking and mentally stimulating, and it helps to renew in this slave’s mind why I should strive to be the best slave I can possibly be for my Mistress…
      Most humbly,
      sissy jamieanne

      Thank you Mistress Scarlet. I am in need of a woman like you to control and humiliate me – I have been in need of domination by a woman to put me in my place for a long time. Where do I find one?

      Absolutely wonderful Ms Scarlet! I’ve been reading tidbits of your blog for a while now…random samplings, and have developed a great respect for your Superiority! Although he suffers immensely for your pleasure, your bb is very much envied among us submissive males…thank You very much Ma’am for sharing Your “adventures” in the handling and training of a submissive male!

      I love what you do and what you write about. I was wondering if You could communicate with my Girlfriend who has started to dominate me and is fascinated by many of the aspects You live daily or enforce on Your slave. If You have a personal email for me or Her to contact You at that would be even better. Thank You so much!!

      Dear Mistress,
      I have a lifelong deep interest of serving a dominant girl or woman but am not successful in getting that even if, briefly serving some as a toilet and housemaid. Please help me in getting that. I am the biggest fan of what you did and doing. Mistress please…please…please..

  146. Penny says:

    Thank you for your considered and thorough response. I appreciate it.
    I would define a compulsion as something one was unable to keep oneself from doing. The reason I suggested an addiction was because an addict often needs more and more of whatever they are addicted to to achieve the same results, and your sadism and mistreatment grows all the time. Could you stop if you wanted to? I know you’ll say you don’t want to but could you? Could you live without it?
    How do you know you are still meeting his psychological needs and not causing harm? Are you the best person to make that judgement? There is a huge conflict of interest here and that, I would say, disqualifies you from making that judgement. You yourself say you are motivated by self-gratification and not his needs therefore you are not impartial.
    Is a sound night sleep really the best most fulfilling outcome a submissive could hope to achieve? You claim to understand the mind of a submissive/masochist but what real knowledge do we have? The evidence you provide is anecdotal and opinion based. Where are the scientific studies? How can you be sure you are right?
    What is a ‘truly submissive male’? Where does this definition come from?


    • I could not stop eating healthy food if I wanted to. Is that an addiction? I don’t need more to achieve the same results. More is achieving even more amazing results, so I guess I am not addicted, by your definition.

      Who should make the judgement if not me? I would be interested to know.

      Your position has become nonsensical. There are no scientific studies.
      By your logic, as there are no scientific studies that gay men need and enjoy sex with other men, should all gay men stop having sex with other men until a scientific study proves they need and enjoy it??? Anecdotal evidence is evidence that is not based on scientific study OR FACTS.

      I provided a sample of the hundreds of comments from submissive males on my blog who say that my understanding of the submissive male is wholly accurate and/or begging me to be able to take the place of bitch-boy and live his life. Their heartfelt opinion of their own needs is FACT – no different from a gay man wanting a relationship with a man. Your comments are actually offensive and patronising when you dismiss what they know about themselves.

      bitch-boy told me he was a truly submissive male before I began dominating him. Like a gay man knowing what a gay man is, a truly submissive male knows what a truly submissive male is.

      Why are you reading my blog?

  147. Penny says:

    Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I have nowhere said that a d/s relationship is wrong.

    I am asking very specifically in this case how you know whether your relationship is not causing harm to your husband. What I am interested in in particular is how you know that you haven’t taken things too far. The driver for your extreme domination is personal gratification and not your husband’s needs. You are no longer concerned with those so how can you be sure that the relationship is still symbiotic? The conflict of interest would seem to disqualify you from that very specific judgement: whether you crossed a line into abuse. The men that say they would love to swap with your husband, aren’t actually living his life and you yourself often respond to them with things like: “He is not as lucky as you think he is” and “be careful what you wish for.”

    Why are you publishing your blog if not to gain readers?

    • You still disrespect all the men who ask to swap places with bitch-boy by implying they do not know their own wants and desires.

      So far, you have answered my questions with questions. This does not make the exchange interesting for me. So answer these questions properly.

      1. Who is going to make the judgement if not me?

      2. Why are you reading my blog?

    • Play-toy says:

      How can you possibly judge the situation without being in it yourself? I find this comment quite disrespectful to my Mistress. Of course it is all about Mistress Scarlets’ personal gratification, why shouldn’t it be? The worse she treats me the more content I become. I find the same with bitch-boy aswell, he certainly has no problems sleeping at night. Does that sound to you like someone who is being abused? I find myself constantly counting down the days until my next visit to Mistress Scarlet. She fulfills a part of me that nobody ever has. It’s exactly like Mistress Scarlet has said: you have to be cruel to be kind. It really is true, I wouldn’t be satisfied deep down if I did not have to endure things that I didn’t want to. I know and bitch-boy knows she is not going to do anything that would cause any long lasting damage/harm to us as we are her precious toys. Just because a submissive has the need to be dominated does not make them obliviously unaware/blinded if situations of abuse were to arise, and for that reason I find your comment quite offensive as I’m sure many others do too.

  148. Penny says:

    It is not my intention to disrespect anybody and if I have come across that way then I apologize.
    I am not saying that the men who ask to swap places don’t know their own wants and desires but people are complicated, and our own needs and desires perhaps more complex than we ourselves understand.

    You’re right. I have disregarded some of your questions. So:

    1. Ultimately society gets to make that judgement, the legal system of the country you are resident in.
    2. To learn. I find it interesting. Why does anyone read anything?

    If you are satisfied with those answers perhaps you could answer some of my questions from the previous post 🙂

    Thank you

    • I am not satisfied with the answers. Particularly the first one. Society and the legal system will not get to judge because they are not and will not be involved. So, as you are so concerned that a judgement needs to be made, I ask again, who can make that judgement except me? In addition, society as a homogenous entity does not exist. It cannot therefore make judgements. One part of society is all my blog followers and my friends and acquaintances like Mistress Jane, Mistress Justine, Governess Lexi – that part of society is in no doubt bitch-boy is paradoxically content. Another part of society is the men from some religions who think women should not be allowed to drive vehicles or go out unaccompanied. Should we bother to take their views into account? I think not! So I come back to my question – Who is going to make the judgement if not me?

      My second question. I admit is a follow up. I am now interested in what you are looking to learn about and what it is you find interesting.

  149. Penny says:

    Oh I’m not querying who gets to make that judgement or who CAN make it. Clearly that is you as that’s the way you have set things up. The legal system can’t get involved if you keep it hidden from them. That’s completely true. So who IS going to make that judgement? Of course you will. I am just saying you are not the best person to make it as you are not impartial. I mean you are only human, and fallible and your judgement may be wrong would you agree? It may need modification. Do you ever review your decision or take a step back (step outside of yourself as a sadist) and reflect on whether this is the best way forward? Regarding the legal system, you are subject to it, as am I, regardless of whether we agree with it. That is a fact. Society has the ultimate say – if it has the opportunity of course. And in a democracy the majority opinion goes. (And one can always lobby parliament and try and change the law in a democracy)

    I am interested to learn about human behaviour and human psychology. Actually I have a question regarding that. You talk a lot about losing your sense of mercy and compassion towards your husband. As things have gone on has your attitude changed only towards your husband or has it affected the way you think about other people? If so which other people? All? Just men? Basically I am interested to know if your lifestyle has had a wider impact on you than changing your attitude to your husband?

    The real issue I see is consent. There doesn’t seem to be any. (And people on the internet cannot consent on your husband’s behalf) so I would ask again, how do you know you have not crossed a line into abuse? Do you recognize the concept of abuse in a total power exchange situation?


    • Its not the way I have set things up. It is the way it is. Yet more judgemental subtle inferences.

      It is the way it is. So the validity of my judgement is an academic and pointless exercise and I am not going to spend any further time on it as you dismiss all evidence contrary to where you would like to go with your questions. What’s the point in saying I am not the best person when I am the only person, with no alternative. Pointless and judgemental. It is not an innocent question, it is a value judgement. Do not pass off your comments as innocent fact finding. You dismiss my knowledge and expewrience and you dismiss all the other people who have valuable insight, including Play-toy.

      It has not changed in any way the way I think about any other people, except truly submissive people. Why would it?

      And you still don’t get it despite the confirmation from so many true submissives. They have to have their option of consent removed to feel truly dominated. If the have the option of denying consent, they are not dominated and they are not content. Why is that a concept too difficult for you to grasp?

  150. Penny says:

    Sorry I missed your comment play-toy. Thank you for your response. I am not sure why my comment is so offensive. I am simply asking questions and seeking to understand.

    • subby says:


      I’m not sure why you are even reading this blog. You quite obviously have no grasp whatsoever of the symbiotic dynamics of domination and submission. And you aren’t learning anything because you aren’t interested in taking in anything that you are told. You aren’t open to that.

      The idea of the state being the best and most trustworthy arbiter of what is good for people and how they should behave is absolutely ludicrous when seeing how many states are involved in human rights abuses. Including the UK through extraordinary rendition, summary executions, and use of predator drones. Why would anyone sane want people who kill for power to decide how citizens should live their own personal lives?

      Play-toy is right. Your questions are offensive. Not clever, and not for learning. Just offensive. Maybe you should go away and reflect upon that until you genuinely understand WHY they are offensive.

  151. Penny says:

    I don’t understand this: “It’s not the way I have set things up. It is the way things are.” How is the fact that you are in charge of your relationship NOT under your control?

    I can understand a relationship having an element of submission and domination but I will never be able to understand a total power exchange or recognize it as a positive thing. Even if someone greatly desired to be dominated, it seems far too dangerous and risky to give up every last scrap of control and consent and place yourself at the mercy of a fallible human being, especially when you are pushing them along a particular path and they end up becoming desensitized to your suffering as in this case.

    What a promise the dominant makes! You can only feel fully dominated and content once you have given up all of your power to ever change your mind or escape. I could never hand my power over like that and would never recommend to anyone that they do it. A person should always be able to leave a relationship. A person may greatly desire to hand control over to someone else, but that doesn’t mean it is a wise thing to do. There should always be a get-out clause. Otherwise there is a danger that it becomes abusive. I’m not stating that it definitely is in this case, but that danger is always there.

    @subby Why shouldn’t I read it? It’s publicly available on the internet for anyone to read. And I didn’t say that the state was the best and most trustworthy arbiter of what is good for people, I stated merely that it IS the ultimate arbiter.

    • You reveal that you cannot imagine the desires of a truly submissive person. That is down to your prejudices and naivety. True submissives exist and they have the courage and the obsessive drive to ‘place themselves at the mercy of a fallible human being’. Get over it. That is the risk they take to gain the peace of contentment they get. The dominant does not make the promise of what they can feel. The submissive already knows what they feel and begs the dominant to take them where they need to go. Just because you would not have the courage or boldness to hand yourself over, do not attempt to convince yourself that others would not. They do.

    • subby says:

      The issue is really about why you insist on coming to someone’s blog and pushing and pushing and pushing your own very limited view there and being insistent that you must be right and everyone else must be wrong simply because you can’t imagine others being happy in ways which are outside of your experience.
      There are plenty of people – including myself – who would be very happy with the situations that Mistress Scarlet describes.
      Get over yourself!

  152. Roger Perry says:

    Reading through these replies reminds me that i too am long overdue some female domination myself.
    I have been mostly denied by circumstance but am ready now to experience some more now,( and rather desperately too). Miss Scarlet is a True Lifestyle Domme and should i ever be able to serve her i would prove to her the depths of my own submissive nature too. I applaud her whether Lesbian or not. As it happens i have a friend who is a Lesbian and one who needs a Lesbian Domme and she is just as frustrated as me. She agreed to whip me about three times in the past but said afterwards that she did n’t really like it , but i said ‘thats ok, i need someone who does enjoy it”.Its a prime pre-requisite in my case.

  153. Sissy Candy says:

    I’m not sure if you want to discuss this on your (excellent) blog, but for fans of domestic domination, a proposed new law could spell trouble ahead (see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/30098611/emotional-abuse-to-become-illegal-under-new-domestic-abuse-law). You will note that the definitions do not make any mention of the consent (explicit or implied) of the so-called victim, which would be the most obvious defence against prosecution in a femdom context.

    • It has already been discussed,although you have raised an interesting piece of potential honing of the law. My blog post of 19 December 2014 raised it and there are many comments on the post which may be of interest to you. I know a little about the prosecution process. If the ‘victim’ was proposing to give evidence for the defence – that it was all made-up fantasy and was fully consented anyhow, then the case would never get to court.

  154. sean says:

    I don’t think “mistress” is a dominant woman, I think she is a misandrist.

    • Your comment makes no sense because a misandrist could be a Mistress as well. However I do not hate men. I adore men. They provide so much pleasure and amusement, it would be like hating chocolate!

  155. sgshubham says:

    I like all type of femdom like foot femdom, spit femdom, booger femdom, piss femdom, shit eating, licking hairy armpits, dirty panties and socks licking, eating dirt from sandels, toilet licking and cleaning, all types. I want to be a slave of my girl friend but she doesn’t know about my fetish. What I have to do for convince her or for show her that I am a submissive male.

    • I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      Serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

  156. I am too kinky for my own good I want to sissy maid bondage male lesbian but I am look for big beautiful bi-sexual mistress to keep me ad her very own toy what do you think is it asking for much?

  157. Jason says:

    Mistress Scarlet, You commanded me and I have obeyed. I have purchased all ten of Your books, as well as Your Female Domination Short Stories book, all in epub version, as You commanded. What confuses the hell out of me is that I found Your blog, read a little bit about You and even attempted to argue…somewhat. However, the more I read about You the more I realized You are just too incredibly powerful and Dominant. My fire has been diminished…by You. Here I am holding a plastic squirt gun and here You come wielding a bazooka, blowing me to pieces! Yes, I have obeyed You.

    • So, you are from the United States.
      Well, literally only a mark of 7 out of 11 for you, which given it was such a simple task, is a VERY POOR SCORE. A HUGE amount of room for improvement! Your instruction was to buy the ePub eBook versions. You bought the eBook (PDF) versions of journals 1, 2 and 3. So you have yet to complete your first task towards becoming a money slave of mine. You still need to complete your first task – which means you need to buy the ePub eBook versions of journals 1, 2 and 3. Get it done!

      • Jason says:

        Hmm, how humiliating. And here I thought I did a good job. Once again You come wielding the bigger gun.

        “Get it done!” You commanded. Yes, Mistress, it is done.

      • Jason says:

        Well, this is what happens when one embarks on a three day streak of alcohol and hidden D&S desires. No Mistress, I in no way want to be Your money slave. I feel like I just spent a weekend in NYC paying for “services,” lol. Oh well, my own doing. I doubt very much You’ll approve this message for the forums, but at least You’ll know You’ll never hear from me again. Take care and thanks for the feeling and the “release” I got from the possibility of becoming forever ruined by Your Power of Domination. 🙂

          • Jason says:

            Yes, Mistress Scarlet, interesting and erotic. I’ve read some of Your books. The one part that really “got” me was when You were walking Your slave and knew he was hungry. You put the sandwich down onto the ground, but instead of allowing him to eat it You stomped it with Your foot. I don’t know why but I found that incredibly cruel and sexy…and it intrigues me to want to come back and become Your findom slave… I feel pathetic for this…but it is a feeling that is haunting me.

  158. Bimbo Maid says:

    Thank You, Goddess!

  159. Bimbo Maid says:

    Thank You, Goddess, for showing the true place of men and show us that a better world is possible!
    i’d like to follow you on .Fetlife. It’s possible?
    Thank You

  160. shahrzad says:

    hi dear Scarlatti
    i have got married and i have a bitch boy husband too///
    i am a free mistress lesbian married woman who my husband knows i sex with every girl that i want, every time that i want… i can have slave men every time i need too… but my husband can
    have a pleasure just with me and when i allow him… my poor husband
    this is a real perfect life for a great smart woman
    can we share our experiences and our husbands some times when we are lezb with each other and they are watching and serving??
    or can we share our experiences by email to have a better life?

    thank you 🙂

  161. sissy amber says:

    hello Miss Scarlet,

    i have only just come across Your website, after finding Your older one, and was just wandering if You still did any sessions, ideally forced bi, forced fem, chastity, humiliation etc. and if so do You still operate around Northampton Miss?

    kind regards sissy amber

    • I do not have an older website. You are confusing me with another Scarlet. I have passed your email address onto a Domme friend of mine that has just gone professional. She is very dominant and cruel and really loves to humiliate. She is heartless! She is based in the midlands. She may contact you.

  162. Bitchboy says:

    Do you have a list of male submissive positions mistress? I need it for my dominatrix wife please

  163. Just found your blog today mistress… It is really good…

  164. Sheldon says:

    Ms Scarlet

    I love your blog. I am a slave to my lesbian master which I love. We don’t live together but when we meet she enjoys inflicting pain on me and strapon play. Often times I think about giving her oral but she is against it. She’s only been into BDSM for a little over a year so she is learning about herself and what she likes.

  165. Goutham says:

    Hello mistress,
    I read your recent post about accidents which was too gud. I’m jus wondering if the same happens to balls. Or has it ever happened?would it be dangerous

  166. cock meat says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, This is slave cock meat again. my Owner ordered me to write to You. Sleep outside all winter no matter the temp. Only have cover over locked caged which will soon be removed in late march. Owner had also put me on a cum diet. She locked a chain around ankle in basement and gave only water no food for two days. Then made me lick Her and many other Women has well. i swallowed at least 25 loads of Pussy Cum for five days each, no other food only Pussy Cum. She liked it so much, maybe because i was so hungry licked Her really well, so wants to do again but for more days. Hope to hear from You. slave cock meat

    • What exactly is ‘a load of pussy cum’?

      • cock meat says:

        Hello Mistress Scarlet, Very sorry for not explaining better what a load of Pussy Cum is. It is when a Woman cums and must swallow it all. Just last week i was put on a 7 day pussy cum diet. my Owner had many of Her Female friends that toke part in the feeding. Of course i was not allowed any other food, just lots of Female cum to eat for the whole week. Hope that explains it better. slave cockmeat

        • Quite hard to believe I am afraid.

          • cock meat says:

            Dear Mistress Scarlet, Yes it may seem hard to believe but very true. She wants to train me to be a cum hungry slave and to be happy that’s what i get. my oral service has also never been better She states. my Owner is plaining on doing this to me more often as well. slave cock meat

  167. Gulam says:

    I am from india and want to be a slave in real for a woman please accept me and guide me….

    • Obviously because I am in the UK and already have a male slave and female slave, you cannot be my slave. I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be unselfish, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  168. Jacob Y says:

    May you ask???? …I will take that as sarcastic….. you know well and good you may ask or tell me anything and I have but two choices… obey or fail you out of fear. I just turned 40.

    • I wonder if you find you are a little short tempered as a norm, a little unfulfilled? Perhaps not.
      All I can say is that my bitch-boy was around your age when I told him I wanted to marry him. (Yes, I proposed. I knew what I wanted). Before I asked, he had been wresting with his ‘issues’ and he had decided that he did not want to get into his seventies and then look back on his life and DEEPLY REGRET that he had never experienced lifestyle submission to a woman, and in his seventies, never would. So he confessed all to me before accepting my proposal of marriage.
      You are right that it takes great courage to give yourself over to someone else’s control. He has great courage when it is required.

  169. Jacob Y says:

    Wow…. I don’t know that I would “deeply regret” not experiencing lifestyle submission, but your words are very powerful and tempt me greatly. I claim to be fulfilled and I do currently get away with so much whenever I want, which in itself is very pleasing….. but you make me doubt myself quite terribly. I think… thought that I could just do this through life and keep my utmost respect for the power of women as just that… respect and proper attitudes and treatment while staying a “free” individual myself. At this point, my curiosity, fueled by YOUR words, is making me want to “try” submission so badly….. but my problem is this: If I do it, it is going to be for real… and by real, I mean I have to be all in in one instant commitment. All in to me means I have to give up any choice to get out and it would be up to the woman I commit to to let me out if I ask, or let me go if she is done with me. Without her permission, I would not be able to walk away. If I didn’t commit to that, it wouldn’t be real… it would be a game. I’m not looking for games. Unfortunately, I can’t decide if I could ever commit. I’m this decent looking bachelor who seems to have things going his way and as soon as I read your words I’m like a scared little boy who wants to hide because he knows he’ll be in trouble if he is found.

    • I think you may have two problems when you believe, as you put it, the following:

      my problem is this: If I do it, it is going to be for real… and by real, I mean I have to be all in in one instant commitment. All in to me means I have to give up any choice to get out and it would be up to the woman I commit to to let me out if I ask, or let me go if she is done with me. Without her permission, I would not be able to walk away. If I didn’t commit to that, it wouldn’t be real… it would be a game.

      Firstly, there are far more submissive men than dominant women, so to find a dominant woman who also finds you appealing as a sub, AND ALSO wants to meet the terms you have set out above may be very, very difficult for you.

      Secondly, the only method I know to achieve the terms you set out is a blackmail relationship. You hand over very shaming photographs of yourself and also your Facebook password and also the email addresses and street addresses of your boss and parents. The arrangement is;- if you attempt to leave, your Domme puts the shaming photographs on your face book page and emails them to your parents and boss. The risks are huge! The Domme may simply strip you of all your assets and then dump you.

      What confuses me is why you feel you MUST have the terms you set out. Most Dommes, like me, cause our slaves to become addicted to us, so as much as they hate what happens to them when they are being used and abused, they simply cannot contemplate a life without me as their Domme. I don’t believe you MUST have the terms you set out at all. I think you just create that rule for yourself because it releases you of the option/decision of forming a sub/dom relationship in a normal way. (If you are lucky enough to find a Domme that wants you given the wide choice Dommes have.)

  170. Jacob Y says:

    Here’s my thing… I think my mindset makes me very good slave potential. I also have found two different Dommes with whom I have discussed things at length. They both would like to speak to me further about being their slave. They both seem extremely cruel IF NEEDED but also believe in a rewards system if earned. Loyalty is a must for them. They will take care of, but expect everything from their slave and will not tolerate disobedience or even “wishy-washiness.” They both accept that I SAY I am only curious about the lifestyle and asking questions of multiple Dommes right now. One has multiple part-time slaves and would like me as her permanent, live-in slave IF and only IF I pass her requirements. The other does not currently have a slave. She had one who she thought was going to be there forever. He left her and it hurt her. She now says she wants absolute control. I have doubts as to whether she could take total ownership control as I believe you and the other Domme I have spoken with can.

    I have also met a few other Dommes online during my search who like to put cocky guys… or unsure guys like me in their place. They have also expressed various amounts of interest. All in all, I am not worried about finding a Domme. I”m not actively searching and I don’t know that I want to lose control. I am just admitting that if one finds me (live, in person) and figures out my true nature, I’m going to fall to her easily and I will likely be the best slave she’ll ever have.

    As for the terms I set, it is because I am extremely picky. I am not going to give up everything for the first dominant woman I run into unless she is absolutely….. well, unless she is similar to you or someone like you. I’m not going to fall for someone who thinks they want to be a Domme. They are going to have to know who they are and what they want.

    Lastly… this may seem odd to you… I don’t do shame or guilt trips very much at all. If I betray the trust of my Mistress… I would be extremely ashamed of myself and deserve whatever she felt she wanted to do to punish me. But… as far as the blackmail relationship you mention goes… that is no threat to me. If I commit to a D/s relationship, to me that means I am giving up my everything to her… my family can know everything about the relationship and what I chose and what I gave up. If they don’t like it, ok… so what. It is all about what my Mistress wants. If she wants me to try to go into work naked and try to keep my job… even if we all know I’d lose my job because of it… I would still obey her and do so. I’m going to be picky and choose a woman who I believe will make smart and hopefully gracious decisions about what she makes me do and I hope my loyalty and obedience keeps her from being too harsh with me. BUT, once I make that decision to give myself to her, that is it for me. There is no more me. I am now her property. If she wants to love me like a vanilla husband, that’s what I’ll do. If she wants to beat me senseless, I will not fight back or defend myself (…although I picture a lot of begging.) If she even wants to have me put to sleep like an aging pet… I don’t believe I have a say at that point. My life… EVERYTHING… is hers. THAT is why I am both extremely picky and hesitant in choosing this lifestyle change and the right person to whom I might commit myself.

    The scariest part of my pickiness is that just as I would be interviewed by a Domme who might want me, I would be interviewing her to decide if I was willing to give myself. The fallacy in this is that she could control my interview of her because of my weakness toward her and just getting to the point of the interview would very likely be my doom.

    All this makes me think to add one last thing: To all dominant women looking for a sub… be patient and don’t trust the words of a potential sub, no matter how genuine he seems. Almost all of us have a tendency to “top from the bottom” as they say and we have ideas of what we want. Test your potential sub thoroughly. Find out about his true past. Make sure he is really willing to make you happy… on YOUR terms and YOUR terms alone. (That will also likely narrow the ratio of 100 sub-males per each Domme to about 10 to 1. 😉

    Mistress Scarlet, I love your take on all this. I am only continuing this conversation because I crave your wisdom and input. I hope you don’t think I am being argumentative. I argue only with myself about my own desires. I have told you too much and I pray because of that, I never run into you in person. lol … you could take me, enslave me with no effort at all and hand me off to someone and I’d be screwed.

  171. Ben says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet,
    Have you read “A dominant wife ?
    Could interest you…very articulate

  172. nealdownnow says:

    Forced hospitalisation? As in a real hospital or home hospital? And may I ask how bitch-boy is hospitalised?

    Wonderful Blog thanks You for sharing Your words with us.


    • In several of my journals I detail how I like to adopt the role of Nurse Nasty when bb is helpless on the bed with his legs in the gynaecological stirrups, and I give him all sorts of ‘treatments’ to cure him of his propensity to become erect. I think I have detailed it in a blog post in the past.

  173. Kres says:

    I need a strict school mistress and her ready cane to continue needy education program of adult pupil

  174. Kevin says:

    Do u accept new slaves. Just wondering.

  175. bill hamm says:

    Mistress scarlet first off I’m in search of a black mistress to serve. Any tips would be appreciated. I’m a very pretty white submissive fem girly boi. 6ft tall 150lbs a lil 2 inch pathatic penis. Taking hormone’s an have 32c breast. Most of all I worship black cock.
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    I do undetstand tbat once serving my mistress she controlls my body. But until then i should proide those black men with a outlet to relieve stress an use my lil boi pussy as a cum disposal. I often pay up to 300 dollars to be spread open an used as a lil cum dump for my strong blk daddys.

  176. bill hamm says:

    Msscarlet9015 need some advice wanting a mistress to take this miserable life from me. Im a total white submissve fem who is lost.
    I’m a sub lost without my black Mistress to serve. To passafiy my self i drrss so sexy yet slutty an go out an find. Black men to dominate me an a demeaning way. I look very good I’m 6ft 150l lbs a tiny 2 inch penis I hide easy take hormones an have 32c breast an totally love black cock. I pay upto ³00 dollars for black men to use my boi pussy an totally degrade me. I will spend my whole 800 pay check to pay for a. Couple of.black escorts to dou le penatate me. Plz understand im on earth to serve black men n women. If i dont find my mistess soon im gonna be a cheap 20 dollar whore letting any black cock fuck my pussy. Dont get me wrong i love every cock i fuck or suck. I just want to serve a black queen.

  177. Roger Martinez Jr says:

    good to know it’s real….

  178. Thinking about it says:

    Hi there, Scarlet. I have been reading your site and also publications by Elise Sutton and Ingrid Bellamare. The ebooks were sent to me by a man who told me he thought I would make a good Dominatrix. We got together once a few years ago and he had me paddle his balls and spank him, which I’d never done before, and I had no clue how hard to strike him. So, I’ve had these works and other D/s literature on my hard drive but never gave it much thought until recently, and I’m not sure why now, but I have definitely become interested in having a Female Led Relationship with a submissive man.

    I have a few questions, if you wouldn’t mind responding when you have a moment…

    Do you think it could work if, as the Woman in charge, I am NOT a sadist? I have no doubt about that, I get squeamish watching any kind of sports or films when someone is being hurt. I am not attracted nor turned on by the idea of inflicting pain for fun. I do, however, understand that punishment and discipline is necessary for the sub or slave to now who’s boss, and I think I could come up with ways that are more psychological torture than physical. Do you think there are subby men out there who would find that enough? And does one need to be cruel to be strict?

    Next, I am relieved to know that you and bb do have “vanilla time” together and that you respect and appreciate his intelligence and vanilla abilities. I think it would be a lot of work disciplining a man, ad I would want a break now and then, also to appreciate the kind of man who is courageous enough in the face of fear to bend to a woman’s will. Besides that, I live alone in a small apartment, and I value my alone time so I wouldn’t want anyone living with me. I am divorced and don’t want to get married again, either! However, I think I could enjoy using a “Weekend Slave” or someone for 3 or 4 days, and then have the just get out and leave me the fuck alone, LOL. For that to work, I think their servitude would have to be 24/7b in the sense that while they are not with me they are still carrying out assignments to report in with next time we meet. Have you known anyone who has made that kind of part-time arrangement work?

    Finally, I am just curious. Does bb’s drinking urine so often ever show up as some kind of oddity in his health check-ups? Can doing that over time be healthy? I never knew that people actually drink urine until a couple years ago when an online friend told me she enjoys it. I always thought it was faked.

    Funny, though, Ingrid Bellamare seemed to be focused on her slave’s ass and filling it with a dildo, and you seem to like making bb drink your urine quite a bit – so it seems that there are a number of ways to fulfill certain proclivities. I wonder what mine would be? BTW, I read in a comment here that Ingrid Bellamare passed away – does anyone know what happened to her slave when she died? He was with her for over 15 years, I believe. I wonder if he went on to serve someone else. How does a 24/7 slave get on with their life after the end of many years of service? While I agree that women are superior to men, I wouldn’t want to just toss another human being away after their many years of devotion, like that Mistress Pamela said she would do to Candy Floss. I wonder what happened to that slave, too.

    • I do think the arrangement you desire could work well. Yes I have known women with such an arrangement. I think you would have a long queue of men desperate to be the male in your arrangement.

      I am not sure you understand what I mean by sadism. I as I am now, just like you, get squeamish watching any kind of sports or films when someone is being hurt. I do not like that at all! Also it took me about three years to accept a label of sadist. It does not have to mean brutal whippings or drawing blood. It can simply be slowly squeezing a nipple between thumb and forefinger until the submissive begins to squirm or whimper. Also, instructing a man to serve you completely naked while you are dressed in vanilla clothes, and this embarrasses him, is sadism – causing mental discomfort. The pleasure does not come from the discomfort you cause, it comes from the power-rush. Causing physical or mental discomfort just because you can, indicates your power. That is the point – overt, undeniable power. Ignoring out-and-out masochists, for the vast majority of submissives, they are deeply affected by sadism because it indicates to them that they are helplessly in the power of the dominant. I would amazed that anyone who wants to have a slave for the weekend, is not going to take pleasure in their power! Having said that, there are plenty of male submissives who are a bit wimpish and do not like pain.

      Punishment for infractions would be essential to maintain obedience. This does not need to involve physical punishment as you say. ‘Cruelty’ by say, being very fussy over infractions, is good to get the submissive’s head space where they need it to be. Ideally the submissive should feel they are helplessly in your power and feel frightened to fail to comply with your instructions.

      Providing there is no urinary tract infection, or disease that can be spread by body fluid, then fresh urine is sterile. There are all sorts of people who drink it voluntarily, including there own, for various reasons.

      I think if you can give a submissive a life they so desperately crave, then when, for whatever reason, it is all over, they will simply be eternally grateful that, for a while at least, they felt those feelings of being controlled that they so desperately craved.

      You will find there are plenty of Dommes like me that would be more than happy to have you visit and witness whatever aspect of the FLR situation you would wish to witness if that proved helpful.

      • Thinking about it says:

        Hi again! Thanks for your very detailed response.

        I have a better understanding of the sadism label now, so I appreciate your reply. I did actually think that sadism and masochism were only referring to physical pain. I will have to keep reading your blog, and others by established Dommes like yourself, so I can get some good ideas for discipline and punishment that I would be comfortable with. I don’t think I could apply nettles or mentholated cream to a slave’s dick as often as you do it to bb, if I felt I could do that at all. I think that would be a major punishment just once in a while. I could not stop thinking of the image you posted of bb’s dick with raised welts on it from the nettles. After any kind of torture, is he allowed some recovery time, to tend to his poor punished dick?

        After I first wrote you, I spent some time imagining what I would do for psychological torture and discipline, and I believe I could really enjoy it. I like how you worded what it is about: for the slave to feel helplessly in my power and frightened to fail to comply with my instructions, wishes, demands, etc. If and when I do find a slave, I will come back here and share what I am doing, if you don’t mind! How long did it take you to get comfortable wielding your power, without any self-doubts?

        One thing I wonder about – having sex with a slave. It seems that most Dommes will require their sub or slave to only service them orally. I know that some of them view men as undeserving of the privilege to have sex with them, but I also wonder if being allowed to fuck their Domme is a danger because the act of fucking might make a sub feel like they have some control. While it’s absolutely great to get oral sex on demand (hell yeah!), my issue with that is: I also love PIV sex. I love the feeling of cock inside me and being fucked hard. I can get myself off with a vibrator any old time (and I do), but if I am in a relationship with someone, I want PIV sex with them. I can’t live without it and a relationship without PIV sex would feel incomplete – I just want to be in charge of it.

        Could fucking me just be part of training a sub or slave to sexually service me the way I want it? Do you know of any Dommes who have intercourse with their slaves (and maybe blog about it)? It’s not a very large concern, since I am polyamorous. If I have multiple relationships, I could have PIV with another partner who isn’t a slave. In fact, I realize that one way I could discipline a slave would be to also make him my cuckold, and have him watch me getting fucked by someone else who can have what he can’t.

        Now to be able to find someone for this kind of relationship. I’m glad to read that you think there would be a lot of subs willing to be in a “part-time” non-cohabiting slave relationship, like I want. However, the screening process could be the most difficult part – how and where do we meet subby men? Online dating could be rather iffy in this regard. I will look for ways to find a Domme near me who might be willing to mentor or guide me in some way. I live in a big city and know of a few resources – it just takes a little courage to go and be a part of the scene, as I am not yet totally comfortable with saying this is what I want.

        Again, thank you for your reply to me. You’ve given me more to think about.

        • You ask, ‘After any kind of torture, is he allowed some recovery time, to tend to his poor punished dick?’ And by that question you are revealing a lack of understanding of the submissive. The pure joy of the symbiosis of a cruel dominant and a submissive is that they are both fuelled by the cruelty. If I allowed bb some recovery time, he might appreciate that at the time, but it would fetter him feeling that he was helplessly in the power of a truly cruel woman, and I would not get the same power rush that I get by allowing no recovery time, (and being much more likely to give him a second session of nettles!) . So no, he gets no recovery time, and as a result when it is all over and he settles off the sleep that night, he will sleep the soundest sleep his little submissive mind gifts him – knowing he is helplessly in the power of a TRULY cruel woman. The paradox is that to deny the submissive REAL CRUELTY is to deny them what they crave. It is not fair to them.

          You wrote, ‘After I first wrote you, I spent some time imagining what I would do for psychological torture and discipline, and I believe I could really enjoy it.’ I would love to hear about what you imagined you will do.

          I would LOVE you to come back here and share what you are doing.

          You ask, ‘How long did it take you to get comfortable wielding your power, without any self-doubts?’ It took me a few years and I deeply regret my caution at that time! Not only did I waste several years during which I could have been enjoying what I enjoy now, I missed several years of bb being, and acting, utterly in awe of me, which is delightful. And I missed several years of meeting the needs of bb which was not fair to him.

          It is best to never have PIV sex with your slave but the relationship is possible if you do. You can have them bound so you are in control. You can train them to have PIV sex with you but not to cum, so once you are satisfied, they withdraw, and they can even be locked in a restraint straight after with no sexual release at all. Making your slave your cuckold would be very, very powerful. You could do this without the slave ever meeting the lover. Many Dommes do it this way. (Some submissive males are not submissive in the company of other men, but most are.)

          I know it takes a little courage to go and be a part of the scene, but if you go to a munch or a Femdom club, many of them will set you up with a ‘chaperone’ to meet and greet you, if you request one in advance. My question would be, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Meeting a male online is probably the easiest option. Specialist contact sites are best. My rule if an online contact appears promising, is start with online chat, then move to a phone call, then a drink somewhere crowded. I have a cheap unregistered pay-as-you-go phone I use that is literally untraceable. I never provide a photo showing my face.

          • Thinking about it says:

            Hello again and Happy Holidays! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I truly appreciate taking the time to answer me with such detailed and thoughtful replies. I also just read your posts about “Relaxed, Unembarrassed Sadism” (not sure how I missed them before), where the comments along with your post were very insightful for me.

            My question about allowing recovery time was, for me, really about the physical aspect – simply because seeing the picture of the nettles rash on bb’s dick made me wince and I just wanted to put a cold compress on it! As I said before, inflicting physical pain is not something I am comfortable with. I don’t know anything about the effects of leaving that kind of rash untreated, so was just wondering. I know you don’t want to inflict permanent harm on bb, and in her e-book, Ingrid Bellemare talks about “taking good care of her property.” So, all of that just had me wondering how often bb is allowed to tend to his body after he has been made to endure physical suffering.

            Am I correct in understanding, then, that when someone is a SLAVE rather than just a sub, there is no focus on what they call aftercare in BDSM circles? The people I know who are very involved in D/s relationships, but NOT slavery, seem to say that aftercare for a sub is a very important part of the power exchange. Apparently, they want the sub to know that they are safe and cared for after the sub comes down from the psychological, emotional, and hormonal high of any kind of D/s session. However, it seems that for someone who desires slavery, they want and need to become dependent upon and under the power of the Domme breaking them down again and again, so it is probably more important that they NEVER truly feel safe (beyond knowing that the domme won’t do irreparable harm or kill them) so that they become totally subservient and devoted. Hmmm, interesting.

            This is eye-opening. I am beginning to understand what you mean by REAL CRUELTY and why a subby man needs it. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why I have become attracted to the idea of dominating and enslaving a man, but it is incredibly appealing. I’m not even sure if the turn-on for me is sexual at all, or mostly psychological. It will probably take some time, but I will let you know if I meet someone who is worthy and begin Domming them. Who knows what 2017 will bring! Thank you again – your blog is very helpful for someone like me who is just starting out, and I appreciate your generosity with giving other Dommes feedback and advice.

            • You write, ‘I don’t know anything about the effects of leaving that kind of rash untreated, so was just wondering.’ There are no ill effects at all leaving the rash untreated. Treatments to minimise the discomfort have virtually ne effect anyway. Here in the countryside, getting stung with nettles simply happens from time to time and one just has to bear up. (I guess one does not actually get stung on such sensitive parts though. LOL)

              I cannot think of an instance when bb needed to tend to his body in some way after he has been made to endure physical suffering. What tending did you have in mind? Two things I learned that were key to my evolution. The first is that men are not made of porcelain. I doubt what happens to bb is any worse than what most men endure in a rugby match! Even if what you are doing reduces them to sobbing, it is probably less painful than a hard kick to the shins; which they will happily accept during a soccer game. That does not put them off playing soccer! Men are physically tough and resilient. They have evolved that way. The second thing is that a submissive secretly adores having little bruises and redness and marks on them after a session. Even, or especially, marks that last several days. They love these marks of their Mistress depicting how cruel she is. And on that theme, a true submissive would probably have their experience sullied by a Domme who showed OTT concern after a session, rather than simply being told by her that, their marks are all part of serving such a cruel bitch and they need to get used to having these marks.

              Its important not to get hung up on the difference between a slave and a sub. The labels mean different things to different people. I agree that the slave/sub needs to know that they are safe from irreparable harm and death. However, although you read of dominants saying aftercare is a very important part of the power exchange, I have yet to hear of a slave/sub who is in a long term relationship saying that. In my experience slaves/subs, in a long term relationship, crave/need to feel helplessly under the power of a cruel woman. The crueller the better because if the woman is able to be very cruel, it means she must have very considerable power over the slave/sub. So the helpless feeling is enhanced. I think one very important thing to look out for when reading about BDSM protocols is that the protocols for one-off sessions between two people or between a Dominatrix and client are COMPLETELY different than the protocols for a long term relationship. With your ambitions in mind, only pay attention to protocol suggestions for long term relationships and even then probably focus a lot more on what slaves/subs say they need than what dominants (think) slaves/subs need.

              One problem you will always have with doing research is that, at the end of the day, each sub is a bit different and what you need to be able to do is hit your selected sub’s buttons doing things that hit your buttons too. You cannot go much further until you have a real sub to experiment with.

  179. Need to be named says:

    Sounds nice

  180. Femdom Destiny says:

    Hello: I would like to get in contact with you but I can’t find e-mail. Thanks

  181. Very nice blog and I like the way you take the time to write on here and share Mistress Scarlet 🙂 It is appreciated

  182. Sissy leah heather says:

    Thank you for posting mistress. Sissy leah heather x curtsey x

  183. maid isobel says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I really enjoy your site and Journals and am in awe of your casual cruelty towards bitch boy. I am also in a Mistress / sissy relationship although not full time. One thing my Mistress makes me do which I find extremely humiliating is to attend public ballet classes twice a week. I am allowed to wear male dance gear which includes black tights, T-shirt and black ballet slippers and am often the only male there. However, when I am made to perform what I have learned for my Mistress at home, I have to wear a full ballerina outfit which includes pink tights and ballet slippers, a tutu and a leotard. My Mistress extols the benefits of ballet training, saying it gives me a better posture, feminine grace, increased fitness as well as a healthy dose of shame and humiliation. I have to say that my curtseys have improved no end and my movements around the house have become much more feminine and fluid. I am punished if they are not and often end up doing the housework wearing a large butt plug and nipple clamps followed by a severe caning.

    My Mistress also really enjoys randomly calling out certain ballet positions or movements during the day and I must immediately stop whatever I am doing and perform them. This is really humiliating especially when Mistress has friends over and I am often close to tears as I made to perform endless pliés, arabesques and turns at their whim.

    Seeing the benefits of ballet training, I was wondering if it would be something you would consider for bitch boy. He could even learn by books or through online courses and I am sure he would also benefit greatly from the training. His nursery rhyme recitals would become more feminine and girly and being made to perform for yourself and Governess Lexi would be deliciously humiliating for him.

    Just an idea from a cowed, increasingly girly sissy maid.

    Humbly yours,

    maid isobel

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