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Erection denial cont….

I know some people do not read the comments as there is no threshold moment to know when to read comments on any particular post, on the basis they have all finally been made. I therefore provide a couple below that may be of interest.

A comment, and my answer

The Comment

I have a suggestion Mistress Scarlett. If he is so desperate to get his hands on an erect penis, perhaps you could let him jerk a big realistic dildo instead. If he held it just above his cage and jerked it then perhaps it would bring back memories of when he could play with himself. I can only speculate as whether this would be pleasant, or heartbreakingly frustrating.

My Answer

Well I already undertake a torment of him I very much enjoy, involving him wearing a strap-on but with me, wanking it, then sucking it, then having it penetrate me. The activity is named the kitchen collage torment. (I describe in fine detail an occasion of using it in my Volume 20 of my journals in the journal entry entitled: 23 August 2022: Quandaries of tormenting options.)

I adore inflicting this torment as it really, really upsets him. He is so close to actual tears throughout. Each stage is worse for him than the previous stage, but he is already utterly distressed just at stage 1. My repeated reminder to him that he is prohibited for the rest of his life from these things, make it so much worse for him. And for the last five months the addition of him being erection-free all the time is the icing on the cake

A delightful Comment from Mistress Christine!

Yes, I agree with you totally. David’s plight has increased exponentially since I forbid erections. Since November 2021, David has had just one erection. That was for a few minutes at most, when he drew a release in September 2022.
For me too it is the BEST rush I have ever had, and I love that David constantly pleads his absolute need for having erections. It is amusing to note he begs to erect, not to cum; confirming the magnitude of his desire to erect.
David even begs to be allowed an erection and then be teased and edged mercilessly, before being denied and locked back up. I used to do this on a regular basis; and it really drove him wild, screaming with frustrated desire. He would even shed tears it was so intensely frustrating.
I have mentioned before, he described this as the most intense, bittersweet torture, the sweet part being the raging erection he had. His defect was ever so enlarged, and it was literally as rigid as a steel bar. It twitched and jerked about like it had life of its own. I loved to see this, but sadly for him, no erections is ever so much more fun for me. He now constantly experiences the most intensely bitter torture, with the most bitter aspect magnified enormously. In his words it is a thousand times worse!

Christine’s previous relevant post here

Regimen update and prudish spell check

Two separate parts to this post. The first is an update about how much my bitch is suffering as he comes up to his five month anniversary of – no erections, not even for one second. The second part is something I find very humorous but annoying.

No erections, not even for one second

On 2nd February it will be five months since my puppet had an erection. (Apart from the 30 seconds on 13th November last year, when I brought him off under the sole of my shoe.)

I know I am inviting disagreement with my next statement, (apart from perhaps Ms Christine and her David), when I say my puppet is finding the regimen of no erections – not even for a second, even worse than not having orgasms. It is crystal clear to me that there is some endorphin release in males, and some hormone release of sexually related satisfaction, from simply having an erection.

Conversely this regimen is THE BEST thing I have ever done for my own sexual contentment, (although this may in part be because of just how incredibly my bitch is suffering because of it). Yesterday morning I left my bed and found him doing his BDSMLR chore on the the PC. I was naked apart from my seven inch heeled bedroom platform mules. I apologise to those who have no interest in my life, as I am now going to describe an episode from it.

I pulled some poses, sticking my butt out in his direction while reaching up to the ceiling and stretching, then slowly turning 360 degrees. He dropped from his chair onto his knees, overwhelmed with emotion, and was actually sobbing. He pleaded and pleaded for me to change the no-erection rule. He begged and begged about how many DS days we had had recently during which he had always remained locked in his chastity tube. He whimpered about how many months it had been since he had been hard. He whined how last November I had said I would allow an erection in the new year, and it was nearly February now. I have rarely seen him so very upset and distressed.

He has become fairly philosophical about his current five month minimum of not being allowed an orgasm, (which he is half way through), but he finds it impossible to philosophical about, no erections ever – even for a second. Unfortunately for him, my reaction was a powerful bitchy-power-rush and intense sexual arousal. I laughed at him. “I did not say in the new year bitch, I said next year. That is sometime in 2023. We are only eight percent into 2023 aren’t we.” He burst into more sobbing. I did not feel guilt, or pity, or sympathy. I told him so.

I do not feel any guilt, or pity, or sympathy bitch. I repeatedly ask you if you want to end my domination of you, or carry on with me dominating you MY WAY, doing whatever the hell I want with you. You always answer carry on. So you deserve all the suffering you get.” He responded with a whine about, please, please, just change this one rule, but increase the severity of everything else as my compensation. I laughed again telling him I can increase the severity of everything else I do to make him suffer, whenever I want.

The depth of his distress had done for me, and I returned to my bedroom and had a huge and noisy orgasm; which he would have heard. This episode along with many other moments, lead me to conclude that my puppet is finding the regimen of, no erections – not even for a second, even worse than not having orgasms. He did not mention orgasms once in the exchange.

Now, I will not be coy, (like so many other Dommes are!) I mentioned above this regimen is THE BEST thing I have ever done for my own sexual contentment. I measure this on vanilla days. I have orgasms on vanilla days, one after the other, (I usually need two), almost every day as a result of my making him put on his chastity tube siting on the floor before me, after he has washed himself under my surveillance. He always begs and begs to be allowed to be erect, just for thirty seconds, and I always say no. He is close to tears quite often as he obeys. The contrast of his utterly sex-free existence for so long now, with my life of numerous huge orgasms five or six days a week, is just so cruel and so arousing. These vanilla day orgasms arrive so quickly and are so powerful, yet I need two to feel satiated.

I am enjoying the best sexual satisfaction of my entire life!

Prudish spell check

Oh my, how prudish is Microsoft spell check! When I am writing my journals on Microsoft word, certain mistypes such as on the words, erection, or vibrator, or bitch, cannot be corrected with spell-check.

My sympathy goes out to those people in the Architectural industry, the concrete industry and the Kennel Club! What a pain it must be for them!

Yet more ‘domination technology’! and virus warning

Virus Warning for Fond Of Writing but,

First I will advise regarding my previous post, I received the following comment regarding the App, FOND OF WRITING.

FOW, per a ‘Virus Total’ ( scan shows that there’s a virus in it.


Dear Mistress Scarlet,
being the author of “Fond of Writing” I just checked it myself: I downloaded FOW from the link given by Rhoda, and submitted it to VirusTotal. Result: the tool itself passed all tests. Only the task editor was flagged by 1 of 68 scanners used by VirusTotal – a false positive, since I know that I didn’t program anything you wouldn’t want on your Computer :-).
Best regards

Another App that can be used for domination, LIFE360

Mistress Scarlet,
While it was under consideration, it was ordered to download and utilize the Life360 app, Ma’am.

It was required to note its exact movements for Her in the app, such as arrival and departure times to places such as; home, work, shopping, gas station and other locations Mistress Scarlet.
Based on its entries, the time spent on each activity (say, driving from home to the grocery store) was permanently logged so She could examine that activity at Her convenience. There were a few times it was ordered to explain its movements and route changes. In one instance, it had to leave the expressway (motorway) due to an accident and so She had it explain why it took longer than expected between the location and explain why it took each and every turn in its route. There were a few instances where She ordered it to take a specific route even tho other, shorter or faster routes were available.

It also offered Her the luxury of tracking it’s movements in real time. In one instance, it was stuck in heavy traffic on the motorway due to an accident. She texted it and ordered it to change its route due to the accident (which it did not know about) several miles (km’s) up the road. She was watching its movement in real time.

As the use of the app continued, its movements became much more restricted. As She tracked it, She would frequently send it text messages such as “Go straight home – no stopping” or “You’d better hurry so You have time to cook and eat your dinner by 7 p.m.”. If it took too long at a given activity, it had better have an acceptable explanation for Her. There were a few times at the launderette where She questioned why it was still there when She expected it to be on its way home after it took longer than it usually did to do the laundry that day.

Since the app is used in the cell phone, it was expected to make absolutely certain the cell phone charge did not drop below 15%. The one time it did she texted it, “your phone is at a 13% charge. You are required to keep it charged at all times. This had better NEVER happen again”. It came to learn the app also told Her what it’s battery charge was at.

One other feature in the app was She could utilize it to track it, but as administrator. She could turn off Her location settings so it was not allowed to see Her location. She had full control of the app which allowed Her to completely track its movements when it was not with Her. This of course led to more restricted movements, less time spent in social settings and increased isolation for it, which pleased Her greatly.

Mistress Scarlet, LIFE360 is a strong tool for an Owner to use in controlling Her property, holding it accountable for its location and tracking its movements. The app is simple to use and a very effective training tool for conditioning a subordinate to be when and where She pleases.
Thank You very much for allowing it to share Mistress Scarlet.

More domination by technology

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post is a comment from the wonderful Rhoda. Suggesting another perhaps better ‘line-writing ‘app’ called FOND OF WRITING. Below that I mention the simple PIR light.


I will start by editing this post with this comment I have received.

FOW, per a ‘Virus Total’ ( scan shows that there’s a virus in it.


Dear Mistress Scarlet,
being the author of “Fond of Writing” I just checked it myself: I downloaded FOW from the link given by Rhoda, and submitted it to VirusTotal. Result: the tool itself passed all tests. Only the task editor was flagged by 1 of 68 scanners used by VirusTotal – a false positive, since I know that I didn’t program anything you wouldn’t want on your Computer :-).
Best regards

Rhoda writes: While yesterdays suggestion of “Write for me” seems to require an account, online access etc.
FOND OF WRITING will run on W98(!!) to W10 and doesn’t need the internet.
Lots of simple but devious things to make it hard work, like the sub not being able to see what he’s typing! Not seeing the type is not the default but an option!
Even produces a printable report etc, so you can see how long it took, how many mistakes etc.

The humble PIR light

One thing I often use when I am out is the combination of a simple PIR light and a Wi-Fi security camera. (It helps that I live deep in the countryside where there is no ambient light at night.) Below is an excerpt from my most recent journal that explains:

He looked at me with great sadness and loneliness before curtseying and mincing from the room to do as he had been told. I picked up a handful of uniquely numbered plastic padlocks, his huge dolly, Suzette Simperkins, and the nail biting [prevention fluid.  I entered the kitchen where he had just completed setting up the Wi-Fi security camera. I placed his little chair in the middle of the room and took the sleep mask from him. I told him to sit on the chair which he did. (I had been feeling he needed a bit of a rest physically, although what I planned would not be much of a rest for him mentally.) I gave him his dolly to hold, to be always cuddled nicely to his chest while I was out. I laughed mockingly when he obeyed. (Before continuing dear reader, I will remind you the kitchen lights in my house are PIR activated. They come on in response to movement. They go out after about three minutes, if there is no movement.

While I spoke, I moved around his body and replaced each brass padlock with a plastic one, noting each unique number in my phone notes. (When I removed the pacifier strap padlock I removed the pacifier, painted a little top-up of the vile tasting fluid onto the pacifier bulb and popped it back into his whimpering mouth.

It’s PIR bondage time maggot. Until I return home, you will sit on your little chair WITHOUT MOVING. I will be checking up on you now again via the security app on my phone. Remember though, the security camera will be activated each time the light comes on, and it will record in the app each instance of that happening. I will punish you with the cane when I get home for each instance; and if there are too many instances, I will add two weeks onto your current denial period, and we know that means two weeks also added to every subsequent denial period for the rest of your life!” He began to whimper and he looked like he might cry. I believe my threat had prompted him to think about how long it was, until his next scheduled earliest orgasm date of 31 March, AND, how many times between now and whenever he actually got to cum, I might choose to threaten to postpone the date or actually postpone the date. My tone was mocking and spiteful. “Is the little maggot overwhelmed with the vanilla-free time so far, and now, such high stakes while I am out too. Well at least you have your big dolly to cuddle and keep you company don’t you. Pathetic!” He looked very miserably weary, and friendless. I felt only spite and power which led me to a double-down…………………

The journal is available on as PAPERBACK or ePub (eBook).

The journal is also available for Kindle on Amazon


The journal is also available from other outlets in other formats

Domination by Technology

I thought a recent comment was worth publishing as a blog post, so here it is, below. I have mentioned this site before, but it seems its functionality has now been considerably enhanced. Enhanced enough I think, to be rather scary!

The Comment

Hello Mistress Scarlet,

I just wanted to bring a resource to your attention, THE WEBSITE: WRITE FOR ME.

I stumbled across it while researching (at her request) remote ways my wife can continue her domination of me while she moves away for a few months for work. I believe it could be a useful resource for some of your followers. The site allows the dominant partner to set a line which must be typed x times by the submissive: mistakes are counted and can be punished by immediately added additional lines. Stopping for more than x seconds can also incur additional lines, and there are other options such as interruptions via messages which appear on the screen as frequently as desired.

My wife is SO excited at the idea of me being forced to stay up late completing these pointless tasks for her – without any need to monitor me – receiving a full report of my success or failure in the morning. She has decided my performance will be tied to any chance of release I may get when she returns to visit.

Hope it’s helpful to someone else!


Avoid horrendous blackmail!

99% of us agree that the succinct definition of a submissive is: Someone who cannot be wholly content unless they feel helplessly in the power of a pitilessly cruel dominant. So the dominant needs real power. Without real power all that happens is simply a game and most submissives do not get their itch wholly scratched unless things are real; not a game.

For several reasons I believe the most intense yet benign source of power is that I and many other Dommes wield. The sub has a choice. Accept whatever domination activities the Domme wants to impose or there will be no domination at all. I have known professional dominatrices who are in high demand with a large client base that use a very similar power; which works well for them and the sub. When it comes to appointments, visit me once a month or you will never get to see me again. When it comes to activities in the session. Obey me or you will never get to see me again.

For some couples the wife/girlfriend can get their power by demanding an activity, and if the sub does not agree to the activity, some sexual pleasure he adores will be denied him, until he does agree. (The wife/girlfriend has to be very confident the sub will not simply get the sexual pleasure he adores from another woman.)

Then there is genuine employment. I have known subs with a pitilessly cruel, dominant boss. Her power comes from the employment. The pitiless cruelty may only be unfair treatment of the sub and humiliating dressing down in private or in public. The boss may not be into DS at all and have no idea the sub was addicted to his mean boss. In my vanilla life I once met a very senior female manager who confided to me she very much enjoyed giving males under her control, public dressing-downs. (I entered her office as a very uncomfortable looking male was walking out, and that triggered her comment.) I never knew if she was into DS or was a radical feminist and I did not take the risk of sharing my ‘peccadillos’ so I never found out.

Then we come to, fairly safe BLACKMAIL. This can be photos or revelations the wife/long-term girlfriend can threaten to share with a sister or mother or friend. It can be very powerful, but there are minor risks.

Horrendous Blackmail

First I will post a brief account of ‘serious blackmail’ femdom. I have no doubt many of you submissives will be quite affected by the account because that is the nature of your irrationality.

The example account I remember vividly of an on-line dominatrix is as follows; and screenshots were provided to prove veracity. We will call the victim Fred. First she played along with Fred’s fantasies and he became quite enthralled. Then over time she got his employers name and address and email, (which she checked out by phoning them and asking for him, then hanging up when they said they will put her through). Using that information, she forced him to give her his wife’s name and number. He of course, being a submissive was deeply affected and aroused to be truly under her TOTAL power at that point. (he already knew she was pitilessly cruel so she then met the definition. Then it all went wrong for him because she was a RECKLESS AND UNCARING sadist.

Obviously her fees went up and became mandatory and regular, like a direct debit. Then the reckless cruelty began, on top of the financial side. The incident that sticks in my mind is when she instructed him to go to a huge supermarket and buy a large cucumber, a packet of condoms and a tube of KY lubricant. AND NOTHING ELSE. He had to send her a photo of the receipt. And it had to be done peak time on a Saturday – date and time being on the receipt. The screen shot of the DM exchanges between them are emotional. As he pleads and pleads not to do this, offers money which she takes and then carries on with the same instruction anyway. Totally gratuitous cruelty and a truly helpless male with no option but to comply. Which he eventually did and the supermarket receipt was displayed on her website. I have no idea what happened to him.


In my example above, the Domme was an attractive and real, pitilessly cruel, dominant. There are however, certainly women, and even men, who are not into BDSM at all. But they have seen the opportunity for an income provided by a pretence of being a sexy female Domme. They could be on sites like Fetlife or on BDSM contact sites, or simply leave comments on a blog like mine. So my warning is, unless certain conditions are met, NEVER give your real name, or your full address, or your employment details, or anything else that can bring your non-DS world into your DS world. (And remember even a photo of your face on their Twitter or Facebook means a very low but possible chance of being seen by a friend or family member.) Those conditions should include a phone call with the Domme, then a face to face with the Domme, and quid-pro-quo, getting the proven name and address of the Domme.

IN SUMMARY, please be careful. (In my BDSM manual, I do describe the process I use when meeting a new person I wish to involve in my DS life.)

Finally, if there are sources of power I have not listed, please leave a comment describing this power source.

My BDSMLR blog about to hit 10,000 followers

In three years my BDSMLR site has gone from 0 followers to imminently, 10,000 followers.

I aim to have as many as possible images representing apparently real life, domestic FLRs and as few as possible of dominatrices. I do not stick to this rule rigidly though as there as some images involving dominatrices that are simply too delicious not to be included.

I hope the purely organic growth in my follower numbers is representative of a liking for real life, domestic FLR, compared to images of dominatrices in dungeons, or those dressed as traditional dominatrices.

MY LIFE in another’s BDSMLR

One interesting site on BDSMLR (maddog-wh) seems to be someone who directly takes themes from my journals and applies them to femdom drawings for a proportion if his posts, which is kinda interesting. ONE LINK and another image below.

I have always wondered if he is a fan of this blog.

A Christmas Image

Completely unrelated to the above, but I thought I must post it before it is too late. A simple image that caught my eye in my kitchen Christmas day, just before my puppet put the bird in the oven. I got a sudden urge to partake in some VERY RESTRICTIVE bondage. I wonder why?

Pleasingly popular

I have to say my latest journal, No. 20, is pleasingly popular. Advance notice that, such have been the massive step-changes in my FLR regimen in the last four months, that my next Journal, No. 21 will be published very soon, probably by the end of the month.

The journal is available on as PAPERBACK or ePub (eBook).

The journal is also available for Kindle on Amazon


In due course the journal will be available from all outlets in all formats

Edging frustration automated and computerised

Technology appears to have entered the realm of tease and denial. Has anyone had experience of the wares of The Edgeomatic website?

Edge-o-Matic & Nogasm: Automatic Edging Devices

These devices are designed to be used with an inflatable butt plug and a hummingbird magic wand attachment, which can be purchased alongside all NoGasm & Edge-o-Matic kits. The vibrator is designed to accept any standard magic wand attachment, so you are free to experiment with your favorite means of stimulation.

Depending on the model, sensitivity and response time can be calibrated to provide an early cutoff or late, resulting in a perfect ruined orgasm machine for sadists or a controlled, prolonged edging session.

Newer versions, like the Edge-o-Matic 3000, have a built-in display and remote web interface which can be used to control the toy, including adjust sensitivity, vibration speeds, and allow an orgasm on the next spike. Future product plans include ability to link multiple units together to create a synchronized play session with multiple users.

The NoGasm and Edge-o-Matic are perfect devices for orgasm denial enthusiasts, bondage aficionados, robo-sex connoisseurs, and those who want all the pleasure of someone else in control without having to find that someone else.

I would love to know how effective it might be although I am concerned about any means by which there is a possibility of orgasm while my puppet remains erection-free and caged. (erection-free coming up for five months now!)

Domme’s Surname imposed, and more

Below is an email I received from the wonderful Mistress M. The concept of the submissive having to take the Dommes surname during marriage, or by legal name-changing is a novel one and pretty powerful I think. No double-barrelled name. The sub loses his surname.

Dear Ms Scarlet,  

I wanted to give you a couple of important updates in our relationship that I thought you might enjoy. I informed my bitch of both these changes on Christmas eve. After I returned home from work that day (he had returned earlier and was busy chopping veggies for dinner like the good slave he is), I beckoned him upstairs into my bedroom. As is the standard, he knelt by my feet with his head down, fretting about what new miseries were on his way.

Bitch, I have decided that from now on you will be taking MY name. Tomorrow you will explain to your parents about this decision and then later change your surname on social media. After that you will make that change legally, it will be quite a bit of paperwork, but I don’t really care. Am I being clear?’  

He nodded and looked a bit relieved; he was probably expecting something much worse. 

As you know Ms Scarlet, we are from a somewhat socially conservative country. While our friends and family circles are quite progressive, this is something that will raise a few eyebrows. But as a modern-day feminist in a female led relationship, I feel it is my duty to shift the Overton window when it comes this. I wonder what you or your readers think about this. Should millennial/Gen Z married slaves/subs be required to take their owner/Mistress’ name?  

So, what do you think? Are you comfortable with my decision?’  

‘Yes, Mistress.’  

No, seriously tell me what you are actually thinking.’  

‘I think it’s an honour Mistress.’

Awwww. I almost felt bad now about the other thing. I let him kiss my bare feet for some time as a reward before moving on to the next part.

So, on the 29th my mother, S, P and I, (S and P are two of my girlfriends), are going on a trip to Bali. We will return on Monday, 2nd Jan. I have already made the arrangements.’

He looked crestfallen. 

I know in the past we’ve always gone on foreign holidays together but moving forward that may not always be the case. Don’t you think your Goddess deserves to be on a sunny beach on New Year’s eve sipping on a cocktail while you toil for her in this damp cold weather?

He let out a sigh while nodding in agreement and almost immediately received a tight smack across his face. 

More enthusiasm bitch! I want you to be happy for me. We leave on the 29th. Anyways here’s what I want you to do : forget your year-end holiday. You will take extra shifts at work (without specifying much, both of us work in the health sector and they’re always short of personnel during this time of the year). You will take 12-hour shifts on the 29th, 30th, 31st and 1st. You will return home immediately after your shift is over. I will leave you with a small amount of money that should cover your transportation expenses. No cars, only public transport. Any questions?’  

‘What about food, Mistress?’ 

The day before I leave, prepare a large pot of soup with pumpkin, raw papaya, gourd and coriander (he hates all of these vegetables passionately) and put it in the refrigerator. Make sure it will last for four days. Every night on returning home from work, you’re to drink one bowl of said soup and go to sleep. You will be exhausted as it is. There will also be a few slices of bread in the refrigerator, you will clean everything else out. Have a cold bread or two before going to work. And if you are a good boy in the next few days, I’ll also buy a packets of biscuits. You can take one each day to work. Every room will be locked except for the dining room and a bathroom. I’ll leave a blanket and a pillow for you to sleep on the floor in the dining room. No cell phone or laptop. I will also leave a credit card, but you will be severely punished if you use it without an emergency.

I really wanted him to experience the life of a despondent slave during the jolliest time of the year. I can sometimes be such a cruel bitch. He is obviously caged 24×7 and for the record hasn’t had an orgasm since early November, so there’s that too, lol.  

That’d be all bitch. I’ll fill you in with more details later. And after you are done make sure your man pussy is well prepared, because Mr. “X” (X=my last name), is giving a pounding tonight. Fuck off now.’  

Happy New Year to you Ms Scarlet and may this year be even more decadent for us Goddesses and more miserable for our puppets.