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Cruel step changes continue

I know many blog followers are interested in the fine detail of my life with bitch-boy. They often tell me so. This post is for them, apologies to the rest of you. My last such update post was on July 14 but things have got considerably more dire for my poor puppet since then as I list out below! As the snowball rolls down the hill, it is gathering pace and growing fast. I will also mention that I know I am yet to be as extreme as say, Christine M or Miss Anne in many aspects of my domination of bitch-boy, but my most recent regimen step changes are nonetheless hitting bitch-boy very hard and also transforming my feelings of heartlessness and exploitation to much higher levels that I am finding exhilarating and arousing. The ‘success’ of recent cruel step changes also, rather than satisfy me, give me a hunger to make more. I don’t know when this hunger will be satiated.

You will recall from the last post that, on 20 June, despite the one year anniversary of bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity cage and denial regime coming up on 6 June, and him being led to believe he would have an orgasm very close to that anniversary, possibly the very next day, I can report he did not get an orgasm in June at all, and did not have one until July 11. That day made his denial period 18 weeks which I held out for because it was new record, beating the previous denial period record of 17.5 weeks. (The four month denial period anniversary was 7 July.)

Him getting an orgasm meant I could finally impose part of the new regimen that came into force in May. That part is that he now has a six week minimum denial period, and will have for the rest of his life. No orgasm will happen until at least 6 weeks has passed since the last one. bitch-boy advised me that he did not orgasm properly because apparently I was pressing too hard with the sole of my shoe and must have been squashing his urethra. He said by the time he had his cage locked on and was kneeling watching me bring myself off to my eighth orgasm of the day, he was already sexually desperate. His ‘orgasm’ had not cleared the pipes so to speak. So he was rather shocked when I told him that was not my problem the new six week rule is in force and he wouldn’t be getting another orgasm until at least 22 August. And the chances of him being infraction free and avoiding an extension were pretty low.

So although the 6 week rule had been in force since May it only actually came into reality on July 11. bitch-boy has gone from not mentioning the 6 week rule since May, to begging again and again, day after day, for me to rescind the rule, now it is affecting him! My response is that I love his frustration and misery so if and when it is changed it will be to increase it. I have reminded him that, in my house, the ratchet NEVER, EVER clicks backwards.

I continue to tease him visually pretty much daily but there has been another change! My teasing of him physically is tailing off. He now endures long full-on DS days never being let out of his chastity cage. No playing with his boy’s bits, no Vampire gloves, no stomping stage. And I am rationing his being allowed the privilege of licking me which is hitting him hard. So when he does not get to lick me or get out of his cage during a long full-on DS day, there is literally zero sexual content for him. I hurt and abuse him to turn me on and he gets nothing in return, as though he is a plastic sex toy. I always have at least eight orgasms, sometime twelve.

Reinforcing this, I am choosing nasty activities he really gets nothing sexual from: rocking on my swing seat with my boot pressing on his throat, and stopping now and again to move my boot to his forehead and tip urine from a jug into his open mouth, then my boot returns to his throat. (During his pleading he has informed me it is like someone is permanently a hair’s breadth from invoking his gag reflex, just not quite. It is not truly painful but relentlessly, hugely distressing and upsetting. I am pleased to report that he does not seem to be getting habituated to it in any way and it seems that will never happen.) Colouring-in with his dolly in a corner of an upstairs room, monitored by a baby monitor. Severe ruler smackings to the palms of his hands at the outset and every twenty minutes or so. Such a session usually lasting 2 hours. Not seeing me or even knowing I am looking at the monitor screen, except every 15 to 25 minutes when I press the intercom button to tell him I am.

His VERY harsh thrashings have got harsher still with no warm-up strokes and a lot of wraparound; and there are three more changes since my last post. Firstly I have had him make a mirror stand that allows an angled mirror to be placed on the floor affording him a view of my body and importantly, my facial expression while I whip him. (You may recall he is in this bondage.) He sees relaxed, sadistic pleasure on my face and ZERO MERCY as he sobs and pleads for me to stop.

The second change is that I have replaced the padlock with a trigger clip at the junction of his ankle cuffs and neck chain. Now, when I break off from thrashing him for an orgasm, I undo that trigger clip allowing him to stand upright and watch my have my orgasm. He is sexually desperate, he is locked in his chastity cage, he knows his next orgasm will, at the earliest, be 22 August and that is optimistic, he sees me have yet another huge orgasm. When I have done and have recovered, I pull his head down, reconnect the trigger clip and the thrashing resumes. The third change is that at least half of his thrashings are not in response to an infraction by him but simply because I want the sadistic pleasure of hurting him. And I tell him that is the purpose. After such a thrashing, instead of him having to say, ‘Thankyou Mistress for making me a better sissy slave‘, he has to say, ‘Thank you Mistress for allowing me the privilege of suffering the pain you inflict, to satisfy your sadistic sexual desires.‘ I quite often reply with words to the effect of, ‘I should think so too maggot. I am totally out of your league comparing our ages and body shapes, which makes a submissive like you VERY , VERY LUCKY to be dominated by me; no matter how I use and abuse you.

But despite all of the above, after a long, full-on DS day I tell him I will then use him for his vanilla company and we settle down on the sofa and watch TV together, almost like equals but he has to wait on me hand and foot with drinks fetching etc. And despite me writing above that I am choosing nasty activities he really gets nothing sexual from, he is of course, to a degree like never before, getting unequivocal evidence that he is truly helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman. The holy grail for a submissive and he sleeps the deepest most contented sleep. Perfect symbiosis.

I have not mentioned all the step-changes and I have been frantically writing journal entries documenting all that is happening in fine detail, and my Journal No. 18 will be published within a month or so. And at the start of this blog post, I wrote, As the snowball rolls down the hill, it is gathering pace and growing fast. I am a renewed dominant. It is a wonderful feeling but bitch-boy is quite rightly very scared. He should be too. I honestly do not know how bad or how exploitative I am going to become. I do know I am far from finished with my regimen changes and I am far from exhausting my renewed desire for more extreme experiences and a more queen like, 24/7/365 lifestyle, with a slave working very hard in every way to bring ease, luxury and pleasure to my life.

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Another symbiosis relationship

Below is an account from tiffanymaid involving him and his amazing, pitiless, cuckolding, Mistress-wife, Serena. You can find tiffanymaid on Fetlife.


MsScarlet curtsy…. i chose not to bore You with messages over past seven weeks as family life has dominated O/our time, and still does to a great extent. However, reading Your “forced diaper use” feature led me to reconnect. i am delighted to say, despite all the diversions Serena and i currently endure, O/our D/s, F/l continues.

Many weeks ago, Mistress Serena held a “Nurse Nasty” session inspired by Your good self which included the hand held scrubbing brush You featured. It, along with possibly the strongest nettles yet, reduced me to genuine tears and begging for mercy.

Serena frequently puts me in diapers. 18.30-08.45 is average, when She is on night shift. A second and even third (as yet, not required) diaper is available for me to place over the initial one should i soak it so bad it may leak big time.

i remain hugely submissive, magnified, as Serena has been away for the past week with Her lover. A strict punishment, a TSD session and absolute worship to Her is scheduled on return. (She texts me regularly during Her time with lover, teasing, tormenting…and insulting). Why do i love such and strain my CB6000s at the thought of my submission! In Her absence, i lax some of my duties, but always ensure all is perfect on Her return.

You know me well enough i suspect, and know my submission goes back to childhood, and to be honest it is the engine room of my existence. Serena isn’t the most natural Domme in the world, but i am most fortunate to have married a woman i love, and respect…and one who has taken my submission to benefit us both. ( “If it wasn’t for those damn kids” lol )

Thank You Goddess Scarlet….i hope i haven’t wasted Your time.

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Denial update, plus an Index for my journals

First I wish to update all those who are interested, on the continuing denial period of poor bitch-boy. I last posted about this on 20 June when I posted that, despite the one year anniversary of bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity cage and denial regime coming up on 6 June, and him being led to believe he would have an orgasm very close to that anniversary, possibly the very next day, I can report he did not get an orgasm in June at all, and has not had one so far in July.

On 1 July I teased him both visually and physically and when he thought he was to get to orgasm, I informed him that, as he was now only 11 days from his all time denial record of 17 and a half weeks, it seemed a shame not to get him to a new record of 18 weeks. Sobbing ensued on his receipt of this news. The four month denial period anniversary was 7 July and 18 weeks will be tomorrow.

Yesterday, I abused him quite badly for a few hours with two VERY harsh thrashings. One either side of me rocking on my swing seat outdoors for almost an hour, using his throat as a footrest under my left Ugg boot to perpetuate my relaxing rocking motion. (My right Ugg boot on his chest). He remained locked in his chastity cage throughout these proceedings as I emphasised that his birth defect was not part of my sex life in any way and did not need to be free of the cage while he is being used and abused. It is an irrelevance! I had four orgasms in this period using my Lelo wand. (I do love to have an orgasm using my wand when outdoors in my swing seat with my boot on his throat. So many symbolic elements of liberation, decadence, power and cruelty in the erotic cocktail.)

Back indoors, I did briefly release him from his cage to play my Vampire glove game during which I had an orgasm; and then I had one more orgasm while he knelt at my feet sobbing, as he locked himself back into his cage. Sobbing, because I had rectified the misapprehension he was under that he would definitely be getting to orgasm tomorrow. I had to make clear that the new record period began tomorrow so he became eligible for an orgasm, but no more than eligible.

Before moving on, I will write more on my newish current favourite depravity of rocking on my swing seat outdoors, using his throat as a footrest under my left Ugg boot to perpetuate my relaxing rocking motion. My cruelty has taken a huge step change during recent months. This is because of a number of factors. One theme of the new levels of cruelty is bitch-boy undergoing endurances, like his throat being a footrest, from which he gets zero submissive eroticism. I have always loved spending hours being out in my beautiful garden, rocking on my swing seat anyway. But it has now become an arousing depravity. He is close to retching constantly and whines and sometimes pleads. During his pleading he has informed me it is like someone is permanently a hair’s breadth from invoking his gag reflex, just not quite. It is not truly painful but relentlessly, hugely distressing and upsetting. I am pleased to report that he does not seem to be getting habituated to it in any way and it seems that will never happen. So for me it is a perfect representation of his relationship with the post-step-change ‘new-me’.

I use and abuse him MY WAY and he just has to suck it up; even when none of his submissive eroticism boxes are being ticked. REAL PITILESS POWER. Not a sex game. Not me trying to tick his boxes in any way. No pity at all, just like when I now thrash him much, much more painfully than I have ever previously. And before, the less experienced or open minded of you pass disapproving judgement on me, there is a possibly unexpected result from these new activities and my new harshness. bitch-boy is clearly, (once the endurances are all over), the most submissively contented he has ever been. The most worshipful. The most in awe of me. I have eradicated any last ambiguities or doubts from the corners of his mind that may have impinged on the fact that, he is truly; helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman. The nirvana all true submissives crave and need. (And there is still some of what I do that does tick his submissive boxes, but they happen to be things I want to do anyway for my own box ticking!)


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An index of contents of all my Journals

I have been kindly gifted the index below, of the contents of all my journals. Some of you may find this useful.

Ms. Scarlet’s Journals of Real Female Domination
Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 1
Volume 1: Introduction Diary Entries
6, 7 and 8 September 2007: Helen’s visit
16 October 2004: A typical Saturday for a sub-human slave
16 January, 7 March and 6 May 2006: Girls’ Nights In: The lifestyle is revealed to my sisters
12 and 13 September 2009: Nurse Nasty treats her patient; she has to be cruel to be kind
26 June 2010: A household of three; the demotion of bitch-boy
31 March 2007: My sister Sarah’s attention to detail
4 July 2010: Nadine and I holiday abroad: Bitch-boy is babysat by Sandra
3 Sep 2005: His first and only instance of gross misconduct
Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 2
Volume 2; Introduction Diary Entries
6, September 2008, A Saturday of housework and humiliation
22 April 2007, Rainy Sunday, electricity box testing
4 September 2010, A new level of obedience is sought..
5 September 2010, My sister Sandra stay over.
17 November 2009, A typical Weekday morning
2 June 2007, Walk in the country
14 October 2010, Nadine invents a game
4 February 2004, Having it beg with all it’s heart
4 December 2010, An apt punishment
16 October 2005, The dominatrix visit
Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 3
Volume 3: Introduction Diary Entries
1, 10, 11 February 2009, A night alone for bitch-boy
27 February 2010, The gift
13 September 2009, Day two of Nurse Nasty
5 June 2008, Recycling makes him unhappy
2 to 5 July 2008, A visitor on our holiday
6 July 2008, Keeping up the levels of subjugation
7 July 2008, The pouch
29 March 2009, Alison evolves
8 May 2011, The Sunday afternoon visitors
Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 4
Diary Entries
17 October 2010: Subjugation in vanilla times
6 November 2011: A degrading new low for bitch-boy
28 April 2012: The frustrated, tormented table
12 February 2012: Prolonged Total Sensory Deprivation
25 March 2012: The debut of a new play-toy
13 May 2012: Obsessed with Total Sensory Depravation Bondage
14 April 2012: My New Bathroom 10 months previously 14 April 2012
12 August 2012: New Maid’s rules The Next Day
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 5
14 July 2012 – A very Hard Day for bitch-boy
4 May 2013: Gimp Hung From A Beam
23 March 2013: The inevitable evolution into extremis
6 April 2013: The Appeasement Sunday Afternoon
21 April 2013: A new DVD box-set
24 November 2012: My new friend
27 April 2013: Dominant Baking Introduction On the day
16 July 2011: Look me in the eye
11 May 2013: Sissy maid at home alone
Christmas 2012 The Run-in: November 10 – Christmas Presents
The Run-in : December 6 : More Christmas Presents!
December 22: The new shoes arrive, I couldn’t wait….
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
16 June 2012: The Sub-Human Slave Day
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 6
Journal Entries
8 October 2013: Working at home – a pleasant background distraction
22nd September 2013 – The flying visit
27 September 2013 – The Soiled Thong Returns
14 September 2013: Winter Default Rules
2013 (Month withheld to protect our anonymity): Bitch-boy’s real birthday
21 July 2013: A New Play Partner.
28 July 2013: Madame Victoria’s first visit to me
11 June 2013: Another working at home day
30 December 2013: More Christmas Break Subjugation
19 October 2013 : Belindakins Thoroughly Humiliated
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 7
Journal Entries
6 January 2014: Workday morning subjugation
12 January 2014: Chores, extreme humiliation and teasing
18 January 2014: Agitation whip
10 February 2014: Schoolgirl Detention Day
15 March 2014: The Paint Colour Chart
20 March to 26 March 2014 – Learning the Alphabet
20 March 2014 – The Letter
23 March 2014 – Pigtails Prudence is involved
26 March 2014 – The Phone Call
26 May 2014: A sissy in the garden
Summer 2014 – Holidaying With Dollies
Summer 2014 – More holiday fun
The walk in shower
One element of my Evolution
Meals from the floor – and fucking the mule
So much sewing!
6 July 2014 – The First ‘Devoted-To-Dolly-Day’
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 8
Journal Entries
April to June 2013: Two Birthdays
April 3rd 2013
May 6th 2013
June 2nd 2013
7 February 2014: The Hotel Stay and the Agitation Whip
19 February 2014 – Ornament Day for bitch-boy
20 July 2014: Sarah and the Sunglasses Pouch
9 August 2014: Another Visit to Madame Victoria
17 August 2014: Madame Victoria’s Visit To Me
11 October 2014: bitch-boy’s Ironing Little Helper
25 October 2014 – Mistress Jane visits
Saturday 25 October 2014
Postscript comments
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 9
Journal Entries
14 December 2014: Mistress Jane’s Second Visit
Christmas 2014: Relentless Subjugation For bitch-boy
Christmas Eve
Christmas day
Playing With His Boy’s Bits
Cream for his Christmas Pudding
16 December 2014: My First Visit To Mistress Jane’s
22 February 2015: Mistress Jane’s Third Visit
The Run-in
The morning of Mistress Jane’s visit
23 March 2015: Play-toy’s First Visit
16 May 2015: Sarah Visits For Some Nettles Fun
23 May 2015: A Perverted Day Foursome
June 2015: Summer Holiday
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 10
A Change for Readers to Note
bitch-boy’s Full Little Girl Outfit.
Full Total Sensory Deprivation Bondage Details on the BDSM Bed.
bitch-boy’s Rotary Clothes Line Duty Arrangements.
4 May 2015: Play-toy’s second visit
26 June 2015: My Second Visit to Mistress Jane and her slave-boy
28 June 2015: Play-toy’s Third Visit
25 July 2015: Play-toy’s Fifth Visit
15 August 2015: Mistress Jane’s Fifth Visit
29 August 2015: The Visit of the Sadist: Mistress Justine
Real Life Female Domination: Volume 11
Journal Entries
5 September 2015: bitch-boy is Cuckolded Overnight
Late Summer 2015: Slave-boy is Double-dommed
3rd / 4th October 2015: Play-toy’s Second Overnight Stay
18 October 2015: Governess Lexi and The Wheels on the Bus
Halloween 2015: Licking the Wet Patch
15 November 2015: Bitch-boy babysat by Governess Lexi
22 November 2015: The visit of Mistress Sonia
12 / 13 December 2015: A Taste Of Semen For Him
2016: An Update On The Day-to-day Life Regime
Mistress. Real Life Female Domination: Volume 12
Journal Entries
August 2017: Another Tearful Virgin is Born Again
March 2018: Postscript
7 September 2017: Mistress Nicola’s second visit
24 February 2018: Pansy-piece’s birthday meal; both husbands cuckolded
Leaving bitch-boy home alone
‘Celebrating’ the birthday of pansy-piece.
Spring 2018: bitch-boy’s Birthday: A Harsh and Painful Cuckolding
Governess Malice
Real Female Domination: Volume 13:
The Institute
Journal Entries
The Invite
The Friday Afternoon of the Bank Holiday Weekend
The First Pupil
The Second Pupil
Back to Client one – Little Pansykins Peterkins
Back to Slug, the first client.
Back to Peterkins
Peterkins bedtime
The third pupil
Betsy Cum Bucket
Betsy Cum Bucket
Slug’s bedtime
bitch-boy becomes a servant
The Saturday
Slug and the wheelchair
Peterkins Orgasm and going home
Going home
Real Female Domination: Volume 14
Journal Entries
20 December 2018: Mistress Nicola’s Xmas visit
31 December 2018 : New default rules for 2019
1 January 2019: My own New Year’s resolutions.
12/13 January 2019: Cleaning the disgusting traps
12 January 2019
13 January 2019
February 21st 2019: Mistress Nicola visits yet again
4 March 2019 : Insisting on and Witnessing painful treatment
24th March 2019: Concatenation of events leads to deepest shaming humiliation
A refreshed parody of a little girl role
8th April 2019 : First time with the new regime for the parody of a little girl role
15th April 2019 : A new sissy whore money-maker role
16 April 2019: bitch-boy Used and Abused: Part 1
16 April 2019: bitch-boy Used and Abused: Part 2
25/26 April 2019: The Second Deep Throat Lesson and more
30 May 2019: Most Depraved Orgasms
9 June 2019: A new form of dicki-discipline
13 June 2019: Potty-Heels-Dilemma-Time
Real Female Domination: Volume 15: The Institute Revisited .
Journal Entries
Shit-stain’s first meal
bitch-boy meets the Governesses
Pupil Two
Poor bitch-boy
Pupil 3 – A woman
Willie’s distressing toilet break
Willie and Skivvy
A night with Skivvy
Skivvy, Day 2, Bondage Day, Position 1
The 10:00am New Pupil
The 11:00am pupil
Skivvy, Day 2, Bondage Day, Position 2
Fifi Fellatio departs
The Next Visit, The reluctant Sissy Sixty-nine!
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 16
Journal Entries
10 July 2019: The push chair
2 August 2019: Long Day Of Sport
9th August 2019: Thirteen Inches
11 August 2019: Triple S again.
Entry Postscript
13 August 2019: Alone with dildo padlocked
1 September 2019: Another regime step change.
4 September 2019: Nursery rhymes for the dolly audience
11 September 2019: 24/7/365 Chastity Control
Bitch-boys chastity regime
17 September 2019: Unexpected Distress and Embarrassment
18 September – 6 October 2019: A Local Domme Materializes
How Joyce first became a ‘Domme’
4 October 2019: Packing the hire car
5 October 2019: The Cottage
bitch-boy and Aunty Joyce meet for the first time
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 17
Journal Entries
7 October 2019: The first double-Doming with Joyce at my home
9 October 2019: Joyce babysits for the first time. (Wednesday)
Time for me to leave
25 October 2019: Joyce and the mind-fuck babysitting session
12 March 2020: An excuse for some extreme ‘activity’
Day 1
Day 2
Toilet Roll Lines
Day 3
10 April 2020: Outdoor Subjugation – Moss
20 May 2020: Bitch-boy is overwhelmed with hours of fretting
The Big day
After the first Big Day
Week 1 of July 2020: A new punishment position
Advert breaks
Enjoying my craft work and reading.

Where can I get one?!?!?

Below is a recent news article that GRABBED my dominant imagination. Designed as a device to ensure weight loss, but what a fantastic device for the subjugation of a submissive slave-husband!

The big question; does it HAVE to be put on by a dentist? My imagining of the perfect use is to be able, at home, to secure it to bitch-boy and remove it when I wished. bitch-boy could do with losing a little weight but obviously that is not what I envisage its main use to be in my home, (and if I cared at all about his weight, I would simply have him on a VERY STRICT diet). My real desire is that it would make a great gag, but it would go beyond the normal effect of a gag I am sure; leaving the wearer feeling utterly controlled and how utterly subjugated would bitch-boy feel while the device was screwed into place, where it would stay, until I chose to remove it, perhaps days at a time. I know sadly, the reality is I will not be able to fit and remove it myself.

Perhaps I could strike a deal with a local, female, dentist. A discount for two fittings/removals a month, say. I would love to take him to a BDSM munch or club wearing the device and he could wait hand and foot on me and any Dommes I am engaging with. A silent, mute serving object. Or perhaps take him with me when I shop for shoes and clothes. Silently carrying bags and paying for items.


New weight-loss tool prevents mouth from opening more than 2mm

DentalSlim Diet Control, which uses magnets, has been likened to ‘medieval torture device’

The DentalSlim Diet Control device

The DentalSlim Diet Control device is an intra-oral device fitted to the upper and lower back teeth.

A weight-loss tool that uses magnets to stop people from opening their mouths wide enough to eat solid food has been developed by scientists in order to tackle obesity.

The device, developed by medical professionals from the University of Otago in New Zealand and scientists from Leeds in the UK, can be fitted by dentists and uses magnetic components with locking bolts.

It has been criticised online, however, with people likening it to a medieval torture device.


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Forced diaper Use

For reasons I will not explain, I was in an ethical debt to one of my email slaves so I offered to go into great detail on any aspect of my private life he wished me to. This was my response to his request(s)!

What a greedy submissive you are; like all submissives. I offer to write full details on an aspect of my life and you ask about three aspects. I will give you the details about the aspect of forced diaper use.

My puppet does still have to wear diapers in one specific scenario. If I have to leave the house for a few hours, which I still do from time to time, even in lockdown. Out of lockdown it is quite often. Once every two to three weeks.

I have him drink two pints of cold water. On the BDSM bed, he is secured with wrist cuffs secured to his waist belt with uniquely numbered plastic padlocks that he is only allowed to break in the event of a fire or a burglar. He is secured into a large rigid posture collar. He is gagged with a funnel gag with a piss ice chunk in it.

I give him a serious dose of nettles including to the defect’s head, and then I apply three stripes of Linnex using the inducing and prolonging pleading technique. My how he pleads (and sobs)!  His chastity cage is double padlocked on. He is put into diapers. Over those, he is padlocked into lockable plastic panties. I use plastic padlocks again. Again he must not break the padlocks unless there is a burglar or fire. His ankles are secured together. I set up a WiFi camera with a good vie of him. The Linnex will burn for forty minutes, the nettles sting for several hours.

I am compelled to masturbate before I leave the house, the preparation process  and knowing the proprietorial dominance I will feel for the next few hours gives me no option but to satiate my desire. I give him a loving kiss on the forehead, while he is still sobbing over the Linnex. I leave the house.

While I am out, from time to time, on my smart phone via the WiFi camera, I look at him secured on the bed and secured in his plastic panty encased diapers, and I purr as I very much enjoy a number of pleasant feelings; including a bitchy-power-rush, ownership and decadence. Any questions on this one topic? I will be happy to answer them.

Mistress Scarlet

Addendum No.1 available in most formats

Stomping Stage photos and videos

I have made frequent references to how, on the rare occasions bitch-boy gets to orgasm, it is only ever under the sole of my shoe while he is under the stomping stage. Several times a week, his defect is squashed and kicked and whipped with my flogger while he is under the stomping stage. And on the rare occasions he gets to orgasm, his defect is squashed and kicked and whipped with my flogger, as his ‘foreplay’. I have often wondered if blog followers are clear what is entailed. So;

On Twitter there is a Domme called Jewel who uses her stomping stage in a lot of her videos and I provide a link here to a time she gives her slave an orgasm in the manner I do. Jewel does sometimes have her slaves balls atop the flogger but I have heard of hospitailsations resulting from stamping on balls so I do not do that. I get all the pleasure I need from what I do do!

There is a further example of a slave being brought to orgasm this way from the BDSMLR site on this link. I do always wear my wedges though. One does not have to pay much attention to aiming, when wearing wedges while squashing a defect, one can even look out of the window or talk on the cell phone. If one wears shoes with soles and heels the defect is able to escape into the gap between sole and heel.

And here is a photo, cropped for decency, of me with my shoe ready to do the deed. Only on that day I didn’t do the deed after all. Poor, poor bitch-boy. (It is now over 15 weeks since his last orgasm!) This link takes you to an uncropped version of the image on my BDSMLR site.

I hope if anyone was confused as to what I was referring, by writing, ‘brought him to orgasm under the sole of shoe on my stomping stage’, that is now clear.

Vampire Gloves and puppet’s denial

On 5 December 2020 I posted about some Vampire Gloves I purchased on line.

I have been using them quite often and they are pretty awesome. Well I think so. I am afraid bitch-boy does not agree; poor thing.

Before I describe the routine I have developed with the gloves, I will give the context that, despite the one year anniversary of bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity cage and denial regime coming up on 6 June, and him being led to believe he would an orgasm very close to his anniversary, I can report he has not had an orgasm in June so far after all, and he has now gone 15 weeks (almost 4 months) without an orgasm. Poor, poor puppet.

As part of the regime is not being let out of the cage to wash, (because he can wash with the cage on), he is desperate just to be hard or even just be touched, let alone have an actual orgasm. I have written a detailed account of a recent time I used my Vampire Glove routine in my soon to be published Journal No.18. For now though, here is the routine I use, now you have the important context.

I sit in a bedroom chair with my legs splayed wide apart, my Lelo wand close to hand and a Vampire Glove on my left hand. bitch-boy is naked with his wrists secured behind his back. His cage is off and he has been freshly shaved. The game is simple. I will alternate giving him a lovely hand-job motion with my, (not gloved), right hand, alternating with, giving him a hand-job motion and some squeezes with my gloved left hand. (Obviously in this game he does not get to cum!) I swap from one to the other every couple of minutes. He is between my thighs, sideways to me facing to my right when I am using my glove free hand. And he then does a 180 degree turn, so he is sideways on, facing my left side for the Vampire glove treatment.

He ADORES the right handed treatment; it is so rare he is hard and even rarer my skilled hand is using a hand-job motion on him. He is moaning and groaning and in ecstasy! But the gloved left handed treatment is rather nasty indeed. The game’s simple rule is; if he uses the word, ‘Stop please‘, then I stop the left handed treatment, and ALSO the right handed treatment and the game is over and he gets locked back up in his chastity cage. All other words of pleading are allowed. So when I am using my gloved left hand, he begs and whimpers and whines but resists saying ‘Stop please‘ for as many left handed turns as he can. He resists because he wants more turns of the wonderful right handed treatment,

After a fairly short time I am so aroused, that I keep his defect in my left hand and rhythmically squeeze while I bring myself off with my wand. Then it is back to the alternating until I decide to end the game with my left hand squeezing so hard, he cannot prevent himself from saying ‘Stop please.’ Then the game is over, and therefore the lovely right handed treatment is over for him too. I free his hands and he has to kneel at my feet putting his chastity cage on while I have a second orgasm. I can stop the game whenever I wish because, while the gloves allow a wonderful spectrum of pain starting at very light, a serious squeeze is agonising and unbearable.

If I am feeling really cruel then, even after he has miserably said the words, ‘Stop please,’ I carry on being sadistic asking a few times, if he is sure he really wants it to be all over.

A link to all my publications HERE, including:

Christine’s sister goes solo

A wonderful account from Christine M including her sister spending time alone with DAVID and making him very miserable.


My sister is truly vicious and heartless in her treatment of David. When they first met, they never ‘clicked’ and my sister is 20-years older than him which didn’t help.

David had been told to take time-off for Easter since I had booked in to learn gliding at the local Aerodrome, which is about ½ an hour from here. I had not shared that my sister was coming over! 

On the Thursday before Good Friday, he came home from work and was curtly told to change into his sissy frock, rather than his maid’s attire. (The sissy frock was from PDQ’s online store.) He looked at me aghast as he abhors wearing this ridiculous attire. I still didn’t let on that she was coming over so, dressed in his humiliating attire, he looked at me in absolute despair, completely mortified, when he saw her car coming up the driveway. It was a look to behold, and he immediately started trembling uncontrollably. My sister loves the added humiliation his frock delivers, so he knew he was in for a rough evening! My sister was staying until the Tuesday, so he was in for a great deal more misery than he realised. 

 As has been requested, I should describe his frock.

When choosing this I wanted something that would be dreadfully humiliating for him and make him feel acutely ridiculous when wearing it. It also needed to be practical, in the sense he would still need to be able to do his chores when dressed as a prissy sissy. 

We love to tease him about how adorably sweet he looks and fuss over the details of his dress. It is beautifully made of soft shiny satin of the palest blue, with a high ruffle collar that is trimmed with lace and has an enormous pink satin bow at the centre. The figure-hugging bodice has a white satin lace sash which is also tied in a large bow at the rear. 

Huge puff-sleeves are elasticated at the hem of the sleeves with wide pleated lace trim. The skirt is full and falls over a bouffant petticoat, flaring it out. It is adorned with large matching pink satin bows all around the skirt, and hemmed in beautiful shiny frilly glass-silk.

An over-sized, pink hair bow is clasped in his hair, and the outfit is completed by white, frilly lace ankle socks, each with a pink bow on the outer side; pink ballet slippers; and matching panties made of soft, shiny satin, with an elasticated waist and leg openings, also trimmed with dainty glass-silk lace and cute dainty pink rose buds. The panties are on full display as the skirt only falls down to just below his buttock line, leaving his long, shaved, thighs exposed too. 

A large pink dummy is also pinned to the bodice with a pink ribbon. The dummy is of course dabbed with a foul product designed to prevent people biting their nails. This he has to suck on when not required to speak. 

  Following Mistress Scarlet’s lead, he also has three ‘dollies’. A pink teddy, Lickel Pwetty Pinky Winky Teddy Weddy Pinkitikins, came first. My sister and I thought of nice long names to be much harder for him to cope with! Then came a rather old and worn rag doll, who he calls My Vewy Vewy Best, Most Favowite Dolly Wolly. And finally, a large plastic dolly that had seen better days with her painted eyes and lips chipped, Bubby Wubby sookie wookie babykins. 

After my sister arrived and the usual ridiculing of David was done, including him introducing his dollies to much merriment, with my sister shaking her head contemptuously, making him feel even more stupid; she sternly turned to him, popped his dummy in his mouth, and with David looking more anxious than ever, told him that she had a surprise for him and I would be leaving him in her care for a little while. The dummy was quavering in his mouth, and he pleaded with wide eyes for me not to leave. I simply laughed contemptuously at him, as I nonchalantly left the room, advising my sister, I would be in the lounge if she needed me. His face continued to beseech me not to leave him alone with my sister, and my last view of him, saw him trembling like a frightened rabbit caught in a spotlight, his eyes opened wide in fear.  

I could tell it was all too much for him to believe. He doesn’t find my sister attractive in any way, and he knew he was in for an evening of wretchedness, as he stood quaking before a very imposing, ‘authority figure’, who he knew held him in heartless contempt. 

Needless to say, my sister was very cold in dealing with him. I watched using the camera in the kitchen, on the big screen through my Apple TV. Leaving him alone was so that it would leave him feeling more fearful and ever so rejected. My sister coldly laid down her rules. “You DO NOT speak unless I ask you a direct question. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you otherwise. You do as your told, without comment or complaint. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?” He nervily nodded his head.  

“If you don’t understand something, raise your hand and await my permission. If it is anything other than a question seeking clarification of what I have just told you to do, YOU WILL DEEPLY REGRET IT! I have no interest in anything you might want to say and if I want your opinion… I WILL TELL YOU WHAT IT IS! ARE WE VERY CLEAR?” He struggled to nod his agreement, he was so overwhelmed!  

I enjoy hearing him beg and plead so, even though his pleas always fall on deaf ears, this was going to be a new and frightening experience for him! 

She then told him that when she does ask him questions, he had better respond in his most simpering little girl voice, making sure to lisp and giggle as he has been taught and to express his most sissy desires… OR ELSE! Please read Mistress Scarlet’s books for how he has been trained in all his little sissy mannerisms and how he has to play with his dollies. He rightly feels like a total ‘prick’ when he is treated like this, and don’t we remind him of this! My sister is particularly nasty and cutting in her remarks. 

He was then seated in a chair with arm rests, and securely strapped in place, with his legs spread wide apart and his frock pulled out of the way. He was whimpering by now but knew better than to ask what was going on. I don’t think I have ever seen him look more scared, he was so exposed, so trapped, so alone. I wasn’t there and my sister, who he finds so malicious towards him, was in total control. 

Once he was securely strapped in place, a pink hairdressers cape was placed over his dress as my sister grimly advised him, “Now that you’ve grown your lock-down hair longer, and since you love to dress up as a little sissy, I promised Chrissie, I would give you a nice girlie perm with lots of tight curls.” He looked horrified and I could see him flexing against his bonds, in panic, hoping to escape. 

He was really getting panicky when she then picked up and flexed a really nasty looking rattan cane of mine, showing him how bendy and whippy it was, despite being as thick as her little finger. She flexed it so the two ends almost met, before swishing it loudly through the air. She then lightly tapped it along the length of his exposed inner thighs as she ominously warned him that, if he so much as whispered a word of complaint, even under his breath; showed the slightest signs of disobedience; or failed to lisp and show his enthusiasm for being a little sissy; she would be bringing the cane down on his tender inner thighs.  

Smiling wickedly, she noted he would get three strokes on each leg, but if there was a next time, it would be four strokes… then five…” He was petrified and wincing as she kept tapping his inner thighs. There was no doubt he knew she was not making an idle threat, and the pain would be horrendous. I must share the dialogue as it was quite hilarious. 

She took his dummy out of his mouth and coldly asked “Daisy, are you looking forward to getting your hair permed?”. He was too alarmed to reply and was given a stern warning and reminder, with the cane tapped harder on his inner thigh, prompting him to ever so fretfully lisp, “Yeth, pwease, I weally weally want a perm. Thank you (XXXXX).” He even tried to smile as he knew he was required to be enthusiastic in his role, he didn’t want to taste her cane, that was for sure.  

Whilst he looked totally distraught and crushed, I know that deep down he felt she would not give him a real perm. She then started on his hair, mocking his lack of manliness, laughing at his plight, and really scaring him. She started by reassuring him that the perm wouldn’t last for ever, that it would soon wash out… then, seeing his cautious look of relief, she smiled, “… after three to four months!” This left him teary eyed and ever so upset. 

His hair was washed and conditioned and then, ever so slowly, wrapped very tightly around small spiky plastic rollers, as he squirmed uncomfortably, while she dispassionately mocked him. She told him how sissies couldn’t go gliding, but they would be finding lots of fun things for him to do, while she went with me each day to watch. 

“Your whole situation is quite laughable really… Isn’t it?” ….  

Then in a mocking tone, “I remember you used to be ever so brash, going on and on about your ‘daring adventures’.” She used her fingers to mockingly indicate ‘daring adventures’ in inverted commas… Then, as if speaking to a simpleton, “You don’t do anything that might be ‘unsafe’ now do you?” she smirked.  

“You prefer to stay at home and do chores, write lines and play silly games, don’t you?”  

“You really are a silly twit, aren’t you?” 

I might note here, her questions are NOT rhetorical. He has to answer her in full sentences, or else. This piled on the humiliation, while she kept wrapping his hair in rollers. Imagine being asked if you feel like a silly twit and having to advise, ‘Yeth, (XXXXX), I weally feel like a thilly thwit.”  

Sneeringly she noted, “You’re so pathetic! I remember when Christine first told me about going out with you. She said she was shocked that you wanted to be with her, because you were so much younger,… dashing and wealthy… and were used to dating sexy young ladies and lots of sex no doubt.” 

“Well, you can’t wank-off anymore though, can you?” 

“Can you even get an erection, can you?”… 

“I didn’t think so. What a poor excuse for a man you are! Isn’t that right?” 

“No point you having a penis is there?” 

“Couldn’t please a woman with it if you tried, could you?” 

He squirmed in utter humiliation as he responded to each question. He is ever so upset that I have shared all these once ‘ever-so-private’ and intimate details with my sister. Humiliation had never been on my agenda until Mistress Scarlet coaxed me down the path, and now I just love it. This further upsets him, knowing that we have so much fun at his expense! 

“Do you remember what your mates used to say when you first went out with Christine?” 

“You all used to call her ‘old thunder thighs’?

“And didn’t Christine overhear your best mate comment how he couldn’t understand what you saw in her, reckoned she must really put out in bed! Didn’t they? Why else would you go out with her?” 

“But you don’t get anything at all do you? Not even a quick hand-job!” He squirmed going redder and redder as he kept answering her questions. 

“Did you ever tell them you got nothing?” 

“I didn’t think so! Too arrogant to tell them she put you in chastity! And what happened after all that?” He then had to tell her how he was grounded and forbidden to see his old friends. He had to resign from the sports clubs he was in and sell his share in the boat that four of them owned together. 

“They all had a good laugh at that I bet!” she mocked, “considered you were ‘totally under the thumb’. You would have been a right laughing stock at the rugby club wouldn’t you?” 

“Maybe we should track down a few of the sexy young ladies you used to date? Invite them over for a Saturday night dressed like this! They’d totally piss themselves laughing at you, wouldn’t they?” 

“Would you enjoy that?” 

“You could sing nursery rhymes and dance for them. Wouldn’t that be a lot of fun?” 

He was ever so mortified as she kept mercilessly on at him like this. He had to not only take her mockery, he had to respond that he would really like to do this! 

“Which nursery rhyme would you like to sing and dance to?” she continued relentlessly as he fidgeted teary-eyed.  

He was of course now on the verge of tears again, which brought more ridicule and caustic remarks as he advised which nursery rhyme he would like to sing for them! And she wasn’t letting him off the hook any time soon… she went on to make him answer why he picked that one, what he liked most about it, which was his favourite line and why! What other nursery rhymes did he like? 

“I suppose you want to sing one to me now?” 

“Beg me nicely and might let you …” she taunted. 

After he begged and pleaded, she dismissively derided him, “My goodness! You’re supposed to be a grown man, and here you are getting a perm, playing with dollies and begging to sing nursery rhymes!” then more irritably, “go on then, if you really must!” she snapped, “you can sing it if you really want to!” He blushed profusely as he sang his little nursery rhyme for her. As he finished she caustically remarked, “What a total prat you are! What are you?” 

She then switched tack, “Do you remember how you used to argue with me too?” 

“and how you once told Christine you thought I was ‘bossy bitch’?” He squirmed in extra fear as she reminded him of this, and he had to lisp that he did. I could also see he was particularly hurt that I had shared this too with my sister, it seemed it made him feel completely friendless. 

“Well, you are a lot more polite now, aren’t you?” 

“Now don’t worry Daisy, we have lots of fun things for you to do while we are out… you have all your chores… and you can wash my car… and I brought all my ironing over for you. You love ironing don’t you?”  

“And tomorrow… you’ll get to spend the day colouring in with your dollies. Then on Saturday you’ll be spending the day singing and dancing to your favourite nursery rhymes. Sunday is a full day of disciplinary ironing; (Scarlet, I must update you on how I have made this worse than ever for him)… and on Monday, you can play with your dollies again… Doesn’t that all sound like a lot of fun?” 

Finally, his worst fears eventuated when she took out the harsh smelling perming solution and started to liberally apply it to the rollers. This caused him to make the dreadful mistake of whimperingly begging and pleading for her to stop.  

There was an eerie silence broken only by his whining apologies as he saw the stern set of her face and the irritation in her eyes. She put the solution down and picked up the malevolent cane and lined it up along his left thigh, steadying her aim, her arm rose up high and behind her head. The cane swooshed down as promised, and struck down onto his inner thigh. This was instantly followed by an emotional squeal.

He continued to squeal uncontrollably as the pain continued, his body taut against his bonds as he struggled to deal with the agony, his head shaking wildly in desperation. She waited about a minute between strokes, to drag out his misery. No pity was shown, and the cane bit home 5 more times as promised, leaving him a squealing, squirming wreck. 

She then continued as though nothing had happened, waiting until he calmed a little, though still clearly in great discomfort, before noting, “Let’s hope you don’t require a repeat dose Daisy!”  

With everything in place, she connected a hood to her hairdryer, which was then placed over his head. She then left the room to join me, leaving him squirming in fear. 

He was alone for about an hour before she returned to him. A hair net and a silk scarf were then put in place and he was released. He was ever so shaky, his inner thighs were clearly very sore still, and with bruising beginning. He then got to turn down our beds and get ready for bed himself. He didn’t sleep comfortably with a head full of curlers. My sister had wound them very tightly, so as his hair dried, they would have pulled on his scalp. Also the spikes would have made for further discomfort as he tried to sleep on his side to avoid the worst discomfort.  

He was allowed an early night, but told he had to be in my office with his colouring-in book, his egg-timer and his dollies, and to have started colouring-in BEFORE 5:00 am! Readers need to look at Mistress Scarlet’s books to see this procedure, but it is very humiliating for him, and it is all recorded on camera. 

I think this makes it even harder for him, and I love the way modern technology maximises my freedom and his humiliation. He is in the room all by himself, and he never knows if I am watching, if I will play the recording back, or if I will just totally ignore it and never open the file or even open the app!  

Yet he must assume he is always being watched, as the consequences of being caught out are so dire! He must therefore maximise his ‘enthusiasm’ and effort for hours on end; no matter how humiliating it feels, how abandoned and lonely he feels, how stupid he feels, or how tedious and monotonous and exhausting it is. There he is, colouring-in and talking to his dollies, or singing and dancing to nursery rhymes, dressed like a sissy prat, ALL BY HIMSELF! 

I might say he does also suffer the humiliation and cat calls of dancing and singing in front of us too, but once we get bored with him, he is dismissively sent off by himself. Imagine being snappily told, as he was, “You really are a stupid, boring prick prancing around like an idiot singing nursery rhymes! You are so annoying! Piss off out of here. Go sing and dance by yourself in the study where we can’t hear you! GET OUT NOW! We don’t want to be bothered by you! PISS OFF!” But the camera monitors him nonetheless.

It was gone eleven on the Friday morning before he was summoned to have his hair combed out. We had a hilarious time at his expense. His head was a mass of tight curls in which we secured his big hair bow as we mocked him. He was crimson and clearly very miserable indeed. Sadly, for him, he let a few ill-chosen, adult words slip out while expressing his concern with what we had done to him. 

He had to be secured again, in order to receive eight more strokes of the cane, which were again brought down hard, on his now even more tender inner thighs. He was again squealing in agony. Once he had recovered a little of his composure, we simply continued our harangue, quite unconcerned by his very evident distress. He got to spend the afternoon on chores, before being sent to do a few more hours of colouring in, before bed. 

A lovely point of embarrassment occurred when he asked me, in a private moment, about his weekly chastity release draw. I coldly advised him to ask again when my sister was with me the next morning.  

It was so amusing to watch him turn crimson, dressed as he was, and ask, ever so politely, “Pwease Chwistine, may I make my weekly dwaw for a welease?” I smilingly advised, ‘Of course, you may… But since it is most inappropriate for little sissies to cum, we will not be revealing your result, though it will of course be removed from the spreadsheet. So you had better hope it isn’t your last release option of the year.” He was so nervous now, knowing that he only has one release left for the year, and it might be lost without him knowing! Since he had already lost two ‘reveals’, for earning Linnex punishments, this could be his third lost release option, though he doesn’t know if they were. And nor do I! 

David was kept occupied as described above for the whole time my sister was with us. He also got to ‘enjoy’ some disgusting meals that my sister prepared for him. I must share these too but I think I have written more than enough!  

I might share that my sister and I didn’t actually go gliding; I was with David on the Wednesday through to the Saturday, when we spent the entire time in vanilla mode, though he still wore female lingerie and his curls. The Sunday was a catch-up day of chores though, before going back to work on the Monday. I also used heat tongs to straighten his hair before he went back to work.

Poor puppet’s repeated anniversary disappointments.

For clarities sake, I will briefly remind you dear reader, to what exactly I refer, when I mention bitch-boy’s ‘new’ chastity and denial regimen. Before 6th June 2020 bitch-boy, almost always got to remove his chastity cage for washing and it stayed off for perhaps half a day after he had been allowed to orgasm. It was also removed for full-on DS days, for just about the whole day. Also, his orgasms were normally every ten days to two weeks, unless occasionally, a longer punishment period of denial had been imposed.

From 6th June 2020, oh dear, there was a BIG change. His cage does not get removed for washing and often does not get removed at all during a full-on DS day; or, if it is removed, it is only for dickie-discipline to be employed and then it is locked back on and the DS day continues. BUT WORSE THAN THE CAGE ISSUE, by his anniversary of his new regimen, his orgasms at their closest had been six weeks apart, and at their longest 17 weeks apart. 17 weeks; that is four months! And just before his ‘new’ regimen anniversary, I decided he would NEVER EVER AGAIN get to orgasm within six weeks of his previous orgasm.

Which brings me to his one year anniversary last week, on 6th June. I think my poor puppet thought he would get to orgasm on his anniversary day, which was purposefully, a VERY, VERY, VERY harsh endurance for him. He did not get to orgasm. What a glum and submissive little slave-husband I had that night! LOL. The following day which was also planned to be, and was, another VERY harsh endurance for him, I know he was sure he would get to orgasm. HE DID NOT, poor, poor puppet. An even more glum and submissive little slave-husband I had that night! LOL.

I had him look into my eyes and tell me if he saw the slightest glint of sympathy or pity in my eyes over his disappointment or his immense frustration. He answered accurately, that he saw none, because there is none, dear reader. I do not feel those things. He introduced me to femdom; for what he now endures he has only himself to blame. I asked him what he did see in my eyes. Again accurately, he answered, ‘Enjoyment and power.‘ That is what I feel. Totally pitiless, bitchy enjoyment and total power.

And as of today, he still has not had his orgasm and it is 14 weeks since his last one. That is over three months.

For the last week he is honestly on the point of tears when I stretch out for some naked sunbathing in front of him, or I go through my, just about daily, brief, teasing pose routines. On most vanilla days I now have one or two orgasms, and generously I often let him watch while I do. It is quite an irony that there are many more orgasms in my home now, under the ‘new’ regimen, than there used to be. It is just his have been drastically reduced causing an atmosphere requiring mine to be drastically increased!

When will he get an orgasm? It could be today, it might very well NOT BE. I have yet to make up my mind on when he will get his next orgasm. But when he finally does, he will know the next one will be at least six weeks away and probably rather longer away than that! (To provide some context of bitch-boy’s woes and why I am such an exhibitionist, below is an image of a woman with a body exactly like mine. Perhaps her breasts are half a cup bigger than mine.)



5.0 out of 5 stars  A great addition to her book “Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual”

Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2021 Verified Purchase

All Ms. Scarlet’s books and journals are great, but this one is a great addition to her “Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual”, which you should also have (really get that first). This book is full of techniques Ms. Scarlet has learned over the years to help her subjugate her sub. She explains why this all works for the sub AND for the Dom. In my opinion nobody know the workings of the Femdom world better than Ms. Scarlet.
To finish off the Addendum, she concludes with a chapter called “What makes Submissive’s Submissive. Lot’s of good information here. She busts the 5 myths out there (and still out there) why men are submissive. Get both books, ” Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment” and Addendum #1. These are the gold standards books all others should be judged.
And if you’re just starting out in all this I would recommend her book for beginners “Sex and Relationship Nirvana With a Submissive: A Beginners Guide”. You’ll be glad you did!

Dash Riprock


Addendum No.1 is available in most formats click this link for more details.