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Update of my BDSM manual?

Should I ever issue a second edition of my BDSM manual I worry this would be somewhat unfair to those who obtained a 1st edition. Below is the first issue I would add if I ever publish a 2nd edition. I provide it here … Continue reading

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Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum

The Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum is on offshoot of Petticoat Discipline Monthly. One has to be registered and logged in to be able to view thumbnail images, otherwise it seems all else can be viewed without registering and logging in. … Continue reading

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Vile Task, to be done more often!

About every 9 to 12 months, our walk-in shower trap needs removing and cleaning. This is discovered to be due when the water does not drain away quickly and one ends up standing in soiled water. Not appropriate for a … Continue reading

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Satisfying feedback

Yet more satisfying feedback about my BDSM manual. Nothing satisfies me more than learning that a woman is now enjoying the pleasures of domination, partly because of my BDSM manual. (And a sub is gaining submissive contentment too.) Mistress Rain Star wrote: Thank you for … Continue reading

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My site

Amazingly I have 83 followers on my embryonic BDSMLR site, the replacement for my TUMBLR site. But I am only today publishing its address. I can’t imagine how these followers found me!    

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Dramatic price reduction

I have slashed the price of my first book short stories published in 2011.  Details of the retailers are below. The reason; I AM ABOUT TO PUBISH A SECOND BOOK OF SHORT STORIES. This second book has over 54,000 words and consists … Continue reading

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Xmas day nettles, AND MORE!

So we reached Xmas day and I WAS able to use nettles on bitch-boy! They were good and stingy, but the stings did not seem to last too long. On reflection I should have followed up the nettle whipping with … Continue reading

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