Dommes’ Letters

The letters in each of the sub-menus to this menu tab, are reprinted verbatim from publications, I believe, of the 1980s and are provided for interest.

One sub menu choice is of Mary from Maxstoke and her husband pansy.

The other sub menu choice is about Pamela and her slave boy Candy Floss.


36 Responses to Dommes’ Letters

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  3. jacko1954 says:

    fantastic,jack,los angeles

  4. Dirceu Junior says:

    Eu só posso dizer que você é simplesmente o sonho para todos,poderia me dizer como faço para encontrar seus contos completos,obrigado e aguardo sua resposta.

  5. Jill says:

    I do feel that you are rather cruel with the insertion of the dental brush without using any lubricant why not next time lubricate the brush with some nice deep heat cream first lol
    Love Jill
    owner of hubby sissy maid candyfloss

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  9. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You so much for sharing these letters, Mistress Scarlet! Mistress Pamela does indeed seem to be a very cruel Mistress and poor sissy candyfloss led a harsh life of domestic drudgery and constant work under threat of severe punishment…very appropriate treatment!

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  12. billy says:

    Hello Honorable Miss Scarlet, i was a 24/7 maid, sexual toy, in UK
    Moved recently to North DC area,
    is there any Lady You know of, Who’s interested in a maid?
    i am ready to be owned as a property for the right Domina
    Please assist me!

  13. bill hamm says:

    Dear Mistress Pamela I read absoutly everything you write.
    Your writings are so true an straight forward. I’m a total submissive lil White fem pussy boi that lives to be on my knees servicing huge black cocks.
    Unfortunately I could not be your slave merly because when my boi pussy is full of blk cock I sqjirt my lil 2 inch clit
    I know your slaves don’t get to orgasm
    So until I find my black mistress I’ll do the next best thing, that’s look pretty but slutty an keep my big black daddy’s happy. I’m meant to be used as a cum slut for all black cock.

  14. Curious Party says:

    Is it likely that you will be posting more of these marvellous letters from other ladies? I would be particularly keen to read about “mary from Maxstoke” and her “pansy”.

  15. Curious Party says:

    I think on wordpress if you just cut and paste the HTML file into the new post form, it will display correctly. The 24/7 thread and these letters are really priceless, so hard to find stuff like that on-line. The old magazines do come up now and again on ebay, but pricey.

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  17. shopslave says:

    I loved the Madames magazines. They helped me realize that I wasn’t alone. Stunningly cruel.

  18. sillymaid says:

    Ms Scarlet
    Firstly, thank you for reprinting the lettering from Mary…a truly scary lady, her mother and friends too also scary.
    To be in her puppets shoes? There is a part of me that is thrilled by such a prospect, the irony of it being sexually exciting too, yet in my heart I know that to live such a life would be truly awful. The continual slavery of work and the only respite being masses of humiliation and pain.
    I do feel sorrow for her puppet, yet if they really wanted out they could just walk away, so in a way the sorrow is misplaced.
    Her puppet clearly must accept it’s role in Mary’s life and that is so it is.
    One wonders where the people are now.. I’m aware faggot went to Canada with his owner and there was some correspondence on a sissy/maid website. The others?

  19. mia-sissy says:

    It seems to me Mary’s letters cannot be real life accounts. The combination of 18 hours daily slaving and all the Domme group activities centred on diapering the sissy and keeping her in a lockable bed seem to contrast too much. What Domme would like to wake up before 5am just to free Her sissy from her bed and send her to work in an old folks’ home? Seems more like male fantasies to me.
    How would i find myself in such a situation? Because of the above it is hard to imagine. It seems that noone coul cope with that. But real life 247 sissy slavery does feel tempting to me, and i am willing to give away my right to decide where i allocate my time.

    • Thank you for your considered comment.
      I think part of the sense of disbelief over the content of the letters is explained by remembering that the letters cover about an 8 year period. So old arrangements would end and new ones arise. Also I can advise you that some post menopausal women do wake at around 5:00 in the morning, its a thing, so that element is believable of Mary’s mother. I do think though, there may be some exaggeration but it is otherwise based on real life.

      • mia-sissy says:

        Thank you MsScarlet for your reply, i appreciate it a lot!
        Taking into consideration the letters cover an 8 year span, and having mother-in-law live in i now understand these could very well be real life accounts.

        i am too a born submissive, i noticed the tendencies very early, making slave shackles from paper at the age of 7. i read Madame magazines in my 20’s, and still have a few. They were an important vehicle in my development as a sub. Serving my Wife in a maid’s uniform is enough to make my juices flow under my 247 chastity belt and a pantyliner is needed.

        i would love being a cuckold or being group humiliated like in Mary’s letters. my kink can be summed up easily: it is being forced to do things not decided by me. Things that are not pleasant (doing chores, total chastity, being caned), things that are outright repulsive (dog food, male cum eating), and perform stunts that remove all my creditability as a male once and for all.

        • Is it the case your wife keeps you in 24/7 chastity and canes you and feeds you dog food??
          I would love to hear more about that and the rest of the regime.

          • mia-sissy says:

            Thank you very much for the reply, MissScarlet !
            Dog food was a fantasy element currently (Mary’s letters invoked that), otherwise yes. I keep a journal at where i have posted many accounts and pics of O/our days, and there is also a fiction/fantasy collection there. i welcome You to please take a look there!

            • Am I missing something as I cannot find even the most minimal description of your wife or of the overall big picture regarding the relationship?

              • mia-sissy says:

                Thanks for the development idea for the blog. i must add an About-us section as all the basic info is buried somewhere among the posts.

                Anyway, W/we are a couple with two grown up kids “Mats” anf “Lina”, married since 1989, living together in O/our house in Finland. Been in and out of D/s some ten years now. i work full time, my Wife part-time.

  20. just me says:

    Thank You for sharing everything Goddess! i especially love the drudge’s arduous work schedule, “Pansy now has an eighteen hour working day including Saturday and Sunday!”
    Floss sleeping on the kitchen floor in a sleeping bag while her owner has sex in their luxurious bed is sublime.
    i can’t wait for all of the Miss GP letters exploiting faggot to appear on Your blog.
    Have You worked out the HTML problem? Perhaps we can help in some way?

    • just me says:

      Happy Holidays Goddess,
      i can’t wait for all of the Miss GP letters exploiting faggot to appear on Your blog…will there be at least one for Christmas? Thank You Goddess.

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