Mary from Maxstoke


Dear Madam,

As I have written before, my husband became impossible to live with and with the help of my mother we took him in hand. Here is an update. His minimum shame attire was for him to wear, over his trousers, one of six very pretty pinafores, and if I were to tell you that they are so frilly and Feminine that I doubt any sensible women would want to wear them, I do not exaggerate. There are masses of frills, flounces ribbons etc, bizarre connections of humiliation! The materials range from nylon to taffeta, and are guaranteed to reduce him to a wimpering welp.

The pinafore the dressmaker made for him to her design is fabulous, and is based on a Victorian childs pinny but more so. It is so elaborate and well made that he could almost wear it as a dress with petticoats under it. She had it so well designed that it takes nearly 10 minutes to put him in it, as it fastens with buttons and ribbons at the back, the material is paper nylon stiffened in sugar, and the frills and huge skirt fairly crackle as he walks.

I insist that he answers the door to all callers whilst pinafored, and to add to his humiliation, I add pink rubber gloves, and frilled mop cap to his ensemble. He has had many funny remarks made about his condition, the funniest being some years ago when he was asked if ‘the husband was in?’ Two course, older teenage girls stood taking the mickey out of him for ten minutes, and prevented him from closing the door.

Things have moved on well over the years, he now works again, and is dressed in maids attire every evening, and naturally at weekends. He hands over every penny to me, and I give him £2 a week pocket money. I realise this is too much and my mother says I ought to cut it back, perhaps I will.

He is sober, dare he be anything else, and obviously does not gamble any more.

He can do all the chores, and is spared no mercy, every task has to be done by him and to a ridiculous degree of perfection. I do not touch the housework at all. He has no sex life, being allowed to masturbate only once a month, my mother supervises how many strokes it takes to bring himself off, and if he has not performed in at least 20 downers then it’s a point for the forfeit book.

His relief is controlled by the enforced wearing of a device purchased by my mother in Hamburg. I have the only key and he is re-fastened   straight away after masturbation. Self abuse, a problem with him once, is now impossible.

He is constantly monitored, and my mother undertakes his continued training. He is at present undergoing a refresher course on washing and ironing, and for the next month is doing the washing etc. for my friends as well! For instance, last Tuesday he did six hours solid ironing, and then scrubbed two floors, TWICE! He was absolutely knackered when I dressed him for bed.

Both mother and I bind and cane him for the slightest infraction and most days he will get at least one session of 6 strokes. We also make sure there is a ‘reason’ to give him a severe, very tearful thrashing at least once a week.

My female acquaintances who are ‘in the know’ are very hard on him and are making work for him, as they turn out their wardrobes. One of my friends has four daughters and she enjoys bringing along all their school blouses, dresses etc. for him to do. The idiot has seen enough of pleated skirts and frilled blouses, but we keep piling it on him. The ironing board is set up in the middle of the lounge, facing us, so we can supervise him as we watch T.V.

As mentioned earlier, we have the occasional ‘forfeit’ evening when the penalty points have gone over the top, and these are really opportunities to have a drink and a good laugh at his expense.

Preparation for ‘forfeit evening’ is always done by mother, and she takes him off to her room for sometimes hours at a time. But, when she has finished with him he always looks a ‘real burk’. He is always dressed in his party frock, but mother often varies the under pinnings and accessories.

Mother plasters his face with cheap make-up, and be-decks his hair in various wigs and ribbons. And soaks him in the cheapest perfume. When all the guests have arrived he is made to come downstairs and stand behind the closed lounge door. He knocks and asks in his best ‘little girl’ voice to come in, and the reply is always ‘Yes’.

The girls are hardly able to wait to see what mother’s done to him this time. The playacting then takes a different turn, as mother throws open the door and drags him behind her. He is then pushed into the centre of the circle for inspection by all present.

The roars of laughter have to be heard to be appreciated, as they point and jeer at him. It always intrigues me how us girls can be so cruel when we have a male cornered. Mother has done her usual job and turned him into a weeping ‘powder puff, this time preferring to put him in three extra petticoats, thus flouncing his tiered party frock out into a ludicrous knee length crinoline. A pretty fancy pinafore sits crazily over his frock, there are frills everywhere, on bending down frilly panties, along with an obvious nappy and plastic pants are exposed. When he tries to sit, petticoats cascade around him, reducing him to a truly penitent little girl. His pinafore mocks his every attempt at control, huge frills at his puff sleeves set off his helplessness. His hair is adorned with a ringlet wig and ribbons. He talks in a baby lisp, and walks most awkwardly. He is our own ‘Shirley Temple’ for the night, and we proceed to put him through his paces for several hours.

When he is allowed to crawl away he is truly repentent. I have known some of the girls actually reduced to tears of laughter as they make him ‘perform’, and some of the ideas they come up with are very bizarre. He obviously hates these evenings and works like a beaver to avoid forfeit points and the resultant punishment.

The following day is called ‘mother’s day’ and my dear mother has full control of him, he is usually so humiliated from the night before that she has no trouble from him at all. She usually keeps him in his party frock as she makes him perform endless menial tasks for her. I can ensure you after several days in that dress he is glad to get back into his maid’s uniform.

On average I would say he experiences ‘total humiliation’ on forfeit nights about twice a month.

My two lovers are aware I petticoat my slave/male but are not allowed to see him fully dressed. The right to humiliate and inflict strict petticoat control is one only women can administer and should not involve the male, apart from the ‘victim’ of course.

My satisfaction is reached when one of my lovers has recently departed and I drag Pansy out from his cupboard under the stairs and tell him in fine detail of the sex I have just had with a real man. My slave/male stands pinafored before me and he is allowed thank me for the reminder of what he will never ever deserve to have again. Mother always joins in, and is always telling him what a great ‘pansy’ he is, and how she has never seen a more   contented daughter!

One must remember he is only allowed to masturbate for fulfilment, and then he is very strictly controlled. Satisfaction is not allowed, and my chastity belt I had purchased specially for him makes sure no ‘hanky-panky’ goes on, if he tried to get an erection wearing it, I am sure he would castrate himself, so well fitting is the cage and chains.

Some of your readers may find my ideas difficult to comprehend, but they must realise that for years I was humiliated by having a lush for a husband who squandered money and kept me short, now it is my turn to humiliate him. My methods are extreme but they work, he knows who the boss is now and has done for some years, he wears petticoats to remind him of his position and to emphasise his punishment for what he has done to me, they also prevented him originally from leaving the house to return to drink and I believe certain death. I admit I get pleasure from seeing him put to work and rendered submissive, but I know he deserves all he is getting, and indeed what he is to get, as I have not finished with him yet. It is my intention to carry on with petticoat control for his life-time, I do not intend to ever let him adopt the role of a true male again, I do not ever wish to return to the position of housewife and chatel, that is HIS role!

My mother and I intend to add to his wardrobe this summer with two new outfits, one designed on traditional ballet lines, i.e. very fancy tu-tu in pink net and nylon, and a replica Alice in Wonderland style costume. Both dresses to have full underpinnings and accessories. The three dresses he wears now are still in very good condition, and bear testimony to the dressmaker who fashioned them. One can safely assume that this is one female who does not intend to bow the knee to any man, and as my mother is only in her mid fifties my slave/male can assume he has many more years in on front of him dressed in his ‘frilly pretties’.





Dear Candida,

Ref. my letter to you (see Vo1.9 No.3) and your printing of same. Your readers may be pleased to know that my ‘Pansy’ male is still very much ‘under the petticoat’ and its subtle rule. My mother and I have in fact recently added to his humiliation and this is the reason for my writing to you.

Sometime ago I placed and advert in a prestige woman’s magazine advertising the services of a male char and after several insertions began to receive some very interesting replies. Several were obviously totally useless, the replier not realising the meaning behind the advert; but two were indeed very interesting and requested the opportunity to interview ‘the char’. The advert had stated that Gloucestershire was preferred and fortunately both were within fairly easy driving distance.

My ‘Pansy’, mother and I duly attended interview number one, to find a huge country house, with a long drive. The house was occupied by two sisters aged approximately 55-60. We were made welcome, and the ladies showed us around the many rooms and kitchens etc. It appeared that they could not get a regular domestic that was capable of doing the heavy menial work. There were acres of tiled floors to be scrubbed and a very large kitchen to be kept spotless. ‘Pansy’ looked at the work involved with absolute horror. I could see his face go ashen when he saw the hall floor and staircases.

After a long conversation, Mother and I agreed that we would release ‘Pansy’ for two full days each week. Hours to be 8.00 am – 9.00 pm. and that an hourly rate of £1.00 be paid direct to us. The ladies were overjoyed that at last they had a regular domestic for the heavier tasks. I did insist however, that as the pay was so low and that I was subsidising it to some degree that to save on wear and tear on clothing that he be allowed to wear an overall.

To my absolute amazement the ladies excitedly agreed saying that the advert for a ‘male char’ had attracted them in the first place and that they would insist on him being ‘put to the pinafore’. The elder sister then went out of the room returning some ten minutes later with some articles of clothing. Mother and I could hardly stop from laughing as she proudly held up two maids style pinafores and a nylon dress style overall.

She   laughed   as she said “These were good enough for the last domestic, they’re good enough for him”. She also had a grotesque rubber apron which could be used when floor scrubbing.

We told the ladies that ‘Pansy’ had in fact got a full maids wardrobe at home and would love to wear his uniforms in such lavish surroundings. ‘Pansy’ has been floor scrubbing at Emleigh now for three months. He hates it! The ladies sometimes accompanied by Mother keep him hard at it. He wears the uniform provided and sometimes a victorian parlour maid outfit. His jobs are restricted to floor scrubbing, dish washing and kitchen cleaning. One day is spent on ‘solid’ floor scrubbing for the full 13 hours. He uses only a small hand scrub brush, on hands and knees,  his nylon overall covered by his horrible rubber pinafore so kindly lent by the ladies.

They constantly phone me saying how nice it is to see the large house looking it`s best again, and  how pleasant it is to see a so called man on his knees. The ladies are obviously man haters of long standing, never having married.

The experience is good for Pansy as we are slowly winding down his pay job and intend to put him to maid duties 13 hours a day, seven days a week.

His other job is for a lesbian couple who live in Cheltenham. They contacted me and quite simply asked for his services. He cleans as a domestic there for 10 hours a week. They are ex army and very strict. The interview was very regimented and Pansy was enlisted in record time. It’s quite a laugh really as Pansy is paid £5 a week, but has to pay £6 for meals. So he does all that work and pays them a £1. His meal is a crust of bread and a glass of water. He does all their housework and as I told them he is used to a short rein and uniforms. They have not disappointed me. He wears an Alexandra style uniform of striped shirt, skirt, frilled waist apron and cap. The girls have added some very frilly underpinnings, i.e. petticoat and basque which they say makes his day.

I am very pleased that this extra work resulted in an advert in a respectable  ladies magazine. It just goes to show how desperate the servant problem is these days.

His predicament at home has not changed. He still works a long day on the chores, in full uniform. We have added to his wardrobe since last time I wrote. He now has his ballet to-tu which is worn for deportment lessons, Mother has had her way, and on Saturdays and Sundays he is put in a frilly party frock, can-can petticoats and his hated nappy and plastic pants. She is right to insist on this return to dependence on others I suppose. He is fussed over a great deal when he is a ‘little girl’, Mother often stopping his housework to stand him on a chair and froth out his petticoats, or check his nappy.

His head and bollocks are still regularly shaved usually daily. He wears wigs when it suits us, but I prefer him to go around shaved as he looks so stupid. He is known as ‘Egg-Head’ or ‘Slap-Head’ to my boyfriends and girlfriends. The nags bridle is still in constant use, Mother always insisting on it s use, as she cannot stand his whimpering.

As you can see I still hold the whip hand and I am slowly returning him to 100% maid use. I intend to advertise him for maid work again and if any of your lady readers would like to put him to work I  would love to hear from them.

It’s so interesting to know that there are lots of ladies out there who like me enjoy putting the male to the housework.

We send our regards and will close now. Pansy is at Cheltenham today, hard at it. He has a forfeit night tomorrow, eight girls will be seeing Pansy modelling various items of maids wear. Great eh!

M.S. (MADAME PINAFORE) Gloucester.



Dear Editor,

I have just read the latest edition of MADAME and was pleased to see that you carried some interesting photos of the sissy male maid Pauline, along with a letter from her Mistress. I do congratulate you on publishing same. I feel that photos both authenticate and bring letters alive, and I do wish you could publish more of these miserable playthings being petticoated.

As you are well aware from my previous photos and letters, I have had a male in petticoats and pinafores for years now and very nice it is, to still see how petticoating him brings the poof to his knees. He still hates his frillies, but who cares?

I adored the look Eugene has decreed fitting for her male sissy. she certainly looks a sight in her masses of petticoats, and I trust the dressmaker will do a good job on her with the new maid’s outfit, remember Madame the whole uniform should compliment each aspect of the maid service regime you intend to impose. The pinafore should be extremely frilly and very feminine, the dress styled severely and functional, the petticoats very full. frilly and designed to hamper your, maid at every turn. It’s imperative that your maid when working at her tasks should constantly be aware of her petticoats. having to allow for them. adjust them and handle them. My maid is fully aware at all times, and on being made to curtsey I insist that she does so holding her petties up in real sissy fashion. ‘She’ looks a real prat as I insist she bobs before me.

Spare no expense Madame in getting the uniform right, it is very important that the whole look is right. this will bring your maid down in time and will eventually result in him being totally broken. My maid still hates what I do to him, loathes his dresses and frillies but would NEVER contest my right to enforce. the cross dressing on his miserable soul. He reports on time without fail, as if by magic, to be told what’s to be worn and for me or a friend to commence his transformation there is no fight left in him. his spirit has been reduced to zero. purely with the enforced regime of frills, frills and more frills, sissification never fails to work on a so called male. I know of none who can fight the smothering effect of petticoats and a feminine regime. My maid is totally sissified now. having visits to the hairdressers for perms, manicures. visiting make up ladies give him make avers, he has his own dressmaker. and of course his role in life is to “maid” for me and personal friends, he is never out of an apron. His life has gone from that of Jack the Lad to Jill the Lass, he is however NOT a TV living as a woman, but a sissifiedmale enforced to wear what I decree fitting for him. There are no choices in his life, he is totally controlled being under my thumb constantly twenty four hours a day. H e KNOWS WHO THE BOSS IS and would never fail to take a command from me or my friends, he has learnt that my punishments can be very imaginative.

Do not feel apologetic Eugene for your style of petticoating, if it appeals to you that’s all that matters, your Sissy has no rights, I would say however that once you have decreed this method of control there is no going back, if anything the sissification will become more intense. WHY NOT try one of my methods? Some years ago 1 had my maid put on the frilliest of little girl style party dresses, high waisted smock style, full skirts petticoats of course, along with a frilly pinny and panties. THEY LOOK a real treat Eugene. and hate every moment, there is something special about a full grown man being reduced to a snivelling three year old. He now has four such dresses. and is usually found at least four times a week so attired, and entertaining me and friends. I slowly introduced the wearing of nappies and plastic baby pants as added insult. Remember once you have them down you MUST Keep turning the screw. a little at a time, never let them become lazy always on their pretty toes. ready to jump. I have lost count of the humiliations imposed on my maid, they range from literally hundreds of hours of back breaking menial domestic work, exposure to girlfriends, (never males) being shared out to friends, publically humiliated in street carnivals, shown off in TV publications, being put in the stocks for charity, having to take my very imagniative punishments and of course the terrible ordeal of ongoing sissification. which as he gets older looks more and more absurd.

Go to it Eugenie more power to your elbow, remember you will always have the upper hand, press home your advantage.

I can foresee a very frilly time ahead for the lovely sissy Pauline. make her sweat Eugenie as you chase her around in those gorgeous frills, she is a lucky girl after all. Spare her no pity or feelings, make her life as miserable as you can.. watch the very man in him slowly subsiding as the enforced humiliation has its effect, one day as his chin hits his chest. you will know he is yours. Good luck, I await more good photos with you and your reports via MADAME.

Yours in fern dom. MARY – Maxstoke



Dear Editor.

Here I am again. Pansy has just finished starring in her own humiliating video called “A Day in the Life of a Sissy”. it’s absolutely fantastic. all I. Mother and my friends had hoped for, as amateurs we are well pleased. Do you at MADAME want a copy? Can you take photos from it?

Anyhow down to business. Pansy is still hard at it domestically. working a very hard menial eighteen hour day. She still works at the old folks home. Pamela is very pleased with her performance. the laundry being her main duty. She now has added further cleaning work, being given a full toilet cleaning round each day. She gets to clean over twenty five toilets, baths and the shower room. along with the sluices on all floors. She is closely timed on this duty having one hour twenty minutes to complete and then it’s straight back to the hell of the laundry. Matron controls the bog cleaning very strictly and was so impressed with Pansy’s efforts on her first cleaning duties that she gave her some more. Proof that hard work is rewarded, what an absolute hoot. We love it.

Pansy is fully cross  dressed now, in full nylon overall. frilly tabard stockings, sussie belt, and nylon slip. she is never out of rubber gloves and wears a plastic see through protect-all pinny over her uniform. the frilly tabard showing through sweetly. She gets very hot in this clothing and has lost over a stone in weight since starting her hell shifts. Pansy really is shovelling shit all day, some of the soiled clothing she has to clean is really beyond description in your excellent organ, but it is stomach churning to say the least. On her return home. one can usually smell her before you see her. We have to strip her off, and cold shower her before redressing her for more hard work with me as Martinet. Poor sod does get some stick, but never mind eh?

Pamela has witnessed a humiliation night. I finally relented. and as I did not wish for Pansy to lose his new job I invited her some weeks ago. She arrived with a friend along with a small group of like-minded ladies, ranging in age from 32-65. Mother adopted her usual role as dance mistress and the effeminate sissy Pansy the role of dancer. She was forcibly cross dressed in the frilliest sissy party frock, deliciously short, a smock style with all the fullness coming from under his armpits, the bodice bedecked in lace frills and shoulder flounces. a sash around his waist. full gathered ruched ra-ra skirt. held out over masses of frothy girlish can can petticoats. lace trimmed flouncy girls knickers. knee length add to his humilation. a long blonde wig. held up in ribbon trimmed bunches is jammed over his own perm. (I have yet to re-introduce head shaving). white ankle socks and ballet pumps finish the fool off a treat. Mother. when ready puts a record on the stereo and Pansy proceeds to entertain. dancing to the music in a very bemused fashion. The audience sits sipping endless G & T’s roaring with laughter at his hopless petticoated condition. What a super way to treat the so called male. Mother never fails to break him, bringing him to tears usually within ten minutes of her treatment. Her ball breaking favourite is to make him go around to each lady in turn. and as he stands before them she makes him curtsey to her. The lady is asked if she is satisfied with his efforts, she never is of course, and the fool is made to bob up and down until she is perfectly happy and then it’s on to the next lady. off he goes again bob, bob, until they’re happy. Some ladies insist on his curtseying in a very girlish manner. holding his patties up. showing frilly panties. others insist on a very starchy submissive curtsey. Pamela was of the fatter ilk. preferring him to curtsey before her in a very submissive manner. she gave him a very hard time. giving him some fifty or so before being satisfied that he had learnt his lesson. She also gave him a hard time verbally, scolding him very cruelly saying he was fortunate to be petticoated by such caring women and that there was no escape from his frilly hell. Which is quite right of course. After his dance class, we had him running about serving us. clearing away. washing up etc. And then he was brought in to be put into his hated nappies and plastic baby bloomers.

Lying on his change mat. Mother drew off his girl’s knickers, and pushing his petticoats to one side, his private parts were lathered up and the razor stropped. Mother expertly shaved the already stubbly area in a jiff, reducing him to the plucked chicken look, that always gives the girls a good laugh. They were then liberally smeared in a heat inducing rub. his knob and helmet getting a good seeing to. As the rub burns into his privates Pansy goes bright red and gurgles and dribbles with the sheer pain of it. She tries to act in a manly way, what a joke, but has to let go. gurgling away. The dummy teat is put in place and tied off behind his head, preventing removal. Baby is then lifted into his starched terry nappies. pinned in and two pairs of plastic pants are pulled over them. Pamela is now able to provide endless supplies of old plastic pants, giving me all the old home’s cast offs. perfectly good enough for this prat! Now bedecked in his nappies. party frock and patties. he is made to climb into our adapted baby high chair, the fool is restrained with leg cuffs going around his ankles, arms being handcuffed behind his back. In this humiliating position he is pushed in front of my huge dining room mirror and left for two hours to look at himself. The night finishes with the forfeit raffle, my guests choose a ticket. the winner gets to dish out the final humiliation. before we all retire. This particular night my good friend Margaret won the privilege. He was pulled to the centre of the room and Margaret told him the good news. Now I know he particularly hates Maggie as she is very hard on him when putting him to work. His head dropped onto his frilly chest, as she announced that he was to coo for us. If he did not coo in typical baby fashion to our total satisfaction he would be fed and he knew what that meant. As Margaret slipped her hand up his nappy leg. under his plastic bloomers Pansy was encouraged to lisp and coo as she masturbated his red enflamed penis. As she teased he cooed and did his utmost to  act as a baby, he looked a total prat as we laughed and pointed at him.

He knew of course that Maggie would not spare even his best efforts at baby mimickery, and I was right. After about an hour of teasing him. she called Mother to get his tea ready. Pansy shook her head in bemusement. Tears filled her eyes, she knew what was coming and sure enough, Mother came into the room with a tin of dog food, his feeding bowl and a pretty pinny for Margaret. As she donned her pinny, to prevent any soiling of her clothes, I tied a frilly baby bib around Pansy’s neck. Pansy tried to plead for forgiveness, his dummy tightly preventing any talk. Maggie opened the tin. shovelling the filth into his dish. teasing him she eventually removed his teat and he was made to ask each lady if they had really enjoyed humiliating him? They all agreed that they had, and that now it was time for tea.

Maggie went over to him, and gave him a stinging slap across the face telling him what a big poof he was and that as poofs are shit. they must eat shit. At this she scooped up a big spoonful of dog good. Holding his nose, his mouth eventually opened for air. At this she took the spoon and very cruelly forced the spoonful down into the back of his throat. He had to take it and with a look of shame and indignation swallowed it into his gut. The same procedure was repeated. Margaret giving him the tin over a period of two hours. unlike me she likes. him to savour evey  mouthful. We all had a truly great night. Pamela and her

friend were well entertained and have hinted that they would like to come again.

Must close now. Pansy wants to go walkies.


MARY –Maxstake



Dear Editor.

I have not long written to you in connection with your inclusion of Eugenie’s letter and photos of Pauline in a recent MADAME. I do hope you can print my advice to what is I believe a future Madam to be proud of. As you are aware I have been writing to you for many years with details of my male maids deserved comeuppance. However I do need to add a very important rider to my first letter. can you include or feature separately??

Eugenie, it is imperative when putting any male under the discipline of enforced petticoat humiliation, to drain them before commencing the humiliation. This is absolutely necessary, to prevent any weakness in their emotional make-up linking what you are doing to them with sexual pleasure. The humiliation is heightened a hundred times once their seed has been spitted. They hate the petticoating and domination to such an extreme level that my maid stilt cries real tears of shame at having to put them on after ejaculation!

Also. Eugenie does not tolerate any playing with willie, a subtle hand creeping under petticoats is a sign of enjoyment. remember they do not have any say in what’s happening. let alone enjoyment, so nip any fondling in the bud. In my case the maid is brought off, either by myself. a friend or my mother, before being shown his dress for the day. The enforced masturbation is done clinically. his hands are restrained behind his back. the penis is teased into erection, and as he is told what’s to be done with him that day, he is roughly masturbated. His pubics are shaved every other day, he has not worn pubic hair for years now. or body hair for that matter. I once had his head shaved regularly as well, in fact I may recommence that idea. going back to wigs for him, presently he has his hair long and permed in real sissy fashion by the girls at the salon. A lovely ordeal for. him every six weeks, as he sits in the window with his smock on and head in perm rollers for hours and, hours. they just leave the brat sitting there. The ladies love to laugh at him. The girls tease him most cruelly. and he just has to sit there and take it.

His perm always takes if you get my drift. very tight Shirley Temple ringlets. What a poof!!

Still I may restart shaving his head, the girls can still play with him, trying wigs etc. on his head, should be a hoot.

So Eugenie release his sex drive by enforced masturbation, it will take a lot longer to break him if you don’t. Punish any playing with willie immediately, my own favourite is the enforced wearing of nappies and plastic baby bloomers. they hate them, before putting on the nappy and on freshly shaved pubics. get a large dollop of rheumatic rub and smear this around the balls, penis and under his helmet. Watch as your charge gurgles in real baby fashion. pop in the dummy teat and have a good laugh at him. His genitals will be alight for hours. he will soon learn to keep his hands off it. I have an adapted bar room stool with back, which has had added a tray, making a very good high chair. My baby often sits in this punishment seat. pretty party frock around him. ankles secured and hands cuffed behind his back. In this very exposed position we feed him bottles of baby milk, crusts and our most favourite dish of all; dog food, my little girl loves her dog food. I think he must have eaten tons of the stuff over the years. If he does not get it down him in a set time. we light his balls with the rub, the pleasure does becomes a vicious circle. I prefer to hold his nose and shovel the food down his throat. he takes it I can assure you. The record so far is four tins in two hours. woof woof.

As you will see Eugenie. we genuinely adore humiliating the male. but in saying that. one must always be fully aware that what is being dished out is justified. In the case of Nancy Boys of course it is, they deserve the full treatment and all the imagination of that dominant minded women can throw at them. They get it lucky these days, two hundred years ago poofs and sissy males would have been pilloried or put in the stocks for days on end, to receive the just punishment of an amused public. It has to be said that the law decreed that women were allowed to stand in the front of the mob, to facilitate their need to be able to throw the rotten eggs etc. with a certain accuracy, but also because women could be particularly cruet when they had a male through the wooden window. The fish wives of the London markets were a force to be avoided, records show that one lady a Meg Tooley literally ruled the pillory at Cheapside any male being placed in that particular state machine would receive the treatment from Meg and her band of some fifty fish wives, the crowd often turning up to see* what Meg and the girls would do to the poor wretch. Her favourite humiliation for poofs put in the stocks was to crown them with a wicker fish basket, as they sat there. she would force the open end of the round fish basket over the head of the wretch. the bottom of the basket was then opened up. and rotten fish guts, offal etc poured in!!  The basket obviously began to fill more quickly than the rotten contents coming out at his neck hole. In this very humiliating position they would sit as the crowd jeered and encouraged Meg to keep on filling.  Many a victim choked on the contents and would have to berescued by the constable. Also do not forget that in those days transvestites would, if caught in their dresses, be put into court still wearing them. and naturally the judge would insist on the public having the chance of seeing them pilloried still wearing them. Oh for the good old days Eugenie. My maid has sat in both stocks and stood in the pillory for charity at fetes etc. it’s a good hoot, put them in an old dress or plastic cover all. They do attract a lot of attention and are prone to get messy.

Have no pity for them my dear. make punishment time very meaningful. always imaginative, and unpredictable. The look on my maid’s face when sitting in his high chair and seeing a tin of dog food being opened must be seen!! Leave it there in front of him for say an hour. he gets the message, and then approach him, suitably pinafored to protect your dress. put him in his bib and open the tin slowly. Let him smell the contents. dish it up. and then begin to force feed him. Tease feed him as you would a baby. play with him but make him take it all, every last bit. As stated I do get carried away and tend to force him very quickly to get it down. I love the look on its face when the whole tin’s gone and he can feel the need to wretch. He dare not throw up. and sits there in great discomfort. Open another tin, say about an hour later and repeat. I can assure you that once two tins have been devoured they will do anything to avoid a third !!

Anyhow I am going on. just to recap Eugenie. one, drain the seed!! Two punish willie. Three insist on devising unusual punishments. and carry them out.

I wish you well, do you have any girlfriends you can invite round? Sissy males hate to be forcibly shown off as petticoated nancy boys,- always has a lovely affect on them. Remember these queers are here for our pleasure, go amuse yourself, have fun.


MARY – Maxstoke



Dear Editor,

Great news, my added aroused interest in the subject, following my sissy male maids video which is now two thirds completed has resulted in a super new contact being made. It’s funny isn’t it how doors open when you least expect them to? I was at the hairdressers with Pansy the other day, she was having her bi monthly perm, sitting in her usual pink nylon flowered smock, her gorgeous long locks tightly held in quality perm rollers, with Sheila’s young assistants tending to her amidst giggles and much teasing, the old age pensioners taking the piss most cruelly, when a mature lady sat next to me and we began conversation. She was new to the area, and it was not long before we got around to jobs, prices and all the usual chat women talk about in the haloed confines of the hairdressers. It turned out that she was not long out of the Women’s Royal Air Force where she had been a sergeant, and now worked around the corner as a matron in one of the town’s largest old folks retirement rest homes. She was finding it difficult to place staff in the rather menial position of domestic/laundry assistant, as the hours were long and the pay and conditions rather Victorian. I felt my pulse racing as I thought of Pansy sitting there and the extra job opportunity that had suddenly been put before me. We talked and talked, it was obvious that this lady was anti male and possibly with lesbian tendencies, this became plain when Pansy was discussed. Sheila joined us and his condition was mentioned, the fact that he was an enforced poof, she thought nothing of it, and joined us in thinking that it was fitting for him to experience this humilation. Sheila let slip that as he was now so effeminate that all my housework and that of several trusted friends was completed to a very high standard by him. At that she was called to the chair and our conversation ended. I took Pansy over to her when his perm was completed, he was introduced and she complimented him on his pretty curls. Two days later a phone call from Sheila asking me to visit Pamela at the home was received. I was surprised to say the least. However I turned up and she greeted me with a huge smile. We chatted and she showed me around, the place was huge, having fifty six bedrooms, lots of day rooms, corridors etc. She was still very concerned that her staffing levels were not adequate,. and over tea she quite literally shook me rigid when she asked “would you consider hiring me Pansy for a few months, or regularly if possible?” My first reaction was to say “no” after all this place was huge, the wretch would be totally shagged out when I got him, but after another cup of tea and some deep thought I agreed. I am wicked aren’t I? ” OK you can have him on one condition. I work him first, all my chores and his duties to my close friends come first”. She agreed, that I could work him totally, and also have full control over his shift pattern at the home, as long as he did a minimum shift pattern of six hours a day including weekends,. She would prefer him for a four hour morning shift, beginning at 5.00 a.m. and for several hours in the evening. I am pleased to say that after some re-negotiation of his hours we have come to a very satisfactory conclusion. Pansy now has an eighteen hour working day, including Saturday and Sunday, a truly wonderful result of a chance meeting in the hairdressers. She is absolutely shagged out after all this women’s work, he has only been in harness for a fortnight and is only just coming to terms with his new owner, Pamela has put him in the laundry, which is huge, and situated out of the way in the basement, it’s a lousy job, the work is never ending, bags and bags of soiled clothing etc being delivered literally by the minute. The conditions are hot, smelly and arduous, a great deal of washing is done by hand, there is pre-wash, sorting, loading, sluicing of soiled items, and of course tons of lovely ironing! Pansy has over the years been taught ironing skills, she irons very well as you would expect, however she has never had so much for so long. Pamela has put Pansy under the control of a senior housekeeper and she works with two other girls on the shift. The housekeeper has been tipped off of course, and has told the other girls to take it easy, and to put the work on the poof. They pick and choose the better jobs, usually larking off and having a fag, Pansy gets the shit. Just as it should be.

To emphasise this point Pansy has also got the responsibility for a floor of toilets and bathrooms, and her first job each morning is to clean these before the residents get up and use them. This chore sort of warms her up before going down below to the hell hole. A great laugh now that the better weather’s coming is to see Pansy, on Matron’s instructions hanging out the washing. Matron does love fresh air getting to the clothes, and this chore is down to Pansy. She hangs it out in full view of the staff and residents. Some of the old girls know her from the hairdresser’s of course and they tease her cruelly. Pansy wears an adapted staff uniform of nylon overall in light blue with white edging to collar, cuffs, a perky nurse style cap, plastic protectall pinny and rubber gloves. She is at present allowed to wear trouser under her overall and spared the frilly tabard worn by the other domestics. I have spoken to Pamela, and when she feels the other staff has fully accepted the poof, the trousers will be removed and replaced with stockings, sussie belt, and petticoat and when we feel she is one of the girls I will make sure, when appropriate that she gets the standard frilly tabard as well!!! Pansy has a staff number, clocks on, and is officially on the books for health and safety reasons. She is paid the princely sum of £1.75 an hour. The staff have taken to her and are all for a so called male knowing what it is like to be a skivvy. They are not fully aware of his condition at home of course. Pamela is well pleased with her work level, obedience and attitude, she has of course been well trained and domesticated over the years, I would expect nothing but total loyalty, and hard work. As stated the hours are wearing her out, but she will get used to it, having to cram the work into the hours available. She literally does not stop all day, but that is her lot, and she has no say, instead of her being given deportment or sewing lessons she now earns a crust, the money goes into her dress fund and will be used to buy her new frillies, and new dresses. She knows that by working she is adding to her already full wardrobe. Pamela is very friendly now and has hinted that she would like to see Pansy at work around my home. I am reluctant really, limiting observations to only a few very close girlfriends, however I may relent and invite her to one of Pansy’s punishment nights, we will have to see.


MARY – Maxstoke



Dear Editor,

It’s me again, hope you are all OK and that your readers are all ready to hear more news of my male sissy Pansy and what we have been doing to him just recently. The video is finished as you know and is really going down well with my friends. Pansy is busy working for me, mother, some of my close friends and is still doing a full shift at the nursing/retirement home. She is doing a good one hundred and twenty six hour domestic cleaning week at present and is absolutely shattered when brought to heel for correction and punishment.

Its sleep pattern is now down to about four hours a night and that is now spent in baby wear, nappies and a fully fitted adult cot. She is now undergoing a very strict regime of work, work, work, punishment, work and this last six months we have really pulled her up straight. She had a life of hell before but it’s now real shit, since working at the home. That chance meeting really did favour me, I am deeply indebted to Pamela for putting him to work.

Pansy is put to it at the double all day, mother, Pam and myself shout and scold from morn to night, she is never left alone, someone is behind her the whole time and I must say this regimentation has certainly had a great effect on her. She shakes with fear and is totally frightened of dropping a clanger. Pamela was not happy with her cleaning duties a couple of weeks ago, finding she had scrimped several pans. Pam gave her a terrible rollicking, and made her do the whole toilet duty again, using a nail brush! Pansy was on her knees with her hand round the back for six hours before Pam was happy. She will NOT scrimp again. To make the ordeal worse, she made her wear an evil smelling rubber full length pinafore over her uniform, so as she cleaned, she smelled that as well. She has been told that she can wear it again if she makes more slovenly attempts at her cleaning duties.

Pam’s RAF training certainly is having a great effect on the prat. She made Pansy apologise to the rest of the staff for letting them down and potentially costing a loss of bonus, did the girls give her some stick! Pam has told the staff that from now on, Pansy is to be chased about by any one of them if they feel she is slacking or letting them down, if reported she is to be rubber pinafored in front of them as punishment and will wear it until they all agree she can come out of it.

All the girls at the home know of Pansy’s petticoated position and tease her all the time. She is now nicknamed Prissy by the girls.  One of their tricks is to creep upon him and undo his apron strings, he is forever having to stop work to tie his apron. Anyway I am digressing, the reason for writing is to tell you that Pansy has now had his head shaved. As you are aware I toyed with the idea, and last weekend at his punishment evening it came off as you may say. And great fun it was. I decided some weeks ago and whilst he was having his usual perm at the salon, I asked Sheila to overdo his perm. He duly sat in his usual window seat, prettily covered in flowery nylon smock, and Sheila attended to him, however she put extra strong perm on with obvious results, when the rollers came out it was as if Pansy had stuck his fingers in a 250 volt socket, his hair was a complete farce, totally ruined, burnt and frizzed beyond description, just as Sheila had intended. We all took the piss most cruelly and let him wear this disaster for a week or so. I eventually broke the news that I was tired of his new look and that at his next correction night he could expect to be shaved. He sobbed and sobbed at the thought of being an enforced slap head again. His pleadings got so out of hand that mother finally shut him up by putting him in his scolds bridle for twenty four hours. It was with a vicious smile on her face as she snapped the padlock shut on this fearsome contraption and adjusted the agony pear to force his tongue down an mouth open. He remained in this hideous contraption in complete agony for a full twenty four hours, that duly stopped the blubbing at the thought of losing his crowning glory. We seldom use  this device leaving it for special use, a baby’s dummy !cat is usually used, and humiliates him greatly, and when tied in place does the trick, he dare not remove, touch or drop it. It’s instant punishment if he should, he opens up, its popped in, tied in place and he knows that he now has no right to even grunt let alone speak. He looks a complete prat, dressed in his frills and flounces, with a pretty pink dummy in his dribbling gob. Over the years he has got through many dummies, he is always made to buy his own, usually at the local chemist.

The night of head shave was looked forward to by myself and six close friends, Mother decided that he should be dressed in his frillies, party frock and petties and placed in the pillory that we have for the odd special night. He would be already locked in, dressed and ready as the guests arrived, the pillory was placed in the centre of the room, Pansy dressed and locked in, held by neck and wrists, looking a total idiot, his best pink party frock held out over masses of can can petties, head through the window, looking a perfect target for some girly fun and games. I will not go into detail of some of the more bizarre things we did to him that night, as you would not print them I am sure, one thing we all did enjoy was giving him a good pelting with a dozen well placed eggs, he looked a real mess after these rather ripe eggs had been cracked over him. He was laughed at. and abused all night, the raffle winner having the final privilege of razoring off his hair. To my total satisfaction, our eldest member Judith won the honour, she is over sixty and loves giving Pansy a chasing, she relished the job, as he hung there in the pillory, egg bound she stropped the razor and carefully went to work, reducing him to a reluctant slap head in approximately twenty minutes. We all gathered around and jeered at him as the egg matted hair fell to the floor. We continued to mock him as we all took turns to polish his pink slap head, eventually unlocking him to take up his position as dance puppet for the rest of the night.

We made him dance, holding his petties up and acting the girlie as his new slap head shone under the lounge lights. We had great fun with the prat, making him clear away the plastic sheeting put down for his pelting, waiting upon us and generally hoop jumping for us, as we wet ourselves laughing at him. The final indignity before his enforced bedtime, was to kneel before us, each in turn, as we scolded him and gave him a stinging ceremonial slap on his new slap if you get my drift. Then it was bed time, he was stripped off, frillies being put away neatly, before being made to step into his baby doll nightie, this was tied into place, and he was laid on his changing mat for the on putting of his happy nappy, as he is made to refer to it, Judith stepped forward and with the skill of age soon had our Pansy trussed up in his snowy white nappies, his shaven parts safely out of harm’s way. As he lay there, Judith rustled two pairs of plastic pants in his face, he cringed at the shaming thought of going into rubbers, but there was no turning back as she hoisted over his spreadeagled legs, and making him stand up, pulled them up tight into his crutch, her expert hands easing the pliant plastic tight into his thighs, preventing leaks, she made sure all the nappy was inside the pants. With a smirk on her face she flounced his baby doll over the nappy, the dress hardly covering the shame of his nappy. Judith had put him in her special nappy,concentrating all the fullness between his crutch and up his arse, making him walk splay legged, and giving him the typical all nappy look in the rear quarters. He was made to ask for his dummy teat, which was duly tied in place, a pair of frilly tennis knickers were hoisted over his nappy to give a party look, a frilly satin bib was then tied around his neck and to complete baby a pretty bonnet was jammed on his slap. Pansy was led to his room and made to climb aboard his cot, this is an old invalid bed with sides, donated by Pam, to which we have added a wire lid, which can be locked down upon the sides once he is safely in.

He is made to lie on his plastic mattress, covered in red rubber sheet, his ankles are spreadeagled and padlocked to the bottom posts of his cot, wrists manacled to the headboard. He cannot turn over or wriggle when in this position, just having to lie there, his baby dolls pulled back to show his frilly pants. In this very humiliating position, he is allowed to lie there, listening to a loop of tape played on a cheap player, the tape outlines his position in soft mocking tones, describes in detail what we intend to use him for and gives vivid details of his pretty dresses etc, also every now and then a nursery rhyme interjects, perhaps Jack and Jill, Bo Peep, etc. This tape plays softly all night for him, he subconsciously hears it whilst sleeping, slowly brain washing him into a state of childhood,. His stomach will by this time be churning with a good helping of dog food, two or three baby bottles of sickening milk and perhaps a bowl or two of rusks, or puree. He finds his cot very uncomfortable, no pillow is allowed and the rubber sheet makes him sweat up a treat,. His bottom is sore with heat inducing cream and all’s well in the world. The fool has usually had to let go by the morning and a wet nappy is the norm, this is taken off with a scolding, his wet plastic bloomers are stuffed into his mouth as we dress him for work in the home. Eventually with a ringing scolding still fresh to  his ears, the big bed wetter is packed into the car and taken around to Pam’s.

Another day of interminable work lies in front of him. It will be some eighteen hours later before he is resting in his cot again. This goes on seven days a week for fifty two weeks. I promise you we allow no let up. Pam’s regimentation and services background has certainly added an edge to our system. Some readers may think we have taken the art of dominance to a fine degree of competence, so be it, all those years ago my lush of a so called husband, humiliated, abused and kept me in a state of nervous anxiety, my only recourse then was to take control of my life. In doing so it was necessary to take over his, he was a drunkard and womaniser, I along with mother feel we have straightened him up, certainly saved his life. OK so he is treated like dirt, so what, he is alive, and paying for all those years of abuse. He humiliated me, now it’s my turn. Without doubt I did not think I would still be dominating him in this way but over the years I have become dependent on him doing the domestic work. I hate it any way. He is the perfect maid, why change? Anyhow I enjoy humiliating him. It actually gives me a thrill to see him petticoated and submissive before me, without doubt those petticoats have been the prime mover in bringing him down. I can see from his face that he still loathes being dressed. He offers no resistance now, meekly allowing the dresses and petties to be shamefully applied, they are however still controlling him, his manhood is still challenged by the wearing of them. As we approach middle age, I am sure that I intend to keep him so dressed as he grows older, in fact if anything I feel his dresses will become frillier as he gets older, maid’s wear and the little girl look of frilly party dresses are my favourites, my guests are also partial to his party look, loving his selection of dresses and making him don masses of petties under them. They never tire of turning him into a lisping simpering girlie.

Please all you ladies who favour domination, do give enforced transvestism a try, not day clothes or wedding gowns, but a humiliating style of maids’ wear, girls’ wear or baby attire, it should not only look pretty but also make the wearer look stupid, that is the point of enforced petticoat control. Do try it.

MARY – Maxstone



Dear Candida,    .

Just had to write with the latest on Pansy. One of the girls is well’ into body piercing and has a boyfriend who specialises in providing people with all aspects of the art from actual piercing to the artefacts worn. During a recent humiliation night (Friday last) it was mentioned that as a fitting symbol of his servitude and submissive role in our lives that Pansy be fitted with various submissive pierces upon his wretched body. I found the idea totally mind blowing and cannot understand why I had never thought of the idea myself. Well, we took the advice of Ian and he has drawn up a full portfolio of pierces for Pansy. tie is to give him the first three which are as follows, a stainless steel bull ring through the nose, a stainless steel ring through both nipples. These fitments will allow us extra possibilities reference humiliation bondage. In approximately four weeks time he will be given the “Coup de Grace” in the humiliating fitting of an “Albert” which is a stainless steel bar and ring through the penis and also a ring through the scrotum sac. As Ian also knows a tattooist we are having him done with the figure of a party frocked little girl and the words MY NAME IS PANSY around his lower belly. I have never seen him so fearful at the thought of his humiliation and the advantage the piercing will give us. He is on bended knee pleading for us to change our minds, but no! He must be done!!   More news in the near future.

MARY – Maxstoke



Dear Candida,

Just a few lines, and the latest update on the fate of Pansy. You will be pleased to know that the tattoos are now finished and look really fabulous, we are all very pleased with them. One cheek has a multi coloured bulls eye target, a little like the cheap kiddies’ toy where you throw felt tip darts at the board. On the other cheek Pansy has two girlie characters, a superb ballet dancer, complete with tu-tu and a Shirley Temple style character, complete in party dress and poke bonnet. The words MY NAME IS PANSY, I AM A SISSY are scrolled around both cheeks. She did not like the art work at all, and cried whilst it be was being done, tattooing is quite painful from all accounts, anyhow, it’s done now and very nice it looks,. We must wait a while until we can warm his arse with the tawse and riding crop, but that target looks very very tempting!

Pansy has learned very quickly, and now almost begs to be put in nappy and plastic bloomers or his his frilly girls’ knickers, so his tempting art work is not on potential view. We oblige of course.

Pansy is walking this weekend in a carnival and is being prepared as I type, she is going as a housemaid today, in full uniform, she will carry a mop and straining bucket to emphasise her position, this will be labelled “For Hire”, should get plenty of derisive comments from the girls. Be sure that we will have him well petticoated and in his prettiest frilly pinafore, must look his best!!!

MARY – Maxstoke




Dear Candida,

Just have to tell you and your avid readers of our latest coup involving our captive frilly freak Pansy. The care staff at the home recently organised a fun fund raising “cot push”, the girls dressed in over the top nurses’ and school girl costumes, there was a matron, several nursery maids and of course a very red faced baby, yes! You have all guessed the hapless baby was our girl Pansy.

It was all organised by Mandy, Tracey and Maureen and both mother and I were not informed until two days before; there was a knock on the door one evening and the girls asked if they could borrow Pansy for an afternoon. I was a little taken aback until I heard the full reason and obviously gave my full agreement, they asked if they could dress him using his frilliest baggy dress and petties, naturally I agreed again saying that this must be his mode of dress, along with nappy, plastic bloomers, bonnet and dummy teat. Pansy was not told until, the day itself, the girls had by that time been into his wardrobe and chosen all the clothing they thought appropriate for his humiliation. The clothing and props were taken to the home and secreted, the first time Pansy realised he was in for a humiliating time was when he walked into the staff room after his shortened cleaning shift to meet the girls, most already dressed in their carnival gear. The look on Pansy’s face when he first realised what was in store was a real treat. The girls soon had him out of his overall and pinafore as I watched in a dismissive way, this was their afternoon and I gave them a free hand. Being experienced care assistants and totally outnumbering him Pansy had no chance, the girls had him stripped and fully dressed in twenty minutes. He was fully diapered in terry nappy and a soaker pad, two pairs of plastic pants pulled tightly over same, the girls making sure that the pad was in place, giving that distended baby look to his bottom and crutch line. The plastics were well pulled in to leg holes to prevent leaks. Over his shaming nappy he wore a pink smock style short baby dress, puff sleeves, frilly collar, and ruffled lace trim on his full short thigh length skirt, a baby style pinny with lace ruffles over his shoulders preventing soiling.

A white frilled three skirted petty lifted his dress to reveal his nappy, he could hide neither his petties or his nappy, what a dilemma for our sissy. On his head a cute baby bonnet set off the goon’s face, a dummy teat was hung round his neck on pink ribbon. In this bizarre outfit the girls, when all ready, giggling madly flounced to the garage area where his cot awaited. This was a nursing bed with large cot sides in position, Pansy was bundled into same and secured by an improvised baby harness in a sitting position.

Maureen the cow, took great pleasure in making sure that Pansy was just right, adjusting all his frills and flounces and cruelly pinning back his dress to show off his petties and plastic bloomers to best effect. His face was painted in bright pink rouge to give healthy baby cheeks, and his lips smeared in lipstick to give a rosebud pout. I actually felt sorry for him in a funny way, it all happened so quickly that Pansy was totally bemused. Pansy was pushed around the town by the team, and a good time was had by all, the town’s folk all joined in and Pansy was the butt of much derision. Pansy sat there surrounded by giggling girls, his petties blowing in the wind, nappy on show. The girls carried titty bottles making Pansy suck from them, and squirting him with water and milk. Pansy could not escape, so attired and secured by his baby harness. They raised over two hundred pounds towards the mini bus, and intended to have another push next year. Pansy on his return to the home was locked in a spare room still in his cot for three hours whilst the girls changed and had tea. Eventually we re-dressed him in his overall and pinny and made him clean up and launder the costumes etc. It was midnight before I had him back.

It has been a very good Summer and early Autumn for humiliation of Pansy and the girls have a special treat lined up for him soon. Pansy is to be the centre of attraction at a hen night party, he will stand all night fully attired in the pillory whilst we pelt him with a collection of eggs and other appropriate filth. I do love a good pillorying!!!


MARY – Maxstoke



Dearest Candida,

I write with great news for you and your readers, Pansy is being hung out to dry, yes, I am handing him over to Mother and the care assistants at the home to carry on his humiliation. I feel it’s time for a change, and my friend Margaret has taken on a young sissy male and is formulating his enforced petticoating. She has asked me to help and I have decided to “go for it”. Pansy will be kept on a tight rein by Mother, who he hates anyway, and she has no respect for him as you know. He is totally broken how, by enforced tattooing and body piercing seems to have been the final indignity; she will keep him on at the home, where he will carry on his twelve hour shift he will also still be responsible for all our housework, making for a good hard eighteen hour day, seven days a week. The girls adore him being put to work and are all in on it, he is often run ragged, being taken off one job and frog marched to another pile of shit somewhere else. His jolly day starts at six in the laundry and ends at six p.m. after his cleaning duties. He gets a ten minute break at 1.00 p.m. for a glass of water and two stale bits of bread and then it’s back to it. The girls play all sorts of mean tricks on him and tease him with various items of clothing and frilly pretty additions to his menial uniform.

Mother will enforce strict sissy wear upon him,. and I know his maid uniforms will only be worn on Sundays and special visits. From now on it’s the frilliest of pretty party wear, masses of petticoats and of course his hated pinafores. Mother has always favoured enforced diaper wearing, with voluminous plastic pants over them, and I have been told that she will introduce a new humiliation for him, a commode chair, which she intends to potty train him on in front of invited guests, clothes pegs to be issued free, the little stinker. He will have to perform and then be refastened in his hated diddies. Can’t wait to see him straining away, masses of petticoats up around his neck, diapers at his feet.

So, Candida you and your readers can be sure that Pansy will be kept at it by Mother and the girls, he is truly broken, tamed male now, putty in our hands, and now faces the shame of bowing the knee to a pensioner. She may be getting on but I would not like to cross her, she is more than capable of continuing his humiliation, he will NOT escape the shame under her control. For me it’s pastures new, a fresh challenge, a younger man to break, how he will suffer, all the knowledge gained with Pansy will hold me in good stead with TURD (that is to be his new name). The dick head is going to get the full works.

I am going to sign off for the last time, thank you all at MADAME for your help in dealing with Pansy. he hated to see the write ups about himself. I could not have done it without the support. THANK YOU!!!

To all the Domme women out there good health and good fortune in your chosen quest to subjugate the male, whichever format you choose to control these worms. Give ’em hell, don’t flinch from your task, years of female servitude have to be avenged, go to it girls, and good luck and goodbye.

MARY – Maxstoke



Dear Candida,

I have witnessed Pansy’s regime. Mary’s punishment sessions are an education. Mary is a complete Mistress of the Art and Pansy who I believe has been in petticoats now for some fourteen years is the total submissive. Any attempt at male aggression or ignorant behaviour has been over the years totally squashed. He
is now a pitiful wimp, surrounded in a sea of frilly flounces, a laughing stock for dominant females to punish.

I was so captivated by his petticoated condition and the shame the enforced wearing of these clothes were causing him, that I did a study of his condition. Being an ex university student. I had a good insight into
psychology and the results of me noting and watching body language and his reactions proved that it was indeed the ENFORCED aspect of his condition that was controlling his behaviour. From my studies and test conditions imposed over a short period I found that Pansy was easier to control. when he was subjected to the threat of the
unknown. For example when he was switched from one dress to another prior to an evening’s humiliation, his heart rate increased and his feel for any evidence of mercy or freedom were removed by the switch. It was almost as if changing his apparel at the last moment re-emphasised his lack of control reference to his position.

This was highlighted when if for instance he was removed from his maid’s outfit and put into a little girl
style party frock, an hour before the guests arrived. I suspected that he was hit by the feeling that while his maid’s dress was fitting enough to be worn for him to do the chores in, his frilly party dress now
became something really special. His Mistress having removed one humiliating costume from him, was about to replace it with yet another. Pansy having no choice was now “between a rock and a hard place”, both dresses were humiliating, but Mary, by changing him without choice was cleverly reappointing her control, and the control of his shame outfits, over him. He now had to submit to Mary’s mother dressing him. An experience
he always hates. The removal of his working dress, and the enforced putting on of what is now a special dress. More ridiculous in style, more shaming, and totally humiliating to his last threads of maleness. He was also
aware that in this guise he would soon be stood before five or six very amused ladies whereas earlier he had come to terms with perhaps serving them as a maid. He would now be put through his paces as sweet little Susanne.

So we have the interesting aspect of the use of clothing to ‘punish and shame’ the miscreant. No different from the dunce’s cap, horse hair punishment clothes, or penitence clothing of years ago. Women prisoners until recently were always made to scrub and clean wearing very obvious designer punishment uniforms.

The interesting point of him having to put on a new outfit at such a late stage would be evident as soon as he was turned out. Little time had been given for him to get re-accustomed to his new frillies.

Mary’s mother could always be relied upon to do a good job on him. He would be expected to stand before us and take his punishment. However I could tell that the clothing was having a refining effect upon him by the
look on his face and the closed body language. Needless to say we ladies indulged ourselves and humiliated him cruelly, but it was always when reference was made to his pretty frillies that his composure would evaporate. In
the case of Pansy, he had a particular dread of wearing an apron or pinafore, regardless of how frilly his dress and petticoats may be. When reference was made to an apron, or the one he was wearing was changed and played with, he would moan and colour up. He did so hate wearing them. Mary had of course picked up on
this a long time ago and all his aprons, pinafores   and   overalls   are   extremely effeminate and very, very frilly. We would take great delight in making him play with his apron or purposely change it for him.

I can recall on many occasions Pansy literally moaning with shame as he was tied into another very frilly and elaborate pinafore, as he stood before us, sometimes making a deathly sighing noise of total despair. On hearing this we would all laugh, and tease him all the more. Another refinement he hated was having his petticoats inspected. This would entail him standing on a stool. the girls would group around him, and take in turns to lift up his frilly petticoat skirts. Great play was made of the prettiness of them. They would be described in detail
and we would all pretend how we would love to be able to wear such pretty frilly underwear.

As this utter humiliation was unfolding. Pansy would literally hang his head in total humiliation. Some girls would play with the frills at the front, staring at his shamed face. Others would look at them from the back, lifting them up and giggling endlessly. How those clothes shamed him. He had been in petticoats for ages but the refining effect was still as clear-cut as the first day he had been forcibly attired. Mary and her mother, had full control of him naturally, but we visitors also had a free rein, and I cannot possibly explain in detail some of the more elaborate humiliations we had him perform.

Arriving at my second point, my girlfriend and I have taken it upon ourselves to “blood” a young TV male as our maid. We both hate housework, and via an advert in a contact mag. we have located a young twenty six year old sissy male who has actually begged us to put him to work. Now I know this is cheating to a certain extent, as it should really be a young fit macho male, but we do wish to save some time and get the jobs
done. We are in our sixth week with him. She has been christened Nancy and we have started with his training.

At present he is being simply trained and wears only an overall. Aprons, pinafores and maid’s uniform will be progressively utilised as we proceed; neither of us wish to rush the job. As with Pansy, I wish to extend his
petticoat humiliation to other areas and my partner has suggested we revert him back to a baby, complete with all the humiliating aspects of the nursery. So when not maiding for us our captive can expect to have the pleasure of going back into nappies and of course delicious frilly, high waisted baby   dresses.   Having seen how very effeminate punishment clothing can restrain the male.

I will be looking to put him in very elaborate baby dresses, designed in such a way to actually ridicule his height and long legs. He will be put in short, mid thigh length dresses, well gathered and with the fullness coming from just below the bust line, in true baby fashion. The skirts will be gathered, and with very pretty frilly
petticoats worn under them. Puff sleeves and lashings of lace. Frills and flounces will set off the special baby status of Nancy.

Nappies will be worn constantly with just the one change every twenty four hours. I will have him in plastic incontinence pants at all times, no accidents will be tolerated. With him being “put in short” he will not be able to hide his nappy, pants and bulky crutch region. He should look quite a prat as he stands before us for inspection.

From time to time I will put him in frilly baby over-pants. just to give him more to worry about, but I must say I prefer every one should see that the big sucker is a ‘wetter’ and needs waterproofing.- On his head will be a frilly baby bonnet, again lots of lace and frills to frame his sweet face. Around his neck will be a lacy frothy baby bib, inscribed with his name. At feed times and when the whim takes us, like Pansy, a frilly pinny will be
worn. And the final indignity of course his big silly dummy teat, strapped into place to prevent it from being removed.

When threatened with this humiliating garb. We feel that Nancy will express a preference to carry on
maiding, wearing his delightful uniform!

We intend to display Nancy in much the same way as Mary does with her Pansy. I would not dream of involving her in any aspect of Nancy’s shame as I do not consider myself in her league. But I feel I have learnt
enough from the sessions involving Pansy to do a good job, get my housework done and have a really good laugh. Yes. I will invite my friends around, why not? These experiences should be shared. We wish to
see how Nancy reacts to a group humiliation, with him as the absolute centre of attention. It will I am sure keep him hard at work and nicely passive.

The whole aspect of petticoat humiliation intrigues me, and with some help from my friend and of course my mother, who has agreed to make him all his dresses and accessories, we should go on from strength
to strength.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Mary and her mother for showing me the way forward, I am a committed man hater thanks to her, and can assure all your readers I mean to work the bastards until they drop and humiliate them at every turn. It is without doubt, delicious enjoyable stuff.