Mistress Anita and Fifi



Dear Ms.Candida,

I have never written to you before but felt I had to congratulate Mistress ‘K’ for the delightful photos of her pansy ‘Brenda’ which you published recently. I certainly hope Mistress ‘K’ will allow us to see more of her soppy she-man in future issues.

My own situation is not unlike this ladies and I have taken this opportunity to enclose a few photos of Fifi my own pansy male which I hope you will be able to publish. As a husband Fifi was a typical male pig but a few years ago with the help of a friend I eventually got ‘her’ completely into my power. Since then ‘she’ has undergone strict training and discipline and I can now say with some pride that thanks to my efforts ‘she’ now makes an efficient dutiful and completely obedient maidservant, for in every way whether it be walking, talking or dressing Fifi must emulate a typical French maid for the amusement of female friends and myself. It is especially humourous to have her curtsey to my guests and call them Madame. The humiliation for the wretch must be extreme for she must speak in a ridiculously high pitched French accent to the accompaniment of derisive remarks and giggles. Not only that but she has to be available for any guest who needing ease can take to her bedroom and indulge in a satisfying tongue licking. Of course, she has no option but to perform nicely. I now have enough photos of Fifi to completely fill Madame ten times over. The threat of showing some of the more laughable and humiliating ones around at the local pub is enough to make her behave. She knows that if I did she’d never be able to go outdoors again in peace.

As it should be Fifi has lost whatever small amount of masculinity she possessed. She now avoids males principally because of the contemptuous scorn her feminine mannerisms earn her. One piece of advice that should be taken to heart is that for whichever role you choose for your inferior, whether it be maid, slave or baby, then ‘thing’ should be forced to adopt it to perfection. Many males treat our superiority as a game so from the start get it into the head of your wretch that you’re not playing. He’s here for the purpose of serving you, therefore use any means to get him into your power so that his identity is completely absorbed by the role of your choice. Believe me the end results are well worth the effort, especially when you can sit back and enjoy life – knowing that the cooking, washing, ironing and housework is being done to near perfection by your well trained meekly obedient girlishly clad she-man.

Naturally in order to reach the high standards of service and obedience I insist upon, Fifi’s training has been and continues to be backed by unbendingly rigid regime of discipline. Over many years I’ve used the strap on ‘her’ hands for being clumsy, the cane on her knickers for training purposes and a few other variations just to keep her on her toes. Perhaps I use the cane far too much for in her terrified dread of it she has become very unsure of herself. Any task I set she’ll now go over twice in case she gains my  displeasure. It only goes to show that so called masculine toughness is only skin deep for it really is heart warming to have a one time male bursting into tears as ‘she’ pulls up knickers to bottom moulding tightness, lifts dress and petticoats and kneels down to receive punishment. She kneels, knees pressed together, arms folded with forehead touching the floor. As I stand astride ‘her’ bent shoulders I can really savour the submissive position for not only does it allow me to cane both bottom and thighs at the same time but Fifi dare not writhe about too much or her legs may open and she’d get the cane between them.

Regarding the matter of sex, of course the methods you enjoy are entirely in your hands. Personally I prefer a submissive licking from my inferior followed by the use of a dildo. Any sex Fifi gets she is dependent on me for. From the beginning I vowed she’d be a pansy in every way. For the initial experiments I found it necessary to have ‘her’ strapped down over a table. It’s almost impossible to describe my feelings of ultimate superiorty when, despite her struggles and tears I introduced Fifi to the dildo. Now no straps are needed, nor is there anymore crying. Can you imagine what it’s like to be able to command a once insensitive male to “Come on pansy, get them off”. Then have a girlish pansy strip off dress, petticoats and knickers so I can give her, her marital rights. Well ladies I do hope that if Ms.Candida decides to print any of this rather long letter, that you may find some points of interest – remember we still have a long way to go before we have every pathetic male under control. Here’s hoping that, that day will come soon.

With very best wishes, MISTRESS ANITA – Essex.

p.s. It may amuse you to know that Fifi posted this letter herself – dressed in her maids uniform of course.


Dear Ms.Candida,

Many thanks for printing my letter and the photos of my pansey Fifi in Vd.16/1 of your superb magazine. Since I last wrote I have initiated a new humiliation for my soppy slave which may be of interest – I sold her – or at least shares in ‘her’. Naturally Fifi had to be naked to be examined by the prospective ‘buyers’. This turned into a hilarious afternoon as my two oldest friends, Helen and Carole gave my sobbing and blushing slave a thorough and very embarrassing examination. The result was that they each paid lp for which they received a formal declaration of servitude. These were written and signed by Fifi and each bear an easily recognisable photo of ‘her’ in bra, knickers, suspender belt, and stockings. The declaration gives each of the girls the right to have Fifi for one night a week. This gives them the opportunity to have their housework done and also take advantage of Fifi’s well trained tongue. This arrangement provides a few unusual experiences for me. As we gather at Carole’s once a month for an evening meal you can possibly imagine the erotic thrill I get from seeing my so called lawful husband at the beck and call of another strict woman. To sit at the table and be served by ‘her’ as ‘she’ minces about with bobbing skirts and meekly obeys the peremptory taunting commands of ‘her’ mistress for the night. Not only that, Carole has taken to giving her dancing lessons and to my delight has fitted her out with a tutu. I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘her’ look so utterly humiliated or ridiculous as ‘she’ was compelled to skip and pirouette ‘her’ way through a little routine that Carole has taught her. I can certainly recommend selling your slave if the opportunity arises. By the way, I have taken several photos of her in her tutu performing.

I have again taken the opportunity to enclose a few which I hope you’ll approve of.

With best wishes. MISTRESS ANITA – Essex



Dear Ms.Candida,

Just a few lines to thank you for printing my letter and Fifi’s photos in your excellent mag.

I only wish you could have seen for yourself the look of utter humiliation on Fifi’s face when ‘she’ saw herself pictured in her finery for the amusement of MADAME readers everywhere. Indeed ‘she’ has begged me most pitifully not to submit any further letters or photos. Actually I had not even considered doing so but I simply could not resist ‘twisting the knife’ and to add to her humiliation I decided that Fifi herself should select a few photos from my large collection to send to you. I must admit that at first ‘she’ was somewhat reluctant to make ‘her’ choice – perhaps due to the fact that ‘she’ had no ideas which photos she was in fact selecting as ‘she’ was blindfolded at the time. However with

a little encouragement from my cane ‘she’ finally made her choice and I hope you’ll agree they are a good example of how delightfully ridiculous a man? can be made to look (and feel). Even after all this time my friends still roar with laughter when they see ‘her’ – as I hope you will do.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards



Dear Candida,

It has been sometime since I last wrote to you on the subject of my pansy maid Fifi, or perhaps I should say ‘Frilly Fifi’ since several of my friends have now taken to adding this epithet to her name since you published my previous letter/photos under that heading.

I am pleased to say that Fifi’s new found literary fame continues to have a quite devastating effect on her. The realisation that MADAME readers everywhere have been made privy to ‘her’ feminine status is almost too much for her to bear. She has never fully overcome the utter degradation she feels at being FORCED to wear her finery. I emphasise the word ‘forced’ because I have noted one or two comments from male transvestite readers who envy Fifi and dream of being in her situation and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate to them that prior to her transformation Fifi was not a transvestite, she does not and never has enjoyed wearing her clothes, it is myself and my friends (and now of course MADAME’S readers) who enjoy her wearing her frillies. She is a tall well built specimen and it would be impossible for her to pass as a member of the superior sex even to the most casual observer. Of course, I have never intended that she should do so indeed my basic criteria was to create a caricature and her clohtes have been carefully designed to cause her the maximum amount of humiliation. I am perhaps. fortunate in this respect in that my friend Carole is a dressmaker and she now provides Fifi with all her clothes. Fifi is well aware of Carole’s power in this respect and is in utter awe of her indeed I have often heard her pleading with Carole to make her dresses a little longer (as you can tell from my photos her pleas have fallen on deaf ears).

Anyway to the point of my letter, I am always seeking new ways to humiliate my soppy pansy and recently I have had her performing entertainments for my friends – go-go dancing; striptease; etc and this has proved to be most successful. Last Friday was Carole’s birthday and I decided I wanted something special. To cut a long story short I decided that Fifi would entertain us by chatting up my hoover, it really is almost impossible to describe how utterly ridiculous she looked as she coyly asked the hoover it if would care to dance with her. As she danced about clasping it against her she began to kiss and fondle it. Carole was in absolute hysterics. Finally at a given signal from me Fifi laid the hoover on the floor and began to simulate making love to it – reaching her climax to a roar of laughter. I should add that I had informed Fifi that Carole would be awarding her marks  for her performance on a scale of 0-10 and that she would be allowed to administer one stroke of the cane for every point below the maximum score of 10. Carole has always enjoyed thrashing Fifi so it was no surprise when despite her efforts Carole announced her score of minus 2 which of course meant 12 strokes of the cane for Fifi – a fitting reward I’m sure you’ll agree.

I have again taken this opportunity to enclose some photos of Fifi which were taken during her performance with the hoover. Once again keep up the good work.

Yours in dominance, ANITA – Essex

p.s. I have also enclosed a photo of Fifi in her tutu which I’m afraid is of somewhat poor quality however I thought it might amuse you and you could use it should you decide to print this letter.



Dear Ms.Candida,

As an admirer of your fine publication over a period of many years may I offer my best wishes to Mistress ‘K’ (and her mother) for once again providing us with a set of excellent photos of her she-male maid Brenda. As regular readers will be aware I am myself a firm advocate of petticoat discipline and in my own household the ‘ideal’ of complete ‘matriarchal rule’ is an established fact.

I note that Mistress ‘K’ is an admirer of Ms.G.P. (as indeed am I) and although I do not consider myself to be an expert I would if I may like to offer her some advice based on my own experiences with my pansey Fifi. Of course I am not actually writing this letter myself but dictating to Fifi. For the time being her sole purpose in life is to kneel at my feet and take down my every word. Every time I mention the magic words MISTRESS or MADAME she must place her forehead on the floor in deference and whenever I stop dictating to think she must lick my boots until I am ready to continue. Such rules are important because they help maintain the proper MISTRESS/slave relationship. However well trained a slave is; however competent, he must NEVER be allowed to get ideas above his station. His mental approach should be that he is honoured to even be permitted to serve his MISTRESS indeed that he is honoured that she deigns to make use of him. These mental attitudes take time to inculcate into a slave. So often they believe that simply because they are carrying out orders in an adequate fashion they are pleasing, their MISTRESS. This idea must be quickly stamped upon. There is no question of a slave pleasing his MISTRESS. He is purely and simply there to serve her to the best of his ability. HE CAN ONLY DISPLEASE HER. Accordingly it is of paramount importance that a slave should never be commended, He should only be criticised for his faults- and failures. And, of course punished for them.

Of course it is essential that your slave carry out all necessary household chores in your place of residence – and carry them out to your entire satisfaction. However it is also important that from time to time he is given unnecessary chores (possibly not chores as such, but tasks) there are few things more frustrating for a slave than to have to do difficult things which he is aware are completely useless in themselves, they are being done simply because you wish them to be, it is your whim.

When setting tasks I always give Fifi a time limit for the completion of the task. Naturally if she over-runs. the time limit she gets punished. Any MISTRESS with a little imagination can make up useless tasks there is really only one rule ‘The more awkward and humiliating the better’. From my own experience I can recommend the following:­ Make your slave write on. the floor, mirror, windows or walls with a lipstick. Dictate the sentences at will. Such phrases are “I hope my mistress canes me soon”. “I wish I couldrub Ralgex into my penis” etc. Once your slave has written out all the sentences you have dictated set him to work scrubbing them off (I recommend a toothbrush). Of course you can also grant any wishes your slave has made to you in his lines.

Have your slave pile several large books at one end of the room. He has to carry each one to the other side of the room balanced on his head. If he drops the book he must go back, replace it and start again. When he has all the books in place have him return each one to the side of the room from which they started. That emphasises the futility of what he is doing and must make him boil inside. Of course he must NEVER show any sign of resentment. That’s quickly punishable.

Tasks can also be devised that expose or potentially expose your slave to, public. humiliations. For example being sent shopping for sanitary towels, bras, panties, make­up etc. Make sure your slave uses the same shops over and over so the assistants get to know him and have him ask them stupid questions such as “Can I wash these panties by hand” or “Will this lipstick smudge”. To add to his humiliation you can have him return his purchases and obtain a refund. Alternatively send him on foolish errands .for things that don’t actually exist, for example asking at a dozen or so chemists for red and blue striped condoms, or strawberry flavoured boot polish, imagine how foolish he’ll feel. Of course such tasks are best carried out when the shops are busy so your slave has a good audience. (When I send Fifi on such trips I am often in the shop myself, of course she has orders not to recognise me).

As for Brenda herself I would recommend the continuation of her feminisation programme with the empahsise on making her more sissyfied. The introduction of one of two humiliating refinements is guaranteed to eradicate whatever small amount of pride and dignity your wretch has left. Firstly her skirts should be shortened to micro length and worn with multi layered petticoats starched really stiff and trimmed with lace under which elastic legged bloomers should be worn pulled well down so that the elastic legs show under her petticoat frills. The more conspicuous she feels in her finery the better, therefore have plenty of mirrors about so she gets plenty of opportunity to see for herself how outlandish she looks.

Well Mistress ‘K’ I certainly hope that if Ms.Candida decides to publish this letter you will find my advice of interest. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading (and seeing) more of Brenda in future issues.

Yours in control, ANITA

P.S. I have again enclosed some photos of Fifi, the biggest pansey in Essex which you are free to use in any way you wish.



Dear Candida,

It has now been almost five years since I first wrote to you and since you published my three previous letters here is number 4 for your consideration complete as usual with some photos of my male maid Fifi. Just for a change I’ve included some of the wretch in slave wear as well as frillies. Now that I have completely feminised Fifi it is unusual for ‘her’ not to be in one of her maid’s uniforms – she now has quite a wardrobe including five maids’ uniforms (ideal for punishments) and a Tu-Tu – thanks to my friend Helen who has become Fifi’s personal dressmaker (imagine a man having a dressmaker) so these can be said to be rare photos.

What I look for most from your wonderful magazine are the contents of the letters’ pages although I must admit the views of males hold little interest for me. Especially when, as is often the case, it’s some pathetic. passive, apology for male stock who hankers after fem/dom moaning that there is too much enforced transvestism. I certainly don’t wish to enter into the so called debate – I’m not used to debating with males. It’s time these so called submissives realised that it is the mistress who decides what her slave wears, not the slave.

The type of letters I enjoy are exemplified by Ms.G.P. Plymouth/Canada, and her cute little she man Faggott. Mistress K and her soppy Pansey Brenda, Lesley of Camberley – why not send us some photos of Penelope? And. more recently Ms.W.P. and her slave boyfriend B.L. This brings me to my main reason for writing at this time, I enjoyed your letter Ms.W.P. and noted your request for help/ideas to further your control and humiliate B.L. and I would if I may like to offer my advice.

Firstly, in order to emphasise the gulf that exists between you and your slave you should stop all references to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. He should always address you as mistress/madam etc. And you should give him a slave name this might for example be a girl’s name such as Sissy or Nancy or it might be a term of endearment such as Shitface or Pratt. Of course he must always bow or curtsey before and after speaking to you.

Secondly. you must begin to take full control of his appearance – if you allow him hair, it is for you to decide how it should be styled perhaps a nice perm? And what colour it should be – of course you can experiment and this can be fun (for you) and agonisingly’ embarrassing for him. I would certainly recommend you insist he wears only knickers under his male clothes – he should buy his own. one pair a week from the same shop and assistant – imagine how foolish he’ll feel.

Of course it will be for you alone to decide if you want him naked or if, as I firmly advocate you want him feminised or perhaps you’d prefer him to slip into something less comfortable – even a touch of make-up can do wonders, experiment and find which he finds the most humiliating.

Of course since your slave does not live with you it is important that he never forgets the power you have over him when he is not in your presence, and there can be no better way of augmenting this than written work. Of course you don’t actually have to read it. This is effective because a few seconds of direction can cause hours of work – and of course you can give your instructions over the phone of some suggestions for written work:­

LINES. Especially good because they are boring to write and mentally places the slave as a naughty boy back in school. lines should tell of your glory. his humble position etc. start with 500 to 10.000.

COPY anything boring – for example the telephone book. writing out all the numbers and abbreviations.

ESSAYS on almost any topic for example: how a tube of toothpaste feels when it’s squeezed? How high is up?

How to put on a girdle/bra/suspender belt and stockings/make-up etc. The price of green candles in Norwich. Why he is so stupid?

To make his work more difficult have him. number each word or write alternative words in different colour ink. Copy words backwards or even make him write in a mirror image so it can only be read by holding it up to a mirror – or why not have him use toilet paper for lines – if the paper tears he must start again. (He can then use his lines to wipe his arse HA HA) imagine how he’ll feel after spending hours writing them.

Now to the matter of sex. Of course the methods you use are entirely in your hands. However since it would seem his puny penis offers you no real satisfaction I can see NO REASON for you to allow him this privilege. Indeed Fifi’s own pathetic little appendage has only rarely seen the light of day since I locked it away in its restrainer. these wonderful devices are easily obtainable from specialist outlets and I cannot recommend them enough. Believe me once you take full control of his penis you’ll soon have him begging to do you bidding. The rubber doll is an excellent idea since it will be necessary from time to time to allow the wretch to milk himself. However I would recommend that you do as I have with Fifi and obtain a male sex doll. In Fifi`s  case I have her act out a little scenario in which she must chat up her boyfriend. You can possibly imagine the erotic thrill I get from seeing my so called lawful husband dressed in a sexy red satin baby doll nightie. trimmed with black lace. matching panties. black fishnet stockings and high heels acting out the role of seductress to the best of her ability. She is well aware that if I am displeased with her performance she will suffer being denied her relief and a good thrashing (minimum 30 strokes).

Naturally it is essential that your slave cleans up after milking. Well Ms.W.P.

I certainly hope that if Ms.Candida publishes any of this letter you find the contents of use and I look forward with relish to your next letter. Perhaps you will allow us to see some photos of your slave?

I am, yours in dominance. MISTRESS ANITA – Essex

p.s. More advice and photos can be supplied if you wish you only have to ask.