Punishment that was happening anyway

It is only a little tactic but it can increase the subjugation of your submissive for virtually zero effort.

Convert something bad that you were going to do anyway just for fun, into a punishment.

I might have already planned that, at the end of the day, I would be bringing off bitch-boy under the sole of my shoe, instead of by any more enjoyable method for him. At some point earlier in the day, like yesterday, he commits a very minor infringement. (He forgot to lay out one of the three straps I use to bind him for punishment over the dining table). My response,

‘Well I was going to give you a special orgasm with my expert hands at the end of today, but for that infringement, it’s only going to be under the sole of my shoe.’  He now links his error with punishment, so he will try harder next time,  and also he thinks of me as tyrannically harsh and strict. Two things it is so good for his submissive soul to think. (A submissive thinking his Mistress spots EVERY SINGLE infraction,, no matter how small, and excessively punishes every single infraction, will be a well subjugated submissive who will sleep a submissive, contented sleep).

Another example is if I am thinking of an especially cruel thing I will be doing later ‘for a change of pace’, such as applying Deep Heat to his clitty immediately after a stinging nettle whipping of it. He commits a very minor infraction earlier in the day, or better still, the day before. My response,

‘Well tomorrow, I was only going to give your birth defect a nettle whipping, but for that infraction I will now be applying Deep Heat to your birth-defect immediately after the nettle whipping.‘ Again, he now links his error with punishment, so he will try harder next time, and also he thinks of me as tyrannically harsh and strict. Yet, unbeknown to him, I am not going to be doing anything I was not going to do anyway!

HOWEVER, (just to complicate things), it goes without saying that while inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, or, even better, a day of two in advance of inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, I have to make clear I am doing so just because I can, and simply because I am a pitiless, sadistic bitch! Just so he is in awe of my cruelty.

So to ensure you are able to re-label some torments as punishments and some are labelled ‘just because you can’, undertake plenty of torments!


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.




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Update on Missing Suzette F letters

I have been provided with some letters I previously listed as missing. Those that were in a red font are now in black on my updated post of 14 March. Please keep finding more of those missing and still listed in red.

I will continue to update that list of 14 March if I receive further missing letters.

Thank you.


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PART 2 – Missing some Suzette Faggott letters

Just to keep you all in the loop, I will wait a couple of weeks to see if anyone sends me any  of the missing letters about S Faggott that I can insert into those I already have in chronological order. Then I will post all I have in the best chronological order I can.

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Missing- some Suzette Faggott letters

This post is strictly for those who wish me to publish as many letters  as possible about the famous Suzette Faggott, (AKA Maid Milly). Letters mainly from the Madame magazines of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. I am in the middle of producing a post of all of them I have.

Below is a list apparently of all that were ever published. I do not know the exact dates of 4A, 30 or 31. The dates or Magazine numbers they were in would be useful.

More importantly I do not have any of those highlighted with a red font. If any blog follower has a link to any of these online, it would be good if you could point to a link where I can download them. Or if anyone has an electronic file version, copy and paste it to me in a comment on this post.

(Obviously when I refer to ‘me’, it will actually be bitch-boy doing all the grunt work!)


  1. Trapped In A Lifetime Of Servitude
    ( Unknown magazine…1980 )

2. Facsimile Of A Female Servant.
(Madame magazine Vol 7, No 1.. 1981, reprinted in Bobbie Swan’s Our Way (BSOW) Sept ’98 )

3. Changed Your Mind Mr. S.T ?
(Madame Vol 8, No 5. reprinted BSOW Oct ’98)

4. Star Of Anniversary Time
(Madame Vol 11, No 9 )

5. Bizarre Anniversary Plans
(Madame Vol 13, No 1, reprinted BSOW Nov ’98)

6. A Faggott Update
(Madame Vol 13, No 2 )

7. Further Experiences Of A She-Male Maid
(Madame Vol 13, No 11)

8. More News Of Faggott
(Madame Vol 14, No 1, reprinted BSOW Dec ’98)

9. A Long Suffering Male Maid
(Madame Vol 15, No 6, reprinted BSOW Jan ’99)

10. Fem / Dom In The USA (A RIVAL TO FAGGOT) (Madame Vol 16, No 8)

11. Happy With The Results Of My Manipulative Training
(Madame Vol19, No 4, reprinted BSOW Feb ’99)

12. Carrot And Stick
(Madame Vol 21, No 10, reprinted BSOW Mar “99)

13. Life In Service Of A Male Maid
(Madame Vol 23, No 12, reprinted BSOW April ’99)

14. No Sex Just Servitude To Provide Satisfaction
(Madame ? 1997)

15. Mistress Of The Month
(BSOW Sept, ’99)

16. Faggott Gets Rubber Sheets
(BSOW Sept, ’99)

17. Hotel Lunch
(BSOW Nov, ’99)

18. Faggott Is Properly Punished
(BSOW Nov, ’99)

19. Maidhood, Susette In Ontario
(BSOW Jan, 2000)

20. A Christmas Story, Part One
(BSOW Mar, 2000)

21. A Christmas Story, Part Two
(BSOW Jan, 2001)

22. A Christmas Story, Part Three
(BSOW Aug 2001)

23. Maid Specific
(BSOW Oct, 2001)

24. More About Susette Faggott
(BSOW April, 2002)

25. A Summer Story, Part One
(BSOW Sept, 2002)

26. A Summer Story, Part Two
(BSOW Nov, 2002)

27. A Summer Story, Part Three
(BSOW Aug, 2003)

28. Dyeing To Please
(BSOW Oct, 2003)

29. Faggott’s Christmas Present
(BSOW ??)

30. NO DATE: Born or Made

31. NO DATE: Faggott and Brad

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New Chastity Cage

I recently realised I had not posted about bitch-boy’s latest chastity device.

Here it is with the link below this paragraph. It is a bit of a tight squeeze, but how could one resist getting a model labelled as EXTRA SMALL! I use a padlock in the device as shown in the picture and another one through the ring of his frenum piercing. Zero possibility of escape, including no escape by pull-out.


Obviously given even my casual gear, he finds his enforced chastity rather tough. So no surprise when released, (and made to take a Cialis pill), it is easy to manipulate him to full erection even though he knows nettles, or the ruler, or the sole of my wedge shoe will be causing him sorrowful anguish. My high impact boxing gear. A good activity for maintaining muscle mass and bone density in preparation for growing older.


Paperback at LULU.COM                           ePub at LULU.COM



USA,   UK,     DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,     NL,    JP,    BR,      CA,     MX,     AU,    IN.


Also available on iBooks/iTunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ingram etc.





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Most shaming milking method

So back at the beginning of December 2018, I devised a new and shaming method of milking bitch-boy by pressing his clitty under the sole of my shoe onto a massager vibrator. Then in late February, I mentioned using a stomping stage and that I would learn to milk him on that by masturbating him with the sole of my shoe.

Well that has now come to pass, by a back and forth movement on his clitty shaft underside, just behind the head of the clitty. With skilful technique it can be a full orgasm, or by immediately removing the pressure, a spoilt orgasm or, by immediately pressing down extra hard, a blocked orgasm that does not squirt out (in a very unsatisfying manner for him) until one finally removes the pressure of one’s sole.

I cannot believe just how much I ADORE torturing his clitty under my shoe sole followed by milking him under my sole. The aesthetic, the symbolism and the sadistic pleasure.

What could be more symbolic of POWER AND MEANNESS than inflicting this shameful method of milking. Standing over him and looking down at him. Him looking up at the beautiful body he is never, ever allowed to fuck and never, ever will. And his precious little birth defect under the soiled sole of my shoe or boot. Never to cum again by fucking. Now, there will never be any skin to skin contact with me at all. No more of the expert touch and caress of my long, cool fingers. Now its, (on rare occasions only), just me jerking him off under my soiled sole as it moves back and forth, back and forth, just a little.

And that process, compared with the languorous, hedonistic and pleasurable way I have my many, many orgasms.

My only problem with it at the moment is I love degrading him this way SOOOO MUCH, he is getting to have spoiled orgasms more often than I would ideally like. I am sorry to repeat myself but this is because I literally cannot resist degrading him this way. So much pleasure for me having his birth defect under the sole of my shoe while I remind him not only about never, ever being allowed to fuck my amazing body, but also never ever again cumming through the skin contact of my hands. All his future ‘sex-life’ is to be with the soiled soles of my footwear!



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links to my old TUMBLR site

I apologise that within my blog posts for a number of years are quite a few links to my Tumblr site that is no more. These links apparently direct you to a porn site even though I deleted and cancelled my Tumblr site in its entirety when Tumblr banned adult images.

It does mean that many images of a personal nature of my tools, equipment and bitch-boy in various dire circs are gone.

I may perhaps have bitch-boy trawl through all the posts and delete these links but at the moment I want his time spent on other things.

I did first explain this in my blog post on 7 Dec 2018.

Apologies again.




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