Watch This Space!

In my last post I mentioned the delightful Mistress Rebecca. (She also left comments on my blog recently.)

Well she has started her own blog. If you are lucky she will fully describe her real life FLR regime and its developments in the future as evolution continues.

So you might want to follow her.

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Slaves’ Born Again Virgin Status (BAVS)

I wrote about this before, a couple of years ago. But recent interactions have caused me to wonder about the prevalence of returning male submissive puppets back to virgin status; never ever again allowed to penetrate their Mistress, or any woman.

It is around 11 years now for bitch-boy. For the puppet of my newest wonderful Domme friend, Mistress Nicola, it is 4 years, and for a delightful domestic USA Domme, Mistress Rebecca, I have been recently corresponding with by email, it is about 4 months. (My email correspondence with her, during the period she pondered and then made her decision to return her repeatedly tearful husband to BAVS, and some commentary from me, features as a short entry in the draft of Volume 12 of my journals.)

With bitch-boy and I it just kinda happened. I realised we had drifted into it and I loved it. I told bitch-boy he was a born again virgin and he was crushed, and so I loved it even more. Of all the things he hates but must endure, this is the thing he would change if given the option to change one thing. Which he never will be! With Mistresses Nicola and Rebecca it was a conscious decision.

So my question is simple. How many male submissives in long term relationships have been made born again virgins by their Mistress? Please let me know either way.


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The science of stinging nettles

I thought I had banged on about nettles until everyone was bored rigid. However I received this question in a comment.

P.S. Are you able / willing to share a photo of the type of nettles to look out for please?

So I hope this will be a definitive post.

The best nettles are bright, bottle green in colour and have yet to flower.  The leaves are close together at the top, which is a fantastic side effect of them being at the right stage; when it comes to whipping or stroking with them. This is the Springtime nettle. These  sting the most by far and the stings can last for 4 hours.

As we move to summer the nettles flower, (the strings of bobbles). The colour becomes more grey and the leaves are spread out along the stem. These sting the least and the stings last the shortest amount of time. The spread out leaves are unhelpful too.

If flowering stems are cut down, new green shoots grow from the remaining stem stub, and later in summer new shoots come from the ground. These two types tend to have weak slender stems, but are almost as good as the spring, pre-flowering stage. Always opt for weak, floppy stemmed new shoots over sturdy, grey, already flowered old shoots!

Remove some leaves from the stem for a handle to grip. Whipping with nettles works best, followed by constant stroking at the same location, before moving on. Reagrding the penis, the head is more painful that the shaft and the closer to the urethra opening the more intense the pain – this can be incredibly intense very close to the opening, compared to the shaft stings.

I find the most psychologically impactful is just to sting the penis (and perhaps the scrotum), but not the inner thighs or butt or stomach. This concentrates the pain on the most sensitive area, rather than spreading it out. This is why I use the nettle apron. PIC. and old POST.  Working with one single stem of a few leaves can be more effective than a big bunch of stems and leaves.

There is a little more information, particularly on using a sunglasses pouch, and some video links in this post.

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Alone again, naturally – bondage

Well I am just old enough to remember the UK hit by Gilbert O’Sullivan, Alone Again Naturally. I saw the song title used on a bondage image on Tumblr. Here is my image for the title. I will never think of the track the same way again whenever I hear the title!



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Deepest humiliation for bitch-boy, and so sore too!

Mistress Nicola visited again and through our emails since her first visit she had come to understand that I had not exposed to her my most EXTREME humiliations of bitch-boy; fearing the potential grotesqueness and weirdness of my approach may be too much for her. (While she has been into chastity control, bedtime control  and generous torture of her slave husband for several years, humiliation had not really featured to a great extent. She is delightfully sadistic when it comes to inflicting pain though, I have to say!)

Well Mistress Nicola asked that I put bitch-boy through his very worst humiliations on her second visit. She was intrigued and imagined she would enjoy his misery. Obviously I was very happy to do so.

Poor bitch-boy could not have been more humiliated as I put him though a number of routines involving; a sissy dance, introducing his dollies, nursery rhymes with actions, etc. On the look out for what was seriously killing him, I really dragged out the very worst moments. Having him answer questions, in whole sentences about the games he played with each dolly and which dolly was his favourite etc. I just kept coming up with new questions for him to answer. He was dying throughout with the intense shame! Delicious. Mistress Nicola introduced a wonderfully shaming new dance move from her past as a ballet pupil.

Not that bitch-boy avoided physical pain including a deterrent punishment that went on and on, and Mistress Nicola has a real penchant for the deeply stinging implements. Repeatedly using the four feet long and thin dressage whip and the agitation whip; creating  many, many thin red stripes of fire. He was later punished on that striped, sore butt after failing to stand correctly while being talked at. A default rule.

And I currently have the most amazingly stingy nettles. I have used them and kept them going all week, in a vase of water. They are brand new growth from the ground, rather than new offshoots off old stems that have flowered. (Not big and sturdy stems but flexible and small – but oh my!) Poor bitch-boy was sobbing and desperately pleading as Mistress Nicola just spent forever, brushing and brushing and brushing over every surface of his hard little clitty. Her calm, relaxed pleasure was as clear as was her relentlessness. My power rush watching her with the nettles was very pleasurable too!

Well Volume 12 of my published journals, with every morsel of fine detail, is filling up fast and I will soon think about a target publication date. Another entry will be required following this weekend; when Mistress Nicola is bringing her slave husband over, (now rechristened, pansy-piece), so he can experience some of my equipment; particularly the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups.

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Maximising the effect on the submissive (part 2)

So far there has been universal agreement with the theory I set out in yesterday’s post, with one caveat.

If the Domme makes it ABSOLUTELY clear to the submissive that the Domme is a sadist and many acts in which they partake are to satisfy their sadistic desires, then there is no need to verbalise their sadism. I will stress however that there must be no doubt in the mind of the submissive. Any such doubt should be eradicated by verbalising. If in doubt, verbalise.

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LINK to my published BDSM manual.

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Maximising the effect on the submissive

I am interested in comments from true submissives on the following: (I define true submissives as those who recognised their submissiveness before they reached puberty; before the age of say 11, and who have desired domination ever since.)

Recent experiences and some reading lead me to be convinced that the submissive’s PERCEPTION of the dominant’s cruelty is key to maximising effect. I highlight perception because it is more important than the cruelty itself. I stress cruelty is TAKING PLEASURE in inflicting discomfort. To give a real example:

On any full-on domination day, bitch-boy will find himself in total sensory deprivation bondage (TSDB) for between one hour and six hours. (Up to six hours if I have a female submissive here for using and abusing).

I could simply put him into the bondage and then eventually release him without talking about what I get out of it. The TSDB would effect his submissive soul a fair amount and he would probably make assumptions about what I get from it. But the effect can be increased 100 fold if I advise him that I adore getting on with whatever I want while he is in TSDB. That it turns me on. That I love thinking about my power and decadence and his misery during the TSDB. That I love causing him to be so miserable. Having spoken these words, he is now CRYSTAL CLEAR that I am being cruel to him during all future sessions of TSDB. (I am being a sadist.)

Even if administering a punishment, (see previous post), I now make sure I am clear on my pleasure. I am likely to use words with the effect of the following, during my leisurely, extensive punishment session:

‘Poor bitch-boy. I do enjoy causing you pain like this. I will never get bored of doing so. IT TURNS ME ON and I get a lovely power rush. Obviously even if I did not enjoy it, you would still be enduring punishment, because you committed an infraction and all infractions must be punished. But I do enjoy it, so it’s a lovely win-win. Deserved punishment for you, to deter infractions; and pleasure for me while punishing you. While hurting you. And this is your life now and forever. There is no escape. You are my puppet and I will never let you go or become less cruel.’

As I set out in my published manual, my theory is that true submissives need to feel helplessly under the power of another to sleep well and feel contented. So while a bossy, overbearing person who is a control freak may produce some submissive satisfaction, they will not produce the contentment that a bossy and CRUEL person will.  Why? My theory is that being subject to simple bossy control does not infer as much helplessness as being subjected to wanton, unnecessary physical or mental discomfort; because wanton unnecessary physical or mental discomfort infers, or even requires, even more power; even more helplessness. (Not an easy phenomenon to describe!)

I therefore suggest, if you are a dominant, you make absolutely clear the pleasure you get from each and every slice of adversity to which you subject your submissive. You can’t be shy about being cruel, about being a sadist. You must be bold about this. Make sure some adversity is simply for your pleasure and nothing more. Your submissive will be further in awe of you if you do. Your submissive will feel even more helplessly under your power.

Do true submissives agree with me?

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