Q & A’s for bitch-boy

How much do you dread the Nettles and interdental brushes? How painful are they? Do you get permitted a recovery period?


Has the nettle treatments got any easier to deal with over the years?


How much do you hate the bells?


What do you dread most?


What are the the things you get to do in serving that you like?


What goes through your mind when you are immobile in the stirrups and a blindfolded and you know the nettles are coming?


If you could what’s the one thing you would change?


What’s been your most humiliating tasks or ordeals?


Has it got any easier to deal with to be dressed as a girl, learning nursery rhymes?


What goes through your mind when you are immobile in the stirrups and a blindfolded and a new chunk of ice is deposited in your funnel gag and you await to discover the flavour today?


Describe the fear you have of Ms Sarah?


What’s it like coming so infrequently and when you do with your inflatable sheep girlfriend?


As you were a sub before all the wonderful things Ms Scarlet has done to you, did you ever imagine experiencing such ordeals?


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  1. tomilina says:

    Are you dodging the questions about most humiliating task or what you dread most? Perhaps none rises to the top of the list, but surely you could tell us a couple of hings about those tasks. I am sure it would be humiliating just to relive them, but even MORE SO to tell us all about them. Perhaps Mistress would like you to experience that. Also, many men are living vicariously through you and long to hear the details of your shame. I think you should give it another go. Perhaps we readers can suggest some activities for you to experience!

    • Posting about the experiences is not humiliating at all compared to living them. One factor is when there are three or more dominant women and in those circumstances, any of the following. Having to role play being a lisping little girl and playing with my dollies – speaking to the dollies and then speaking as though I am the dolly responding. This is equally humiliating if I am in the background doing this and the Mistresses are chatting, etc. Having to perform nursery rhymes with actions when I am the absolute centre of attention. Being introduced for the first time to one or more women in one of my maids dresses which come down only to my hips. My shaved genitals exposed with a large pink ribbon tied around. Fucking my girlfriend (inflatable sheep with orifice).

      Mistress is always interested to hear suggestions.

      • Fluffy says:

        Does your girlfriend have a name and do you have to treat her with great respect too, as she is female?

        Have you ever had to eat your sweet corn meals from your girlfriend’s orifice?

        Can you elaborate on you feelings to being introduced as a slave to new women? Is it worse if you already know them, like Ms Scarlets’ sisters?

        Have you ever been taken anywhere public as Ms Scarlet’s slave in front of others? How did that make you feel?

        Respect from fluffy

        • No she does not have a name and my Mistresses have never told me to treat her with respect. Their focus is always on maximising my shame over how it is my only physical penetrative sex with another entity.

          No I have never had to eat my sweet corn meals from my girlfriend’s orifice

          This is very difficult. It was terribly crushing being introduced to Mistresse’s sisters and have my standing in their eyes suddenly cut to nothing. However, waiting in my finery for a new superior female to arrive, given the vast unknowns involved, is terrifying.

          At Club Pedestal and sometimes at fetish fairs Mistress makes clear my relative status to hers. It makes me feel very inferior and embarrassed.

      • Courteney says:

        Dear Scarlet Being the ‘Mummy’ of a Little Sissy myself I do enjoy reading your journals and it would be true to say they are an inspiration at times. Ian (or should I say Sissykins) has been my ‘Little’ for a number of years although, like yours, he requires constant ‘training and tuition’ in order to achieve high standards in both his Domestic and Personal Duties. Recently I have noticed your comments on Dollies and it reminded me of one of my favourite exercises which I and many of my friends really enjoy. Sissykins has her own Potty and so does her favourite Dolly ‘Rosey’ Whenever I decide it is Pottytime she has to fetch Rosey’s Potty, lower her panties and sit her on the potty. Simultaneously I have Sissykins sit on her Potty facing Rosey. Both are sitting there panties by ankles and I insist on eye contact between them throughout the process. Every fifteen minutes I check on Sissykins and she must check on Rosey to see ‘if Tinkles have been made’ To her Sissykins lisp and ask her Dolly if she has made Wee Wee’s brings howls of laughter from those who witness this shameful ‘performance’ It is mortifying for Sissykins to sit there for long periods regularly speaking to Rosey while adults are present.
        Perhaps BB would like to opportunity to experience this as well?
        Yours Courteney (Ian’s Mummy)

        • Oh Courteney, this is my favourite comment to have received for quite a time. I absolutely adore rituals of ‘forced playing with and verbal exchanges with dollies for a sissy’, for the simple reason it is what deeply shames my sissy bitch-boy more than anything else; and your potty ritual also includes the element of tedium. Dolly playing/talking and tedium – the PERFECT combination.

          I will include your comment in a blog post which I hope is OK.

          Are you in the UK?

          • Courteney says:

            Dear Scarlet Thank you for your message. I am so delighted that you found my input of interest and enjoyable. It may amuse to know that as I write this reply Sissykins and Rosie are ‘making Potty’ here in my study! Although I travel to the UK and have lived there for many years I also have a house in Northern Spain where we now spend most of our time. Your journals are always of interest and from them I do find inspiration when dealing with her.
            For the life of me I cannot understand why more Females do not employ such routines and techniques. Since petticoating and babification of Sissykins I don’t think I have picked up a mop or a duster and certainly not an iron! I do have a daughter who has two small children and I do find it incredible amusing to remind Ian that while he has to remain in diapers and plastic panties the two young girls are able to wear ‘Big Girl’ panties something he will never be permitted to wear.
            His use, as in sex, is strictly governed by myself. He has not had ‘penetrative privileges’ for over three years now but thankfully his tongue is well trained!
            Do keep writing Scarlet and if I think of anything which might prove inspirational for you I will of course email you.
            Kindest Regards

  2. house workboy says:

    How long did it take you to become proficient at ironing, and what item of clothing gives you the most trouble.

    • It took about 10 hours of ironing altogether I would say, but I get a cane stroke for every crease, no matter how small. The hardest items are Mistress’s stretch clothes and given her perfect slim curvy body she likes to wear a good number of clinging stretch tops.

  3. Robert says:

    If you were given ONE opportunity to leave Ms Scarlet, forever, never being allowed to speak to or see her again, and taking everything you own with you (which I suspect is nothing) and nothing else, or formally and equally forever accepting ANY treatment from Ms Scarlet as you do now but without ever again the opportunity to choose – which would you choose?

  4. Cats slave says:

    Having recently married my Mistress but knowing we are a lot further back down the road from you and your Mistress relationship i would like to ask if you regret your situation? i can see in the long years ahead that my slavery may become as absolute as yours, something which excites but also scares me witless!

    • I regret the loss of certain privileges like never fucking and I regret a number of default behaviours have been adopted such as nettles, Deep Heat and the awful role play humiliations. I do not regret my situation – not that it would change anything if I did.

  5. Andrew says:

    I have a few questions, if that’s not a problem.

    • I have a few questions, if that’s not a problem.

      Q: I’m sure that you don’t, in totality, regret your lifestyle, but do you ever have moments–no matter how rare or breif–where you feel regret, resentment, or depression because of it?


      Q: Ms Scarlet has expressed her increasing sadism over time. Is there a limit to what you think you can tollerate? What about when you get older and your body isn’t as capable as it used to be for service? What if you get ill?


      Q: The other side of the last question–what if she becomes ill, or dies suddenly (in a car wrek perhaps)–what would you do then? Has she planned for his possibility?


      Q: Do you feel loved?


      Q: If you could choose one punishment to have abolished forever, what would it be?


      Q: If you could choose one punishment to begin having done to you, what would it be?


      Q: Have you ever refused to obey a command? Are there any commands you know that you would disobey?


      Q: Do you ever spend time together in a non D/s way?


      Q: Are you friends?


      Q: How many hours a day do you spend on your vanilla life (work, family, etc)?


      Q: Do you visit each others’ families? If so, how do those interactions change compared with home? Or any public outing for that matter?


      Q: How many hours of sleep do you get a night?


      Q: Do you eat the same meals? Generally speaking?


      Q: What is the happiest moment from your relationship (D/s or otherwise)?


      Thank you.

  6. Jack says:

    Does Mistress remove your tube for any reason other than to cause you pain?

    How often does Mistress remove your tube?

    Which ice cubes do you hate most? Cum or Urine?

    Does it give you satisfaction that Mistress gets so much pleasure from causing you pain?

    • My tube is sometimes removed when I am forced to dress as a little girl or school girl or sissy maid. In such circumstances a very large pink ribbon bow is tied on. If so and for periods I am outside of Mistress’s sight or the baby video monitor, the spiked leather strap is padlocked on.

      I really cannot choose which ice chunks I hate the most.

      I do get a sense of satisfaction that by enduring Mistress’s sadism (not that I have a choice), I play my part in her contentment and HER amazing sexual arousal.

  7. r says:

    If your Mistress offered you the choice to return to a “normal” relationship (or at least one where your slavery was consensual) would you take it? And how conflicted do you feel about the answer to that question?

  8. Roger says:

    What goes through your mind while being subjected to your Mistress’s lengthy TSD sessions? Do you think she will ever keep you in TSD for longer? 12 hours? Maybe even 24?

    • The biggest themes are how I am 100% a human toy or plaything, how really cruel my Mistress is and how utterly helpless and dominated I am, with no escape. Yes I do think she will end up keeping me in TSD bondage for longer, yes it no doubt will end up including for 24 hours.

  9. fluffy says:

    thanks so much for this new section to the blog – very exciting! some more questions if I may?

    • Can you recall the circumstances of the first time you encountered the stinging nettles and how it came about and the resulting fears from your perspective?


      How do you manage to get your ironing done without creases? Is this an impossible task, i certainly find it so?


      If you like football or some other sport, does Ms Scarlet permit you ever to watch things like England matches at the World Cup?


      What do you think about Ms Scarlet having so many avid readers about her domination of you and the exploits she puts you through?


      Aligned to the previous question, you are a hero (certainly mine anyway) to many of us subs out there, what do you think or feel about that?


      Can you describe the rotary drudgery from your experiences of enduring it?


      Pre-being BB and just another sub, what were your dreams, turn-ons and fantasies about being a woman’s slave and plaything?


  10. Rick says:

    BB, First I want to say that I am very happy that your Mistress has allowed us an opportunity to intreact with you. My question is this… In my own experiences I have often found that while I am forced to endure things I do truly hate, that my love for my Mistress, my need for my Mistress, and the fact there is no denying how thoroughly she owns me always makes me… grateful to suffer for her. Is this also your expereince as well?

    • I definitely have some parallel thoughts/emotions but I think I would use another word to ‘grateful’. When I have finished enduring for the day/night, I often get a sense of profound awe of Mistress and I look back on how cruelly she has treated me as though it was not me that was suffering, so I look at it as a third person, an observer, then I feel truly privileged that I am her plaything and slave because she has the capacity to do what she does for her pleasure with no guilt or mercy at all.

  11. Cats slave says:

    I can remember the feeling of utter dread but absolute joy when I realised Mistress had taken our lifestyle from being a game and turned it into a harsh reality. It is what true submissives are destined for I think. I truly believe it is my fate to serve and suffer for a cruel Goddess no matter how hard it can be at times. I think you understand my feelings of desperation but deep joy, knowing you are living the life you were meant to?

  12. Fluffy says:

    Thanks for your previous answers, you may not consider yourself a hero as you have no choice you just have to endure, but let’s just say from one sub to an other what you are endure is highly impressive.

    Some more queries if I may:

    • Ms Scarlet puts Your little clitty through many an ordeal, is it any worse for wear these days from what it has been put through?

      It sometimes gets some marks which last several days or even a week. It is not permanently scarred yet but it is clear that Mistress would have no qualms or guilt at all if she did permanently scar it by accident. Mistress would find that amusing. I know that will happen one day.

      On average, when in season, how often does Ms Scarlet put you through a good nettlling session?

      3 times a month.

      How much do you look forward to the time when nettles are not available?

      Very much, but then Mistress resumes with the Deep heat embrocation cream, and sometimes lemon juice.

      How long does it take to recover from the nettles? Did it tale longer after Ms Sarah very thorough (and extremely hot) experimentation to discover which part of the nettles sting which part of your little clitty the most?

      It takes between three and five hours. After about an hour the sting often reduces to a nasty prickling feeling which very slowly fades away.

      Have you ever been left alone and at the mercy of Ms Sarah for a day or more? If so what ordeals did she put you through?

      No I have not.

      Do you feel grateful that your balls are not put through the same ordeals? (That is my take out at least from the journals).

      Very grateful. Mistress is not interested in punishing my balls. She does say she wants my little clitty to be the entire focus of her attention so that I know, (A) how uselessly small it is and is only good for torturing, (B) that – as it is the ultimate embodiment of my maleness, it should be the centre of my suffering to remind me of my inferiority to superior females, and (C) that when it is time for her to be torturing for her sadistic pleasure, it does not get rest breaks (from Mistress concentrating on somewhere else for a time, like say – my balls.)

      Is a deep heat treatment truly worse than the nettles?

      I am unable to make such fine judgements. I fear them both terribly. The nettles last longer and are inconsistent so I am always unsure just how stingy any batch of nettles might be, which generates much fear. The Deep Heat just burns so much!

      Can you recall how you discovered femdom? (I did through a magazine called Madame in a World of Fantasy)

      I really cannot remember. I do remember, at less than 11 years old, fantasising about being helpless and being tormented by women.

  13. MaryMaid says:

    Three questions
    Has Mistress ever suggested charging you for the experiences she provides for you?
    Do you think Mistress will adjust the regime in the light or your replies ( ie will she demand more of particular experiences you find most humiliating.?
    How often are you on display to other mistresses and how are you introduced?

    • I do not think Mistress would see any purpose in charging me because Mistress already has unfettered access to all my money, possessions and assets.

      Certainly if Mistress were to learn that I found something very humiliating which she did not previously know about, Mistress would target that. But I think Mistress already knows the worst things as she targets them already.

      There is no set frequency for my exposure to other dominant women. Sometimes I go a month without it happening, other times it may happen every day for a week with the same woman. I am introduced to a new superior female (who is ‘in the know’) firstly by being given an introduction speech (Mistress has written) to learn off by heart and recite to the visitor when she arrives. An hour or so before the arrival time, I am dressed in one of my most humiliating outfits. I am normally then left to stand in front of the full length mirror and stew in my anxiety until there is the knock at the door. Mistress smiles and chuckles during the wait – really enjoying my anxiety.

  14. chastysissy says:

    I’m currently being made to practice singing 3 songs to ‘perform’ when I next visit my Mistress (‘Mummy’), each with the word ‘lollipop’ in them as I’ll be dressed as a little sissy girl and have been told that if I’m good I may one day get to suck a real ‘lollipop’ (I can imagine what Mummy means by this). If the songs are not performed to Mummy’s satisfaction She tells me that my punishment will include a caning and public humiliation.
    My question is this: I’ve done many humiliating things for Mummy’s amusement but this absolutely feels like the worst – what is it about singing that makes it so bad and how do you cope? Thanks.

  15. SweetSyn says:


    I’m an avid reader of Mistress Scarlet’s blog & frankly I am in awe of you. I could not ever imagine living a life you do.

    I just have one question. Do you have a safe word or anything similar, in case you were to ever feel truly in danger of serious injury or death? I know yours is not a life with much control but I did wonder if there were any limits.

    Eagerly awaiting vol 7 of the journals.


    • It is a fundamental (and correct) position of Mistress that a safe-word or slave-chosen-limit is equivalent to the slave being the person who is in control. Her most profound step change in her evolution was when she chose to withdraw from me the option of a safe-word or any limits of my choice.

      Mistress is highly intelligent and would never risk serious injury to me. Why would she want that? (That does not mean she has a problem with leaving a permanent scar on me, especially on my penis.)

      • SweetSyn says:

        Thank you for your reply. I didn’t mean to imply that Mistress Scarlet would be careless enough to seriously injure you. But accidents can happen.

  16. Bill Bithers says:

    How would you feel if your mistress, as the owner of her toy (you) decided to have you build a “toybox” to hold you while not in use?

    The “toybox” would be sufficiently small to keep you in a curled up, cannonball-like position, and of course dark, and uncomfortable, with hard walls to keep you contained for hours on end.

    Would that fill you with awe like her other exercises of power over you? Or more?

    • It is a bit of a hypothetical question.

      Mistress does have a dog cage in which I am unable to sit upright or extend my legs straight but Mistress has not used that for a while. I think, on balance, the toy box would be very much like the total sensory deprivation I endure except I would not be so vulnerable for CBT and would not have to deal with a nasty ice chunk in a funnel gag. So, it would be very humiliating and cruel but probably less frightening than the total sensory deprivation bondage.

  17. Fluffy says:

    Thank you for your answers and shedding light on your existence as Ms Scarlet’s plaything.
    Some more questions if I may:

    You spend a lot of time in situ in the stirrups, in sensory deprived bondage. With the addition of the outside rotary duties, how and what do you do to deal with the shear mental stimulation boredom of such situations?

    You could be seen as a domestic pet of Ms Scarlet, have you ever been fed wet or dry cat or dog food?

    Have you ever talked to another man about your submissiveness and liking of femdom? (I know I haven’t, not exactly what you bring up down the pub when conversation turns to girls!)

    Are there any men in your life, or is it all Ms Scarlet and her sisters/friends?

    Do you have to ask permission to go to the loo and do you have to use somewhere different as you are BB like an outside loo or a bucket?

    Has your secret life as BB or some of the situations ever come close to being discovered by a vanilla person, when you have been outside or dressed as a pansy?

    Respect fluffy

    • You spend a lot of time in situ in the stirrups, in sensory deprived bondage. With the addition of the outside rotary duties, how and what do you do to deal with the shear mental stimulation boredom of such situations?

      You could be seen as a domestic pet of Ms Scarlet, have you ever been fed wet or dry cat or dog food?

      Have you ever talked to another man about your submissiveness and liking of femdom? (I know I haven’t, not exactly what you bring up down the pub when conversation turns to girls!)

      Are there any men in your life, or is it all Ms Scarlet and her sisters/friends?

      Do you have to ask permission to go to the loo and do you have to use somewhere different as you are BB like an outside loo or a bucket?

      Has your secret life as BB or some of the situations ever come close to being discovered by a vanilla person, when you have been outside or dressed as a pansy?

  18. PinkPantiesonMe says:

    I was wondering about your orgasm’s or releases. How do they come about? Do you ever or have you ever begged for one?

    • I beg often, particularly when Mistress has had me denied for a considerable period, or in fact, even for say 5 or 6 days and Mistress is posing in front me, naked in heels, or in a mini skirt, or topless in jeans, or in a skin tight mini dress, and she runs her hands over her body and laughs at me, asking me if I am desperate and what a shame it is. However, my begging has never resulted in being allowed relief.

      Currently my relief is ALWAYS when secured on the BDSM bed, in total sensory deprivation and after some painful dickie-discipline.

  19. zacary says:

    i was wondering how often are you made to drink ms Scarlet’s golden nectar and how is the urine delivered to you other than the ice chunks ( directly from ms scarlet , from a glass etc….) and does it really taste good…??

    • Very often.
      During total sensory deprivation bondage Mistress does not just leave me alone with a nectar ice chunk. When visiting me in the room and tormenting me, it is sometimes tipped down the funnel straight from a jug and often injected into the funnel in a very controlled way using a syringe with a wide outlet.
      When Mistress urinates on me in the walk-in shower or on the lawn I often have to have my mouth open although I am not expected to swallow.
      When I am made to dress as a little girl, I have to drink the nectar from a baby’s feeder cup, normally watered down because Mistress does not want me to get dehydrated and it is the only source of liquid for many hours.
      Also I often have to lick Mistress clean after she has urinated into the toilet.

  20. Maid Mary says:


    Rather a lot of questions Im afraid. Probably envy

    • How long are you allowed for showering and shaving in the morning ?

      It is not always in the morning and it depends on Mistress’s plans for the day.

      Is there an inspection ?

      If my genitals were not shaved properly I would be punished. After all these years I have become perfect at shaving my genitals.

      Have you ever asked to be punished/caned. Do you enjoy it ?

      No, why would I ask? No I do not enjoy it. A principle of Mistress’s regime is that a slave must detest its punishments and do all it can to avoid them.

      Have you ever asked for more punishment

      Only when the Obsequious Obligation rule is in force which was first detailed in volume 2 of Mistress’s journals.

      An extract from the speech you make to new mistresses ?

      ………It is an honour and a privilege to have you visit and witness my humiliation and submission ……….Mistress Scarlet will be very grateful if, during your visit, you would raise with her any element of my service or behaviour which is below the standard required to maintain your satisfaction so that she can immediately punish me to improve your satisfaction in your visit.

      Which songs do you have to lisp to ?

      Nursery rhymes with actions – I’m a little tea-pot. Mary Mary quite contrary. Little Miss Muffett. Three Blind Mice.

      Has she ever told you she was considering training another boi

      No, but Mistress sometimes points out how there are hundreds of subs who she could pick from to replace me with in an instant if I consider any rebellion against any element of my lifestyle.

      Are you ever in torn /worn / grubby /second hand sub clothing

      Yes, Mistress sometimes does what she terms ‘Sub-human slave.‘ A sub-human slave day is detailed in Volume 5 of Mistress’s journals.

      Why bother begging for anything when you know it only adds to her pleasure with no prospect of release

      I can’t help it.

      Have you been photographed/filmed

      Photographed yes, filmed no.

      Sensory deprivation /urine drinking is somewhat passive. Does Mistress ever suspend you for a whipping /stretch your balls and nipples/use you as a pony ?

      Suspend for a whipping from the beam in the sitting room – yes

      Rather a lot of questions Im afraid. Probably envy

  21. urMaster says:

    I would like to dominate Scarlet and her Sisters. Someone has to teach them how important men are. Can’t wait

  22. So my wife has found a inter-dental brush that she fits inside of my clitty while wearing my chastity cage. Have you ever done house work with the nettles or the inter- dental brush? http://www.viewpoints.com/DenTek-Easy-Angle-Floss-Picks-reviews

  23. fluffy says:

    are you looking forward to the long w/e?

    respect fluffy

    • Absolutely. No vanilla appointments at all, so three days of serious use and abuse of bb, and countless huge orgasms for me. Yesterday (Saturday) 5 massive orgasms for me. bb, among other things, did rotary clothes line duty until it started to rain, played with his dollies, had his boys bits played with on the sofa, had a long spell of TSD bondage with Deep Heat applicator in use.

  24. realist says:

    This blog should be required reading for anyone considering entering into a non-consensual relationship. Truly there are very few people in the world who could derive any satisfaction from being under the thumb of a monster. I know it has totally changed my own desire to submit. Good luck to you in your own lack of a life.

    • ‘Lack of a life’. You are funny.

    • Cats slave says:

      I’m sure bitch boy is very content in his absolute submission. Some of us have struggled most our lives with the feeling of discontent in not being totally enslaved. We were born this way and it’s an itch that doesn’t fade until we fall into the clutches of a true Superior Woman

      • Realist no.2 says:

        Perhaps therapy of some sort might be an option. I have to agree with the above comment. You have made me completely reconsider my mild interest in female supremacy and actually fear my sexually submissive tendencies. Your life sounds like a living hell, if you don’t mind me saying so. Just make sure you aren’t lying to yourself about your fondness of the situation and if you have any doubts get the hell out. Also: she may say you are replaceable, but you aren’t. There aren’t many men who would go through what you would go through. She probably gets messages from men who say they would all of the time, but when it comes to the crunch they would run for the hills. If you ever decide you want to leave, you can; the law will protect you and you can get mental help to cope with any trauma. I wish you well my friend.

        I apologise if I’ve miss judged a healthy relationship through lack of understanding, but I just wanted you to know you have options. Just in case.

        Life is a long strange journey and it can drastically change course at any time. You are never too old to start again.

  25. Jack says:

    Since Mistress started harvesting your semen every time she allows you an orgasm for use in an ice cube, does that knowledge, knowing that you will be consuming your cum dampen your desire for an orgasm in any way? Or are you perfectly willing to eat what you output anytime you are permitted the opportunity to have an orgasm?

    I am sure you hate the ice cubes, but I assume in the buildup and at the moment of orgasm, being as they are so rare, you really don’t care what she does with your semen if you are allowed to cum.

    • It is actually a moment of deep submission. It makes me feel very, very controlled by a completely pitiless, cruel woman. I truly hate the taste and degradation of a semen/water mix ice chunk slowly dripping into my mouth over a long period. I really hate it. So, in the brief run-up to full orgasm, during those seconds of knowing I am going to have a full orgasm but it will result in the formation of a hated semen ice chunk; I simultaneously feel hugely aroused and elated, and, utterly helpless and controlled and mistreated.

  26. Has she tried the ice cum lollies yet that I suggested for your most favourite time of playing with your dolly ?

  27. fluffy says:

    disappointed the season for stinging nettles is coming to an end?

    • Very but, they are still around at the moment and in this weird UK late summer, new stems have grown with all the fierceness of spring pre-flowering stems. Which I am making full use of.

      • tiffanymaid says:

        Its now November and the nettles remain vigourous. Mistress Serena has had me pot up many nettles in greenhouse which peaked at 82 degrees today.

        • I am very interested to learn about the effectiveness of these post summer nettles. Last weekend I used nettles on poor bitch-boy. On interrogation of him I was told that while the stings at the time of application were as bad as ever, they only lasted about 20 minutes. Stings from early summer nettles last 4 hours, so I wonder what the situation will be with yours.

          • tiffanymaid says:

            Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*
            my experience ( inferior and limited compared to bitch-boy ) was similar. The stings at time of application were the most intense i have experienced, but similar to bitch-boys, post application lasted maybe an hour, but less intense. The nettles are transplants and not established, and as a result may give false implications.
            i shall update any further any observations.
            Sincerely… tiffany

  28. brad says:

    Dear bitch-boy,

    My name is brad and I am submissive to the core such as yourself. I have read (and am still reading) the journals. I find them both titillating and terrifying. My cravings are not to imitate your life, yet I am consumed with thoughts of emulating the level of subjugation yourself and Mistress Scarlet experience.

    My dearly loved has decided to adopt the lifestyle but She reads very infrequently. Is it appropriate to read the journals aloud to a budding female dominant, or would this be viewed as trying to coerce the direction?

    Hoping Mistress permits your response.


    • This depends on a number of things. First, what does it mean that your ‘dearly loved has decided to adopt the lifestyle’? does that mean wishes to go all guns blazing, or, wishes to try a few tentative steps? Also, some women are quite un-shockable and can be intrigued or amused – hearing of the most extreme activities and domination lifestyles. Others would be put off forever hearing such things and need to be gradually introduced to the activities and lifestyle – gradually evolving. Having said that, access to the imaginations of Mistresses like Mistress Scarlet together with others on the web, will expose far more ideas to try than any single person’s imagination can do, which can bring real pleasure to a new Mistress.

  29. roger says:

    Why do you think your mistress has decided to put so little attention into using your ass?

    • I guess it just is not something she is into. I think I can understand why. It is less humiliating than the humiliations I suffer and less physically painful than the physical torments and punishments I suffer.

  30. fluffy says:

    HI BB
    just wondering if Ms Scarlet takes advantage of the FrightNight aspect of Halloween to spice things up and put even more fear of God(dess) into you or invite her sisters around for some themed games?
    respect from

  31. tomilina says:

    It would be for him to go”trick-or-treating” at the homes of each of you Domme Friends, and instead of a treat he would be forced to do a trick!

  32. Fluffy says:

    Clearly u spend a lot of time being sissified so I wonder what are the most ‘ manly’ things Ms Scarlet lets u do? Both as BB and when you are in the vanilla world outside and not directly serving your Queen?
    Do u ever get to have a beer with the guys? Watch the football or rugby?

    Respect from

    • I cannot think of anything manly while sissified.

      In the vanilla world I do occasionally get to have a beer with the guys. I do get to watch rugby, football and cricket from time to time, although not often. I rarely get to see football live as the time of day and day of the week usually clashes with when Mistress Scarlet requires I am her maid or plaything. I am sometimes allowed to record the live match and then watch it after Mistress Scarlet has gone to bed.

      • Fluffy says:

        I wonder how years of being BB has effected you with other men in the vanilla world?

        For example when meeting other men does your voice go to a higher pitch as u recognise them as more alpha than you?

        Are u pee shy? Do u find yourself intimidated alongside other men at a urinal and find you can’t urinate how ever much u need to until they are gone?

        • I am surprised at the question. You have not read much of what Mistress Scarlet has written about me in the vanilla world. I feel absolutely no submissiveness towards men at all. In the vanilla world, I am an Alpha male. (Although always courteous to all women.) I am confident and assertive and relkaxed in male company and in the business world.

  33. My wife has found a couple of bathroom items that she enjoys using. One in an exfoliating glove. Either dry or with a light lubricant applied to my clit is both extremely stimulating and agonizing @ the same time. The other item is a toilet brush with the wire squeezed to where the nylon bristles are fairly close together. She allows me to use this while she watches. It is horribly painful.

  34. Well I was suggesting it for a looped toilet brush substitute. I thought Belindakins might like a potty seat. She seems to wet herself quite a bit.

  35. fluffy says:

    hello and happy new year BB

    couple of questions come to mind, excuse the pun, but it is a clue to my questions:

    can you recall when you last had full on sex? & how long ago was it?
    can you recall the last time you had a no limits wank, without any control from your betters? & how long ago was it?

    respect from

    • I do not know the exact date of the last time I had sexual intercourse. Once I was in chastity, Mistress Scarlet began gradually reducing the frequency of me penetrating her, the times became longer and longer apart until one day it just never happened again. Because I know which house we lived in at the time, I do know it was at least 7 years ago.

      My last wank without another person present was even longer ago, as soon as the first chastity device was introduced.

  36. fluffy says:

    Ms Scarlet seems to delight putting you in sensory deprivation a lot. However do you deal with the many hours of confinement and sensory deprivation, it must get so mind numbing?

    respect from

    • I do not deal with it. I hate it but I cannot get out of it. It is mind numbing as you say. It just fills me with a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability and makes me feel exactly like a toy that has been put back on the shelf until I am needed to play with again. Mistress Scarlet has made it plain, and it is obvious when I have looked at her while begging for this particular torment to be dropped, that Mistress really, really enjoys it. Mistress says it makes her feel so very powerful while Mistress is downstairs relaxing and engaged in things she enjoys, that I am upstairs, blind, deaf, immobile, vulnerable and constantly tasting piss or semen for two or three hours. It is something she really loves. Very often after, I later discover, around two hours have passed, I can sense her laying by my head and after a while the bed shudders a little and I know Mistress has bought herself to climax because she has been so turned on downstairs with her mind occasionally turning to my predicament, she has had to come upstairs to satiate her arousal. I have to say I do not deal with it. I hate it intensely.

  37. fluffy says:

    Now we are officially into Spring 2015 – are you looking forward to the return of Stinging Nettles in and around our houses and gardens? Does Ms Scarlet make you inform Ms Sarah as a reminder that a fresh season of stinging nettles is returning?
    Has any stinging nettle session you have experienced ever come close to how you suffered at the hands of Ms Sarah when she carried out her little experiment? Has Ms Sarah ever repeated this with you, to see and record whether different seasons of stinging nettles vary in strength?

    • Ms Sarah has not repeated the experiment. Mistress Scarlet undertook a similar experiment while we were away on holiday once. I have no doubt that Ms Sarah does not need reminding when the nettles have emerged.

  38. Kimmy Beyah says:

    I know you believe that this is.. normal. But you are in a great deal of trouble. Your wife by her own admission states that she has absolutely no compassion for you when you’re ill or suffering, she has completely dehumanised you. She boasts that the last shred of humanity she had is gone, you are utterly meaningless to her except as an instrument to torture.
    Whether you want to admit it or not this is pure psychopathy, the total objectifying of a victim to the point where absolutely all human pain, emotion, suffering and torment of the victim is meaningless to the abuser. This will end badly for you, she will kill you or render you so damaged or injured and she won’t care and you can justify it, intellectualise it however you want, you are in a deeply dangerous situation, for your own sake and safety you should speak to the police, but you won’t, you are a victim. So good luck, you are seriously going to need it my friend. I don’t look forward to reading about your death and the charging of your wife with murder, but it’s heading there, make no mistake.

    • I wonder if you have developed these fantasies about my life for your own exotic tastes. You make statements for which there is no evidence in support, and you also ignore evidence on the blog which rubbishes your statements.

      I do not believe my lifestyle is normal. I am not dehumanised, I run a very successful business which I doubt I could do were I dehumanised. My Mistress is full of humanity. Caring, among hundreds of compassionate topics, about starving and abused children, oppressed people (particularly women) around the world, cruelty to animals and political and big business corruption and misleading propaganda. I am far from meaningless in my Mistress’s life as my Mistress has stated, I am the source of the vast majority of my Mistress’s pleasure and of her support and security. So the concept of my Mistress damaging or killing me is farcical. My Mistress spends a good deal of time and effort ensuring I am physically fit and healthy. Before commenting again, try looking at the objective facts rather than inventing a fantasy scenario that you can get condescendingly earnest about.

      • James says:

        In all fairness to the previous commenter, her comments are made out of concern for you. It doesn’t take “fantasies” to become alarmed by what is said here.

        I’ve just read this entire Q&A section, and it is extremely difficult to figure out where she draws the line at what she would or would not do to you. She has also said that you do not have the ability to leave (in particular because you have no independent resources), which is really disturbing.

        When a sadist says that someone is the “source of the vast majority of [her] pleasure”, it’s a bit difficult to take that as an indication that the person — as an independent human being– is meaningful to them because there is “meaningful” as a readily available subject of torture and “meaningful” as a human being with hopes, dreams, wants and needs, the quality of whose life you actually care about.

        Deer hunters would say that deer are the source of a good deal of their pleasure, but that’s not really a good thing for the deer.

        That being said, perhaps your Mistress should consider how important it is to make sure you remain alive and intact because if anything were to happen to you, there’s enough on this blog to put her away forever.

        • Your alarmed, mawkish, patronising, hand-wringing, melodramatic, condescending, alleged ‘concern’ for me is laughable and based on your inability to look at the facts with objectivity. You have an agenda and you interpret what you read to suit your agenda. I am addicted to my Mistress. I do not wish for a life devoid of her so I have to accept life 100% on her terms to be part of her life. Perhaps you need to read more of the blog. My Mistress writes the following in her ‘Adopt the lifestyle’ section. – ‘My bitch-boy happens to be the most intelligent and courageous person I have ever met. Should we find ourselves in a dodgy part of a city at night, for instance, there is no one I would feel more secure with. If I have a tedious problem to resolve, he takes on anyone or any organisation on my behalf, with assertiveness and solutions to problems.

          I suggest if you have time to spare to help people in need, then direct that time to helping Syrian Refugees; or oppressed women in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan; or secularists in Pakistan or Bangladesh; or homeless children in Latin America.

          • James says:

            Thank you for alleviating me of my concern for you. You obviously don’t know when someone cares about your well being.

            I read what you quoted. Somehow, a few statements of praise did not negate your Mistress’ statements like the following about how you are “trapped” In particular (3) and (4):

            “He is trapped in 4 ways. (1). After 8 years of continually increasing levels of daily subjugation by me, he has forgotten what is fair and normal and what is not. His sense of reality has shifted to where I do not think he can imagine a life free of his endurances, so he does not even consider escaping them. (2). He has a submissive soul and although that was the genisis of a few bedroom games and has now gone way past what he fantisised about, I am not sure he could contemplate a life without being able to submit to a truly dominant women like myself. (3). All things material (house, cars, etc) are owned by me. What can he do in practical terms. (4). I am sure he would fear me explaining to family and friends why he ran away.”

            I’ll stop reading the blog and wait for the [snuff] film.

            • By this blog, my Mistress is attempting to educate the spouses of true submissives so that a symbiotic, deeply content (although paradoxical) relationship can be created for both parties. My Mistress’s knowledge has been gathered from the submissives she has known and hundreds of comments from submissives on this blog.

              What is despicable about your comments is that you justify your belief about me possibly having no escape with a little evidence in support – and then make a jump, for which you have zero evidence, that I could or should be suicidal, or that if I were to die my Mistress would be considered a murderer, or that my Mistress will kill me in a snuff film. (You seem obsessed with me dying!) It is this jump which is despicable and exposes your prejudices and has the potential to be damaging. You should be ashamed of yourself.

              I quote you below:

              That being said, perhaps your Mistress should consider how important it is to make sure you remain alive and intact because if anything were to happen to you, there’s enough on this blog to put her away forever.

              In that circumstance, there would be only one way out. How he keeps from taking it, is beyond me.

              I’ll stop reading the blog and wait for the [snuff] film.

              • James says:

                In the excerpt I quoted, Your mistress said you can’t even judge what’s normal and fair anymore (“After 8 years of continually increasing levels of daily subjugation by me, he has forgotten what is fair and normal and what is not”), so this discussion can’t really go anywhere. My statement about how the blog would be judged if something happened to you is based on how it would be perceived by people who are “prejudiced” like I am. The cruelty comes out way more than anything else when you read the blog.

                Given her description of the effects of her treatment of you, the fact that you would lash out with hostility is not too surprising.

                I certainly hope you survive and thrive and that you are there because you want to be, not because you are trapped, notwithstanding your hostility towards me.

                • In your last comment you said you would stop reading the blog?

                  I have been hostile because of your behaviour, not because of the behaviour of my Mistress. I made clear the reason for my hostility in my last comment.

                  By this blog, my Mistress is attempting to educate the spouses of true submissives so that a symbiotic, deeply content (although paradoxical) relationship can be created for both parties. My Mistress’s knowledge has been gathered from the submissives she has known and hundreds of comments from submissives on this blog. Intelligent readers of this blog quickly pick up on the positive contribution for submissives. If you read the exchanges recorded and stored under the advice tab, you will find couples who have been helped a great deal by this blog and by my Mistress.

                  Your comments about snuff movies and me being suicidal, coming solely from your prejudiced mind, supported by no evidence, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, are destructive and could not be more unhelpful. I am sure you felt very superior and big as you typed though, despite revealing the substantial shortfall in your analysis of what you have read here. I am not lashing out. I am hostile to you though. I have explained why. I suggest you do as you said you would and stop reading this blog.

                  • James says:

                    Well, you’ve made it so fun to keep the dialogue going.

                    I do not feel superior or big compared to you and did not feel anything like that typing this. Not for a minute. It’s exactly the opposite. My comments that provoked your hostility were based on my projecting how I would react to your experiences because I couldn’t handle them. That’s obviously not at all how you react to them.

                    You are incredibly tough. I couldn’t handle 0.1 percent of what you handle for a second. When your mistress says she feels safe with you in a bad part of town, I absolutely believe that 100%. If I could handle what you handle, I’d be fearless in that kind of situation.

                    • Well although you could not help yourself but be condescending in your first sentence, the change of tone in the rest of the comment is welcomed and it takes a big person to change tone. Respect to you. My addiction is more relevant than my toughness.

      • narciss says:

        You shall not engage in too many explanations to people who have no ideea what a submissive wants and needs and even craves for and how rewarding is when his Mistress provides all these dreams to him…this is why BDSM is not for everyone and not everyone (I mean very few) can accept the idea…but, many of these people understand gays and lesbians or other orgies…which all have the same origins, in something coming from the past and it is built in our genes, in our DNA.
        Thank you BB & Ms Scarlet for sharing with us, with those of us interested to find out the subtle details similar others go through and learn or exchange experiences!

  39. Maid Lacey says:

    Dear BB, Thanks so much to Ms. Scarlet and you for this blog. A sissy friend told me about it, and I think it is wonderful. I am a sissy, admittedly past my prime and no longer in service. I am impressed by the many creative disciplines you are subjected to. I particularly like hand sewing because I have experienced it myself and found it very controlling and humbling. Have you done cross-stitch embroidery? It is not difficult to learn, and when you do, you can make letters and therefore little signs, including name tags. I think it would be wonderful if you had a name tag that you stitched yourself. Also, when I was a maid, I had a behavior chart consisting of buttons that I was required to sew onto it — pink for good behavior, black for bad. I had to wear the behavior chart on the front of my apron bib. Here is a pic of my behavior chart, from my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30405993@N03/4129491407/ And here is one of me wearing a “name tag” of sorts: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30405993@N03/3899345622/ You can see many other pics on my flickr page of me modeling outfits that include my cross-stitching, including baby outfits. If you are unable to access flickr, I could send you a few such pix. Last, I think “colouring in” is a lovely sissy activity. I would love to see photos of your completed work. I am sure all these activities help to make you a better sissy. Thank you again so much for the wonderful blog. Curtseys, Maid Lacey (aka P.J. Prettybutton)

  40. Steve says:

    Dear BitchBoi,

    This may sound unusual but I really envy your situation and I truly wish to commence such a situation in my relationship with my wife. She is a strong independent woman who I believe truly enjoys ordering me to her commands but I am too weak and spineless to know how or what is the best way to make my feelings known to her. Any advice that Ms Scarlett or yourself can offer I would be truly and forever grateful.


  41. Steve says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet (curtsies),

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my post, I am honoured you took the time to address my query. Your post of the 28th May was very insightful, informative and enlightening. I will start with tidy and replenish. In your experience is it better to replenish all food items or focus on her favourite treats. Will I need to tell her I am doing that or shall I do it off my own back without telling her so she can see how useful and subservient I can be without being asked?

    Many thanks again,


    • I think you are asking questions that I am ill qualified to answer as I do not know your wife, or your current relationship well enough. So I will have a go, but you may know better than I.
      I think you should tell her with words along the lines of:
      ‘I have been thinking how much I adore you and frankly feel privileged to be your husband. So I have been thinking of ways I might make your life easier and more pleasurable. So I can do more to deserve being your husband. I have decided from now on I would like to tidy up after you. Which means you can leave the sitting room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom in a real mess when you have finished in a that room and I will make sure it is tidied up before you next use the room. Also I will be making sure all your treats and other things are replenished so whatever you want is always available, like .[examples]……’ I hope this will make your life easier and more pleasurable and please make sure to tell me if I fall short with these things at any time. Is this OK?’

      Obviously use your own words.

      • Steve says:

        Dear Ms Scarlet (curtsies),

        Once again many thanks for taking your valuable time to assist me, I will definitely try the approach you have suggested. Bitch boi is very very lucky to have you indeed.


  42. goutham22 says:

    Hello bb,
    I was a sub for over 2 years to a mistress via Internet though.so obviously I involved in self punishment which includes ballbusting, tying up of balls for an hour,belting balls,gagging.All these were of my intensions.now I got out of it but when I smoke the next day I get dry and my sugar level goes down. How do yu think it relates to my sexual activities.I smoked up only 1 cigarette.

  43. fluffy says:

    hello BB – i have read in the past that MsScarlet likes to have small roll on in her bag when she is out about, so that she can easily apply it to your appendage but at times it has been unavailable

    well something for you to let her know, I’ve seen this in Boots, you will be pleased to know:


    is this the one MsScarlet already uses?

  44. cynetta says:

    How much of the time during a week do you spend dress en femme?
    Are you wearing makeup at those times

    How often are you in TSD and for how much time each week?

    Other than your outdoor exercise, do you ever go out in public en femme?

    • I never go out in public en femme. Mistress does not want any trouble with neighbours or the law.

      I am made to wear little girl or maid’s outfits whenever it suits my Mistress. When we are at home on a weekend, I have to the whole time. Some evenings too when my Mistress does not get home from work late. The Christmas break, and holidays abroad in rented cottages – it is every day, all day.

      I am in TSD for around 2 hours each weekend day at home when it is just the two of us. If Mistress’s girlfriend is over for the weekend, then I am in TSD on Saturday for 5 to 6 hours. It is terrible. And Sunday for 3 to 4 hours. And when the TSD is over it just means I will then be used and abused and humiliated for hours and hours more by both of them. But they are very beautiful and I Know I am very privileged to be in their presence.

  45. fluffy says:

    Did you like your Xmas presents and were you suitably grateful to Ms Scarlet for such dedicated thoughts in her gifting? Did you give anything in return to your Mistress and her girlfriend?

    respect from fluffy

    • Among other things Mistress Scarlet bought me the most humiliating dress it is possible to wear, with a matching, huge ribbon bow to be worn on the head. She paraded me in front of Governess Lexi in the outfit and commented that it would be impossible to design anything more humiliating for me. Mistress Scarlet is absolutely right about that. I bought Mistress Scarlet some very expensive items including jewellery. I would not presume to buy a present for Governess Lexi. Mistress Scarlet and Governess Lexi bought each other expensive personal gifts.

  46. fluffy says:

    do you still have to practice your nursery rhymes and performing routines, such as for I’m a little teapot?

    • Every time Governess Lexi visits, which is often, I have to perform nursery rhymes with actions in front of both Mistresses. They have taken to telling me to keep repeating again and again while they kiss, or even give each other orgasms.

  47. fluffy says:

    Now it’s Spring / BST are you looking forward to your first nettling of 2016? or has it already happened? Is it the sort of thing Ms Sarah will have on her calendar? Time for her to do another one of her imperial experiments? Nettles vs. Deep Heat vs. Interdental Brushes?

  48. jealous and scared says:

    Just curious if Ms Scarlet was aware of the effects of water on the Deep Heat cream? I’ve heard it should re-awaken the cream and make it even more intense. Has that ever been tried on you?

  49. slave N says:

    All inferior males should be kept in long term chastidy, only allowed release kneeling before two or more Superior Women, kissing thier shoes and verbally acknowledging the Total Superiority of Women. slave N

  50. makqua says:

    Just wondering BB, what are your sleeping arrangements? Do you sleep in your own room? Do you have a bed? Do you sleep on the floor?

    • I am sometimes made to sleep on the floor.
      When Msitress’s girlfriend lover is over I am sent to the guest bedroom. I often sleep with my Mistress. Mistress likes the warmth of my body and how it teases me to lay next to her naked perfect body while I am always so sexually frustrated. I have to get up without waking her and bring her tea at the exact time she has specified.

  51. scherzo says:

    Do you feel less enthusiastic about your slavehood right after being permitted to release because of the release of your sexual tension at that moment? And if so, how do you work past that and typically how long does it take to once again embrace your role?

    • It is a good question, and quite difficult to explain my answer. I am always, without exception, in extreme bondage when Mistress allows me an orgasm. And it always immediately follows a session od dickie-discipline. Sometimes I am immediately released and told to prepare a meal or do tidying or another chore. When this happens, because I know my Mistress knows I am feeling my least submissive, but she treats me harshly anyway, I feel submissive to her immediately because I know she knows she is being so hard expecting complete submissiveness when I am at my least submissive. That makes me submissive.

      Sometimes Mistress leaves me alone in the bondage for about ten minutes.

      Because the shortest period between orgasms for me is a week and it is routinely between ten days and three weeks, one orgasm is not actually enough to leave me feeling completely free of sexual tension. That takes two orgasms within the same half a day, and that now never ever happens. So the sexual tension comes back after about ten minutes anyway. I hope I have explained it.

  52. fluffy says:

    How’s the 2016 crop of stinging nettles? More potent than last year or the same?
    Bountiful enough for weekly sessions or more for Ms Scarlet to amuse herself with?

    • Extremely stinging, (because they have not yet flowered). Agonising. And Governess Lexi insists on using the nettle pouch during every single visit. And once the pouch is pulled on she squeezes all around the pouch. It is pure agony.

      • fluffy says:

        So who is more scary Governess Lexi or Ms Sarah when it comes to the nettles?

        • It is equal. Neither has even the smallest bit of pity for my pain and anguish. They are both sadists and do what they want to do with the nettles – utterly regardless of my anguish or my begging or whimpering or tears. They are calm and happy as they torture.

  53. fluffy says:

    has MS Scarlet ever tried something like this with when you sojourn to Europe on your secluded summer holidays?

    respect from

    • Not with biting ants, But I did have him colouring-in with a dolly on a blanket most days in one location where large ants would frequently be roaming across and he would have to repeatedly brush them from his thigh or the page of the book. An added irritant to his humiliating tedium.

  54. fluffy says:

    How has this season’s stinging nettles treated you?
    Is Ms Scarlet happy with the crop?
    There have not been many nettle updates, so just wondering if you have got off lightly this year or Ms Scarlet has grown bored of them?
    If they have been lackluster in 2016 perhaps your Mistress or even the divine Ms Sarah would be interesting in conducting one of her empirical studies with you based on this article:


    • On average through the summer I have suffered the nettles about once every 10 days. It has become a routine for my Mistress and Governess Lexi. I am not sure they think it worthy of comment any more, it has become so routine to them. Governess Lexi really likes using a pouch and once it has been pulled over my hard penis, Governess Lexi squeezes all around the pouch moving her hands up and down. It is agony. The nettles are a big part of this summer.
      It is clear nettles before they have begun to flower sting worse and the stings last much longer.

  55. fluffy says:

    sorry – wrong link (though interesting) this is the one I meant in my last post:


  56. Derek says:

    I am going to be visiting the UK early next year, and having read so much of Bitch Boy’s travails, I would really like to take the opportunity to experience a nasty nurse session, but especially the use of stinging nettles, which we do not have in my country. I was wondering therefore if you might be able to recommend the services of a professional mistress who offers this service?

  57. Derek says:

    Thank you

  58. Male Pet says:

    You started out like every man with kinky sexual fantasies. Yet when they try to introduce it with their partner, many times it fails to bring their dominance out. You have experienced the transformation of your wife into an uncompromising Mistress. You have suffered at the hands of many sadistic women. You have experienced first hand what thrills women about taking the dominant role. What don’t the kinky sub men understand about the appeal of dominance for women? What should they do differently if they really do want to bring out that side of her?

    • Mistress Scarlet has set this out in the draft of her manual. There is a short chapter on what submissives should do to coax their partner into being dominant. A chapter for potential dominants explaining the benefits and the transition steps.

      And for completeness I should add there is a chapter for committed dominants wanting to optimise and also a huge chapter, partially written, on techniques, methods, ideas, etc. Having read the first two chapters I mention above, nothing I could write in a short response to a comment would be adequate.

      • Male Pet says:

        I look forward to what Miss Scarlett has to say in her manual. However, I am interested in your opinion. You know the dreams of the submissive male. You have gone through the reality of those dreams being implemented in ways you never imagined. Let me rephrase my question: what have you learned about the nature of women from your experiences?

        • I have only learned about the nature of the women I have been in contact with. Obviously, all women are different. I have learned that they can be 100% merciless. I have learned that, if bisexual or heterosexual, they can get very sexually aroused by inflicting physical and or mental suffering and from wielding absolute power. I have learned that, if lesbian, they can still get huge pleasure, with no sexual arousal, from inflicting physical and or mental suffering and from wielding absolute power . I have learned they really enjoy ganging up, in groups or a pair on one helpless male. I have learned they do not feel guilty.

  59. Male Pet says:

    Thank you for your candor. BB, I have to admit I think of you from time to time. I am living my daily life and then I reflect of what ordeals you might be suffering at the moment. It puts my submissive fantasies in very real context. You have made the ultimate sacrifice to the pleasure of your Mistress. You endure for Her, day to day. I temper my fantasies by the reality that is imposed on you. You are very brave for following your Mistress so far out onto the edge. I am sure there are other subs that envy you, but realize they have no capacity to endure like you. We cannot lighten your load, but please realize that your sacrifices are not in vain. We see your endurance, and are in awe of it.

    • You offer me praise that I am not due. I have not made an ultimate sacrifice, that suggests a decision of free will. I am not brave, that suggests decisions of free will. I endure and sacrifice because I have no realistic alternative. I am addicted to, and subjugated to, Mistress Scarlet’s beautiful mind and beautiful body and I either endure or I have no more contact with her and all that entails. No chosen sacrifice or bravery, simply caught in a trap of my own making.

  60. Miguel says:

    Mistress Scarlet

    Love your blogue, is amazing and all days i read all of you write and I dream to serv you

    There is any chance to be your slave? i have no limits…

    At your feet

    • No chance. No vacancies.

      I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be unselfish, be patient. Act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none. Buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one by how you act, not by what you think! You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  61. Louis-Philippe. says:

    Hi, I’m a real obssessed foot fetishist and(I’m sorry in advance for my average english, this isn’t my first language.) since I follow your Tumbler I’m VERY thrilled to know if bitch-boy could have this privilege to be your foot slave(and your friends, sisters and girlfriend), I don’t read anything about it except for your shoes. Could he smell, lick or touch your barefeet? Dirty or not?

    Thanks id advence for the answer and please never stop to be cruel and sadistic to your slave, congratulations for your girlfriend! 🙂

    • On special occasions he gets to kiss the very soft top surface of superior womens’ feet when the foot is in a shoe, or the toes sometimes when the foot is in open toed sandals. That is the only contact he gets with the skin of feet. It is good for his subjugation, reinforcing his lowly status, that he usually only gets to kiss the leather surfaces of the footwear, especially licking the soles clean.

      I am sure he gets the smell while kissing the work shoes I am wearing each morning before I go to work.

  62. fluffy says:

    are you fretting about any last hurrah of this season’s stinging nettles before they die down for the winter?

    • They are being used on every opportunity and Mistress now has a shaped leather ‘sheet’ with a hole in which fits over my stomach between my thighs and my cock pokes through the hole. It is then whipped with nettles and my thighs and stomach are safe meaning all the pain is focussed on my cock.

  63. Riley says:

    Forgive me for using a reply for this purpose, but I’ve found no other way to get in touch on the site. I’m a regular reader and have found Mistress Scarlet’s writings interesting. In fact, they inspired me to write of some of my own experiences. My question is this: would she be interested in a pre-pub copy of the book I’ve written? I’m seeking reviewers and would appreciate her comments and/or mention in the blog if she finds it worthwhile.

  64. Slave says:

    Have you ever been punished for something that you did not do wrong? Or suffered as a result of Ms Scarlet’s mistake/forgetfullness?

    • Yes I have been punished in that way. I also often receive a deterrent punishment at the beginning of a domination day just so I know how a punishment will feel if I do disobey at any time during the day. And my Mistress’s girlfriend often punishes me, as she says, ‘Just because I can’.

  65. maid jessica says:

    Have you ever had to dress as a maid and been taken to your mother in law’s home where you had to serve her.

    • No, for practical reasons. Mistress Scarlet would not hesitate however, to leave me at any superior woman’s house, or the house of a ‘man hating’ lesbian couple, to do housework, (likely dressed as a sissy maid), if any such women were local and contacted her on this.

  66. fluffy says:

    have you ever been put outside for the whole day or a night in the summer?

  67. Mistress Mala Rara says:

    bitch-boy, My understanding is that your 10th anniversary of new-born virgin status is coming somewhere this month. 2 questions:
    1. How is your Mistress planning to celebrate it vs. your expectations/dreams?
    2. How do you feel as a “virgin”? Do you think that not being an actual virgin makes your situation more frustrating since you’ve experienced the warmth of your Mistress’ pussy and you know how wonderful it feels? Or do you think that if you would have never experience penetrative sex at all you would feel more desperate to try it?

    My personal slave is actually a virgin, he never had an opportunity to stick his little clit into a woman’s vagina and will never, ever have this opportunity as long as he deserves to be My slave. Definitely I can see lot’s of signs of his desperation coming from huge urge to penetrate (since he is still quite young) and curiosity of trying sex for the first time in his life. My personal belief is that this state is the pick of male’s frustration. Please tell Me what are your thoughts on this.

    With all the respect to your incredible Mistress,
    Mistress MalaRara

    • Mistress has not mentioned it and I doubt it will be celebrated because Mistress considers such a given A simple matter of fact. And the actual date of my last fuck is unknown.

      I think both my condition and your salve’s condition are equally terrible. I do know how wonderful it feels, and miss it so very much. It is the top thing I would change if I could change one thing. I would continue with all the terrible humiliations and the tedium torments physical torments, if I could be allowed to feel penetration just very now and then. Mistress will not even allow once a year.

      Your slave no doubt imagines how it would feel and his imagination would create a feeling beyond sublime, so he believes he is missing out on some sublime feeling, that he may even be imagining is better than it is, although it is tough to imagine that.

      • Mistress Mala Rara says:

        “Mistress will not even allow once a year.”
        Very good. Why would you even think that you would deserve such a privilege?
        A lot of Mistresses don’t agree with Me on this particular matter but I personally strongly believe that slave’s clitty should never even approach Mistress’s superior vagina. Otherwise you end up with the conflicts of statuses.

        your last sentence is extremely puzzling. It sounds like you believe that it’s possible to imagine a feeling better than the actual feeling of penetrating a pussy. I thought that the penetration of a vagina is the maximum for a male?

        BTW. does your Mistress gives you liberty to just hop in on Her website and write answers in this sections whenever you’ll spot a new question? Or rather your Mistress reads all the questions and then orders you to write a response?

        • Yes in my last sentence I was suggesting it may be possible, if you have never experienced penetrating a pussy, to imagine it feeling better than the actual feeling does. With respect, I was considering that one cannot know how good something feels if one has never experienced it.

          My Mistress expects me to monitor for questions on the blog asked directly of me, and to answer them without recourse to my Mistress. From time to time, my Mistress does check that I have been scrupulously honest in my answers.

  68. fluffy says:

    missing the stinging nettles?

  69. I have read a lot about your day to day torture and punishment. However I can’t recall seeing anything about you being punished for any particular infraction. You seem to be a most well behaved and obedient submissive, so I am curious. Are you punished just because Ms Scarlet wants you to be, or are there things you have done that warrant punishment above and beyond the day-to-day? Thanks in advance.

    • I am punished for infractions. Punishments are harsh and I try hard to avoid them. I am confused as to what you mean by beyond the day-to-day? Can you explain?

      • What specifically do you do wrong that deserves punishment? I don’t see any disobedience or mistakes, so I was curious what you did that got you punished above and beyond your normal torture sessions. I hope that makes sense.

        • I get punished if I forget to replenish something, if I forget to curtsey to both Governess Lexi and Mistress Scarlet on entering or leaving a room they are in. I get caned for each crease in the ironing I have to do, or if I fail to use both hands when passing something to or picking up from the hand of my Mistress or Governess Lexi. I get caned if I go over a line when doing the hours of colouring-in I have to do. The list is endless.

          • Thank you so much for the reply. I love that your Mistress shares your life with the rest of us. Very interesting reading. I’d love to try your lifestyle sometime, but don’t think I could do it for a very long time. I’m envious.

  70. Jenny D says:

    I live overseas and just recently visited the UK and bought the Extra strengh Deep Heat for my boyfreind. Before i use it on him i would like to ask, so i can plan things. On a scale of 1-10 how intense is the pain? More particularly how long does it burn at a high intensity for? How long does it take before your dicklet feels OK again?

    • There is probably a variance of plus or minus 25% to the following. The pain will vary in intensity with the area covered. I would suggest just applying some to the shaft as a first experiment, say rubbed into an area the size of a large coin. The pain will be up there at 7-8, but only on a small area. Compared to if you liberally rubbed it into the whole shaft and head of the penis which I think will be pain of 10. It lasts 10 to 20 minutes. The pain is made worse if there is physical contact with the penis of a blanket or condom, say. It is then sensitive for about another 10 minutes but not painful. If his reaction during experiment 1, is less miserable than you require, wait 20 minutes and then apply over a larger area. And so on…… I suggest you use rubber gloves or wash your hands very thoroughly immediately afterwards. Please, please let me know how it goes.

  71. Jenny D says:

    Thank you. I will keep you posted.

  72. fluffy says:

    did Ms Scarlet and her sisters give you some lovely, Christmas gifts this year BB?

  73. fluffy says:

    in moments you have alone, do you ever fondle your locked up little clitty, even for just a few moments, examining it after the ordeals Ms Scarlet puts it through?

  74. jealous slave says:

    Can you speak about how many days per week you are subjugated to some kind of domination? I assume the accounts in this blog are highlights and not the 24/7 norm. I imagine you are still 100% responsible for cooking, cleaning, and such — but how frequently is there some real aspect of humiliation, punishment, bondage? Is this daily? Only on weekends?


    • It depends. There is no norm. However, Mistress gives up work very soon and I am no doubt it will then be daily unless some vanilla event gets in Mistress’s way on the occasional day.

  75. Mistress Mala Rara says:

    bitchboy, how would you feel if your Mistress would cuck you with other men, while having no intentions of taking away your virginity? Or how such a thought makes you feel? Please answer honestly, I’m really curious.

    • It would feel truly awful and unfair, but only very marginally more truly awful and unfair than what happens now. Mistress is very clear that I will be a ‘born-again virgin’ for the rest of my life. Not even allowed a momentary insertion/penetration. In addition my infrequent orgasms are always, without fail, while I am in very strict bondage and only after at least one session of dickie-discipline. Mistress very frequently has orgasms in front of me. As many as ten in one day. Then I am cuckolded. Mistress and her girlfriend are always French kissing in front of me, especially just after I have been pissed on or have been punished. They both love to have me watch Governess Lexi run her hands all over Mistress’s beautiful body, laughing that I am never allowed to. And finally, at the end of the night, they tie me by my balls to the railings at the foot of the bed and have sex in front of me, before putting me in a restraint and sending me off to sleep in another room. So I think it would be marginally worse if it was a man, but only slightly. The unfairness is already very, very high now.

      • Mistress Mala Rara says:

        It is very cruel, I admit. And I love it.

        What kind of sex do they have? Any penetrative sex? If your Mistress is being penetrated by Her Girlfriend (perhaps with the help of strap-on etc.) then what difference would it make if She would be penetrated by Her boyfriend instead? Do you think that it would trigger more intense jealousy as males naturally tend to view Females more favorable than males, and males tend to be viewed as competition?

  76. fluffy says:

    Have U ever been sent to either of Ms Scarlet’s sisters houses to clean for them or have they ever ‘babysat’ you for a weekend?

  77. fuzzy says:

    What do you think most drives you to bring such commitment and energy to your devotion year after year, especially when your reborn virginity takes so many things off the table? We go through such swings in our level of experimentation.

    • Its not like that.
      I am a submissive. Mistress has the power held over me to withhold the vision of her amazing body and also to withhold ever dominating me unless I submit to whatever Mistress wants. I have no option but to endure or, not be dominated by her at all, not see her amazing body erotically dressed ever. Mistress has real power over me. I endure the tribulations and am rewarded by a life in which I am totally under the power of a beautiful cruel woman. I know I could not be content without that and I doubt I could ever find another Mistress so beautiful, cruel, intelligent, hard working, etc. etc.

      • fluffy says:

        you are a lucky guy – so even when you are getting a full on nettling or an interdental brush plunged in and out to the hilt – I hope your submissiveness helps with your ordeals

        i for one look forward to hearing about those experiences greatly (along with your rotatory drudgery and any encounter with Ms Sarah – who would just be fantastic to be at the mercy of!)

        respect from

      • fuzzy says:

        I didn’t mean to presume anything. Your permanent state of denial is described as deliciously as anywhere on the Internet. I especially enjoyed the “9 years of denial” blog entry from a few years ago. Is there anywhere I can read more about the thought process of Her decision, when/how it sank in for you, etc.?

        • I think this is probably a question for Mistress, not me. What I understand is that it began a little while after me being in chastity began. I think her having orgasms then, on so many days, while there was no role for my cock, planted the idea that penetration had only been for my pleasure and was not needed by her. So now I was her slave, why was she giving that pleasure when the cruelty of denying it would bring her much pleasure than the small pleasure she had been getting from penetration. And it would also remind me of my lowly status compared to her. Mistress has a staggering body and never being allowed penetration is the worst of everything I endure. I still find it hard to believe Mistress will never change her mind but I know Mistress sees it as one facet of her keeping me seriously subjugated to her.

  78. fluffy says:

    have you ever had hold a conversation and discuss the small size of your little clitty with your dollies in front of Ms Scarlet and or her guests?

  79. fluffy says:

    any sign of the 2017 vintage of stinging nettles popping up their lovely leaves and stems to a sufficient growth for your 2017 playtimes and fretting at this time of year to commence?

    • They are 3 inches tall. I guess Mistress could use the small leaves to fill the pouch if she so desired.

    • tiffanymaid says:

      Mistress Serena has had me nurture several pots in greenhouse….they are now 6-7 inches and in active growth….my fretting has begun !

      • fluffy says:

        Mistress Serena sounds deliciously mischievous and mean – I can’t think why more femdom inspired ladies in FLRs haven’t put nettles to good use more – I only discovered it through MsScarlet’s lovely books and blogs.

        MsScarlet – when/how did you first strike upon the use of nettles with BB?

  80. fluffy says:

    I keep seeing stinging nettles popping up when walking the dogs – and thinking of you!
    You must be counting the days until you are introduced to 2017’s vintage!

  81. socops says:

    Q&A for Bitch Boy: I was wondering if you have ever been subjected to the humbler device? They can be hand made using long sticks and string and or of course commercially bought. https://www.amazon.com/Master-Enforcer-Black-Wooden-Humbler/dp/B00LOUYSDU
    My wife loves to employ it when I have the most to do around the house it seems! Maybe it could be padded with some nettles which you seem so attached to lately!

  82. fluffy says:

    How were the nettles? First impressions on 2017?
    Will they get stronger from your experience as they grow bigger?

  83. doggie says:

    If I may ask a question: Do you, in general, feel safe in your chastity?
    A little background: I’m wearing a metal cage and as long as I’m wearing it, I know my Owner can not inflict pain, so, over time I developed a hate/love relationship with it. When not aroused and therefore desperate, I feel like my Owner is grabbing (and protecting) me, even in the “real world” of office and vanilla family events. Do you have the same or can relate to it?

    Thank you very much!


    • I can relate to feeling owned and controlled when not in the company of Mistress but when I am in the company of Mistress I am very rarely in chastity so get no protection.

  84. doggie says:

    Thank you!

  85. doggie says:

    I’m sorry, I would have another two questions, if you can spare the time of answering them:

    Somewhere on this website (or the journals, I’m not sure, I read them all) it is mentioned that your Mistress used the shock collar connected to an anal dildo and your clitty. This sounds very, very cruel. How does that feel? My owner is intrigued…

    Does your Mistress whip the soles of your feet? It is overly painful and a lot more than I asked for.

    Thank you very, very much!

    I think my wife and me are heading in the same direction as you are. I’m very grateful for every minute she spends with me although it usually means pain and degradation. I, personally, cannot relate to your hate of wearing shameful outfits, I guess my shame level is perhaps higher in that aspect but I do fully understand how it feels to perform and be humiliated in front of others. And, thank you very much, ever since my owner read through this website, I’m not allowed to penetrate her anymore. Although she didn’t tell my that I’m a newborn virgin, so I still hope.

    And, for me, being in chastity 24/7 for two or three weeks (it never comes off, I can wash myself good in it) it actually a good trade for feeling her hands on those rare occasions and get relief in a truly mind shattering orgasm.

    Sorry, this was pretty long, I didn’t mean to confine you to reading everything, sometimes its good to vent. Please, if you consider publishing my question and comment, shorten it as you see fit.

    Thank you, again!

    • Here is the post on the shock collar connected to the anal probe. It connects either to the anal probe or the penis collars, not both. It is frightening and produces instant obedience even at a fairly low setting.

      No, Mistress is not into whipping soles of feet.

      What do you mean by: ‘I, personally, cannot relate to your hate of wearing shameful outfits, I guess my shame level is perhaps higher in that aspect…’

  86. tiffanymaid says:

    bitchboy….following a weekend nettle session, involving both nettle whipping my clitty and the nettle pouch, may i ask you …. which do you consider worse, nettle whipping or the pouch?
    i found the whipping more painful, but as ever, the pouch more intense.

  87. doggie says:

    Thank you very much!

    With my comment, I meant that in my experience, wearing sissy or female clothing with or without makeup is like wearing a costume. What happens to this costume is not happening to me. I played the role my Owner wished me to play pretty shamelessly, in a way She understood very easy that it was not having the desired humiliating effect on me. Just like wearing a costume of the devil and you and everybody around you attending the same party just knows you’re a good guy in disguise.

    I was interrogated very harshly (her favorite form of training me) and confessed.

    Now I’m made to perform whatever she wants in very little “outfit”, just ridiculing my manhood or my bottom. Like a really heavy weight on my balls that looks like a grinning fairy, an inflatable plug with feathers, inflated until I genuinely cry. A small “crown of thorns” in pink (with small bells hanging from it) that hurts my knob like hell, although it doesn’t make me bleed (Owner hates the sight of blood), a female latex mask with a smiling mouth. THAT has a huge effect on me because my pain and suffering is made look sweet, innocent and unimportant. I truly feel like a toy being abused.

    And during some moments (like yesterday, when I was at her feet, sobbing and whining for mercy because of the pain) I looked up to her, saw the joy in her eyes and melted in awe of her cruelty and sadism.

    Does your Mistress comfort you after an especially harsh treatment? Mine only does comment positively on a good licking after the treatment.

    I wish you and you mistress all the best. Despite pain and degradation and being made into a slave that follows ridiculous orders to perfection, I cannot live without her and I sense you do the same.

    Again, thank you!

    • I guess we are all different in what affects us.

      Mistress does not comfort me. The most common comment is that I brought it all on myself and only have myself to blame.

      Mistress Scarlet commented that your Mistress sounds amazing.

  88. doggie says:

    Thank you very much for your answer.
    If I may, I’d have another two questions:
    a) Did Mistresses Justine and Sonia visit you again?
    b) If yes, how was it?
    Thank you very much!

  89. fluffy says:

    what’s the worst place on your little clitty that Ms Scarlet can focus nettles on to give you one of your intense emotional moments – is there a sweet spot for nettles so to speak?

  90. fluffy says:

    So I am working my way through Ms Scarlet’s Manual – a few questions come to mind related to you:
    1) Have you read and contributed to the Manual beyond just enduring much of what is detailed?

    2) What goes through your mind when you are made to face the wall and go through the motions of ‘I’m a little teapot’ over and over – not knowing whether you are being observed or not?

    respect from

    • 1) I have been interrogated many times as to exactly how do I feel, what emotions do I have, in that situation and this situation, etc.

      2/Utter subjugation and helplessness.

  91. Fauss hull says:

    I have read most of the journals at this time and noticed a jump from your telling mistress scarlet of your need to be dominated and her thinking it was interesting idea, then the journals jump to her being a sadist. It would be great to read about her feelings during the transition and how you helped her in her early journy

  92. Fauss hull says:

    Are there any postings of you on the Tumblr account? I looked and could not find any since it is so big and you don’t tag them if they exist

  93. fluffy says:

    So was Mistress Nicola worse than Ms Sarah in her attentions with the nettles upon your little clitty?
    Ms Scarlet was merciless in giving it a covering of deep heat straight after – how you endure I will never know – it must be so intense!!

  94. luckygirl says:

    Mistress Scarlet has mentioned in the past how she allows you to cum every 10 days-3 week (normally) to remind you of the pleasure she can give you. How would you feel if she decided one day that you would never have an orgasm again (possibly the occasional ruined orgasm)?

    • Obviously I would hate it, but I have read that men in that situation eventually come to terms with never. While being teased for a possible release day after day which normally, but not always) results in no release, is impossible to come to terms with on any of the days of teasing that end up as frustration.

  95. Eric rose says:

    Dear BB
    I just recently found Your Mistress’ site and have read the recent posts. I note that she wrote, “In fact, given the Linnex lasts AT FULL EFFECT for about 40 minutes, it could be that bitch-boy prefers the nettles to the Linnex.”
    May i ask, which you actually prefer and why?, (Or perhaps it might be easier to answer which is worse and why?)

    • The nettles immediate impact is awful, especially on the penis head at the tip. You never know how long the nettle application will continue for so it is traumatic, especially if it seems the application will go on and on and on. The immediate intense stinging lasts about ten minutes but the residual uncomfortable ‘tingling’ can last a further 4 hours. Mistress has also recently got into the habit of visiting me every half hour for a nettles application top-up, for however long I am in TSD bondage.

      The Linnex has no effect for about 5 minutes and then is a terrible intense burning, even with just a small application. It lasts for about 40 minutes without letting up, then it fades quickly. It is hard to say which is the worst. I think it is the Linnex, especially as so far, Mistress has left a lot of room for escalation potential, both by the amount Mistress could apply and by the prospect of repeated applications as soon as the previous application has faded away.

  96. Eric rose says:

    Thank you.

  97. fluffy says:

    seen the last of the stinging nettles for 2017 or are you looking forward a few last hurrahs before winter is upon us?

    • I believe they are no more. But this simply heralds in the use of the Linnex. Not as scary during the drawn out application phase that the nettles involves, but far worse with the 40 minutes of burning that follows application.

  98. Sandra says:

    How many coloring books have you completed since Christmas 2013?

    • I am 75% through the second one which gives an indication of how long even a single page takes, free of any over-the-lines errors. And it is so misery inducing knowing there are 5 more identical books on the self not even started.

  99. Sandra says:

    Has Mistress Scarlet ever brought a woman (unknown to you), to your house without warning prior to her arrival, and made you sing “I’m a Little Teapot” for her while dressed in your little girl clothing? This would be the most mortifying thing on Earth that could ever happen to me. To have to embarrass myself in front of a superior woman who I had never met, while she stood there with a blank face of bewilderment, and then tell me I was pathetic would bring me to tears, and sobbing. My owner has been reading this blog, and has recently threatened to do something similar to this to remind me that she is always in charge.

    • I have never taken the risk of bringing a stranger to my house without meeting her first.
      Should the right circumstances ever arise however with a caller to my front door who I sense would be good, I would not hesitate. bitch-boy would be reduced to tears and I would be delighted.
      This reminds me of a regular contributor, a while back, to the petticoated monthly website. She forcibly dressed her husband as a sissy maid and her mother knew all about it and her mother used to have him over for weekends to clean her house. The mother would arrange for a home sales woman to visit from Avon make-up, who used to have a home sales scheme at the time. When the sales lady arrived, the humiliated son-in-law would have to serve tea and the mother-in-law would explain to the sales lady that the maid was her son-in-law who had committed an infraction with his wife and was therefore thus dressed as a punishment. On other occasions the mother-in-law would invite two or three of her friends around.

      Your owner sounds fantastic. Would it be possible for you to describe her current regime?

  100. fluffy says:

    Have you ever in the term of the Two Ronnies been the ‘worm that turned’ and rebelled or had a hissy-fit at what Ms Scarlet demands your endure?
    The most I have read documented is when you paused in starting your 2nd colouring-in book but wondered if there have been other occurrences, which you have then paid for your folly in even greater atonements?

    • Yes there have been a dozen or so such situations, but now I am simply told, ‘……….you can either do it now, or do it after a very serious caning. So are you going to do it now?’ I have no leeway.

  101. Bob says:

    Are you happy?

  102. Mastrovenice says:

    Has Mistress ever commanded the complete removal of body hair? Has she ever considered laser hair removal around your little clitty?

    • Yes Mistress has in the past, but I think Mistress considers it takes too long for the benefit to her.

      Mistress would absolutely consider laser removal of all genital hair.

  103. Mastrovenice says:

    Has there ever been discussion of having a Prince Albert piercing in your little clitty?

  104. ssanders says:

    How long did you have a “vanilla” relationship with Mistress? How long did it take before you felt like you were in a lifestyle?

  105. narciss says:

    Dear BB & Ms Scarlet, I am a single man, one of those who feel that a full submission will be their solution to all the inner fights along the time, a time which proved that vanilla relationship will not last even if I am not the one asking for an end there. So, after a big vanilla love when I foreseen a slight potential for being dominated big time but which ended shameful, I am now into a friendship with a woman who did not hear about BDSM before but seems so interested in dominating and punishing me. She lives far away but she sends me various requests (let’s call them orders) to do after I come from job…they are mostly self-humiliation things as well as self-punishments. I should say that I met the woman twice in the past and did not feel anything deep, like love or special respect…however, after we were talking about BDSM the feelings somehow changed, but not too much. I mean I love when she is talking dirty and asking without any respect to do that or that, but after a while my old rebellious spirit and my lack of respect for her come up and I am not feeling anything for her for a while.
    What would be your bet on this, should we continue and see where it goes or this initial lack of respect will be something hunting my real submission to her forever? I understood BB was idolising you from the very beginning so your job (and his) was easier for the beginning. I am also not so sexual driven man while she is and her needs are very clear expressed in her daily requests. I can see myself in BB’s shoes after a while, when I get to the point to have no choices and have my mind set, but it is not clear to me how to get there from the point I am now.
    Please advice as per your vast experience, personal or not.
    Thank you!

    • Have you ever met her face to face? If no, do you intend to?

      • narciss says:

        Dear BB & Mistress Scarlet,
        Yes, I did meet her twice. First time last year in October for one month and second from mid December for other 2.5 months. But, I did not bring up the BDSM topic. However, after watching together some short videos on the internet, I saw her interested somehow to see more. At that time I wasn’t sure if she just want to do whatever I want or she is really interested. So one day after few drinks she got the gut to tell me she wants to fuck my ass with a double side toy which I have at home (which normally is set on the man’s mouth where a small plug gets in his mouth and the big side stays outside ready for the woman to take in as she wish). It was an improvised scene and not very effective, but it happened so somehow we broke the ice. Two days later, talking about a spanking we watch on internet, she asked me to lay on the bed, tied my hands behind and legs together and spanked my with a bamboo stick (one that normally sustains small plants while growing). She was soft…very soft…40 or 50 strokes in two batches and I could not feel any pain even if I am not very good with pain endurance. And this is all. We did not talk much about this topic until she left. After she got home and we started to talk about BDSM in general and I started to call her “Mistress”, she started to deliver scenarios and to give me home works such as canning my back until the stick breaks, slapping hard the face repeating that my Mistress is the best, fucking my ass hard (with same tool as described above) until she can see my happy face on video, staying 20 minutes kneeling in the corner on hard tiles and begging her to forgive my stupidity, licking a long hallway mirror repeating that I love my mistress and I lick all she wants me to, eating food from a bowl on the floor without using hands…so these type of things. However, after a week or so, I got frustrated of so much licking in the air like I would do on her pussy, or getting the artificial penis in my ass, etc…so I somehow expressed my negative feelings and she stopped giving tasks to do. If I call her “mistress” she answer automatically using “slave”, but rarely tells me again what she would like to do to me. Also, I am on the edge of vanilla needs and BDSM and cannot decide if I should encourage her further or not. And, here is my point with the questions I asked in the first time: by not being sure I need a mistress which I am not in love with, will I be able to go through the accommodation period when these back and forth thoughts will exists? As I see, I dream to have BB’s role and being at his level of submission, and somehow I even see me there, even with this woman, but I cannot see me now…I have an invisible barrier which I don’t know how to pas it. Is love an important factor in this type of relationship or just respect for whatever the Mistress is and does is enough? Will some sort of blackmailing or something else help to put me in my place and leave her hands and mind free to act when I do not agree or when I am not in the mood to listen?

        Just as a side story, I purchased Ms Scarlet’s book “Gratifying Domination…” and shared with her on Kindle, as well as I gave her the link to this blog page. However, she doesn’t speak English very well so I am not sure she will be able to get enough thoughts…but is a good way to practice English so I gave her this chance, will see.

        Thank you!

        • It was unforgiveable that you ‘so I somehow expressed my negative feelings.‘ You should be ashamed. You must apologise for that! What else was she supposed to do!

          Why don’t you just both agree to experiment the next time you are together. For a whole week perhaps. Then at the end of that week, discuss the future.

          • narciss says:

            I know, is not her fault at all, she tried her best…is me who is undecided, who cannot foresee if I can submit to her without being in love with her. And this is my concern, if such relationship requires love or there are enough cases when love was not there but they still succeeded…do you know successful couples who started from my position?
            Thank you!

            • Yes I have known loveless arrangements that work. What is wrong with doing a week as a test run anyway?

              • narciss says:

                Oh, nothing wrong, actually it is a very good idea and have already passed it to her today…one week when she has full rights and I have no rights, when she can freely test my limits for humiliation and punishments and I cannot say no. After a week will decide if we want to test further or we stop there.
                I am glad you know couples who had succeeded in our circumstances! Thank you!
                Also, after 2 weeks of silence, she came back today like a summer storm, strong and from nowhere, describing me scenarios she would put me in if would be here…I was demolished, same like I feel while reading Mistress Scarlet’s scenarios with you, BB.

      • narciss says:

        …and yes, she will come back this summer…in two months or so.

  106. tiffanymaid says:

    Dear b-b… my MistressWife inspired by Your Mistress’ blog, Journals and Guidance Manual has received a Linnex stick to supercede the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue. i have perused your comments on the Linnex stick and have read of pansy-pieces suffering & sobbing, i am, to say the very least, concerned. Any tips on how, if it is as bad as it sounds, i can endure such a coating to my clitty when in TSD or otherwise. thank you.

    • It is as painful as the worst products available and lasts far, far longer. There is no advice I can give. And I think your Mistress is more cruel than mine when it comes to such applications.

  107. fluffy says:

    Clearly Ms Scarlet determines when you get to cum – and – she has also determined that you are a Born Again Virgin – but I wonder have you found over the years Ms Scarlet lets you squirt more? Less? the same?
    From Ms Scarlet updates, it seems you get to cum roughly every 2 or 3 weeks – have you ever had to endure a ‘cumless’ month?
    Is there ever a dialogue between the two of you that twists the nobs (pun intended) as to your denial and submissive natures, that contrasts the amount of orgasms Ms Scarlet enjoys vs. you BB?
    regards. fluffy

    • Cumming does not have a set frequency but its never less than 7 days apart. Often 10 days, sometimes a month. A few times over the years more than month.

      I’m not sure I understand your 2nd question.
      Mistress very frequently reminds me she often has orgasms, when I don’t. Often with her girlfriend. Sometimes over a long day, around ten. Always pointing out how frequent Mistresse’s are compared to how rare mine are. Mistress enjoys often reminding of this.

      • fluffy says:

        hearing about the ratio of your orgasms to Ms Scarlet must really make you squirm with self pity – thanks for sharing

  108. fluffy says:

    Glad the stinging nettles have flowered and thus lost some of their potency?

    Or has Ms Scarlet found some new growth again to things fretful for you?

    Did you ever see the super-sized nettle leaves Ms Scarlet discovered and posted about wrapping your clitty with an elastic band?
    kindest regards,

  109. jmv0405 says:

    Quick question, maybe stupid, maybe already answered.

    What do you do to make yourself a better slave for her?

    Asking as it might be helpful for my own relationship.

    • Especially when in vanilla mode, think about her first always, in every circumstance. Know her so well as to predict her needs and meet them in every context of daily life.

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