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Idle wondering and innocent images

I love to see the pro Dommes who have what appears to be their own, long term sub. Despite the income earning nature of their output, you know they are REAL in a REAL relationship. Bojana the Balkan Brat, Mistress Elaine and sissy maid Vicky, Melanie the Barefoot Princess, Cruel Sarah and her cuck, Kelli and her cuck, Louis Margot and her cuck, Princess Perfect and her sub, etc.

What I sometimes wonder about is whether some of the deliciously cruel pro Domme women who regularly appear in videos and photo shoots with many DIFFERENT subs, have a long term male sub at home? A male sub at home who suffers a regime in keeping with the cruelty these delightful women show with the subs in their videos? (And do any of them read this blog I wonder ???)

For instance, any of the women from; Miami Mean girls,  from the Brat Princesses, from Men Are Slaves, etc. And women such as Empress Jennifer,  Mistress Cindy, Mistress Elise, Brat princess Christina, Miss Barnes, Goddess Amadahy, Cybil Troy, Sarah Eve, Karin Von Kroft, etc.















Might some of these women have a full time sub at home who they do not want on video? Or do they have a vanilla male because they get all their sadism and dominance out when making femdom videos?

Just something I sometimes ponder on.


Below I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog and, possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening a vanilla wife or girlfriend away from trying an FLR relationship.


Lock Down activity from Carla

The following lock down activity from the wonderful Carla is self explanatory. It was prompted by my recent post on the archive of Petticoated.com letters. It is a wonderful activity that can, and I am sure will, be continued when lock down is over. Below is a photo of Carla and pussie but it is from my archive and is not directly related to the post below.








Hi Scarlet,

Hope all is well with you. I must thank you for the posting the treasure trove of petticoat/sissy discipline material. I had never heard of the Petticoat Discipline Journal or any of the earlier publications referred to in the posting. While some of the letters become repetitive, many are filled with wonderfully creative ways to totally humiliate and punish a sissy. I also note that many of the letters describe intensely embarrassing public sissy humiliation. As you know this is something I often subject pussie to with great amusement on my part and others who participate in the poor thing’s public outings. If my recollection is correct of the other women who have submitted comments to you, only Ms Anne has subjected her sissy to humiliation in front of others-and that only to her Mom.

Your posting has resulted in our instituting a new form of cocktail hour entertainment. Each evening, around 6 pm or so, Todd (my boy friend I cuckold pussie with), his daughter Megan and I have cocktails served by pussie.

(Todd’s daughter’s college closed down due to the corona virus and she asked if she could stay with us for a while. I won’t take your time to discuss how we got there, but soon after Megan arrived we let her know all about pussie and that we treat the sissy as the menial housemaid it is.  pussie begged me and then both Todd and me a number of times to not allow Megan to order it about. For whatever reason, the sissy pleaded and begged even more to not allow Megan to join us for the cocktail hour readings. Megan was most offended by pussie’s request and now spanks the sissy even harder than I do! )

Anyway, you may recall that in the past I had pussie read to Todd and me from your published books. We all decided that it would be great fun to have pussie entertain us during cocktail hour by reading the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters you posted. So starting from Vol. 1 letter 1, pussie has been slowly reading to us each evening anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  To add to our amusement I put a paper clip on the sissy’s tongue before it begins reading so that the sissy lisps and must speak ever so slowly so as to clearly pronounce each word. If any of us cannot understand a word, pussie must start again from the beginning of that letter.

I have been using a regular sized paper clip. I am now thinking that once it is safe to do so, I may have pussie’s tongue pierced and a small gold ball inserted, I think this may give pussie a permanent lisp while at the same time increasing the sissy’s ability to provide oral pleasure.

Megan has been given the task of picking out pussie’s cocktail hour outfit. (You will recall that pussie has a wool fetish so, given he is in 24/7 chastity and does not get to cum very often, wool items make him even more desperate.)  Most times Megan has the sissy dress as a cute schoolgirl in a fuzzy angora or mohair sweater stretched tightly over the its 42DD well filled bra, very short kilt type skirt, wool leg warmers, knee socks or frilly ankle socks, mary jane T-strapped 3″ heel shoes, matching bows in the sissy hair, full makeup and woolly  mittens.

After serving drinks pussie stands at perfect attention in front of us. No bending of legs, no slouching. As you may have noted, pussie has no panties on. Rather the sissy is put into his spiked chastity cage to which I have attached a large bell. When it is time to begin, pussie must shake up and down ringing the bell, which of course results in the spikes digging into its little thing. pussie must also “ring” the bell after the sissy has finished reading each letter and then, again when it begins reading the next letter.

pussie hates to have to ring the wee-wee bell as the sissy knows just how ridiculous it looks shaking up and down with its caged wee-wee on display. As the reading progresses, and the spikes continue to dig in as pussie shakes up and down,  the sissy will both beg to be allowed to stop and will become less energetic. My response has been a few well placed kicks to “encourage” pussie to shake its wee-wee more. I am thinking of shoving a capsaicin coated bug plug up pussie’s a-hole the next time we see it slowing down.

I also decided that as the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters are filled with wonderful ideas, pussie should act out those ideas where possible. And when I say letters, I include any of the articles, Ask Nanny advice, and other materials included in each volume in the library. So if a letter says that a sissy is made to dance, pussie must stop reading and do the same dance for us. If a letter says the a  sissy must read, or act out, a nursery rhyme, than pussie must immediately do the same.

There are special rules for spanking and corner time references. ( If only I were as computer capable as Christine LOL). If a letter discusses a spanking, paddling or caning , pussie  suffers the number of spankings etc mentioned in the letter. If the letter does not specify a number, then the first time a spanking is mentioned in a letter in a Volume, pussie receives 10 spanks. The second time an unspecified number is referenced, pussie receives 20 spanks. Each time thereafter the number of spanks is doubled!

So for example if an unspecified number is referenced in Volume 1, letter 1, pussie must bend over, raise its skirt and received ten with the referenced implement. Then if the next time an unspecified number is mentioned; lets say Volume 1, letter 3, pussie again must present its bare rear for 20 with the referenced implement. If in Volume 1 letter 4, the letter discusses the sissy receiving a caning, pussie received 40 wacks of the cane. We do not distinguish among spanks, paddles canes, etc .

It may be that pussie only reads 5 or 6 letters a night. So if, on the next night, pussie begins reading from the same Volume, the spanking numbers start from where we left off the night before. So using my example above, on the first night pussie had only read up to Volume 1, letter 4, with the last letter earning the sissy 40 wacks of the cane. On the next evening pussie would begin with Volume 1 letter 5. If in that letter there is mentioned an unspecified number of spanks, then pussie would receive 80 spanks ( double from the last letter read of that volume, the evening before). We do begin anew with each Volume.

The sissy whimpers and cries like a little girl as the spanks, paddling and or caning applications add up.

As mentioned above, pussie suffers the same miserable fate when corner time punishments are mentioned. And corner time is in addition to , not a replacement for spankings.

I am sure you can just imagine the humiliation,  trepidation and fear pussie experiences as it reads each letter. I must say pussie’s daily readings have made for a most enjoyable, amusing and, yes, exciting cocktail hour. I mentioned this to my sister, Tyler, and she suggested that using Zoom, we invite her and some others to join us for a virtual cocktail hour and pussie show. We are going to begin doing that tonight.

As always I would love to hear from the other women who contribute here to get their reactions and suggestions.





My 16th journal

A link to all my journals.

Teasing Speech Vignette

An almost non-DS day yesterday for various reasons of domestic trivia. Over three weeks since bitch-boy last came though. So, so sexually desperate. Not out of his cage for one second of those three weeks. (His current cage allows for satisfactory hygienic cleaning without the cage being removed.)

In my bedroom I was dressing. I pulled on a thin, SKIN TIGHT pair of Yoga leggings; extreme camel-toe. They fit every part of my body like a second skin. I sat on my bed to pull up the leggings. My six inch heeled platform mules were on the floor at my bedside as they always are. So were my Ugg boot slippers. I smiled to myself as I put on the mules!

Wearing nothing but my SKIN TIGHT leggings and high heeled mules, I went to bitch-boy who I knew was at the desk-top PC sourcing and ordering non-food essentials I had listed.

I approached him, my hands already at the back of my neck and my exposed breasts thrust forward a little. He saw me and in an instant miserable pain and unrequited desire filled his face. The miserable pain of deep, gnawing sexual frustration. And UNREQUITED desire obviously.

‘Am I making you all desperate again bitch-boy. Such a provocative outfit isn’t it; only half dressed for the day.‘ I thrust out a hip, then the other, I slowly circled 360 degrees and ran my hands over my butt when it was thrust toward him. I moved very close to him and cupped by breasts and smoothed my hands down to my camel-toe. Then they came to rest on the backs of my hips, my breasts and hips jutting forward again. I watched his ardent, tortured eyes roam all round my body; each new area of scenery a new torture. Why does he torture himself so? Silly ridiculous males; helpless to evolution’s drives and hormones. My flat stomach was inches from his face now. I felt totally powerful and totally cruel.

‘You can touch me if you like.’  He put the flat of his hand to my stomach; reverentially and sensually.

‘You can stroke me. All the way up to just below my breasts and all the way down to just above my cunt.‘ He began to do so. Seriously torturing himself now! My so very soft, frequently and expensively, moisturised skin, athletically taut across my stomach muscles and ribs.

‘But you don’t get to touch my breasts or my cunt with your hands do you. You NEVER get to do that do you. Like you never get to fuck this amazing body. No bitch. Only my lovers get to touch my breasts and my cunt with their hands, don’t they.‘ He continued stroking in the areas allowed and he sighed emotionally and seemed close to tears even. I allowed him to torture himself for a while longer. I smiled broadly. I felt like a goddess being deferentially worshipped by a loyal, respectful devotee. This submissive creature that I OWN! That I can torture for my amusement. Then I stood back.

‘Get on with your chore bitch.‘ I turned and walked away making sure each foot landed on my centre line so my hips swung provocatively. He would be watching me sashay away, no doubt!

Back in my bedroom I used my massager wand. The only sound in the quiet house. Soon, my cries of orgasm reaching into every corner of the house. I did not go back to him. I felt utterly contented and a totally powerful, utter bitch!  I went off to the sitting room to read.

A typical ten minutes in my life at home.





More from Miss Anne

We learned from the previous post regarding Miss Anne that her slave is cuckolded and in a severe chastity regime, that she puts him to work during his holidays from his usual job, she often has her mom over staying at their house, they both dominate Miss Anne’s slave and he is put to extremely arduous chore work and other tedium activities too.

More from Miss Anne

At first let me say I have been a bit hesitant to put comments on this wonderful blog more often because English is not my native language and I am not sure of my ability to share with you my thoughts. If you have trouble understanding what I am writing please let me know.

In my opinion the legendary Ms Scarlet has built a wonderful blog which has helped me a lot to invade deeper into my slave’s submissive mind and I got some wonderful creative and useful ideas to extended further his training and humiliation.

Ms Scarlet also knows some more things about me and my history in my female domination world and I am ready to share with you all  a brief introduction so you understand the background behind my nowadays dominant personality and behaviour towards my poor but LUCKY slave.

I am not a model, I am just an ordinary woman 1.66cm height, 62kg weight, long brown hair, light blue eyes, go to gym 3-4 times weekly and I usually dress casual but I can be also elegant and classy on occassions. I have got a good job after many years of studying, got a PhD and my job has to do with human mind and their actions.

Although I live in a beautiful and wonderful country it is unfortunately still very conservative and still a male dominated society. I have seen and experienced a great deal of male aggression and control towards weak and defenceless women in my job. But trust me, that is not relevant to my dominant personality and treatment of my slave. It is not a revenge in the name of abused women. A dominant woman is cleverer than average majority and simply to seek revenge  is too shallow an action for us.

I met my slave 10 and a half years ago and we were in love  at first. Everything was incredibly good except one very important and basic thing for a vanilla relationship; sex. he wasn’t able even to got hard despite my efforts, dressing in sexy underwear etc. It led me to be desperate. I began having law self-confidence. I was anxious over my sexiness and appearance.

We split up after a short time and endless hours of me in tears, sad thoughts, and desperation. Later, when he confessed his real submissive nature, and that he was a born slave from his childhood, I learned the truth. He was really a virgin male. It was not me and my sexiness, but his ideas and beliefs of  female superiority behind the fact he was not able even to get hard and have sex with me while we were in a vanilla relationship. This was the turning point in my whole point of view of life.

I have very few close friends who are aware about the true nature of our relationship that led to marriage a few months ago. (Only Ms Scarlet knows my real reason why I took this step and got married to him and I will not share it with anyone else). But this blog gives me the chance to hear comments and opinions from other folks, Dommes and subs, and from their experiences I can correct or change or add ideas for my marriage.

Of course it is a cuckold marriage as he remains a virgin. I must say that he, as my slave, has the desire to try and make love with me as he says he can get hard when submitting to me, but I choose to put him in a strict, stainless steel chastity device that prevents even the slightest erection. It just fits to the size of his birth defect, short and tight.

So you now know the background in my current relationship with him and you are more familiar now.

I will provide more about my relentless tedium tortures for him and why I get such a great pleasure from them. PS, Dear Ms Scarlet, you should not have any doubts, you are so right, enforced high standards in an ironing tedium torment of him is my thing, lol. I will provide more details of this.

—— |—–

It took me a long time and was slow progress to get used to my power over him and to learn how to boss him around. I was introduced by him into the wonderful world of female domination. The first thing I noticed was his willingness to suffer for me in any possible way.

So let’s discuss what is tedium chores, what is discipline and what is an important task. As Christine M. wrote, I don’t believe housework is a tedium chore for the slave. It is an important task to keep spotless and tidy the place we spend most of our free time and of course sleeping. So for him, to clean, cook, tidy for about 3 hours every day and from the sunshine till midnight on Saturdays is a good spending time to keep a healthy environment for us to live in.The same with him hand washing all our clothes and underwear.

Yes I know, there are laundry machines and we live in the 21st century, but the old traditional way of washing protects better the material so less money spent on buying new ones and on electricity. Besides this way, the slave can clean better the cloth and especially the hard deep stains. Mom says so and Mom knows best of course. About 8-10 hours weekly for hand washing our items is not such a long time and also helps him to be focused on a useful duty instead of being idle and this idleness let him make dirty or poisoned thoughts.

IRONING When I was a partner of him, I noticed in his house he didn’t even have an iron for the clothes. He was very spoiled by his family and his mother or sister ironed his clothes. I hate ironing and I believe most of the women here agree with my opinion, so when he became my slave, his first duty was to iron all my washed clothes. It took a few hours, it took some burned fingers, it took a look of desperation on his eyes, it took much sweat as it was a hot summer day. It took lots of discipline and lecturing, it took even a little bruised ass but the lesson was learned and successful.

The next 2.5 years was a good training trial period of his ironing skills for what would come after and the level of my demands and standards going up and up. Nowadays 10 years after his first ironing:

  • 1. he is on ironing twice per week of my and Mom’s clothes
  • 2. he irons weekly past 5 years the washed load of clothes of my 2 best female friends who are aware of his status, one of them is married with 2 kids.
  • 3. At our homes, when he irons an item he has to kiss it afterward, fold or hang it on a hanger and with every single item to put in the closet then come back to iron the next and so on. This way the item will remain well ironed.
  • 4. Of course each day and night he has to iron the clothes of the day.

In my opinion, 1&2 are just important tasks and discipline, 4 is an important task, 3 one can say it is a little tedium but I insist it helps him to remain disciplined.

WRITING LINES – One of my favorites activities from the beginning of our relationship due to my studies and I know how much help it can be for him to learned to express his spoken and written expression in a respectful manner. He must use five pen colours when he is writing punishment lines.

He has 5 different coloured pens, black, blue, red, green, gold. I choose for the slave to write punishment lines which are a multiple of 5, let’s say 15 words for a punishment line. He begins to write each word of the sentence in a different colour, and the row for the first 5 words are black, blue, red, green, gold, and fill the whole first line with these colours in that order.

The second line order must be blue, red, green, gold, black. The third line order must be red, green, gold, black, blue. So in the first 5 lines he starts the line with each of the different pen colours. Then for the sixth line the order is blue, red, green, gold, black and he must continue with this sequencing until he writes the 25th line. Then the order of colours is again like the beginning row; black, blue, red, green, gold and continue to the last line, lol.

It helps him on concentrate, focus his mind into the punishment, make him writes slowly, change anxiously the pen, and he is frightened for even one mistake as it will lead to writing the whole punishment page again.

An A4 page takes him about 60-75 minutes to be filled with the phrase of his punishment. He writes at least 3 essays of 800-3000 words every week on the various topics not strictly on femdom. He is not educated to my level and I expect my slave to make me proud of his ability, skills, and education, so writing on the various topics helps him to establish a good level of knowledge.

On the opposite, my Mom is on the lower level of education so she asks him to write some essays to “help” her to enlarge her knowledge. He also has to write at the end of the day his diary of at least half a page. The result is the same, a desperate and exhausted slave to write and write, and write.

To be honest I could not stand living such a writing relentless tedium. There are times I feel exhausted and sleepy just to watch him write endless hours and shaking his head to help him stay awake. Yes, it is half tedium but also discipline and an important task as it helps him to enlarge his horizons. I have to share with you in future comments many funny events when he is writing lines and essays, punishments and much more.

I have a plan for the next three months, beginning on 1st March, I own some helpful books about my profession and notes of my studying years and I plan he will write all of them on PC so I will save them in PDF format. I think it will take him a good amount of at least 3 hours daily to accomplish the task to the deadline.

When I am inspecting his punishment lines or read the essays, then I call him, he kneels before me and I usually let some moments pass in silence before giving my approval or making comments. I have asked him about his feelings when he is knelt at my feet and waits for my approval. He said he is always frightened at these times, he gets a dry mouth, heavy breathing, fast heartbeat, cramps in his stomach, his head burns and he is very anxious and nervous for my decision because he knows the slightest error will lead to re-writing the lines. To be honest I smiled but I was also feeling surprised.

Yes definitely yes, I get such pleasure from all the above. One huge thing I love in such a relationship is the contrast of feeling and actions, the contrast of rights and obligations, the contrast of power, authority and submission. It brings a smile on my face to know he is suffering for my whims while I have social public activities much more pleasurable and interesting than spending endless hours writing. I even get wet at times and of course, I admit in general, my libido has gone incredibly up from the moment I was involved in such a dynamic relationship.

I may get more and more sadistic tendencies and pleasure as I go deeper and deeper into this relationship. I have also noticed what the wonderful Ms Scarlet often writes, the more “bitch” and sadist I become, the more pure awe and obedience I can see in his eyes. He should not have a reason to complain about his life. I went beyond his crazy expectations as he has told me.

slave, be careful what you wish for…



More from Christine M and from Ms Sonia Meloni

Well we are spoiled! First is a comment from the amazing Christine M on subjecting her puppet to extreme tedium for her sadistic pleasure and maintaining his subjugation.  This is in response to the post from the fabulous Miss Anne on the same topic. (It is interesting but understandable that enforced high standard ironing is a tedium torment employed by Christine, myself and, I think, by Anne.)

Then we have a piece from the awesome Sonia Meloni, on that switch moment I posted about, when vanilla changes in an instant to DS!

I will start though with a couple of paragraphs on my current favourite humiliation/ tedium torment for my puppet.

As most of you will know I use humiliation-tedium A LOT on bitch-boy for my sadistic pleasure and for maintaining his subjugation. You may recall in an earlier post I wrote about one activity, (for which there is a very detailed description in my, recently published, Journal No. 16,)  –  bitch-boy, over and over again, performing a number of nursery rhymes with actions to all his dollies, and interacting with each of them verbally about each and every rendition. He is in an upstairs room and I set up the video baby monitor and I am in the sitting room getting on with whatever I wish. From the baby monitor I can be serenaded by the sounds of his profound misery as he performs, which I can check on with a glance at the baby monitor, from time to time, to check his nursery rhyme actions are being performed too.

He does not have me in the same room to at least get the compensation of seeing my body in my skin tight or skimpy attire. He does not even know if I glance at the screen or have the sound turned up to hear him. Although he does hear my orgasmic cries every 20 minutes or so. I get so turned on because he is so extremely miserable, understandably! He HATES IT, REALLY, REALLY HATES IT! But he has to keep going for a minimum of an hour, or more usually two, or more! I visit him briefly two or three times, carrying my dressage whip, just to remind him what the cost would be to him to fail to perform perfectly for as long as I wish.

Anyway enough about my use of humiliation/tedium tormenting. On to Christine M!


Christine M – Humiliation / Tedium


This is written to share Anne and your requests for views on tedium. It is in many ways an odd aspect for a dominant to enjoy, but I do get a great thrill out of being able to bring such misery and frustration to my husband. He is someone who thrives on variety and hates detailed work. He’s a ‘big picture man’, which sadly for him, makes it even more delightful to treat him in this manner.

Firstly, I do not believe he should ever consider completing household chores as tedious, even if I add aspects that make the tasks more tiresome and repetitive. Chores are being completed to keep the house clean and well-presented; to keep our clothes looking good, so we dress smartly; to remove the drudgery of performing those tasks from my life, thus enabling me to do more enjoyable things; and to ensure I, and my guests, enjoy the ambience of our home. I expect him therefore to take great pleasure and pride in working vigorously and conscientiously to complete these tasks, to my VERY EXACTING standards. I also love it when visitors comment on how beautifully clean I keep our home! Of course, I take all the credit, after all, I am the one who ‘manages’ the work.

At least one evening each week, he has a full night of chores. This allows him to spend more time with me on other evenings, and keeps him in his place! I accept he might consider that, having worked all day at a stressful, high intensity job that, after an enjoyable meal together, an hour fervently scrubbing down the kitchen; followed by over two hours thoroughly cleaning two bathrooms and the dining room; before finishing off the evening with three hours of ironing, with precise instructions on how everything is to be folded; is very demanding and wearying… That’s what he did the other night though!

And woe betide him if his work is anything less than perfect, or that he does anything other than thank me profusely for scheduling his chores and STRICTLY supervising his work! And whilst this means it is usually gone midnight before he gets to bed on such nights, he had better be very enthusiastic in pleasing me when he does! I simply do not accept tiredness as an excuse for anything.    NB This is only one or, very occasionally, two nights in a week; most other nights he might only have 2-3 hours of housework; or if we go out, he will likely have no chores.

I have really provided unnecessary tedium only to the daily kitchen cleaning, as I detailed in an earlier post. This was to display and contrast my power and his servile position, and it was his first chore. It does provide such a wonderful contrast to our roles though.

There was a time he might have let out sighs, or rolled his eyes, completing tasks that bored him; he has learnt better. And now, though I know he absolutely dreads the tedium of cleaning the kitchen floor on his hands and knees, every day; he buckles down and gets it done, while I relax in the next room.

Writing lines has been the real focus of tedium in his life. This is also why I have a detailed [schoolgirl] uniform for him to wear, I can but imagine the dread he has as he goes through the rigmarole of dressing as required and then sitting down for many hours writing without a break. I could not imagine doing it, especially night after night! A 45-minute detention in my school days was soul-destroying, to be doing 6-hours of writing, after a day of work or travel, is a horrifying thought, some might even consider it abusive!

Yet, he often spends night after night, writing page after page; locked in the sheer boredom of the writing, the tedium, the dull, dreary, lonely, silent, monotony. Some evenings, I also add some exceptionally tedious ‘twists’ to his line writing. With his essays, he has the added struggle and exasperation of structuring the essay and thinking about what to write. A six-page essay written on narrow lined pages, with the topic, a thought-provoking philosophical concept, requiring his own original ideas; is not easy at all!

So, why do I get such a thrill from setting the awful, lengthy tasks that I do? I guess it is the power it gives me. It’s just a few minutes effort for me to provide many hours of toil for him, what a beautiful contrast? I love knowing that it is such absolute misery for him, and it excites me when I see tears in his eyes from the sheer exasperation of the task, especially when he makes an error and has to start the page again!

And on top of it all, he is caged and totally frustrated! Really though, it doesn’t matter why I enjoy it! The simple fact is, I do! That’s all that matters! And so, he is assured of many, many more hours of mind-numbing suffering and deprivation to come! (Mind you, he does have the bright hope now of earning one release option if he completes his task on time!)

Warmest regards



Now onto the fabulous Sonia, who has exquisitely commented before.

Sonia Meloni

My dear friend and sister,  regarding your post on vanilla times and THE SWITCH, I thought of the vanilla times I have with my slaveboy, when we get out for shopping or window shopping, have dinner, etc.

Obviously he loves those brief moments, when we seem an ordinary couple, and he tends to relax, probably thinking that I’ve gone soft, or something…lol So it’s particularly nice and satisfying for me to bring him suddenly back to reality with little reminders…For example, at the restaurant, I extend my leg under the table and push my heels hard on his groin, making the the pins of his chastity cage pierce his cock…The grimace of pain on his face is priceless and is a delight to me if other clients are looking at him and notice his funny behaviour..!

Other times, when walking (he always must be two steps behind me, never on my side) I intentionally drop a bag on the ground and while he gallantly kneels to pick it up, I hiss, “While you’re there, kiss my shoe!” and I can she him getting red in the face for the humiliation, while he obeys, brought back to slave status!

Sometimes, when Patrizia, my love, is with us, I wink at her, she understands me immediately and says, out of the blue, something like: “You know, when we get home, Sonia is going to torture you, for my sake, to get me nice and excited for her…”

I can see the suddenly desperate look in his eyes, as I know how much he hurts from the burning humiliation of being cuckolded, being a passive, frustrated witness to our lovemaking…fully knowing he’ll NEVER get to make love to me like my Patrizia does, {or in any way] …And that thought, so delicious for a sadist, obviously, makes me wet right there, on the spot!

And yet, almost everyday, getting back from work, he brings me small presents, like a bouquet of flowers, a chocolate box, a small piece of jewelry, a box of my favorite slim cigars…As I’m soft-hearted, after all, I sometimes reward him by letting him sniff, at safe distance my pussy, saying, “You’ll never get to touch or feel it in your lifetime, bitch!”

It’s a life of happiness, my dear sister, full of intense, satisfying orgasms that keep me healthy and beautiful like a young girl!

Hugs and kisses,



Miss Anne

A delightful account of a recent episode in the life of Miss Anne and her slave. Tedium from chores or other means does seem to be emerging as a consistent theme among lifestyle Dommes and their submissives.

I myself indulge in this activity of relaxing, having orgasms, having a lovely time, while my submissive is sexually frustrated and in chastity and is enduring relentless tedium. I guess it is the feeling of power, of unfairness, of status differential that stimulates and gratifies the Dommes and that also drives the submissive into deep submissiveness and also awe of their Domme. (Whether that tedium is from chores, line writing, playing with dollies or sensory deprivation bondage.)

Miss Anne

At first I apologize for my poor English, it isn’t my native language, I hope you can understand what I am writing.

During the summer my slave of years got his usual 3 weeks holidays off his job. We were in need for extra money for my holiday trip to one of many lovely islands that surround my country. So I put him into a construction job for a period of two weeks to earn some money. I preferred that more than having him sitting idle at home.

I was still working the same time and Mom was staying at home as usual. Neither of us had the desire or the energy to clean and keep the house tidy. Mom was cooking our meals and then going to the beach to take some rest and to relax with our folks, so I was alone at home and I had no desire to cook or do the washing up. The sink was full of dirty items and my house in a real mess, like a bombarded landscape. And there was a huge pile of clothes for hand washing by the slave. (Always he hand washes our items. Mom says it protects the material and one can clean and clear better the stains and I trust her experience as she used to wash by hand years ago).

My slave was working 10-12 hours per day, including weekends so the building under construction would be ready by the end of two weeks. Really hard work. Lots of lifting heavy loads too.

He came back home on Sunday at 11.30am after a long 4 hours trip in his car and of course exhausted from the hard work in construction. I had promised him a prostate milking after being without release for previous one and a half months. He usually gets a release once per a couple of months.

I was resting on the sofa having my morning coffee as I had just woken up this morning, after all night out to local summer clubs, having a few drinks and I really had a headache LOL.

He immediately dropped to his knees and I can say he was very enthusiastic while kissing frantically with loud wet kisses, the soles and heels of my naked feet. I have the sense he was very happy to see me after two long weeks, but I also was glad and had missed his presence and kisses!

I snapped my fingers. He immediately stopped kissing my feet and handed me the envelope with the money from the hard the construction work. I opened the envelope and counted the money while he was staring at my feet as there is the rule of his eyes restriction.

I smiled while counting the large amount of money he brought. (He earned in two weeks almost double of his normal monthly salary). I would spend a nice week on a trip to an island without the anxiety of money issues, so I decided to be very generous, in fact magnanimous to him and let him kiss and lick my feet for one minute for 100 euro he earned, such a special generous reward for him…

Of course he did and trust me was feeling very thankful and well rewarded. Then I sent him to shave his genitals, armpits and chest, and have a cold shower and after, cook a quick meal for me while I took a nap as I was feeling really tired from being up late last night.

After the meal I fed him my leftovers, one more great reward for being such a good and productive boy. After the lunch he of course begged me for his milking. I told him that my needs are his priority. My last good fucking was 2 days ago and I needed at once his tongue. I could see his unhappiness on his face and I felt pissed off and got mad at him.

“How you dare you selfish creature? Is that a menial task? A chore for you, to please me? That is the way you feel about the honour and reward to please me slave?”

“Mistress, no Mistress. I am sorry Mistress, I did not think clearly and…”

“Shut the fuck up! You have just earned a good time accompanied by capsaicin and red pepper after you are done down there. Follow me!”

Of course I had a massive intense climax by his tongue after a few minutes of a good and passionate licking. Then I applied a thick coating of this nasty and terrible poultice all over his genitals and armpits and some pepper in his anus shoved it deep and sealed up in place with a butt plug.

As he was screaming and moaning by the poultice I stood up in front of him and stared directly into his eyes wearing my nicest smile.
“Shame on you! You are such a selfish slave. How disappointing! You are far away from me and home for whole two weeks. I had not got a climax for about a great period of 48 whole hours and you were thinking of the useless piece of meat of piece between your legs and not my needs. What is harder to sustain? 48 hours without a climax for an active sexual woman like me or 45 days without the fucking stupid boring milking for a slave like you? Answer me!”

He barely could speak due to moaning and the tears running down his cheeks.
“You, You suffer… more Mistress”.

“That’s a good wise boy… besides do you see my home? Look around, it is such a mess! Instead of thinking of the disgusting an unnecessary milking don’t you think you could take action and make the house spick and span?”

“Mistress, yes Mistress” I patted his head with a wider smile.
“Such a good boy… my boy… my maid… But as for your unforgivable attitude you understand it is not acceptable in this house. I am afraid I should add two more weeks without milking and release.….. Any objections?”

“Not at all Mistress, thank You very much Mistress” He was already crying, I guess from the poultice or maybe I think about the milking? Who knows?

When the burning faded and he calmed down I let him thank me for the treatment and I could see he was exhausted. For one moment I was ready to let him have some rest for the day but I thought it would not help to maintain a good level of discipline and slavishness. An Owner must has always bear in her mind to improve and make her slave better, more useful, give a purpose on his life.

It is not cruelty but an act of kindness. If my slave wanted to live a vanilla life he would be man enough to fuck me or at least run away. Suffering for a submssive slave is not pain but joy. Being used and abused is not harmful as you wrote on another topic but the quintessence of his living being. So I decided to be kind, generous and lenient with him.

“I want my home sparkling and spotless, tidy and everything put in order.” I grabbed his ear and pulled him to bathroom where there was a huge pile of dirty clothes, linens and underwear and I pointed to them with my finger.
“ They will be washed and hung up by tomorrow morning before I get up” I pulled him by the ear to my bedroom and I lay in the bed.

“The time is 4.25pm, synchronize your watch please, put on your maid outfit and get to work. By 7pm I will take my bath and lay out my dress, underwear and wedge sandals for my night out tonight. You will work and do the laundry till 1:00am, then get some sleep.

Getting up at 6am and finish the job, laundry and wash inside and outside my car by the time I get up. Do a good job and be careful because Mom will inspect your work tomorrow evening as she is coming back from her trip and you know what that means, right boy!”
“Mistress, yes Mistress”

“ Be a good maid then… because if she findsmore than 10 mistakes in the house I will have no choice but add one more month to your next scheduled milking” I could see he was frightened but I could also see in his eyes and face the determination to do his best and to be honest, I swear, he did not seem as exhausted as before after my inspiring words.

For you to understand, Mom after decades of years as a housekeeper, has set very high standards and to be honest she is a kind of obsessive with clearness if you know what I mean. She is over the top and inspects his work with white gloves and white socks, such things. Well I would not pass any of her inspections. slave usually does with less than 10 mistakes but he must work very hard and on the detail.

Poor boy with chores, hand washing laundry and washing my car, his time was very limited and he had to work vigorously for hours.

Well it took me a long time to write this and it is already a very long message. I might continue another time but just to inform you, when I got up to take my bath at 7pm I could see he was sweaty, out of breath and with red eyes. I suspect there were tears of joy for being useful and having a purpose in his life. Don’t you agree?

The video premiere party

You may recall my post about the premiere party for pussie’s shaming video. Well, as promised, Carla provided an account of the premiere.
I provide her account below, preceded by the email she sent me before the premiere account email.
Good Morning Scarlet,
I am going to write you later about the premier. I was going to do so yesterday but Todd and I slept in, then were off to friends for a late brunch and afternoon movie. By the time we got home, I was too tired to write you. Ok not quite the truth. One of my girlfriends who attended the premier called me early evening.  As we reviewed the party I got more and more -ah well you know. So rather than writing, Todd and I spent the evening together.
Hope you are having a great day.
Hi Scarlet
There were mistakes I had to correct in version 1 because I had pussie under the desk licking me when I wrote the first version.

The Premiere

The premier party was a blast. I actually had 14 guests (three of my gfs brought their husband or bf). All of my guests, which included Tyler, my daughters, Todd and other friends, know about pussie’s status as a sissy serving maid, know that Todd is my boyfriend and had seen the invitation. In case you may be wondering, there only a handful of other friends who know that my husband is a total sissy.
pussie first served everyone wearing the burlap lined pink maid’s outfit. After dinner, I had pussie change into the full cheer outfit as in the video. In the video you can see a black wooden cross which I enjoy attaching pussie to as it spreads the sissy out while allowing me to bind its arms and legs. So I bound pussie to the cross for the viewing. Everyone just loved the cheer video. We must of played  at least 10 times. The consensus was that the video made pussie out to be the most ridiculous, submissive sissy. And to be honest all thought the sissy to be a total wimp. I cannot begin to tell you how much laughter there was, all of it pointed at pussie.
Then I told everyone that pussie had not been allowed to have any form of relief, i.e masturbate, since Thanksgiving and asked if they thought pussie’s performance had earned it the right to relief or at least the opportunity for relief. All agreed and then I passed out the ballot I had sent you. Below are the results of the voting and brief description of what happened.

(The men took everything that happened in their stride. Todd and one other guy, David, have seen pussie used as a sissy. Both find all of this very amusing. Of course pussie knows that it must obey and service  Todd just as the sissy obeys me.  The two other men, had been fully briefed by their partners -one was married , the other in a long term relationship with his girlfriend.  It took almost no time for both of them to express their view that pussie was a pathetic wimp deserving all the misery and humiliation it suffered. I will say that while all of the male guests watched and laughed as pussie was tormented after the video, none of them actually participated. Only the women smacked pussie’s wee-wee, but the total smacks were based on the number of guests.
Ballot results
May pussie play with its wee-wee as is or should the wee-wee and balls first be prepared for playing? 
unanimous vote that pussie’s shoud be properly prepared before being allowed to play with itself.
If prepared first should the wee-wee and balls be?
This question engendered much discussion. The first vote was for ruler smacking only. But I let the guests discuss further and after much discussion about which preparation would be most effective ( yes read painful) a wonderful compromise was reached. First the shaft was scrubbed for about 5 minutes with the coarse burlap until it was deep red color. Then another guest took a small piece of very coarse sandpaper and scrubbed only the head of pussie’s wee-wee. Then each guest got to smack the wee-wee 4 times for a total of 56 very firm smacks covering the entire wee-wee. The poor sissy was squirming and trying desperately to avoid the smacks but of course could not. pussie began begging and pleading for us to stop. We all found the sissy’s pleading quite hilarious but after a while it would not shut up so I shoved a very large rubber cock into its mouth (I do mean large) and buckled it straps around pussie’s head to be sure it could not be pushed out. 

a. scrubbed with sand paper
b. scrubbed with coarse burlap
c. smacked with wooden ruler, and if smacked how many times
d. any combination of a,b and/or c

Whether or not prepared as in 2 above should the wee-wee and balls be lubricated before pussie plays with it? 
I am sure you can guess what the choice was here. I first took the burlap, soaked it in hot water than wrapped in around the wee-wee and balls to be sure the pores were open. Then two of the women guests put on plastic gloves and thoroughly applied a coat of the capsacin. I was impressed at how slowly and meticulously they rubbed the capsacin over every part of the wee-wee and balls. It took about 30 seconds or so before pussie reacted. And what a reaction- the sissy was dry humping the air, squirming and writhing, the wee-wee shaking up and down. All the bells on the wool leg warmers , skirt and sweater were tinkling. Everyone had another drink, we played the video a few more times, while watching a most amusing wee-wee dance.

a. If lubricated should it be with baby oil
b capsaicin creme

If lubricated with either baby oil or capsaicin should 1,2  or 3 coats of lubrication be applied? 
We never did take a vote on this question. One of the guests commented how grateful pussie should be that the wee-wee was lubed up as it allow its hand to slide up and down the wee-wee when it got to play with it. Then another guest suggested quite nicely I thought, that if one coat would make pussie’ jerk off feel so good, two coats would be even better! pussie seemed to violently disagree but who listens to sissy? So two more guests took up the task of thoroughly applying a second coat of capsaicin. All I can say Scarlet is that pussie’s humping, squirming and writhing reached a new level! And the laughter did as well!!!!

What position should pussie be in while playing with its wee-wee? 
Another very long discussion of the relative merits ( read most humiliating) of each position. The final decision was to keep pussie stretched out on the cross as this would most limit any movement on by the sissy. 

a. standing straight up legs spread open or not
b. kneeling with legs spread open
c. sitting cross legged like little girl

How should pussie be allowed to stroke its wee-wee?
Index finger only was the clear winner. We released pussie’s outstretched left arm, leaving the right bound to the cross.  . Then removing the left hand mitten, I duck taped all of his fingers back with the exception of the index finger. I then wrapped that finger in burlap.

a. with both hands
b. with one hand only
c with index finger of left hand only , other fingers taped back and other hand tied in back ( just to be clear using one finger is meant to resemble a young girl masturbating herself. As pussie is right handed, using the left index finger will make it more difficult for the sissy to apply pressure to the wee-wee so more frustration!)

How much time should pussie be given to make sissy dribbles? 
There was some disagreement here.Some though a sissy should never be allowed the pleasure of self gratification and one minute was more than enough time. Others said they thought poor pussie should be allowed to stroke as long as possible. However most of the guests said that making pussie play with itself in front of everyone would be total humiliation not to mention so amusing to watch. So a great compromise was reached to allow pussie 10 minutes. pussie was told that once the clock started it must continuously rub itself. If it stopped for an instant, then it would be done, punished for wasting our time, chastity cage put back on and it would be at least six months before the sissy would be given the same opportunity. And I added pussie better be rubbing very hard. With a burlap wrapped single finger rubbing a very very sore wee-wee there was certainly no way pussie was going to enjoy this.

a   one minute
b   five minutes
c   ten minutes
d   no limit

Should pussie be made to drip dribbles, if made , into hand, floor, doggie bowl?    
doggie bowl was the choice. pussie rubbed and rubbed as everyone both cheered and jeered. It was easy to see that the sissy was totally contradicted in that rubbing the capsacin overed wee-wee really hurt but the frustraion of not having any type of normal relief ( I do give pussie periodic prostrate massages to allow it some relief but there is no sexual sensation ) seemed to overcome both the pain and shame. We actually let pussie play with itself till it made some sissy dribbles- a bit longer than 10 minutes. 

If pussie does make sissy dribbles, should it  
another compromise- pussie was made to lick up the dribbles from the bowl, but before it finished the sissy’s face was shoved down and rubbed around the bowl so that some of the dribbles were on its face. It was decided that pussie could not wash its face for a full day as a reminder of its performance in front of everyone.

a. be allowed to wipe up dribbles with paper towel
b. rub dribbles all over face, and if so how long before sissy may wipe dribbles off face
1. immediately
2. rest of evening
3. 24 hours
c. lick up dribbles on all fours like dog

 After all is done should wee-wee:  
of course one more coating of capsaicin before putting pussie’s wee-wee back in its spiked prison.

a. be left alone
b. rubbed with baby oil or soothing creme
c. rubbed with capsaicin ( and if so how many additional coats?)
sorry this is so long. Of course you may edit as you wish and share with your blog readers. And I would love your comments.
warmest regards,

Shaming Video Premiere

Last November I posted a link to a shaming video of husband-slave pussie made by his cuckolding Mistress-Wife, Carla. The wonderful Carla. LINK. LINK. LINK.
The post and video received very little in the way of comment which surprised me. When the video was sent to me, Carla felt pussie’s voice should be edited out so he could not be recognised. I had bitch-boy do the grunt work for this editing, leaving only the sound at the end of the video, of Carla’s delightful, mocking laughter.
Ever since though, petrified pussie has been teased over a second version of the video being posted with his voice not edited out. He has been fretting a long time and constantly tormented about it. Well it has been decided by his betters that the unedited video version should be posted. And it has been: HERE.
Carla has decided to have a movie premiere party and is inviting 10 guests to her home to watch pussie see the unedited version have its first public showing.
Below are two emails I received from Carla about the details of this.
I will plan to have the premier party next Friday evening, January 24th.
So let me tell you what I am planning. Today pussie is going to write out invitations to the party. The invitations will read something like this:
Please join me at my home this Friday at 7:30 pm for the premier of the world wide posting of  pussie’s hilariously humiliating cheer video. Following the cheer routine, pussie will be providing further entertainment for everyone! Cocktails and dinner will be served.
Very soon pussie will hand deliver the invitations to the guest list – ten friends and family. The sissy will be wearing the spiked chastity device, pink pom-pom pants and pink ski sweater which fits tightly over its stuffed 38DD bra ( you have pictures of both), pink mohair mittens and 3″ mary jane heels.  The guests all live within a 15-20 minute drive from my home but pussie will be made to walk and use public transportation so it will take the sissy 2-3 hours to deliver the invitations.
pussie will of course serve at the viewing. After the viewing (and I am guessing many cocktails wine etc) I am going to tell everyone that the poor sissy has not been allowed any relief since Thanksgiving. I am going to ask for a vote, by a show of hands, as to whether pussie’s video performance has earned the sissy the right to try for relief. If no, well too bad, but if yes I will have pussie pass out the following ballot questions, ( no I did not think of the ballot idea myself but read about a similar idea)
  1. May pussie play with its wee-wee as is or should the wee-wee and balls first be prepared for playing?
  2. If prepared first should the wee-weevand balls be?
    a. scrubbed with sand paper
    b. scrubbed with coarse burlap
    c. smacked with wooden ruler, and if smacked how many times
    d. any combination of a,b and/or c
  3. Whether or not prepared as in 2 above should the wee-wee and balls be lubricated before pussie plays with it?
    a. If lubricated should it be with baby oil
    b capsaicin creme
  4. If lubricated with either baby oil or capsaicin should 1,2  or 3 coats of lubrication be applied?
  5. What position should pussie be in while playing with its wee-wee?
    a. standing straight up legs spread open or not
    b. kneeling with legs spread open
    c. sitting cross legged like little girl
  6. How should pussie be allowed to stroke its wee-wee?
    a. with both hands
    b. with one hand only
    c with index finger of left hand only , other fingers taped back and other hand tied in back ( just to be clear using one finger is meant to resemble a young girl masturbating herself. As pussie is right handed, using the left index finger will make it more difficult for the sissy to apply pressure to the wee-wee so more frustration!)
  7. How much time should pussie be given to make sissy dribbles?
    a   one minute
    b   five minutes
    c   ten minutes
    d   no limit
  8. Should pussie be made to drip dribbles, if made , into
    a. its hand
    b. floor
    c. doggie bowl
  9. If pussie does make sissy dribbles, should it
    a. be allowed to wipe up dribbles with paper towel
    b. rub dribbles all over face, and if so how long before sissy may wipe dribbles off face
    1. immediately
    2. rest of evening
    3. 24 hours
    c. lick up dribbles on all fours like dog
  10. if pussie does not make sissy dribbles should it:
    a.allowed to resume serving with no further punishment
    b. punished by
    1. wee-wee smacking
    2. spanking, paddling etc
  11.  After all is done should wee-wee:
    a. be left alone
    b. rubbed with baby oil or soothing creme
    c. rubbed with capsaicin ( and if so how many additional coats?)
Each vote will be by a show of hands.
To be honest Scarlet I am more than a bit excited about this LOL!!!! I of course welcome your or anyone elses thoughts and suggestions.
pussie is already busy at work writing out the invitations. A bit time consuming as each word must be written using pink, red, violet and yellow inked pens alternatively! Oh and the sissy is wearing its thick white lopi wool mittens with no fingers or thumb. Any error and pussie must redo the entire invitation. It has taken an hour so far to do two of them. So amusing to see the sissy struggle!!
When we use hand votes for each item, it will also allow discussion if anyone has other suggestions. My guess is pussie will find this a most miserable experience.  But then again maybe my guests will take pity on the sissy:))
I will let you know how this all turns out.
Good Morning Scarlet,
Great! pussie has just left to deliver all of the invitations. Have to say the sissy looked positively ridiculous in the pom-pom pants outfit:). Having pussie swallow a Viagra pill before leaving insured that the cruel spikes in its chastity device will be digging into the sissy’s wee-wee for the next few hours. Poor thing will be both  humiliated and miserable delivering the invitations-but that is the way a sissy should always be!!

Cuckolding images and videos

Two posts in a day!

I have decided to have bitch-boy include images of heterosexual cuckolding on my BDSMLR site. The images must be in accordance with my preferences. Regular readers of my blog may find this odd.

Odd because I have made clear that, if I am to be labelled, I am a lesbian. I don’t have sex with males and I never will. I dislike seeing males getting any pleasure from sex with women which is why I would never cuckold bitch-boy with a man. But I adore cuckolding bitch-boy. It is one of the most intense experiences for each of us. Intensely terrible for bitch-boy, intensely exhilarating for me.

Before I go on to explain my decision regarding my BDSMLR site let me explain what I love so much about cuckolding; why it is so intense. It is about a demonstration and comparison of status and freedoms.

bitch-boy is in chastity 24/7/365. He has no freedom for erections let alone orgasms. When he does have orgasms they are rare, humiliating, in bondage, and ALWAYS follow painful dickie-discipline. bitch-boy is in awe of my body, but it is a, look – but don’t touch, regime. He NEVER gets to caress or to stroke, and obviously never, ever gets to fuck my body and never ever will; or caress or stroke or fuck anyone else’s body. He is a born again virgin. (If I ask him if he could change any of my regime he must endure, his answer is always the same. It is not about his TERRIBLE humiliations, or SERIOUSLY painful experiences, it is always – be allowed to fuck my body, or even just penetrate for a few seconds. WHICH WILL NEVER, EVER HAPPEN.

Now contrast all that with my life. I am free to have as many orgasms as I want whenever I want in whatever way I want. I am free to take female lovers. Those lovers are free to do all the things with my body bitch-boy would adore to do but is never allowed.

I like to have bitch-boy see me French kiss and embrace and caress my lovers. I like him to see that my lovers can kiss and caress and stroke my body any way they want, for as long as they want. The ultimate demonstration and comparison of status and freedoms between bitch-boy, me and my lovers. A chance to rub his face, (not literally) in him seeing others have what he is never allowed to have, just because I am a sadistic, pitiless bitch and it amuses me. Oh, and gives me lots of MASSIVE orgasms!

I like to make sure bitch-boy can at the least hear my lovemaking with someone else, better still watch always in his chastity cage. Sometimes take part by being a human cushion or stool, or passing toys or licking toys clean but never on the bed or sofa with us. Or as a fluffing implement – be suffering pain as a background and as foreplay. (Bound in the same room and having had Linnex applied to his birth-defect so the sound of his whimpering and sobbing is the music to which my lover and I have sex)

So what does all this have to do with my BDSMLR site? The answer is that images and video of all I have just described with two women lovers and a cuckolded male in chastity are almost non-existent.  BUT images and video of male and female lovers with a cuckolded male ARE EVERYWHERE IN ABUNDANCE.

So, there will now be images of these ‘cuckolding threesomes’ on my BDSMLR site, together with all the usual images I like, but, probably only my blog followers will truly understand that when I look at the images, I will be imagining the male bull is actually a female. It’s a stretch, but to do not so is such a waste of one of the most powerful activities in the femdom world.

So  a BDSMLR site experiment has started and will run for a while. It may become permanent.


For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.