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There are no straight women

I know this post may annoy some women blog followers, and I apologise if so. (It may annoy some male blog followers but it is absolutely none of your business is it?)

Let me start by setting out why I have published this post. Although it is marginal, lesbian and bi-sexual women can more easily have power over males than straight women and probably more easily maximise ALL pleasure sources. What is not marginal is that they can much more enjoy double domming a male that involves orgasmic intimacy between them.

(The exception is a straight woman who enjoys cuckolding her sub male with another male. But these dynamics can be very risky and are much harder to manage. Furthermore many of us Dommes  are females supremacists and do not want to have sex with any male.)

On 12 November 2015, I posted about a scientific study  that suggested ..‘Women Are Bisexual Or Gay, But Almost Never Straight.’

My own experience supports this position in so far as, almost all the lesbian and bisexual women I know, started out thinking they were straight and started with males, then later moved onto females. This compares with all the gay men I know, all of which knew by puberty they were gay, even if some, for appearances sake, began by dating women.

Well a new scientific study has been published stating that bisexuality among women is statistically on the rise. Since 1972, social scientists have studied the General Social Survey to chart the complexities of social change in the United States. In 2008, the survey started including a question on sexual identity.

In the 10 years that the General Social Survey has included a question on sexual identity, rates of identification among gay men, lesbian women and bisexual men in the U.S. haven’t changed much.

Bisexual identifying women, on the other hand, account for virtually all of the growth among those who say they’re lesbian, gay or bisexual. Of all of the women who responded to the 2018 survey, more than 1 in 18 identified as bisexual. One decade ago, only 1 in 65 did. Full Report BY TRISTAN BRIDGES & MIGNON R. MOORE here

I wonder if the more sexuality of all types is accepted in society, the more women will be prepared to confirm their bisexuality or lesbianism?

So given the science, and my experience, my view is that the first study was right; that all women have the capacity to be bisexual and many to become lesbian. If you are a female supremacist and you want to maximise your power over your male sub, double-domme him with a female sexual partner! When this is combined with enforced chastity for the male and a forced Born Again Virgin status for him, the power dynamic is simply awesome!

I have never needed to ‘seduce’ a female Domme while double domming a male with her. A hand slips around a waist as she and I stand side by side watching the male suffer; faces become cheek touching cheek while both spitting in his face; hand holds hand or a hand drops to the other Domme’s thigh while sitting on a sofa, putting the male through miseries. And before you know it there is kissing, caressing and later, full-on lesbian sex.

Each time this has happened, when a woman who thought she was straight ends up in full-on sex with me, there has been no overt or covert seduction. Simply a natural progression of steps initiated by her as much as me. You would almost think it was the natural way of things!


My stomping stage

Well my contraption led me beyond a humiliating milking technique for bitch-boy and onto videos of standing on cocks and stomping on cocks.

This pleasure seems best achieved by having the male lie under a low stage or platform that has a hole in it, so I had to have one! And now I have! bitch-boy was given a week to design and construct a perfect stage or his denial period would get VERY LONG INDEED. He complied. I insisted the stage be large enough to accommodate two women as I envisaged sometimes it would be nice for my girlfriend Nicola and I to be kissing and caressing on the stage while one of us has bitch-boy’s vulnerable clitty squashed flat under our sole, and perhaps twisting the foot clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The humiliating milking technique for bitch-boy about which I previously posted may well become redundant shortly as I will now learn the technique I have seen on videos of milking a clitty under the sole of a shoe. (By a back and forth movement on the shaft underside, just behind the head of the clitty. With skilful technique it can be a full orgasm, or by immediately removing the pressure, a spoilt orgasm or, it seems, by immediately pressing down extra hard, a blocked orgasm.

Then there is:

  • tipping the contents of an ashtray onto the nasty object before stomping, to provide further degradation,
  • using muddy footwear to provide further degradation,
  • having two or three stems of stinging nettle leaves under the object while squashing it,
  • using footwear with different sole styles – V sole tread gym shoes, heavy snow boots, smooth soles like with my wedges, or sharp stiletto heels, (Always remembering wedges are easier to use while focussing elsewhere than stiletto heels.)
  • pressing down on the object on a slice of fresh, acidic, pineapple or lemon slices,
  • and on focussing elsewhere, while a sole is pressed down on the object, and perhaps twisted from left and right, – drying my hair, brushing my hair, doing my make-up, talking on the phone, kissing a girlfriend as mentioned above, etc.

Within a month of mentioning I may need to produce a second edition of my BDSM manual to deal with Curt Instructions, I find myself embarking on another new activity worthy of manual space. The Stomping Stage.

I do find it wonderful that as I approach 20 years of experience as a Mistress-Wife, there are still new things to discover to increase my pleasure yet further and deepen bitch-boy’s subjugation to, and awe of, me. I cannot believe just how much I ADORE torturing his clitty under my shoe sole; the aesthetic, the symbolism and the sadistic pleasure of inflicting both physical and mental discomfort this way.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.




Spring nettles!

I know I have been banging on about stinging nettles through the winter. But I can now report new ‘spring’ growth has arrived. And my how it stings.

Some heavy frosts at the end of January did kill off the nettles, but already, yesterday, Mistress Nicola came over and in preparation, and more in hope than expectation, I looked and found new stinging nettle sprouts.  These were only four inches tall and the small dark leaves formed a tight dome at the top of the stem the size of a coaster. HOWEVER, as you will know as a follower of my blog, young pre-flowering stinging nettles have the worst stings that last the longest. Would these tiny shoots deliver these attributes?

Mistress Nicola arrived and after an hour or so of ‘fun’ activities we secured an already miserable bitch-boy to the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups. I got him hard, the nettle blanket was put in place and then Mistress Nicola, in a pair of my elbow length leather gloves, picked up a stem of the nettles and went to work. WOW! The commotion and whimpering and pleading!!!!! These little stems of leaves absolutely did sting very aggressively.

As is the habit and joy of Mistress Nicola, she was enjoying herself and thoughts of pity were nowhere to be found as she continued to lash down with the nettles on the defenceless object again and again and again . She turned his birth-defect this way and that seeking out virgin territory. bitch-boy was continuously pleading and sobbing into his gag. When she had finally finished he was in a rather distressed state as obviously the stinging continues long after the initial onslaught. Such was her cruelty that we found we were rather aroused and after kissing and caressing in front of him, we left him to his sobbing and made our way to my bedroom.

I hope some of you will be pleased to learn that enough has changed or been added to my life time regime and my special days with Nicola, that I am writing a journal just like my original ones, wholly about what happens under my roof and under Nicola’s roof. New things like the Stomping Stage which I will post about on Sunday.


Satisfying feedback

Yet more satisfying feedback about my BDSM manual. Nothing satisfies me more than learning that a woman is now enjoying the pleasures of domination, partly because of my BDSM manual. (And a sub is gaining submissive contentment too.) Mistress Rain Star wrote:

Thank you for your blogs and books, they’ve helped me tremendously……………….. We’re on a short trial period and it’s going very well. Your book, Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual, in particular, has been more help to me than anything else.

The full text of Mistress Rain Star’s comment on my blog are at the foot of this post, together with my reply.

For info on my BDSM manual, click on an image below.








Rain Star

Thank you for your blogs and books, they’ve helped me tremendously. I want to tell you a brief overview of my situation because it’s been difficult to find a support group. Almost 17 years ago I met my submissive but I wasn’t ready. We were together on and off for 6 or 7 years (with me topping him) and then we broke up and I asked for no communication. Of course, he respected my request and never contacted me again. I spent the next 10 years in and out of mostly non-con D/s relationships (with me being the non-con s). Only 1 of those relationships was healthy. I missed my sub and thought of him often. A few recent events led me to contact him again, after a decade. He’s a year single and I asked him to be in service to me. We’re on a short trial period and it’s going very well. Your book, Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual, in particular, has been more help to me than anything else. But I’m looking for even more information. Classes, a community, another Domme. I have friends in the lifestyle and have thrown out lines. I live very close to San Francisco so it shouldn’t be this difficult, but it is. All the classes are too expensive or don’t teach the basics. My sub is training me as I’m training him but I want to accelerate the process. I want to keep him in his sub space by being the Domme I know he craves. Already I’ve come up with some amazing ideas that I use to top him but I’m doing them in a way that keeps him feeling dominated. He’s also a chaste cuckhold and my mind reels with all we can explore. Why isn’t there a FB group or some other type of community for Domme’s to meet and exchange ideas? I’ve scoured Fet and all the kinky places near me… there’s really an under-serviced need here.

MISTRESS SCARLET WROTE:  Thank you for the kind words about my manual.

It is such a shame you are not in the UK. I would love to have you visit me and I would demonstrate on my bitch-boy literally anything you wanted and of course discuss in depth anything you were interested in about how I live my life . I would also be happy to visit your place and the two of us could practice things on your sub. But obviously, geography precludes this reciprocal double-domming avenue. Huge shame.

Keep looking for Dommes’ groups that meet up. I understand they do exist in most big cities. Perhaps this post will cause an SF Domme to come forward and let me know she is a member of such a group. Also if you attend munches and BDSM nightclubs, you might be told of such an SF group.










The DENIAL calendar

I remember reading about a woman who strictly controlled when her husband was allowed orgasms. They lived somewhere very hot; New Mexico or Arizona I think.  The method of controlling WHEN an orgasm was allowed was unusual and delightful. The method of chastity control was not special however. A chastity device made 100% secure with a penis piercing. But her husband had to carry on him, AT ALL TIMES, a thick, red maker pen. The sort of pen used on a wipe board. And in their kitchen hung a calendar. One very large page for each month. Big square boxes for each day. Each day box, half the size of a playing card. They were on their third calendar at the time of reporting on the regime.

Were you to have visited on the day of reporting their life, on the 15th of the month,  you would have seen that for the current month displayed on the calendar, red crosses were struck through everyday from the 1st of the month, through to the 19th. What the previous page for the previous month looked like we do not know. A red cross struck through a day meant no orgasm. What we do know is that Slave husband had obviously not had an orgasm for at least 15 days and would be going through at least a 19 day denial period before having an orgasm. The first day clear of a red cross was the 20th.

Slave husband was waiting hand and foot on his cuckolding wife and aspiring to total obedience and servility, WITH GOOD REASON. His queen wife was however empty of mercy but brimming with meanness.

‘Get my lunch slave, a sandwich.‘ He rushed to the kitchen and made a sandwich and brought it in to his queen wife. She was naked except for golden high heels, a gold waist chain, gold bracelets and a gold necklace. His terrible denial meant he could barely look at her beauty but, being a weak male, he could not help himself, thus harshly torturing himself.

He set the plate with the sandwich down before her and she stared at it for a moment. Then calmly she spoke.

‘Get the calendar.’ Slave husband’s face fell and he looked so sad. He rushed to the kitchen and returned to his queen and handed the calendar and red pen to her. She struck through the 20th and 21st with thick red crosses. She spoke calmly again as she did so.

‘Crumbs on the plate cuck-maggot. You wipe around the plate before serving me.’ He pleaded his apologies but was sent back to the kitchen to hang the calendar in its place on the wall…………………………………..

Later that day, she was getting ready to go out for an overnight stay with her bull. Slave had been given his huge chore list for while she was gone and was helping his queen with dressing. As she dressed, his queen talked about how she would be fucked with a big cock all night and all the sexual acts that would take place with her lover. Finally she was ready to leave. As always he had to kneel and kiss her feet before she slapped his face, spat in it and walked out of the house.

He knelt and began to kiss. All his passion and desperation flooded out of him as he had the joy of his lips touching the soft, perfumed, skin of her beautiful foot. She looked at herself in the mirror as he did so. Then, suddenly, she pulled her foot away. She spoke in an annoyed tone now.

‘Cane and calendar!’ Slave husband was almost in tears. When his queen was annoyed  it was BAD! She first took the calendar and pen from him. Rapidly, she struck through days with red crosses. Fourteen red crosses. Tears welled up in his eyes. She threw the calendar to the floor and took the cane from him. Thirty- six very hard strokes of the cane were delivered. One stroke for each word. She spoke very slowly.

‘How      many    times     have    I    told    you.    Dry    kisses!   I    do    not    want    to    feel    the    coldness    of    your    slobber    on   my    skin.    I    want    dry    kisses    when    you     have    the    honour    of     kissing      my     feet.‘ Slave was crying like a little girl from the seventh stroke to long after the last stroke. After the last stroke, she dropped the cane to the floor and walked out to her rendezvous with her lover. She felt alive and a million dollars.


Link to my Journal No. 12.



Subjugated Born Again Virgins

A commenter on my last post on orgasm denial raised the associated point of denial of penetrative sex for the submissive male. I have written before about this but it is worth a mention as the commenter made a very relevant point on how it can link to the dynamic of orgasm denial.

The commenter wrote that ‘…….All of this is different than intercourse denial, which never gets old for me (or hasn’t yet)………………. I love and want intercourse and am totally frustrated when denied. My most honest and intense begging has been for intercourse. My Mistress can go long periods without intercourse….

Whether like the commenter, penetrative sex is rare for him; much, much too rare. Or for subs like my bitch-boy or Nicola’s pansy-piece or Rebecca’s sub   penetrative sex is over for the rest of their lives, it is something I believe that, no matter how often a sub is teased about or mind-fucked about it, they never manage to easily cope with it.

One of my favourite examples of this is when I am with Nicola and she inserts her fingers inside me and taunts bitch-boy over how he is never allowed that feeling with even his fingers, let alone his little clitty. Without Nicola I often taunt bitch-boy over what she does to me and how amazing it would feel for him to push his stiff little clitty inside me and feel the tightness and heat and wetness. then I remind him THAT HE NEVER WILL!

If I ask him about all the terrible things he endures, including the very, very painful sessions, the hours and hours of humiliating tedium and the extreme humiliations if front of other women, and I ask, if he could change one thing about his life, what would it be?

He ALWAYS immediately answers, with such a pleading and desperate tone,  ‘To be allowed to fuck your amazing body Mistress.‘ Obviously I smile, flaunt my body and then cruelly remind him that although it would be so easy for me to allow that, it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN! He is my little puppet and I love he is a cuckold, born again virgin. That status gives me sooooo much pleasure, and therefore it will never change.

Worse still for him when he is bound in some way, is when I make his clitty hard and then hold the tip against my wet cunt and ask him if he can feel the wetness and the heat. I hold it still or rub it against my clit a little and he pleads, as though his world is coming to an end, to be allowed to push it in. Even just for a second. Even if he just holds it still and then withdraws. I string him along for a while and he is almost reduced to tears and of course, eventually I harshly tell him not to be so stupid and of course it will NEVER EVER happen!


Link to my journal 12.


YouTube Femdom video

I came across a link on Femdom Resource to this amusing mainstream music video on YouTube.


On the YouTube page, one suggested video was this video which may be a music video? I honestly do not know.


Then this video, with no English language, I found contained ethically confusing messages but was an interesting video up to the 4th minute. I would love to know what was being said throughout.


The last two just go to show that you do not need petticoating, nudity, bondage or physical punishment to create an erotic femdom scenario worth watching. (Not, of course, that I am opposed to seeing femdom related petticoating, nudity, bondage or physical punishment!)

It made me wonder what the best femdon videos on YouTube might be and how to find them.

It also had me thinking how I would like to write screen plays for videos acceptable on YouTube, yet still deeply erotic on powerfully subjugating femdom themes.


It’s the sub’s job

In my post of  28 April 2018  I mentioned placing mirrors for enhancing effect. They can be tricky to set up; what with getting the angles and distance right. A top tip is to have the mirror as close to the subs face as possible. This gives the sub the most panoramic view, so is likely to pick up a view of the Domme. But the point of this post is: Remember ladies you have a sub to do such things, you don’t have to deal with the grunt work.

When I want to put poor bitch-boy into a few hours of extreme sensory deprivation bondage, involving a lot of equipment, I tell him to get it all ready and come and get me when it is ready. If I want to have him tied by his balls to the upright bed rail at the foot of the bed before I bind his wrists behind him, (for him to watch me cuckolding him), I have him undertake the tricky job of tightly buckling the little pink cat collar around his balls and the bed rail.

Some paraphernalia can be difficult to source and set up. Get you sub to do the sourcing and setting up. Grunt work is the sub’s work.

And when the Domme is finally satiated in every way and its time to relax with her sub –  depravity over for the day. OBVIOUSLY its the sub’s job to tide away all equipment, wash out piss ice chunk containers and funnels, dispose of soaked diapers, put battery powered massagers onto charge, etc. Grunt work is the sub’s work.

And of course there is a certain delicious spitefulness in having a sub prepare his own fate and clean up afterwards!

pansy-piece photo

Well recently it was the birthday of Mistress Nicola’s husband-puppet, pansy-piece. As an aside I will mention Volume 12 of my journals, which is nearly finished now, includes an account of what happened to pansy-piece before, during and after Nicola and I took the poor thing to a restaurant for his birthday meal.

I also subsequently visited to see what presents Mistress Nicola had bought him. In the photo you can see some of the presents. The pansy bonnet, the baby reins, the false eyelashes and the sweet sissy shoes. How ridiculous does he look! The shame annihilated him when we had him look at himself in front of a full-length mirror in his pansy finery, while we stood arms around each others’ waists,  and we verbally abused him for being among other things, a born again virgin, sissy, pansy- piece, cuckold.