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Spikes got longer!

You may recall my post about my purchase of the item below (LINK).

If he is fully erect, the spikes screwed all the way in do appear to be quite agonising! But, as you all know, bitch-boy’s birth defect is a little under average size.

On top of that issue he is sometimes so fearful of the lovely spiked collar that his erection begins to diminish when he sees me approaching with the collar.

It seemed to me that, were the grub screws to be a bit longer, the device could be well employed on a less than fully erect birth defect.

A little technical research on the internet led me to discover that I could buy stainless steel, M5, cone tipped grub screws in a number of lengths; and so cheap!

Here is the result.

On the left you can see three grub screws in a line. At the top, an original length grub screw. Below that, the two sizes of longer grub screws I have purchased.

Obviously the very longest screwed in too far would cause damage, but I can assure you that from now on, even a half erect birth defect will be feeling suitably, painfully skewered!

I must publish a disclaimer with this post. I have created a mechanism that could cause serious harm. Do not copy me unless you are confident of using it without causing serious harm.

In my next post I will discuss a related issue: – With all types of dickie discipline, the different pleasures when applied to a very hard birth defect, versus a very soft and flaccid birth defect.


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A deeply shaming video

You may recall my previous  two posts about the amazing Mistress Carla.

Well she has sent me a very shaming video of her cuckold slave husband,  pussie for me to publish the video on BDSMLR; which I have done. The pansy’s outfit has to be seen to be believed!

pussie was required to come up with a shaming cheerleader chant, (or cheer), with actions, and perform it in front of Carla and her sister. The rendition was videoed and sent to me. (pussie was given a VERY significant dose of the paddle afterwards as the cheer was deemed inadequately shaming.)

pussie was ordered to make up the sissy cheer using some of the things Carla makes it do. For example the second verse refers to pussie being ordered to go out for walks, ‘sissy parades’, in a girly sweater, maybe pom-pants, or just regular pants but with the fly wide open, balls and wee-wee pulled all the way out and covered only by the sweater, with bells tied to a coarse twine tied tightly around the balls and hanging down between the legs so they jingle as the sissy walks.
The third verse is about the fact that pussie is never allowed to use the front door, but instead must go in the rear basement door. Adjacent to that door is where the trash bins are kept. So pussie must always crawl into that area first, lick up any dirt on the floor around the bins, then  stick his tongue on the wall and wait for someone to let him in the basement door.

When the video was sent to me, Carla felt pussie’s voice should be edited out so he could not be recognised. I had bitch-boy do the grunt work for this editing, leaving only the sound at the end of the video, of Carla’s delightful, mocking laughter.

HOWEVER, Carla has now said if female Dommes leave comments on this post asking for the volume to be restored for the WHOLE video, then she will give permission for me to do that; as female Dommes wishes should always be obeyed. pussie knows this and is very miserable over this post and profoundly fretting over the next potential posting.

Here are the lyrics of the cheer.

Mistress Carla’s slut sissy that is me
Mistress Carla’s slut sissy, my name is pussie
i must parade all about
with my fly wide open
my wee-wee and balls hanging out
i must never use the front door
i must crawl into the dumpster
licking the walls and the floor
my widdle wee-wee is kept red and sore
then rubbed with capsaicin 
to make it burn more
Mistress Carla’s slut sissy that is me
Mistress Carla’s slut sissy, my name is pussie
yea pussie

So, dominant sisters of ours, what do you think?


Attention to detail inescapable chastity


I was very much taken by this video on BDSMLR. I love that the chastity cage is truly inescapable and that it is so small there would never be even a beginning of an erection for the wearer. I love the psychological effect it would have on the male seeing the cage was secured firstly by his Prince Albert piercing, AND  the key is then used to close the lock, AND THEN the belt and braces, of a uniquely numbered padlock that has to be destroyed to be removed to gain access to the keyhole! Three levels of wonderful attention to detail security.

This is one male who will not be having even the slightest embryo of an erection until the Domme has decided to allow that. VERY HOT!

Two things……… 1. Does anybody have a link to a copy with the sound audible. I would adore to know what the Domme is saying.

2. My second point is that, as there was no sound, I had immediately imagined the nature of the relationship and what she was saying!

‘So sissy, the first day of your early retirement. The time has come for a new regime. No erections for you ever. Not ever. Not one. You’re my toy and I want a sissy toy that has no gender. Not a man, not a woman, no sex organ.

You will always be shaved from the neck down and you will always be in one dress or another that comes down only to your hips. I will see your caged defect, as will you every time you pass by  a mirror. And we will both know your erections are a thing of the past. I love the thought and after all these years of my increasingly ruthless regime, this is the next logical step. It’s no good sobbing.

You will be released from the cage for thirty seconds once a week for cleaning. With your hands secured to your collar,  I will sit you in a bath of freezing water up to your naval for twenty minutes until you are completely numb. Then I will unlock the defect, spend 20 seconds giving it a thorough wash, 10 seconds washing out the cage, and then the cage will go back on. We know from experience don’t we, that you find it impossible to even begin an erection after you have been sat in a bath of freezing water up to your naval for twenty minutes.

Without removing the chastity cage, I will watch you give yourself a prostate milking once a fortnight just before your bath time .

Now while you sob you can watch me bring myself off yet again today. It turns me on so much making you cry and having TOTAL control over you with zero pity.  You got yourself into this all those years ago, introducing me to femdom. You only have yourself to blame. The thought of the weeks, turning to months, turning to years of this new regime has me soaking wet little sissy!


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Easy chastity cage adjustment

It took a number of false starts before I had found the chastity cage I wanted, that bitch-boy currently has double padlocked on him 24/7/365. Lots of access for my finger tips, my finger nails and the Linnex applicator wax; and stinging nettles and for good cleaning without it being removed. (Click on the highlighted text above for a photo).

It is however just a bit longer than I ideally wanted; perhaps an inch longer. I came up with a simple solution. I now drop a very large children’s glass marble into the cage tube before he must push his birth defect into it. The glass marble is hygienic as it is easily cleaned and non-absorbent. The cage is now about an inch shorter when it comes to bitch-boy’s sorry attempts at erection when I tease him. No feeling of even half an erection for him.

Lots of vulnerable flesh bulging through the cage wires though. All that bulging flesh so vulnerable for a coating of Deep Heat or especially Linnex.


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Forgetting his birth defect is caged.

I know it makes me sound awful, but despite the terribly frustrating torment bitch-boy endures almost constantly by having his birth defect double padlocked in a chastity cage 24/7/365, I often forget all about his predicament.

I am fully sexually satisfied and I love my vanilla life as much as my depraved femdom life, so there is too much great stuff on my mind to always remember. This is a problem because the more often I remember, the more often I tease. And when I tease, bitch-boy becomes more deeply in awe of me and even more subjugated to my will; and I get lovely bitchy pleasure while teasing. Often, ironically, leading to an orgasm for me I would not otherwise have enjoyed. I have cruelly put this right at one time every day.

Every morning bitch-boy has to rise before me from my bed. Often two hours before me. He has his frustrating  BDSMLR duty to do, he has his replenishment duty to perform and many other things I insist on, on an ad-hoc basis.  It is cold in the mornings now, so bitch-boy wears a fleece dressing gown as I do not allow him to switch on the heating until half an hour before the time I have instructed him to wake me.

As he must, he wakes me gently and serves me tea in bed. He wears his dressing gown so I do not see his chastity cage and, given I am thinking of the delights the forthcoming day holds, I forget he is wearing his cage. But now I have him use two safety pins. Large pink baby, diaper, safety pins. One holds his dressing gown closed above his caged genitals, one holds it closed below. Between the safety pins, humiliatingly exposed and sticking out, is his caged birth defect and balls, all nicely shaved of course. So every morning I am reminded of his terribly frustrating predicament, which is also very humiliating for him.

I might, most mornings, without thinking, raise my arms above my head as I sit up topless, and run my hands through my hair. I know how sexy I look while so doing. Now, having been reminded of his terribly frustrating predicament, I do this but – lingeringly and provocatively. I see the pain of sexual frustration and helplessness flash across bitch-boy’s face and I smile and coo. ‘Poor puppet.’ And  the theme of the morning is usually underway! (Although sometimes, I find it amusing to simply ignore his predicament all together. This seems equally cruel, so he really is between a rock and a hard place, AGAIN!)


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Double padlocking the chastity cage

One thing I never get bored of seeing, is my poor puppet in his double padlocked chastity cage. There is something about the clarity I see of the ABSOLUTE INESCAPABILITY and also my sense of TOTAL OWNERSHIP of that controlled part of his body. I OWN IT! I decide what happens to it and when; not him.

(The lower padlock runs through the cage bars and his frenum piercing.)


Of course if I am sashaying about in my see-thru, sheer dressing gown and six inch heeled platform mules while he looks on in despair and desperation, all the better.  And if its been a loooong time since he has cum and I have been having many orgasms every day, even better still. The power and the meanness; just from walking about!

This is not me in the image. I do have a smaller waist and slimmer thighs and my very narrow Brazilian strip is always on display – never panties. (She is very beautiful though.)


New Chastity Cage

I recently realised I had not posted about bitch-boy’s latest chastity device.

Here it is with the link below this paragraph. It is a bit of a tight squeeze, but how could one resist getting a model labelled as EXTRA SMALL! I use a padlock in the device as shown in the picture and another one through the ring of his frenum piercing. Zero possibility of escape, including no escape by pull-out.


Obviously given even my casual gear, he finds his enforced chastity rather tough. So no surprise when released, (and made to take a Cialis pill), it is easy to manipulate him to full erection even though he knows nettles, or the ruler, or the sole of my wedge shoe will be causing him sorrowful anguish. My high impact boxing gear. A good activity for maintaining muscle mass and bone density in preparation for growing older.


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My stomping stage

Well my contraption led me beyond a humiliating milking technique for bitch-boy and onto videos of standing on cocks and stomping on cocks.

This pleasure seems best achieved by having the male lie under a low stage or platform that has a hole in it, so I had to have one! And now I have! bitch-boy was given a week to design and construct a perfect stage or his denial period would get VERY LONG INDEED. He complied. I insisted the stage be large enough to accommodate two women as I envisaged sometimes it would be nice for my girlfriend Nicola and I to be kissing and caressing on the stage while one of us has bitch-boy’s vulnerable clitty squashed flat under our sole, and perhaps twisting the foot clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The humiliating milking technique for bitch-boy about which I previously posted may well become redundant shortly as I will now learn the technique I have seen on videos of milking a clitty under the sole of a shoe. (By a back and forth movement on the shaft underside, just behind the head of the clitty. With skilful technique it can be a full orgasm, or by immediately removing the pressure, a spoilt orgasm or, it seems, by immediately pressing down extra hard, a blocked orgasm.

Then there is:

  • tipping the contents of an ashtray onto the nasty object before stomping, to provide further degradation,
  • using muddy footwear to provide further degradation,
  • having two or three stems of stinging nettle leaves under the object while squashing it,
  • using footwear with different sole styles – V sole tread gym shoes, heavy snow boots, smooth soles like with my wedges, or sharp stiletto heels, (Always remembering wedges are easier to use while focussing elsewhere than stiletto heels.)
  • pressing down on the object on a slice of fresh, acidic, pineapple or lemon slices,
  • and on focussing elsewhere, while a sole is pressed down on the object, and perhaps twisted from left and right, – drying my hair, brushing my hair, doing my make-up, talking on the phone, kissing a girlfriend as mentioned above, etc.

Within a month of mentioning I may need to produce a second edition of my BDSM manual to deal with Curt Instructions, I find myself embarking on another new activity worthy of manual space. The Stomping Stage.

I do find it wonderful that as I approach 20 years of experience as a Mistress-Wife, there are still new things to discover to increase my pleasure yet further and deepen bitch-boy’s subjugation to, and awe of, me. I cannot believe just how much I ADORE torturing his clitty under my shoe sole; the aesthetic, the symbolism and the sadistic pleasure of inflicting both physical and mental discomfort this way.


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New girlfriend for bitch-boy

contraption shoes rh gf - copy - copy

Yes a picture paints a thousand degrading words! My right wedge shoe (RWS)  is until further notice, bitch-boy’s only sexual partner. His new girlfriend. As things stand, all orgasms come from intimate contact between him and RWS. The sole of RWS to be precise.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I JUST ABSOUTLEY ADORE this new way of milking him. Yesterday there was some foreplay before the milking. I had the contraption the other way round on the little chair, and RWS spent quite some time stomping and squashing his little  clitty. Such intimate, passionate and meticulous foreplay! Then after the foreplay, the contraption was turned the right way around  and RWS pressed down hard on his clitty which was pressed onto the massager head and as soon as he began to cum, RWS lifted from the clitty, causing a spoiled orgasm.

As you will also have read before, on the whim of Mistress Nicola, bitch-boy was only to have spoiled orgasms from November 13, the day of her whim, until at least Xmas day. So Xmas day, or sometime soon after, he is expecting a proper orgasm. Expecting it no doubt, from my soft, skilled, cool, slim fingers. I am wondering whether, although it will be a full orgasm, should it be from his new girlfriend instead of my hands? Decisions, decisions.

I should also mention that, of course, he has to show proper respect to his new girlfriend. So I like to leave RWS out by the wall of the sitting room. The whenever he curtseys to me, on entering or leaving the room, he also has to curtsey to her as well.


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