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Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal. 

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly. 

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Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.



Another Malevolent Phrase

A comment from Mike detailed another wonderfully malevolent phrase I thought for completeness it should be added to yesterday’s post; which I have done. I set it out below too.

(I would love to hear more details of the regimen Mike endures!)


Would you like to make me happy?

The sub has just finished a miserably monotonous,  tedious 500 lines. The Mistress inspects the lines, then speaks. ‘Yes, these lines are satisfactory. But it would make me happy if you now wrote another 500 of them. Do you want to make me happy?’ The sub is almost in tears as he answers in the way he knows from his training he must. ‘Yes Mistress I would like to make you happy.’ The Mistress smiles in cruel contentment as the sub, still on the verge of tears, begins the next 500 lines. The Mistress walks off; swathed in the warm glow of pitiless power-rush.

Update from Christine M

A wonderful update from the amazing  Christine M. I think one element of her real life, which is very many submissives’ ultimate fantasy, (1),  is having zero option to negotiate, AND (2), zero leeway for failure to comply EXACTLY with instructions without serious punishment resulting.

I recall in the early days of bitch-boy introducing me to femdom, he talked about reading of this style of regimen as being very affecting. I confess I lack the attention to detail to apply such a regimen all the time, but on the occasional day I do so, I find it VERY AROUSING and I can see how deeply it pushes bitch-boy into subjugation and awe of me.

David has now been added to the BAV register.

Christine M – Latest Developments – August 2020 

I thought I would update your readers on David’s current situation which has been adjusted over the past few months.

Before I do, I would first like to address some of the concerns raised by a couple of readers. David is made of stern stuff. He is physically and mentally very strong. Yes, I drive him very hard, but I never push so hard as to ‘break him’. He is actually pretty unbreakable, and deep down he needs my ‘care’. I carefully observe his health and stamina at all times and pull back if he is too exhausted. This applies to punishments too. I am not interested in causing lasting harm.

I also make sure his career is never jeopardised. David is someone who has always thrived on less sleep than most people. Thus, the times when I might appear to deprive him of sleep, are well within his physical capabilities, if not those of others.

I might further stress, that when we introduced Linnex, we tried it on a non-sensitive skin area first. We then graduated to a small dab on his gristle. Over time this was increased to the level we are at today. One must always be careful. Everyone is different and one must always start with great caution.

It takes a very strong mental character, albeit a rather unusual one, to undergo a strict, life-style disciplinary regime. The submitting partner forgoes many pleasures, pleasures they still desperately yearn to enjoy. They would change many aspects if they could, but of course, they CAN’T. In a sense they choose these restrictions and though they often hate them, they know they need them. There is also the dichotomy, they are ‘excited’ to be in the control of a dominant partner, knowing they have no say in these matters. This latter aspect is a core value.

In my husband’s case, when we met, I doubt he was smitten by my looks, but he clearly needed a dominant woman in his life. He was, and remains, a handsome, athletic man who looks younger than his age. In those days, he was active and sporting; played golf (including the 19th hole!), cricket and tennis; was a regular Scuba diver and loved to take part in anything ‘adventurous’ e.g. skydiving, bungee jumping, he’d done both. He was single and quite gregarious, he dated attractive ladies; and with me being significantly older than him, and far from glamorous; to his friends, I am sure it must have seemed an odd relationship.

He explained that he had an unappeasable ‘need’ to be strictly raised in a manner that might have befitted someone in an ultra-strict Victorian household. Our lifestyle evolved from him initially sharing his desires and detailing what he understood as ‘ultra-strict’. He fantasised about having to do exactly as he was told or be severely punished; which is where we are now.

The Victorians designed and patented many extreme devices to prevent masturbation and were equally fervent with their punishments for same. The latter included fiery chilli caps and hot mustard and bran poultices. We might also note that their punishments in general were most severe. I have never read of a teacher from those times asking whether a culprit would prefer if he whipped him a little less harshly! Punishments were meant to hurt and hurt they did. They also practised petticoat discipline and many a boy found himself in a velvet little Lord Fauntleroy suit!

Our regime is therefore innately safe and consensual. David is submissive only when in the presence of a truly dominant woman and he needed a relationship where he felt he had to submit, one in which he was dis-empowered. This has created a lifestyle that not many could cope with. Proverbially speaking, the line had to be drawn, and if he so much as stepped over it by 1 mm, he would suffer dire consequences. In our very early days if he was told to do something, he would be like a child at school. He needed to know that if he didn’t do it, he would in fact be punished. He quickly learnt!

I think he now regrets expressing this as it means there is never any leeway in his life. Excuses are never ever accepted. It has become natural for me and he genuinely has no choice but to be totally submissive. He knows full well he is in my control.

For David it provides restrictions he loathes, but this is preferred to a life without domination. Consider the below aspects of what this entails.

Freedom He could do as he wished whenever he wanted. Literally every minute of his life is very strictly supervised and under my control. If he is out-of-my-sight, this means electronic surveillance. I review tracking logs of his movements and he must have accounted for where he went in his diary. He must ask to do anything outside of his provided routines.
Music He loves music and had an extensive audio collection. He is forbidden to play any music and has no audio files nor access to any streaming services. His digital devices are regularly checked.
Films He would of course love to watch films, stream Netflix, watch blockbuster movies on flights. His viewing is strictly monitored, and he is forbidden from watching anything that I consider ‘inappropriate’ or not rated for family viewing. E.g. No Marvel films!

On flights, I issue him with reading material on which he might be required to write an essay or complete an exam. E.g. on one long flight he had to study the Book of Isaiah. He was then given an in-depth, closed book, exam over several nights.

Sport He would love to take up sport again. This will not happen, not even a ‘business’ golf game! Housework, especially scrubbing and ironing are his new sporting pursuits!
Housework He used to employ a cleaning lady, and he dropped his washing off to a professional laundry service.

Yet when we met, he shared how he fantasised about being made to do all the household chores!

Well, his fantasies have come true, he literally does all the household chores and, outside of cooking, I do none!

He is required to complete his chores to the highest standards. I fully recognise that it must be a real challenge to arrive home after a hard day at work, only to face a mountain of housework.

But he only has to do what I used to do. And the high standard is no more than the standard I used to do it to.

I do not find fault for the sake of it, as one reader suggested. We actually have a written standard for each room/ chore, so he knows exactly what is expected of him.

Adventure He would love to have the opportunity to do exciting challenges that he often gets the opportunity to do on business trips e.g. a safari game drive was offered when in S Africa, Scuba diving in the Philippines, a 4×4 drive out into the desert with camel riding when in the middle east, rock-climbing in …. Things that in his past life he would have accepted with alacrity. These pursuits I tell him are far too dangerous and therefore, forbidden. They are for ‘grown-ups’. E.g. a couple of years ago we were on holiday with a tour group in Italy and there was a trip to a monastery in the mountains. We were warned it was a not a beginners’ walk and there were some steep drops, but the views were spectacular and not to be missed. David was required to stay in our hotel room and write a 6-page essay, “Mummy Knows Best”.
Language He played rugby! I may, sometimes too often, mutter an expletive, he had better never use any crude or inappropriate language!

He must never raise his voice to me nor address me in a condescending manner.

Alcohol He drank socially and enjoyed drinking with “the boys”. When travelling he would have a glass of wine on flights, go to bars, restaurants and karaoke clubs. These are past pursuits on travel trips, and remember, I can track where he goes while travelling. He has to report all travel details and is subject to random video calls to check on him. He could of course sneak a drink in, but woe betide if I ever found out!

He is not allowed any alcohol, nor any soft drinks, nor tea or coffee. He drinks water only.

Sex He was quite active and could also masturbate whenever he desired. He has been a BAV for a few years now, has rarely enjoyed more than 4 – 6 releases a year, and currently is undergoing at least 12-months without release!
Finances He was fully in control of his spending and enjoyed the benefits of his good income. He has no access to our banking details. I manage our financial affairs and do not discuss anything with him.

He has a corporate credit card and a personal debit card. The latter has a limit of $100. He has guidelines on what he may use this card for and any expenditure above $10 must be first authorised by me.

These personal expenses must be fully accounted for and, together with his company expenses, are checked at the end of the month. Full documentation including detailed invoices must be attached for my inspection. Woe betide if there is expenditure he can’t explain.

With meals out, the invoice must show the details of his order.

With hotels, he is not allowed to access the mini bar since he is not allowed chocolates, crisps, snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, etc. If bottled water is not provided for free, he needs to drink tap water.

With the above said, his recent Covid-19 regime changed after about 6-weeks; partly due to government restrictions being eased, meaning he goes into the office again, though there is still no air travel; but mostly the changes were made to suit me. Updating from my prior email in which I detailed this, changes are summarised as follows:

  1.  His hard chastity lockdown has been extended for a further 6-months and will not be reviewed again before February 2021. He has now been in permanent chastity, without hope of release, for 6-months; and has at least another 6-months to go. This means no milking either! As I mentioned above, when we first met and explored his fetish desires, chastity was at the top of the list. He related tales of Victorian measures to curb onanism and even had some old copies of a magazine Scarlet has referred to before, Madame in a World of Fantasy. This had some wonderful letters on strict chastity regimes. I guess he should be really pleased that his past fantasies have been so well fulfilled, though I fear he is regretting such shares! Fantasy and reality can be so different.
  2. The weekly cleaning routine for his appendage, followed by a Linnex application has stopped. This became a chore for me and, since the Linnex is so effective at encouraging good behaviour, it became obvious that I needed to reserve it for punishments only.
  3. The scrub down of the toilets, laundry, porch and kitchen are now only required once a day, in the evening.
  4. His muzzle is now only worn on my whim, it does not go well with his updated maid’s attire.
  5. He is no longer confined to the house, but he may only leave when he is in my company or when going to work.
  6. His previous daily written assignment is now only required on Saturday and Sunday mornings; though he may be excused if we are going out. It remains the same Latin prose. This is to make up for him ‘missing out’ on his written travel assignments.
  7. When he returns home from work each evening, he must immediately change into his maid’s uniform. He is still acutely embarrassed about this.

The latter requirement has led to a changed dynamic in our relationship, since I have revelled in stripping him of his masculinity. He now wears his chastity device permanently. Last year, I changed him into a Lori 12a, in which a full erection is impossible, and I can tease him mercilessly and not worry about him accidentally ejaculating. He does get the occasional night-time emission, which I believe is more than enough to keep his ‘pipes clean’; and since this occurs in his sleep, there is no pleasure derived.

Since he no longer travels by air, he has been wearing this for a greatly extended time. I do hygiene checks and I am sure he would report to me if he had any issues. We have found it causes no chafing and that he can keep everything clean without removing it. So, it is rarely removed! As an aside, since he always looks so distressed when I do remove it; I find it amusing to tease him about how much comfort it must give him, before promising that he’ll soon be locked back inside it. Mind you, the only reason it’s been removed of late is for the Linnex!

To create a further disconnect, he now wears a pair of vintage-style, tight-fitting girdle panties at all times, even to bed. They are a long-leg, high waist design with a front and rear panel made of a thicker, non-stretch fabric (satin in some pairs). These panels flatten and smooth out the butt cheeks, and the frontal view! Coupled with the design of his cage, one does not see the slightest evidence of an unsightly bulge!

When referring to his appendage, he is required to exclusively refer to it as his ‘lickle winky tinky’. This he must do regardless of company (or avoid any reference to it at all). He knows that if I overhear him using any other term for it, he will deeply regret it. Of course, I laugh uproariously when he mentions his lickle winky tinky. It’s hard to appear manly when dressed as a housemaid and referring to one’s lickle winky tinky!

A final change has been for him to wear dark-coloured seamed stockings (no socks) during the day. He has to be careful when going out, or at work, to be decorous and not allow his trousers to ride up when seated. His daytime pantie girdles have six garters to hold up his stockings. These can show through his trousers or jeans, especially when sitting down, which he finds acutely unnerving.

He is of course frustrated beyond belief! I spend time teasing him every day, whether it be just a few strokes of his nipples, a gentle caress while he works, or a full-on teasing session in bed. This sends him up the wall. He describes it as the ‘sweetest torture’. He yearns for, and revels in, the teasing; yet it also drives him almost insane.

He explains that it leaves him with an absolute and totally encompassing NEED to come. His whole world simply becomes an intense mix of indescribable rapture, wrapped up in the most agonising torment of being unable to explode in a joyous release. I will also taunt him about his lickle winky tinky and wonder whether it will ever get to release again, or whether it might shrink from being locked up for so long. I fondle his groin and tease him about how I can’t feel anything at all, if he doesn’t have a stiff lickle winky tickle I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

He will tell me how he can’t cope, and he simply has to come! He can’t be denied for another minute never mind 6-months. I smile and take perverse pleasure in reminding him that we will only be reviewing the possibility of recommencing his release program in 6-months’ time, not giving him a release! On review, he might be provided with a further 6-months’ extension. And even when we do reconvene his release program, his spreadsheet currently only gives odds of a release every four months; so, it might still be four months or more before he draws a release!

He needs this teasing to maintain his deep reverence, and I enjoy teasing him immensely. He often sobs aloud since his craving to come actually becomes painful. Despite this, when I cease my ministrations, he always wants more, even knowing he’ll not be allowed a release. Regardless, I abruptly stop and advise, “That’s enough, it doesn’t look like your lickle winky tickle is going to rise to the occasion!” This is maddening for him given it is impossible for it to rise up in its prison. It is usually then time for him to slip down and pleasure me, his tears of frustration only serving to arouse me more.

Mistress Carla – pussie’s punishment reading

Another delightful account from Mistress Carla about punishing her slave-husband, pussie, who, we must never forget, asked his wife to dominate him as a lifestyle, and now he is a cuckold sissy. Always be careful what you wish for little subbies!

Carla’s latest account

I would like to share an update to pussie’s reading of Madame and Petticoat Discipline letters you posted a link to on you blog.
As you may recall, from the earlier blog post,  I had pussie read each of the Madame and Petticoat Discipline letters you posted, dressed in a sissy outfit. I also attached a heavy bell to the sissy’s little wee-wee which it had to ring by doing a dance at the beginning and end of each letter even though it was locked in a spiked chastity cage. After the first few days I put the reading sessions on Zoom so my sister and a few others could join in the entertainment.
One of my girlfriends who participated on Zoom suggested that I should add some weights to pussie’s balls. She suggested we add a one kilo weight ( 2.2 lbs) for the first 30 minutes of the reading, and then add a second kilo weight for the rest of the reading. I thought that a great idea and did so. The poor thing’s useless wee-wee was already red and sore from the chastity cage spikes digging into the shaft each time it had to ring the bell. There was such horror on the sissy’s face when I showed it the two weights.
When I clipped the first one on, I purposely just let it drop, yanking on pussie’s balls. The sissy begged me to take it off saying it hurt “like hell”. About 30 minutes later I showed pussie the second weight. Oh my Scarlet, such pleading, groveling and begging. When I clipped on and let the second weight dropped , the sissy screamed like a little girl begging for mercy.  None of course was given.
Now the useless sissy had the weights pulling down on its little balls constantly as it read. And those weights just added to pussie’s misery as it danced and rang the bell before and after each letter it read out.
pussie actually had the nerve to complain and referred to my friend as a”bitch”.   I, as any true dominant woman, could not allow such talk from the sissy. I shared pussie’s comment with my friend and asked her to suggest a proper punishment. Her suggestion was twofold. First,  she wanted pussie to write two pages of punishment lines and then a thousand-word essay apologizing for the sissy’s insolence and expressing gratitude for her even paying attention to the sissy.
pussie wrote the lines ” I am a sissy bimbo with widdle widdle peanut balls” in alternating ink colors. To make sure pussie took the proper time to write the lines, I made the sissy wear thick woolen mittens. As bad as the weight were, I believe pussie hated the writing punishment even more. I mentioned that I had the sissy wear thick woolen mittens when writing, ensuring that it would take hours to complete the task. What I did not mention is that pussie had to write both the lines and essay while in the hot smelly dumpster area. I mean where else would one have a sissy  do its punishment writing.
I waited about 90 minutes or so after pussie starting the lines to have him hand the first completed page to me. No way was I going into the dumpster area, which as your readers can imagine, is especially malodorus in the hot summer days. I took the page, looked at it for a few seconds, and then slowly ripped it up right in front of the kneeeling sissy. I told him it was sloppy and he needed to do it again. The startled look of despair on pussie’s face was priceless. The sissy was confused at first,and then began actually crying, saying how long it had taken to do that page, how hot and miserable it was, and why was I being so mean? I will say pussie’s misery just got me excited!! Then the sissy wrote the most groveling humiliating essay you could imagine.
It took almost 5 hours to complete the punishment tasks.
 As a final part of the apology, punishment, pussie was paddled on Zoom for everyone to watch. I do not think the sissy will ever backtalk to me or one of my friends again!
I believe having others participate in pussie’s punishment both adds to the sissy’s misery and intensifies its humiliation. I also find it makes for a more obedient sissy. I wonder if you and the other women who participate on your blog agree.
I would have to completely agree Carla, bitch-boy is utterly subjugated and affected for days after he has been punished, when I have one or more women with me assisting in, and often choosing and administering the punishments. And I do so love the scenario. I adore to stand to one side, or sit and relax, getting a huge power rush watching as a cruel and pitiless woman is enjoying punishing my poor puppet, while he pleads and begs. 

 A link to all my journals HERE, including:




Real life, long term FLRs

I have noticed that a lot of blog followers really enjoy accounts of REAL LIFE, LONG TERM Femdom relationships. That had me thinking about the email interactions I have had in the past years with Dommes in a real life, long term, relationship. I have enjoyed many interactions over the years. They usually begin with the Domme seeking a little advice, there is a few weeks or months of exchanges, (usually fascinating for me), and then the interaction drifts away and ends. I sometimes would love an update but I never seek one. I am content that people move on.

I provide a link below to some exchanges I posted in 2014, as I am sure many of you were not reading my blog then and so are unlikely to have read this material. It goes without saying that I would love an update from those involved six years on. I guess by posting this I have opened the possibility.

Link to my blog post of 2014

The two reasons I began this blog were 1), I wanted to facilitate more women creating symbiotic and hugely pleasurable relationships with  males who were true submissives. And 2), I hoped, as I have had over the past year, the privilege to be able to publish true accounts of real life, long term DS relations, provided by WOMEN.

In my formative period of becoming a Domme, I had two sources of such real life accounts written by women; The hardcopy Madame magazines and the website Petticoated.com. The former disappeared. The latter evolved into a forum for male cross dressers. (Although I have provided a link to an archive of the original femdom letters in an earlier post.)  So I started my blog to fill the void.  I am so pleased and privileged to now have so many wonderful real life, long term Dommes contributing to my blog.

Many of these wonderful Dommes push the limits, mainly it seems to me, because they have little interest in vanilla time with their sub. I KNOW if I had little interest in vanilla time with bitch-boy, my regime would be off-the-scale pushing the limits! And I could end up going that way, if I met the right woman, and I would be exhilarated to go that way.

But for various reasons, I do enjoy a fair amount of vanilla time with him, so I think I do not push the limits as much as others. I can’t say all aspects of my regime are 24/7 like other Dommes can. (Although during our DS time, I certainly do push the limits and almost always there is desperate, heartfelt pleading and there is sobbing. And when I want vanilla time to watch a movie or go to a fine dining restaurant or travel, I TELL bitch-boy I am about to USE him for his vanilla company. MY CHOICE, MY USE of him.)

Anyway, the point of those rambling two paragraphs is a request, in this rambling paragraph. There may be Dommes who read this blog but who do not contribute because they consider their regime does not push the limits enough to be worthy of publication. If that is the case, please by assured that I would love contributions from ALL Dommes in long term, real life relationships, limits pushed or not. Or any real life relationships that involve a submissive male being dominated by a woman. Perhaps a boss or other work colleague, perhaps a neighbour. My dream is to provide accounts of, and learn from, every sort of femdom relationship, whether or not limits are pushed.



For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.





New punishment position!

[1 July 2020]  Well; over the dining table for deterrent and for deserved punishments has become a thing of the past I think.

After seeing a photo of a dominatrix in her dungeon relaxing on her chair between spells of caning her client, I thought I would like some of that! Both, me being able to sit for a rest, (and use my massager wand on myself), and also for the imagery and practicality of the punishment position my puppet would be bound in. It is so advantageous to live in a house with some large original ceiling beams in the sitting room!

I had bitch-boy create the image below, which took him quite some time – to my satisfaction, which meant while he worked on the image, he could mull over the position he will now so often find himself in.

I did indeed, the very first time I used this punishment position, have to sit on my sofa and use my massager wand half way through his punishment. When my massager wand was applied, it was so erotic to see him in his new punishment position, and hear him still whimpering from the last few strokes. My eyes quickly fluttered shut though, as the physical sensations overwhelmed me.

And then the decadence of resting, relaxed on the sofa, then rising and returning to using my dressage whip on my helpless toy.

I have been so kind to my puppet as to include a large bondage belt to support his weight at the chest and a chain from the collar to support the weight of his head. Of course, this does mean there is no limit to how long I can keep him in the position. Perhaps I will watch an hour long TV programme and rise from the sofa and pick up the cane during each advert break?

Because I love to have a female submissive over from time to time, and have bitch-boy in sensory deprivation bondage while I ‘entertain’ her, (often for 5 or 6 hours),  I have more than one set of wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs and more than one bondage belt. So, once I had padlocked the chains at appropriate lengths, the whole  arrangement could be removed and reapplied very quickly by leaving the chains as they were and simply unbuckling collar, cuffs and bondage belt. And I still had my usual cuffs and a body belt available for other bondage fun.

To retain this convenience, I will have to buy extra gear though, if I start having a new submissive female visiting to be ‘entertained’.

For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

A seriously hot regime!

Below are four comments I have received over the last month from a slave in Italy who is lucky enough to serve full time an amazing Mistress. If you fastidiously read all comments, you will have read the first three, but the fourth has never been published as a comment. You will not have read that.

The regime imposed is serious, eclectic and I find it very hot indeed! Involvement of the Mistress’s mother and, cuckolding, with chastity and denial, and male maids are firm favourites of mine! Sissy Slave M is writing in a second language so I am sure you will forgive him if the English is not perfect. Or as I do admire him for writing in a second language!



Honorable Mistress,
On Monday morning, May 11th, I returned to work for the first time since 9 March, the day on which the lockdown was made in Italy.
Luckly I got a fairly well-paid job in the public administration sector and so Mistress have not suffered negative consequences from an economic point of view.
My thoughts go to the many who, on the other hand, this pandemic is tragically leaving in difficulty.
Obviously this is not the right place, but I must say that the Italian government, despite many mistakes, is managing this crisis quite well.
Going back to what I meant, on Monday I left the house for the first time in more than two months and the feeling was, for me, much, much stranger than for my fellow citizens.
Given my condition as a slave sissy, the lockdown was, for me, quite intense.
First, for the whole period I was always in the feminized version of myself.
For years the Mistress has allowed me men’s clothes only for work and for some inevitable ‘vanilla’ circumstance reduced to the bare minimum.
If You consider that many relatives and friends of the Mistress know about our relationship, You can understand how what remains of my male being is truly reduced to a minimum.
Never, however, had I lived as sissy and in sissy clothes for over two consecutive months.
In addition, for her amusement, the Mistress forced me to remain tied in one way or another for the entire period.
When the Mistress did not impose more restrictive and elaborate forms of bondage on me (which happened for several hours a day) I always wore a high, almost postural collar, bracelets and anklets.
A short chain (30 cm) connected bracelets and anklets and bracelets was connected to the collar by another chain that did not allow me to lower my hands below the waist.
The Mistress firmly believes that a sissy must be seen and not heard, so I was gagged most time of the day.
Even for a sissy like me used to sissyfication, bondage, punishment and everything else, experiencing this total continuity 24/7 for over two consecutive months was very hard.
Normally I wear the chastity belt 24/7/365 even at work and my underwear is always sissy, however the effect of total continuity of submission has been devastating.
The Mistress, then, was even more rigid, severe, sadistic, uncompromising and cruel than usual for the whole period.
For her, in fact, rightly accustomed to her freedoms, her friends, her interests and hobbies and her lovers, imprisonment at home, even a beautiful house with a garden, was very frustrating and she vented her frustrations on me .
Not a day has passed without me being subjected to the most cruel keystrokes.
I spent endless hours completely immobilized in bondage or wildly fucked by the big strap-ons of the Mistress (she loves the pegging on her slut, as she calls me in these cases) or humiliated in long video calls with her friends.
Many times, at the height of humiliations or punishments, I collapsed, I burst into tears and I implored even just a little of pity.
And obviously I haven’t received.
In the same time I noticed that the Mistress was getting great relief from making my condition of submission more extreme and this helped me a lot to overcome the most difficult moments.
Furthermore, the absence of any pause, even the slightest, to my sissy slave ménage had the effect of making the Mistress’s mark on me indelible and my love and my total devotion and submission are, if possible, further increased.
It is as if this total coexistence had extremized our awareness of our respective conditions in the world. and when on Monday morning I was totally unbound for the first time in over two months, the partial relief was enormously overcome by a feeling of lack.
As if part of me had been removed.
And when the Mistress, before I left the house, showed up at the door in her dressing gown and wearing a pair of incredible slippers (similar to the ones you wear on the cover of volume 12 or volume 8 of your juornals) I threw myself to her feet, desperate and tearful, unable to move away from her.
Only when she kicked me out assuring me that she would always be my Mistress and that her cruelty was yet to grow a lot, I finally managed to go to work.
Sissy slave m.



I don’t know if it can be defined as shaming but of the cruelest clothes that the Mistress sometimes imposes on me is this hessian underwear that you can see in this link.


It is made to measure and, often, Mistress requires me to wear it under a maid uniform while doing housework.
In particular, she likes to make me wear it when her fun of the moment is to have me as a lower level scoundrel.
In these cases, I must wear the hessian underwear.
Above of it, in addition to the inevitable corset (which makes contact with the terrible material even harder to bear) the most worn out of my maid uniforms, full of tears and of mending, at the foot a pair of equally worn domestic slippers, a disheveled and deformed wig.
She impose me a very heavy metal collar, wristbands and anklets joined by heavy chains and a heavy ball to the foot.
To this she adds a penis gag and in this humiliating estate I have to do the housework without the aid of model tools and, therefore, sweep and wash the floors on all fours, wash the laundry all by hand and so on.
Hessian underwear is terribly uncomfortable, stinging and annoying and working on it in chains, it becomes absolutely intolerable after a very short time. Then often the Mistress canes my ass before getting dressed and then the terrible material rubs on the red skin and becomes even more unbearable.
It often happens that the Mistress has me in this way and then I go out with my friends leaving me to my sufferings.
Often during those long and tiring days I happen to burst into tears for my condition but, even more, for the unbearable feeling of hessian underwear.
When the Mistress comes home and see me in chains dressed as the last of the servants and exhausted from fatigue and suffering, she gets excited to masturbate almost always.
Once she cums, she enjoys humiliating me for a few hours before finally taking off my cruel underwear while I, despite the sufferings she imposes on me, thank her humbly by licking her shoes and swearing my eternal love and eternal submission.
sissy slave m



Honored Mistress Scarlet,
I thank you immensely for your noble answer.
Of course you are totally right and I offer the most humble and submissive apologies for the precious time that I have wasted you with my pathetic comment.
I understand that the description of the game rules alone have been of little interest to you and I will also try to explain the dynamics behind the game.
Firstly the game is my only chance of having an orgasm.
My condition is of total chastity 24/7/365 and total submission.
This makes me perpetually excited and frustrated to the point of despair.
As a consequence of this, my veneration and submission to my Mistress are infinitely amplified.
Not if it’s the same for everyone. In my experience, the absolute cruelty of the Mistress in imposing such a severe chastity regime has meant that my total love for my Goddess increased day by day.
I believe it is the result of my innate submission, but every humiliation, punishment and cruelty of the Mistress, however absolutely infernal to bear at times, produces in me a feeling of devotion and attachment and love and, at the same time, of awe that they make of my status as a slave is the only one possible for me.
So even though living a condition of slavery and sissyfication that many would consider hell (and sometimes I also consider it as such), I also live in an atmosphere of absolute and perennial excitement and absolute devotion to Mistress.
In the days immediately preceding the game, of course, my anxiety and expectation grow uncontrollably, as does my fear that my mistake or a whim of the Mistress will blow up the possibility.
It does not happen often, because the Mistress likes the game, but it happened that without any reason the Mistress, just because she can do it, postponed for days, but also for weeks, a game session and I confess that, while I kissed the Mistress’s shoes to thank her, I couldn’t hold back the tears.
At the same time, just before the game starts, another and different anxiety arises in me.
While, in fact, my frustration and my desire lead me to hope with all my heart that the drawn card is lucky, on the other hand, my submission makes me almost torn about it.
I find myself thinking about the fun, if not the pleasure, that my suffering and frustration bring to the Mistress and, therefore, receiving the orgasm seems to me almost a lack towards the Mistress.
When the game finally begins, the Mistress makes me kneel in front of her after making me undress leaving me in stockings, suspenders, corset, heels, wig and maid crest.
She ties my hands behind my back and stands before me.
I have to start begging her to let me try the game, trying to be convincing in humiliating myself and exalting her because there is always a possibility that she will think again.
She looks at me, depending on the mood, with absolute indifference and contempt or with cruelty and fun.
When she is satisfied with the pleas, she gags me and takes the cards.
The moment before the discovery of the card is incredibly emotional for me.
After an often very long period I finally have a chance, even if not too high!
And I wish with all my heart that the card is of hearts, possibly a J a Q a K or the ace!
And at the same time, despite being terrified of it, I think the pleasure of the Mistress when a card unfavorable for me comes out, above all the two spades,and my soul of submissive almost hopes to have to receive the cruelest card to satisfy the sadism of the Mistress and for to feel even more the adoration for her that is born in the moments of greatest suffering and humiliation.
And then the card is turned …
If it is a card that does not give me orgasm, as often happens, the Mistress immediately passes to the punishment provided, cheerful and amused, while I suffer my destiny with resignation but also, in some way, with the relief of knowing that the my frustration and suffering are pleasing to my goddess.
And if it is a card that gives me ruined orgasm, instead, the Mistress immediately applies a condom to my cage and, with a vibrator, stimulates the chastity cage from the outside insulting me and spitting me in the face or slapping me. She bring me on the edge and then remove the vibratori leaving me to my wretched ruined orgasm. So she takes my gag off and feeds me on my seed before going on to punishment.
The rare times, however, that the paper gives me a full orgasm, I see the Mistress a slight disappointment and this, in the euphoria of those rare moments, is a cloud that obscures my pleasure. Then, after I have had these rare orgasms, Mistress becomes even more sadistic in punishment, that are more difficult to suffer after I came.
I can’t deny that, all in all, my real hope is to draw a card that will give me ‘ruined’ orgasm, in order to still be able to experience a little miserable humiliated relief while still remaining in my desperate conditions of continuous chastity.
As for the ace of hearts, which would grant me freedom to enjoy at my leisure, it only cames out 3 times.
And all three times I could not help but beg the Mistress to decide my destiny and she, incredibly magnanimous, tied and gagged me and masturbated mi with her hands.
They have been the only times since I know her where the Mistress gave me direct sexual contact for my pleasure
I love my Mistress, my bondage and chastity and our relationship.
I hope I have explained things better and I still humbly ask for forgiveness for the stolen time.
Slave and sissy maid M.



Honored Mistress
June 2, in Italy, is a national holiday and this year was even more important because it was the first national holiday after the lockdown.
For me, pathetic sissy slave, it was also the day when I could try my luck with the card game that I described in a previous comment on this post and that is my only chance to have an orgasm.
My last unspoiled orgasm dates back to August 18, 2018 while my last wretched ruined dates back to November 2019 so then you can imagine my despair.
Sunday 05-31 Mistress informed me that on June 2 she had invited her mother, sister and two best friends to lunch, all four fully aware of my condition, and I should have served them as a sissy maid. In the afternoon the card game would take place in the presence of all the guests on condition that my service was impeccable.
Devastated by the prospect of humiliations and sufferings that five sadistic and ruthless women could impose on me, I tried to plead with the Mistress, obviously receiving a severe beating and, therefore, I waited resigned and anxious for my destiny.
On June 2, therefore, I awoke at 5:00 A.M. to wear my short sissy maid uniform, which leaves partially visible both my chastity cage and the but plug that I wear. Black stockings, suspenders, corset, shoes with 10 cm heels, wig, make-up, crest, collar, bracelets and anklets joined by chains (more symbolic than restrictive this time) completed my outfit.
So I started preparing lunch for the guests and cleaning the house.
I brought my wife breakfast in bed at 10:03 A.M. and I received 30 cane shots (10 for every minute of delay) before I could continue the food preparation for lunch. My mother-in-law was the first to arrive. As ordered, I cheerfully greeted her at the door with a humble reverence. At one of his gestures I humbly kissed her shoes and, at her order, licked the soles. Then I made her a drink and I continued cooking and similarly answered the door as each female guest arrived.
By 11:30 A.M., they had all arrived and, while they happily chatted about their business on the patio in the garden, I attended to drinks for them as requested while continuing, in the meantime, the preparation of lunch.
When lunch was ready, I served the ladies at the table and several times the ladies asked to eat while the pathetic sissy slave licked her shoes under the table.
All the time none of the ladies paid me the slightest attention and in fact they totally ignored me, talking happily to each other and simply turning to me with orders: “sissy! wine!”, “Water, slave!”, “Lick the soles worm! “,” the coffee cockroach! ” or commenting amuse my miserable condition and the huge difference in status between them and the miserable servant.
After I served lunch, I collected part of their leftovers in a dog bowl, from where I was supposed to eat them later, and, upon Mistress’ order, I had to go to each of the ladies while each one spits on my miserable meal.
So ladies retired for more chatting and other women’s games and I retired to the kitchen to do dishes and scrub the kitchen floor. I had to make the kitchen spotless, in between serving drinks and snacks to the ladies.
After I completed cleaning the kitchen, I was summoned to them for direct service.
First, each of the ladies gave a rating from 1 to 10 on the quality of the lunch and my service.
For every vote below 10 I would have suffered 10 lashes on my bare butt.
The Ladies expressed their judgment one at a time: Mistress’s friends assigned me 9, the Mistress’s sister and Mistress 8 and my mother-in-law 6. In total 10 votes less than the maximum and 100 lashes on my poor ass.
They then made me lean forward on the patio table, tied ankles and wrists and whipped me in turn, amused and excited by their sadism and my suffering which resulted in constant pleadings and tears.
After the punishment I had to stand, in waiting, with snack trays and drink trays in hand, to be ready for any snack or drink request made or for direct service doing foot massages or other services for the owners.
Then the Mistress announced that it was time for the card game.
She then undressed me, leaving me with only the shoes, corset, but plug and wig on, tied my hands behind my back and ordered me to beg each of the guests for permission to play.
One after the other I had to prostrate myself in front of the ladies, tell and affirm my condition as an inferior, useless sub human, confessing my state of BAV and, at the same time, to swear my absolute love to my Mistress precisely for her cruelty and how to be his sissy slave is my only possible condition and, in conclusion, to implore their permission to try my luck with the cards
One after another they laughed at me, they had fun slapping me to tears, spitting in my face and mouth, before granting me, one after the other, the coveted permission to play.
The humiliation and anticipation, the pain of the recent punishment and fatigue of the long day of service had thrown me into a condition of total prostration and physical and mental suffering and, at the same time, of desperate excitement.
The Mistress, therefore, shuffled the cards, positioned the three chosen cards on a small table and invited me to choose.
With my heart racing, I chose a card and waited for the Mistress to turn it over.
K of hearts! My head exploded with relief and joy!
It meant being able to masturbate licking Mistress’s shoes! Heaven for every slave! I must do with the but plug in ad after I will receive, as per the rules, the due punishment! But nevertheless, it was an orgasm at the feet of my goddess! A real orgasm! Tears of joy have started to cross my face again!
The Mistress then moved away and returned, after a few minutes, wearing a pair of black patent leather slippers with 10 cm platform and 20 cm heels. The dream of every slave. My dream. In her hand she held the key to my chastity cage.
When she was about to put the key in the lock, however, my mother-in-law intervened. I can’t say if everything was planned or if it was a cruel inspiration of the moment.
My mother-in-law said hard and annoyed that it was incredibly selfish of me to accept that card! That it was inconceivable that an unworthy slave sissy like me agreed to receive an orgasm while his Mistress, for the previous three months, because of the lockdown, had not been able to devote herself to her pleasures and hobbies and, above all, had not been able to see her lovers!
It was an incredible proof of lack of training and insubordination on my part the fact of placing my pathetic pleasure before that of the Mistress!
Not only the Mistress had to give up an important part of her sacrosanct sexual pleasures, but now she also had to witness her pathetic sissy slave who masturbated with the most selfish of pigs!
The other ladies immediately agreed with my mother-in-law and, on the Mistress’s face, I immediately saw a sadistic smile light up.
I, devastated, had listened to my mother-in-law’s words, grasping their inevitable cruelty and injustice (after all, the Mistress had always orgasmed, even in these months, over and over again every day and at her complete pleasure while my last cum was rising months and years) and at the same time the words of my mother-in-law seemed full of fairness! If the prolongation of my suffering and frustration helped the Mistress to better endure the limitations of the lockdown, now just finished, and to resume her life with greater serenity, how could I be so selfish to accept an orgasm!
Yet my frustration was too strong.
The Mistress, amused, replied to her mother that it was true, that she was right, but that the rules were the rules … therefore, turned to me, she asked me what I thought of it.
Desperate, split in two, I began to stammer apologies about my despair and pleading for the card to be respected.
But she then decided to use her secret weapon. Started teasing me and licking my nipples.
Perhaps also due to the fact that my cock is always in the cage and is practically never stimulated, my nipples have become, over the years, ultra-sensitive. Real mini sexual organs whose stimulation produces a devastating, almost painful, and incredibly frustrating excitement given the presence of the chastity cage. Furthermore, it is a kind of excitement that further nourishes my submissive nature and makes me desire with every drop of my existence to be increasingly cruelly subdued by my divine tyranny.
Among the laughter of the other mistresses, therefore, the Mistress led me to a state of distressing excitement in which my whole body trembled uncontrollably and wept with despair and mumbled phrases without complete sense.
When she thought I had reached the right cooking point, the Mistress returned to ask me what I thought of the issue.
And my slave soul, before my body and my mind could intervene, was licking the Mistress’ shoes and begging her with all my soul not to consider the card but to exchange it with the 2 of spades (which means three months before the next attempt and a cruel punishment made of blows and bondage from immobilization).
With tears in my eyes, desperate but in love, I heard the Mistress agree among the roaring laughter of the others and, after the Mistress left me magnanimously licking her divine shoes for a long time, I immediately underwent the following punishment in total sub space and I spent the rest of the day and the whole night painfully in bondage until the Mistress released me this morning to send me to the office.
Now I am writing right from the office for the urgent need to describe this incredible experience of mine and to thank my Mistress for her cruelty and for the abysses of submission in which she sinks me daily with increasingly cruelly.
I apologize for the long post
Sissy slave m


For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.






Idle wondering and innocent images

I love to see the pro Dommes who have what appears to be their own, long term sub. Despite the income earning nature of their output, you know they are REAL in a REAL relationship. Bojana the Balkan Brat, Mistress Elaine and sissy maid Vicky, Melanie the Barefoot Princess, Cruel Sarah and her cuck, Kelli and her cuck, Louis Margot and her cuck, Princess Perfect and her sub, etc.

What I sometimes wonder about is whether some of the deliciously cruel pro Domme women who regularly appear in videos and photo shoots with many DIFFERENT subs, have a long term male sub at home? A male sub at home who suffers a regime in keeping with the cruelty these delightful women show with the subs in their videos? (And do any of them read this blog I wonder ???)

For instance, any of the women from; Miami Mean girls,  from the Brat Princesses, from Men Are Slaves, etc. And women such as Empress Jennifer,  Mistress Cindy, Mistress Elise, Brat princess Christina, Miss Barnes, Goddess Amadahy, Cybil Troy, Sarah Eve, Karin Von Kroft, etc.















Might some of these women have a full time sub at home who they do not want on video? Or do they have a vanilla male because they get all their sadism and dominance out when making femdom videos?

Just something I sometimes ponder on.


Below I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog and, possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening a vanilla wife or girlfriend away from trying an FLR relationship.


Lock Down activity from Carla

The following lock down activity from the wonderful Carla is self explanatory. It was prompted by my recent post on the archive of Petticoated.com letters. It is a wonderful activity that can, and I am sure will, be continued when lock down is over. Below is a photo of Carla and pussie but it is from my archive and is not directly related to the post below.








Hi Scarlet,

Hope all is well with you. I must thank you for the posting the treasure trove of petticoat/sissy discipline material. I had never heard of the Petticoat Discipline Journal or any of the earlier publications referred to in the posting. While some of the letters become repetitive, many are filled with wonderfully creative ways to totally humiliate and punish a sissy. I also note that many of the letters describe intensely embarrassing public sissy humiliation. As you know this is something I often subject pussie to with great amusement on my part and others who participate in the poor thing’s public outings. If my recollection is correct of the other women who have submitted comments to you, only Ms Anne has subjected her sissy to humiliation in front of others-and that only to her Mom.

Your posting has resulted in our instituting a new form of cocktail hour entertainment. Each evening, around 6 pm or so, Todd (my boy friend I cuckold pussie with), his daughter Megan and I have cocktails served by pussie.

(Todd’s daughter’s college closed down due to the corona virus and she asked if she could stay with us for a while. I won’t take your time to discuss how we got there, but soon after Megan arrived we let her know all about pussie and that we treat the sissy as the menial housemaid it is.  pussie begged me and then both Todd and me a number of times to not allow Megan to order it about. For whatever reason, the sissy pleaded and begged even more to not allow Megan to join us for the cocktail hour readings. Megan was most offended by pussie’s request and now spanks the sissy even harder than I do! )

Anyway, you may recall that in the past I had pussie read to Todd and me from your published books. We all decided that it would be great fun to have pussie entertain us during cocktail hour by reading the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters you posted. So starting from Vol. 1 letter 1, pussie has been slowly reading to us each evening anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  To add to our amusement I put a paper clip on the sissy’s tongue before it begins reading so that the sissy lisps and must speak ever so slowly so as to clearly pronounce each word. If any of us cannot understand a word, pussie must start again from the beginning of that letter.

I have been using a regular sized paper clip. I am now thinking that once it is safe to do so, I may have pussie’s tongue pierced and a small gold ball inserted, I think this may give pussie a permanent lisp while at the same time increasing the sissy’s ability to provide oral pleasure.

Megan has been given the task of picking out pussie’s cocktail hour outfit. (You will recall that pussie has a wool fetish so, given he is in 24/7 chastity and does not get to cum very often, wool items make him even more desperate.)  Most times Megan has the sissy dress as a cute schoolgirl in a fuzzy angora or mohair sweater stretched tightly over the its 42DD well filled bra, very short kilt type skirt, wool leg warmers, knee socks or frilly ankle socks, mary jane T-strapped 3″ heel shoes, matching bows in the sissy hair, full makeup and woolly  mittens.

After serving drinks pussie stands at perfect attention in front of us. No bending of legs, no slouching. As you may have noted, pussie has no panties on. Rather the sissy is put into his spiked chastity cage to which I have attached a large bell. When it is time to begin, pussie must shake up and down ringing the bell, which of course results in the spikes digging into its little thing. pussie must also “ring” the bell after the sissy has finished reading each letter and then, again when it begins reading the next letter.

pussie hates to have to ring the wee-wee bell as the sissy knows just how ridiculous it looks shaking up and down with its caged wee-wee on display. As the reading progresses, and the spikes continue to dig in as pussie shakes up and down,  the sissy will both beg to be allowed to stop and will become less energetic. My response has been a few well placed kicks to “encourage” pussie to shake its wee-wee more. I am thinking of shoving a capsaicin coated bug plug up pussie’s a-hole the next time we see it slowing down.

I also decided that as the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters are filled with wonderful ideas, pussie should act out those ideas where possible. And when I say letters, I include any of the articles, Ask Nanny advice, and other materials included in each volume in the library. So if a letter says that a sissy is made to dance, pussie must stop reading and do the same dance for us. If a letter says the a  sissy must read, or act out, a nursery rhyme, than pussie must immediately do the same.

There are special rules for spanking and corner time references. ( If only I were as computer capable as Christine LOL). If a letter discusses a spanking, paddling or caning , pussie  suffers the number of spankings etc mentioned in the letter. If the letter does not specify a number, then the first time a spanking is mentioned in a letter in a Volume, pussie receives 10 spanks. The second time an unspecified number is referenced, pussie receives 20 spanks. Each time thereafter the number of spanks is doubled!

So for example if an unspecified number is referenced in Volume 1, letter 1, pussie must bend over, raise its skirt and received ten with the referenced implement. Then if the next time an unspecified number is mentioned; lets say Volume 1, letter 3, pussie again must present its bare rear for 20 with the referenced implement. If in Volume 1 letter 4, the letter discusses the sissy receiving a caning, pussie received 40 wacks of the cane. We do not distinguish among spanks, paddles canes, etc .

It may be that pussie only reads 5 or 6 letters a night. So if, on the next night, pussie begins reading from the same Volume, the spanking numbers start from where we left off the night before. So using my example above, on the first night pussie had only read up to Volume 1, letter 4, with the last letter earning the sissy 40 wacks of the cane. On the next evening pussie would begin with Volume 1 letter 5. If in that letter there is mentioned an unspecified number of spanks, then pussie would receive 80 spanks ( double from the last letter read of that volume, the evening before). We do begin anew with each Volume.

The sissy whimpers and cries like a little girl as the spanks, paddling and or caning applications add up.

As mentioned above, pussie suffers the same miserable fate when corner time punishments are mentioned. And corner time is in addition to , not a replacement for spankings.

I am sure you can just imagine the humiliation,  trepidation and fear pussie experiences as it reads each letter. I must say pussie’s daily readings have made for a most enjoyable, amusing and, yes, exciting cocktail hour. I mentioned this to my sister, Tyler, and she suggested that using Zoom, we invite her and some others to join us for a virtual cocktail hour and pussie show. We are going to begin doing that tonight.

As always I would love to hear from the other women who contribute here to get their reactions and suggestions.





My 16th journal

A link to all my journals.