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Curt Dismissals

I have mentioned the dominant pleasure from curt instructions a number of times on my blog. Well, as a result of my research for my, soon to be published, Addendum No.1, (an addendum to my original BDSM manual), I have come across, ‘Curt Dismissals.’ Below are two paragraphs extracted from a short section in my Addendum No.1 on ‘Curt Dismissals.’ I have begun to use them a lot and ADORE USING THEM! So my question to Dommes and subs is; are they as affecting for you, as they are for bitch-boy and I, although for each of us, affecting in very different ways!

…….. I use another situation for curt dismissals on vanilla days whenever I am about to do something for which I will be alone in a room. I may be about to start a yoga session, or work on one of my craft activities, or about to video chat with one or more friends or relatives, or make a pre-arranged phone call for a chat with someone. Alternatively, he is about to go to another room or outdoors, for chore work while I, for instance, watch TV.  A couple of minutes before I am ready to start, or he is about to depart, I will get bitch-boy to bring me a cup of tea or a glass of water. (This is usually by using a curt instruction, i.e. ‘Cup of tea, bitch.’) As soon as I hear he has placed the drink down, and always while I look elsewhere than at him, I use the curt dismissal, ‘Now fuck-off.’  I found it is quite easy to get into the habit of awareness that I am about to be in a different room to him for a while and, as soon as that awareness hits me, I wait until there is a couple of minutes to go, and then I curtly ask for my glass of water or cup of tea and, as soon as it is placed down, curtly tell him to, ‘Fuck-off’.………


……… If you are a Domme who really cannot swear that does mean, ironically, by not using swear-word curt dismissals, you will be missing out the most, exactly because if you do not ever swear, a swear-word curt dismissal will have even more impact. However, instead of ‘fuck-off’, you could try, ‘You’re dismissed’ or ‘Are you still here?’, or, ‘Get out of my sight.’ ……..

My Addendum No.1 is almost completed and I have been amazed to find it tops 50,000 words of techniques and sophistications of dominance not included in my original BDSM manual. I have been so fortunate that the four years since publishing my original manual have been brimming full of exchanges with other Dommes and subs in mainly long-term DS relationships; and the additional ways to apply dominance have flooded in!

This is an amendment paragraph to the first version of this post as a commenter raised an issue I feel well worthy of discussion. He felt I was lowering my stature by using the phrase, ‘Fuck-off.’ This is my view on this matter: I understand that when people use this term because that is the limit of their vocabulary, it indicates a poor education. When it is a chosen option from a large number of available options to the user, and it is selected precisely because it is offensive to the recipient to be so addressed, it does not indicate poor education. So I am truly interested to understand how you reason it lowers the user in stature and indeed how you define stature? Further, I think if dogma is put aside the measure of appropriateness is a personal thing between two people. bitch-boy knows I have an excellent vocabulary, he knows I could dismiss him with a wide selection of words. He knows I choose, ‘fuck-off’, because I know it will offend him and cause him to feel more disrespected than any other option. How does this lower me in status?

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Cruel Air Hostess – Femdom’s Global Appeal

I once heard of a dominant air hostess who secured an arrangement with a single submissive male in each city in which she was likely to spend an overnight stop-over. Prearranged – when in a city on a stop-over night, she would spend the night at the submissive’s abode in that particular city. She would be treated like a queen, waited on hand and foot, indulge in some abuse of the male and leave in the morning. Her benefits also included that she got to keep all of her very generous overnight allowance from her airline as bed and board were all provided by the lucky submissive. No need to spend money on food or hotel. She even charged the more wealthy submissives for the privilege of putting her up. Some of the males booked a hotel room by the airport for the night to serve her and suffer her whims. Why have I posted this?

Well looking at the stats for my blog for 2016, I find my blog was visited from 157 different countries! (Also that there were over 1 million views.) It is particularly amazing that in non-English speaking countries, the visits were from people who have English as a second language – and I guess a few from English speaker immigrants and tourists in those countries. I have been amazed that I sell a good number of my journals in India, but obviously language, culture and relative poverty are no barriers.

The most views were from:


To give balance, from 32 countries there were less than 10 visits from each. Perhaps each visit accidental and never to be repeated.

I wonder if a good new specialist website would be just for contacts between dominant cabin crew and submissive people living near airports?




Submissive by parasite

I read a fascinating news item this week. Many humans are made submissive by being infected, for life, with a parasite of cats, Toxoplasma gondii. In a nutshell, when this parasite infects mice in nature it causes the mice to go towards what they fear – prey animals like cats. They get a hit of dopamine (the pleasure chemical), when moving towards what the fear and what induces helplessness. So the cats get food and the parasite of the cats gets plenty of future well fed hosts.

I immediately imagined a fantasy world where all males were purposely infected when young, so as to be submissive to females throughout their lives. Would that be a bad thing??? I wonder how many submissives in the world  had cats when children?

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