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Subtle Signals

I came across an interesting discussion and I wondered if readers of this blog could add to the list below. The list is about subtle signals from Dommes, used in private and in public, as commands for the submissive to learn and then follow.

One thing I do like to do, in this vein, (perhaps it is more of a routine than a single signal), occurs when shopping for clothes and shoes. Having decided on a purchase I approach the counter with the item and engage with the saleswoman who folds/wraps/bags the item. When it is time to pay, I simply step back. bitch-boy who has been hovering quietly behind me, steps forward and pays. Usually, the saleswoman then holds out to me the bagged item. Again, I step back and bitch-boy, no matter how many bags he is already carrying, steps forward and takes the bag. I have had knowing glances that this is a male under the thumb and wonderfully, occasionally, a comment of words to the effect, ‘Oh isn’t he well trained.’ Sadly it is always said in jest rather than seriousness. If only they knew!

I am afraid subtle is not often in my nature, although I would like to be more subtle and I may try a few of these after lock-down.

From submissive A

When visiting my Mistress, she has several routines that are required in order to demonstrate submission. Some are for private spaces, and others are done in more public circumstances, and I am required to attend to her, and read her signals, and respond accordingly.

  1. Quickly tapping her right heel, signifies I am to kneel at her feet, until permitted to stand. Used both in private a public, it can also include being verbally berated.
  2. Purse tapping, means I am to hold her purse as if it were mine, usually until noticed by someone; for the purpose of embarrassment / humiliation. Sometimes, I must then take items out of her purse, while she uses them, to show I am attending to her needs.
From submissive B

A few silent signals I have received include:
– placing her right foot slightly to the rear and toe pointed down was a signal for me to curtsy
– placing her right foot forward was a signal for me to kneel before her and kiss it
– placing the toe of one shoe or boot upward, while seated, was a signal for me to remove her shoe or boot
– slightly lifting an empty glass or cup up was a signal for me to fill it
– hovering her hand over a package or bag was a signal for me to pick it up and carry it
– dangling a hair brush outward from her hand, while seated, was a signal to brush her hair
– tapping a hair brush or paddle onto her palm was a signal to prepare for a spanking



For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.



Profound step change

I will have to provide a little context before moving onto the point of this post


On 11 January 2020 I published a post setting out why it is too simplistic for a Domme to think another Domme is more ‘extreme’ than she is, based on one DS activity.  My thinking on this arose because a Domme who I thought, but never said, was much more ‘extreme’ than me, commented that I was much more ‘extreme’ than her. I realised that were a number of spectra on which ‘extremeness’ should be measured and rarely would one Domme be more extreme’ than another Domme on every single spectrum. The example I used is below with my scores then marked in black. I have added my scores as of today marked in red. (Scoring is from 1 to 10, where 10 is the most extreme possible.)

  • Percentage of time in vanilla mode as a couple. (5)(6)
  • Percentage of chores carried out by the sub. (8)(9)
  • Levels of pain during regular punishments and tortures. (7)(8)
  • Levels of humiliation. (10)(10)
  • Rarity of orgasms / denial of penetration for the sub. (5/10) (8/10)
  • Time spent in tedium for the sub. (7)(7)
  • Levels of cuckolding experience /  forced bisexuality. (6/0)(6/0)

I mentioned in that post how it seems it is impossible for Dommes not evolve up at least some of the spectra, over time,in a long term DS relationship. And that one step change of evolution, (that I have not made and doubt I ever will), is to find DS time is always preferable to vanilla time. A MASSIVE jump in ‘extremeness’ results.

The Point of this Post

I have realised that back in the late summer this year, I made a step change, I can now explain that resulted in a move up several of the spectra.

  • Percentage of time in vanilla mode as a couple up from (5) to (6).
  • Percentage of chores carried out by the sub up from (8) to (9).
  • Levels of pain during regular punishments and tortures up from (7) to (8).
  • Rarity of orgasms up from (5) to (8).

I had noticed these changes in levels and, during a full-on DS day this week, while punishing him for the second time within an hour on his already very, very sore butt, I realised what had happened inside my mind: I had realised:

  • bitch-boy TRULY was indestructible when it comes to my DS use and abuse of him, both physically and mentally. I need never hold back,
  • the more extreme I was, no matter how much he hated it at the time, (or all the time when it came to his new chastity regime started in September), the result when  his head hit the pillow at sleep time he was an even more contented sub and even more in awe of me,
  • AND RESULTING FROM THESE TWO REALISATIONS, I had stopped considering the effect I was having on him while I was engaged in an activity of use and abuse of him and began solely focussing on what I was getting out of the activity. My level of exhilaration, my feelings of decadence, my level of arousal.

Some of my focus on whether I was making him feel submissive and affected had always been there to some degree. It was now gone and replaced with solely focussing on what I was getting out of the activity. This perhaps sounds fairly insignificant but, believe me, its consequences are massive! Massive for my levels of arousal sexually, and arousal viscerally and  massive for bitch-boy’s woes! But the submissive paradox kicks in! Because it is clear bitch-boys awe and worship of me has also step changed; in the right direction!

Submissives may wonder why I spend considerable blog time on evolution and step-changes in Dommes. The reason is simple. My evolution has taken twenty years, to reach where I am today and reach this latest step change. Although I have utterly adored those twenty years, I wish a more experienced Domme had pointed this all out to me 15 years ago! So;  I am hoping to point it out now, to Dommes early in their evolution at this time.

For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

Do you miss that puppet? Good!

The comment below was included in an account featured in my post of 5 December 2020.

She frequently asks me, ‘…. If I miss being inside her’; when I say ‘Yes’, she says ‘Good’.

I found the principle of this simple Q&A, to be rather powerful and it is something, with great pleasure, I have taken up myself. I realised there is a nice list of things I can ask bitch-boy; and then, once he has said, ‘Yes’, which he will,  I can enjoy saying, ‘Good!

Given his identical answer whenever, for years and to this day,  I have asked, ‘If there was one rule of mine you could change, what would it be’. He still does and has always answered, ‘To be allowed to penetrate your beautiful body Mistress.’ Given this, then my top pleasure comes from:

‘Do you miss penetrating my beautiful body with your stiff little birth defect puppet?’ ‘Yes Mistress.’ ‘ Good!’

The following are examples of questions I have been asking. He always answers, ‘Yes’, (usually sulkily and wistfully), And I always respond to his yes, with, ‘Good!’ Which gives me a lovely little thrill of gratuitous spite. And sometimes I add, ‘And that will never, ever happen again will it maggot?

Do you miss cumming every 10 days to two weeks like you generally used to before lock-down?

Do you miss running your hands over this beautiful body, caressing me just however you wanted to?

Do you miss your birth defect being free of its cage when you washed before the lock-down regime?

Do you miss getting to cum by me using my skilled hands instead of only every under the sole of my shoe like now?

Do you miss me skillfully sucking your stiff little birth defect like I used to?

This little pleasure is such so enjoyable and sometimes even arousing that as well as using one of the half dozen questions above every two or three days, I am wracking my brains to think of other things he might miss.

Yes, they are truly cruel!

Back on 30 May 2020,  I posted about my pondering on the private lives of some of the truly cruel femdom actresses that produce great videos. Well a submissive came back to me who had experience of one such group of women and a sequence of email exchanges followed. Below,  is an anonymized summary of what I learned. I found the story made  quite fascinating reading and having seen all the many , many actual email exchanges, I can vouch for the veracity.

I will refer to the submissive as Joe. Joe contacted one of the groups of women who operate as a business producing short femdom videos and photo sets. Videos to be sold online as ‘clips’. I will refer to the group as the Femgang.

I will summarise greatly about the initiation. Joe contacted the Femgang and he was instructed to send them a copy of his driving license if he wanted to be an online slave to them, providing admin type assistance for them. He did this. He was then exploited mercilessly and with cruelty and complete disdain.

If it is of interest, I will continue in another post on where Joe ended up with all of this, involving real use and abuse, rather than online.


Hmmm….where are u located, slave?
> Would you be willing to send us a picture of your drivers license, slave?
> So we know who is working for us?
> and we will send you the info for our twitter accounts n stuff- and YOU
> will maintain them for us as Our SLAVE!

>Basically we will just want you to update our twitter, FB, Tumblr, and IG
accounts and you will use your free membership to our sites to update
those accounts every day.  (once per day)  Post a pic from the latest
video, put in same “#s” and tag whoever may be in it- and thats it. We will also assign you to post to fetish forums.  (3x a week)

Can you do this, loser??  And can you do it CONSISTENTLY???
> You will also get an ongoing FREE membership to Our sites as “payment” for
> your efforts.
> And we will expect good work out of you!! and will give u very SPECIFIC
> instructions about what we want done!!!
> -The Femgang.


> Understood and I enjoy the memberships but more important for me I don’t
> want to let you down. I seriously worship you and all the Femgang. I’ve
> been waiting my whole life to serve a group of cruel dominant girls. I hope I prove
> useful and you end up using me in even more ways.
We will see, slave…
and yes, We REALIZE how lucky you  are to have found us.
and u better THANK US constantly for LETTING you have the privilege of
working for us!!!
> also, not sure if u were told this or not, but We want a REPORT from you
> every monday morning updating Us on your promotional activities!  Do NOT
> take this lightly!  We revoked the memberships of the last slave we had
> doing this because he missed his 3rd report to Us after the past year of
> using him as Our main promo slave!
Thank you Femgang for allowing me to serve as your new promo bitch.  I’m not sure what format you desire for this report so I hope this is satisfactory. This week I promoted the following links below:
Hmm…this is very good, slave!!  (btw Our old promo slave is like
BEGGING for his old job back already!  HAHAHA!!!!!!  We think that’s
hilarious AND PATHETIC that you losers literally BEG to work for Us! LOL!)
Keep that in mind, loser- we will DUMP your ass in a heartbeat and BAN
you from Our sites if you ever disobey us or not work hard enough for Us!!
Anyway, we want you to just add some numbers to your reports so we know
how many followers you have grown Our Following by and stuff.  You can do
this on your next report to us next week.  you don’t need to do it for
this one.  (Since it is your first one, you haven’t actually “grown” it
for us yet!)
and ya just do that XXXXXXXXX one then. :/  (and the other one you joined.)
THANK US for letting you have the PRIVILEGE of working for Us, loser!!!!!
Thank you so much for allowing me to work for you for free. I don’t deserve it I’m a very lucky slave! 
yes, EXACTLY.  and dont u EVER forget it!!!
but tbh we would prefer not to have to dump you.  we would RATHER you just
go on being our mindless, obedient zombie drone SLAVE like FOREVER!!!  So
WE don’t have to go thru all the work of training a new one!
The only real “excuse” would be if you like died or something.  in which
case, yeah, we’d have to like replace you.  <UGH>  whatta pain…
[After some months]
Where the FUCK is our latest report from you???
And why has Our twitter not been updated u worthless piece of SHIT???
-The Femgang
Sorry I ran into a bit of a crises situation at work last couple days and was working night and day and fell behind but Twitter had been updated today. Please forgive me won’t happen again. 
Not good, slave….We don’t CARE about any other BS in your life- NOTHING
is as important as serving US!  LOL
Do not let it happen again.
-The Femgang
New clips posted to Twitter and Tumblr this past week:
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
I confess I have not posted to the XXXXXXXXXXX or the XXXXXXXXXXXX forum recently but I will get a post out this week to get both back on track.    
We were just discussing u, slave.  u have been slacking.  not good…
and where is that promo video u were supposedly working on??
are u able to travel here to be beaten??
The Femgang

I’m going to travel there one of these days so I’ll try not to build up too many demerits so I can survive my visit cause I’m not even a pain slave. The way you kick guys balls in terrifies me! 

Sorry if I’ve been slacking a bit just ran into a buzzsaw at work but will be all caught up in a couple more days. Still going to do the promo video I’ve already started on it. 

Hmm…well hurry up with it slave!  ;)
and yes, u SHOULD be scared! lol
[After some months]
Hey XXXXXXXX is maybe interested in using u for doing her college homework at
some point.  just fyi.  what do u think, slave?  Although we haven’t heard
u are like super reliable or anything.  Maybe u are good at math though?
Omg, I would love that! A Domme like XXXXXXXXX shouldn’t even have to do homework.
Slave, we want you to monitor these sites for piracy of our stuff:
Extreme board
Intporn forum
Porn SiteRIPs
Planetsuzy forum
As well as GOOGLING our names on a weekly basis:
And SEND US AN EMAIL EVERY WEEKEND with a list of ALL the links you find
to our stuff!!  They should be links to the site where they are posted
(like the specific link on “pornhub”) as well as links to wherever the
file itself is “hosted”.  (Like on “keep2share” or whatever)
Got it???  This is important.
I’m on it. I’ll monitor the sites and will send a report every weekend with all links.  
Here is the first report
Ok, Good slave.  Not bad for a first report but from now on we want you to send us nightly reports!  ! Keep searching all of these sites every day!  And keep doing all the other jobs we have given you.
[A few days later]
SLAVE!!!!  Where was your fucking SUNDAY piracy report??!???  Someone told
you to do this DAILY, correct???  Did we miss it?  Nobody saw it.  Do u think u get sundays off or something??
-The Femgang
-I’m sorry I was planning on doing it before bed and the truth is I accidently fell asleep while watching TV.  I’m so sorry.  I’ll have a fresh report tonight and will send a tribute for my mistake. Should I send a tip on the, I want clips, site or would you prefer something else instead?
Hmm…you think falling asleep without permission before your SLAVE WORK
is done is acceptable??  Apparently you realize that it is NOT, based on
your offer of a TRIBUTE.  (at least u realize THAT!)
Tip on the clip site is fine, slave.  Make it good. And from now on you WILL send your report EVERY evening before you fall asleep!!  If u MISS any nights, you will be punished with a mandatory tribute and NO FREE MEMBERSHIP for you!
The Femgang
[Joe’s duties continue to increase. An example of when he gets something wrong.]
First of all, we don’t see any attachment.  So it is a good thing you pasted the actual copy into your message.
Secondly, we had to totally re-write your clip description.  Do you WANT
us to post your drivers license at the top of our C4S store or
something???  (That gets a LOT more traffic btw! LOL)
Here is what we expect
I will learn. I just want to be used and abused by the XXXXXXXXXX soooo bad that I can’t help myself. The more you use me for your benefit without any regard for what I want the more I like it! 
Well you came to the perfect place then, FUCKING LOSER!!!!  Because we
will work your ass to the bone and NONE of us give a FUCK about you!  Not
sure who the fuck wrote to you in the other message but your ass gets NO
breaks and you do BOTH jobs for us!!  FOREVER.  Now WORK, WORK, WORK you
piece of human garbage!
-The Femgang
To be continued of there is sufficient interest…………

My New Twitter Account and some humour

My New Twitter Account

From time to time I get pointed to some fantastic dominatrices on Twitter, such as @MJosephineDrake, whose client Sissy Ballerina alerted me to her wonderful cruelty. Not so wonderful for Sissy Ballerina at the time, but very good for his soul no doubt.  So I thought it was about time I began a Twitter account.

Mistress Scarlet    @MistressScarle8


However, are there any dominant women I can follow on Twitter who are not professional dominatrices? (Not that I have anything against professional dominatrices, I love their role in society.) It is real life dominant women, like me, who dominate males for the pleasure of it that I most wish to hook up with.


On a different note. Some humour.

Possibly with a message to the fanatical feminists that not all porn is an abuse of women.

Good things don’t always cum to those who wait!

Three elements to this post.

Update on bitch-boy’s new chastity regime – Dommes evolve!

bitch-boy’s new chastity regimen began on  6 June 2020. One part of the new regimen is that he is in his inescapable, double-padlocked  chastity cage 24/7/365, every single second. Even when bathing. The second part of the regimen is the massive reduction in his orgasm count.

Before 6 June, apart from concessional one-off long periods, he used to orgasm once every 10 days to 2 weeks. (because I liked him to be clear just how much pleasure I could give with my skillful hands bringing him off, so he knew what he was missing between orgasms).

Since 6 June he has had one orgasm, which was after 17 weeks without one. That orgasm was on 1st October, 4 weeks ago; and he has not had another one since. I, on the other hand, am having many orgasms each week, even on totally vanilla days and I have more orgasms on a full-on DS day, they he will get in total this year. My frequency of teasing him and pleasure from so doing has increased considerably. He is besieged and overwhelmed with his levels of frustration and helplessness, especially when I tease him. I have ZERO sympathy, ZERO pity, ZERO guilt. I ADORE the new regimen. I am a sadistic, pitiless, bitch after all!

I should explain that my objective of him being clear just how much pleasure I could give with my skillful hands bringing him off rather evaporated when, in February 2020, I moved to him only ever cumming off under the sole of my shoe!

[And as I explained in a previous post: I don’t know if bitch-boy is unusual with this, but we have found, to my cruel pleasure, and his terrible levels of frustration, that if he has gone more than say two weeks without orgasm, then, even if I allow him a full orgasm, within an hour or so, his frustration returns, pretty much as though he has had no full orgasm. In the early days of his chastity regimen, we found I needed to give him two orgasms the same day, to free him, for a while, of the frustration levels he had built up. I did learn that, and applied it because I was merciful then. I have now though evolved to my current levels of pitilessness. I know my email chastity slave has the same reaction from only a single orgasm after a long period of denial.]

The third part is my use of the raffle ticket book and his knowledge that he is inexorably moving toward an orgasm free life. ZERO orgasms ever. I get so ‘hot’ thinking about the journey we are on to get there, as well as what it will be like after the journey has ended. 

Please ALL Dommes contribute!

I have mentioned that all Dommes evolve over time. That is very apparent. Dommes become more uncompromising. Activities move further up ‘the spectrum’ over the months and years of a long term relationship. (It seems the submissives need this evolution too.) I know, for instance, that my chastity regime for bitch-boy is quite tame compared to some I report on, yet quite ‘extreme’ in  the view of others.

So, we are all so privileged to be receiving wonderful  lifestyle accounts from considerably evolved Dommes that I  publish on my blog and long ay that wonderful state of affairs continue. I did want to communicate though, that lifestyle accounts from new Dommes or ‘early years’ Dommes remain very much welcome! Or lifestyle accounts from Dommes who do not see their favourite activities ever mentioned in my blog. I have an insatiable appetite to learn everything I can about the special world we all inhabit and so I wish to share as wide as possible range of lifestyle and activity types. Please never think your particular lifestyle account will not be welcome here!


Chastity Devices in the mainstream

I received a comment with a link the content of which was amusing but the bigger picture also very pleasing. 

Dear Ms Scarlet, Please excuse an off-topic comment. Perhaps you have seen it, but I thought this might amuse: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54436575 Or you can search “chastity” on the BBC news website.

For me the bigger picture is very pleasing because the concept of domination of males in the home by females is becoming much more mainstream. We so need this! Submissive males are seriously misunderstood by the populace and truly dominant females are still though of as only professional dominatrices. The damage to the understanding of the realities done by things like the appalling 50 Shades  franchise and the by the femdom internet is HUGE! 


The Born Again Virgin (BAV) register

Entries on the BAV register continue to increase in number. Have a quick look if you havn’t before. 



Domination Ménage à Trois

Mistress Corrine kindly left comments on my post , My Ideal Life Depicted. The comments were about her and her lesbian wife, Solo, and how they live my ideal life, which involves full-time domination of a live-in male. There was a responding comment questioning this lifestyle. Below is a brief description of the life led, and following that a response from Mistress Corrine on the questioning of her lifestyle. Mistress Corrine has promised to provide a much fuller description of the lifestyle and I am so looking forward to that!

Given it is my ideal lifestyle, I am shamelessly so curious about EVERYTHING in the arrangement.
His chastity regime. Does he do all the chores and is he punished, (and if so how), if there is inadequate performance. Is he tormented in any way simply for the pleasure of you and/or your wife? What does he do if you and your wife are engaged in activities like watching TV or going out for the day? What are his sleeping arrangements? What is his dress code?  I have also asked Mistress Corrine of she would like her ex-husband-slave if she would like him added to the BAV register?


Dear Mistress Scarlet,
My wife and I have been following your blog for some time and the part that most fascinates is the one that concerns the domination of two women over a man, which is exactly what concerns my wife and me.
In fact, she and I are a 48 and 55-year-old lesbian couple, regularly married since 2013, and we live with my ex-husband (59 years old) who is our slave.
I work as a lawyer in a major law firm and my wife has a little real estate agency.
My ex-husband, on the other hand, quit his previous job in advertising to live full time as our domestic slave.
It was my ex-husband who introduced me to female domination, and our marriage has always been oriented towards Female Lead Relationship and Femdom.
From a young age, I have always had an attraction for girls too and I have always struggled with being bisexual.
When I met my new wife, however, I realized that my true orientation was lesbian and that towards men I felt only a very strong desire for domination.
I started cheating on my husband with my current wife and, after a very short time, I realized that it was her I wanted.
I told her about my husband and my relationship with him and she, to my surprise, understood and accepted.
Solo demanded that all sexual relations with my husband cease.
I accepted with enthusiasm this rule and, from that time, chastity, which was already an erotic game that we practiced constantly, has become a fixed obligation for my husband.
As for my husband, the idea of being dominated by two women excited him, but on the other hand the idea of ending all sexual intercourse with me terrified him.
However, when I placed him before the choice of being my slave in chastity or leaving me, he immediately submitted.
After a few months of dating, to my wife and I it was clear that we loved each other and wanted to live together.
I then explained to my husband that I no longer felt anything for him as a man and that his only place could be as a slave, otherwise he could leave me without any rancor on my part.
As I expected, he preferred to submit and our new relationship began.
After a couple of years of living together, my partner and I decided we wanted to get married.
I then forced my husband to divorce and, again, I gave him the choice of either going his own way or accepting to live as our full-time slave, quitting his job and putting all his possessions in my name.
Once again, as I expected, he has decided to submit.
Today my wife and I live a splendid life that is totally fulfilling emotionally, sentimentally, sexually and professionally, while my ex-husband lives a life of slavery, service, humiliation, chastity, bondage and suffering.
And all three of us are perfectly in our place.
Ours, therefore, is a perfectly fulfilling lifestyle.
Thank you for your contribution to the spread of female domination.


Dear Scarlet,
It will be an honor to describe something about our everyday life and the ways in which we use and abuse our slave, but first I would like to answer Sue.
I find nothing wrong with what happened to the slave.
Each of us has the right and duty to make choices. Choices that often involve sacrifices. even large. I decided that I no longer wanted a husband but a wife and I chose, together with my wife, that we both would like to have a slave. A real slave. Which had therefore to be totally ours and totally in our power. No games. And the slave was free to choose.

Three times he could choose to be free without me or to submit as my slave. I gave him the choice between living in total chastity as my slave or being free, with all his possessions and his work, but without seeing me again. He knew what I meant by total chastity.

Yet he begged me to keep him as a slave. I gave him the choice between leaving me without rancor, still young, free and rich, or accepting a role of total slavery when my wife came to live with us. He knew what kind of submission we would expect. Once again he begged to be kept as a slave.  

When I decided to divorce him, he again had a choice. He could sign a divorce agreement in which he kept all of his assets and was totally free of any obligation to me, but he would never see me again. Or he could agree to remain as my and my wife’s slave, but this time it had to be true slavery. He had to be really totally dependent on my wife and I and totally possessed. For this he had to resign and sell all his assets to me. He knew what kind of life he would have. Yet again he submitted.

So I didn’t force him to do anything. He voluntarily accepted without constraint to become the slave he is.

Evidently, living without me would have been harder and more cruel than living in his lowest condition of total slavery. It was his life choice (the last one he was free to make) that no one should judge.

I hope to soon have time to tell you some aspect of our life and our domination.
If there is any particular aspect that interests you first, you would facilitate the pleasant task for me.
A sincere greeting

Quiz site for ‘educating’ submissives?

Below she provides an account of another incident and also a link to an interesting quiz site which she used to ‘educate’ her hubby about an element of women’s fashion. (As he does all the laundry and ironing.)  I also found on the site, one quiz about Disney princesses’ outfits and another about Disney princesses first lines. It is likely that, sometime in the future, I will use one or both to keep bitch-boy occupied!
Here is Ms Joan’s account:
Dear Ms Scarlet
It has been a while since I wrote to you, and I thought this snippet of my lifestyle would amuse you.
Last we with my slave hubby we were out with a couple of friends for a meal. My friend complimented me on my new skirt (Phase 8), and hubby made an unwelcome comment about me having too many, immediately putting him in his place I told him then he would have to be careful if I have so many and remember  to read the care instructions. Of course this was of interest to the others and I explained that now he had retired he did all the washing and ironing, much to his embarrassment.
On Saturday it was the international football game, and meekly he asked, ‘please Mistress Wife may I watch the game tonight’, he always has to ask to watch any particular program as he is not allowed to use the remotes.  Telling him after his behaviour during the week I would consider it. After thinking of a novel way to punish him and with a search of the internet. I told him that if he could complete the quiz, which I have attached, in under 1 minute then he could watch the game.
He had over 2 hours before the start so he had plenty of time to practice, incidentally I couldn’t even do this myself for the first few tries within the 4 minutes never mind the 1 minute which I had set him.
Consequently close to the start he couldn’t complete the quiz within the minute, so while I had the game on in the background he knelt at my feet facing me frustratingly looking at the skirt types on his laptop. Being a benevolent Mistress I did let him have a retest at half time and he just managed to finish it within the time I set, so the lucky boy got to watch the 2nd half.
Not the wildest femdom session, but it amused me and taught him a lesson.
 Kind regards
Mistress Joan

Mistresses’ variations of: The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever

Well, THE SCHEME I was advised of, and posted about,  The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever, has prompted many, many responses and was generally received with the admiration and wonderment I felt; and foresaw from others. As many of you understandably do not read comments on my posts, (as there is no threshold moment when a post has accrued all of its comments), I set out below comments from people who have now adopted THE SCHEME, with Mistresses’ own individual variations, (including mine), and those that have modified existing schemes to incorporate elements of THE SCHEME.

I did wonder if the past posts on over 30s men, it seems, not needing ejaculations for prostate health have come into play here. (Excuse the pun).

I have purchased a book of raffle tickets

There are 250 tickets in the book. He has to use a ticket to pay for an orgasm. He will not get an orgasm every time he asks for one however. (He currently has been 14 weeks without an orgasm – and 13 weeks without being out of his chastity cage.) 

I have told bitch-boy that I have already decided exactly how many tickets I will rip out, at my whim, in pages of five each time, just for fun. The total tickets that will remain once I have finishing ripping pages of tickets out, equate to how many orgasms he has left for the rest of his life.  He does not know if I have decided to rip out say, 50 tickets in the coming months/years or say, 200 tickets. He  does know that each ticket he uses for an orgasm brings him one ticket closer to an orgasm-free existence. 


The book cost me £2.29. So cheap but so powerful. As you can see, on this randomly opened page, stubs are left for each ripped out ticket. I have decided to draw a little heart on each stub that represents a ticket used for an orgasm. Isn’t that sweet.



Comments from others so far

Christine — Wonderful! I am beginning to think I am perhaps being too lenient! It has inspired me to think of some new twists to David’s spreadsheet regime.


Brigite comment 1 — I find this post a little terrifying but exciting.
I don’t think I’ll ever use this method. For me j. will never have the slightest control over his sexuality, it is I who choose where, when and how.
I am not a fan either of announcing that he will never have an orgasm again, I think that leaving him a hope is more effective, Although I can choose to deprive him of all orgasms without his knowing he has had the last  and so he always keeps a little hope.

Brigite comment 2 — Come to think of it, this method has a few advantages, especially when j. only has one or two disks left and feels the end is near. The Mistress can take the opportunity to remind ‘her’ constantly, it’s approaching, it’s approaching, only two and goodbye. I imagine when he only has one left, I think his despair will be at its height.
How to take advantage of this ultimate orgasm? How to delay the inevitable? How will he do then while remaining chaste until his last day?
On the other hand, afterwards – nothing then prevents the Mistress from changing her mind and giving her back a little hope. But it remains that my thoughts


Paul — My wife and key holder as decided to implement this regime after reading it .
I am 63 and been locked for a long time now nearly 10 years . However she has changed it slightly. I have still been given 50 tokens and as above can surrender one as and when I need to, but if I want her to dress in lingerie or any fetish clothing it will cost me 5 tokens and if I want her to do it for me it will cost 5 tokens, and both together will cost 15 tokens, so I can easily run down my balance . At the moment I still have all 50 intact but it will not be long before I am tempted


Paulee — My wife has commenced a much crueller regime. She is a big fan of yours and owns and reads your Manual, but what I’ll describe below is her own inspiration.

We have tried FLR on and off for 15 years, the latest though is full on metal chastity but has only lasted three weeks so far. Six days ago, she bit my neck and told me to kneel. I had a mini ejaculation in my cage which she made me clean after she’d stopped laughing.

Yesterday she summoned me to her and asked if I’d like to kiss her, as I leaned forward she pulled away laughing. I again had a small accident, not a full twitch but definitely ejaculate and not pre cum. So, I now have small ejaculations in my chastity cage from time to time as a result of physical or verbal abuse. I have been told these are the only releases I will be having. I can say that they bring no satisfaction and apart from a feeling of being very sexually aroused there is no spurt but more a firm steady leak for about two seconds. As I am forced to consume my emission I can say it is definitely not precum but the full taste of spunk. Not my favourite by a long way.

She has concluded that if I’ll come not matter how small – from verbal and physical abuse that will be my only release for the foreseeable future. No idea how long that will be, I suspect it won’t change. I would love to hear from anyone else who has a similar experience or arrangement. 

She wanted to feedback as she has read and read your Manual and appreciates your advice.


Francesca — Dear Scarlet,
My slave is now left with only 13 orgasms before being held in chastity forever. He can have these orgasms when he draws a heart card from a 52-card deck.

Every month the slave comes before the Mistress and humbly asks to be able to extract a card from the deck. If the Mistress feels that the slave has rendered satisfactory service in the previous month, then she authorizes the slave to choose a card from the deck. If the chosen card is of hearts, the slave can have his orgasm, otherwise not. Each month the selected card is destroyed after being turned over. When there are no more heart cards left in the deck, the slave is placed in chastity for the rest of his life.

If the Mistress feels that the slave has not rendered a satisfactory service in the preceding month, then she does not grant the slave the right to draw the card and try his luck. In this case, the Mistress simply destroys a card from the deck without showing it to the slave. In this way the slave loses his monthly chance to try his luck and will never know, until the end of the game, if the card destroyed without being turned over was one that allowed him to orgasm.

As I said, when all the heart cards have been destroyed, no more orgasms – forever. In my opinion this method adds to the countdown effect the fact that the slave cannot decide when to have his orgasms and the fact that, if the Mistress gives the slave negative monthly evaluations, the slave has a one in four chance to lose one of his 14 possibilities.



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