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Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Finale

And finally Sunday has arrived. A long glorious day, of which I will try to give a more concise but faithful description that is possible. I apologize if this report is a bit long, but it was a long day!

15 years is a nice milestone for any wedding and it is a great satisfaction to see how strong the bond is after all these years and how sissy slave m. got used to my particular type of married life … certainly also helped by the training received previously! As anticipated, a small stage was set up in the garden of my beach house, with an arch of orange blossom and a red carpet.

My teacher of life and domination, Mistress Ingrid, carried out the celebration of the ceremony. Mistress Ingrid is a wonderful Mistress of German origin, who moved to Italy very young and was active as a professional dominatrix in my city for many years. She is now almost 70 years old and has long since retired to a private life with her slave husband, much younger than her (55 years old). She is a woman of such charm that anyone she desires falls to her feet, and this still at her age!

When I started venturing into the Femdom universe, I immediately started looking for who, in my city, could share this passion with me, which later became a lifestyle, and could teach me something. I started searching the net, on various ad sites, and, amidst many disappointments and some frights, I met her. She taught me a great deal about what I know and, even today, I have infinite affection, respect and gratitude towards her. Like a second mother. The guests, of course, besides Mistress Ingrid were:
My mother,
My sister Maria,
My best friends, whom you now know well, Aurora and Tiziana,
Mistress Carmen (a friend of mine, a Mistress form a city in southern Italy, where she lives as a queen with her husband / slave, wealthy businessman),
Mistress Laver, an active transsexual Mistress of Brazilian origin, known when I trained sissy slave m to forced bi, and with whom I stayed in contact,
Giulia and Stefania, two of my friends, known in ‘Vanilla’ social fields who have shown considerable interest in the Femdom universe, have started games on the subject with their husbands and have become, on my indication, assiduous readers of your blog and your manuals.

When all the guests settled in the chairs, Mistress Ingrid nodded and I made my entrance with the poor slave. I was wearing a splendid white silk dress, with a light train, very low-cut on the back and on the front, and with a very long side slit to fully show my long and turned legs. At the feet beautiful white braided sandals, with 10 cm heel. On the right hand a riding crop. Sissy slave m on my leash.

To emphasize his ex-male status, now totally feminized, and BAV, I thought of a sissy bride dress. On the site where I buy most of my sissy’s clothes I found this dress that is called, precisely, ‘virgin bride’.             https://shop.eblue.com/details/sat199?ref=thesissystore.com

(sissy slave m. was much more ridiculous and pathetic than the splendid model in the link!
Upon our entrance, the guests made a brief applause that accompanied us to the altar. I looked at the expression of Giulia and Stefania, the newbies, and I saw their surprise, but also their expressions amusing and not at all embarrassed! Of course, I had no doubts about the other guests! Upon reaching the altar, Mistress Ingrid ordered the sissy to kneel and the ceremony begins.

Mistress Ingrid, therefore, started: “Dearest Francesca, you brought your slave here before these witnesses so that your dominion over him will be formally consecrated again on the 15th anniversary of your marriage. You subdued, trained and enslaved this creature and consecrated it to the worship of Your dominion only, you deprived it of its original masculinity, humiliated in sissyfication and brought him back to the virginal state. So, with marriage, you gave legality and made its servile condition irreversible.”
“And you, useless pathetic worm, you had to undergo your total submission and deprivation of all rights by virtue of the superior right and power that Francesca has over your nature of sissy slave and you will have to live, for this, an existence of servitude, pain, humiliation and frustration!”
“Now, on the fifteenth anniversary of the legalization of your union, I ask Francesca to confirm her intentions and the sissy to take note of her condition again. Francesca, are you determined to keep this useless slave with you without anyone having forced you and fully aware of the meaning of your decision?”
“Yes!” I replied happy!
“Slave, are you aware that your will is irrelevant and that you have no chance to escape your slavery condition?”
“Yes Mistress!” The sissy replied humbly, aware of the irreversibility of her condition but, I think, also happy with this. So, at the invitation of Mistress Ingrid, I cast my vote:
“I Francesca, I confirm you sissy slave m., as my slave. I promise to dominate you and subjugate you and submit you, for my pleasure and your pain, for my joy and your despair, for my narcissism and your humiliation and for my lust and your frustration as long as I have desire!”
In turn, sissy slave m expressed his vow, with his head bowed, red in the face of humiliation and trembling with emotion but, I’m sure, also super excited, despite his cruel cage.
“Venerable Mistress, thank you for keeping this useless and pathetic slave under the yoke of your cruel rule. My whole existence is dedicated to submission to You, goddess and queen, and to suffer any cruel living conditions in order to remain in your divine presence!”

Sissy slave m, therefore, prostrated himself to kiss me devoutly and Mistres Ingrid said:
“I confirm you Mistress and slave! You may whip the sissy! ” At these words, with the riding crop, I dealt 15 symbolic blows on the slave’s butt.
A sincere applause started spontaneously from the guests to mark the happy conclusion of the ceremony.

So I got off the stage, with the sissy on a leash, and I dedicated myself to the congratulations of the guests. In Italy there is the tradition that guests kiss the bride and in this circumstance we have kept it, with a little fun modification.
The guest approached, congratulated me and we kissed each other on the cheek with a small hug. Then each addressed the slave with an insult of some kind (worm congratulations, cockroach wishes or the like) spat on his face or slapped him and, therefore, the humiliated sissy, kissed the feet of the guest on duty.

Mistress Laver, of course, demanded that the sissy also kiss her cock through the dress, for the greater humiliation of the sissy, while Giulia and Stefania, after an initial hesitation to insults, let themselves go without problems, amused by the situation.

After this phase, therefore, the guests and I went to the appetizers and sissy slave m, removed the veil and put on an apron and a maid’s crest, brought fresh drinks from the fridge and headed for the field kitchen to complete the lunch preparation. The company that assembled the kitchen yesterday had prepared the appetizers to be kept in the fridge, the sauces for the first courses and had set the second courses, as well as preparing the desserts. Sissy slave m, therefore, only had to cook the pasta (we are still Italian!) and the main courses and serve on the table.

While sissy slave was preparing lunch, we talked amiably about friends, and I especially noticed Giulia and Stefania hanging from Ingrid, Carmen and Laver’s lips … I fear that their husbands will have some surprises in the near future! When lunch was ready, sissy slave m served us on the table. Smoked salmon, seafood salad and prawn cocktail as appetizers.
Spaghetti with clams first. Baked sea bass and fried fish per second, with a side dish of salad and baked potatoes. Lemon sorbet, cake, fruit and coffee.
All washed down with Franciacorta sparkling wine ‘Ca del Bosco Rosè’ is wonderful Scarlet, it costs enough (less than a champagne of the same quality) but it is very good. A wonderful lunch, which we girls enjoyed, served by sissy slave m in chains and, of course, on an empty stomach.

During lunch several times we had a good time, between courses, to call him under the table to lick each of our shoes and soles (and I am sure, from his desperate expression, that Laver also offered him more to lick under the tablecloth). Even Giulia and Stefania, after an initial hesitation, took confidence and, more and more often, it was they who called the sissy to order her to fill their glass, or to have it at their feet or, after a short time, to spit it out in full face and humiliate him with gestures and words. Each of the girls, then, had received, on arrival, a small riding crop, with permission to use it on the slave during lunch.
Therefore, when lunch was over, when it was past 4:00 PM, we decided to take a walk but, before that, many of us had to use the bathroom. So I set the example.

Sissy slave m was stripped, with the exception of the corset, stockings and shoes (and of the collar wrists and anklets of course). I took him to the opposite side of the house, in the outdoor shower that is located there, where I made him lie down and, happy and satisfied, I pissed in his face, enjoying my power and my supremacy. I left him there, tired humiliated and defeated, and I told the girls that anyone who wanted could take advantage.

Aurora and Tiziana, of course, were the first, even together, followed by my sister Maria and Mistress Carmen. So Laver got up (and again, from her expression, I think the sissy had direct contact with his cock). Mistress Ingrid, who never loved pissing, passed and so did my mother (I think for the presence of too many people) also my friend Stefania declined, while Giulia, to my surprise (and my great pleasure) got up and went to make her first pissing on a slave!

I resumed the sissy, defeated by the humiliation, and brought it back to the girls, who had to thank for the honor. So I gagged and sent him to tidy up and wash the dishes and the kitchen, while we took a walk by the sea. Upon our return, around 6:30 PM, an exhausted sissy slave m awaited us for the continuation of the evening. We sat in the garden.

Sissy slave m was completely stripped and washed with a stream of cold water, then left on his knees to dry in the setting evening sun. Then, called back to our presence, he delighted us with splendid foot and back massages, while we discussed more and less, interrupted only when to insult, mock, humiliate or punish the poor desperate slave.

We decided to let Giulia and Stefania experience the joys of torturing a slave sissy. We went back into the house and, in the attic, we tied sissy slave m standing, legs spread by a spreader bar and hands tied above the head to the ceiling, and Mistress Ingrid and I started. Me behind with the flogger and Mistress Ingrid in front of torturing the nipples of the sissy with toothed clamps, tweezers and the like. All totally ignoring the pleadings of the sissy, soon tinged with tears, but turning to my friends almost novices as if the slave did not exist but was just an experiment dummy.

Little by little they took courage and took turns whipping the sissy and torturing his increasingly sore nipples. We went on for a long time, alternating with the flogger and the nipples, until the poor slave began to tremble convulsively in despair and, at that point, happy and excited, we stopped the torture to go down for a drink to refresh ourselves, bringing with us the poor slave on his knees.

It was therefore the moment again for the sissy to devote herself to the adoration of the shoes and feet of her superiors. The hour was beginning to be late and, therefore, my mother, accompanied by my sister, Mistress Ingrid, Mistress Carmen, Giulia and Stefania took leave, not before having asked for a humble thanks from the slave for the attention paid, and not before to have spit in his face and to have insulted him properly. We embraced and said parting words to each other happy and satisfied. Aurore and Tiziana stayed with us a little longer to relax with the slave to act as a footrest and then they left too. Last Laver, who asked me, before leaving, to be able to use the slave and, as you can imagine, I immediately consented, especially after the sissy began to implore me desperately not to do it!

Laver then brought sissy slave m into the guest room and left it after twenty minutes, visibly pleased, while my poor sissy slave followed her like a puppy dog, aching and with a very sad expression of despair and disgust. I also said goodbye to Laver and prepared the sissy for the final surprises.

First, I announced that I no longer considered him worthy of sleeping in a real room, not even the service room, and that therefore we would have obtained in the basement of my city house and in the attic of the house by the sea, two small cells, and that he would have slept there for the future, when it was not subjected to worse conditions. Exhausted from the day and aware that my sentences do not call for an appeal, he lowered the case and replied “yes Mistress”. So I took it to my bedroom and, after gagging it, I tied it to the ankles, above and below the knees, the thighs and with the hands tied to the wrists and elbows behind the back. So i made him crawl under the bed. After a short time Federico arrived. The skipper of the boat with which we made the trip yesterday, with which I celebrated my wedding night to the fullest, fucking him and cumming no less than 7 times, also for the awareness of the humiliating position of the sissy. Federico cumms twice very copiously in two condoms that, as soon as my lover left, sissy slave m, finally untied, had the honor of emptying.

Exhausted, satisfied and happy, I decided to let the sissy sleep at the foot of my bed and let him lick the soles of my feet to thank me for the evening and the weekend of celebrations. I slept with an angelic sleep, while sissy slave m. fell asleep after long sobs of fatigue, pain and humiliation.

The following morning, however, I received his whatsapp from the office.
I transcribe it to you in Italian, I’m sure you’ll understand it:


I affectionately embrace you and your wonderful readers!
Thank you very much and see you soon!Ciao
M. Francesca

Record starts and stops!

The recent post from Lady Jessica prompted me to write this blog post as I have historically,  seriously erred and I hope other Dommes will avoid my mistakes.

My advice to avoid my mistakes depends on what regime changes you may contemplate for the future for your submissive. The advice is: to keep records of dates of events.

Prohibiting Things

For instance; if you are thinking one day, you will decide he no longer ever will be allowed to penetrate you, then write down the date of each time he does. Why? So that when the last time happens, you will have a note of the date of the last time.

I don’t even know the year, let alone the date! If I knew the date, I could hold a little anniversary ‘party’ each year to celebrate when bitch-boy first became a born-again-virgin (BAV).  And I could taunt him from time to time over how many years it has been. Alas I only know it is in the region of 14 to 16 years. At the time, I did not know the last time was the last time. I had not planned to make him a BAV at that time, I just prohibited it for longer and longer and longer and all of a sudden I chose for it to be a lifetime prohibition.

You may be contemplating banning your sub from all but spoiled orgasms for the rest of his life. Write down each time he has a full one, as that may turn out to be the last time and you will have the date.

So I guess I am suggesting; Dommes keep a sex and dominance diary. (Or they instruct their sub to.)

There are so many things! Last : penetration, full orgasm, orgasm of any kind, day free of a chastity device, etc, etc, etc. (Please comment with suggestions of other significant ‘events’ that should be recorded.)

Starting Things

So far I have only discussed stopping things. There is also, starting things. On 4 April 2020 Lady Jessica started having her skivvy write lines on each sheet of her toilet paper, for the rest of his life. I hope, (and I am sure she will), record the date that regime started! So useful to be able to ‘celebrate’ each anniversary date, year after year after year.

I luckily have the date I last gave bitch-boy an orgasm using my skilful hands and began the regime of his ‘orgasms’ only happening either, under the soles of my shoes or, (if I have a relevant exercise  injury),  inside the sharp bristles of his special toilet brush. I only have the date because of this blog! So I can celebrate the anniversaries and taunt him over them. (I don’t have the date of the first time I cuckolded him, and he became a cuckold!)

In fact having the date of such things, hardens my heart, (as if needs hardening!), to maintain the regime 100%!   No rare, ‘one-off’ kindnesses as it would be such a shame to ‘restart the clock’.

Obviously if a regime start date is planned, that is no problem. BUT, if you begin a regime because it creeps up on you; because it slowly evolves to become a regime, you will only have the start date of that regime if you record all that might become significant on an ongoing basis.


My 16th journal –  LINK




The ‘S’ word and the ‘C’ word

I mentioned in my post on 21 August 2019 the term or label ‘SADIST’, along the lines of the following two paragraphs.

I have expressed often, that sadism is a natural trait in humans inherited through evolution, as a means of clarifying relative statuses in a pack of mammals. It’s form in humans is taking pleasure in inflicting  physical and/or mental pain. One must have power over the subject of ones sadism. (Be of higher status in the pack.)

It took me a number of years to accept having the word applied to me although there was NEVER any doubt I was a sadist. (My definition is someone who finds pleasure in inflicting physical or mental pain on another.) Now I treat it as a badge I am proud of. It seems it takes considerable independence and mental strength to reject the behavioural shackles of society to the extent of acknowledging one is a sadist.

One comment on that blog post re-confirmed that other Dommes have a problem with the word, sadist. I am really wondering why I too used to have this problem years ago, and so many other Dommes still do. I am fairly sure that if a Domme says to a sub male she meets, that she is a sadist, the sub male is instantly in awe of the Domme and instantly placed on a pedestal. So why the resistance of Dommes to the ‘S’ word; many of whom ARE happy to be labelled, cruel?

I should amplify that causing pain can by of the physical type; or mental pain through serious humiliation, degradation or tedium; or the pain of teasing and sexual release denial.

The definition of CRUEL from the MacMillan Dictionary:

– someone who is cruel, who enjoys causing pain to other people or animals, or enjoys making them unhappy or upset

The definition of SADIST:

– someone who gets pleasure from hurting or being cruel to someone else

I would be very interested to have comments from Dommes who are, and who are not, happy to be labelled, sadist, and why they feel as they do.

I would also be interested to have comments from subs confirming whether they find that hearing a woman is a sadist has an effect on them.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.


Name to shame

Well those of you who have read my Journal No. 14 will know, among other things, bitch-boy’s training is continuing as a deep throating, cock sucker, money maker, whore. I am training him so that should I ever need him to earn money for me through this activity he is ready to hit the ground running! And I am also training him because it is very pleasurable for me to train him and very shaming and quite physically distressing for him! (Although his progress is good past the gagging point.)

I want to give the thirteen inch double ended dildo, you will have read of in my Journal No. 14, a suitable name to make it easy to refer to it. ‘Go and get the thirteen inch double ended dildo….’ is a bit of a mouthful; excuse the pun.

A photo of the is the item to which I refer. An obscene object I know!

13 - Copy

I have several names I have thought of but I wondered if sissy male followers and my wonderful Domme blog followers could either or, suggest even more shaming names, or advise me which of my names works best.

Deep Reamer, Anaconda, Dicktator, Tonsil Trasher, Throat Blocker, Throat Thruster, Sissy Skewer and Pansy Plugger.

Thank you in anticipation.



I recently had a comment from a follower that included a question. I have answered the question but wondered if other Dommes may have ideas to add to my answers? First the follower’s question, (edited).

…….it appears sissy chrissy has been in her role as a sissy maid for quite sometime 24/7. I wonder then about sissy chrissy’s embarrassment at having to show his impotence to a group of women.  Of course, for a male this would be beyond humiliating but with anything, after enough time, situations can become very familiar and lose their impact. If sissy chrissy were to present herself everyday for 10 years, it is unlikely her embarrassment would be the same on day 1 as it is after 10 years.

In your experience, how do you maintain the impact of such embarrassements? Or do you think that submissives (consciously or unconsciously) allow themselves to continue feeling the embarrassment to further fuel their submission…….

My answer follows:

Regarding your question, ‘How to maintain the impact if such embarrassments?’

First I would say submissives, (consciously or unconsciously), <strong>ABSOLUTELY DO NOT </strong>allow themselves to continue feeling the embarrassment to further fuel their submission. I do not believe this is even possible. I don’t think someone can make themselves feel embarrassment if they do not feel it.

This topic is very important to me because it might actually be my favourite power rush when I have bitch-boy dressed in the absolute worst possible shaming outfit and knowing he will shortly be performing ludicrous acts in his outfit, and we stand outside the door of the room <strong>IN WHICH A NEW DOMME WOMAN HE HAS NEVER MET BEFORE</strong>, awaits. He actually physically trembles and whispers his desperate pleading and I feel SO POWERFUL smiling at and rejecting his heartfelt pleading. It is the end of the world for him. Its delicious.

So one way to maintain impact is a NEW woman to be present.

Another way is three or more women. The dynamic becomes overwhelming for the sub and they metaphorically shrink at the triple onslaught.

Another way is to make sure the women are dressed in clothes they would wear in the street. (High heels are good if they make the women taller then the male, otherwise not necessary.) The point of this is that the submissive is shamed in some extraordinary way, but at the same time, the women are not dressing in any special way linked to eroticism. He is the ludicrous creature, they are relaxed and it is just another day for them. It is not a special occasion for them. It is just a highly amusing distraction. For maximum impact they must not act up in a theatrical way, just be themselves.

Another way is big age difference. A submissive in mid forties presented with some women, one of which is in her very early twenties or a woman in say, her very late fifties seems to have a BIG IMPACT!

Other ways involve ‘small’ changes. Changes seem to bring back the full misery. Perhaps a new venue. If it is normally indoors, have it all outside on the patio. Perhaps got to one of the other women’s houses.

Another change is a change of outfit for the submissive. If it is normally sissy maid. Go for parody of a 3 year old little girl, or a parody of a ten year old 1950’s school girl, or a sissy boy outfit of huge lemon yellow satin shorts and a matching satin top with huge white Peter Pan collars.

Another change, for the particular example in question, on one occasion, paint the floppy little organ bright green with indelible stain. Or rub into the organ some nasty embrocation cream just before locking it back in its spiked cage and then laugh when the tears and physical distress begins.

Link to my journal 12.






For more info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.


Ejaculation without orgasm (Part 2)

Well there have been so many comments on my last post.

As with most things, people are different and so there has been different feedback. I would just like to introduce some clarity of word use so we all use the same words for the same things. A male orgasm is an ejaculation WITH a mental feeling of euphoria. Penis muscle spasming without euphoria is ejaculation not orgasm. Release of semen without euphoria but with a sense of mental and emotional release is still not an orgasm.

So the consensus (majority experience) is that ejaculation by prostate stimulation; or by vibration or electrical stimulation while locked in a chastity device, produces ejaculation without orgasm, even if it can provide a sense of mental and emotional release for some males. I had forgotten about producing ejaculation using electrical stimulation from a TENS type unit. My thanks to all those who have commented so far, it is fascinating and very helpful.

Ejaculation without orgasm

A comment has caused me to seek advice from you dear followers.

I think for a male there is an ejaculation without an orgasm as well as an ejaculation with one. An orgasm includes a huge feeling of euphoria. I can give bitch-boy a spoiled ejaculation by stopping all physical contact with his penis the very first moment ejaculation begins. Another way is when he is caused to ejaculate without euphoria by prostate stimulation. In these two cases, there is an ejaculation of semen but no euphoria. HE HATES THIS!

An orgasm (feeling or euphoria) appears to require appropriate continued stimulation of the penis once the ejaculation has begun, until it ceases.

I have never given him an ejaculation, when he is locked in his CB6000 by continued use of a vibrator/massager on the surface of the CB6000. (Partly because he is usually locked in his polycarbonate tube and I only use the CB6000 for special occasions.) I have seen on the web, ejaculations caused this way. I wonder if there is any euphoria, I would have doubted it. If you have experienced an ejaculation while in a CB6000 or similar chastity device, was there euphoria?

Chastity for Females

OK, I have always wondered this. The full-on chastity devices for females, do they prevent access to stimulate the clitoris, or do they only stop vaginal penetration?

I would be very grateful to know the answer. I have to say I am very doubtful they do.

Even a finger cannot be squeezed in, could a cliteral orgasm be produced by using a powerful massager/vibrator on the outside of the belt, over the area of the clitoris?




Cleaning tear stains and make-up

Well as a result of the foundation Governess Lexi has been thickly applying to bitch-boy’s face and the lipstick either she or I thickly apply to his lips, (and perhaps the result of the odd tear running down from his made-up eyes), the white satin Peter Pan collars to his newest shaming dress have some make-up on. Does anyone know how to remove make-up from white satin?